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Volume Eleven Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 11
By: Nerezza

Chapter 91: "Disciple Application" – Introduces Jiraiya. The pervert introduces himself as a legendary hermit sage and the writer of Kakashi’s favourite novels. With Ebisu down, Naruto convinces the pervert sage to train him instead by appealing to his lust. The sage is also aware of Orochimaru and removes the Five Element seal, allowing Naruto’s Chakra control to improve. Back at Konoha, Dosu launches an early attack on Gaara but is petrified by what he discovers. Ebisu talks with the pervert, revealing him to be Jiraiya and begging for his help against Orochimaru.

Chapter 92: "Leaf and Sound and Sand and..." – Kabuto and Baki watch from the rooftops as Gaara turns Dosu into a bloodstain on the roof. Hayate overhears the two discussing their plans for Hidden Sound to launch an invasion with Hidden Sand as backup and is discovered then by Baki. Hayate performs the impressive Crescent Moon Dance, but Baki already has an even more devastating counter. Jiraiya helps Naruto slowly learn Toad summoning, except Naruto can barely summon more than a miniature tadpole. Back at Konoha, Hayate’s corpse is left in ruins by Baki’s Wind Blade…

Chapter 93: "Each’s Passion" – Naruto can still only summon tadpoles. Kakashi recalls a meeting among Konoha’s officials deciding to take action against Orochimaru if he attacks. Sasuke and Kakashi rendezvous on a cliff top. Sakura and Ino witness a crippled Lee still trying to train in bandages and casts. Meanwhile, Naruto’s summoning improves at a snail’s pace with his tadpoles at least having back legs. Jiraiya and Naruto continue to bicker regardless.

Chapter 94: "Key" – Naruto’s toads have 4 legs but still a tail. Jiraiya isn’t helping through staring at bathing women. Anko is depressed over Orochimaru and her inability to stop him but Sandaime Hokage reassures her. Sandaime also greets an academy class where Iruka reveals that Sandaime was and still is considered a god among Shinobi. Naruto’s training reaches the point that to achieve what he needs to, his life must be endangered – Jiraiya arranges a suitable situation.

Chapter 95: "The Meeting" – Naruto plummets into a chasm after Jiraiya pushes him. In Hidden Sand Village, Kazekage instructs Baki about the invasion with Hidden Sound. Baki relays the orders and some of Hidden Sand’s history to his Genin team, including the reason Gaara was “made”. Naruto goes through a spiritual revelation and meets the imprisoned Kyuubi inside him, informing him that unless the Kyuubi gives him some of it’s Chakra, both will die. Naruto quickly performs a summon and is saved, landing on a toad just as big as the Kyuubi!

Chapter 96: "The Sudden Intruder" – Naruto summoned none other the Yakuza-like ruler of all toads, Gamabunta. Naruto’s arrogance leads to the pair arguing over who is the master of who, until Gamabunta accepts Naruto as his subordinate eventually. Waking up 3 days later in Konoha hospital to Shikamaru (who was visiting Chouji who comfort-ate after his loss to Dosu to the point of self-injury) after exhausting himself, Naruto discovers Gaara in the hospital about to murder Lee and stops him just in time, with Shikamaru’s help. The pair demands to know what Gaara is there for...

Chapter 97: "Reason to Exist" – Despite Shikamaru’s best efforts to make Gaara leave, the sand Genin repeats that his desire is to kill Lee and them too if they interfere. As his childhood is questioned, Gaara reveals his past isn’t too different from Naruto’s – a demon sealed inside him at the cost of someone else’s life, causing all around to hate him. Raised with his mortality threatened constantly, Gaara sees everyone as his potential killer and seeks to pre-empt them all. Guy stops the fight before it starts, causing Gaara to once again become emotionally disturbed before leaving, but swearing to kill them too later.

Chapter 98: "A Proud Failure" – Before the match between Naruto and Neji, Hinata has a brief encounter with Naruto. They exchange encouragement and Hinata almost confesses about the true feelings in her heart, while Naruto admits that Hinata isn’t the creep he first thought she was. The Chuunin finalists line up for an audience of VIPs and villagers alike, except for Sasuke who is yet to even arrive, causing concern among both participants and spectators. The referee tells them to stop looking distracted, as the spotlight in the tournament is placed on them alone.

Chapter 99: "Main Event Commences!!" – Kazekage joins Hokage at the pinnacle of the stadium, recommending he finds a successor in his age. As the referee notes to the competitors that the tournament’s card has had some minor changes, notably the lack of Dosu, Gaara smiles in knowing irony and recalls earlier events where he stalked Sasuke while Kakashi trained him. The referee also announces anyone who is late will be auto-disqualified. Naruto once again swears to take Neji down for his attitude. Calm and cool, Neji promises to give Naruto a reality check...