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Anime Guide: Season 7 (Episodes 157-182)
Gosunkugi Season Seven of the series started in Fall of 2005. The series would continue its filler arcs to give the manga a chance to get further ahead. The filler would continue throughout the season into Season 8.

The Music

Opening Seven: "Namikaze Sateraito" (Discord Satellite) by Shunookeru (Snorkel)

Episodes: 154-178

Opening Eight: "Re:member" by FLOW

Episodes: 179-202

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing Eleven: "Soba ni iru kara" (Because You are With Me) by Amadori

Episodes: 154-166

Closing Twelve (Year of the Dog): "Pareedo" (Parade) by CHABA

Episodes: 167-169

Closing Twelve: "Pareedo" (Parade) by CHABA

Episode: 170-178

Closing Thirteen: "Yellow Moon" by Akeboshi

Episodes: 179-191
The Story Arcs
Episode 152-157: Kurosuki Raiga and Ranmaru (Cont.)

Episode 157: "Hashire!!! Seimei no karee ~ Run!!! Curry of Life"

Airdate: 10/26/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Lee continues his assault against Raiga. The others rush to the scene with the curry of life in tow. Unfortunately the curry had been tainted by alcohol, causing Lee to go into his drunken boxing mode again. Ranmaru emerges to try and trick Raiga into his own death, but when Raiga sees Ranmaru siding with the others, he chooses to end his own life on his own with a huge bolt of lightning.
Episode 158-161: Stone Country and Individual Stories

This brief collection features one-shot story episodes and a short two-episode filler "arc" which takes place in the Stone Country. A new country sure to confuse many who mistake it for the Earth Country and its Village Hidden in the Rocks.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 158: "Minna ore ni tsuite koi! Ase to namida no takurami dai sabaibaru ~ Everyone, Come With Me! Great Sweat and Tears Survival Plan"

Airdate: 11/02/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The Genin are assigned a trio of ninja academy students for survival training. Unfortunately the Konohamaru Corps are lead by a clueless Naruto. Though the group seems to be hopeless, they manage to succeed the hard way and find their way to their destination.

Episode 159: "Teki ka mikata ka!? Kouya no shoukinkasegi ~ Enemy or Ally?! Wasteland Bounty Hunting"

Airdate: 11/09/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto, Kiba and Hinata are sent to the Stone Country to capture the thief and murderer Gosunkugi. They meet the bounty hunter Sazanami who has his own goal of capturing the man. When Sazanami is injured by Gosunkugi, the group retreats and learns that Sazanami is actually a wanted man as well.

Episode 160: "Eru ka erareru ka!? Okkee tera no ketto ~ Capture or be Captured!? Decision at the OK Temple"

Airdate: 11/16/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sazanami tells them how he had come across a murder committed by Gosunkugi. The thief fled leaving Sazanami the apparent culprit to witnesses. The trio leaves the injured Sazanami behind and another bounty hunter named Gatsu chooses to not capture him. The Leaf ninja are joined by Sazanami, who manages to capture Gosunkugi but Gatsu then captures him. Gatsu vouches for Sazanami though and he is acquitted.

Episode 161: "Chinkyaku kenzan  Ao no Yajuu? Moujuu?... Sanjuu? ~ Meeting the Strange Visitors  Green Beast? Wild Beast?... Rare Animal?"

Airdate: 11/23/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Two goofy foreigners come to Konoha in the hopes of learning its ninja secrets. They impersonate Lee and Guy but everyone in Konoha sees through the deception... except for Naruto. Tsunade decides to put the two men through hell and Naruto joins them thinking all the labors are training. The two men flee after the abuse and the real Lee and Guy return, much to Naruto's ignorance.
Episode 162-167: Mystery in the Bird Country

This filler arc takes us to a new country, the Bird Country. Hidden intentions run through the arc as different individuals vie for control of the country, all the while the mysterious white ghost warrior the Noroimusha walks the country seeking revenge.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 162: "Shiroki noroi musha ~ White Cursed Warrior"

Airdate: 11/30/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Neji, TenTen and Naruto head to the Bird Country on behalf of Chishima, the assistant to Mousou, the head Daimyou Sagi's advisor. Kakashi watches them leave and is concerned about the nature of the mission. The group investigate the appearance of the Noroimusha, a spectral warrior said to be the spirit of the previous daimyou, Sagi's father. The ghost seeks the murderer of the Daimyou and Sagi's twin sister. When they fight the Noroimusha, the armor falls empty.

Episode 163: "Sakushi • Koumei no omowaku ~ Tactician • Expectations of Koumei"

Airdate: 12/07/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The ninja meet Mousou and speculate Koumei, the chief strategist may be behind the Noroimusha. They then travel to meet Sagi, who is attacked by Koumei's men. He acts coldly to the Leaf ninja after they save him. Later that night, they track Koumei who goes to meet the Noroimusha, they confront the surprised man and fight the ghost. It is defeated and falls empty again, oozing a green liquid. Neji speculates though that there was a ninja inside, but someone different from before. Koumei is then arrested.

Episode 164: "Ososugita suketto ~ The Late Supporter"

Airdate: 12/14/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Neji and TenTen decide the mission is over but Naruto goes off on his own to investigate. He summons the Gama brothers to help him. They find a hidden tunnel into the Daimyou's palace. He is discovered by guards and put in jail. The Noroimusha appears and it is revealed to be an angered Sagi. Chishima stumbles across Mousou talking to Koumei's men, who is revealed as the true mastermind. Chishima escapes but gets gravely injured. Neji and TenTen are to be arrested. They flee and meet Kakashi who tells them to abandon Naruto.

Episode 165: "Naruto shisu ~ Naruto Dies"

Airdate: 12/21/2005 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The trio leave but are closely followed by one of Mousou's hired ninja, they then escape their monitor. Mousou orders Koumei to kill himself but the Noroimusha appears and saves him. Kakashi and the group go in pursuit. Kakashi stays behind to fight one of the mercenaries and he appears to fall in battle. Koumei leads the group to the daimyou's compound. The Noroimusha is revealed to be Naruto, who had taken the armor from Sagi. Mousou was behind the previous murders, and Sagi wants revenge.

Episode 166: "Todomatta mama no jikan ~ The Time That is Left Stopped"

Airdate: 01/04/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with the Episode 167 in a one hour "Raging Dattebayo" special. Kakashi escapes and kills his opponent with Raikiri. It is revealed that Sagi is actually Toki. She was going to kill herself but her brothers spirit stopped her. She decides to impersonate him until she has revenge. Toki confronts Mousou and he uses poor imitation techniques to capture her. Mousou is revealed as Houki, a wandering ninja. His men attack the group and Naruto chases after but gets caught in a Genjutsu.

Episode 167: "Shirasagi no habataku jikan ~ The Time The White Heron Flaps Its Wings"

Airdate: 01/04/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

This episode aired with the Episode 166 in a one hour "Raging Dattebayo" special. Chishima goes in pursuit and finds Naruto about to be drowned by Houki. Houki reveals his true self and Chishima gets gravely injured protecting Naruto. Naruto and Houki begin to do battle, and Houki manages to do some damage with his real and imitation techniques. Naruto sees Sagi's spirit who asks him to save Toki. Naruto then uses Naruto Rendan to defeat Houki. Later Toki is officially recognized as feudal lord. The group then realizes the other Noroimusha they fought really was a ghost, Sagi.
Episode 168: Individual Story

Episode 168: "Moero Zundou! Mazete nobashite yude agero! ~ Burn the Container! Mix, Stretch and Boil!"

Airdate: 01/18/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Ichiraku stand owner Teuchi has had his daughter Ayame kidnapped. Sakura, Chouji and Naruto come to his aid and assist him. Ninja chefs force Teuchi to give them his ultimate recipe, and Teuchi obliges with the help of the three Genin. Ayame is rescued but is revealed way over-weight from all the good food her captors made.
Episode 169-173: Sea Country

This filler arc highlights Anko and a new country, the Sea Country. When a sea monster is reportedly attacking gold shipments headed for the Water Country, Anko, Naruto, Shino and Ino are dispatched to investigate.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 169: "Kioku  Ushinawareta peiji ~ Memory, The Lost Page"

Airdate: 01/25/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Anko awakes after dreaming of Orochimaru. She is sent with Naruto, Shino and Ino to the Sea Country to investigate a sea monster. She has flashbacks to her time with Orochimaru and the group meets a young bandaged girl. When the team crosses the ocean their boat is attacked by two ninja, Misumi and Yoroi, Kabuto's former teammates. Naruto almost drowns but is saved by the girl from before.

Episode 170: "Shougeki  Tozasareta tobira ~ Shock, The Closed Door"

Airdate: 02/01/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

A scientist named Amachi meets with Orochimaru, and talks of how he continued his masters work. Sasuke is seen at Orochimaru's side. Naruto recuperates thanks to Isaribi's help and learns she is viewed as a monster. He then leaves to look for his team. Ino and Shino begin inquiring about the the monster. They follow Isaribi and watch as she changes into an aquatic animal form. They move to capture her and Naruto finds them and can't believe she is the supposed monster. Yoroi then arrives and abducts Isaribi. Anko passes out.

Episode 171: "Sennyuu  Shikumareta torappu ~ Infiltration, The Devised Trap"

Airdate: 02/08/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The group tends to Anko and she tells them how Orochimaru conducted kinjutsu experiments. They head to Kikaijima and we learn Isaribi is helping Amachi to be made human again. The group is separated and Shino faces off against Yoroi. Misumi blows up a wall and Anko is knocked unconscious. Misumi goes to attack Naruto but Ino uses Shinranshin to tie up his stretchable body. The lab and island begin to collapse and the team has to flee.

Episode 172: "Zetsubou  Hikisakareta haato ~ Despair, The Torn Heart"

Airdate: 02/15/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team escapes the crumbling mountain with the help of Anko's snake summon. Elsewhere the gold ships leave the port and get attacked by Amachi and Isaribi. The Konoha ninja arrive and begin to do battle with them. Naruto can't believe Isaribi would help Amachi, and the scientist reveals his monstrous powers. He then summons a water spirit which threatens to drown Naruto. Naruto looks deep inside and harnesses the Kyuubi to destroy the water creature.

Episode 173: "Kaisen  Tokihanatareta pawaa ~ Naval Battle, The Released Power"

Airdate: 02/22/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Kyuubi Naruto makes short work of Amachi. Shino finishes off Yoroi with the help of Ino. Amachi is tied up to await trial in Konoha. The water spirit reconstitutes itself even larger than before. Naruto summons Gamabunta who doesn't appreciate the sea water. With a toad oil blast from Gamabunta, Naruto helps incinerate the water creature. Anko returns to where she was held before by Orochimaru, and finally remembers she turned her back on him. The team then returns to Konoha with Isaribi, who hopes to be healed by Tsunade.
Episode 174-177: Individual Stories and Imposter Mini-arc

This brief collection features one-shot story episodes and a brief two-episode Kiba, Naruto and Hinata arc which builds on their past filler missions.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 174: "Arieneettebayo! Serube ninpou • Kinton no Jutsu ~ No Way! The Celebrity Way of the Ninja • Kinton Jutsu"

Airdate: 03/01/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto is ordered to watch over a wealthy jeweler's son Kunihisa. As Naruto goes about his normal mission tasks, the boy and his guards tag along. The snot-nosed kid finds salvation in throwing his money around and letting his guards help him. Two crooks seek to kidnap Kunihisa and manage to bribe his own guards with money he had thrown away. Naruto defeats them with Kunihisa's help, and he learns an important lesson that money isn't everything.

Episode 175: "Koko hore wan wan! Maizoukin o sagase ~ Dig Here Bow-wow! Search for Buried Treasure"

Airdate: 03/08/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Tsunade directs Naruto, Hinata and Kiba to search for a buried treasure. Because of their past mission failures together, they will be sent back to the Academy if they fail. Naruto and Hinata are captured by the man who asked Tsunade for help on the mission. His men then reveal that they can completely mimic their foes. Kiba arrives and is captured as well. The faux Naruto, Hinata and Kiba then plot to return to Konoha and destroy it.

Episode 176: "Shissou, meisou, jigujagu sou! Otte owarete machigaete ~ Sprinting, Straying and Zig-zag Running! Chasing, Chased and Making a Mistake"

Airdate: 03/15/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The team manages to escape and return to Konoha where they easily subdue their fakes. The faux Naruto is going around town running up bills and getting Naruto into trouble. When Naruto sees his special noodles eaten, he becomes enraged and finally stops his double. The team then learns that Tsunade asked the special clan to test the three Genin and they passed.

Episode 177: "OH!? Puriizu ♥ misutaa posutoman ~ Oh!? Pleeaase ♥ Mr. Postman"

Airdate: 03/22/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Naruto meets a ninja mailman. Naruto decides to relax at a hot springs and he meets Jiraiya. Angry at his goofing off, he finishes Jiraiya's Icha Icha manuscript by himself. The manuscript is accidentally sent to a daimyou instead of a peace document. The threat of war forces Naruto and Jiraiya to stop the courier. They fail and the daimyou gets the package, but he loves the Icha Icha books so much that he believes the manuscript was an offer of peace.
Episode 178-183: Hidden Star Village

This filler arc features a new ninja village, Hidden Star Village. The village is home to a mysterious meteor which grants a special chakra to those who meditate with it. Naruto, Neji, TenTen and Lee are sent to help the village protect the meteor.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 178: "Deai  'Hoshi' no na o motsu shounen ~ Encounter, The Boy with the Name 'Star'"

Airdate: 03/29/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Neji, TenTen and Lee are asked to help protect a mysterious meteor for Hidden Star in the Bear Country. Naruto tags along and meets Sumaru, a Hidden Star ninja not unlike Naruto. The Konoha ninja learn of the stars powers. When Naruto and Sumaru go to the training building where it is kept, a thief steals the meteor and Naruto and Sumaru give chase.

Episode 179: "Natsuhi boshi  Omoide no komoriuta ~ Natsuhi's Epitaph, Remembered Lullaby"

Airdate: 04/05/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

The thief escapes and Sumaru is determined to retrieve the star. He later remembers how his mother sang him a lullaby. Akahoshi and his men discuss who took the star and what to do next. Naruto helps an injured Star Genin while the others leave to track down the star. They are assaulted by a person wearing similar gear to the thief and Sumaru is abducted.

Episode 180: "Hijutsu  Kujaku myouhou no daishou ~ Secret Technique, Compensation for the Mysterious Peacock Method"

Airdate: 04/12/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Sumaru's mother Natsuhi holds the star. Sumaru himself was taken to a secret location by Akahoshi as bait. Natsuhi places the star in a tomb and meets Akahoshi. They battle and Naruto and Neji arrive to lend help. Lee and TenTen find Sumaru and help him escape. Akahoshi uses his Kujaku Myouhou technique to knock both Naruto and Natsuhi into the poisonous ravine.

Episode 181: "Hoshikage  Houmurisarareta shinjitsu ~ Hoshikage, The Buried Truth"

Airdate: 04/19/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Natsuhi saves Naruto and helps him recuperate. Akahoshi uses residual chakra to track Natsuhi. Natsuhi explains how her husband and she took the star because of its harm. They were caught and left the village after Hoshikage promised to stop the training. Akahoshi then killed him. Her husband later died from the star's side effects. In the present Akahoshi arrives and finds Natushi.

Episode 182: "Saikai  Nokosareta jikan ~ Reunion, The Remaining Time"

Airdate: 04/26/2006 Chapters covered: -

Click to watch this episode via Hulu:

Natsuhi and Akahoshi battle and she begins to tire. Sumaru and the other Genin arrive and Akahoshi threatens Sumaru unless Natsuhi gives in. She gives him the star from her husband's tomb and then collapses. Sumaru and his mother rest and she explains why they left. She leaves to take the star again and Akahoshi kills her for good. Sumaru feels his mother die and heads for Akahoshi furious with rage.
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