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Guide to the Key Country (Kagi no kuni)
Country Information

Country Background:

The Key country is one of the few countries in the world which harbors a shinobi village. The exact location of the Key Country is unknown.

Village Background:

Lock Village is known for their espionage and spying activities. They rely on their ninja to infiltrate enemy villages and obtain knowledge which they can exploit. Some of their ninja are never allowd within Joumae, to keep their spies from revealing village intel if caught.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Key Country is unknown, presumably it is a daimyo.

Key People of Note

Joumae Village Head:

This unnamed man watched over the espionage training of young ninja in Joumae and acted as one of their head ninja. After Hanare became orphaned at a young age, he oversaw her training in the arts of espionage. When Hanare was captured and later offered in a prisoner exchange, he came representing Joumae. When Konoha and Joumae came into conflict, he moved to avoid capture. It's unknown if he killed himself or merely used subterfuge to escape.