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Volume Fifty-One Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 51
Title: Sasuke VS Danzou...!! ~ Sasuke VS Danzou...!!

Chapter 474: "The Resolution as Hokage...!!" - Sai explains that Sakura had another reason for coming. Naruto asks that he explain and Sai reveals that the Naruto's Leaf comrades have decided to kill Sasuke. Naruto demands to know if Sakura realizes that, as he has a hard time believing she would go along with it. Sai offers that Sasuke has sided with Akatsuki and is bringing darkness to the world. Naruto asks why she didn't say it then and Kakashi offers that she probably felt it would hurt Naruto. Sai goes on to state that Sakura probably felt a burden on Naruto, and that by confessing her love she might lessen his hurt feelings. He offers that she asked him not to tell him, to which Yamato asks why she even bothered trying if she knew how Naruto would react. Sai theorizing that she was planning something, which Kakashi guesses was to kill Sasuke herself. Recalling a time earlier when Sakura smiled and said she would work with everyone on taking down Sasuke, Sai offers that he could tell her smile was fake. Naruto replies that Sakura likes Sasuke too much to do that. Sai explains that's why she's doing it, she will do anything to save the one she loves from darkness, even if it means killing him. She relied too much on Naruto before, so now she's taking it all upon herself. Naruto asks why Sai is revealing this, and Sai recalls how he called Sakura out on her responsibility for causing Naruto pain as well. Sai offers that he feels partially responsible for Sakura's current mindset and as a member of Team 7, he can't just stand idle. Kakashi ponders how Naruto's heart will react to this news and the young man grabs his head trying to make sense of the new information. A short distance away the Sand siblings arrive and Temari says they have news from the conference. Elsewhere Tobi stands in the way of Danzou and says it's been awhile since he saw him last, since the Uchiha massacre? Back at the inn, the Leaf receive the news and Kakashi remains non-committal at becoming Hokage. He offers that they should head back to Konoha and see what everyone thinks. Temari says with the promise of war they can't go slowly. Yamato offers that Kakashi should be acting as Hokage from now on as they can't let Madara get the upper hand. Kakashi says he's right. Gaara offers that in this war they have to protect the Hachibi and Kyuubi, and as Kazekage he will protect Naruto with his life. And should Sasuke challenge the coalition, he will show him no mercy. Recalling Sasuke's statement that he no longer saw the light, Gaara tells Naruto that his friend now only sees darkness. Grasping Naruto, Gaara states that Naruto once dreamed of becoming Hokage, well he himself became Kazekage. And to wield the title of Kage means knowing what to do. Elsewhere Danzou lowers his robe and asks his attendants to back him up as he releases the seal on his right arm...

Chapter 475: "Madara's True Worth!!" - Danzou removes the iron bolts around his right arm and warns his men to be careful. Torune and Fuu move to attack but Madara phases through their thrown kunai. As Fuu attempts Shintenshin, Madara phases down through the pillar below. Torune asks if Fuu can sense his chakra but his partner says no. Madara reemerges to once again phase through a sword swipe. He grabs Fuu's arm and slings him aside. Madara theorizes Fuu is from the Yamanaka clan and the Root duo discuss how best to counter their opponent. Fuu moves to act as a decoy while Torune removes his gloves. Fuu phases through Madara, and as the Akatsuki turns to strike, Torune moves to hit him from behind. Unfortunately Madara senses the feint and phases, causing Torune to hit Fuu and cause his skin to deaden where he impacted. Fuu winces in pain and Torune moves to give him an antidote. Madara recognizes the miniscule poisonous bugs as the work of Aburame Shikuro, and offers his guess that Torune is his son. Madara offers his approval for Danzou's selection of men and phases into the pillar. Torune moves to remove his shirt and spreads his poison bugs through his body. Madara quickly emerges from behind and swirls him out of existence. Madara grabs his right arm in pain, having been successfully infected. He crushes his right bicep, causing the whole arm to fall away. He quickly kicks the arm at Fuu, and as the man dodges, he swirls the Root member out of existence. Elsewhere at the inn, Naruto knocks Gaara's arm away and Temari states it's time to go. She declares they'll treat Kakashi as Hokage now and the siblings move to leave. Gaara states that he once thought "friend" was just a word, but it was given meaning by Naruto. He offers that Naruto needs to consider that meaning and what he plans to do with Sasuke. Naruto is hit by the words but remains silent. In the alternate box plane, Sasuke demands he be let out by Madara. Madara says he will, he has a gift for the young man. On a brdige, Danzou greets the young Uchiha who is swirled into being along with Karin by Madara. Madara suggests Karin stay out of the way so she moves aside. Dropping the remaining iron seals and bandages on his right arm, Danzou says this is the perfect opportunity for him to take Sasuke's Sharingan. As Danzou flexes his right arm, multiple Sharingan eyes stare out...


Chapter 476: "Sasuke VS Danzou...!!" - As Madara watches in the distance, Sasuke asks Danzou about the eyes on his arm. The elder ninja says each has a story but now is not the time for it. Sasuke offers that it would only make him angrier and he already plans on killing him anyway. He has one question though, did he and the other elders authorize Itachi's killing of the Uchiha? Danzou ignores the question by forming hand seals and charging. As he moves to strike Sasuke, his fist is stopped by Susanoo's rib. Susanoo's hand quickly takes shape and grabs Danzou, who recognizes the jutsu. At the inn, Yamato suggests they return to inform the village of their plans. Sai offers that he's still with Sakura and will make sure she doesn't confront Sasuke. Kakashi says he should talk to her personally since she has no chance against Sasuke, and orders Yamato and Naruto to return to the village. He then states he'll have his nin-dogs inform the other Summit attendees. A short distance away, Naruto is lost in thought. Thinking back over everything the Cloud, Madara, Sai, Sakura and Gaara said about Sasuke, Naruto falls to his knees and starts sweating profusely. He grasps his chest and falls fully to the ground hyperventilating. Back at the bridge, Sasuke demands Danzou answer his question. As Susanoo begins to crush Danzou, blood spits from his mouth. He offers that he didn't realize Itachi was the type of man who reveals all his secrets. He then offers that Sasuke was indeed special to his brother. Sasuke recalls Madara's words that Itachi gave up everything for his brother. Sasuke states it's true then. Danzou explains that being a shinobi means sacrificing oneself and going fully into shadow. Itachi was not the first to do so; such is the ugly truth of the world. But it's people like that who preserve the peace, and now Sasuke is rejecting that very will of Itachi's. Though by revealing what happened, Itachi has betrayed Konoha. Hearing enough, Susanoo's fist clinches and totally crushes Danzou into nothing, sending blood everywhere. Sasuke mockingly orders the dead man to never speak Itachi's name again. From behind him Danzou agrees, they should now talk with their eyes. A surprised Sasuke turns as the unharmed Danzou maintains a hand seal...


Chapter 477: "Don't Speak of Itachi" - Susanoo easily deflects Danzou's kunai and Karin tries to determine how the elder ninja survived. She considers how he had only one chakra source, so it wasn't a clone and wonders if it was Genjutsu. Susanoo smashes down, crushing Danzou... but from above Danzou offers kudos for Susanoo's offensive power as well. Karin examines Sasuke's chakra and determines neither he nor she have the disturbed chakra of one caught in Genjutsu. Susanoo strikes again, sending rubble flying. As Danzou jumps away, Sasuke engulfs him in Amaterasu flames. Madara offers that Sasuke is unnecessarily overtaxing himself. Karin yells out a warning as an unharmed Danzou fires Fuuton projectiles towards Sasuke. Sasuke is forced to retreated over the side of the bridge. In midair he wipes his blood and summons a large hawk which hovers him. Madara wonders when Sasuke got the new summon and Danzou states that with that Amaterasu use, Sasuke really is Itachi's brother. As Karin watches from a distance, she notices one of the Sharingan eyes on Danzou's arm close. Sasuke warns Danzou again to not speak of Itachi. Danzou chides the young man, offering that though Sasuke and Itachi share the same power, they view things completely differently. Because now Sasuke is in the grip of hate, making the Uchiha sacrifice for nothing. The hawk charges and as Danzou unleashes a new Fuuton, Sasuke jumps. Danzou grabs Sasuke by the throat but the young Uchiha cuts him through with his sword. As the Sharingan arm falls to the ground, another Sharingan eye closes. From above, an unhurt Danzou offers that it's no use but Sasuke only watches on in silence. From Sasuke’s body crows emerge and take flight. They quickly circle the confused Danzou and combine into a human form... that of Uchiha Itachi.

Chapter 478: "'Susanoo' Completed...!!" - Itachi stares down Danzou and launches Amaterasu flames which quickly surround the elder ninja. As Sasuke charges Danzou from behind, the elder commends Sasuke's ability to trap him in an illusion but offers that Sasuke is still far below his brother in skill. Before Sasuke's blade can pierce Danzou's back, he is stopped in his tracks. Black markings etch his body, holding him in place due to a hidden seal placed when Danzou previously choked him. Seeing Sasuke paralyzed, Karin moves to assist. She's quickly kicked aside and Madara surmises that Danzou is trying to save chakra. Danzou releases a jutsu and concludes that if Sasuke knows the truth about Itachi, so to does Akatsuki. With that in mind, there's no longer a reason to hide things. He plucks Sasuke's katana from his unmoving hands and offers to the deceased, absent Itachi that Sasuke was his one and only failure. Sasuke thinks back on what he learned about Itachi and closes his eyes. He's quickly released as Susanoo forces Danzou to retreat. As Sasuke cries out, muscle and armor take shape around the spectral being. Danzou notices differences between this and Sasuke's previous Susanoo, while Karin also ponders Sasuke's altered chakra. An excited Madara contemplates the way Sasuke's rage is increasing his power and his ability to break Danzou's binding seal. The new Susanoo draws back an arrow and fires it towards Danzou. With no time for seals, wood quickly grows from Danzou's arm to deflect the missile. Madara is surprised by the Mokuton usage and considers that the Sharingan still has undiscovered secrets. Karin identifies that Danzou took a huge chakra loss after using the jutsu, and wonders why he's fighting differently from before. Madara chides Orochimaru for implanting Danzou with Shodai Hokage's genetic information and increasing his physical energy. Karin yells out that the Danzou before Sasuke is real and he should quickly strike. Danzou forms hand seals and Susanoo fires off another arrow. The missile pierces Danzou through the chest and Karin determines Danzou's chakra changed immediately after using his jutsu. Danzou reappears unharmed and Karin examines the ninja, determining that three of the ten Sharingan eyes on Danzou's arm are still closed. Madara surmises that with the Sharingans and Shodai's genes, Danzou could now control the Kyuubi. Another Sharingan eye closes and Karin notices Danzou's chakra loss. She determines that he released the jutsu before because of its drain on his body and the eye closings are the key. Madara offers aloud that there's only one explanation for what's going on before him, the Uchiha's forbidden Doujutsu Izanagi...

Chapter 479: "Izanagi" - Sasuke coughs blood and Karin yells out in concern. She steadies herself and affirms she has to study Danzou to offer the best assistance. Danzou charges and another Susanoo arrow pierces him. Madara notices Izanagi's use for a quick moment, a jutsu capable of turning wounds and disadvantages into nothing more than dream. The pierced Danzou shudders away and another continues running unharmed. He launches a Fuuton, while Madara ponders how the jutsu also makes attacks and advantageous maneuvers real. A jutsu giving one complete control over their own reality as an illusion cast on oneself; used at the cost of their own vision being lost forever. Another eye closes on Danzou's arm and Madara wonders if Orochimaru's experiments are allowing Izanagi to be used for longer than usual. Danzou ponders that his right eye has yet to recover since the Summit and that he only has five other Sharingans left. He wipes blood from a wound and summons a gigantic baku, a tapir-like chimera beast which inhales the surrounding area. With Susanoo unable to move because of the beast's suction power, Danzou moves to strike. He launches another Fuuton and moves to strike Sasuke's blind spot. Sasuke turns and unleashes a fire ball which is quickly sucked in as well. The summon is quickly startled by the heat and Sasuke knocks Danzou aside with Susanoo. Danzou's limp form comes to rest and Karin finishes counting out to 60 to herself. Suddenly another eye on Danzou's arm closes and the elder ninja rises once again. Harmed too much by the heat, the tapir poofs away. Karin determines that there is a connection between Danzou's decrease in chakra and the minute time limit. With four Sharingan left, Karin figures Danzou has four minutes of protection left. Karin yells to Sasuke that she figured it out and the young man goes on to challenge Danzou with that information. The elder ninja acknowledges that Sasuke knows of the jutsu but Sasuke says no, not until Danzou just confirmed it. Sasuke moves to attack and Karin wonders why. Madara ponders that Sasuke has to; as it keeps Izanagi activated and drains Danzou's chakra. Susanoo strikes out once again and when Danzou moves to avoid the attack, Sasuke launches shuriken. Danzou grabs a kunai and moves in close to strike. As he imbues the kunai with a longer Fuuton blade, Sasuke also moves in with his Chidori spear. As they meet, both men become impaled by the other's blade...


Chapter 480: "Sacrifice" - Danzou chides Sasuke for being too hasty, as he still had one of his Sharingans open to use Izanagi. Danzou is suddenly hit with pain and confusion. The Sharingan on his hand shudders, revealing it's active nature to be nothing but an illusion created by Sasuke. Falling to the ground, he realizes it had closed moments before but an illusion portrayed it as still active. Madara ponders that Sasuke used a brief moment to perfectly strike, using his eye to fool Danzou. He declares that Danzou was overconfident due to his Sharingan eyes. Sasuke then states that the Uchiha should not be underestimated. Madara silently offers that the Root should have stayed buried, and that he'll take Shisui's eye for himself. Sasuke collapses in pain, so Karin rushes to offer her body to heal Sasuke. Refusing to die, Danzou attempts to gather himself. Suddenly his right arm springs forth as a massive tree, as Danzou's lack of chakra loses control of Shodai Hokage's genes. Removing the bandage from his eye, he offers that his final Sharingan still has yet to act. Sasuke charges with Chidori but Danzou dodges and grabs Karin from behind. He considers that he has to save Shisui's illusions for Madara. Sasuke chides Danzou for taking a hostage after all his bravado. Danzou declares that both Konoha and the world needs him, he can't die. Sasuke tells Karin not to move and unleashes a Chidori spear straight through her chest into Danzou's heart behind. Madara congratulates Sasuke for making the right choice and Sasuke offers to his dead brother that that's one down...

Homura, Hiruzen, Koharu, Torifu, Danzou, Kagami

Chapter 481: "Danzou's Death!!" - Karin looks on in shock wondering if that's the extent of his feelings for her. Sasuke confirms by stating she became useless the moment she was taken hostage. She falls to the ground and Danzou turns to stumble away. Madara lands to block his escape and Danzou remembers his younger self from fifty years earlier. Six ninja surround the Second Hokage: Homura, Hiruzen, Koharu, Danzou, Akimichi Torifu and Uchiha Kagami. The group debates how best to handle the skilled Cloud ninja tracking them. They decide someone must sacrifice themselves to lure the Cloud away. Danzou looks on and ponders what Hiruzen will do. His confidence fails him as he can't get out the words to volunteer. Before he can speak Hiruzen says he'll do it and offers he might survive anyway since he's the strongest. Danzou is shocked into silence by his weakness and Hiruzen asks his friend to watch over of the others. Danzou slaps Hiruzen's comforting arm away and says he'll do it, his father and grandfather also died as ninja in battle. It's a ninja's duty. The Second stops the debate by saying he'll do it, he then asks Hiruzen and Danzou to unite and watch over the village. The Second offers that he was slow to decide, but one must know oneself and be calm when making such decisions. He then tells the young men to not be too hasty, as their time will come; they just need to stay alive until then. He then declares that Hiruzen must watch over and protect those in the village, as he'll be the Hokage starting tomorrow. Danzou and Hiruzen are shocked and the new Hokage bows his head in honor. Danzou grits his teeth due to his friend always being one step ahead of him. Back in the present, Danzou removes his robe and says for the sake of Konoha and the world of ninja he can't let his opponents live. Revealing a seal on his chest, surrounding matter begins to draw in towards his body. Madara tells Sasuke to flee and Danzou offers to his deceased comrade Hiruzen that it's his turn now, but he never did become Hokage and catch up to him. While Hiruzen was the tree basking in the sun, he was the roots growing in the dark. Elsewhere Sakura and her team rush on. They question if Sakura should have told Naruto the truth. Sakura asks them to stop as Kiba finally locates Sasuke and Madara's sent. She asks Kiba the location and then apologizes as she moves to throw a bomb. Sai grabs her arm and says he knew should would try to knock them out. Kiba and Lee ask what's going on and Sai surmises she wanted to take Sasuke on her own. Sai says he can't let them go on anyway, as he promised Kakashi. Pulling tight her gloves, Sakura tells Sai to get out of her way. Elsewhere Sai's clone explains to Kakashi that there might be trouble ahead. Back at the bridge, Danzou's body rests at the end center of a huge chunk depression which was sucked from the bridge. Madara offers that Danzou must have set it to go off when he died. Sasuke tells the man they'll head for Konoha next...

Chapter 482: "One More Time..." - Naruto wakens at the inn and Yamato explains how Naruto fainted after worrying so much. Naruto then asks the location of Kakashi and Sai. At the bridge, Madara states he'll remove Shisui's eye. He then directs Sasuke to rest and have patience, as he's weak and losing most of his vision. At the inn, Yamato explains that Kakashi ordered them to return to Konoha. Naruto stands and prepares to leave, so Yamato wraps him in wood. Yamato explains that Kakashi will handle Sakura. An emotionless Naruto says they can return after he rests a little more. In the forest, Lee and Kiba grow angry with Sai for stopping them. Lee, Kiba and Sakura charge but are surprised when knock-out smoke bombs hit the ground. The three men collapse and Sakura apologizes from a distance. Elsewhere Sai's clone tells Kakashi that Sakura got them and then disperses into ink. At the bridge, Madara swirls Danzou away and directs Sasuke to kill Karin if she's useless, as she knows too much. Madara disappears and we flashback to the Chuunin Exam. A young Grass kunoichi yells out in terror for her comrades as a giant bear approaches. She falls to the ground, sending her glasses flying. A Shishi Rendan stops the bear and Sasuke offers that they have the same Earth scroll, so she is useless to him. The young Karin reaches for her glasses and looks to the young man as he wishes her farewell. In the present he does the same and Karin considers how she just wanted to see his face one more time. Elsewhere Danzou's body rests on an operating table in front of a wall holding jars of Sharingan eyes. Madara curses the man, as the elder ninja crushed Shisui's eye before dying. At the inn, Yamato asks Naruto if he's ready and the young man says he's still tired. From under his blanket Naruto cuts a hole in the mat to the floor below. Outside the original Sennin Mode Naruto rushes onwards towards Kakashi's chakra. At the bridge, Sasuke raises a Chidori charged hand to finish off Karin. A voice calls out his name and he glares in the distance towards Sakura. Sakura is shaken by the changes she senses in Sasuke and the Uchiha asks what she wants. She yells out that she wants to leave Konoha and follow him...


Chapter 483: "Master and Student Meet Again!!" - Kakashi finds Sakura's team knocked out and awakens Kiba enough to get her location. He moves them to safety and then goes in pursuit. At the bridge, Sasuke asks why Sakura would join him. She moves closer and states she regretted not leaving with him. Sasuke asks if she knows his plans. She says she doesn't care but he reveals his goal is to crush Konoha. Sakura is shocked and Sasuke asks if she'd really betray them? To prove herself, he directs her to kill Karin. The barely conscious Karin watches on as Sakura withdraws a kunai. Sakura asks who the woman is. Sasuke says she's a useless member of Team Hawk, and a medical ninja which Sakura could replace. Sakura ponders that Sasuke is a different person and completely heartless. She walks closer to Karin and tries to steady her nerves, knowing that she could end it all by stabbing Sasuke. With her back turned, Sasuke moves to kill Sakura with Chidori. She quickly turns in time to see Kakashi knock Sasuke's hand away. He chides his former student for falling so far and then kicks him backwards. Kakashi asks Sakura if she was trying to kill Sasuke by herself. She remains silent and he offers that she doesn't have to take on the burden by herself. As the leader of Team 7 it's his own fault things went this far and he should never have told her years ago that things would go back to normal. He wonders if he was just trying to convince himself, as he's been a terrible sensei to them all. Kakashi says he hates having to repeat himself, but he pleas for Sasuke to give up his obsession with revenge. Sasuke releases a loud laugh and says to bring back his family; then he'll stop. Kakashi states that he doesn't want to kill him. Sasuke retorts that his former master thinks he's capable of such a feat? He's longed to kill him so badly. Kakashi ponders that Madara has corrupted Sasuke, he then directs Sakura to take Karin to safety and heal her. Sakura asks what he'll do, and he says he'll see this through with the same determination she showed. He directs her to leave and offers that no matter how far Orochimaru fell, Sandaime Hokage always looked at his former student with affection. Revealing his Sharingan, Kakashi offers that he understands how Sandaime felt. Sasuke smiles and offers that Kakashi and Sandaime will have plenty to talk about then when he joins him...