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Uzumaki Naruto

Personal Stats

Total Stats
Latent Potential

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 1
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
Name Meaning: Uzumaki="Whirlpool", Naruto=A steamed fish-paste cake, also a maelstrom
Character Study: The titular character, Naruto has a mixed approval rating among the fan base. He is a character whose sometimes idiotic personality conflicts with his occasional brilliance and natural talent, a staple seen in many shonen characters. Occasional power-ups have done little to help the cause as they are based off similar past techniques, and as of yet Naruto has not taken full advantage of the knowledge transference concepts introduced with Kage Bunshin, a glaring oversight on the author's part. This has caused many fans to question the author's investment in the character. While other characters grow and develop, Naruto sometimes fall to the wayside in his own series, never satisfactorily achieving the development he is long due.

Stat Gram
Chuunin Exam | DB 1

Pre-Timeskip | DB 2

Post-Timeskip | DB 3

Physical Information
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/10
Bloodtype: B
Height: 166.0 cm
Weight: 50.9 kg

Ninja Information
Registration ID: 012607
Hidden Village: Leaf
Rank: Genin
Team: 7 - Haruno Sakura, Sai, Hatake Kakashi/Tenzou, Uchiha Sasuke (Former)

Advancement Data
Academy Grad Age: 12
Chuunin Exam Age: -
Jutsu: Bunshin Kaiten Kakatou Otoshi, Bunshin Taiatari, Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken, Harem Technique, Kage Bunshin, Naruto Rendan, Oiroke, Rasengan, Fuuton: Rasengan, Sennen Goroshi, Sennin Mode, Tajuu Kage Bunshin, Toad Kuchiyose
Known Elements: Fuuton

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 7
C-Rank: 1
B-Rank: 2
A-Rank: 6
S-Rank: 0
Naruto      Over two and half years would pass before Jiraiya and Naruto would return to Konoha. During their time away Jiraiya taught Naruto how Genjutsu functioned and showed him how to better take advantage of the Kyuubi power. Unfortunately this power grew too much for Naruto to contain, causing him to lose even more of his self-awareness when the power grew. Like the tailed form he took at the Valley of the End, Naruto would further expand his "tailed" capabilities, achieving a four-tailed form. In this wild state, he became a uncontrollable and powerful beast. His skin peeled and melted away, causing his blood to boil out and encase him in a feral poisonous red fox body. This beast proved too much even for Jiraiya, inflicting a large scar on his chest. Unfortunately prolonged usage of this state further weakens the seal the Fourth used. Also the boiling chakra and power simultaneously destroys and heals Naruto's body, shortening his life span.

     Naruto finally returned to Konoha at the age of 15. He wore a new outfit and forehead protector cloth, as his old ones were worn to shreds in his training. Naruto presented Kakashi with the latest edition of the Icha Icha book series, which Jiraiya had finished in their time away. Jiraiya then turned Naruto over into Kakashi's care. Naruto was surprised at how Sakura had matured and she the same of him. Naruto warmly greeted Konohamaru and when the young boy showed him his latest refinement to the Sexy Technique Naruto calmly stated he shouldn't use that jutsu anymore. Sakura was amazed at his maturity but Naruto quickly shattered her hopes when he boldly declared he had developed an even more perverted jutsu. She then socked him into the ground for being such an idiot. Kakashi was eager to test their development so he brought back an old challenge, the bell test. For many hours Naruto and Sakura revealed their new strength and battle intelligence, but they still could not get the bells. Naruto finally devised a plan, threatening to spoil the end to Kakashi's new Icha Icha book; Naruto and Sakura were given an opening to take the bells.

Naruto      Naruto ran into Shikamaru and Temari and learned his friends had grown and advanced as well. Because he was away from Konoha, he was unable to participate in any of the Chuunin Exams. This meant Naruto was still a Genin while all his friends advanced in rank. He was even surprised to learn Gaara had become Kazekage. His friend had finally been acknowledged by his village and become a Kage, and he was happy from the bottom of his heart. Naruto also met back up with Iruka and Naruto told him about his tough training regimen. A short time later Team 7 awaited their new mission. Naruto was eager for something challenging and he quickly got his wish. Akatsuki had began to move and word soon arrived that they had invaded Hidden Sand and captured Gaara after a tough battle. Tsunade then ordered them to head to Sand and back them up. The team prepared to leave and Jiraiya warned Naruto not to use a certain jutsu which had been learned in their time away.

     Naruto rushed to Sand and explained to Sakura why he was in such a rush. He and Gaara were alike, they both had demons sealed inside. Gaara was even lonelier than he growing up, as Gaara had no precious people in his life. Naruto expressed his frustration that it was always Gaara who was alone, and now they had him. When they arrived they learned Kankurou had been poisoned. Elder Sand kunoichi Chiyo saw Kakashi and mistook him for his father, who had killed her son years before. When she moved to attack the surprised Kakashi, Naruto quickly intercepted her attack. She soon realized her mistake and plans were made to track down Akatsuki using a piece of cloth taken from one of the members. Kankurou thought back over previous conversations with his brother Gaara, and how changed he was after fighting Naruto. How Gaara realized it was the connections with others which made one truly strong. Kankurou knew he owed Naruto much, and he wished him luck on his mission.

Naruto      The team headed to the River Country to track down Akatsuki. Chiyo joined them in search of her grandson Sasori who was now with Akatsuki. She explained to Naruto and Sakura for the first time the true nature of the Bijuu, and how dangerous they were. Their conversation was soon cut short as an opponent blocked their path, Uchiha Itachi. Naruto was eager to prove himself but Kakashi offered to take him on. Itachi sent a Kage Bunshin after Naruto and he hit it with Rasengan. It poofed away and Naruto soon saw everyone was unconscious. They rose and turned into Itachi's, though he had been careful not to look into Itachi's eyes, he had been caught in his Genjutsu. Naruto focused on his training with Jiraiya but Itachi began to assault Naruto with shuriken and mental attacks. The heads of his teammates began to emerge from his body, chastising him for his failures. He was soon awakened by Sakura and Chiyo, and went to help Kakashi take out Itachi.

Naruto      Kakashi managed to pin Itachi in place with a Kage Bunshin. Calling for Naruto the young man struck through the clone right into Itachi's chest with an Oodama Rasengan. With the assistance of a Kage Bunshin, a feral Naruto had taken out Itachi. Unfortunately it wasn't Itachi, for Itachi himself had merely been using a host body to delay them. Chiyo surmised Akatsuki may plan to make a new Jinchuuriki. She explained to them and Naruto what a Jinchuuriki's purpose was and how the removal of the Bijuu results in the their death. Sakura was afraid for Naruto but he told her not worry. The team then made their way to Akatsuki's hideout and Kakashi explained to Chiyo that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki as well. And that he knew the same pain as Gaara and was happy he had become a Kage. Chiyo understood their youth gave them a different outlook, and that they could possibly make things better. Outside of the Akatsuki cave base they met Team Guy, who had been sent as reinforcements.

     Naruto was eager to enter the cave and once Team Guy had removed the barrier the team moved in. Naruto looked on in horror as two Akatsuki's members, Deidara and Sasori, nonchalantly reclined on Gaara's lifeless body. Naruto had arrived too late, Gaara's bijuu had been removed and he had died in the process. With emotions boiling he moved to take Gaara's body back but Kakashi stopped him. When Deidara and Sasori began to argue a furious Naruto pulled a scroll and hurled a summoned giant shuriken at them. It was easily batted away and Deidara took his leave. Jumping on his clay bird he scooped up Gaara and flew out of the cave. Naruto and Kakashi then gave chase. Furious with rage Naruto launched himself at Deidara and smashed into a nearby cliff. Deidara coldly stated Naruto wasn't like the other Jinchuuriki they had captured and killed, who were abandoned by their villages. Deidara said Gaara had lost his Bijuu and life, and Naruto would be next. Naruto stared intently, yelling that he would kill them all.

Naruto      Deidara then fled and they gave chase. Naruto charged on and Kakashi told him to calm down, revealing his new Mangekyou Sharingan. With this new doujutsu he managed to collapse in Deidara's arm. When he attempted to focus the attack again Naruto jumped and detached the bird head carrying Gaara with a Rasengan. He created two clones to take the head to safety and examine Gaara. Deidara jumped away and a Naruto moved to assist Kakashi. The Naruto looking at Gaara told Deidara he would finish him. The Akatsuki member looked on and thought Kakashi was the problem, unfortunately he failed to see the feral Naruto jumping from his blindside. That Naruto smacked Deidara to the ground below, created clones to pummel him and rammed Rasengan into Deidara's chest. Unfortunately Deidara had replaced himself with a Kawarimi.

Naruto Naruto      The clones poofed away and Naruto stood with the Kyuubi chakra boiling out of him. A tail grew from his body and another began to grow. The Naruto assisting Kakashi doubled over, feeling a burning sensation through his body. Kakashi realized this was a Kyuubi form Jiraiya had warned him about. He then rushed to slap a seal Jiraiya had given him on Naruto's forehead. The seal suppressed the Kyuubi chakra and returned him to normal. Deidara made his escape using an exploding Bunshin and Sakura and Chiyo arrived from their battle.

Naruto Naruto      Sakura examined Gaara and confirmed his passing. Naruto demanded to know why these things had happened to Gaara. Why had they put a demon inside him and had they even asked if he wanted it. Crying, he told them he trained hard, but he could save neither Sasuke nor Gaara. Chiyo moved to use a jutsu and Naruto demanded to know what she was doing. Sakura explained Chiyo planned to revive Gaara. Chiyo didn't have enough chakra so Naruto offered his own. Putting his hands on hers she thought over how highly Kakashi had spoken of the young man and stated she was entrusting the future to their capable hands.

Naruto      A short time later many other Sand shinobi arrived to help, including Gaara's siblings. They watched as Gaara was resurrected and Naruto told the young man he had put them through a lot. Kankurou thanked Naruto again and Naruto said they should thank Chiyo. Naruto failed to realize her jutsu cost her her life. Chiyo had left the future to them, and Naruto said the Third had spoken the same way. They returned to Suna and prepared to leave. An embarrassed Naruto stated that this was usually when people shook hands to say goodbye. Gaara raised his hand and used sand to raise Naruto's. The two men shook hands and the Leaf ninja returned to Konoha. Their mission also revealed that Sasori was planning to meet a spy of his who was in Orochimaru's cadre. In a weeks time the two were to meet at a Grass Country bridge. With Sasori dead, Team 7 could impersonate him and gather intel on Orochimaru.

Naruto      Naruto spoke with Tsunade about meeting the spy. Council advisers Koharu and Homura recommended Naruto stay in Konoha, as Akatsuki was hunting him. Tsunade agreed to allow a member of ANBU Root to join the team. The Root were known for their lack of emotions and strong loyalty to Konoha. Tsunade then added an ANBU of her choosing named Yamato, who would lead them due to Kakashi's recuperation. Naruto met Team 8 again and asked if they would help on his new mission but they already had one. He also met with Shikamaru who also had other duties. Chouji offered to help but he had a mission too. Out of nowhere ink tigers began to attack the trio. They came from a pale young ninja wearing a Konoha forehead protector. Naruto moved to attack the stranger and demanded to know what was going on. The young man was Sai, an ANBU Root member newly assigned to Naruto's squad. He was testing Naruto and he was not impressed, questioning Naruto's very manhood.

Naruto Naruto      The team left for the Grass Country and Naruto felt Sai was a poor replacement for Sasuke. Sai felt that was a good thing, calling Sasuke a bastard traitor. Naruto was infuriated but Sakura held him back, warning Sai to watch his mouth. Yamato attempted to build some camaderie with a visit to a hot springs but Naruto still disliked Sai. Naruto was infuriated with Sai's fake smiles and weird emotionless demeanor. Sai and Naruto were then paired as Yamato tested their skills. Naruto didn't work well with Sai and demanded to know if he even knew what it meant to be a comrade. Finally stating he would never accept Sai as an ally.

Naruto      The team finally made their rendevous and learned the spy was Kabuto. Kabuto revealed he was still loyal to Orochimaru who suddenly appeared. Yamato was quickly revealed not to be Sasori and the team jumped in to assist. Orochimaru wondered who between Naruto and Sasuke was stronger, and he quickly got his chance to find out. Filling with rage the Kyuubi chakra poured from Naruto. It was then revealed that Yamato was infused with Shodai Hokage's genes by Orochimaru in the past. This gave Yamato the ability to control the Bijuu. Naruto began to lose his self-awareness, as three tails now marked his Kyuubi form. Naruto's power soon destroyed the bridge and ripped into Orochimaru, tearing off his arm. Orochimaru then shed to a new body and gloated that Sasuke was still more powerful. At that point Naruto totally lost himself to the Kyuubi. His skin boiled off and his blood encased his four-tailed body.

Naruto Naruto      Naruto launched an all out assault on Orochimaru, culminating in a concentrated chakra blast. Orochimaru was barely able to protect himself and quickly moved to stab Naruto with his Kusanagi blade but it failed to pierce Naruto's skin. Sakura began to fear the lengths Naruto was going to retrieve Sasuke so she ran towards him. Unfortunately in his wild state Naruto failed to recognize friend from foe and hit her with his poisonous tails. Kabuto then healed Sakura for his own reasons and Yamato used his ability to contain the Kyuubi power and put an end to Naruto's destructive spree.

     Sakura then healed Naruto's wounds, as the Kyuubi wasn't healing him as quickly as before. When she regretted not being able to help very much Yamato told her it was okay. The strength of her feelings showed how much she cared for Naruto. Sakura began to cry and Naruto awoke demanding to know if Sai had made her sad. Naruto failed to realize he had lost control and wondered what happened to the landscape. Sakura told him Orochimaru did it after he was knocked out. Yamato confided to Naruto that he was the one who had hurt Sakura. He stated he could seal the Kyuubi power as it was not his true strength anyway. Naruto wasn't sure, but Yamato stated he could stand Kyuubi's chakra because of his own. Naruto was surprised and Yamato stated if he really wanted to help his friends, he should do it on his own power. Naruto empathically affirmed and the team went in pursuit of Orochimaru, Kabuto and Sai, who had mysteriously joined them.

     The team tracked down Orochimaru's underground base. They made it inside, captured Sai and learned he planned to spy on Orochimaru for the Root leader. Sai stated it was doubtful Naruto could get Sasuke to return. Naruto explained that he hated Sasuke at first but then formed a close bond to him over time. Sai was unsure but Naruto said even if his body was destroyed he would not stop. No matter what he would take Sasuke back from Orochimaru. This surprised Sai and inspired him to help Naruto retrieve Sasuke rather than assassinate him like originally ordered. Sai and Naruto then searched the compound. Naruto got a better feel for Sai when Sai mentioned how alike Naruto was to his dead brother. Orochimaru appeared and Sai went to find Sasuke. Orochimaru told Naruto that he would not kill him, as he had some use in taking out Akatsuki members.

Naruto      Sai located Sasuke but Sasuke quickly destroyed his room. Naruto and Sakura rushed to his location and saw Sasuke for the first time in three years. Naruto recalled Sasuke's words on cutting bonds at the Valley of the End and demanded to know why he didn't kill him. Sasuke stated he didn't because that path was merely to attain power. Naruto demanded to know what he meant by that and Sasuke retorted that he did not have to explain himself and that he only saved Naruto on a whim. In an instant Sasuke was chest to chest with Naruto mocking that his dream was to become Hokage and yet he failed his mission to stop him. He then said this time his whim would be to end Naruto's life and pulled his sword. A determined Naruto retorted back that he was correct. One who could not save his friend could hardly become the Hokage. Naruto jumped away and Sasuke released a Chidori current electrocuting everyone.

Naruto      Naruto turned feral and inside the Kyuubi prison the beast boiled outside the bars telling him now was the time. Naruto told the beast he was staying inside this time. The Kyuubi stated Naruto had no chance unless the seal was completely released. Naruto began to raise his arm in defiance but another reached out to touch Kyuubi's nose, it was Sasuke's. The Kyuubi was surprised that one from the cursed bloodline appeared and Sasuke replied that he finally saw Naruto's hidden power. Sasuke then focused and dispersed the Kyuubi head. Kyuubi was surprised Sasuke could suppress him and warned that he would regret killing Naruto. In the real world Sasuke retreated and Naruto yelled that Orochimaru just wanted his body. Sasuke moved to attack but Orochimaru stopped him, saying they should be left alive to kill more Akatsuki members. They left in a whiff of smoke and Naruto crumbled over in agony, he had failed to retrieve Sasuke yet again. The group then returned to Konoha, believing with Sai's help all three could retrieve Sasuke together.

Naruto      The new Team 7 was sent on another mission and came back to Konoha for some downtime. Naruto spoke with Kakashi about increasing his abilities. Kakashi told Naruto he had figured out a special training only Naruto could do. It would help him develop an ultimate Ninjutsu to he can call his own. The training would take advantage of Kage Bunshin's memory transfer capabilities. By creating a massive number of clones and then dispersing them, Naruto could drastically cut down the time it took to learn a new skill. A thousand clones could learn in a week what would normally take one ninja numerous years. The jutsu would be based on Naruto's elemental affinity, which he learned was Wind by using a special paper which split when he put chakra into it. Because Rasengan was pure shape manipulation, all he had to learn was nature manipulation to get the jutsu started. Kakashi then had Naruto create clones and attempt to cut a leaf. Yamato would assist by controlling the Kyuubi chakra.

     A Naruto clone was then sent to speak with Sarutobi Asuma, another Wind user. Asuma gave him tips which Naruto used to complete the first training step. Next Naruto worked on splitting a waterfall. When he became annoyed that he was being held back by only 10 clones, Yamato created a bigger waterfall for numerous clones. Naruto worked on the step for long hours and rested during the night. That night he thought of Sasuke and got up to train more. By dawn Yamato and Kakashi watched in surprise as all the Narutos managed to split the water. When Yamato was surprised what the training had done for Naruto, Kakashi explained it wasn't just the training, it was Naruto's feelings towards Sasuke as well. Naruto then rested and prepared for the final step.

     Kakashi explained to Naruto that the ability to fuse nature and shape required a special knack and that neither he nor his teacher the Fourth Hokage could do it. The Rasengan was a high level form manipulation technique, uncompleted and lacking nature, making it a half-complete jutsu. Kakashi told Naruto only he could potentially finish it, as he believed only Naruto could surpass the Fourth. Naruto blushed and focused on adding Wind to Rasengan, which proved difficult, causing some clones to turn Kyuubi. With Kakashi's help he further refined his approach and managed to rack up close to 4,800 hours of training in a days time with all the clones. The training was soon interrupted though when they received word that Asuma was killed in battle by Akatsuki.

Naruto      Naruto attended Asuma's funeral and comforted Konohamaru, who was Asuma's nephew. Kakashi then had Naruto try his partially completed Rasengan against the basic version he himself could make. Naruto's easily won out and Kakashi once again saw the Fourth in Naruto. Kakashi took his leave to help Team 10 track down Akatsuki while Naruto remained behind with Yamato to finish his jutsu. Naruto managed to further refine his new jutsu and went with Team 7 to assist Team 10. They arrived to find them in battle with Akatsuki member Kakuzu and Naruto used his new Fuuton: Rasengan to counter one of Kakuzu's attacks. A determined Naruto was only half-way done with his jutsu and he asked to take on Kakuzu alone. Naruto sent clones to attack Kakuzu and gather information. With new clones he then formed Rasen Shuriken. The clones charged and were blasted away. Naruto himself came charging from Kakuzu's blindside but his attack dissipated before it could connect.

Naruto      Naruto asked to try again telling Kakashi that he said only Naruto himself could surpass the Fourth Hokage and that crossing that dangerous bridge alone would show he was not just a kid anymore. Thinking of Sasuke, he formed clones and the technique again. They charged and split off around Kakuzu while Naruto charged from ahead with the attack. Kakuzu extended his tendrils into Naruto but it was a clone. From behind came the real Naruto wielding another Rasen Shuriken which he slammed into Kakuzu's back, ripping him and his tendrils apart in a gigantic sphere of destruction. Naruto was thrown to the ground and Kakuzu continued to be struck by the attack. It soon dissipated and Kakuzu fell back into the huge crater and remained motionless. Naruto felt relief and the onlookers were amazed. Naruto used the technique three times, when in training he only managed two. Kakashi recognized that Sasuke drove Naruto to get better. He then finished off the injured Kakuzu with Raikiri.

     The teams returned to Konoha and Tsunade congratulated them. She warned them though not to let down their guard. Naruto spent the next few weeks recuperating, as the use of the Rasen Shuriken had heavily damaged his hand. He was then informed that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru and left Hidden Sound. Naruto hoped Sasuke would return but his friend still had unfinished business. Recognizing that Sasuke was still set on killing his brother, Naruto and Team 7, under Yamato, and Team 8, under Kakashi, set out to track down Itachi and hopefully then locate Sasuke. While on their journey the trio of Naruto, Hinata and Yamato were stopped by Kabuto, who revealed that Naruto had inspired him to go beyond his identity of spy and underling. He explained that Naruto went beyond the "Kyuubi" identity and became his own person. He then gave the trio the Sound's information on Akatsuki. Naruto charged hoping to capture Kabuto but he quickly escaped. They then continued on with their task of tracking Itachi.

     The group continued their search and saw the explosive conclusion to Sasuke and Deidara's battle that was occurring nearby. When they rushed to the location of the battle, Sasuke was already gone. Using Kiba's tracking skills they moved on, eventually splitting up to increase their chances. Naruto formed clones, which scoured the forest and found Uchiha Itachi instead. Itachi asked Naruto why he was obsessed with Sasuke. Naruto explained how he was more a brother to Sasuke than Itachi was. Dispersing into crows, Itachi caught Naruto in a Genjutsu and demanded to know how Naruto could force Sasuke to come back? What if it meant killing him to save Konoha? Naruto answered he could do both, protect the village and save Sasuke. Itachi called that view childish, but Naruto responded that he made his choices known and he won't go back on his ninja way. Itachi then forced one of his crows into Naruto's body, granting Naruto some measure of his power, which he would hopefully never have to use.

     Naruto expressed confusion and Itachi took his leave. As Naruto rushed through the forest to continue his search, he came face to face with Sasuke once again. The man quickly pierced Naruto with Chidori, dispersing the clone. The remaining Naruto's quickly received the data update and rushed to Sasuke's location. On their way they were confronted by another delay, Tobi. As the Akatsuki member looked on from a tree limb above, Naruto smiled from below. A Rasengan wielding clone then moved to strike Tobi from the back, unfortunately it slid right through the man. He continued to easily avoid Naruto's attacks but the young man remained stoic. Working with his friends they launched more attacks on Tobi, but they failed as well. They were then shocked by the news delivered by the newly arrived Zetsu, Sasuke had killed Itachi and had passed out. As Tobi left they moved in pursuit, eventually reaching the site of the battle too late, the Uchiha brothers had already been spirited away.

     Naruto returned to Konoha and continued to ponder Itachi's actions. He was then summoned to the Hokage's office where he was given heart breaking news; the Akatsuki leader Pain had killed Jiraiya in battle. Fukasaku, the toad sage who had trained Jiraiya in Senjutsu, had come to deliver the news and to show a coded message he had left for Naruto. Naruto ignored the code and demanded to know how Tsunade could have let Jiraiya go on such a dangerous mission alone. He expressed his distaste with the meeting and left the building. Tsunade and the others let him go, and pondered if he really was the "destined" child. The pupil who the elder toad sage said would be trained by Jiraiya and bring about a great change in the ninja world.

     Naruto walked through the village and began to reflect on his time together with Jiraiya. Iruka met Naruto and tried to treat him to ramen but the young man brushed him off. Returning to his apartment he sat alone with his thoughts. Taking a walk later that night, he bought a popsicle, a reminder of his time training in Rasengan with Jiraiya. The uneaten treat began to melt and Naruto cried. Iruka joined the young man and Naruto explained how he wanted Jiraiya to see him become Hokage, but all he ever did was screw up. Iruka said that wasn't the case, Jiraiya always spoke highly of him and would continue to watch over him. Moreover, if he continued feeling down, he would no longer be the person that earned Jiraiya's praise. Iruka explained that Naruto inherited Jiraiya's will and was the man Jiraiya believed in.

     Naruto remained withdrawn but was soon visited by Shikamaru, who was working to decipher Jiraiya's message. Naruto decided to help but remained distant until Shikamaru explained how he would one day be the sensei for Asuma's child. Their generation could't stay children forever, they have to grow into excellent shinobi who could inspire their students as their former teachers once did. Moved by Shikamaru's words, he joined in the work to break the code. Using Naruto's knowledge of Jiraiya's writing style, the group discovered that the code lined up with Jiraiya's latest Icha Icha book to reveal a strange phrase, "The real one isn't with them." Fukasaku stated the phrase was too vague, but he had work for Naruto over the next few weeks if he was up for it. He would be trained in Senjutsu like Jiraiya was. Excited by the challenge, Naruto accepted. He and Fukasaku were then summoned back to Myouboku Mountain, the home of the toads.

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Uzumaki Naruto Timeline
BSS: Before Series Start
ASS: After Series Start
(All dates approximate - There is no official comprehensive timeline)

12 Yrs. BSS - Naruto Born, Kyuubi Sealed within his body.
6 Yrs. BSS - Joins Ninja Academy.
6 - 0 Yrs. BSS - Looked down on by village.
0 - Series Start, Graduates Academy
6 Mo. ASS - Enters Chuunin Exam, Kyuubi sealed by Orochimaru, Defeats Kiba in third test prelims.
6 - 7 Mo. ASS - Meets and trains under Jiraiya, Orochimaru's seal unsealed by Jiraiya, Learns Toad summoning.
7 Mo. ASS - Defeats Neji in third test, Chases after Sasuke, Defeats Gaara in battle with Gamabunta.
8 Mo. ASS - Searches for Tsunade with Jiraiya, Meets Akatsuki, Fights Kabuto, Inspires Tsunade to become Hokage.
9 Mo. ASS - Fights Sasuke on hospital roof, Chases Sasuke when leaves village, Fights Kimimaro, Fights Sasuke, Leaves village to train with Jiraiya.
10 Mo. ~ 3 Yrs. 3 Mo. ASS - Increases skills and strength.
3 Yrs. 3 Mo. ASS - Returns to Konoha, Travels to River Country to save Gaara, Fights Deidara with Kakashi, Travels to Grass Country to meet Sasori's Spy, Meets Sasuke again.
3 Yrs. 4 Mo. ASS - Learns how to use Fuuton, Goes to help in battle with Hidan and Kakuzu, Hits Kakuzu with his new Fuuton.
3 Yrs. 5 Mo. ASS - Travels with Team 7 and 8 to track down Itachi.
3 Yrs. 6 Mo. ASS - Trains with toads in Senjutsu, Faces Pain in battle and defeats his Rikudou bodies, Convinces Nagato that they could change the ninja world for the better.