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Guide to the Bird Country
Country Information
Country Background:

The Bird country is a remote impoverished nation but it is making strides to improve. It was once led by Daimyou Oowashi, but he suddenly died of an illness. He was replaced by his daughter Toki. The country itself shares borders with Wind, Earth and the Rain countries. Its location shares placement with Ishigakure, however the shape of the two countries greatly differs. The country appears to resemble most of the other countries, with forests, hills and streams dotting the landscape. The country is also home to many species of bird, giving rise to the country name. It does not appear to be currently allied with any countries, though country administrators have come to Konoha to request their help. The Bird Country also maintains no standing ninja army, but guardsmen trained in the shinobi arts work under the leadership of the Daimyou's chief strategist Koumei.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the Bird Country is Toki, the daughter of the previous Daimyou Oowashi. Toki attained the position shortly after both her father and twin brother Sagi were murdered. Toki impersonated her brother while she sought the person responsible for their deaths. When the advisor Mousou was revealed as Houki, a wandering ninja, Toki found the target of her hatred. With the help of Naruto, Houki was defeated. Toki apologized to the country for lying to them but she was allowed to remain and lead the country.

The Sites
Capital City:

The capital city of the Bird Country sits next to Wataridori Lake.

Daimyou Compound:

The daimyou compound consists of lodging for the daimyou and her advisors. It contains a hot springs bath area. Below the compound are tunnel systems. One tunnel system leads from the daimyou's private residence to a shrine located on the edge of the city. The previous daimyou would use this tunnel to leave the compound and look upon the daily life of the citizens. The compound also contains underground waterways which connect to the nearby Wataridori Lake.