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Accessories Guide
Weights In addition to the weapons a ninja carries, the ninja will often have personalized accessories which are important to them.

Deidara's Clay Pouch

Deidara is an artist and uses modeling clay in his jutsu. Using the mouths on the palm of each hand, Deidara will withdraw a glob of clay, consume it with the hand mouth and then expel whatever piece of art he needs for his attacks.
Gaara's Gourd

Gaara wears this large gourd on his back which contains sand. Gaara uses this sand to kill his opponents. Their blood mixes with the sand and returns to the gourd. When returned the bloody sand gives power to the sand demon Shukaku.
Genma's Toothpick

Genma can often be seen chewing on a toothpick. This toothpick can also function as a weapon in battle. Similar to a senbon, Genma can spit the toothpick at his opponents to injure them. He can also spit it at incoming projectiles to knock them away.
Haku's Hunter-Nin Mask

To help further portray himself as a Hidden Mist Hunter-Nin, Haku wears one of their masks.
Hidan's Necklace

Akatsuki member Hidan believes in an Evil God cult. He wears a beaded necklace with a charm bearing their symbol. He is very strict about following its rules, including praying before battle and ensuring some form of death comes out of it. After he has defeated his foe he also takes part in a bloody ritual using this same symbol.
Hokage Necklace

Made from a rare expensive ore, this necklace belonged to the First Hokage. He passed it on to his granddaughter Tsunade. Tsunade then gave it to her brother on his twelfth birthday but he died the next day. Tsunade then gave it to her boyfriend who also died soonafter. Both men dreamed of becoming Hokage but the necklace seemed to carry bad luck. When Naruto drove himself to fight with Tsunade, she saw he could fulfill his dream to become Hokage one day. For that reason she felt the necklace had found someone deserving so she gave it to him as a present.
Ichaicha Paradaisu (Make-out Paradise)

Written by one of the Sannin Jiraiya, Make-out Paradise is an "adult" novel series dealing with love and sexuality. Hatake Kakashi can almost always be seen reading one of the volumes when he has free time.
Konohamaru Corps Goggles

Once worn by Naruto, the Konohamaru Corps now wears this model of goggle. Once Naruto graduated the academy, he replaced his goggles with his Leaf forehead protector.
Naruto's Wallet

Though Jiraiya's actions often result in the toad wallet becoming empty, Naruto does his best to save his money made from missions to make his little toad wallet fat and happy.
Rock Lee's Databook

Containing the wise words of Guy-sensei, Rock Lee carries this small book and pencil to recall the various bits of information Guy has given him over time.
Rock Lee's Training Weights

Though an old fashioned training method, Might Guy made Lee use these extremely heavy weights to increase his speed and movement. The weights are worn under the warmers on Lee's lower legs. When removed, Lee gains a great increase in his speed and mobility. The weights are marked with the kanji for "guts".
Sai's Drawing Book

Sai keeps a drawing book which belonged to his brother. The book featured a young Sai on one side, and a younger version of his brother on the other.
Sakura's Gloves

Sakura now dons gloves on her hands any time she utilizes her fists for powerful strikes. Because of her training under Tsunade, Sakura's strikes now carry a huge amount of forceful impact.
Yakushi Kabuto's Nin-Info Cards

Kabuto carries around this collection of 200 cards. The cards contain information on all the Hidden Villages and the skilled ninjas which inhabit them.