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Shippuuden Guide: Season 8 (Episodes 183-208)
Torune Season Eight of the series debuted in Fall of 2010. The series would continue filler in the aftermath of Konoha's destruction and the return to manga content with the Five Kage Summit.

The Music

Opening Eight: "Diver" by NICO Touches the Walls

Episodes: 180-205

Opening Nine: "Ravaazu (Lovers)" by 7!! (Sebun Uppusu)

Episodes: 206-230

Closing Fifteen: "U Can Do It!" by DOMINO

Episodes: 180-192

Closing Sixteen: "Mayonaka no orchestra (Midnight Orchestra)" by Aqua Timez

Episodes: 193-205

Closing Seventeen: "Freedom" by HOME MADE Kazoku (Family)

Episodes: 206-218
The Story Arcs
Episode 176-196: Konoha's History (Cont.)

Episode 183: "Naruto • autobureiku ~ Naruto • Outbreak"

Airdate: 10/28/2010 Chapters covered: -

Sakura recalls a time Naruto sneezed on her. The young Naruto was then ambushed by medical ninja. Sakura fell ill and Tsunade theorized she had a chakra virus due to Naruto's sneeze. Tsunade orders Naruto to be isolated. Naruto hides, dozes off and wakes to finds the village deserted. Tsunade planned the evacuation and uses ninja to corner Naruto. Naruto hears of Sakuraís situation and gets captured. Tsunade finds no trace of the virus and claims it was all an exercise to save face. Sakura thinks fools like Naruto may never catch a cold.

Episode 184: "Shutsugeki! Tenten-han ~ Deploy! Team Tenten"

Airdate: 11/04/2010 Chapters covered: -

TenTen recalls a mission she had as team captain with Neji and Naruto to retrieve weapons. The weapons maker, Iou, and his assistant, Shouseki, were into making alternative weapons. Later, Team TenTen finds the duo in hiding, but soon the team locates them and discovers treasures of weapons. TenTen gets intrigued by the Jidanda weapon. Weapon thieves intercept and battle Team TenTen. Iou notices the thieves are using his inventions, so Shouseki confess that he sold Iou's weapons for financial reasons. TenTen manages to use the Jidanda to defeat the thieves.

Episode 185: "Animaru bangaichi ~ Animal District"

Airdate: 11/11/2010 Chapters covered: -

An ostrich tells a story to baby ostriches. Naruto, Lee, Shino and Kotetsu as captain, were assigned to recapture a rogue ninja ostrich. Izumo was surprised Kotetsu left without him. Team Kotetsu encounters the ostrich, but it battles them with help of other animals. The ostrich reveals he can talk and his knowledge of jutsu. Kotetsu sees visions of Izumo during his fight with the ostrich. Team Kotetsu falls back and regroups. Izumo arrives to help Kotetsu defeat the ostrich. The other animals are defeated and the ostrich finishes his story of how Naruto will always keep him from escaping.

Episode 186: "Aa, seishun no kanpougan ~ Ah, The Herbal Medicine of Youth"

Airdate: 11/18/2010 Chapters covered: -

Lee gives aid to Tsunade's recovery and recalls his own years ago. Ino, Sakura, and Naruto were assigned a mission and visit Lee. Naruto accidentally drinks Lee's medicine so he talks to Guy to make more. He learns he needs jofuko flowers from Mount Jofuko. Naruto regroups with the girls and they hear rumors about the mountain. Later, they find and pick the flowers, but a pollen-like Gaara appears. It battles them, but gets defeated. A medical ninja, Furofuki, arrives and explains the flower's defensive powers. The trio learn that recovering the jofuko was their original mission anyway. Guy gives Lee support.

Episode 187: "Dokonjou shitei shugyouhen ~ The Gutsy Master and Student Training"

Airdate: 11/25/2010 Chapters covered: -

During Naruto's time away with Jiraiya, he trained to break Genjutsu. Jiraiya summons Gamariki to help, but Naruto couldn't break the toad's Genjutsu. Jiraiya reteaches Naruto basic chakra control. They head to a region which can create illusions. As they arrive, they are turned away from entering the once peaceful village. Jiraiya recognizes the boy gatekeeper Tanishi so Naruto and Jiraiya hide. The two sneak into the village and confront Tanishi. He reveals Rain ninja led by Kandachi took over their village, kept hostages and killed his father. Naruto and Jiraiya scheme their way to where the hostages are kept.

Episode 188: "Dokonjou shitei ninpuuroku ~ The Gutsy Master and Student Ninja Story"

Airdate: 11/25/2010 Chapters covered: -

Jiraiya recognizes Kandachi as Hanzo's former right-hand man. Tanishi blows Naruto and Jiraiya's cover. Kandachi summons his Conch King and Naruto fails to defeat it. Jiraiya saves the hostages. Naruto inspires Tanishi to defy Kandachi and help free the hostages. Naruto and Jiraiya get caught in Genjutsu. Tanishi frees the hostages. He notices Naruto and Jiraiya and helps the two break the Genjutsu. Jiraiya restrains Conch King to allow Naruto to use his new jutsu Oodama Rasengan. Naruto defeats Kandachi. Naruto and Jiraiya pay their respects to Tanishi's father and Jiraiya recognizes Naruto's growth.

Episode 189: "Sasuke no nikukyuu taizen ~ Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia"

Airdate: 12/02/2010 Chapters covered: -

Nekobaa gets a visit from Nekomata, who recalls when he met Sasuke. Team 7 was dispatched to collect his paw print. They meet Nekobaa, she tells them how paw printing began and of the fortress housing Nekomata. She provides Team 7 with disguises. Team 7 arrives at the fortress and Naruto blows his cover while Sasuke and Sakura enter. The fortress is put on high alert. Sasuke and Sakura search separately and Nekomata is notified of intruders. Sakura battles and defeats a suspicious cat. Sasuke encounters Nekomata and defeats him. Nekomata reveals to Nekobaa that Itachi requested he test Sasuke's strength.

Episode 190: "Naruto to rouhei ~ Naruto and the Old Soldier"

Airdate: 12/09/2010 Chapters covered: -

Kosuke recalls a patrol mission with Naruto, Tekuno and Hayama..The team arrived at the border and set up camp. Kosuke reveals heís still a Genin and has known previous Hokage. The team is alerted to Rock ninja invading so each team member buys the remaining ones time to flee and report to the Hokage. Kosuke stalls the Rock ninja while the last team member Naruto flees. Kosuke battles many Rock ninja, but get injured. Naruto returns and states he won't let Kosuke die. Kosuke realizes his own Will of Fire and defeats the remaining Rock ninja. Kosuke looks back on his journey with his old Jounin teammates.

Episode 191: "Kakashi koiuta ~ Kakashi's Love Song"

Airdate: 12/16/2010 Chapters covered: -

A street performer reminds Kakashi of Hanare, a Lock spy, who was captured. Inoichi infiltrated her mind, but found no threat, only memories of a young Kakashi. He asks Kakashi to spend time with her in hopes she'll talk. Team 7 stalks the two. Hanare reveals she was confined outside her village and how she met Kakashi. Team 7ís clumsiness makes Kakashi kiss Hanare. Lock captures a Leaf Jounin so Konoha agrees to a prisoner exchange. Kakashi opposes, so he stops the exchange and battles erupt. He corners Hanare and she reveals she wiped her mind of intel. Hanare desires to do good so Kakashi lets her live.

Episode 192: "Neji gaiden ~ Neji Side Story"

Airdate: 12/23/2010 Chapters covered: -

Hinata aids Kou's wounds. Neji tells a story to Konohamaru and his friends about Naruto. As the Sound and Sand Invasion began, Neji and TenTen learn Hinata was kidnapped by Cloud ninja. Kiba joined them to help. TenTen handled a trap jutsu while Neji and Kiba kept pursuit. They caught up and set a smoke screen. Neji then battled them away from Kiba and Hinata. He was trapped, but then saved by Hiashi, who defeated the remaining Cloud. Nejiís opinion of the head family improved with Naruto's help. Konohamaru and his friends are baffled by the story since Naruto wasnít featured.

Episode 193: "Nido shinda otoko ~ The Man Who Died Twice"

Airdate: 01/06/2010 Chapters covered: -

Naruto looks over salvage photos and is reminded to pick flowers. He recalls meeting a ghost-like man named Kisuke, who lost his memory. Elsewhere, Leaf ninja Sabiru proposed a defense plan. Naruto looked for information and finds Kisuke's body in a coma. As they arrive at Kisuke's home, his memory returns. He reveals Sabiru is a traitor, who sealed Kisuke's soul and killed his wife. Sabiru secretly kills Kisuke's body. Naruto provokes Sabiru into revealing his true self to Kakashi. A hidden Kabuto then kills Sabiru. Kisuke finds peace and requests Naruto place flowers on his grave whenever he thinks of him.

Episode 194: "Saiaku no nininsankyaku ~ The Worst Three-Legged Race"

Airdate: 01/13/2010 Chapters covered: -

Sakura reminds Naruto of the time he and Sasuke were inseparable. Team 7 was ordered to retrieve a stolen statue. Kakashi left the three to investigate elsewhere. The trio locate the thieves. Naruto and Sasuke take back the statue, but fall into a river allowing Sakura to be captured. Naruto and Sasukeís hands are stuck together by a jutsu. They try to break it, but fail. They realize the thieves are near and move to rescue Sakura. They try tricking them, but fail and battle them instead. They defeat the thieves and return the statue. Sakura tells the horrified boys the jutsu will crumble in several days.

Episode 195: "Renkei, daijippan ~ Teamwork, Team 10"

Airdate: 01/20/2010 Chapters covered: -

Shikamaru recalls a mission with Team 7. A village leader hired Konoha to defeat destructive bandits who kidnapped his granddaughter. His assistant, Toufu, guided them to the bandit's hideout. Toufu is captured but then revealed a spy. The Genin enter the hideout and Shikamaru agrees to exchange himself for Toufu. Shikamaru reveals he knew Toufu was a spy which made entering the hideout easy. The team begin an assault and Shikamaru reveals his strategy by trusting his teammates. The Leaf rescues the granddaughter. In the present, Shikamaru affirms to always trust his friends.

Episode 196: "Yami e no shissou ~ Sprinting Into Darkness"

Airdate: 01/27/2010 Chapters covered: -

As Taka head to Konoha, Sasuke recalls saving a girl named Naho. Later, Kakashi takes Sasuke on a mission. Naruto and Sakura receive a mission to protect Naho, a relative of the Fire's Daimyou, and escort her to Shizume Village. Kakashi and Sasuke track down criminals and learn of an abduction plan for Naho. Naruto, Sakura and Naho are ambushed. Naruto battles, but the trio get taken hostage. Kakashi finds the trio gone so he summons his nin-dogs. He and Sasuke split up to find the trio. Sasuke finds them and defeats the criminals. In the present, Naruto recalls his promise to Naho to take her to him once heís better.
Episode 197-219: The Five Kage Summit Arc

This arc returns to manga content and features the Five Kage Summit and Sasuke's attack on the meeting.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 197: "Rokudaime Hokage Danzou ~ The Sixth Hokage Danzou"

Airdate: 02/10/2010 Chapters covered: 451, 452, 453

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 198: "Gokage kaidan zenya ~ The Five Kage Summit's Eve"

Airdate: 02/10/2010 Chapters covered: 453, 454, 455

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 199: "Gokage toujou! ~ The Five Kage Enter the Stage!"

Airdate: 02/17/2010 Chapters covered: 454, 455, 456, 457

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 200: "Naruto no tangan ~ Naruto's Plea"

Airdate: 02/24/2010 Chapters covered: 457, 458, 459

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 201: "Kujuu no ketsudan ~ Tough Decision"

Airdate: 03/03/2010 Chapters covered: 458, 459, 460

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 202: "Hashiru ikazuchi ~ Racing Lightning"

Airdate: 03/10/2010 Chapters covered: 460, 461, 462

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 203: "Sasuke no nindou ~ Sasuke's Way of the Ninja"

Airdate: 03/17/2010 Chapters covered: 462, 463, 464

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 204: "Gokage no chikara ~ The Five Kage's Power"

Airdate: 03/24/2010 Chapters covered: 419, 465, 466, 470

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 205: "Sensenfukoku ~ Declaration of War"

Airdate: 03/31/2010 Chapters covered: 467, 468

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 206: "Sakura no omoi ~ Sakura's Feelings"

Airdate: 04/07/2010 Chapters covered: 468, 469, 470

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 207: "Bijuu VS o no nai Bijuu ~ Bijuu VS Tailless Bijuu"

Airdate: 04/14/2010 Chapters covered: 471, 472, 473

Summary Coming Soon

Episode 208: "Tomo to shite ~ As One's Friend"

Airdate: 04/21/2010 Chapters covered: 473, 474, 475

Summary Coming Soon
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