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Anime Guide: Season 2 (Episodes 27-52)
Oro Season Two of the series started in Spring of 2003. The series just moved into prime time Wednesdays and a fan favorite Opening just started.

The Music

Opening Two: "Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Episodes: 26-53

Closing Two: "Harumonia" by Rythem

Episodes: 27-51

Closing Three: Viva*rock (Japanese side) by Orange Range

Episodes: 52-64 (Only Episode 52 for this Season)
The Story Arcs
Episode 26-37: Chuunin Exam Test Two (Cont.)

Episode 27: "Daini shiken sutaato! Mawari wa minna teki darake! ~ Second Test Start! Everyone's an Enemy!"

Airdate: 04/02/2003 Chapters covered: 45, 46

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Anko gives the go ahead and the teams enter the forest of death. What horrors await all the Genin inside?

Episode 28: "Kuu ka kuwareru ka! Esa ni natte Naruto ~ To Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Food"

Airdate: 04/09/2003 Chapters covered: 46, 47

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team is split, Sasuke and Sakura face a mysterious adversary and Naruto has problems with a very large snake. Are these two events related?

Episode 29: "Naruto hangeki! Nigeneen dattebayo! ~ Naruto's Counterattack! Do You Think I'm Running Away!"

Airdate: 04/16/2003 Chapters covered: 48, 49

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto returns to see Sasuke scared and acting futile against their opponent. Naruto only grows angry by what he sees and strikes out against their attacker. He is no match for the ninja though, and gets his Kyuubi powers sealed in the process. Anko learns that Orochimaru, her evil sensei is posing as a student in the exam, so she enters the forest to kill him.

Episode 30: "Yomigaere Sharingan! Hissatsu • Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu! ~ Revive Sharingan! Certain kill • Fire Release Dragon Fire Technique!" "

Airdate: 04/23/2003 Chapters covered: 49, 50

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke decides to take on their mysterious attacker Orochimaru. He seemingly manages to do well against his opponent, but Orochimaru is merely testing the boy and leaves Sasuke with a parting gift.

Episode 31: "Geki mayu puratonikku! Boku ha shine made anata omamoru!! ~ Intense Eyebrows Platonic! Until I Die I'll Protect You!!"

Airdate: 04/30/2003 Chapters covered: 50, 51, 52

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sakura is faced with two unconscious teammates and other groups eager to get their scrolls. Lee has left his group to do some scouting, while out he finds an abused squirrel which leads him to Sakura's location. Seeing her in need of help, he moves to prove himself to her.

Episode 32: "Sakura saku! Ketsui no ushirosugata ~ Sakura Blooms! The Back of Determination"

Airdate: 05/07/2003 Chapters covered: 53, 54

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Her team and Lee is down and Sakura is faced with the taunts of the Sound genin. Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji spy on the action and Ino remembers back to when she first met Sakura. Sakura herself decides to stick up for her friends by cutting herself free and fighting. This is not enough though so Ino decides to step in and help her former friend.

Episode 33: "Muteki no foomeeshon! InoShikaChou!! ~ Invincible Formation! InoShikaChou!"

Airdate: 05/14/2003 Chapters covered: 55, 56

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Ino and her team use their abilities in tandem to fight the Sound Genin. Things do not look good until Neji arrives looking for Lee. He doesn't need to step in though because Sasuke has reawakened with a frightening power...

Episode 34: "Akamaru bikkuri! Gaara, kyooi no jitsuryoku ~ Akamaru Surprised! Gaara, Capability of Wonder"

Airdate: 05/21/2003 Chapters covered: 57, 58, 59

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Gaara's team makes it through the exam in record time without a scratch. We then seen how they did it earlier. Kiba's team watched from a distance as Gaara's group got their scroll so easily through Gaara's deadly ability to control sand.

Episode 35: "Nozoki mi genkin! Makimono no himitsu ~ Peeking Strictly Prohibited! The Secret of the Scroll"

Airdate: 05/28/2003 Chapters covered: 60, 61

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto and his team begin to recover but see their hopes fading as their time is almost up. Naruto hatches a plan to cheat but fellow Leaf Genin Kabuto stops him. Kabuto and Team 7 then make their way to the finish to get closer to other groups who might also not have a scroll.

Episode 36: "Bunshin taiketsu! Ore ga shuyaku dattebayo! ~ Clone Confrontation! I'm the Lead Character!"

Airdate: 06/04/2003 Chapters covered: 62, 63

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto and his team face Rain Genin who are determined to get a scroll and pass the test. Naruto hatches a plan though to strike back against their opponents and finally get their needed scroll as well.

Episode 37: "Daini shiken toppa! Seizoroi ruukii nain! ~ Second Test Broken Through! Line-up Rookie Nine!"

Airdate: 06/11/2003 Chapters covered: 63, 64, 65

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto and his team have successfully passed the second test of the Chuunin Exam. Opening their scrolls, Iruka appears and lets them know the meaning behind the test. The teams that passed then gather and learn that their amount numbers too high so they will have a preliminary match then and there before they can make it to the Third test.
Episode 38-51: Chuunin Exam Test Three Preliminaries

The next arc details Team 7 and their participation in a set of prelimary matches to decide who can go on to the Third Test of the Chuunin Exam. This "mini-arc" is part of a larger "Chuunin Exam/Invasion" arc which will span until Episode 81.

Because this arc focused primarily on fights, several fights got greatly expanded upon from what was shown in the manga.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 38: "Goukakusha nibunnoichi!? Ikinari shiai dattebayo!! ~ Successful Candidates Cut in Half!? Sudden Contest!"

Airdate: 06/18/2003 Chapters covered: 65, 66

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke is the first to fight and Kakashi warns him to not to use much chakra for fear of activating the cursed seal. Sasuke gets matched against an opponent who can suck out his chakra, so does he have any hope without the seal?

Episode 39: "Gejimayu jerashii! 'Shishi Rendan' tanjou! ~ Bushy Eyebrows' Jealousy! 'Lion Combo' is Born!"

Airdate: 07/02/2003 Chapters covered: 67, 68, 69

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke avoids using his seal and instead calls forth moves copied from Rock Lee! Sasuke manages to add in his own techniques and finish his opponent. He is then taken away by Kakashi for treatment.

Episode 40: "Isshokusokuhatsu!! Kakashi tai Orochimaru ~ A Critical Situation!! Kakashi VS Orochimaru"

Airdate: 07/09/2003 Chapters covered: 69, 70

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kakashi places a seal on Sasuke to help the curse seal from activating again. Orochimaru reveals himself to Kakashi and taunts that he can get what he wants out of Sasuke. Elsewhere Shino faces Zaku. Zaku has just been exploited by Orochimaru and falls away defeated when his air vents get clogged by Shino's bugs.

Episode 41: "Raibaru gekitotsu! Otome-gokoro honki moodo ~ Rivals clash! The Girls' Hearts in Serious Mode"

Airdate: 07/16/2003 Chapters covered: 70, 71

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kankurou faces another Sound spy Misumi. Misumi's rubbery ability is no match for a sly Kankurou, who uses Karasu to fool his opponent and then quickly finish him. The next match is announced, a surprise for both Sakura and Ino who must now face each other.

Episode 42: "Besuto batoru wa shaannaroo!! ~ It's the Best Battle Hell Yeah!!"

Airdate: 07/23/2003 Chapters covered: 72, 73

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Ino and Sakura's match continues. Ino manages to send her spirit inside Sakura's body, but Inner Sakura fights her off. The girls then each move in for a strike but get a double knock-out, disqualifying each other.

Episode 43: "Shikamaru tajitaji!? Kunoichitachi no atsuki tatakai ~ Shikamaru Overwhelmed!? The Kunoichis' Heated Battle"

Airdate: 07/30/2003 Chapters covered: 73, 74

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The next match arrives with Temari versus TenTen. Temari and TenTen trade attacks but Temari renders TenTen's projectiles useless. Temari then finishes Tenten and casts her aside. Shikamaru then faces Kin. Kin uses her bells to create illusions to confuse Shikamaru. However, he uses his smarts to capture Kin with his shadow and defeat her.

Episode 44: "Akamaru sansen!! Makeinu wa docchi da? ~ Akamaru Joins the Fight! Which One is the Underdog?"

Airdate: 08/06/2003 Chapters covered: 75, 76

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto is matched against Kiba and to Naruto's annoyance, Akamaru. Kiba seems to have the upperhand but Naruto shows that he isn't a pushover by fooling Kiba with henge tricks.

Episode 45: "Hinata sekimen! Kankyaku chianguri, Naruto no okunote ~ Hinata Blushes! The Spectators Dumbfounded, Naruto's Trump Card"

Airdate: 08/13/2003 Chapters covered: 76, 77

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto continues his match against Kiba and reveals a new move, the Naruto Rendan! With everyone looking on in shocked amazement, Naruto manages to defeat Kiba and move on to the third test of the Chuunin Exam.

Episode 46: "Byakugan kaigen!! Uchiki na Hinata no daitan ketsui! ~ Byakugan's Enlightenment!! Bashful Hinata's Bold Decision!"

Airdate: 08/20/2003 Chapters covered: 78, 79

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Hinata is matched against her cousin Neji, and we get a glimpse into her life. Neji begins to gloat about how well he can read her fears and emotions, but Naruto yells words of encouragement which emboldens Hinata like never before.

Episode 47: "Akogare no hito no me no mae de!! ~ Before the Eye of the Person You Admire!!"

Airdate: 08/27/2003 Chapters covered: 79, 80, 81

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Hinata begins to fight Neji blow for blow. Kakashi explains the Byakugan and how it helps the Hyuuga in battle. Neji takes the upperhand but Naruto yells Hinata on, which pushes her beyond her limits. Seeing Hinata refuse to give up, he charges for a lethal kill but gets stopped. Her injuries prove too much and she passes out leaving Neji the winner.

Episode 48: "Gaara funsai!! Wakasa da! Pawaa da! Bakuhatsu da! ~ Gaara Demolished!! It's Youth! It's Power! It's Explosion!"

Airdate: 09/03/2003 Chapters covered: 81, 82, 83

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Lee gets matched against Gaara from Hidden Sand. Lee's speed is unable to get past Gaara's sand... until he takes off his weights. With a burst of speed Lee hurts Gaara like never before.

Episode 49: "Nekketsu ochikobore! Tsuini Sakuretsu, kindan no ougi! ~ Hot-blooded Drop Out! Finally Explosion, the Forbidden Secret!"

Airdate: 09/10/2003 Chapters covered: 83, 84, 85

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Gaara is able to avoid being taken out by Lee and goes on the offensive. We then see Lee's past and how he struggled to prove himself as a ninja. With his drive to do his best, Lee reveals his hidden forbidden move, gaining impossible speed and power.

Episode 50: "Aa Rock Lee! Kore ga otoko no ikizama yo!! ~ Ah Rock Lee! This is How a Man Lives!!"

Airdate: 09/17/2003 Chapters covered: 85, 86, 87

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Lee delivers powerful blows against Gaara but his gourd saves him from taking the full brunt of the attack. Gaara's sick drives cause him to use his sand against Lee's injured body and crush it further. An unconscious Lee stands to fight some more but the match is over, he has lost. The final match arrives, Chouji versus Dosu.

Episode 51: "Yami ni ugomeku kage Sasuke ni semaru kiki! ~ The Shadow Which Crawls in the Darkness, Crisis Approaches Sasuke!"

Airdate: 09/24/2003 Chapters covered: 87, 88, 89

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Chouji tries his best but he is quickly put away by Dosu. Elsewhere Orochimaru and Kabuto talk of taking Sasuke. The winning Genin learn who they will be matched against in the Chuunin Exams Third Test tournament, with a month break before it starts.
Episode 52-58: Chuunin Exam Test Three Training

The next arc details Naruto's training under Jiraiya before the Third Test of the Chuunin Exam. This "mini-arc" is part of a larger "Chuunin Exam/Invasion" arc which will span until Episode 81.

This mini-arc will be marked with more filler than past episodes, allowing for a more flushed out interaction with the Sannin Jiraiya than what was depicted in the manga.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 52: "Ebisu futatabi! Harenchi wa watashi ga yurushi ma sen zo! ~ Ebisu Again! I Won't Permit Such Disgrace!"

Airdate: 10/01/2003 Chapters covered: 89, 90

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto spurns his direction to train under Ebisu and bolts to avoid the closet pervert. Ebisu follows and defeats Naruto finally at the hot springs bath. Ebisu finally convinces Naruto he means for the best and tries to teach Naruto how to focus his chakra better. Their lesson is interrupted though by a strange old pervert!
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