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Guide to Hidden Hot Springs Village (Yugakure no Sato) - Hot Springs Country
Country Information

Country Background:

This unnamed country apparently features an abundance of beautiful hot springs. It shares borders with Sound, Fire and Water.

Village Background:

Hidden Hot Springs was a lower shinobi village. The village took advantage of its natural hot springs to prosper, even as many shinobi villages were being scaled back. Village ninja Hidan grew restless with the village's newfound peace and took out his rage against his fellow comrades. The village was identified by Konoha and Kumo as an active ninja village during Akatsuki's preparation for war.

Hot Springs People and Items of Note


Fed up with his village's peaceful ways, Hidan found a calling in the Jashin religion. Finding solace in its violent tenants, he wiped out many in his village and consented to being experimented upon by Jashin's Kinjutsu, which granted him immortality in exchange for taking life. While still following its tenants, he left the cult behind and joined Akatsuki.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Hot Springs Country is a daimyou.