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Volume Sixty-Six Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 66
Title: Aratanaru Sansukumi ~ The New Three

Chapter 628: "Here and Now, and Hereafter" - At the battlefield, the Juubi roars and Madara and Obito unleash dual Katon attacks. The torrents of fire rush over the battlefield, enveloping the Kyuubi chakra protected alliance shinobi. The two Uchiha stare them down with their Doujutsu, and follow with a barrage of Susanoo tama and Kamui teleported giant kunai. The alliance thank their luck for their cloaks just as the oncoming projectiles arrive. The ninja swat them away with Kyuubi chakra limbs and Sakura contemplates whether Naruto can manage at his current level. As Naruto steadies himself, Kakashi calls out in warning, as Obito swirls into existence above him. As he falls to attack, Naruto dodges to safety. Obito chides the young man for protecting everyone and fighting defensively and asks why he does so. Kurama himself asks Naruto if he's okay and warns his host that he'll wear himself out if he keeps trying to utilize all the chakra at once. Moreover, the Juubi appears to be charging its chakra, so be ready. Naruto breathes heavily and Obito cautions the young man that he's getting weaker. Naruto answers that Obito wouldn't understand his actions, since he wants to be alone. Obito is confused and Naruto explains that he's as happy as can be with everyone at his side, for they give him strength. He charges to attack and Obito teleports away. He reappears nearby and questions that if their pain and deaths make a stronger bond, why protect them? Naruto admonishes the man's verbal quibbling and warns that he hates that about him. Don't put words in his mouth. Staring the man down, he explains that he can handle any amount of pain if it involves his comrades and he won't let that go to waste. Even if it's selfish, it's even more painful not to have any comrades left at all! Obito gazes back silently and Kakashi looks to his former teammate, questioning just what the man is trying to get out of Naruto. Naruto's comrades are buoyed by his words, and Sakura clenches her fist in approval. On the cliff nearby Madara stands at attention, alerted to a new chakra he suddenly feels. With a manic grin on his face, he beams at the sensed reappearance of Hashirama. The Juubi roars again and its limbs suddenly grow in size. Kitsuchi and Kurotsuchi cover their ears as the earth rumbles below them and signal trouble that the creature is fighting off their Kyuubi chakra enhanced Doton. The other shinobi also block the noise. As Naruto does the same, Kurama warns that the Uchiha duo plan to unleash Tenpenchii, a cataclysm of heaven and earth; a term which baffles Naruto. Obito castigates Naruto for severing him from the Juubi, as now it's beyond control. Though now may be the perfect time to finally become its Jinchuuriki. It howls in discord again and lightning quickly fills the sky. Madara smiles in approval as the real fun will now start. Kakashi responds in attempt to counter and focuses his eye. Instantly Obito is with Kakashi, challenging that he too was waiting for his chance. As both men lock eyes with their Mangekyou, Naruto calls out in warning. Kakashi directs Naruto to handle things here, as he and Obito teleport away from the battle. As the sky cracks with thunder and the ground heaves, tornados and lightning burst to bridge the two divides as the shinobi alliance is hit by the end of the world...

Chapter 629: "Hole" - As twisters rip through the battlefield, the triumphant Juubi looks over the destruction. As the dust begins to clear, Madara surmises most of the alliance should now be wiped out. His deduction is proved wrong though, as he sees the whole of the alliance begin to gather themselves, having been protected by the Kyuubi chakra. Having returned to his normal state, Naruto holds his injured right arm and questions if that's all Madara has got? He glares defiantly, as the other Bijuu offer their support from within. As he stares the enemy down, the shadow Rinnegan eyes of the Sage backs him. The Juubi forms a hand seal and screams out, while Naruto falls to his knees exhausted. The chakra cloaks begin to fade and Madara compliments the effort, but notes the boy has reached his limit. He looked forward to the fight, but it's now time for Naruto to die. As Madara looks on, he's suddenly bewildered as numerous shinobi move to place themselves between himself and Naruto. Hinata willfully calls their attention, asking them to join together and fight as one. Sakura jumps in to help as well, moving to Naruto's back to heal him. The shinobi cheer and Naruto smiles at the support. Elsewhere in the Kamui plane, Obito and Kakashi swirl into existence. As Obito falls to his back, Kakashi immediately finds footing and charges with Raikiri. His hand stops mere inches from Obito, as he's unable to strike him dead. Obito affirms that there is doubt in his heart after all, since he's already had several chances to kill him and not done so. Kakashi is silent and the man continues, calling him pathetic for feeling compassion for an enemy in the heat of battle. Kakashi looks on and Obito asks if it's the man guilty conscience? Remorse for not keeping his promise to Rin and himself? Kakashi's eyes downcast and Obito offers hope that he'll have a change in heart. Kakashi finally speaks, asking his former friend why he won't stop. He once dreamed of becoming Hokage, like Naruto now does. Naruto says the same words he once did, and he knows that he's unconsciously seeing his old self in Naruto. So perhaps he wishes to be punished by that old self? Surely he understands Naruto's feelings, so it's not too late to return to his old self. Obito begins to laugh and Kakashi is taken aback. Obito offers that it's for that reason that he wants to repudiate everything Naruto desires. And anyway, what Kakashi is feeling guilty about is presumptuous, as he's assume he started the war over him and Rin. To say he's mistaken is an understatement. Kakashi doesn't grasp his meaning and Obito's eyes go wide. Grabbing Kakashi's arm, he finishes the job, ramming the Raikiri home through his own chest. He affirms that he knows everything and Kakashi is stunned as he looks into Obitoís Sharingan, seeing his own killing of Rin in the past. Obito explains that he knows Rin deliberately jumped in from of his Raikiri, having herself chosen death. She had been kidnapped by the Hidden Mist and forced to become the Sanbi Jinchuuriki. Though Kakashi had freed her and planned escape, Kiri wanted that. They even pretended to chase them in order to get them to go home faster. Once inside Konoha they intended to make the Sanbi rampage and attack the village. Rin knew this and took advantage of the planned Raikiri attack on one of the Kiri ninja, by stepping in front of the blade to end her life at the hands of someone she loved to protect Konoha. Kakashi recalls that day and Rin's request for Kakashi to kill her, as she's being used to attack Konoha. The young Kakashi says he can't, he promised Obito he would protect her, there has to be another way. Back in the present, Obito asserts that no matter what Kakashi may say, someone who couldn't protect Rin is an imposter. To him, Rin wasn't meant to die, thus the dead Rin is also an imposter. Rin is only herself when alive. The shinobi system, the villages... what's created all those things and the shinobi too. What caused him to despair is the world itself, this counterfeit world. Removing his hand from Obito's chest, Kakashi asks if he remember Naruto's words? That it's most painful not to have real comrades in ones' heart? He told Naruto what the young Obito use to say word for word, so he knows the old him would have resonated with that and the current one can as well. Directing Kakashi's attention to the gaping hole through his chest, Obito tells Kakashi to look at him, for there is nothing in his heart! Not even pain. So Kakashi shouldn't feel guilty, for the hole was opened up by this world of hell...

Chapter 630: "Something to Fill the Hole" - Obito continues, explaining he only had pain inside, and where's the meaning in that? That's why he abandoned it all. He then asks Kakashi if he's been in pain too, looking to both Rin and his own grave. Kakashi recalls the young Obito and the current one reassures his former teammate that he doesn't need to suffer anymore... as Rin is right there, along with his ideal version of him. To Kakashi's side appears the young Rin and Obito. She reveals her love for the man and Obito proclaims he'll become Hokage. Current Obito explains that anything is possible in the new Genjutsu world and the hole in his heart can be filled immediately. Kakashi slices through the apparitions to disperse them and affirms that Rin no longer exists, but Obito does. He then questions if the man really believes such things can plug the hole? Obito looks on and Kakashi begs the man not to erase the memory of the real Rin, as she gave her life for the village. Obito purses his lips and Kakashi continues, declaring that one can stuff themselves with delusions, but it won't fill the hole. Back at the battle, the Juubi opens its mouth to expel an organic mass. Bee looks on and Gyuuki explains that it's returning to its original. Unfortunately it's nearing its final form and with Naruto recharging it's up to them. Bee raps in understanding and Gyuuki tells him to be ready. As a flower bulb-like protrusion open from the Juubi's mouth, a gigantic Bijuu Dama begins to form. Madara looks on, surmising the beast isn't holding back after having seen the other Bijuu inside Naruto. He then concludes he'll need to move as well. Shikamaru and Chouji marvel at the attack and Naruto looks on while Sakura continues to heal him. The gathered alliance ninja question how they're supposed to handle that and Sakura closes her eyes in grim contemplation. She then speaks, questioning their resolve in giving up now as Naruto has put his all into it. Naruto's words made things clear. An alliance ninja voices understanding, as Naruto had gone above and beyond protecting shinobi like them. Sakura counters not that, he considers all of them his comrades from the bottom of his heart. So she'll fully heal him and everyone must all do what they can! If they're going to die anyway, then they might as well go out at their best. Shikamaru grins and asks Ino to connect him. His teammates beam in happiness and Kitsuchi is immediately pinged by the telepathic contact. Kitsuchi recognizes Shikaku's son and Shikamaru explains his plan. He requests the man teach him the sign for an easy Doton barrier that non-Rock shinobi could perform. Kitsuchi ponders that such a wall would be weak but Shikamaru explains that it's crucial everyone can do it. If the enemy has quality, they'll have quantity. Even if the walls are destroyed they'll keep building more and break its momentum with many weak walls versus one strong wall. However they'll need strong walls from the Rock as well. Kitsuchi grasps the plan and prepares to relay the signs. Shikamaru then connects to Bee and requests he counter with numerous Bijuu Dama of his own. Returning to his own mind, Shikamaru asks Ino if she can connect him to all the shinobi on the battlefield. She is frazzled by the request and explains itís not a matter of can or canít, she wonít do it. Chouji smiles and Ino quickly forms a hand sign and grimaces in extreme focus as she relays the Doton hand signs to the rest of the alliance. The Juubi's Bijuu Dama fires and races towards them. In the Kamui plane, Obito asks Kakashi what his issue with the Genjutsu world is. Reality is cruel, meaning the hole will only get bigger. Things don't always go your way and help doesn't always arrive in time. Just as it was with him, so how can Kakashi fill that hole? Kakashi is silent but then admits that he might be garbage as a shinobi but he's still learned some things. Recalling the Third and Fourth Hokage and Team 7, he explains that the hole can be filled by others around you. However people won't flock to one who abandons the memories of his friends and gives up on the world just because things don't go their way. That won't fill the hole and people don't help those who run and do nothing. As long as you don't give up there will be salvation. Back at the battle, the Bijuu Dama crashes through the Doton barriers with ease and brushes off Bee's counter. As the shinobi wince trying to maintain the defense, Kitsuchi sadly concludes the blast is more powerful than they thought. As Gyuuki jumps to try and place himself between the ball and the alliance, we return to the Kamui plane. Obito chides the white washing, stating one can only achieve happiness by abandoning reality and ridding oneself of the memory of their comrades. Recalling the words given to him long ago, Kakashi speaks. In the shinobi world those who violate the rules and law are lower than garbage and those who donít cherish their friends are even lower than that. But those who don't even cherish their friend's memories are even lower. Back at the battlefield, Gyuuki and the alliance look on in confusion as the Bijuu Dama has suddenly vanished. In the Kamui plane, Kakashi charges his Raikiri and explains that he's not abandoning his memory of the old Obito no matter what, even if it's the current one repudiating all he once stood for! Back at the battle, Sakura continues healing Naruto and remarks in surprise as a familiar three pronged kunai plants itself in the ground in front of them. Appearing out of thin air to grab onto the kunai, the man bearing the fluttering cloak of the Fourth Hokage arrives via Hiraishin. Minato asks if he's late and Naruto grins at his father, stating no, he's right on time!...

Chapter 631: "Team 7" - Sakura remarks in confusion and we cut to a far distant ocean rock outcropping marked with a Hiraishin kunai. The scene is instantly changed as the Juubi's Bijuu Dama teleports into being. At the battle, Minato offers his name and suggests they brace for the explosion. The attack detonates in the distance but still shakes the gathered shinobi. Minato explains his redirection and the shinobi brace themselves against the onrushing air torrent. He looks to Sakura and she identifies him as an Edo Tensei by his eyes. He attempts to reassure them and thanks her for healing Naruto. He then asks if she's his girlfriend. Naruto mumbles in contemplation before finally affirming. This annoys the woman and she slams him out of anger and suggests he save his strength and quit yapping. Naruto reacts in pain and suggests he's now taken more damage. She explains she'll heal that too and Minato looks on with a smile on his face. Recalling similar memories of Kushina, he requests she be gentle with his son. Sakura says it's certainly a surprise, but then asks Naruto if he really felt it? Naruto says he sensed his dad in Kyuubi mode and the others should arrive soon as well. The other shinobi are struck by the news and soon see their new backup, as the forms of the three first Hokage appear side by side with Minato. The Third compliments Minato on being as fast as ever, while Tobirama remarks that Minatoís Hiraishin is even better than his own. Hashirama affirms being ready for battle and the alliance ninja are shocked by their new allies. They affirm understanding they helped before but ask who revived them? Hiruzen explains it was Orochimaru, so they need to stop the war immediately. Naruto smiles, coyly offering that others will soon arrive, but they must be late. Psyched beyond all measure, Madara beams in happiness at Hashirama's appearance. Hashirama retorts that he'll have to wait, shaking Madara in embarrassment. Hashirama affirms they have to stop the Juubi first and Madara composes himself, affirming that his former friend hasn't change one bit. Hashirama concludes his suggestion that they focus on the Juubi... since it's charging them. Minato suggests Naruto take a break, his friend will arrive soon too, as an ally. As Minato's eyes harden in focus, Kurama continues his chakra forming and is shaken by what he feels. Naruto contemplates Sasuke's status and Hashirama directs his fellow Hokage to head out. Chakra flames begin to form on Minato's back as he himself enters Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Sakura is surprised and Kurama offers surprise as well that Minato could do that too. Naruto affirms his father's excellence and Kurama says he knows that first hand, since Minato's the one who split him before sealing him away. Hiruzen asks if the markers were placed and Minato affirms. Tobirama compliments the man's quickness and we see three Hiraishin kunai with targeted implantations. The three men disappear, leaving Hashirama behind to begin his jutsu, Ninpou: Shisekiyoujin, the Four Crimson Rays Formation. The three other Hokage take their places in the corners of the rectangular barrier and Hashirama continues, adding on Senpou: Myoujinmon, the Great Deity Gates. From above the Juubi, locking gates come crashing down to pin it in place, as the crimson walls of the barrier prison spring up to seal it inside. Lee marvels at the barrier and Guy explains that it's dozens of times stronger than the Shishienjin, making it a true Hokage class jutsu. As the Juubi roars in frustration, the other new arrivals finally appear. As Juugo and Sasuke land near Sakura and Naruto, the young woman's eyes go wide. Naruto chides the man for taking so long and Sakura takes a moment to realize it's truly him. The other shinobi are also surprised and Ino rushes to greet him. Shikamaru and Chouji warn her to stop as he's an enemy. Sasuke concludes they're still a raucous bunch, while Kiba charges and questions why he's come. Sakura asks that as well and Sasuke explains that a lot has happened but he's decided to protect Konoha and then... he'll become Hokage. His former friends are stunned but Naruto merely looks on. An annoyed Kiba affirms that there's no way a missing-nin can just come back and become Hokage like it's a joke. Shikamaru calmly affirms that he doesn't know what's happened with him, but such a thing just isn't possible. Shino asks if he really thinks they can just forget what he did? Sasuke says he knows they probably can't, but it doesn't matter what they think of him. All the previous Kage created these circumstances, so he'll become Hokage to change the village. Naruto recalls Itachi's words that one doesn't become Hokage to get acknowledged, they get acknowledged and become Hokage. He also recalls the man's final request that he now handle Sasuke. Naruto stands to join Sasuke's side and affirms to himself that he will indeed handle him now. He then voices his own declaration that he'll become Hokage. A frustrated Hashirama says it's nice they want to become Hokage, but could they hurry it up? He directs Naruto to charge his chakra so they can take the Juubi out with an all-out attack. Naruto thanks Sakura for healing him and suggests she take a breather. He then affirms to Sasuke that they should get ready, leaving Sakura to look on with narrowed eyes. Jumping out to face down the Juubi, Naruto and Sasuke are quickly joined by Sakura. She questions if they really see her as a weak female who can't keep up? As if Tsunade would be the only Sannin to not adequately teach her student to follow in her footsteps? She affirms that she's almost ready, she just needs a moment to get back to full capacity and be at her true power. She too is a member of Team 7 and a student of one of the greats. Looking on with her steely eyes, Naruto smiles in turn and slams his fist into his palm. Emboldened with his teammates now at his side, he declares that Team 7 is finally back!...

Sakura, Naruto & Sasuke

Chapter 632: "A United Front" - Naruto urges Sakura and Sasuke on and they affirm. Ino is struck by the memories it brings back. Shikamaru expresses willingness to fight alongside Sasuke, but explains that doesn't mean he'll accept him. Chouji offers that it's been awhile since the whole class was together like in the Chuunin Exam. Kiba vehemently announces that he's going to become Hokage, and then yells at the others for ignoring him. Shino agrees that's the case and tells his teammate he's being pitiful, as Sasuke stole his thunder. Hinata counters that she heard him, but points out they all aspire to become Hokage. Raising his arms in the air, Naruto urges them to show their growth. Nearby, Juugo looks to Sasuke and ponders what the man is thinking. Naruto announces he's ready but Hashirama tells him to wait a moment, as the Juubi prepares another gigantic Bijuu Dama. Minato encourages his fellow Hokage to be ready, leaving Hiruzen and Tobirama to say they are. The Bijuu Dama fires and the walls of the crimson prison suddenly bow outwards as they Hokage attempt to contain the blast. Travelling up the column of the prison the top is lifted, allowing the damaging blast to fire harmlessly into the air. Burnt and shaken by the blast erupting within its' prison, the Juubi lets out a whine. The gathered samurai marvel at the power and Hashirama grins, boasting that it's no simple barrier. Naruto and Sakura are impressed as well and Sasuke admits they apparently weren't just all talk. Hashirama quickly forms a hand seal to send out several Mokuton Bunshin. They jump away and four land near each side of the barrier to create entry points for shinobi to enter. He announces he's ready and changes his hand seal, causing another binding gate to fall on the Juubi's neck to pin its head down. It whines again and the Hashiramas lead the gathered shinobi inside. We see the footsteps of Hashirama as he announces he's ready to the man he approaches. He apologizes for keeping Madara waiting but the other resurrected man says no, as Clones are no fun. Until the real Hashirama shows up, he'll have nothing of the Bunshin. Around the prison, the Hashiramas raises the barrier allowing the shinobi to rush inside. Though pinned, bulbous protrusions begin to sprout on the Juubi, falling off into separate miniature monstrous beings. Hashirama surmises the spiky hodgepodge of monsters are attempting to keep the shinobi from their creator. The alliance meet the diminutive Juubi creations head on and begin their attack. Naruto and Sasuke move ahead slicing and knocking the creatures away. Sakura readies herself and recalls her mindset during the Chuunin Exam, imagining herself as a full-fledged kunoichi, where in reality she still hid behind Naruto and Sasuke as they risked everything for her. She concludes she hated the way she was and swore next time they'd stare at HER back. Extending her right hand to the chest of one of the creatures she holds the beast frozen for a moment. Affirming that her oath to have them stare at her back still didn't stop them from still rushing on further ahead, leaving her to give up, since she thought they were simply too incredible and an impossible goal to reach. She then recalls later standing before Tsunade to ask for training. She reiterates the notion that medical ninja should never get themselves killed or push themselves to the forefront of a battle. Tsunade agrees with the idea, but explains that does not give one the excuse not to learn how to fight on the front line, for Sakura is her disciple, a kunoichi inheriting the training of one of the Legendary Sannin... As the current Sakura clenches her left fist, a diamond begins to appear on her forehead and Tsunade's words echo into the present, for she, Haruno Sakura, is also Godaime Hokage's disciple! With the creature still locked in place and the diamond now set on her forehead, Sakura proclaims she has finally reached full capacity and can unleash it. The creature whines and Sakura's left arm springs forth with power and slams it backwards between Naruto and Sasuke into he creatures beyond. As the two men look to the creature, Sakura springs into the air above them. The smacked creature continues flying through all the others in its path, knocking them aside like a bowling ball. As Sakura views the damage from directly above, she cocks back her right arm and yells out a "Shannaro!" to deliver a crushing fist into the Juubi's forces. The massive impact sends the creatures and earth flying and leaves Naruto stunned in fear, promising to never cross Sakura again. As Sasuke smiles, he and Naruto gather themselves to see Sakura composing herself far ahead. An enthused Hashirama beams as well, theorizing the young woman's strength may even surpass his granddaughters. Close by, Shizune concludes that Sakura continuously amassed chakra over a period of three years. An extremely delicate chakra control feat known as the Byakugou no In, or White Strength Seal; something even she couldn't achieve. With her back to the boys, Sakura turns and offers delight that she can do all that without even losing her youthful appearance! A shadow soon falls over her as the creatures gather themselves and look down upon the gloating kunoichi. As she turns back to look, her own eyes go wide but her momentary boastful blunder is not her undoing, as the impact of a Rasen Shuriken and Amaterasu flames spring forth onto the creatures to keep them at bay. The two attacks detonate and erupt on the creatures, ending their threat. As Sakura gathers herself she voices appreciation to Sasuke. He and Naruto each land near, and all three now stand back to back to back. Newly returned to his Kyuubi Chakra Mode state, Naruto points out that he helped too. Sasuke suggests Naruto not ruin their focus and Sakura agrees, stating if they keep getting hung up on who is doing what, she'll just taken the Hokage position for herself. Naruto is surprised she wants it as well and she proclaims that now, they'll fight with their backs to each other! With newfound confidence, Sakura resolves to the absent Tsunade that she has finally caught up to them!...

Chapter 633: "Onward" - Sasuke and Naruto each ruminate on the new powers they see in the other. In the distance, Minato beams over Naruto's mastery of the Rasengan. Kiba encourages his teammates to step up as well and they affirm. Forming a hand seal, Kiba informs Naruto that he doesn't have exclusivity and then creates one Kage Bunshin. Naruto is unimpressed, countering he could make a lot more when he first started. The clone announces that they can triple their strength this way and the two Kibas and Akamaru come together for their Human Beast combination the Santourou or Three-Headed Wolf. The beast snarls and thrashes and Kiba offers that Sasuke's declaration annoyed him, but it also pumped him up. The wolf springs into action and launches into a rotating disk which cuts through the Juubi creature lines. As one large creature charges, Shino presses forward to meet it with his outstretched fist. The creature is confused as an unseen beetle crawls from Shino's hand into the creature. Suddenly large beetles burst out from it, having increased in size while burrowing from inside. Ino is sickened and Shino explains that his Parasitic Giant Beetles must be carefully kept, as they can eat ones chakra from the inside and increase in size. Nearby Hinata whirls in concentration, thrusting her fingers into her target. As she reaches 32 strikes of Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, she begins to falter and questions if she's reached her limit. Recalling Neji's directive that she must fearlessly leap forward and her eventual holding of Naruto's hand, she takes the next step... and finishes with the final 64 palms, having finally grasped the trick to mastering it. With new opponents arriving, she affirms that Naruto is always trying to get ahead and she'll do anything to keep standing next to him forever. Forming her Twin Lion Fists she announces that the next time she does Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, it'll be like this. With a stern determination she concludes that she must keep moving forward as well. Not wanting to be left behind, Ino encourages her team to do a combination, with Chouji suggesting Ino-Shika-Chou formation E. Shikamaru draws his hands together to prepare and points out that it's not Exam time, they don't have to show off as teams. As he activates Kage Tsukami, the Shadow Grasping technique, Chouji grows using his expansion. Shikamaru locks his shadow onto Chouji's and Ino forms a hand seal and closes her eyes. Identifying 25 enemy signatures she announces she has a fix on them. Placing her palm to Shikamaru's head she relays their location and all three close their eyes in concentration. With Ino as the head, Shikamaru as the arm and Chouji as the yo-yo, the trio form the body of a deadly giant yo-yo wielder. With a sudden spin Chouji launches himself into the air as spiked ball. With Shikamaru as the arm and his shadow as the string, he flings the rotating sphere of death around the battlefield using Ino's directions. Numerous Juubi creatures are knocked away and as one charges from Ino's blindside, a quick flick of the shadow's wrist sends Chouji behind them to knock the beast away. He unfurls to his knees and explains he's going to expand in size more and asks if they can handle the weight. Shikamaru says it won't be a problem and it's not like they've really grabbed everyone's attention yet. The boast surprises Ino, who questions just who is showing off now? Soaring above, Sai rides atop an Ink bird. He proclaims that he's a member of Team 7 as well and determines he'll attack the main body from the sky. His teammates below notice his arrival and yell out, coinciding with one of the Juubi spawn seeing him as well, for one hurls a spike up into the bird, destroying it. Naruto grabs Sai out of the air with a Kyuubi arm and reels him in. As the alliance continues their fight, a ninja curses that the Juubi keeps increasing the spawn numbers and their size. As large creatures approach in demonic glee, they're held at bay by Mokuton from a Hashirama. Elsewhere Sai asks Naruto if he can share chakra again but the man says no, Kurama hasn't finished preparing it yet. Sai concludes that to get to the main body, they'll have to first get rid of the hulks guarding it and slip past them. It's not a distance that they can clear in a single leap and they need time to weave signs and repel enemy attacks. And without chakra it's highly likely that heavy casualties will be inflicted, but the medical corps can't come to the front to help. Hearing Sai's conclusions, the other three each raise their thumbs to their mouths and draw blood. Slamming his palm to the ground, Sasuke proclaims that if it comes to mowing down enemies and slipping past, it'll be easy. As Naruto does the same, he offers that this guy has the power to clear the distance in a single leap and repel attacks. Finally Sakura acts as well, promising that she can stay and heal anyone with serious wounds at all times... As all three Kuchiyose activate, the next generation Sannin rise into the air upon the heads of their gigantic summons: the slug, toad and snake...

Chapter 634: "The New Three" - Naruto looks down in confusion. Gamakichi explains that his pops is tied up elsewhere so he came instead. Naruto says itís not that, he's stunned by the toadís sudden increase in size. Gamakichi explains that humans are the ones who grow too slowly, so why the big deal? Naruto affirms and directs the toad's attention to the Juubi and his need to get closer using his big leaps. Looking beyond the Juubi spawn horde, Gamakichi asks if Naruto is meaning the big one. The giant snake asks Sasuke what he desires and Sasuke expresses the need to keep moving forward to reach the real Juubi body in back. Katsuyu expresses surprise that Sakura finally mastered Byakugou no In, which will make Tsunade... Sakura interjects and states it can wait. She asks the slug to divide and attend all the shinobi forces, as their role will be to heal everyone. Nearby Minato looks on, happy to see the triad summoned again. Hiruzen smiles as well, recalling his own three students. Concluding that it's a new era, he urges them to move out. Sasuke encourages Aoda, Naruto directs Gamakichi to jump and Sakura directs Katsuyu to begin. Aoda coils and immediately springs forward, Gamakichi launches himself into the air and Katsuyu divides down into smaller forms. Sai braces himself from the energetic exhaust made from the beasts and ponders the power of the original Team 7. An emotionless Juugo also looks on at the three in action. As the Juubi spawn swipe and attack, Aoda effortlessly slithers and darts through their barrage without being hit. Flying high in the air, Gamakichi is seen by the horde who launch spikes. Gamakichi pulls his sword in response and knocks the missiles away. Naruto compliments the toad's new skills but the other tells him to stow it, instead focus on weaving signs or he'll shake him off his head. Naruto concludes the toad's attitude grew as well, so he puts his hands together to form a hand seal. On the battlefield, a Cloud ninja recoils from the onrushing slugs but Shizune tells him they're okay, as they're part of Godaime Hokage's healing jutsu. Latching on to the Cloud ninja, the Katsuyu tells the man not to worry. He immediately feels his strength returning as Sakura maintains a focusing hand seal some distance away. Sai and other injured ninja are healed as well from the slug army, leaving Shizune impressed. She marvels that even though Sakura just activated her marking, she's already able to perform Katsuyu-hime's distance healing as well, a truly amazing feat. As Aoda snakes through the horde, the creatures raise a spiked wall to stop his sprint. Aoda alerts Sasuke and the young man directs him to keep going. High above Naruto forms a gigantic Rasen Shuriken, while below the wall and horde are soon parted in two by a Susanoo sword wielded from atop Aoda. The snake keeps pushing forward as the Susanoo uses its other arms to create a large arrow. Naruto yells to Sasuke and the two prepare to fire. As their fellow classmates urge them on, Sakura does the same as tears well in her eyes. Naruto fires his Fuuton: Chou Oodama Rasen Shuriken and Sasuke fires his Enton: Susanoo Kagutsuchi. As the attacks fly, Naruto recalls a talk with Yamato, that he has the right element for Sasuke. Yamato affirms that Wind beats Lightning outright but that's not what he meant. As the Rasen Shuriken and Enton arrow converge together, the spiraling sphere draws the flames within and fans them. Yamato's words echo that only Wind can assist and magnify fire. As the flames grow into a gigantic spiraling blaze they drive into the side of the Juubi. The beast screeches in pain and the alliance members cheer. Tobirama is impressed by the flame control and the boysí ability to precisely match their chakra ratios. Minato is dazzled as well by the windmill-like shuriken and dark black arrow, concluding the Fire-Wind combo should be called Shakuton: Kourin Shippuu Shikkoku no Ya Zeroshiki, or the Scorch Style: Nimbus Gale Jet Black Arrow Style Zero. Grinning at his own prideful silliness, he concludes maybe not. As Gamakichi lands beside Aoda, Sasuke urges the Juubi to burn. Near the rear, Sai looks on and questions Juugo if Sasuke really meant what he said. Juugo looks at the man and offers he truly doesn't know. Some distance away in the ruins of another former battle, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Karin arrive at their destination. Finally seeing their objective before them, Orochimaru tells Tsunade she's truly a sad sight indeed...

Chapter 635: "A New Wind" - Suigetsu is disgusted by the giant and four smaller slugs and questions how much salt it would take to kill it. Orochimaru explains that it's only a piece of Katsuyu summoned from the Shikkotsu Forest, really only a small piece probably. Karin questions that she thought they came for the Five Kage, not the slugs. She then chides the man to focus on the task at hand and ignore Suigetsu. Orochimaru questions if she's upset he dragged her away from Sasuke but she says no and stutters, and curses Suigetsu that they should just hurry. The water man questions what he did to deserve her ire and offers that don't all people want to pour salt on slugs? Orochimaru directs them to move out and focus on Tsunade first. As they land near the woman, numerous small slugs extend from the two halves of her torso. Karin expresses confusion that she didn't remember the woman being a granny and Suigetsu is grossed out by the woman's state. Orochimaru surmises she overreached and the wrinkled Hokage offers a weak recognition of her former teammate. Katsuyu prepares to fire acid but Orochimaru reveals he came to help. The slug says she doesn't believe him and thought he was dead. He offers that if she suspects ill intentions, feel free to attack. Tsunade coughs and Katsuyu relents, offering she'll trust him for now. Orochimaru compliments her on being sensible, unlike Manda. He questions where the other Kage are and the slug states they're recovering in her four fragments nearby. He questions why it's taking them so long to heal and the slug explains that she can only heal in proportional strength to what's provided by Tsunade-hime's Byakugou no In; and because she is quite weak, she cannot muster her own power in turn. Orochimaru ponders the revelation and concludes he never saw her in such a state before, so he supposes it makes sense. Katsuyu offers that she's attempting to do all she can, despite her summoning starting to unravel. For that reason she's been unable to recombine Tsunade's body. Orochimaru directs Suigetsu to bring the two halves together but the man counters that he's better at splitting things. He relents and does so, recoiling at the slimy slugs. Orochimaru jokes that the man is just as gross, perhaps grosser since he's in the shape of a man. He then directs Karin to let Tsunade bite her. The woman raises her eyebrows in dopey antipathy and explains she only wanted Sasuke to bite her. Suigetsu pounces on the comment, happily needling that she just admitted she likes Sasuke after all. She blushes and attempts to backtrack, yelling that she hates the man since he tried to kill her. Suigetsu questions her intentions with all the teeth marks, but the woman affirms she's for Sasuke's exclusive use only. Suigetsu then questions what's with her body anyway, she's even weirder than him. She raises her fist in turn but Orochimaru reminds them to hurry. Extending his tongue and wiggling his fingers, he points out that they're both weird, so they should quit the babbling or he'll tie them up with his snakes and take over their bodies. The duo look at the snake man and both conclude he's the weirdest one of them all. We advance in time and Suigetsu holds Tsunade together while Karin lifts the woman's head to her forearm. Tsunade takes a bite and begins to regain her youth. Karin purses her lips at the amount of healing Tsunade is taking, concluding she herself might turn into a hag if it keeps up. Tsunade's two halves stitch themselves together and the Hokage finally sits up, whole once again. Katsuyu beams in happiness and Orochimaru tells Tsunade she should be a little grateful. Tsunade questions why one who turned traitor against the village would do this. Orochimaru explains that his interests have widened. Before he wanted to be the wind that turned the windmill. Now he knows the pleasure of another's wind, one that is unpredictable and he doesn't want it to end before he can enjoy it. Tsunade counters that it sounds like his typical nonsense, though she supposes he has changed a little. Thinking of Jiraiya, Orochimaru offers that people can and do change, or they die before they have the chance to. "He" passed away as is. Tsunade points out to Orochimaru that if he himself had changed sooner, perhaps Jiraiya wouldn't have died. Orochimaru agrees, but offers it might have been Jiraiya that changed then. Tsunade is quiet and Orochimaru ruminates that just as it was with them, things don't always go how one plans. They're not made of stone, eventually theyíd find something that twisted them. Thinking to himself he concludes that's why he's interested in Sasuke, to see his wind blow. Tsunade offers her thanks for the healing and asks if he knows of the war. He says yes, that's why he's helping. Katsuyu speaks up, announcing she can relay the current battle situation. Tsunade asks the summon how she ended up on the front but before she can answer, Orochimaru announces he's heading out and suggests she heal the other Kage now. The trio jump away and Tsunade looks to the slug.

     At the battlefield, Sakura stands atop her own Katsuyu fragment as Sai lands beside to ask her something. Further ahead, Naruto explains to the summons that the other Bijuu are inside the giant one. So the black flames should be doused when the creature is weakened, then he and Kurama will pull the others out. Sasuke looks on and counters no, they'll all burn. Naruto purses his lips and glares at the man. A Hashirama is alerted, while alliance ninja are heartened at being almost ready. Naruto yells in questioning to Sasuke and the young man simply looks on with his stern Mangekyou eyes. Thinking to himself, he vows that he'll put an end to the current failing system and replace it with a new... He's suddenly startled by movement from the Juubi. The flaming black mass begins to rise out from the main Juubi body, as the creature separates the burning portion off from its body. As the body mass is severed it continues to freely burn, leaving Sasuke to click his tongue in annoyance. The Juubi spawn horde surrounding Gamakichi and Aoda finally charge to attack and the summons turn to face them. In the rear, Sai offers that he doesn't know Sasuke well so he can look at this impartially. To that end he doesn't believe Sasuke can be trusted. Looking to Sakura he asks her what her feelings are? She tells the man not to worry. Sasuke has come back to them and she's happy. She believes him. Sai's eyes narrow and he ruminates that her words may not be lies, but he can tell that her smile is fake. Nearby, Shikamaru looks on and Ino asks what's up. He says it's nothing. At the Kage, Katsuyu finishes relaying the current battle situation and Tsunade offers understanding, concluding in that case, they should hurry too. As she prepares herself, she's joined by the now healed other Kage. Gaara states he can transport them with his sand, so they can save their chakra. A asks for more details, and Oonoki suggests they hear it on the way. Mei then directs them to move out. In the Kamui plane, a giant blade and Raikiri hand rush together through the air... and strike home as Kakashi and Obito each impale the other through the chest in a fountain of blood...

Chapter 636: "The Current Obito" - Kakashi tells Obito he's over the tricks and the other man looks back in silence. Their forms shimmer revealing the strikes were a Genjutsu. Kakashi suggests they don't need to drag things out, as Obito's future is death. As each man forms a sparing hand seal, Obito directs him to come. We flashback to see the teenage duo face off in hand to hand combat before Minato. As the current tandem begin their fight, we see their match from years before. Obito fails at making a Katon in the past, but unleashes a fireball in the present. Kakashi dodges and moves to strike with a kunai. The two men exchange bladed blows and Kakashi contemplates their history. He ruminates that Obito's will is still alive today, so what he can do now is protect Naruto. Obito's own proclamations echo, as he states everyone will end up like him. We see Sasuke leaving Konoha and Naruto's promise to return him. In the present Kakashi kicks Obito away and the man contemplates how Naruto never wavers, making him stronger. As Obito lands on his back Kakashi approaches with his kunai. In the past we see the same and Kakashi's thoughts continue, concluding Naruto is unique in many ways. The teenage Kakashi stop his kunai inches from Obito's face and Minato declares Kakashi the winner. He then directs them to form the unison sign. As the boys reach their two fingers out, Kakashi's thoughts continue. He affirms that's all the current version of himself can do; protect the Obito of the past... As they link hands we return to the present as his Raikiri charged kunai-wielding hand pierces through Obito's chest as Obito own hand stabs Kakashi in turn. Kakashi's thoughts conclude, vowing that to protect the Obito of the past, he'll kill the Obito of the present! Blood spurts from Obito's mouth and both men retreat. Obito falls onto his back and Kakashi to his knees. Ripping the blade from his chest, Kakashi tells Obito that it's over. With an arm-sized hole now straight through his body, Obito merely laughs in turn. The man offers that he'll let Kakashi win this battle, but not the war. He swirls away with Kamui and we return to the battlefield. As Madara continues sitting, he is surrounded by a partial Susanoo which has impaled the Hashirama clone. Madara chides the man for focusing too much power on his original body, leaving the clones weak. As the clone reverts to wood, the Hashirama offers Madara himself has also... Madara is alerted as Obito swirls back into existence atop the Juubi. As Obito winces, Madara concludes the man is no longer of use to him. He wanted to fight Hashirama before becoming a Jinchuuriki but that does not appear meant to be. As Madara forms a hand seal, Obito howls in pain and clutches his chest. Black tendrils snake out to cover his Zetsu side in darkness. Black Rinnegan spikes then emerge as Madara continues his preparation to force Obito to use Rinne Tensei on him. As Obito attempts to gather himself, he recalls the face of Rin. With a roar he forms a hand seal of his own, shaking the shinobi throughout the battlefield.

Chapter 637: "The Juubi Jinchuuriki" - The Juubi and Obito let out a simultaneous scream. Madara looks on, offering that Obito was a backup cultivated for his rebirth. We see the past, as the elder Madara reveals he has plans for the injured Obito. He then declares that it's time Obito repaid his debt. Hashirama looks on, surmising the man is being controlled by Madara's chakra. He turns to look at Madara, seeing a change in his chakra. He questions if the man is using the Rikudou's Rinne Tensei Kinjutsu. Naruto's eyes go wide and Hashirama affirms that Madara must not be allowed to return to life. He then directs those closer to stop the man before he can finish. Sasuke and Aoda bolt forward surprising Naruto. Minato glares and draws his own conclusions about the young man's motivations. Hashirama attempts to create more Mokuton clones, but curses that he can only make a few while within the barrier. Tobirama creates two Kage Bunshin, and chides his own limits as well. As Minato forms a hand seal to follow suit, the Hashirama clones charge towards Madara. He easily identifies the attack and questions why his opponents think mere Bunshin can stop him. As Obito continues to writhe in pain, he recalls the young faces of Rin and his teammates. Coiling ever high up the arm of the Juubi, Aoda darts towards Obito. Small limbs emerge from the Juubi, arresting Aoda's movement. Sasuke continues racing upwards, telling the snake to take his leave. Aoda poofs away and Sasuke cloaks himself in Susanoo. He races forward and leaps into the air above the Juubi, firing off an Amaterasu arrow in turn. Black spikes are fired from Obito's body in return to stop its movement. Not hesitating, Sasuke lands and continues on. As the gathered clones and Naruto race towards their targets, Madara watches on in patience. As Obito's head falls, the words of his sensei echo in his head as we see the past. As Kakashi and Rin walk off together, Minato offers that it won't always be like this, so don't give up. He loves Rin, right? Looking his pupil in the eyes, he offers that they'll both become Hokage someday, wonít they?... As both men bond, we return to the present, for both men meet once again as Minato teleports before Obito and cuts through him with his Hiraishin marked kunai. Blood flies and the weary Obito greets his sensei once again. Minato is shaken, having finally learned the identity of the man under the mask for the first time. We flashback to Minato slamming his Rasengan into the masked man's back and leaving a teleport tag embedded behind. Minato can't believe his eyes, and Sasuke and Naruto continue pushing on. Six Hashirama stare down Madara and the resurrected Uchiha admits it was a failure. The allied ninja question if they succeeded and Minato continues maintaining the barrier. Tobirama looks to the man, concluding the skilled Fourth Hokage had teleported a Kage Bunshin directly to the man he had somehow marked. As Obito lays on his stomach in a bloody mess, Minato stands over him, revealing a Hiraishin mark never fades. He then points out to Obito that he never taught him that. If he had survived back then, he had wanted him to become Hokage one day, so how did it turn out like this? As Sasuke reaches the two men, he offers regret that it was anti-climactic. All they have to do now is seal Madara and the war will be over, also deal with the giant thing. A small voices speaks up, as Obito reveals he still lives. He questions his fellow traitor on why he thinks it's over? The two men standing over him are startled and the Juubi sudden draws inward, quickly reducing in size. As Sasuke and the Minato clone are left falling through the air, Kyuubi arms reach out to grab them. As the Juubi retreats back through the binding gates, we sees its mass being drawn into Obito himself. As Naruto places Sasuke and his father beside him on Gamakichi, he determines that Obito somehow shook off Madara's control and was weaving signs to become this from the beginning... the Juubi Jinchuuriki!...