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Volume Thirty Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 30
Title: Chiyobaa to Sakura ~ Chiyobaa and Sakura


Chapter 263: "A Furious Cry...!!" In the cave the leader tells Sasori and Deidara to take the "Jinchuuriki" alive but kill the rest. Itachi is asked to describe the demon vessel, and he states it will be the loud obnoxious one. The statue is then dispersed and the two real Akatsuki begin to wait. Outside Kakashi tells the teams that four other seal markers are in the surrounding area and Neji uses his Byakugan to locate them. Team Guy turns on their wireless communicators and then each goes after a marker. When each finds their marker, they and Kakashi each remove one. After removing the seal on the rock door, Kakashi jumps away and Sakura uses her strength to strike the rock and utterly destroy it. Elsewhere members of Team Guy see a version of themself rise from the ground, a mechanism to impede any ninja who removes the seals. Kakashi orders the team inside. There they see Sasori and Deidara, who ponders which is the Jinchuuriki, all the while sitting on Gaara's lifeless body. Naruto sees the two Akatsuki, and yells he'll kick the crap out of them. Remembering Itachi's earlier words, the two Akatsuki know their target...


Chapter 264: "Sasori's Art...!!" Naruto yells for Gaara, but Kakashi tells him he knows it will not do any good. A boastful Deidara restates Kakashi's words. Knowing Gaara's life is all but gone, rage burns in Naruto. He charges but Kakashi jumps in his way and tells him to not get hasty. Deidara and Sasori begin to debate the nature of art which only infuriates Naruto. He pulls a scroll and summons a huge shuriken which he hurls at Sasori. Sasori easily bats the shuriken away and continues his debate. Sasori finally pushes his partner to leave, so Deidara's bird scoops up Gaara into its mouth and it and Deidara fly out of the cave. Naruto and Kakashi take chase, and Naruto demands for him to stop. Deidara cockily yields and hovers in the air over them. Inside Sakura feels she can handle Sasori but it will be difficult. Chiyo tells Sakura she'll fight her grandson, so she pulls a string of kunai and flings them at Sasori. Sasori blocks them with his tail and then reveals his true self. His cloak ripped apart, the wooden face of a man rests on his back and the "tail" is actually a tongue extending from its mouth. His right arm is normal but he wears a puppet attachment on his left arm. As he starts to unfurl he begins gloating about grotesquely killing both the kunoichi and adding them to his "collection" as puppets...

Haruno Sakura

Chapter 265: "Chiyobaa and Sakura" Outside Team Guy is being fought move for move by their doppelgangers. In the cave, Chiyo tells Sakura that the real Sasori is inside the puppet named Hiruko before them, and that it serves as both armor and a weapon. Unfortunately Hiruko has changed since Chiyo last saw it, so she is unsure what traps it currently has. Chiyo states though with her battle experience they can avoid any surprises and with Sakura's power they can smash the puppet and reveal Sasori. Chiyo removes her cap and reassures Sakura that the first step is now done. Outside Deidara asks if they really want to fight. Naruto tells Kakashi that he himself can fight Deidara alone. In the cave Sakura and Chiyo quietly discuss their battle plans. Sasori asks if Chiyo is already done, but she retorts he should quiet down because he'll soon be dead. Chiyo and Sakura charge and Hiruko's mouth opens to unload a torrent of needles. Chiyo and Sakura flip out of the way only to then have to avoid Hiruko's left arm, which has been fired at them. Its protrusions explode into more needles and the kunoichi use their agility to avoid the projectiles. This surprises Sasori and he asks if that is all they have. Sakura quickly rushes in and Sasori's tail moves to strike but it stops! Chiyo yells "Now Sakura!" and the young Leaf ninja unloads a huge crushing blow onto Hiruko, shattering it.

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 266: "Sasori Appears...!!" As the rubble settles, a torn cloak jumps away from Sakura. The dark figure comments on how Chiyo used Sakura as a puppet, and how another string stopped his tail. In Hidden Sand, the village council discusses the need to quickly select a Kazekage to show strength to the other villages. Kankurou is angered that they are giving up on Gaara, but they comment something similar was done when they selected his father after Sandaime Kazekage disappeared mysteriously. They spent too much time searching for him, rather than moving on. At the cave, Naruto has been sent crashing into the cliff face and Deidara comments on how unique Gaara and Naruto were. Not like the two other outcast and lonely jinchuuriki they captured and killed already. In the cave, a striking young man stands before Chiyo and Sakura. Chiyo is unable to believe Sasori hasn't aged a day from when he disappeared. Sasori states he didn't want to have to use his best, but the situation demands it. He withdraws a scroll and summons a new puppet. A shocked Chiyo is unable to believe it, the puppet is none other than Sandaime Kazekage!


Chapter 267: "Violent Determination" Chiyo stands firm against her grandson. She states this is the third Kazekage he killed, with Sandaime, Yondaime and Godaime fallen to him. Sasori retorts Yondaime was Orochimaru's doing. Hearing about Orochimaru emboldens Sakura. Sasori launches the Sandaime puppet and Chiyo withdraws Sakura. Blades emerge from its cloak and Chiyo moves to block it with Hiruko's tail. Sasori opens the puppets arms, which reveal summoning tags. As each arm opens, another arm is summoned until a mass of arms strike against Sakura. One arms opens and spews poison, Chiyo yells for Sakura to hold her breath but she is unable to withdraw her young puppet. Sasori fired kunai with ropes which have latched around the poison enveloped Sakura. Sakura thinks over her desire to protect Naruto and Sasuke, so she withdraws an explosive tag from her pouch and activates it. The explosion disperses the gas and knocks Sakura to safety, surprising both Chiyo and Sasori. Sakura yells she'll do whatever it takes to stop him; Sasori cuts her off with an onslaught of kunai. Chiyo takes action and summons two puppets from the scrolls she brought on the mission. The kunai have stopped, fallen to the ground... standing before Sakura and Chiyo are the forms of Sasori's first puppets, his mother and father...

Sasori's Parents

Chapter 268: "Puppeteer vs. Puppeteer!!" Sasori gloats that the puppets don't stand a chance against him. Chiyo remembers a young Sasori puppeering the very same puppets. The mother and father extend wires between themselves and they slice up the Sandaime arms. Sandaime and the parents clash in a quick assault. Sasori states it's time to end this, Sandaime's mouth opens and expels a dark sand. Sandaime's most fearsome jutsu, Iron Sand. Sasori states Sandaime could expel the sand and form it into any weapon needed. He could then manipulate it by turning his chakra into magentic fields. Sakura asks how that is possible, and Chiyo responds that Sasori's "human" puppets can retain their chakra and ability to use the jutsu they once did when alive. She yells for Sakura to flee and Sasori sends the sand shower at them. The mother puppet pulls Sakura to safety and the father puppet extends a shield to block the sand. The assault wanes and the father puppet is useless, with sand gumming up its joints. Sasori then gloats the next attack is going to rain down on Chiyo and Sakura and there is only one puppet to protect them both...

Haruno Sakura

Chapter 269: "All I Can Do" The iron spikes come raining down, and dirt and rubble is thrown about. As it clears, Sakura and Sasori look in surprise at Chiyo. She has protected herself with a chakra shield, extended from panels on her right arm, a puppet arm! Sasori is amused how she tinkered with herself, but says the joints of her arm and the mother doll that protected Sakura are now both jammed. Sandaime expels more iron sand and it forms into a large block and triangle. Chiyo suggests Sakura flee, but she states she will do all she can with Tsunade's teachings. Chiyo reattaches the puppet strings with her left arm and Sasori mocks that their strategy is getting old. The Sandaime puppet extends the triangle into a large spike and it narrowly misses Sakura and pierces the cave wall. Sakura looks up to see the huge block hovering above. It crashes down and she narrowly jumps away. Building chakra she jumps in and smashes the block of iron, sending it crashing into the far cave wall. Sakura then gloats it's not over yet...

Movie Two Promotion

Chapter 270: "Miscalculation...!!" In Hidden Sand, Temari and Kankurou make preparations to leave. Elsewhere Kakashi is falling behind Naruto and a fleeing Deidara. Understanding how dangerous its becoming being split up, he thinks its time to just "that" jutsu. In the cave, Sasori and Chiyo reflect on Sakura's strength. We then see a flashback to Tsunade teaching Sakura of the medical ninjas importance to avoid attacks, to ensure they won't fall in battle. In the present, Sakura states she is getting better at reading Sasori's finger movements to predict attacks. Sasori says its time to end this, and does "Iron Sand World Method," causing a massive 3D lattice of iron sand to expand. The sand strikes the walls causing boulders to fall. When the rubble clears, Chiyo is pinned under one and Sakura has been scratched by one of the spikes. Chiyo realizes Sasori's poison was mixed with the iron sand. Sasori gloats the body stops moving almost instantly and you'll die several days after. Sakura falls face first to the ground, and Sasori says he won't let them wait, so he sends Sandaime in for the kill. Chiyo can't move to save Sakura, but suddenly the young Leaf kunoichi springs up and strikes the puppet destroying it! Sakura rushes over to the surprised Chiyo and removes the rock pinning her. Sakura tells Chiyo that she made three antidotes originally, and now she is leaving the last one for Chiyo. Sakura says the protection lasts for three minutes, giving them a chance to win!...

Movie Two Promotion

Chapter 271: "Unknown Abilities...!!" Sakura heals Chiyo and herself. Chiyo reflects that Sakura should be at her limits but she keeps going. Sasori can't believe that Sakura made an antidote for his poison. Sakura reflects that her remaining chakra goes to the fight. Chiyo looks at the antidote and slips it away. Sasori states he hasn't had this much trouble since entering Akatsuki. He pulls off his robe to reveal his body is a human puppet! Extending from his stomach is a long piercing cable, and blades extend from his back. Elsewhere Kakashi tells Naruto to calm down, that Naruto is a close range fighter, unprepared for fighting Deidara. Kakashi then states he has intellect on par with Shikamaru and can do long-range combat, giving them a chance to end the chase. Kakashi then starts to lay out his plan. Sasori uses a scroll on his back to summon flames which he shoots from jets on his palms. He then mockingly asks why the kunoichi are hiding from his attacks. His cable snakes through the air and pierces through Sakura's stomach, eventually sinking its tip firmly into the ground. Sasori then yells "Die!" and lunges at Chiyo...