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Naruto Part: One | Two

Manga to Anime Cuts Guide
Naruto Believe it or not there are things that were drawn in the manga but not animated. These cut scenes can run from understandable toning down of violence to whole scenes cut for no apparent reason. So for your readers who just know Naruto through the manga or through the animated series, this guide will help you know what what you may be missing.
Chapter 286 (Shippuuden Episode 36)

Another content edit, when Team Kakashi decided to rest at a Hot Springs, the women bathing had towels and other objects added to block their nudity.

Chapter 304 (Shippuuden Episode 49)

When Sai switches allegiances, the anime had him subdue Kabuto in an alternate fashion. This was probably changed because Kabuto's hands were left free in the manga, making escape seem possible.