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Shippuuden Guide: Season 7 (Episodes 157-182)
Pain Season Seven of the series debuted in Spring of 2010. The series would continue Pain's attack of Konoha.

The Music

Opening Seven: "Toumei datta sekai (The World That was Transparent)" by Hata Motohiro

Episodes: 154-179

Opening Eight: "Diver" by NICO Touches the Walls

Episodes: 180-205

Closing Thirteen: "Jitensha (Bicycle)" by Ore Ska Band

Episodes: 154-166

Closing Fourteen: "Utakata Hanabi (Ephemeral Fireworks)" by supercell

Episodes: 167-179

Closing Fifteen: "U Can Do It!" by DOMINO

Episodes: 180-192
The Story Arcs
Episode 152-169: Sennin Training and Konoha's Destruction (Cont.)

Episode 157: "Konoha shuugeki! ~ Assault on Konoha!"

Airdate: 04/22/2010 Chapters covered: 418, 419, 420, 421

Leaf ninja finish patrolling outside of Konoha. Pain encounters and defeats them. Meanwhile, Shikamaru reviews Jiraiya's clues. Inoichi joins Ibiki by entering the Rain ninja's mind. Shizune analyzes the dead Pain's rods. The Leaf begin to speculate Pain's power. Shima leaves for Konoha, while Fukasaku explains to Naruto that merging together is the final step. The six Pains split into teams. Shuradou, Chikushodou, and Gakidou Pain will act as diversions while Tendou, Ningendou, Jigokudou Pain, and Konan search for Naruto. Pain invades and Konoha's Barrier team takes notice. The Akatsuki begin terrorizing and villagers react. Shizune determines the rods are charka receivers. Tsunade orders evacuation and for Naruto be recalled.

Episode 158: "Shinjiru chikara ~ Power to Believe"

Airdate: 04/29/2010 Chapters covered: 420, 421, 422

Leaf's elders notice Pain's assault. Shikamaru saves Kurenai from danger. Naruto continues training. Sakura takes command of the hospital. Tsunade orders the messenger toad, Kosuke, to retrieve Naruto, but the elders advise against it. Tsunade tells them to believe in Naruto and the next generation. Tsunade is told of Pain's rods and orders Shizune, with ANBU, to trade notes with the Interrogation team. Tsunade plans to heal the injured villagers using her jutsu. After they leave the office, Danzou kills Kosuke. Tsunade orders Katsuyu to divide and attach to the wounded, then aids Katsuyu with healing charka. Kakashi saves Iruka from Tendou Pain and tells Pain they won't sellout their comrade.

Episode 159: "Pain VS Kakashi ~ Pain VS Kakashi"

Airdate: 05/06/2010 Chapters covered: 420, 421, 422, 423, 424, 425, 427

Kakashi battles Tendou Pain. Chouji joins his father's team. Shuradou Pain enters the battle. Kakashi stuns Shuradou and it is put down by Team Chouza. Tendou defeats most of them. Kakashi discovers Tendou's ability and finds an interval between each use. Kakashi, Chouza and Chouji attack Tendou, but fail. Chouza protects Chouji from harm and is gravely injured. Kakashi orders Chouji to delay sobbing and to report to Tsunade. Kakashi feigns death and use his Mangekyou to protect Chouji from a targeting missile. Kakashi's chakra runs out and he dies. As he enters death, he see his team, friends and begins talking to his dead father. Tsunade feels Kakashi has passed. Chouji informs Tsunade and Tsunade tells him to take his father to the Hospital as he's still alive.

Episode 160: "Pain no nazo ~ Mystery of Pain"

Airdate: 05/13/2010 Chapters covered: 424, 425, 426

Naruto worries about Konoha. Tsunade continues healing the villagers. Danzou holds back Root and schemes to become Hokage. Interrogation penetrates the Rain ninja's mind as Shizune arrives. ANBU fails to defeat Pain's summoned dogs. Fukasaku tries merging with Naruto but the Kyuubi prevents it. Chikushodou Pain confronts the Interrogation team with summoned animals. Inoichi reveals that Chikushodo was a corpse in the Rain ninja's memories. Ibiki and ANBU decide to fight while the rest flee to figure out Pain's power. The Leaf trap Pain's summons. Ibiki tries to defeat Chikushodou but fails. Pain's summons break free and wreak havoc throughout the village.

Episode 161: "Sei wa Sarutobi, Na wa Konohamaru! ~ Surname Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru!"

Airdate: 05/20/2010 Chapters covered: 425, 426, 427, 428

Konohamaru meets his team. He reveals he learned a new jutsu from Naruto. The trio split to find wounded villagers. Naruto tries to enter Sennin Mode while moving. Konohamaru witnesses Jigokudou Pain trying to find Naruto from two Leaf ninjas. Jigokudou uses a spectral Enma jutsu to see if they are lying and kills them. Ebisu intercepts Jigokudou while Konohamaru flees from the scene. Ebisu states he won't reveal Naruto’s location and then battles Jigokudou. Ebisu gets wounded so Konohamaru enters the battle. Konohamaru strikes Jigokudou with a Rasengan. Naruto gets inspired by Pa's words on how he could still use Sennin Mode.

Episode 162: "Sekai ni itami o ~ Pain to the World"

Airdate: 05/27/2010 Chapters covered: 427, 428, 429, 430

Konoha's clans defend the village. Team Guy heads to Konoha. Tendou Pain confronts Tsunade. She refuses to reveal Naruto’s location. Shizune surmises all six Pains are corpses controlled by the rods and the one controlling them is nearby. Ningendou Pain arrives, captures Shizune and reads her mind. He finds Naruto's location. Tendou Pain states he's found Naruto and begins to drift to the sky. Ningendou kills Shizune by removing her soul. Pa and Naruto are notified of Kosuke's death. Chikushodou Pain summons the others outside Konoha save for Tendou. Tendou uses Shinra Tensei on the entire village, wiping it away. Sennin Mode Naruto and toads are summoned into the aftermath by Shima.

Episode 163: "Bakuhatsu! Sennin Moodo ~ Explosion! Sennin Mode"

Airdate: 06/03/2010 Chapters covered: 430, 431, 432

Naruto and the toads are shocked by the destruction. Tsunade used her Souzou Saisei technique to save the villagers. Throughout the rubble some ninja emerge alive. Jigokudou Pain resurrects Shuradou. Tendou is joined by the other Pains as he confronts Naruto. Tsunade wants to engage Pain so Shuradou charges her. He is quickly destroyed by Naruto. Gamakichi takes Tsunade away, but leaves Katsuyu with Naruto. Tsunade reverts to her old body due to a weakened state. Chikushodou summons animals to attack, but they are defeated by Naruto and the toads. Katsuyu updates Naruto on how Pain works. Naruto defeats Gakidou. Tendou reveals he was one of Jiraiya's students. Naruto then uses Rasen Shuriken and throws it at the Pains.

Episode 164: "Pinchi! Kieta Sennin Moodo ~ Danger! Sennin Mode Limit Reached"

Airdate: 06/10/2010 Chapters covered: 432, 433, 434

Rasen Shuriken kills Ningendou while the others dodge. Katsuyu informs villagers to obey Naruto's wishes and not interfere. Pain's dogs continue to fight the Toads as Chikushodou summons a bird. Pain's Summons disappear as Naruto defeats Chikushodou inside Gamabunta's stomach. Naruto’s Sennin Mode ends and Pa reveals Naruto used his clones to store Senjutsu chakra before their arrival, when the clone disperses, Naruto gets the chakra. Naruto launches another Rasen Shuriken, but it’s absorbed by the newly resurrected Gakidou. Naruto is able to distract Tendou and Gakidou to defeat Jigokudou. Naruto then charges but Tendou regains his powers and pushes Naruto and the Toads away.

Episode 165: "Kyuubi hokakukanryou ~ Kyuubi Captured!"

Airdate: 06/17/2010 Chapters covered: 434, 435, 436

Hinata grows concerned for Naruto. Ma and Pa prepare to use Genjutsu. Naruto is pulled to Tendou and Gakidou restrains him. Naruto breaks free by sending his stone frog causing Senjutsu chakra into the absorbing Gakidou. Inoichi and Shikaku's teams regroup. Tendou stops Ma and Pa's Genjutsu by killing Pa. Tendou pins Naruto down using his rods. Inoichi believes the real Pain is somewhere close and high up. Pain tells Naruto about his views of peace and justice and asks Naruto how he would save the world. Naruto replies the he doesn’t know. Pain reveals he will use the Bijuu to strike fear into nations to prevent war. Elsewhere Konan looks after the sickly Nagato as he controls Pain from afar.

Episode 166: "Kokuhaku ~ Confessions"

Airdate: 06/24/2010 Chapters covered: 437

Hinata remembers when she first met Naruto and how she trained to become stronger. While returning to Konoha, Team Guy finds an injured Gamabunta. Inoichi decides to look for Pain. Ma tells Naruto to not listen to Pain, she then gets pushed away. Hinata interferes and protects Naruto from Tendou. Naruto tells her to stop, but Hinata states she wants to protect him and that she loves him. Hinata tries to break Naruto free, but fails. Hinata is badly injured as Tendou pushes her to the ground and impales her with his rods. An emotional Naruto loses control and the Kyuubi’s power begins to emerge.

Episode 167: "Chibaku Tensei ~ Planetary Devestation"

Airdate: 07/01/2010 Chapters covered: 437, 438, 439

Naruto forms four-tails and engages Tendou. He soon forms six-tails so Tendo sprouts water and battles Naruto. Naruto's necklace activates to subdue him, but he destroys it. Hinata shows life. Sakura is updated on Naruto's situation and orders an evacuation. Elsewhere, Yamato receive notice of Naruto's state and leaves his mission to return to Konoha. Tendou avoids the Kyuubi’s charka blast and flees. Naruto pursues, but Tendou uses Chibaku Tensei to imprison him. In his internal prison, Naruto wonders what to do and the Kyuubi suggests he surrender his soul. Naruto's seal begins to weaken, letting the Kyuubi to go eight tails. As Naruto moves to free the Kyuubi from its cage, Yondaime Hokage appears to stay Naruto’s hand.

Episode 168: "Yondaime Hokage ~ Yondaime Hokage"

Airdate: 07/15/2010 Chapters covered: 439, 440, 441, 442

Minato reveals he's there to save the seal and tells Naruto that he's his son. Naruto rants on the burden the Kyuubi put on him growing up. Minato reveals he sealed half of the Kyuubi’s charka in his son in the hopes he could one day control it. He tells Naruto that Pain is being manipulated by the masked Akatsuki member and believes Naruto can achieve peace in the ninja world. Minato repairs Naruto's seal and fades away. Team Guy arrives at Konoha. Naruto reverts to normal and reenters Sennin Mode. He states he wants to talk to the real Pain, but Tendou denies him. Naruto engages Tendou and uses an implanted rod to find Nagato’s location. Naruto battles using many Kage Bunshin and hits Tendo with a Rasengan.

Episode 169: "Futari no deshi ~ The Two Students"

Airdate: 07/22/2010 Chapters covered: 442, 443, 444

Sakura heals Hinata and ponders Hinata's feelings towards Naruto. Katsuyu informs everyone of Naruto's progress. Naruto defeats Tendou and heads to Nagato. Hinata regains health and Katsuyu tells everyone of Naruto's desire to handle it alone. Inoichi and his team intercept Naruto. Shikaku lets Naruto proceed on alone. Naruto stops to enter Sennin Mode and enters Nagato and Konan's hideout. Nagato asks of Naruto's answer to peace and pierces Naruto with a rod. Naruto intentionally gets hurt so Nagato can feel the Kyuubi’s charka. Naruto states he'll give him an answer, as Nagato agrees to tell how pain affected his life.
Episode 170-171: Yondaime Hokage's Legacy Special

This short two-episode special focuses on an anime-only side story which takes place during part 1.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 170: "Daibouken! Yondaime no isan o sagase - Zenpen ~ Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth's Legacy - Part 1"

Airdate: 07/29/2010 Chapters covered: -

The day before the Chunnin Exam, Naruto learns of the Yondaime Hokage's legacy from Jiraiya. Naruto searches for information until he meets Guy, who explains that the legacy is in the Honegami Grounds. Naruto heads there with Sakura while Rain ninjas stalk them. Shikamaru and his team joins Naruto and Sakura in their quest. A disguised Guy gives them a scroll to help them through area's challenges. Naruto defeats a spider and crosses the first hurdle. The team then continues on.

Episode 171: "Daibouken! Yondaime no isan o sagase - Kouhen ~ Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth's Legacy - Part 2"

Airdate: 07/29/2010 Chapters covered: -

The teams continue on while Naruto and Shikamaru intercept the Rain ninja. The two return and the teams reach the last hurdle. The Rain ninja attack but Sasuke then defeats them. The teams reach the Yondaime legacy scroll but learn it has no secrets. It informs the reader that there are no short-cuts in being a ninja. Kakashi meets with Guy and takes Sasuke for more training. The journey helps the teams realizes they should root on to their fellow Leaf comrades in the Chunnin Exams.
Episode 172-175: Konoha's Destruction (Cont.)

Episode 172: "Deai ~ Meeting"

Airdate: 08/05/2010 Chapters covered: 444, 445, 446

Gamabunta rehabilitates in Mount Myouboku. Meanwhile, Nagato reveals that when he was a child, Leaf ninja killed his parents which awakened his Rinnegan. As food became scarce, he left home and found a dog. Konan found the duo and introduced them to Yahiko. Yahiko revealed his dream of world domination to stop war. The trio are injured in a battle between the Sannin and Hanzou. Nagato's dog dies and Yahiko's dream becomes Nagato’s. The trio decide to find the Sannin and learn their jutsu.

Episode 173: "Pain tanjou ~ The Origin of Pain"

Airdate: 08/12/2010 Chapters covered: 446, 447

Nagato couldn't accept the Leaf, but could accept Jiraiya. An incident caused Nagato to lose control and kill an enemy. Jiraiya helped him realize his actions were good, as he was protecting a friend. Jiraiya tells of the Rikudou Sennin and his search for peace. The Sannin trusts Nagato to continue that search. As the trio grows older, Yahiko forms Akatsuki. He seeks an alliance with Hanzou. Hanzou feared them though and allied with Danzou. Hanzou captured Konan and demanded Nagato kill Yahiko for her release. Yahiko forced Nagato to kill him. Nagato saved Konan and summoned Gedou Mazou to take out Hanzou’s men. Nagato explains to Naruto that Yahiko’s death showed that way to peace was impossible.

Episode 174: "Uzumaki Naruto monogatari ~ The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto"

Airdate: 08/19/2010 Chapters covered: 447, 448, 449

Nagato rants that peace cannot be achieved and asks Naruto for his answer. Naruto brings out Jiraiya's first novel and tells Nagato that he's not forgiven. Naruto answers that he'll continue Jiraiya's search for peace and therefore, Naruto won't kill them. Nagato claims peace is a curse, but Naruto replies that he'll break it. Nagato is inspired by Naruto's words. Naruto refers to the book and reveals Jiraiya credited Nagato in the novel. Nagato recalls talking to Jiraiya about peace and reading Jiraiya's novel. Naruto informs Nagato that the main character was named Naruto. Nagato chooses to believe in Naruto and uses Gedou Rinne Tensei. The Elder Sage Toad views Naruto and Nagato's confrontation from afar and proclaims them the Children of Prophecy.

Episode 175: "Konoha no eiyuu ~ Hero of Konoha"

Airdate: 08/26/2010 Chapters covered: 426, 449, 450

Kakashi tells his father that he's proud of him and he is then struck by Nagato’s jutsu. Nagato revives everyone he killed during his assault. He tells Naruto of what war is and dies. Konan collects Nagato and Yahiko's corpses to take back to the Rain. Konan states she is quitting Akatsuki and will join in her comrade’s belief in Naruto. Naruto sets up a memorial for Jiraiya and heads back to Konoha. Kakashi finds a tired Naruto and carries him back to Konoha. When they return, they see joyful villagers awaiting Naruto's arrival. Katsuyu informs Naruto that she been relaying details of Naruto's actions. Sakura offers her thanks to Naruto. Ebisu recaps how much Naruto has grown. The villagers begin to celebrate for Naruto.
Episode 176-196: Konoha's History

This arc focuses on how Naruto influenced those around him. It features manga content interspersed with filler arcs and episodes. Starting with episode 177, they were identified as "Kakohen ~ Konoha no kiseki~" or "History ~ Focus on Konoha ~".

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 176: "Shinmai kyoushi Iruka ~ Rookie Instructor Iruka"

Airdate: 09/02/2010 Chapters covered: 450

Iruka recalls when Sandaime Hokage stated Naruto was destined to be a hero. Zetsu spies that Naruto has prevailed and leaves to report to Tobi. Team Samui heads for Konoha. The Leaf begin to search for salvage materials. Iruka flashbacks on when he was Naruto's teacher. He didn't know how handle Naruto's foolish and reckless ways so he started to shun Naruto when the boy would misbehave rather than discipline him. Naruto’s rivalry with Sasuke develops and later he learns of the Uchiha massacre.

Episode 177: "Iruka no shiren ~ Iruka's Ordeal"

Airdate: 09/09/2010 Chapters covered: -

The young Naruto is shunned by a group of boys, so he decides to scare them. Naruto successfully does, but gets confronted by Iruka. Naruto questions why the villagers are so nervous and angry at him. Later, Kakashi talks with a troubled Iruka and reminds him of why he became a teacher in the first place. Iruka realizes how lonely Naruto really is. Shikamaru talks with his father about Naruto. Elsewhere, Shikamaru sees the boys tricking Naruto into going to the back hills of Konoha. Iruka notices Naruto gone, so Shikamaru tells him of Naruto's situation. Naruto enters the hills as ninjas begin to follow.

Episode 178: "Iruka no ketsui ~ Iruka's Decision"

Airdate: 09/16/2010 Chapters covered: 449, 450

Iruka peruses Naruto. Naruto wanders and finds a kunai. Waterfall ninja spy on him as the kunai holds secret data. Iruka realizes how he's been treating Naruto. Kakashi hears of Naruto's situation. The Waterfall go after Naruto and he gets hurt. Iruka arrives and carries him back to Konoha. Kakashi stops the perusing Waterfall and defeats them. Iruka tells Sandaime that he'll teach his students the Will of the Fire. He starts treating Naruto better and remembers he inspired Naruto to be Hokage. Suigetsu regroups with Taka after retrieving his sword. Sasuke informs Taka they will head to Konoha. Zetsu reports in and Madara orders Kisame to capture the Hachibi. Yamato arrives at Konoha. Shikaku is summoned to an emergency council.

Episode 179: "Tantou Jounin Hatake Kakashi ~ Jounin in Charge Hatake Kakashi"

Airdate: 09/30/2010 Chapters covered: 450

The council between Konoha and the Fire Daimyo commences. Shikaku nominates Kakashi to replace the coma stricken Tsunade as Hokage, but Danzou convinces the Daimyou to appoint himself as Hokage. Kakashi flash backs to when he was assigned Team 7. Shikaku plays shogi with Asuma. Kakashi and Sandaime discuss Naruto. Later, Sandaime and the elders argue about the formation of the team. Kakashi spies on his newly appointed team and sees the three lack teamwork. In the present, Kakashi reminisces on Team 7's growth and realizes he may need to personally put down Sasuke.

Episode 180: "Inari, tamesareru yuuki ~ Inari, Test of Courage"

Airdate: 10/07/2010 Chapters covered: 451

Yamato helps rebuild Konoha. Sakura and Naruto run into Inari and Tazuna. Naruto remembers leaving the Wave Country. He misplaced a coupon so he returns to Wave to find it. Sasuke is ordered to retrieve him. Inari finds the coupon. A group of boys bully Inari until Waraji and Zouri arrive and kidnap them. Gato's men seek to regain control of Wave. The boys manage to escape and Inari acts as a decoy so they can flee. Inari jumps into a river to escape as he remembers his father. Naruto and Sasuke rescue Inari and then do battle with and defeat Gato's men. The Wave's villagers arrive and arrest the men. In the present, Tazuna thanks Naruto for all he did for them.

Episode 181: "Naruto, adauchi shinanjuku ~ Naruto, Revenge School"

Airdate: 10/14/2010 Chapters covered: 451

Naruto and Sakura remember meeting Tsukado, who sought revenge in a vendetta fight. Naruto tries to train him but he discovers Tsukado is already strong. A gang witnessed Tsukado’s true skills and set up another vendetta fight on which to gamble. Tsukado’s opponent admits that his twin was the one who killed Tsukado’s family member. Tsukado is relieved but the gang attacks after losing their money. The duo and Team 7 then defeat the gang.
In the present, Tazuna asks of Sasuke. Naruto explains that he will return to Konoha soon. Meanwhile, Taka continues their journey. Naruto ponders how he better understands Sasuke’s thirst for revenge.

Episode 182: "Gaara 'kizuna' ~ Gaara 'Bond'"

Airdate: 10/21/2010 Chapters covered: -

The Sand discuss the assault on Konoha. Gaara recalls a mission. Team 7 were assigned to join Gaara's team to find bandits. The teams split, but Gaara's team got cornered by Sand ninja aiming to eliminate Gaara. Team 7 learn of Gaara's situation and head to help him. Gaara's teammates sees he has eliminated his killing impulses and decide to help him. The teams defeat the Sand ninjas and continue their mission. They eventually locate and defeat the bandits. In the present, Gaara ponders that Konoha will be fine as long as Naruto is there and what it means to finally be accepted.

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