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Volume Two Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 2
By: Nerezza

Chapter 8: "That's Why You're Failures" – Iruka and Sandaime discuss Kakashi’s methods, revealing he has never passed a team before. Kakashi, meanwhile, tells the team that working together was the key to obtaining the bells. He gives them another chance after lunch, but demands Naruto not be fed. The team defies him and feed Naruto against Kakashi’s orders. To their surprise, he passes them for showing true team spirit.

Chapter 9: "The Worst Possible Client" – The team are sent out on a mission to escort bridge expert, Tazuna. Kakashi speaks about the 5 Great Shinobi Powers to the team. Further down the line, the group are attacked by two unknown ninjas who ambush them, shredding Kakashi to pieces in front of the team and Tazuna.

Chapter 10: "Two Down" – Introduces Gouzu and Meizu, the Demon Brothers and Zabuza; ninjas who have gone missing from Hidden Mist. Sasuke does his best to protect Tazuna, but Kakashi makes a surprise re-entry withy Kawarimi and praises Sasuke for his effort. It is revealed Tazuna was the target. Elsewhere, the assassination is discussed by Zabuza and his client.

Chapter 11: "Disembark!!" – Introduces Gato. Tazuna tells of how he is targeted by a greedy businessman who’s profits would be cut by the bridge Tazuna is working on. Kakashi prepares for the worst and Zabuza makes his true entrance, forcing Kakashi to play his trump card...

Chapter 12: "It's Over" – Zabuza addresses “Sharingan Kakashi”. The Sharingan is revealed as a highly beneficial eye condition which he possesses. Zabuza attempts a quick kill with Kirigakure no Jutsu (Mist Hiding) and Mizu Bunshin (Mist Clones), but Kakashi outdoes him and gains the upper hand by stealing his moves.

Chapter 13: "I'm a Ninja" – As the two continue, Kakashi becomes trapped and helpless, with Zabuza now having an ace up his sleeve. The team starts devising a plan to strike back but also have to protect Tazuna. Suddenly, Sasuke and Naruto come up with an idea to kill two birds with one stone.

Chapter 14: "Secret Plan" – The past of Zabuza is revealed. Even as an infant, he was a brutal killer that slaughtered a hundred children, abusing the rules of his village. Sasuke and Naruto put their plan into action. Using trickery, Naruto gets behind Zabuza and aims right for his head with a kunai.

Chapter 15: "Sharingan Resurrected" – Naruto’s distraction frees Kakashi. He and Zabuza once again clash, only with Kakashi now predicting and copying every one of his moves, then appearing to read Zabuza’s mind. To prove it, he beats Zabuza to the punch in making a move and reveals another Sharingan bonus, to see the future. Right as Kakashi predicts Zabuzas death, the Hidden Mist ninja drops to the ground with needles in his neck, flung by a newly arrived masked ninja.

Chapter 16: "Who Are You?" – Introduces Tsunami. The masked ninja explains that Zabuza is a criminal and it was his job to hunt the traitor. Naruto is outraged at the child’s ability to kill Zabuza in a flash. The masked boy takes Zabuza’s corpse for disposal, but turns out to be his accomplice who helped Zabuza fake his death. Kakashi and the team recover at Tazuna’s home, but Kakashi awakens with a bad feeling about Zabuza.

Chapter 17: "Preparation for Battle" – Introduces Inari. Kakashi realised he was deceived by the masked boy. Inari’s cynical and pessimistic attitude displeases Naruto. To prepare for Zabuza’s counterattack, Kakashi trains the team in Chakra control and the proper technique to perform jutsu.