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Guide to the River Country (Kawa no Kuni)
Country Information
Country Background:

The River country lies between two of the main shinobi powers, the Fire and Wind countries. To the north the country is bordered by the Rain Country. The country is marked by mountains, forests and rivers. Akatsuki chose to make the country one of their bases of operation. They took Gaara here after they defeated him at Hidden Sand.

Village Background:

Some thirty years before the series start, Hidden Heat Haze Village had signed an armstice with Hidden Leaf after a period of war. Hidden Valley Village moved to attack and wiped out the weakened village. The village was later identified by Konoha and Kumo as an active ninja village during Akatsuki's preparation for war. Though it is located in the River Country between Konoha and Suna, it has yet to be shown in the series.

Country Leader:

The current leader of the River Country is unknown, presumably it is a daimyo.

The Sites
Extraction Cave
Akatsuki Extraction Cave:

The mountain cave was chose by Akatsuki as a meeting place to withdraw bijuu from Jinchuuriki. The cave was protected by a large bolder door and a Gofuu Kekkai. The cave was large enough to accommodate the large King of Hell statute that Akatsuki used in the extraction process. The cave was utterly destroyed in a battle between Chiyo, Sakura and Sasori.

Katabami Kinzan
Katabami Kinzan (gold mine):

Katabami Kinzan is a village in the River Country. It encompasses this main mountain for mining, a processing facility, a village for the miners, a temple and graveyard. Katabami Kinzan was formerly overseen by government officials who imposed high taxes on the workers. When Kurosuki Raiga came to the gold mine he dispersed the magistrates and took over operation of the mine by himself. This was not an improvement for the miners though, over the next six months Raiga's deranged sense of purpose lead him to bury those alive who he felt turned against him.

Katabami Kinzan
Katabami Kinzan (gold mine) Village:

Seen through the haze and fog, this small village supports the miners who work at the Katabami gold mine.

Katabami Kinzan
Katabami Kinzan (gold mine) Processing Center:

This processing center takes in the ore brought in by the miners and refines it into gold.

Curry of Life Shop
Curry of Life Shop:

The Curry of Life shop is a establishment offering curry to travelers. Located a short distance from Katabami Kinzan's mountain, the shop is operated by Sanshou and Karashi.

River People and Items of Note

Criminal organization Akatsuki chose the River Country as their base of operations. They extracted the one-tailed Shukaku demon from within Gaara at their cave base. Akatsuki member Sasori also fell in battle here.