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Guide to the Sky Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Sky Country was a small country which had a ninja village which fought in the Second Great Ninja War. After the destruction of its ninja village, the country continued on in peace. Secretly the ninja forces were plotting to regain power and challenge the Five Great Shinobi Countries under the leadership of Shinnou, a skilled doctor who sought to utilize the power of the Reibi, a spirit born out of the darkness in people's hearts. The country itself is is marked by rainforest.

Village Background:

The Sky Country's ninja used chakra and mechanical devices to fly. These skills allowed them to launch aerial assaults against their enemies. After Konoha destroyed the village, the ninja remnants sought to rebuild their power and strike back against Konoha used Ancor Vantian, the flying fortress and the Reibi, a spirit born out of the darkness in people's hearts. After launching a surprise assault against Konoha, the Leaf struck back, utterly decimating their forces.

Country Leader:

Shinnou sought to use the Reibi, a spirit born out of the darkness in people's hearts. The Reibi could then be used to create dark chakra, which was capable of granting one increased power and stamina.