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Anime Guide: Season 6 (Episodes 131-156)
Ranmaru Season Six of the series started in Spring of 2005. The series would wrap up most of the "part one" of the series, and begin a long string of filler to give the manga a chance to get further ahead.

The Music

Opening Six: "Noo booi • Noo Kurai" (No Boy, No Cry) by STANCE PUNKS

Episodes: 129-153

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Seven: "Namikaze Sateraito" (Discord Satellite) by Shunookeru (Snorkel)

Episodes: 154-178

Closing Nine: "Nakushita Kotoba" (Lost Words) by Noo • riguretto, raifu (No Regret, Life)

Episodes: 129-141

Closing Ten: "Supiido" (Speed) by Anarogu Fisshu (Analog Fish)

Episodes: 142-153

Closing Eleven: "Soba ni iru kara" (Because You are With Me) by Amadori

Episodes: 154-166
The Story Arcs
Episode 128-135: Valley of the End (Cont.)

Episode 131: "Kaigan  Mangekyou Sharingan no himitsu ~ Enlightenment  Secret of the Mangekyou Sharingan"

Airdate: 04/20/2005 Chapters covered: 224, 225

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

As Sasuke returns home in the evening, he finds his clan members dead all over their compound. Rushing to his home, he finds Itachi over the bodies of his parents. Itachi taunts Sasuke and tells him of the Mangekyou Sharingan and how to find out its secrets. Sasuke awakes later in the hospital and has a hard time coping with the events.

Episode 132: "Shin'yuu yo! ~ Close Friend!"

Airdate: 04/27/2005 Chapters covered: 226, 227, 228

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kakashi learns of Sasuke's leaving and leaves Konoha to chase after the Genin. Sasuke states that to gain Mangekyou, he would have to kill his closest friend. Seeing Naruto as that person, the two continue to fiercely do battle.

Episode 133: "Namida no houkou! Omae wa ore no tomodachi da ~ Roar of Tears! You Are My Friend"

Airdate: 05/04/2005 Chapters covered: 229, 230, 231

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The battle between Naruto and Sasuke grows more intense, with both young men pulling out all the stops to win over their opponent. When Sasuke inflicts heavy damage on Naruto, Kyuubi grows fearful of Naruto's death, granting him a huge amount of chakra. Naruto turns more feral than ever before, with the Kyuubi chakra taking on the form of a one-tail fox.

Episode 134: "Namidaame no ketsumatsu ~ The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears"

Airdate: 05/11/2005 Chapters covered: 231, 232, 233, 234, 235

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke reveals his own hidden power, going into his level two form. As the two face each other from opposite sides of the falls, Rasengan and Chidori activate and they jump to strike each other. Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector, and Sasuke clenches his fist to stop it from being lethal. The dust settles and Sasuke stands over an unconscious Naruto, leaving his forehead protector behind, he leaves. Kakashi arrives too late to help his comrades.

Episode 135: "Mamorenakatta yakusoku ~ The Promise Which Could Not Be Kept"

Airdate: 05/18/2005 Chapters covered: 235, 236, 237, 238

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kakashi returns to Konoha with Naruto, and medical-nins give a status update on other Genin. Chouji and Neji were wounded gravely, but will live with the expert care of Tsunade and Shizune. Later while recovering in bed, Naruto feels bad for failing to get Sasuke to return. Sakura is sad that Sasuke could not be returned and Naruto says his promise is still active to get him to return. Jiraiya tells Naruto to give up on Sasuke, but Naruto refuses.
Episode 136-141: Rice Country (Fuuma Clan)

The first of many filler arcs, Naruto and Sakura travel to the Rice Field Country, home of Hidden Sound, to retrieve Sasuke. Sakura learns that she is no good at her current level, and becomes Tsunade's apprentice.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 136: "Sennyuu sousa!? Tsuini kitakita chou S kyuu ninmu ~ Infiltration Investigation!? Finally It Comes, It Comes, A Super S-Rank Mission"

Airdate: 05/25/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto, Sakura and Jiraiya head to the Rice Field Country to track down Sasuke. When Jiraiya heads into a post town to gather information, Naruto and Sakura are attacked by a mysterious ninja.

Episode 137: "Muhoumono no gai  Fuuma ichizoku no kage ~ Street of Outlaws  Shadow of the Fuuma Clan"

Airdate: 06/01/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The group rests at an old temple and Jiraiya travels to gather more information. He is ambushed but uses his skills to win over the attackers. He learns they are the Fuuma, a clan now on hard times since Orochimaru took over the country. Naruto and Sakura meet their earlier attacker and learn her name is Fuuma Sasame, who panicked when she heard them mention Hidden Sound. Other Fuuma now allied with Orochimaru then begin to attack the trio.

Episode 138: "Kiyoki uragiri  Hakanaki negai ~ Pure Betrayal  Fleeting wish"

Airdate: 06/08/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Jiraiya returns and saves the trio and their attackers flee. The group rests with Sasame, who then betrays them for the chance to see her cousin Arashi again. When she learns the evil Fuuma plan on killing the Konoha ninja, she tries to protect them. The Leaf ninja reveal they were not actually knocked. Kagerou uses her ultimate technique but Jiraiya avoids the attack. She then flees with her defeated brethren Jigumo and Kamakiri. She returns to Hidden Sound to ask Orochimaru to help heal them, but he coldly cuts them down.

Episode 139: "Kyoufu! Orochimaru no tachi ~ Terror! Orochimaru's Compound"

Airdate: 06/15/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasame takes the group to Hidden Sound. While Sasame waits outside the Leaf ninja go in. They soon have to split when three divergent paths are offered. Jiraiya meets a dreamy koto player and falls to her wiles. Naruto comes upon many traps and is about to be drowned alongside Gamakichi. Sakura travels unimpeded and faces Kabuto who reveals that Sasuke has died...

Episode 140: "Futatsu no kodou  Kabuto no wana ~ Two Heartbeats  Kabuto's Trap"

Airdate: 06/22/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto arrives after being saved by Sasame. He then begins to do battle with Kabuto. Kabuto avoids Naruto's attack and connects his life to Naruto's own with chakra strings. When it is revealed Kabuto is actually Kagerou, Sasame comes to the rescue using a special Fuuma tag to cut the chakra strings which connected Kagerou and Naruto's lives together. Sasame's cousin Arashi then arrives and lets them know he does not want to leave Orochimaru's service.

Episode 141: "Sakura no Ketsui ~ Sakura's Decision"

Airdate: 06/29/2005 Chapters covered: 236

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Arashi reveals that he is the product of Orochimaru's experiments. The deadly beast attacks the group and imprisons Naruto. Sakura thinks over how she has been useless and moves to protect her comrades. Sasame manages to momentarily bring Arashi to his senses and give Naruto enough time to break free. The resulting explosion gravely injures Arashi. Jiraiya arrives having avoided death. Arashi tells the group Orochimaru and Sasuke are long gone. The group parts ways and Sasame and the Fuuma pledge to become powerful again.
Sakura then decides to speak to Tsunade about training.
Episode 142-147: Touji Mizuki Returns

In this second filler arc, Naruto and Iruka must face the return of Mizuki, who had been imprisoned a year previously after convincing Naruto to steal the scroll of seals. To assist in his revenge against Konoha, Mizuki enlists the help of two fellow prisoners, the "Stupid Brothers," Fuujin and Raijin.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 142: "Genkai shisetsu no san akunin ~ Three Bad Guys of the Strictly Guarded Facility"

Airdate: 07/06/2005 Chapters covered: 238

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The Genin begin to train and recuperate, and Shikamaru wishes off the Sand siblings. In the Konoha ninja prison, an inmate makes moves to escape. Tsunade learns of a connection between Orochimaru and prisoner Touji Mizuki. She sends Asuma and Kurenai to the prison to investigate, but they instead find the prisoners freed and under the direction of Mizuki. When Naruto hears of a connection between Mizuki and Orochimaru, he heads to the prison as well.

Episode 143: "Hashire Tonton! Omae no hana ga tayori dattebayo ~ Run, Tonton! We Are Relying on Your Nose!"

Airdate: 07/13/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto finds an injured Asuma and Kurenai at the prison. He returns to the village and with Iruka and TonTon's help, begin to track down Mizuki. Elsewhere Mizuki meets with Tsubaki, his former fiancée. She begs him to give up his hatred of Konoha. Naruto and Iruka eventually are lead into a trap by Mizuki.

Episode 144: "Shinsei suriiman seru futari to ippiki ~ Three Man Cell Rebirth, Two People and One Animal!"

Airdate: 07/20/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto faces off against Fuujin and Raijin and marvels at their monstrous strength and monstrous stupidity. Iruka also follows in pursuit of Mizuki, determined to make his former friend see comrade. He decides it is better to leave their current location and takes flight into nearby woods. Fuujin and Raijin give chase. When they move to strike Naruto, Ino-Shika-Chou shows up to lend a hand. Elsewhere Iruka tries to avoid Mizuki's many traps.

Episode 145: "Sakuretsu! Nyuu foomeeshon Inoshikachou ~ Explosion! New Formation Ino-Shika-Chou"

Airdate: 07/27/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Ino-Shika-Chou tries to slow down Fuujin and Raijin but the brother's massive power proves to be almost too much. Elsewhere Iruka follows Mizuki into the old Academy teacher testing building, now dark and trap-laden. We then see Mizuki's past and how he sought advancement and hated anything which slowed him down, even injured comrades. When Iruka finally thinks he has Mizuki, his opponent springs his last trap and blows up the building with Iruka inside.

Episode 146: "Nokosareta yabou  Orochimaru no kage ~ Left Behind Ambitions  Orochimaru's Shadow"

Airdate: 08/10/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Tsubaki arrives at the ruined building and helps Iruka from the rubble. Naruto arrives and the trio begins to chase after Mizuki. We then learn how years early Orochimaru had placed a tattoo on Mizuki's arm with a list of ingredients to gain more power. Mizuki then goes to get the needed ingredients and mix them. When Naruto and the group arrive at Orochimaru's old mixing lab, Mizuki emerges and ingests his new serum.

Episode 147: "Innen no taiketsu! Omae ni ore wa taosenee ~ Fateful Showdown! You Won't Defeat Me"

Airdate: 08/17/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with the Movie One Short and Episode 148 in a 90 minute "Strongest in History" special. Ino-Shika-Chou are in trouble until Tsunade arrives, listening to their dear "sister," the brothers give up their struggle and return to prison. Mizuki begins to turn into a tiger-like beast. Orochimaru sought to fuse the power of animals with ninja. The tests were incomplete though, and Mizuki's power quickly fades and he is left a shadow of his former self.
Episode 148-151: Find the Bikouchuu

In this third filler arc, Naruto learns of a unique tracking bug which could use the scent on Sasuke's forehead protector to track him down. Lead by Aburame Shino, Naruto travels to the Bikouchuu's birthing grounds to capture one. Unfortunately the Kamizuru clan from Hidden Rock has similar goals. Hinata uses the trip to further her skills and prove she is a kunoichi worthy of the Byakugan.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 148: "Chou-tsuibi ryoku ni Akamaru mo shitto! Maboroshi no Bikouchuu wo sagase ~ Super Pursuit Power Even Akamaru Is Jealous Of! Seek The Mysterious Bikouchuu"

Airdate: 08/17/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with Episode 147 and the Movie One Short in a 90 minute "Strongest in History" special. Naruto, Kiba, Hinata and Shino travel to the Bikouchuu birthing grounds. While camping for the night, Naruto spies upon a nude Hinata in training, though he does not know her true identity come morning. Also in the woods are three Rock ninja intent on finding the same bug.

Episode 149: "Doko ga chigau no sa!? Mushitte onaji mienai ka ~ What's the Difference!? Don't Bugs All Look The Same"

Airdate: 08/24/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The Konoha ninja continue their search through the woods for the Bikouchuu. They have little luck with Naruto falling to many of the forest pitfalls. With the help of Hinata's Byakugan, the group finally tracks down the Bikouchuu.

Episode 150: "Damashite bakashite damasarete!  Souzetsu mushimushi dai batoru ~ Cheated, Deceived, Tricked!  Heroic Hot and Humid Grand Battle"

Airdate: 08/31/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The Kamizuru think over how their clan met Aburame in battle, and were totally defeated. They hope to find their grandfather's scrolls to learn deadly forbidden techniques. The ninja manage to capture Hinata and offer a trade, the Bikouchuu for her. The Leaf ninja try to fool the Kamizuru, but fail. They then manage to capture the Leaf in a giant bee hive. Elsewhere tied up in a river, Hinata tries to free herself but comes loose and heads towards deadly falls.

Episode 151: "Moeyo Byakugan!  Kore ga atashi no nindou yo ~ Burning Byakugan!   This is My Way of the Ninja"

Airdate: 09/14/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Shino, Kiba and Naruto are weakened by the chakra sucking powers of the bees so the Kamizuru finally obtain the Bikouchuu. When they go to Hinata and see her absent, they gloat of her death. A furious Naruto tries to free himself for revenge but Hinata intervenes. Having saved herself from the falls, she shows off her new moves and impresses Naruto. The Kamizuru are soon defeated. Unfortunately Naruto screws up, causing the one Bikouchuu to become attuned to his fart, rather than Sasuke's scent.
Episode 152-157: Kurosuki Raiga and Ranmaru

In this fourth filler arc, Naruto heads with Lee, TenTen and Neji to the Katabami Gold Mine in the River Country. The mine is under the brutal command of Kurosuki Raiga, a former Mist Seven Swordsman member. Naruto hopes Raiga can lead him to former Mist Seven member Kisame, and in turn to Orochimaru.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 152: "Sei aru mono e no sousoukyoku ~ Funeral March for the Living"

Airdate: 09/21/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Miners flee from Katabami gold mine and wind up in Konoha. Tsunade directs Naruto, Lee, Neji and TenTen to return with them to the River Country and find out what is going on with Kurosuki Raiga. Hoping to find information on Sasuke, Naruto agrees and the team heads out. The group stops at the Curry of Life Shop, a favorite place of Lee's to get insanely spicy curry.

Episode 153: "Kokoro ni todoke! Ai no tekken ~ Reach the Heart! Iron Fist of Love"

Airdate: 09/28/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team spies on the mine and moves to help the miners. They rebuke the help fearing Raiga's wrath. They learn that Karashi, the son of the Curry of Life Shop now works with the evil Raiga. Raiga himself soon comes to play and unleashes his powerful lightning jutsu on the team.

Episode 154: "Byakugan no tenteki ~ Natural Enemy of the Byakugan"

Airdate: 10/05/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team is trapped in a mist and is unable to see their opponent. Neji's Byakugan can not pierce the mist for some reason, and also sees phantom opponents. Hit with lightning attack after attack, the group manages to separate a mysterious sack from Raiga's back, without it they manage to turn the tide against Raiga. Soon enough he is sent flying by Rasengan.

Episode 155: "Shinobi yoru an'un ~ The Silent Approaching Dark Clouds"

Airdate: 10/12/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The group meets Ranmaru and find Karashi at the mercy of the angry miners. Lee helps the man beg for forgiveness and they return to the Curry of Life Shop. The young Ranmaru seemingly begins to turn to the good side but Karashi and Ranmaru leave to investigate Raiga's fate and TenTen follows after. Ranmaru moves to revive Raiga and TenTen can only watch on in surprise.

Episode 156: "Gyakushuu no Raiga ~ Raiga's Counterattack"

Airdate: 10/19/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Raiga emerges from the rubble after being revived, TenTen then jumps in to try and stop the crazed Mist missing-nin. She soon falls to his abilities though. Lee, Neji and Naruto then show up and do their best to combat Raiga but they fare no better.
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