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Volume Sixty-Two Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 62
Title: Hibi ~ Crack

Chapter 588: "Bearing the Name Kage" - Itachi removes Kabuto's glasses and announces that with the end of the jutsu, the war should end. Sasuke questions why Itachi would end his life again. Itachi reveals he has saved his village, so he has no further attachments. Sasuke is frustrated, demanding to know why Itachi would still help Konoha after they betrayed him. Moreover, he still has an attachment, he made Sasuke into the man he is currently. Itachi is unmoved. Thinking of Naruto, he offers that he isn't the one who can change Sasuke. That's why ending the jutsu will make him even with Naruto when things are left in his hands. Sasuke is confused, but Itachi continues his work. Opening Kabuto's eyes he locks on to them with his remaining Mangekyou. Itachi then directs the paralyzed man to tell him the hand seals to stop Edo Tensei. Back at the Kage battle, a massive Susanoo fist slams into Mei, knocking her aside. Gaara extends his hand to brace her with sand, while simultaneously raising a sand wall on his blind side to block an incoming Susanoo sword strike. The multiple Susanoo converge on the Kazekage with their swords, flattening the sand as Gaara launches himself to safety to land beside Mei. The Mizukage questions how they are supposed to defeat such creatures. Tsunade lunges to smash one Susanoo into the ground, having been impaled by two Susanoo swords herself. A chides her for getting sloppy, pointing out that she'll still get tired fighting that way, even if she doesn't die. Tsunade rips out the two broken sword blades, and offers that she's fighting her all, which is all she can do. She winces in pain and falls to her knees, distracting a worried A. Madara seizes the opening, grabbing the Raikage with a Susanoo fist. He locks eyes with his Mangekyou and drops the man. A curses falling to a simple Genjutsu as Susanoo converge to impale him. Rock fingers quickly rise to protect him, while the Susanoo suddenly slow. An unemotional Madara looks on as the rock fist protecting A is disassembled by its caster Oonoki. The Tsuchikage ends the Genjutsu on his comrade, much to A's thanks. Madara compliments the man's experience, utilizing his added weight technique to slow down his rampaging Susanoo warriors. An impassioned Oonoki then yells for his compatriots to stand tall as Kage, it's life and death, stop whining! Even if they're defeated, they can't shame their titles. Naruto left the battle to them, they promised to win no matter what. Nevertheless, there is one other thing the shinobi world entrusted to them; they gave them the title of Kage so they cannot let them down. Reinvigorated, the determined Kage stand and join his side. Madara surmises that Oonoki is the heart of the group, so he must be taken out first. The Susanoo creak back into action to attack, while Tsunade places her hands on Oonoki's back to give him chakra. The Tsuchikage explains that they have to finish it now, as they're almost out of chakra. He pleads for more chakra and Tsunade acknowledges. A massive Jinton cube fires, obliterating everything inside, including the Susanoo warriors. Half of Madara is also disintegrated, leaving the man to chide himself for not being able to absorb the jutsu quickly enough after using the Susanoo. A split hits the cube, dividing it in two as Mei and A's Raiton charged Suiton dragon races through to swallow Madara. The man gloats that such attacks won't work on him, so they must plan it as a feint... His words are suddenly cut off as he notices the sand hidden inside the water, which locks him in place. Gaara announces that there's more, as more sealing tagged sand encases the Uchiha. Mei ponders that Madara is now in a corner, as countering one of the jutsu gets him hit by a counter of their own. Oonoki determines the same, planning for another Jinton follow up if needed. He yells that is the power of the Five Kage, leaving Madara to finally acknowledge their worthiness as Kage as the sand fully encompasses him. He then explains that's why he'll respond in kind with his full power. The sand is sent flying and a Rinnegan-eyed Madara gloats that even with their titles, it will mean nothing to the perfect form of Susanoo that now towers above him...

Chapter 589: "Edo Tensei Released" - The Kage marvel, but Madara announces he isn't done. He further stabilizes the Susanoo and it towers over the area, decked in its mask and armor. Tsunade questions if her grandfather really fought against such an impossible foe. Madara affirms that only Hashirama could stand a chance, but he's dead. Moreover, even if he was there... the Susanoo quick draws its sword and unleashes a severing swipe, which cleaves the tops off two nearby mountains. The Kage are thrown of their feet as rubble flies and Madara finishes his declaration, explaining that with only him there, there won't be as big a need to redraw the maps. Oonoki recalls his meeting with Madara in his youth, and questions why his strength was so different, why did he go easy on him? A bemused Madara questions why an adult would seriously fight a child, and asks if that's it for them already? The Susanoo begins to stride toward the Kage, but Oonoki steadies his foot in turn, proclaiming they know their path and won't lose. Madara glares and gloats that Susanoo is destruction incarnate, one sword slash can break creation, only Bijuu can wield that kind of power. They will be smashed to pieces... very well. Back at the cavern, Kabuto voices the hand signs to end Edo Tensei. Itachi then directs Kabuto to perform them. The seals are weaved and Sasuke looks on with his Sharingan. He closes his eyes and returns them to normal and states that nothing he says will appear to change things. He wanted to confirm with Itachi if the things Tobi and Danzou said were true. However, that's not all that was confirmed. When they're together he remembers growing up and their time together, that's why when they get along like they used to he understands him better. It's also why his hatred towards Konoha also increases, becoming stronger than ever. He understands how Itachi wants him to be, being his older brother. But as his younger brother, he won't stop no matter what he says. As Itachi defends the village, he'll destroy it. Itachi remains silent as Kabuto finishes the seals. Sasuke offers a finale goodbye and Edo Tensei is released. Itachi begins to shudder and we return to the battlefield. Kimimaro battles numerous samurai and begins to shudder. Chiyo, using a samurai as a puppet, does as well. In his puppet prison, Deidara yells in anger that he'll explode. Kankurou counters that if he could, he would have already done so. Deidara is petulant and declares there are no duds in art. He begins to shudder and a blast of light escapes the Kuroari. Elsewhere Muu regains control of his body and curses the state he's in, facing off against Dodai and the Hokage guards. He then shudders. At the Shishienjin prison, Dan shudders and glows and informs Chouza that someone apparently did well. Throughout the battlefield the free and sealed Edo Tensei ninja begins to disperse. The resurrected Jinchuuriki as well, as a battered and bloody Naruto thanks Itachi. Hachibi and Killer Bee curse that they've barely been holding on so far. Naruto tells them not worry, they'll take care of things. Back at the cavern, Itachi begins to walk towards Sasuke as he falls to pieces. Raising his hand, he declares he can still make it... All across the land, the lights burst into the sky as the Edo Tensei souls are freed from control...

Chapter 590: "I Will Always Love You" - Tobi curses Kabuto, while a reinvigorated Naruto warns the man they're still up for fighting. Elsewhere Mei offers sadness that they've met their end, leaving A to chide her. As Susanoo's sword comes slashing down the figure begins to disperse. Madara begins to shudder and questions if something happened to his summoner. Back in the cave, Itachi continues his walk and explains he has no more reason to lie; he'll let Sasuke know the truth. He explains the massacre was as Danzou and Tobi said, so he'll show him. Activating his Sharingan, Sasuke is transported into Itachi's memories. Shisui stands on a cliff edge over a river, having lost an eye. Shisui speaks to Itachi, confirming they will be unable to stop the coup díťtat. In addition, should civil war come, other countries will attack Konoha. He explains how he tried to use Kotoamatsukami to stop the revolt, but Danzou stole his eye. Danzou did not trust him, planning to protect Konoha in his own way. For that reason, he wants to entrust his other eye with Itachi. Removing his left eye, he explains that Itachi is his best friend and the only one he can count on to protect Konoha and the Uchiha name. Time passes and Itachi kneels before the Leaf council. An angry Koharu demands the Uchiha be dealt with as traitors. Hiruzen asks her to not jump to conclusions, but Danzou agrees, warning that they must be dealt with as quick as possible to avoid chaos, including the Uchiha children. Itachi remains silent and Hiruzen chastises Danzou for such talk in front of Itachi. He cautions that a civil war won't go easily, so there must be something they can do. Danzou suggests joining their ANBU forces in a quick assault, but Hiruzen states he wants to use words, not force. He asks for Itachi to buy them some time and the meeting breaks. Sometime later, Itachi stands before a shrine with Danzou. Danzou explains that though he and Hiruzen often disagree, the Hokage will do what he needs to do when the time comes. Danzou then surmises that though a coup is destined, it is possible to save the innocent Sasuke. However, should the coup happen, Sasuke will know and desire revenge. This will force Konoha to kill Sasuke too. Itachi questions the veiled threat but Danzou says itís not, he's giving Itachi a choice. Join the Uchiha and die with his family or join them and save his brother by annihilating the rest. He alone can do this. Such a mission will be painful, but it will allow him to save Sasuke. Like Itachi, he also loves Konoha, so will he accept the mission? Itachi closes his eyes to consider the offer and walks away. We advance in time and Itachi stands before Tobi. Tobi questions how Itachi learned of him. Itachi explains that he knows the man slipped into Konoha to examine the hidden Uchiha shrine. Only the Uchiha know where it lies. In studying the man's movements, he learned his mind and ideals. Tobi offers approval that it makes it easier, as it means Itachi knows the man hates both the Uchiha and Konoha. Itachi proclaims the man can have his revenge on the Uchiha, but in return he will not hurt Konoha or touch Sasuke. We cut to the massacre as Itachi kneels atop a power pole. Looking down on his brother, Itachi ponders his sadness that he should have told Sasuke the truth before it all went down. In their house, Fugaku and Mikoto kneel before their son. Fugaku offers understanding that Itachi now sides with the village. Itachi haltingly attempts to speak with his parents but his mother voices understanding his reasons. Fugaku asks his son to promise him one thing, look after his Sasuke. Itachi begins to cry and agrees. Itachi attempts to steady the sword in his shaking hands and his father offers solemn advice. Do no fear the chosen path, their pain will be over soon, his will last longer. And even though their views differed, he is proud of him, he is truly a gentle soul. With tears streaming down his face, Itachi pierces his sword through the hearts of his parents, killing them instantly. A moment passes and the door to the room opens, revealing the horror to Sasuke. In the present Itachi finishes his story and offers that he'll never have to say it again, as he's lost all his truth. Still crumbling away, his arm outstretched, he offers that he always lied and asked for forgiveness. He used his hands to keep Sasuke far away, to not get involved, but maybe Sasuke could have changed their parents, changed the Uchiha had he faced him honestly from the start and spoken the truth. But he failed, and speaking it now still wonít reach him. His outstretched fingers continue on past Sasuke's head, startling him. They grasp the back of his brotherís head and pull him in close. Itachi explains that Sasuke doesn't have to forgive him. Embracing his brother for the final time, Itachi declares that no matter what happens, he will always love him...

Chapter 591: "Risk" - With a smile on his face, Itachi disperses, leaving the sacrificed body to crumple to the ground in his place. Sasuke looks on, unsure of his feelings. Elsewhere Chiyo offers thanks at finally being able to die, as she and Kimimaro disperse for good. At the Kage battle, Mei questions what's happening to Madara. The man looks at his hand as light begins to envelope him. Madara voices understanding that Edo Tensei has been undone. The Kage are surprised and confused about who could have accomplished such a feat. Oonoki says they should just be thankful, as that person saved the shinobi world. Madara surmises that he has no choice and we cut to Dan's prison. He remarks happily at being in control of his own body and asks Chouza to cancel the prison. Chouza directs the shinobi to stop it and Dan apologizes as he forms a hand seal. Chouza recognizes the Spirit Transformation jutsu and encourages Dan to hurry to Tsunade. Dan offers bemused wonder that the jutsu killed many shinobi, but now will be used in this way. Activating the jutsu, his soul frees itself from the sacrifice body. He happily remarks that it's as he thought, he can now control his soul freely. He offers his thanks to Chouza and his spirit races through he sky. An alliance shinobi asks Chouza what the jutsu was. Chouza explains that it allows the shinobi to exit their body as a spirit and kill their enemy, originally at least. Back at the Kage battle, Madara jumps to attack and unleashes five fireballs. A frantic Mei determines she canít counter with Suiton in time, but Tsunade jumps to knock the fireballs aside. Tsunade yells that her badly burned arms will be fine, but she is suddenly shaken as her healing jutsu runs out, leaving her vulnerable. As she falls unconscious, Madara's soul begins to exit his body. Before the Kage can rejoice, the ash suddenly reforms around it and Susanoo takes shape once again. A quickly jumps in attempt to save Tsunade as Susanoo's blade moves to impale her. The Kage stop in surprise and confusion as Tsunade regains consciousness and dodges the sword. Tsunade herself is confused as well until a voice in her head offers greeting. Inside her head, Tsunade views the form of Dan. She questions what he's doing there. He explains how he did so and offers that it was just in time. Tsunade is still stunned by his appearance. The man smiles, stating she never changes. Emotionally rocked, Tsunade attempts to let her feelings for him be known but Dan says they don't have time for being sentimental as he has to go. Tsunade recalls Dan's dream to become Hokage and protect everyone, which causes her to admit that she always ran from her memories since he died, but she changed. She can finally admit she always wanted his dreams to come true. She became Hokage, but... Dan interjects, thanking her for doing what he couldnít. He apologizes for causing her pain but offers he'll be waiting for her on the other side, just don't come visit him just yet. Tenderly holding her cheek in his hand, he explains that she is his dream itself. He kisses her forehead, reminding her of the time she kissed his. As Dan begins to fade, he offers happiness at being able to protect her at least, making the whole Edo Tensei mess worthwhile. Tsunade stands silent and closes her eyes. In the real world, her Souzou Saisei seal reappears on her forehead thanks to a gift of Dan's chakra. Madara notices the reappearance and a rejuvenated Tsunade explains she received a gift from an old friend. Mei questions how Madara's chakra is now stuck tight to him. A wonders the same, since Edo Tensei was undone. Madara explains, revealing the true risk of the jutsu. If the one called from the other side by Edo Tensei knows the seal, they can break the covenant by themselves, thereby gaining an immortal body, limitless chakra and free movement. Oonoki is stunned and the newly freed Madara reacts quickly. Forming a new hand seal he explains that the summoner should always use Kinjutsu with caution...

Chapter 592: "The Third Power" - Sasuke recalls the ninja met in his travels and contemplates the meaning of "clan", "village" and "shinobi". Reactivating his Mangekyou, he then questions just what he himself is. Suddenly the ceiling crumbles, sending debris down. Sasuke jumps to safety as Suigetsu and Juugo offer greeting. Back at the Kage battle, Mei questions just how such a thing is possible. The bored Madara offers that they've fought him, so they should realize he wouldn't let himself be controlled by such a jutsu. He does have a problem though; he declared that anyone who saw "Perfect Susanoo" would die. However, after putting it away, bringing it back out again would have to make him eat his words. In any case, they have ruined his fun, so he might as well collect the Kyuubi now. Oonoki recalls his promise to Naruto, so he moves to intercept the man. Mei yells that they can't handle him, but Oonoki counters that doesn't matter, they have to stop him. Madara declares their perseverance unsightly and we cut to Naruto's battle. Kakashi and Guy attack the Gedou Mazou, drawing it in for an uppercut from Naruto and Gyuuki. The statue is knocked off its feet and Naruto needles the masked man, saying he looks to be in pain. Tobi asks why? Naruto explains that since Tobi hides his face, he has to imagine what it looks like. So if the barbs bother him, take the mask off and prove that he's not actually tired. Kakashi chides Naruto for agitating his opponent, but Guy offers approval. Tobi remains quiet and summons Kohaku no Jouhei, the Amber Purifying Pot. He offers that he has no choice, he wanted to revive it in a perfect form, but relying on Hachibi's tentacle and the gold and silver brothers will grant him some piece of the same power. Gedou grabs the Amber Purifying Pot and swallows it, while Tobi forms a hand seal. He declares that he's behind schedule, but the promised time if finally here. As Gedou lets out a roar, all nine of its eyes burst open. Back at the cave, Suigetsu remarks that Kabuto looks gross, especially the snake-thing on his belly that looks like a big... Sasuke directs him to leave the man alone. Juugo examines Anko, revealing the kunoichi still lives. Sasuke asks why the duo want him? Suigetsu explains that they found an interesting thing. Juugo lifts Anko onto his shoulder and interjects, asking if Itachi really stopped the Edo Tensei? Because the birds are reporting Madara is still out there. Sasuke is surprised and recalls Itachi's declaration that he's still his own man, Shisui's request that Itachi protect the village and Itachi's statement that he had something to do. Sasuke offers understanding, but Suigetsu cuts in to yell at Juugo for interrupting him. Withdrawing the scroll he gives it to Sasuke who looks it over. Suigetsu is joyful, stating they can rule the world with that. Sasuke offers that this is it, the one who knows everything... He stands and explains he needs to meet someone, so he's going. Suigetsu asks who? Sasuke answers "Orochimaru". Suigetsu questions that he thought Sasuke killed him. Sasuke looks to the curse seal on Anko's neck and explains that Orochimaru is resistant, he wouldn't die so easily. He's willing to see the bastard again, as there's something needing to be done. The clan, the village... he's going to meet the man who knows everything...

Chapter 593: "Orochimaru's Revival" - Suigetsu questions why and who knows everything? Sasuke says it's no concern, but Suigetsu challenges that he can't revive Orochimaru anyway. He then suggests he use the scroll for himself. Sasuke offers that there are things only Orochimaru can do. Suigetsu questions why Sasuke can't do it as Orochimaru's disciple. Sasuke warns Suigetsu not to underestimate their former leader. Suigetsu yells that he isn't, that's the point, the reason he managed to defeat him before was because Orochimaru had his arm's sealed away. Reviving him is dangerous, because he has nothing to lose, he'll try to take his body again and help destroy Konoha. It should be their time to shine and do their own thing. Sasuke asks Suigetsu to be quiet, and to help by grabbing a piece of Kabuto for him. Suigetsu is annoyed, but Juugo moves to assist. Suigetsu questions if Juugo is really fine with reviving Orochimaru and the man says he doesn't care, Sasuke's will is Kimimaro's. Juugo extends his arm to Kabuto's chest and begins to suck out Orochimaru flesh and chakra from Kabuto. Juugo explains that his clan called it Sennin Transformation, whereas copies used them as Cursed Seals. Taking the clump of flesh to Anko's Curse Seal, he places it over top. Sasuke recalls Kakashi's jutsu to seal his mark, and deduces to use the opposite. Activating the seal release, a large snake begins to grow out from Anko's neck. Its mouth opens, allowing Orochimaru to regurgitate out, whole once again. Suigetsu hides behind Kabuto and Orochimaru smiles, marveling that he would be revived by Sasuke of all people. Orochimaru looks to Sennin Mode Kabuto still stuck in a trance and remains silent. Sasuke reveals there's something he needs. Orochimaru says he knows, he's been watching everything via Anko's curse seal. He poured his Senjutsu chakra into the seal along with a portion of his soul. Sasuke asks if he knows about the war. He says yes, and reveals he has no interest in it, surprising Suigetsu. Itís someone else's war, he just wants Sasuke's body. Sasuke remains unmoved, while Suigetsu ponders if Orochimaru has the power to do so. Sasuke extends the scroll and Orochimaru asks why he wants to meet them. Sasuke offers he needs to know more. Orochimaru expresses doubt, since Sasuke is still so young. Sasuke says he's wrong. Recalling Itachi's regrets on how he treated him, Sasuke explains he's no longer a child and shouldn't be treated as such. He needs to know the beginning and what actions he should take. He's not focusing on the revenge itself, if anything, meeting Itachi only strengthened it. Itachi became a betrayer to protect Konoha. What do such things as village, clan and shinobi mean? He wants to know everything to make that decision himself. Orochimaru surmises Sasuke is different from when he and Tobi used him. Walking over to Kabuto, he puts his hand on the man's shoulder and ponders feeling strange about the whole deal. Suigetsu bolts to Sasuke's side and warns that Orochimaru will suck out all Kabuto's power and kill him, then turn his attention towards them. Sasuke still remains unworried. Orochimaru remains silent while Kabuto returns to normal. Orochimaru offers to Sasuke that the way he is now isn't bad. Suigetsu yells in worry that Orochimaru took all Kabuto power but the man counters that's not the case. He simply absorbed all of his own chakra which was in Kabuto and released his Sennin Mode. Kabuto himself is untouched. Now finished, he offers that he'll help, but they'll need to go on a journey. Sasuke asks where? Orochimaru reveals it's a place he well knows...

Chapter 594: "The Progenitor" - Guy, Naruto and Kakashi are wary as Tobi urges them to look upon the revival of the Juubi, the beginning of the world's end. Kakashi surmises the Gedou is the vessel of the Juubi, but then wonders how Tobi is proceeding since he stated he needed all nine Bijuu. Gyuuki ponders Tobi's earlier words and remembers the tail he sacrificed to give Bee a clone. He tells Kakashi, who offers that he just needs Naruto then, or at least a piece. Kurama affirms with Naruto that he sensed it too; some of his chakra was in the jar and gourd. He directs Naruto to switch with him, and soon Kurama's voice is coming from Naruto's mouth. Naruto takes on his feral form and Kurama explains to the others that if only a piece is needed, then the masked man has it. They are surprised and Kurama explains how the Rikudou's treasures could seal anything away. Presently they contained Ginkaku and Kinkaku, who were possibly revived via Edo Tensei. Guy asks what those legends have to do with his chakra? Kurama explains that they once fought and he swallowed them whole. They survived in his stomach by eating its meat and stealing his chakra. Kakashi offers understanding and Kurama ponders what form the Juubi will be in if it doesn't contain all their chakra. Kakashi prepares Raikiri and offers he plans to try and stop it before that. Tobi retorts that Kakashi is quick to talk, understandable for a man with so many regrets. Guy asks who the masked man is. Tobi asks if it matters, since Guy doesn't recognize faces anyway. Kurama through Naruto agrees with Kakashi, stating the old man Rikudou told them that the Juubi's return will mark the end of the world. Inside, Naruto asks Kurama if the Juubi is really so strong. Kurama says yes, it contains all the Bijuu's chakra. It's the origin of chakra and creator god known by many names. It reshapes the earth itself and is the progenitor of everything in the world. It's like all nine Bijuu combined, and he cannot stop it. However, if only a piece of him and the Hachibi are inside, they might have a chance. Tobi continues powering the Gedou and counters that they misunderstand; he doesn't need it to be perfect to carry out his Infinite Tsukuyomi, a Genjutsu to end all strife and remove all individuality. The world no longer needs heroes, it'll have a never ending dream. Naruto directs Kurama to switch and he returns to normal. Naruto glares at Tobi and proclaims that he had parents and Pervy Sennin. All kids need heroes; they help them keep pushing forward. He'll become Hokage and surpass all the others, that's his dream you idiot. Tobi is nonplussed. Guy offers that even if you don't want your youth to end, you have to eventually give up that dream. Kakashi agrees, stating dreams are things which can come true. Bee raps that his dream is a middle-ages woman's chest. Gyuuki marvels at Bee's lack of shame, while Tobi offers that individuality blinds people to the truth, and in his new world, his word will be the truth. Instantly Naruto charges while in his Kyuubi Mode form. He lunges with Rasengan but Tobi swats him back with his fan. Naruto offers that it indeed will not be easy, so he'll just have to bash in the mask. Tobi answers that he has his own goal, and he will not let Naruto touch the Gedou Mazou, no matter what...

Naruto and Tobi

Chapter 595: "Crack" - Naruto forms a clone and Kakashi reminds him of Tobi's power. Guy adds that he should be prepared for counters, focusing on making multiple openings at close range rather than big moves. Naruto says he knows and charges. The Narutos begin to create a mini-Bijuu Dama, while Kakashi directs Bee to lift him higher. Guy removes two nunchaku, while Kakashi activates his Mangekyou. The Narutos converge on Tobi, but the man slices through one, ending the clone. The real Naruto extends his Bijuu Dama wielding Kyuubi chakra arm but Tobi is ready, and phases through and moves to grab Naruto. From above comes Guy, who unleashes a flurry of nunchaku strikes to force the man to unphase, right as Tobi reaches Naruto. Tobi continues on, but then turns and unleashes a barrage of kunai, which Guy swats away with his weapons. Guy jumps to get in close, while Tobi moves to finish him off first. Guy swings his nunchaku which phases through Tobi, but as the man moves to grasp Guy, Guy uses his extended leg to kick the nunchaku back through Tobi again. Tobi is forced to unphase as he passes through the man, but quickly turns to swipe with his fan. Guy effortlessly passes the nunchaku behind his back to block the swipe with the nunchaku chains. Naruto takes the initiative and strikes with an opening, extending the chakra arm. Tobi turns his attention, giving Kakashi an opening of his own. Focusing a large amount of chakra he moves to strike the Gedou Mazou's head with Kamui. Tobi uses his extended fan to help pull himself away from the chakra arm, and turns. As Kamui twists space around the Gedou's head, it quickly reverts to normalcy, shocking Kakashi. Tobi declares such a move naive, leaving Kakashi to wonder just how the masked man did that. The chakra arm continues its movement, striking home at Tobi. Debris flies and the allied men look to see Tobi gone. Naruto closes his eyes and then launches himself into the air as Tobi lunges at him from the rock below. The two men jump through the air on the flying earth and Tobi swipes his fan, temporarily unphasing to allow it to pass easily through the rocks in the sky. Guy hurriedly attempts to jump and help, but not in time. Naruto is struck by the fan, and winces from the power and inability to strike Tobi. Kakashi yells for help as he charges Raikiri, and Bee moves to assist. Kakashi charges Raiton in a kunai as he is launched by Bee. As the milliseconds tick by, Tobi inches closer and closer to grabbing Naruto, while Kakashi slices all the flying rock between the men in two as he flies to their position. Kakashi concludes he won't make it and hurls the kunai just as Tobi reaches Naruto. Tobi unphases just as the blade passes through his head. Milliseconds pass, and Tobi uses his foot to redirect the flying kunai towards Naruto. Kakashi yells that he has it, while Naruto turns to strike, extending the chakra arm from his outstretched hand. The kunai is sent away with Kamui, as the Kyuubi chakra arm phases through Tobi's head. Naruto curses and quickly jumps with Kakashi to Guy's side. Guy asks if they're okay and Kakashi says yes, even though his jutsu didn't work for some reason. Naruto asks what they're supposed to do then? Tobi remains composed with his back to the men, but turns and reveals to them that they didn't fail after all, for an inflicted crack has appeared upon his mask...

Chapter 596: "One Jutsu" - Tobi, Guy and Kakashi all notice the crack in mask. Tobi glares at his opponents and Naruto looks to try and find it as well. Guy offers that the attack must have impacted, which encourages both Naruto and himself. Kakashi offers doubts that it was the punch that did it, as it appears to have been made by something sharper. He suddenly comes to a realization, while above Bee and Gyuuki quickly move to strike while the Gedou is unprotected. Tobi counters quickly, raising an Uchiha flame shield barrier which burns Gyuuki's hand. Guy explains they'll have to take out Tobi first, which Naruto retorts he's been trying to do. Kakashi continues to look on while working out how Tobi was hurt. He recalls the strangeness of Kamui being cancelled and his teleportation of the thrown kunai while Naruto threw his punch. He concludes the mask damage was due to the kunai, which means his Ninjutsu... Kakashi calms himself and resolves that it must be possible, even if it does not seem so. He then asks Naruto, Guy and Bee for their assistance. Gyuuki lifts the trio into the air and then hurls them at Tobi. Guy whirls his nunchaku, striking a large airborne boulder to send a shower of rubble down onto Tobi. Guy lands nearby and turns his weapons on the masked man. As nunchaku handles phase through Tobi, he reaches out to grab them as they finish passing through him. Tobi chides the man for underestimating the Sharingan's ability to read his movements, he then moves to swirl away the weapons. Guy smiles, knowing the man will become corporeal when he attempts to do so. He then dives to his left as Naruto barrels over from behind him bearing Rasengan. Tobi declares it futile and finishes teleporting the nunchaku away. He extends his left arm just as the Rasengan reaches him; however, he is ready, as the jutsu phases harmlessly through his body. As Tobi and Naruto begin to phase through each other, the Rasengan suddenly winks out of existence. The two men turn to lock eyes and Tobi is suddenly rocked, as his right shoulder explodes from an unknown attack. He flies out of control and quickly attempts to right himself. His clothing is damaged, showing a successful strike upon his upper arm. Naruto exclaims happily, offering that Kakashi was right. Tobi looks on and voices his deduction: The Rasengan didn't end, Kakashi teleported it with Kamui. Kakashi explains that it is as he thought. He once thought Tobi had two jutsu, one for unphasing and one for teleporting objects away, but it's just one jutsu after all...


Chapter 597: "The Secret of the Space-Time Ninjutsu" - Guy compliments Kakashi's deductive abilities and asks him to lay it out for them simply, as he'll adjust his tactics accordingly. Kakashi reveals that the jutsu Tobi uses to suck things up and the one to unphase are actually the same jutsu. He'll explain by starting with the scratch on the mask, which was definitely caused by the kunai that was thrown, and his shoulder damage was caused by Naruto's Rasengan. Furthermore both injuries shared their overlap points with Naruto. Finally, both injuries were caused by the kunai and Rasengan teleported away by his Kamui. Thus, Tobi's space-time jutsu is the same one shared by his Kamui. Guy questions how that it possible and Gyuuki-Bee asks if all space-time jutsu are connected. Kakashi says probably not, only their two jutsu. Naruto asks how the kunai hit him then. Bee answers that it's impossible to hit someone you just slip through, but Kakashi interjects to say that's not really the issue. It looks like the attacks slip through, but in reality the places where Tobi's body overlapped were moved into the alternate dimension. So instead of unphasing, Tobi sent those portions away. Previously when the kunai was sent away, Tobi lunged and sent away a part of his body due to Narutoís strike. Thus he temporarily shared the same alternate space as the kunai. When the kunaiís flight path reached that portion of Tobiís body, it impacted. Naruto asks about his Rasengan and Kakashi explains it did the same thing. It was teleported away and came into contact with the part of Tobi's body which he had moved to the alternate reality when he passed through Naruto. Bee questions why they're connected, and Guy asks if he's... Kakashi strongly questions Tobi where he got the eye. The masked man answers with confidence, saying it was at the Battle of Kanabi Bridge in the previous war, where Kakashi was known as the Sharingan hero. Kakashi is stunned and says that means he is... Tobi interjects and warns him to not open his mouth so easily. He chides Kakashi for being a man of words and no action. In any case, no need to regret, the course is now set. There is no hope for the world, only the Infinite Tsukuyomi will change things. He'll create a world where heroes don't have to make sad excuses in front of graves. Kakashi glares at the man, leaving Guy to ask his friend if he's okay. Before he can answer, Naruto steps up to chide Tobi for droning on and on. He himself will never stop dreaming of becoming Hokage, as he's been entrusted with many things. Naruto's friends smile, while Tobi questions what Naruto is without what Jiraiya and Yondaime Hokage left him? Naruto recalls both men's request for Naruto to find a way to get rid of the world's hatred and their faith that he could do it. Tobi asks how Naruto would feel if he fails them? If he relies on "hope", heís left with an empty reality. Kurama looks on, recalling Minato explaining to Naruto that he wanted his son to use half of the Kyuubi chakra. Kurama asks Naruto to switch, and in reality Naruto turns feral. Naruto points at his body with his thumb and the voice offers apologies, as Naruto doesn't suit his words. Kakashi and Guy are taken aback for a moment by the Kyuubi speaking, while Tobi merely looks on. Kurama continues, explaining that Yondaime Hokage left him to Naruto and they've become friends. He can now use his chakra, all because he was sealed within Naruto for one purpose, to take Tobi down! Naruto regains control of his body and smiles, while Kurama urges him to do it. As chakra bursts forth, Naruto re-enters Kyuubi Chakra Mode and bolts towards Tobi. Kurama voices his support, declaring that there's no way he'll fail...