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Anime Guide: Season 5 (Episodes 105-130)
Tayuya Season Five of the series started in Fall of 2004. The series finished off it's first filler arc and began Sasuke's journey away from Konoha.

The Music

Opening Five: "Seishun Kyousoukyoku" (Youth Rhapsody) by Sanbomasutaa (SanboMaster)

Episodes: 104-128

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Six: "Noo booi • Noo Kurai" (No Boy, No Cry) by STANCE PUNKS

Episodes: 129-153

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing Seven: "Maunten•a•googoo•tsuu" (Mountain•a•gogo•two) by Kyaputen Sutoraidamu (Captain Stridum)

Episodes: 104-115

Closing Eight: "Hajimete kimi to shabetta" (The First Time I Spoke With You) by GaGaGaSP

Episodes: 116-128

Note: This Ending changed as the season progressed.

Closing Nine: "Nakushita Kotoba" (Lost Words) by Noo • riguretto, raifu (No Regret, Life)

Episodes: 129-141
The Story Arcs
Episode 97-106: Tsunade Returns and the Tea Country (Cont.)

Episode 105: "Gooru chokuzen! Raimei todoroku daigekitou ~ Just Before the Goal! Thunder Roaring Great Fierce Fight"

Airdate: 10/20/2004 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto helps an injured Idate finish the race. Idate remembers back to how he failed the Chuunin Exam and was tricked by his sensei Aoi to betray the village. Naruto, Idate and Sasuke then face off against Aoi.

Episode 106: "Todoku ka Idate! Shuunen no rasutosupaato!! ~ Will you reach it Idate! Last Spurt of Tenacity!!"

Airdate: 10/27/2004 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sakura saves Sasuke and Naruto finishes off Aoi. Idate and Naruto make their way across the damaged bridge. Idate then pours on the speed to win the race. Ibiki comes to pick up the injured Sasuke and lets his younger brother Idate know he is proud of him.
Episode 107-128: Sound Five

With Sasuke feeling inferior following his defeat in battle by his older brother Itachi and later by Aoi, he chooses to turn to Orochimaru for power. Tsunade sends 5 Genin after him in the hopes of stopping his foolish mistake. Orochimaru's subordinates fight the Genin one on one over the course of the journey to stop Sasuke. Eventually leaving Naruto and Sasuke alone to square off at the border to the Rice Field Country where Hidden Sound is located.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 107: "Omae to tatakaitai! Tsuini gekitotsu, Sasuke tai Naruto ~ I Want to Fight You! Clash at Last, Sasuke VS Naruto"

Airdate: 11/03/2004 Chapters covered: 173, 174, 175

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke recuperates in the hospital after Tsunade heals him. Thinking over what he has seen in the past and his brother calling him weak, he begins to feel inferior to Naruto. When Naruto arrives to check on him, he challenges him to fight. Naruto is eager to prove himself and the two battle it out on the hospital roof. Elsewhere Orochimaru sends emissaries to Konoha to meet Sasuke.

Episode 108: "Mienai kiretsu ~ The Invisible Crack"

Airdate: 11/10/2004 Chapters covered: 176, 177

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kakashi arrives just in time to prevent Sakura from being hurt by Naruto and Sasuke's battle. Sasuke leaves feeling bitter. Kakashi later catches up to him and talks to him about his feelings of inferiority. While Sasuke begins to sulk, the Sound ninja watch from the shadows.

Episode 109: "Oto no izanai ~ The Sound's Invitation"

Airdate: 11/17/2004 Chapters covered: 178, 179, 181

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The Sound do battle with Sasuke as a test and then make their offer for him to join Orochimaru and get stronger, revealing how Orochimaru helped them grow in power already. Sasuke agrees and prepares to leave Konoha. Sakura comes and begs him to stop, pleading that she can help him get vengeance. Sasuke thanks her but then knocks her out, leaving his village behind for good.

Episode 110: "Kessei! Teppeki no foomeeshon ~ Formation! Iron Wall Formation"

Airdate: 11/24/2004 Chapters covered: 182, 183

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 111 in a one-hour "The Leaf Five + One Go Wild" special. The village learns of Sasuke's leaving from Sakura, and Tsunade asks Shikamaru to assemble a team to retrieve him. Tsunade asks for Naruto to be brought along, and Shikamaru gathers Chouji, Kiba, Akamaru and Neji as well. Elsewhere Sasuke is put unconscious to prepare his body for his cursed seal level two form.

Episode 111: "Sesshoku - Oto shi hitoshuu no jitsuryoku - ~ Contact - The Sound Four Group's Capabilty -"

Airdate: 11/24/2004 Chapters covered: 183, 184, 185, 186

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 110 in a one-hour "The Leaf Five + One Go Wild" special. The team prepares to leave and Shikamaru outlines his pursuit strategy. Sakura arrives to wish them off and Naruto promises that he will bring back Sasuke. Elsewhere a group of Konoha Jounin meet the Sound Four and do battle. The Leaf ninja fall in battle to the power of the Sound.

Episode 112: "Ikinari nakamaware!? Shikamaru shoutai daipinchi ~ An Abrupt Falling Out!? Platoon Shikamaru's Great Crisis"

Airdate: 12/01/2004 Chapters covered: 186, 187

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team catches up to the Sound Four and Sasuke but fall into their trap. Sound member Jiroubou traps them in an earthen dome and begins to suck out their chakra. The team begins to argue amongst themselves after being unable to get free. Chouji and Shikamaru formulate a plan and Chouji busts them out.

Episode 113: "Pawaa zenkai! Moero Chouji ~ Full Power! Burn Chouji"

Airdate: 12/08/2004 Chapters covered: 188, 189

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Jiroubou begins to toy around with the team until Chouji takes charge. He directs the others to follow in pursuit while he stays and battles Jiroubou. Chouji takes secret clan pills to power up but Jiroubou reveals his level two power.

Episode 114: "Saraba tomo yo...! Soredemo ore wa shinjiteru ~ Farewell friend...! But I Still Believe"

Airdate: 12/15/2004 Chapters covered: 189, 190, 191

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Injured from battle, Chouji remembers when he first met Shikamaru and how they quickly became close friends. Filled with pride not wanting to let his friend down, he takes his third and final power pill. This pill grants awesome power but at a heavy price, Chouji strikes back against Jiroubou and defeats him. Sad but weak, he tries to follow after his friends, but stops and falls still after seeing words of encouragement left carved in a tree.

Episode 115: "Omae no aite ha kono ore da! ~ Your Opponent is Me!"

Airdate: 12/22/2004 Chapters covered: 191, 192, 193

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team catches up to the remaining Sound members but gets trapped by Kidoumaru's sticky spider thread. The other Sound ninja continue one with Sasuke. One by one Kidoumaru picks them off until Neji breaks free and takes the fight to Kidoumaru. He directs the others to continue on while he battles his opponent alone.

Episode 116: "Shikai 360 do  Byakugan no Shikaku ~ 360 Degree Vision  Byakugan's Blindspot"

Airdate: 01/05/2005 Chapters covered: 194, 195

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 117 in a one-hour "Genius Goes Wild" special. Neji takes the battle in close and manage to land Hakke on Kidoumaru. Unaffected due to sticky thread armor, he flees to attack from afar, noticing some thread daggers get through Neji's protective sight.

Episode 117: "Makerera nai riyuu ~ The Reason for Not Being Defeated"

Airdate: 01/05/2005 Chapters covered: 196, 197, 198

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 116 in a one-hour "Genius Goes Wild" special. Kidoumaru goes into his level two form and unleashes deadly arrows towards Neji. Neji manages to avoid critical hits and thinks back to how Naruto had faith in him as a genius. Kidoumaru shoots one final deadly arrow and Neji manages to send his chakra back along its string to hurt his opponent. Kidoumaru falls to the earth and Neji strikes him another time, defeating him.

Episode 118: "Dakkan - Ma ni awanakatta utsuwa - ~ Recovery - In Time for The Container -"

Airdate: 01/12/2005 Chapters covered: 198, 199

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Elsewhere Orochimaru wails in pain and is angry at being forced to change bodies already. Kabuto then wakes Kimimaro, a former potential vessel for Orochimaru. The remaining Leaf ninja catch up to Ukon and Tayuya and begin to battle and formulate a plan to get the container

Episode 119: "Shissaku! Aratanaru teki ~ Mistake! The New Foe"

Airdate: 01/19/2005 Chapters covered: 200, 201, 202

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kimimaro shows up and Kiba and Akamaru get separated from the rest, blown over a cliff along with Ukon. Kimimaro then flees with the container and Naruto follows, leaving Shikamaru to fight one on one with Tayuya.

Episode 120: "Unare! Hoero! Kyuukyoku no taggu ~ Roar! Howl! The Ultimate Tag"

Airdate: 02/02/2005 Chapters covered: 203, 204

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Tayuya goes into her level one seal and begins playing a flute melody, allowing her to control spectral Doki. In the valley Kiba and Akamaru do battle against Sakon and his newly revealed brother Ukon. The brothers go into their level two forms to fight against Kiba and Akamaru. Ukon reveals his power to enter others and goes into Kiba's body. Kiba proves clever though, stabbing himself to drive out his opponent.

Episode 121: "Sorezore no tatakai ~ The Respective Fights"

Airdate: 02/09/2005 Chapters covered: 205, 206

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Elsewhere Naruto has caught up and surrounded Kimimaro with hundreds of clones. They move to attack, but the taijutsu master Kimimaro easily defeats them. Kiba thinks back to when he met Akamaru and then attempts to flee away from their opponents. Shikamaru also moves to avoid falling to Tayuya's spectral help.

Episode 122: "Feiku! Otoko Shikamaru kishikaisei no kake ~ Fake! Guy Shikamaru Gambles to Recover from a Hopeless Situation"

Airdate: 02/16/2005 Chapters covered: 207, 208

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Tayuya continues to send her Doki on the assault, but Shikamaru uses his brains to capture them! Tayuya disperses them and then uses a Genjutsu spell to capture her opponent. Shikamaru breaks free by breaking his finger, and lays a trap to catch Tayuya in his shadow tie bind technique. She goes level two and it becomes a battle of wills to determine if she can get loose.

Episode 123: "Konoha no aoki yajuu  kenzan! ~ Meet the Leaf's Green Beast"

Airdate: 02/23/2005 Chapters covered: 209, 210

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Elsewhere things look grim for Naruto, but the action stops when Sasuke's container bursts and he gleefully runs off. Naruto is stunned and Kimimaro moves for the kill. He is knocked back by a swift kick though, Lee has returned to lend Naruto a hand! Healed by Tsunade he now attempts to fight Kimimaro to allow Naruto to continue after Sasuke.

Episode 124: "Yajuu sakuretsu! Hajikero futtobe tsukinukero! ~ Beast Explosion! Burst Open, Blow Off and Break Through!"

Airdate: 03/02/2005 Chapters covered: 211, 212

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Lee decides to drink from a bottle he took from Tsunade, thinking it medicine, unfortunately it was sake. When Tsunade notices Lee is gone with her sake, Guy warns her that Lee is a natural drunken fist user. Lee moves with abandon but Kimimaro takes the upper hand and moves in for the kill. Elsewhere Ukon has tracked down the injured Kiba. Also Tayuya moves to overwhelm Shikamaru. Just when all seems grim, a Sand sibling comes to their rescue!

Episode 125: "Konoha doumeikoku  Suna no shinobi ~ Leaf Ally Nation  The Shinobi of the Sand"

Airdate: 03/09/2005 Chapters covered: 213, 214, 215

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kankurou moves to fight Sakon and reveals a new puppet. He then moves his puppets into play and captures the brothers, quickly killing them. Elsewhere Shikamaru lays out Tayuya's abilities in detail but Temari says it is not a problem. She summons a wind weasel, which cuts a path of destruction, leveling the forest and Tayuya with ease. In the field, Gaara stands before Lee and uses his sand to deflect attacks Kimimaro fires in their direction.

Episode 126: "Saikyou taiketsu! Gaara VS Kimimaro! ~ Showdown of the Strongest! Gaara VS Kimimaro!"

Airdate: 03/16/2005 Chapters covered: 215, 216

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Gaara manages to cover Kimimaro in his sand and attempt a desert coffin. He is unaffected though because of his bloodline, Kimimaro thinks back over his past in the Water Country and how he met Orochimaru. Kimimaro then activates his level two seal and busts through most of Gaara's defenses.

Episode 127: "Shuunen no ichigeki! Sawarabi no Mai ~ Blow of Tenancity! Dance of the Seedling Fern"

Airdate: 03/30/2005 Chapters covered: 216, 217

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 128 in a one-hour "Great Violence" special. Gaara sinks Kimimaro into the earth. With his life waning, Kimimaro uses his final dance form, a forest of bone spikes. Catching Gaara and Lee off guard, he prepares to strike the killing blow but dies himself, after pushing his body too far in his sickness. Elsewhere Naruto continues on after Sasuke traveling through a cave, eventually catching him at a huge waterfall.
Episode 128-135: Valley of the End

Sasuke remembers back to the time when his older brother Itachi massacred their clan. He thinks over the promise of power and reveals to Naruto he has already been granted some by Orochimaru. Naruto can't convince Sasuke through words so the two do battle. It ends in essentially a draw, because neither wanted to strike a fatal blow. Naruto gets knocked out and Sasuke continues on to Orochimaru.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 128: "Todokanai sakebi ~ Unreaching Shout"

Airdate: 03/30/2005 Chapters covered: 218, 219

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with episode 128 in a one-hour "Great Violence" special. Naruto confronts Sasuke about why he is leaving and remembers their shared past. Sasuke says he has his own path. Naruto remembers the sacrifices his team made to stop Sasuke. Naruto slugs Sasuke but his friend still ignores his pleas. Sasuke slugs Naruto into the water and the two do battle. Sasuke remembers back to a time when his older brother Itachi looked out for him.

Episode 129: "Ani (Itachi) to oto (Sasuke) too sugiru sonzai ~ Older Brother (Itachi) and Younger Brother (Sasuke) A Too Distant Existance"

Airdate: 04/06/2005 Chapters covered: 220, 221, 222

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke remembers how Itachi taught him about the clan's history and what it means to be an Uchiha. Sasuke also begins his time at the ninja academy. Sasuke spies on his brother and parents getting into arguments over his missions. When the police came to question Itachi about a clan member murder, Sasuke was stunned out how coldly his brother reacted.

Episode 130: "Chichi to ko   Hibiwareta kamon ~ Father and Child   The Cracked Family Crest"

Airdate: 04/13/2005 Chapters covered: 223, 224

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sasuke continues to remember how Itachi changed and began to seem distant. He thinks over how he wanted to impress his father by learning the fireball attack. After much practice, he shows his father who states Sasuke is worthy of wearing the clan fan symbol.
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