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Guide to the Pink Flower Country (Nadeshiko no sato)
Country Information

Village Background:

Pink Flower Village is female lead ninja village located in an unknown country. The matrilineal nature of their village ensures that a kunoichi will always rule their shinobi. When kunoichi leadership candidates come of age, they challenge male ninja to determine if they are worthy enough to marry them and father their offspring. This is the law of the village, weak suitors are greatly frowned upon by village citizens. The village name, Nadeshiko, has a double meaning: The first as the pink Dianthus flower, which matches their forehead protector symbol. The second as a "caressable girl", which plays into their kunoichi society.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Country is unknown, presumably it is a daimyo.

Pink Flower People of Note

Nadeshiko Village Head:

Lady Shizuka is the current leader of Nadeshiko village. She fell in a love with a visiting tradesmen named Sagiri, and in doing so, went against the laws of the village which directed its kunoichi to find skilled ninja husbands. Several citizens frowned upon the union, so they ambushed and killed the man. Shizuka locked away her heart from love until she met Naruto. Years before Jiraiya had secretly entered Nadeshiko to gather data for his book. He dueled the then current village leader to a draw, both promising if they never finished their battle, their students one day would. When Shizuka sought out Naruto, she learned of his unrequited love for Sakura and the promise that he wouldn't give up on her. That opened her eyes and gave her a new drive to change the marriage laws of the village.