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Naruto World Map
World Map

World Map
The Five Great Shinobi Countries
Lower Shinobi Countries
Hidden Mist

Water Country - Mizu no Kuni
~ Hidden Mist Village
- (Kirigakure no sato)
~ Mizukage (Water Shadow)

Hidden Rain

? Country - ? no Kuni
~ Hidden Rain Village
- (Amegakure no sato)

Hidden Cloud

Lightning Country - Kaminari no Kuni
~ Hidden Cloud Village
- (Kumogakure no sato)
~ Raikage (Lightning Shadow)

Hidden Waterfall

? Country - ? no Kuni1
~ Hidden Waterfall Village
- (Takigakure no Sato)
~ Shibuki

Hidden Rock

Earth Country - Tsuchi no Kuni
~ Hidden Rock Village
- (Iwagakure no sato)
~ Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow)

Hidden Grass

? Country - ? no Kuni
~ Hidden Grass Village
- (Kusagakure No Sato)

Hidden Leaf

Fire Country - Hi no Kuni
~ Hidden Leaf Village
- (Konohagakure no sato)
~ Hokage (Fire Shadow)

Hidden Sound

Rice Field Country - Ta no Kuni2
~ Hidden Sound Village
- (Otogakure No Sato)
~ Orochimaru

Hidden Sand

Wind Country - Kaze no Kuni
~ Hidden Sand Village
- (Sunagakure no sato)
~ Kazekage (Wind Shadow)

Hidden Hot Springs

Hot Springs Country - Yu no Kuni3
~ Hidden Hot Springs Village
- (Yugakure no sato)
~ Daimyou

Whirlpool Country

Whirlpool Country - Uzu no Kuni
~ Hidden Whirling Tides Village
- (Uzushiogakure no sato)

Other Countries
River Country

River Country - Kawa no Kuni4
~ Hidden Valley Village
- (Tanigakure no sato)

Wave Country

Wave Country - Nami no Kuni
~ Unstated, possible Daimyou

Stone Country

? Country - ? no Kuni4
~ Hidden Stone Village
- (Ishigakure no sato)

Tea Country

Tea Country - Cha no Kuni11*
~ Daimyou

Frost Country

Frost Country - Shimo no Kuni28
~ Hidden ? Village
- (?gakure no sato)
~ Daimyou

Marsh Country

Marsh Country - Numa no Kuni13*
~ Daimyou Chichiyasu

Hidden Snow

Snow Country - Yuki no Kuni5*
~ Hidden ? Village
- (?gakure no sato)
~ Daimyou Kazahana

Bird Country

Bird Country - Tori no Kuni15*
~ Daimyou Toki

Hidden Star

Bear Country - Kuma no Kuni6*
~ Hidden Star Village
- (Hoshigakure no sato)
~ "Hoshikage" (Star Shadow)

Sea Country

Sea Country - Umi no Kuni17*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Heat Haze

Mountain Country - Yama no Kuni7*
~ Heat Haze Village
- (Kagerou no sato)
~ Unknown

Fang Country

Fang Country - Kiba no Kuni19*
~ Daimyou

Hidden Craftsman

? Country - ? no Kuni8*
~ Craftsman Village
- (Takumi no Sato)

Claw Country

Claw Country - Tsume no Kuni19*
~ Daimyou

Hidden Sky

Sky Country - Sora no Kuni9*
~ Hidden ? Village
- (?gakure no sato)
~ Shinnou

Moon Country

Moon Country - Tsuki no Kuni20*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Hidden Lock

Key Country - Kagi no Kuni29*
~ Lock Village
- (Joumae no sato)
~ Unnamed Joumae Leader

Vegetable Country

Vegetable Country - Na no Kuni21*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Hidden Merchant

Country of Merchant Shinobi - Sato no Shou Shinobi30*
~ Crimson State Island
- (Benisu Shima)
~ Unnamed Benisu Leader

Noodles Country

Noodles Country - Udon no Kuni22*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Hidden Pink Flower

? Country - ? no Kuni31*
~ Pink Flower Village
- (Nadeshiko no Sato)
~ Shizuka

Red Bean Jam Country

Red Bean Jam Country - An no Kuni23*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Neck Country

Neck Country - Shu no Kuni23*
~ Unknown

Other Potential Countries & Villages
Honey Country

Honey Country - Mitsu no Kuni23*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou


Hidden Haze (Moyagakure)10*
~ Aniki

Swamp Country

Swamp Country - Sawa no Kuni24*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Stone Country

Stone Country - Ishi no Kuni12*
~ Daimyou

Forest Country

Forest Country - Mori no Kuni25*
~ Daimyou

Valley Country

Valley Country - Tani no Kuni14*
~ Unknown

Demon Country

Demon Country - Oni no Kuni26*
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Hidden Moon

Hidden ?16

Wood Country

Wood Country - Hayashi no Kuni27
~ Unknown, possible Daimyou

Unknown Village

Hidden ?18

Iron Country

Iron Country - Tetsu no Kuni27
~ Mifune

Provide Feedback on this map and read an FAQ on it in our forum.

* - Anime movie or filler-only countries.

1 - Hidden Waterfall is lead by Shibuki per OAV #2. It is unknown if Kishimoto has something else in mind for the leader of this village.

2 - Naruto anime episode 137 reveals Hidden Sound is located in this country.

3 - The name of Akatsuki member Hidan's Hidden Village was revealed in Databook 3.

4 - Hidden Stone and Valley debuted in chapter 515. The ninja village emblems are unknown.

5 - Appears in Naruto Movie One. The ninja from this country were primarily hired mercenaries. The leadership of this village and its future change by the end of movie one. Its location is unknown.

6 - The Bear Country and its Hidden Star Village debuted in anime filler episode 178. The "Hoshikage" is not officially recognized by that title in the other shinobi nations. Its location is unknown.

7 - The Mountain Country and its former Heat Haze Village debuted in Naruto anime episode 200. Its location is unknown.

8 - Takumi Village's Craftsman ninja debuted in anime episode 216. Its location is unknown.

9 - The Sky Country debuted in Movie Five. Its location is unknown.

10 - Take this village with a grain of salt, it appears to be composed of three goof-balls focused on hooking up with women. These "ninja" appeared in Naruto anime episode 101.

11 - Appears in Naruto anime episode 102.

12 - The confusingly named Stone Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 159. Its location is unknown.

13 - Anko protected this country's Daimyou per Naruto anime episode 152. It was later featured again in Movie Four.

14 - The Valley Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 193. Unknown if it is related to the shinobi village in the River Country.

15 - The Bird Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 162. Its location shares placement with Ishigakure, however the shape of the two countries greatly differs.

16 - Appears briefly on headband in manga chapter 43. Note this is contradicted by Kabuto's card identifying the countries participating in the exam. It does point to Kishimoto's desire to create such a country though. Until a more concrete reference is made, consider it apocryphal.

17 - The Sea Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 169.

18 - Appears on the headbands of two ninja in manga chapter 106. Nothing is known about this village. Until a more concrete reference is made, consider it apocryphal.

19 - The Fang and Claw Countries debuted in Naruto anime episode 177. Their location is unknown.

20 - The Moon Country debuted in Movie Three. It is unknown if this is related to note 16. Its location is unknown.

21 - The Vegetable Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 187. Its location is unknown.

22 - The Noodles Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 192. Its location is unknown.

23 - The Honey, Neck and Red Bean Jam Countries debuted in Naruto anime episode 194. Their location is unknown.

24 - The Swamp Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 195. Its location is unknown.

25 - The Forest Country debuted in Naruto anime episode 209. Its location is unknown.

26 - The Demon Country debuted in Movie Four.

27 - The Wood and Iron Countries debuted in chapter 456. Their location is unknown.

28 - Frost debuted in chapter 517, though it might have been labeled as Mist in error in chapter 515.

29 - The Key Country debuted in Shippuuden anime episode 191. Its location is unknown.

30 - Benisu (Possibly "Venice") Island debuted in Shippuuden anime episode 224. It's a small island in the eastern sea.

31 - Nadeshiko Village debuted in Shippuuden anime episode 235.

World map drawn from a variety of sources, including the Official Naruto website, Offical Fan Book, the animated series and original manga.