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Volume Sixty-Seven Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 67
Title: Toppakou ~ An Opening

Chapter 638: "The Juubi Jinchuuriki: Obito" - The alliance ninja are left questioning if the Juubi was defeated. Hiashi says no and Sakura asks Hinata if she saw what happened. She says yes and we see the events from Hinata's eyes. As Obito lays defeated, he begins to sink into the Juubi as the beast draws into him in turn. As the Juubi flesh enters the man's body it begins to form a cocoon. He raises his bare palm to his encased head and rips the Juubi flesh away. The Juubi cocoon shatters, revealing a newly healed Obito. As the man floats in the air, five flesh spikes stand out on his shoulders. His back is marked by a swirling large tomoe, situated above nine smaller tomoe. As the gates now stand empty, Hinata reveals that the Juubi was absorbed completely by the man. Sakura questions if that means... As Gamakichi lands atop a gate, Sasuke questions if that man is now the Juubi Jinchuuriki. Minato voices worry for his student and Naruto declares the man even creepier than before. Sasuke questions how Naruto knows what happened. Tobirama is alerted by what he senses, while Hashirama surmises things have gotten bad. Naruto reveals he became friends with the other Bijuu and they gave him some chakra, so it's obvious to him what's happened. The Bijuu chakra got absorbed into Obito and he's seen the Rinne Tensei performed before and that wasn't it. It was a jutsu to become the Juubi Jinchuuriki the whole time. Sasuke voices understanding while nearby Bee asks Gyuuki if that's the final form. Gyuuki says no, it's hard to explain, but it looks like the Juubi was placed into a Jinchuuriki before it was ready. Hashirama acts quickly, sending a binding gate down on top of Obito. It crashes and pins him into the earth as more and more bigger gates fall onto each below to further pin him down. Hashirama thanks his luck that even if the man is a Jinchuuriki, the gates will still be in play. Naruto cheers at the display but it's short lived, as all the gates suddenly shatter. Obito regains his feet and Tobirama marvels that the man shrugged off an attack that managed to suppress the Juubi itself. Four chakra flames sudden spark up on Obito's shoulder spikes and form Bijuu chakra arms which launch out to grab onto the walls of the barrier prison. As the clamp onto the walls, they pull inwards, shattering the prison and ending the jutsu. The four Hokage are shaken and on the nearby cliff, the Hashirama and Tobirama clones staring down Madara suddenly poof away. Guy calls the prison break impossible and Bee asks if it seems like Obito is even more powerful than the Juubi was. Gyuuki says yes, before it was throwing power around, now it's focused. Hashirama calls out in warning for everyone to be on guard. As Obito lands atop the gate beside Gamakichi, Minato begs Obito to stop. The other man stutters out his own name like a question, which confuses his opponents. Three more join the fray as Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen arrive between Obito and Gamakichi. Hashirama grimly declares the man stronger than even himself. Hiruzen agrees and Tobirama surmises to his brother that even if he reabsorbed his clones, he still wouldn't be a match. Hashirama says he knows, but... Nearby Madara begins to gather himself and offers that though it would be fun to watch the Hokage beg for mercy, he can't wait any longer. Obito is now like the Rikudou Sennin, and he can't let him take the lead before he uses his own trump card... Back atop the gate Naruto is shaken as the blinding speed of Obito has ripped through and partially destroyed the Senju brothers with effortless ease...

Chapter 639: "Assault" - Naruto is stunned and Tobirama calls out in warning for Saru and Yondaime to flee. Minato's eyes go wide and Hiruzen affirms, concluding Tobirama already launched his counter. As Obito gathers himself, numerous explosive tags dot his body. Tobirama calls out to his brother who sends out tendrils of Mokuton in response. As the tags detonate, Hiruzen jumps away and Minato applauds Nidaime's quick thinking. He teleports Sasuke and Naruto to the top of Gamakichi, while down below the partially destroyed Shodai has managed to wrap the unhurt Obito in wood binds. Tobirama concludes he figured it wouldn't hurt him. He then explains he invented Edo Tensei and the supplementary jutsu to use with it, though it’s the first time he's had to use it on himself. Looking back to the men, Hiruzen recognizes what comes next. A flurry of more tags soon spring forth from Tobirama as he explains that each tag summons yet more tags, resulting in focused continuous explosions. The tags ignite and thunderous, consecutive booms begin to detonate on Obito. Naruto admits he can't follow what's going on and Sasuke directs him to just focus on what's happening around them. As the tags continue to explode and draw in more tags, the nearby Alliance ninja express a desire to join the fight. Darui tells them to not be rash, and a Hashirama agrees. As the explosions finally cease, Obito brushes himself off, unhurt. Hiruzen forms a hand seal and compliments the man's powers and ability to turn everything to dust in an instant. Suddenly a giant shuriken is summoned to his hand and he hurls it towards Obito and activates Shuriken Kage Bunshin, creating numerous giant shuriken in the flight path. Obito generates a black mass from the back of his hand, which then pierces back through a hole to his palm. The mass is then whipped through the incoming projectiles to cut them harmlessly in two. Looking on, Hiruzen compares the jutsu to Oonoki's Jinton. A jutsu similar but fluid, capable of offense and defense that can be continuously used. Obito extends the black mass out again through his palm through Hiruzen's shoulder. As Sandaime attempts to dodge, he concludes the attack must be a combination of more than four elements, something even more advanced than a Kekkei Genkai or Touta. As the mass pins Hiruzen in place, Obito manipulates another sphere on his left hand which then grabs Sandaime's forehead. Hiruzen deduces that there appears to be a time limit to the dark mass manipulation as the left hand mass is fired into his head, destroying away part of his body. Naruto questions his father on why he couldn't teleport Sandaime away as well and Minato explains he can only teleport what he or his chakra touches. Sasuke tells Naruto to keep quiet, the Hokage are all Edo Tensei. They attack head-on knowing they won't die in order to learn the enemy's abilities, so stop worry and analyze the battle instead. Minato notes Sasuke's intelligence and offers that even so, it takes Edo Tensei awhile to regenerate. In the distance, Obito turns his attention to the three onlookers and Minato explains he'll create an opening. As Hashirama rushes in to help, Madara jumps in his way to stop him. The annoyed Uchiha yells to his former friend that he's done waiting and the two men stare each other down. As Obito jumps to attack, his body suddenly balloons in size, much to his confusion. He crashes into nearby rubble as a large bio-mass, confusing his opponents as well. Minato determines that the Bijuu and Jinchuuriki still aren't in sync and affirms now is the time to strike. He rushes to attack with the plan of summoning his original. The original Edo Tensei Minato soon appears beside his clone and Minato announces happily that it's time for his Rasen Senkou Chou Rinbu Kousan Shiki, or Spiralling-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Style Three. As a Minato wields three Hiraishin kunai in each hand they continue rushing forward. Suddenly Naruto calls out in warning to Gamakichi as the ground explodes below them. Appearing from the rubble below is Obito, wielding his dark mass jutsu. Gamakichi is sent off his feet injured and the Minatos turn in confusion as they reach the lower half of Obito's body. They conclude the man extended himself to pass through underground as his top half moves to strike the falling Naruto. Extending a piecing dark spike to impale the young man, the blade is suddenly blocked as Sasuke jumps in between covered with Susanoo. As the two Minatos reach Obito's lower half, they are kicked away by Obito's legs. At the upper half, Sasuke looks on and thinks of Team 7, represented by their photo together. Naruto is surprised while Obito merely looks on. Sasuke explains to the man that he won't be the one to sever their past together, Sasuke himself will. As the words are said, the Naruto half of the Team 7 photo is ripped away. Obito's Rinnegan shudders and Naruto and Sasuke's own eyes also go wide, as instantly Obito has sprung forward to grab each by their faces. As Minato attempts to gather himself, he pleads to be in time as he calls out his Hiraishin no Jutsu...

Chapter 640: "Finally" - Minato realizes his Hiraishin mark on Obito has disappeared as the man holds both Sasuke and Naruto by the face. As Obito generates more dark mass spheres above his hands to fire into their faces, Naruto reacts, shooting out Kyuubi chakra arms to grab onto Sasuke and Minato. Suddenly all three men disappear, confusing Obito. As Gamakichi winces nearby, all three men appear near a Hiraishin kunai. Naruto exclaims in worry and Sasuke recalls Minato's explanation that he can only teleport himself and anything his chakra touches directly, which was accomplished via the chakra arm. Minato beams at Naruto’s skills but then turns his stern gaze towards his former student. As Obito slithers through the rubble with an elongated torso, Gamakichi notes the man's strange appearance. Portions of the Juubi material on Obito's body begins to bulge and throb. Minato reveals they need to strike while Obito is not in full control and they look to the man, as his body swells and undulates in grotesque agony. The man lifts an arm and fires a dark spherical mass from his hand, in response Minato lifts a Hiraishin kunai to teleport it away. Before it can reach them though, the attack expands in size near Obito. With destruction in its expansion zone, it then shrinks and flies away. Naruto questions the man's intentions, was he aiming for one of Minato's clones? Minato says he doesn't think so. They then react in confusion as they see the expanded attack actually destroyed a portion of Obito's body. Minato offers that the attack missed; Obito does not yet have power over the creature. Gamakichi gives thanks it missed, as it would have killed them. Jumping before Sasuke and Naruto, Minato places numerous kunai in a fan between his fingers. He affirms he'll finally use Rasen Senkou Chou Rinbu Kousan Shiki and directs the two other men to immediately strike Obito with their strongest combo. The pulsating Obito gives a weak voice to Rin's name and then lets out a wail, as the bio-mass grows more and engulfs his head. Minato recalls Obito's promise to become Hokage and hurls the Hiraishin kunai. They implant in Obito as his further laughing words echo, that if he's Hokage, he won't have time to worry about girls. Within Obito's psyche, we see a photo of Team Minato. In the picture, Obito's face has been ripped away. We see Obito himself bound and helpless at the strands of the Juubi in this realm. Missing one arm, he wails as his left arm is then ripped away. In the picture, Kakashi's face then rips free. Obito wails again as his torso is torn in two. In the picture, the top Minato half rips away, leaving the smiling face of Rin behind. As he pants in pained exhaustion we cut back to reality as Minato charges. The Obito biomass asks questioningly who he is?... In the psyche, Obito's head splits in two as Rin's face begins to rip in two as well. Suddenly the two halves of Obito's head rejoin and sync around his Sharingan. The other portions of his body also rejoin and stitch back together, making Obito complete once again. In doing so, the ripped Team Minato photo also regains its full appearance. In reality Obito stands wholly in control once again, bearing the countenance and prayer staff of the Rikudou. Minato is surprised and Obito greets his master coolly and confidently. As Minato clashes his kunai against Obito's staff, the kunai breaks and Obito fires off a dark sphere blast from the back of his hand. Minato is utterly gone save for his right arm and Naruto reacts in worry. Sasuke reminds him to stay focused and the two men are shocked when Minato teleports into being before them. He explains he used Hiraishin to escape, so don't worry about him. Obito points at the man and asks if he's so sure? Minato looks in confusion to his right shoulder which now has the dark sphere in its place. Minato questions when it happened and quickly concludes the man attached the mass so he would teleport with it. As the three men look in shock, the dark sphere flashes brightly...

Chapter 641: "You Two Are the Main Act!!" - Minato attempts to teleport away with the sphere as Sasuke moves to protect Naruto with a Susanoo hand. As the sphere shines bright, another hand reaches out to grasp it and it vanishes... Tobirama suddenly appears beside Obito and offers the sphere back to the man. It detonates and Tobirama jumps in and lands near Naruto, explaining he used a Bunshin to move the sphere, utilizing a marking made the last time he touched Obito. Naruto is amazed the man could copy his father's move, leaving a perturbed Tobirama to point out it's actually his move. In the distance, a Susanoo sword clashes against the jaws of Hashirama's Wood Dragon. Hashirama yells for Madara to get out of his way, but the other simply points out he has little time himself, as he has his own plans to set in motion. The two titans part and Hashirama looks to Madara in confusion about his true goals. Madara offers that he'll continue with his current battle. The shinobi forces below marvel at the brawl of their powerful predecessors, admitting they'd get in the way if they tried to help. Shikamaru contemplates that even a small power can help, depending on how it's used. The words are transmitted to the other shinobi via Ino and Shikamaru continues. They might be useless now, but soon they could be needed. He implores them to keep their eyes on the battlefield and be ready when the moment arrives, for their power could change the course of the world. Situated among the gathered shinobi, Temari smiles at the words, concluding Shikamaru himself could make a great Hokage, as the ability to sway hearts if a prerequisite of any Kage. In the crater where Obito once stood, a black sphere fires out and then unwraps, revealing the unharmed Obito within. He glares at Minato and the others and the Yondaime Hokage surmises he'll have to create an opening with his Rasen Senkou Chou Rinbu Kousan Shiki after all. Tobirama tells the man he's an accidental comedian. Normally he'd poke fun at such names, but the jutsu they're facing aren't a laughing matter. Suddenly Sasuke bolts forward and casts Amaterasu with his Mangekyou and Naruto follows. Obito shapes a protective shield in response to block the flames. Minato yells that he told them he'd create an opening. Sasuke counters that he'll create it, with Naruto interjecting that *they'll* create it. The unmoved Obito explains that he sensed the buildup of chakra in Sasuke's eye, so it wasn't much of a surprise. Behind the boys, Tobirama places his hand on Minato's shoulder and states it's time to move. A Bunshin Hiraishin is too slow, so the two of them will use their own Hiraishin. Tobirama places his Hiraishin seal mark on Minato and directs the other to do the same to him. As Sasuke and Naruto race forward, Sasuke states he'll match his chakra to Naruto using his Sharingan. Naruto chides the man for making it a competition. Minato places his seal on Tobirama and offers that it won't matter if they get hurt with their current bodies. As Sasuke and Naruto race side by side, Sasuke extends his left hand to generate an Enton Susanoo Kagutsuchi while Naruto matches with a Rasen Shuriken in his right hand. The two jutsu combine, forming a spiraling ball of Enton. Obito turns his attention to his back as Tobirama teleports into being. He questions if it's a pincer attack as the duo rapidly approach. Suddenly Minato teleports into being before the boys, much to their shock and Obito's confusion. The Enton Rasen Shuriken slams into Minato's chest as he proclaims to the duo that they’re the main act. Tobirama recognizes Obito's distracted attention and places his hand on the man's back as Minato and Tobirama enact their plan, activating their Hiraishin simultaneously. In an instant, Minato and Obito switch spots, causing the Enton Rasen Shuriken to slam home into Obito’s chest. As Minato reappears where Obito and Tobirama once stood, he offers that the Enton Rasen Shuriken should be called Shakuton: Kourin Shippuu, the Scorch Release: Nimbus Gale... Obito and Tobirama are sent flying backwards and Obito deduces what happened as Tobirama teleports away. As the flames erupt, Sakura watches on in the distance. As she continues to mold chakra, she questions Hinata on Sasuke and Naruto's status. As Hinata looks on with her Byakugan, she reveals the confident duo are actually smiling...

Chapter 642: "An Opening" - Naruto cheers as the Amaterasu rages. Nearby the unused black spheres rise from the ground and fly toward the inferno. Tobirama remarks that they attacked before Obito could shield himself, so they must have done damage. As the sphere flies into the flames, they begin to push them back, revealing an unharmed Obito within. The others are shocked as Obito rises above the black flames. Minato offers that they have to avoid the spheres and nothing they've used has worked on their fast opponent. Sasuke and Naruto return to their side and Naruto remarks the man is more powerful than even himself in his own dreams. Minato offers that it is indeed like he achieved a true dreamlike power. Looking to the man, Tobirama notes something strange. Directing Minato's attention to his missing right arm, he points out that it has yet to reform. The hard set Obito retorts that he's achieved the same power as the founder of all shinobi, making him unmeasurable. Tobirama's eyes narrow in understanding and Minato asks him what's wrong. Tobirama warns the man to not get injured again, even with the Edo Tensei body. He surmises the man is using jutsu based on Yin-Yang, which can nullify any ninjutsu. So even with an Edo Tensei body, if he injures you, you can't regenerate and can even die. He then suggests the man fight with the notion his right arm won't return. Minato says if that's the case, they'll need to proceed carefully. Naruto calls Sasuke's attention and says they'll have to take the lead then. Sasuke affirms that the Uchiha are not to be underestimated and Naruto puts him palms together to further power up his own Kurama mode. The chakra flames suddenly vanish, leaving Naruto in his normal state. Naruto purses his lips in embarrassment and Tobirama questions if he's trying to make matters worse. He then offers that he's as goofy as his father, so much that even Minato is dumbfounded. Minato offers apologies. Inside Naruto, the young man pleads for Kurama to lend him some chakra. Kurama counters that he'll have to do without it for a bit, as he needs to gather chakra too. So if he wants to enter perfect Bijuu Mode, he'll need to fight normally for a bit. Suddenly attacking, Gamakichi fires a Syrup Gun bullet towards Obito. The attacks splatters against Obito's shield as he attempts to block the jutsu. Tobirama recognizes Gamakichi's status as a Myouboku toad and Naruto questions what the toad is doing, since they should work together. The toad apologizes, stating his summoning time is almost up so he wanted to repay him with a parting shot. Naruto thanks his friend for the effort and directs him to rest up. The toad apologizes and then poofs away. Naruto returns his attention to Obito and is suddenly struck by what he sees. As the syrup melts and oozes off Obito's shield, Tobirama also makes note. Minato calls out, questioning that he thought Obito wanted to be Hokage, so why do this? Nearby Naruto closes his eyes in focus and affirms this is his chance. High above, Obito retorts to his former sensei that it's a little late for lectures. In fact he's always late when it matters most, recalling his desperate need for his help when Rin was in trouble with the Mist. Looking down upon Minato, Obito admits he's glad his sensei was Hokage, as it made it easy to give up on being one. Naruto purses his lips but the man continues. Minato recalls questioning the masked man on why he is attacking Konoha and his words that it's all part of a plan, for the sake of war and also peace. Minato contemplates that he wishes he realized the man was Obito, then maybe he could have changed things... and then... recalling Kushina he regrets being unable to save her, he might not have had to make Naruto the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki... if only he had noticed, perhaps the shinobi world wouldn't be in its current state... Obito reflects that he was his teacher and still didn't recognize him, that's just who is fundamentally. He's pathetic, a "hero" now exposed as a disgrace in front of his son. Naruto remains composed as Obito continues his diatribe. Obito declares that a Hokage is pitiful next to his current state. As Tobirama looks to Naruto he compliments that he's not a goofball after all, he's caught on too. As a Rasengan floats in Naruto's hand he finally speaks up, declaring that someone who couldn't become Hokage has no right insulting them. The others look to him and Tobirama quickly moves behind him. Placing his hand on Naruto's back, the young man explains that he further has no right to insult them because his father did become Hokage. Tobirama and Naruto suddenly vanish and instantly appear at Obito's rear as Naruto slams his Rasengan into the man's back. Blood flies as the sphere digs into Obito's back. As the impact drives him down, Sasuke questions how Obito was harmed. Minato's eyes go wide as he also deduces what happened. Tobirama smiles in understanding that it worked after all, while Ninjutsu may not work, Senjutsu does! Having entered Sennin Mode, Naruto looks down with firm eyes. Tobirama thanks the toad for his jutsu, as the Senjutsu attack was neither nullified nor erased. Naruto yells out triumphantly for Obito to "Take that!" as the man flies into the earth below. Minato marvels that Naruto mastered the same Senjutsu as his sensei Jiraiya. A new voice agrees with the man, offering that Naruto has grown into quite a son. It's no wonder he managed to sweet talk his other half... Inside Minato, the dark Yin-half of Kurama continues to reside within...

Chapter 643: "Fist Bump" - Yin-Kurama asks if Minato meant for Naruto to clean up his mess? Is that why he sealed his Yang-Half inside the boy, thinking it would more likely work with Naruto? If so, hold no regrets. Kushina's death wasn't his fault and making Naruto a Jinchuuriki wasn't bad either. For Naruto is trying to change what the world has become. He's not a newborn, in fact tomorrow is his... Inside Naruto, Yang-Kurama calls for Naruto's attention. In the real world, Tobirama carries Naruto to safety as the young man cheers at being right. As Obito gathers himself, he offers surprise the Juubi has such a weakness. Furthermore, with the Juubi inside, he's lost his ability to phase as well. Naruto and Tobirama rejoin Sasuke and announce that Senjutsu works. Naruto explains that toad jutsu use natural energy, and thinking on it, when he sensed the Juubi's power earlier, all he sensed was natural energy. Clapping his fist to his palm he rejoices that he learned Senjutsu, as now he can punch Obito in the face with his Kawazu Kumite. Looking to Naruto, Tobirama is impressed by his ability to instantly grasp how to use Hiraishin with him and his mastery of Senjutsu. It's as if he's fighting alongside his brother. Sasuke looks to Naruto in silence while Obito ignites chakra from the spikes on his back. Tobirama points out that their attack worked, but the man has recovered and is now on guard, making teleportation behind him risky. Placing his hands to the ground, Obito announces he should prepare for the Tsukuyomi. Suddenly a giant stalk bursts from the ground and towers over the battlefield. He declares that there's nothing worth saving, for the world is already dead. Flowers bloom on the stalk and prepare to fire Bijuu Dama in each direction. The shinobi below recoil in fear, as no wall could withstand that many blasts. Nearby, Shikamaru attempts to focus on how to counter it. Tobirama offers that it would take one person on each of those to Hiraishin them away, he and Yondaime could get two, but that would leave two others... and where is Hashirama? Some distance away, Hashirama yells for Madara to wait, as his comrade is about to... Madara gleefully counters that there's no reason to worry, they're Edo Tensei, so keep fighting! A Hashirama clone encourages the alliance to not give up, as he's with them. They only need to change the trajectories and the other Hokage will repel them across the ocean. He directs them to erect Doton walls and he'll use a Mokuton to help redirect the blasts. Obito immediately moves to nullify the plan and fires out six dark spikes which land at the edges of the battlefield. Weaving a sign he casts Musekiyoujin, the Six Crimson Ray Formation to create a barrier prison to completely encircle the alliance. Their fear returns and Hashirama concludes it's been made strong enough to contain the blasts. Obito begins to encircle himself in his black material for protection. Tobirama concludes their only chance is to teleport them outside the barrier and asks Minato if he can handle moving two? He offers that since he can't mark them, he can only do one. But there is one way, they could... Obito offers that they intend to teleport the stalk itself outside? As if he'd let them do that, there is no hope! Minato goes silent but Naruto speaks up, stating he has an idea but he doesn't know if it'll work. He directs his father to bump fists and the two men do so. Within the interior plane, Yang-Kurama greets his long time missing other half. He asks Yin if he would mind sharing chakra? Yin admits it's a bit weird to ask himself for a favor... In the real world, Obito tells Naruto to forget about Minato, he's useless. He couldn't even protect Kushina, nor his subordinates. He knows what tomorrow is after all?... Naruto is silent and Obito continues, it's the anniversary of Minato and Kushina's deaths. It'll all be over when he dies too, after all... Naruto interjects and says that's right, it also means it's the day he was born. So it's not over yet, because he still exists in this world! Obito merely looks on as the black cloak almost fully enshrouds him. Down below, Minato looks to Naruto and smiles, offering to his dearly departed wife that their son has grown strong. As the Yin and Yang halves of Kyuubi exchange a fist bump, their hosts enter their full Bijuu Modes and yell that they're ready!...

Chapter 644: "I Know" - As the Yin and Yang chakra merge they interlock and begin to mix. Yang Kurama gives thanks for getting access to their chakra, with Yin retorting well they were one entity originally... And anyway, those two are parent and child. As Obito peaks out from a slit in his protective black bubble, the shinobi worry that the man plans to detonate the Bijuu Dama with them inside. Shikamaru contemplates how even the Hokage's barrier didn't let the Bijuu Dama through, and since this barrier is red, it's probably on par with the Hokage barrier. Moreover, with their level of strength, they have no hope of smashing through it... Looking on with grim eyes, he curses to his departed father that no plan is coming to mind. Looking to Naruto, Sasuke asks him his plan. Naruto asks for a moment, as he needs to focus. Minato glances at his son and recalls his and Kurama's idea. Minato thinks of his wife and wonders if she met their son, for he has really grown up. He apologizes, as he's sure it's been a long, hard road until now. Naruto offers that it's time for the hard part. Throughout the battlefield, Kyuubi Chakra cloaks suddenly burst forth on each of the alliance members. Sakura questions if it they had gone all the way out. Katsuyu reveals she noticed it when she healed everyone, the cloaks had merely shrunk down. Chouji marvels that it's even stronger than before. Bee raps in surprise as well, detecting two Kyuubi in play, both a dark and light. Moreover it's not just the Kyuubi... Shikamaru questions if Naruto plans to protect them with the chakra. Juugo joins Sasuke's side and suggests they escape quickly using the reverse snake summoning jutsu. Sasuke acknowledges that he planned to, taking the two of them and Naruto as well. Naruto yells for them to coming over, as he has yet to give them chakra. Sasuke questions what his chakra will do, but Naruto tells them to stow it and just come over. Hashirama is amazed by Naruto's chakra, concluding the young man has almost as much chakra as he himself... but actually, this has Kyuubi chakra mixed in... As Obito's black cloak covers him for good, he boasts that it will do no good, the shockwave alone with turn them to nothing... The four Bijuu Dama fire and explode as Naruto and Minato look on. The walls of the barrier warp outward, as the blast travels upwards and bursts forth far above the barrier column. In the ruined interior of the barrier, no shinobi remains. As Obito withdraws the protective cloak, his confidence turns to consternation as the shinobi alliance members are unharmed, still wearing their Kyuubi Chakra cloaks. The shinobi question what happened and Chouji asks if the cloaks protected them. Shikamaru directs his attention in the distance, as they’re now outside the barrier. Shino remarks that they were teleported. An annoyed Kiba questions if Naruto mastered that too but Hinata points out it's not just Naruto's chakra. Gyuuki explains to Bee that everyone was moved used Yondaime's Hiraishin. Tobirama compliments Yondaime on saving shinobi kind for the second time. Minato states he's failed more times than that, so he has to continue making amends. Naruto smiles at his father and a Kyuubi Chakra cloaked Juugo asks Naruto what he did. Naruto explains that his dad teleported everyone outside. Recalling Minato's explanation that he can teleport anything touching his self of his chakra, Sasuke asks how that worked this time. Naruto explains because he shared Kurama's chakra with everyone earlier and if their chakra and everybody's chakra were indirectly in contact, it'd work because his dad's Kurama chakra was mixed with his own Kurama chakra. Tobirama explains that it's the same principle of Kage Bunshin. When one splits up their chakra, as long as they retain some of their own, whenever the original body weaves hand signs to regain control, all the individual bits of chakra will begin resonating and link together. In short, by joining his chakra to Yondaime's, Naruto linked Minato to the rest of his chakra residing in everyone else. Isn't that right? Naruto is confused, leaving Tobirama to suggest he forget it. Naruto compliments the old timer on knowing so much about his Kage Bunshin too. An especially annoyed Tobirama points out it's the jutsu *he* invented after all. Looking to his son, Minato recalls Naruto's plan. We flashback as Minato agrees to it and boasts that nothing is impossible if they borrow the Kyuubi's... no Kurama's power. Naruto happily announces the joining of forces, while Yin-Kurama questions that Naruto is treating them like humans, what kind of crappy child-rearing led to this? Minato offers to his son that he wishes there was more time to talk to him. Naruto grins and says there's no need, he knows, he met his mom's chakra. Minato is taken aback and recalls Kushina's dying wish that there was so much she wanted to tell Naruto and let him know she loved him. He then recalls his own final thoughts that it's okay she used all their remaining time and the words he wanted to leave for him. Naruto smiles and offers to his dad that he knows what he wanted to say, he's as bad as mom, he already knows all of it!

Chapter 645: "Two Powers" - As Minato looks to his son, he contemplates how Naruto's presence makes him believe they can do anything, just as it was with Kushina. As Naruto stares Obito down, his pupils elongate as he enters the full Kurama Mode. He roars at being ready and jumps to the fore. Sasuke marvels at Naruto's chakra levels, while Tobirama questions Naruto that surely he hasn't forgotten that only Senjutsu hurts the man, he's not that big an idiot is he?... Naruto is silent, but then embarrassedly grabs his face and admits he forgot. Nidaime declares the youngster an even bigger idiot than his brother... Sasuke ponders how such power is wasted on Naruto, while Minato sheepishly admits maybe it's not like Kushina after all. Kurama wails in laughter, declaring that Naruto has finally surpassed the Hokage in one thing, stupidity. Naruto yells for him to stow it. Kurama tells him not to worry but Naruto says he doesn't mind not being bright. Kurama counters that's not it, Naruto might actually might be able to enter Sennin Mode while still in Bijuu Mode. Naruto is taken aback and Kurama explains that Naruto may have forgotten, but when he confronted Nagato, it made him mad too and some of his chakra leaked out, which was reflected by his mixed Sennin-Kyuubi eyes. The two chakras actually synched and allowed him to access both. Naruto thinks for a second and then yells that he also interfered when he was undergoing Sennin training. Kurama explains that he had no interest sharing head space with toads, and it made him mad that he wanted to use some other chakra than his own. Naruto smiles wryly and calls the fox stubborn, but the annoyed Kurama points out the stubborn one is Naruto himself. Kurama extends his index finger and admits he's willing to share now, so how is he stubborn? Naruto jabs that Kurama just can't be honest with his feelings, leaving Kurama to yell that he’s owed respect. Naruto offers it's all Kurama's fault for learning to like him. Inside Minato, Yin-Kurama points out that Minato and Naruto both share the same power now, so he can help. Minato says he knows and jumps to Naruto's side, entering a full Bijuu Mode of his own. Looking to his son, he ponders that he'll have some jutsu to use too. Naruto marvels that he's able to gather natural energy even more quickly while in Bijuu Mode. As dark Sennin marks form around his eyes, they pop open, now marked by the combination Sennin-Kyuubi pupils. He announces he's ready and at his side the full Yin-Kurama has generated a large Rasengan in its paw via Minato, who directs Naruto to add Senjutsu chakra. Naruto affirms, does so and calls attention to Nidaime. Tobirama moves between the Kurama and announces his own readiness. Yang-Kurama directs them to proceed, they'll wards of any attacks with their charka. As Obito turns to move we see Tobirama's Hiraishin mark on his back. Suddenly the Kuramas teleport via Tobirama, slamming the Rasengan into Obito. As the man extends Juubi chakra arms to try and protect himself, the Kuramas slap the limbs away. Obito extends a shield of the black plasma but it falters against the Senjutsu infused Rasengan. As the attack detonates, all three men are sent flying backwards. As Obito quickly regains his footing, the Kurama attempt to do so as well. Naruto curses the defensive power of the black substance and Tobirama offers that the man saw the Hiraishin coming, it's no longer enough. Naruto declares they just need to destroy the black thing then but Minato questions how. Naruto says about how about this and forms a Bijuu Dama, suggesting he’ll add Senjutsu to it. Tobirama compliments his good thinking and concludes to himself that Naruto might just surpass his brother after all. Naruto asks the other Kurama to help and Minato affirms. As Minato looks to his son, he sees the boy's mother reflected in his presence. In the distance Obito begins to rise into the air. Sasuke silently stews over Naruto's mastery of that much chakra and wonders how far he'll go... Obito moves to wrap things up and slaps his palms together, concluding there's no harm in preparing now, so let's begin! Suddenly a mass grows out of his body and envelops him. As the battlefield begins to violently shake, the Kurama continue their massive co-Bijuu Dama. Hashirama and Madara are shaken as well, as the Uchiha looks to his former protégé and concludes the man plans to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As the full complete form of the Juubi once again rumbles over the earth, a bulge begins to grow on its back...

Chapter 646: "The Shinju" - As the eye of the Juubi closes, its body begins to twist and contort as a large flower bulb emerges from its former torso. Obito concludes he'll suspend the barrier for now as the bulb rises into the air upon a massive stalk. The roots snake out as the Kuramas are sent flying. Minato recognizes what it is in horror and numerous tendrils begin to coil through the battlefield, wrapping around many unlucky shinobi. They scream in horror as the Kyuubi chakra is sucked out of them, followed by their own, leaving them dead withered husks. Many shinobi run away in fear and curse that there's no escape. Killer Bee runs as well, questioning why so many are going after him. Gyuuki explains that it's the Shinju, the God Tree. It's the Juubi's final form and it knows Bee has more chakra than the others. As they scan the husks now littering the battlefield, he concludes the shared chakra will be meaningless. Hashirama and Madara attempt to avoid the roots as well, and Shodai questions what they are. Madara explains that all chakra originated with the Shinju, even their own. Hashirama is taken aback and Madara continues, revealing humans stole chakra from the tree long ago, so it's just trying to get it back. Hashirama questions what he's talking about and Madara offers that the flow of time has clouded the true history, doesn't he know how and why shinobi came to be? Long ago, before chakra was around people still battled continuously. The Shinju, without a stake in such matters, was worshipped by the masses as a scared pillar. Then one day it bore a fruit, said to only happen once a millennia. He's unclear of its significance but it was understood that it should never be touched. And yet a princess came to eat the fruit and take its power to win her war. Her name was Ohtsutsuki Kaguya. Afterwards she gained the power of a god and was said to have squashed the war by herself. She was the first person to ever have chakra and her son was born with chakra already within him. However the Shinju came alive and started running amuck in an attempt to regain its stolen chakra, that was the Juubi. The one who stopped it was Kaguya's child. His name was Ohtsutsuki Hagoromo and he was the forefather who preached the teachings of chakra and began the sect of shinobi. The man now known as the Rikudou Sennin. Hashirama questions how he knows such things. Madara reveals it was all laid out on the Uchiha stone tablet, and does he need to say what happened to those who tasted the fruit to end the conflict? Nothing changed, if anything wars became even more gruesome. He despaired after learning the truth, as there are no such things as true dreams in the world. From the moment the fruit was eaten, humans have been cursed and destined to hate each other even more. And they as shinobi symbolize the foolishness don't they? In which case he'd rather... Hashirama interrupts the thought, questioning that he'll use the power of the Shinju to cast a great Genjutsu. He recalls Madara's past question that the man couldn't see what's ahead, the dreams of the far future. He asks if that's what Madara meant and the man affirms. As the bud looms over the lands atop its towering stalk, Madara offers that one thing is off though, when the Shinju bud blossoms, the eye at the flower's center will be reflected by the moon and the Infinite Tsukuyomi will be activated... But the one who shall accomplish this is he! Below, among the mass of roots, Naruto is grabbed and yells out. Minato calls out in warning and Tobirama moves, ejecting a jet of water from his mouth to sever the root from the main Shinju body. New growth emerges from the cut root and Tobirama curses that it's useless, he might be able to sense Naruto but they simply grow too fast. He asks Minato if he can teleport to Naruto but the man says no, the combination of that last Hiraishin and all the roots have drained his chakra. As Naruto is swallowed by the root system, Tobirama jumps to help. Now in his original state, Naruto begins to wilt as his chakra is sucked away. Suddenly the roots are all knocked away by newly reformed Hiruzen and his Kongounyoi. Naruto weakly greets "gramps" and Sandaime apologizes for being late. He grabs and jumps away with Naruto and they rejoin Tobirama who then teleports them away. Looking over the dead shinobi on the battlefield, Juugo questions Sasuke if it's finally stopped. Tobirama and the others suddenly arrive and Sasuke looks on. As Naruto stares over the carnage, anger begins to well inside. Many shinobi fall to their knees as they begin to falter. Sakura herself falls onto her back and Katsuyu questions if she's okay. Elsewhere Bee huffs tiredly, having used Samehada to cut through the root onslaught. Hovering near the stalk, Obito calmly suggests they be still now, they've endured enough already. With the moon high above in the night sky, the bud begins to bloom...

Chapter 647: "Regret" - Mei questions what she's seeing. Tsunade looks to her Katsuyu fragment who offers to explain. Elsewhere Sai attends to Sakura and asks if she's okay. Katsuyu then informs them that the Five Kage will arrive shortly. A voice calls out Shikamaru's name as his weakened and emaciated form is held by Chouji. Kiba offers that he looks in very bad shape. Sakura quickly alerts Katsuyu to assist with long distance healing but the slug sadly says it's not possible, for her fragments which were attached to everyone had all their chakra drained, resulting in their death. Sakura is dejected and the slug continues, explaining that all the shinobi are in the same state. As Shikamaru tries to hold on, he offers silent apology to his father for following him into death so quickly. Chouji calls out his friend's name, but Shikamaru closes his eyes, apologizing to his mom. As Sai and Sakura rush to their side, she recalls her declaration that if they're going to die, they'll go down fighting to their best of the ability. As she looks to the dying Shikamaru, she questions what good it'll do though, as they're all going to die before they can even fight. Obito suggests they stop fighting, as he won't kill them if they don't resist. As Naruto stares him down, he grits his teeth as tears begin to well. He recalls Obito's declaration that he'll just lose his comrades one by one, resulting in a world where no one acknowledges him. Hovering above, Obito continues, offering that unless Naruto wants to be filled with regret, he should stop fighting. Nearby, shinobi are relieved at the news, pondering if they should give up. Obito affirms, saying they shouldn't fear death or pain, they'll enter a dream. Hashirama roars to not give up, cautioning that being put under a Genjutsu would be the same as death. Even with his words, many alliance shinobi are dejected and downcast their eyes. Hiruzen concludes that the tree is connected to Obito, almost like an extra limb which much be approached carefully. A off screen voice offers that such words of weakness are so very unlike him. As Orochimaru lands along with Suigetsu and Karin, he offers greeting to his former sensei. Hiruzen declares the man late, and asks the status of the Five Kage. Orochimaru reveals he healed them, and assuming they don't chicken out, they should arrive shortly. Juugo offers greeting while Sasuke merely looks on. Suigetsu marvels at the stalk and ponders how long it will take to cut down. Karin pervertedly ogles Sasuke, questioning who cares about that... silently affirming that since the most important thing is to jump over and lick Sasuke. Suigetsu continues her thought, stating the most important thing is to heal the shinobi forces, right? Karin yells that she knows, while Orochimaru looks to Sasuke, pondering that the young man appears to be in a foul mood. Looking to the heavens, a Hashirama clone questions what's going on. His original repeats the question to Madara, asking when the flower will bloom. Madara explains that the Hachibi and Kyuubi are still alive. Hashirama wonders if that means their chakra is needed for it to bloom and complete the jutsu. High above the petals begin to unfurl and Madara offers that it does contain some of their chakra after all, so it's not like it can't bloom. It's just affected how long it will take to do so, only about 15 minutes. And in that time he'll stop Obito and switch places with him by using Hashirama's own Sennin power. The Hashirama among the alliance instantly hears the relayed words and affirms he must quickly inform the others about what his original body has heard. He calls out in question if there are any Yamanaka clan present and Ino affirms. He asks if she knows Shindenshin no Jutsu, the Mind Body Transmission Jutsu. She affirms again and he asks that she link him to everyone, as he needs to explain a few things about the tree and the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Tsunade is suddenly alerted, recognizing her grandfather immediately through the transmission. Hashirama is surprised as well, becoming aware of her now grown up status. Oonoki bolsters having recognized the man's voice, and Ino does as well, realizing it means the Five Kage are close by. Hashirama composes himself and asks the alliance members to listen carefully. Elsewhere Obito surmises he'll retrieve some more chakra, as it'll take a while to bloom anyway. As Hashirama's words continue, some shinobi question if they're just food for the tree, is that all they are? How can they fight that? They only have 15 minutes, how can they even get near it? Hashirama tries to calm them, stating that doing nothing still results in death, so they need to cut down the tree or the caster. The shinobi still begin to falter, leaving Hashirama to defiantly plead for them not to give up. The gathered shinobi and samurai are silent in thought, still unmoved to gain hope. Some question who he is to talk, as he's dead already anyway and just brought back to life, they themselves are still living. As the stalk roots continue to grow, many continue to voice despair. Obito feeds on their words, suggesting they stay like that, as he'll take them to a world without regrets. As tears stream down Naruto's face, he glares at the man. As the gigantic root reaches out it's suddenly cut away by the small form of Susanoo high above. The shinobi and Naruto look in surprise at Sasuke's initiative. The man questions Naruto if he's giving up already, because he himself is not. As the Susanoo lands on the ground, Sasuke directs Juugo to prepare. As Naruto attempts to gather himself, the alliance are shaken by new feelings welling inside them. Sakura and Ino recognize the feelings as coming from Naruto's heart back through her jutsu. We see Naruto among children but still alone as a child, reaching out to the distant Sasuke, regretting that back then he thought over and over that he should have called out to him. Sakura ponders how the thoughts are flowing in as they continue. As the alliance react to the thoughts, we see Naruto alone on the swing, the day he faced Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Hiruzen's funeral and then Asuma’s. Hiruzen remains silent sensing the feelings about his son's passing. We see Jiraiya and Nagato's passing, Itachi and Nagato's revival, Chiyo's passing and then Neji's. Feeling the loss of those close to him, Naruto affirms that he doesn't want to regret anything... He never wants to think "I should've!". Having re-entered Kyuubi-Sennin Mode, he looks on in defiance. Hinata calls out Naruto's name, while Obito just looks on. As Naruto recalls his parents, Minato looks on as well. Jumping to Sasuke's side in his Kyuubi Mode, his words bolster the alliance and he affirms that he can't just let everything that they've done up until this point be for nothing!...