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Stats in bios are through the end of Volume 43 (Ch. 402). Bio names are in original Japanese "FAMILYNAME FIRSTNAME" order, unless already westernized. (i.e. Rock Lee)

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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 376
First Anime Appearance: Shippuuden Episode 127
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Class: Summon
Type: Toad
See also: Jiraiya

Personal Stats
Latent Potential Unknown
Luck Unknown
Elemental Affinity
Yin | Yang Unknown
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Fukasaku was the husband of the "Ma" toad sage. Together they acted as assistants to the Elder toad sage.

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First Manga Appearance: Chapter 420
First Anime Appearance: NA
Hidden Village: Waterfall Village
Rank: -
See also: Shichibi

Personal Stats
Latent Potential Unknown
Luck Unknown
Elemental Affinity Unknown
Yin | Yang Unknown
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Fuu was the host of the seven-tailed demon beetle.

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