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Volume Fifty-Eight Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 58
Title: Naruto VS Itachi!! ~ Naruto VS Itachi!!

Chapter 545: "Immortal Army!!" - Using info gathered from Kisame, Madara surmises Naruto shares Uzumaki Mito's ability to sense hostility, which will bring him to the battlefield as planned. At headquarters, Mabui is surprised Raikage relented and Shikaku says that's due to Naruto's personality. Even though the White Zetsu may be a trap, Naruto is their only hope. In a medical tent, Sakura and Shizune pour over the genetic data of a dead Zetsu. They learn that it's even more like Yamato's DNA than those at the conference, being closer to Shodai Hokage's DNA than ever before. The Zetsu are living plants grown using Shodai's DNA, they're weak but can use Mokuton. And with Yamato captured, they're getting stronger. Tsunade and Raikage return to headquarters and Tsunade learns of the Zetsu's connection to her grandfather. She surmises Madara could use Shodai’s cells on himself to extend his life. Raikage questions if it gives any clue on how to defeat him. Tsunade says no, it unfortunately points to his potential immortality. Tsunade directs Shikaku to inform Naruto and Bee of Akatsuki's strategy and the man quickly relays the data via thought transmission. As Naruto and Bee rush on, an army of alliance shinobi move to meet them. Naruto offers understanding to Shikaku of his unique ability to detect the Zetsu and his determination to not be captured. Shikaku warns Naruto that Madara can't be reasoned so he should show no mercy. Naruto affirms and recalls meeting Madara and the man's ability to inspire hatred in Nagato and Sasuke. Shikaku warns that the man is not driven by hatred, but uses it as tool against others. Naruto declares he'll end the war no matter what and Shikaku warns him to be careful, as they face an army of immortals. Naruto retorts that it's good news, as he won't have to hold back. Ahead of Bee and Naruto the shinobi force comes into view. Naruto quickly jumps and kicks the lead shinobi backwards into the ground. The man winces and dies as he reverts to a White Zetsu. A small tree grows where the Zetsu died and Bee draws his swords, saying he'll act as backup. Naruto forms a hand seal as multiple Rasengans form over his back with the help of his Kyuubi chakra arms. He tells Bee all the shinobi are enemies and moves to attack. As Naruto runs into the center of the group, he kneels, sending his Rasengan outwards using his chakra arms. Zetsu fly back defeated as Bee begins to cut through others. Several Zetsu are grabbed from behind by Kyuubi arms and are drawn into a large Rasengan over Naruto's back. Small trees begin to form from each fallen Zetsu and Bee recalls Naruto's effect on Mokuton wood. The remaining Zetsu quickly combine into a large monstrous growth as Naruto looks on unimpressed. Forming a small eyeball sized Rasen Shuriken above his outstretched index finger he effortlessly tosses it into the Zetsu’s leg. The leg splatters, holding the monster in place as the gigantic toad destroyer Gamahiro squashes him. Bee joyfully raps about Naruto's growth thanks to his training assistance. Naruto forms a hand seal to use Tajuu Kage Bunshin and explains that several clones will stay behind to help, while the rest will head throughout the battlefield to handle things...

Chapter 546: "The Old and New Kage Showdown!!" - Two alliance ninja rush to escape. The Cloud ninja warns the Sand to avoid the thrown shuriken of their Edo Tensei opponent, Toroi, who utilized the Magnetic Element. Toroi hurls the shuriken, but the Sand shinobi blocks the attack, while the other dodges and calls him a fool. The Cloud explains how anything touched by Toroi's weapons becomes magnetized and it in turn magnetizes what it touches. Toroi summons giant shuriken as the magnetized Sand shinobi looks on in fear. Suddenly Toroi is slammed into the earth by Naruto, who asks if the duo are okay. Elsewhere Kabuto is shocked. Back at the battlefield, the Sand shinobi seals away Toroi and the Cloud shinobi greets Bee. The duo explain how they got separated from their comrades, but Bee reveals their comrades where actually Zetsu. Bee and Naruto take their leave while elsewhere in the desert Oonoki suggests to Gaara that they go on the offensive. The four resurrected Kage continue their march. Nidaime Mizukage and Tsuchikage agree that fighting their own villages is wrong, so they'll make Orochimaru pay for that later. Sandaime Raikage and Yondaime Kazekage both offer hope that the next generation have surpassed them. As a gigantic wave of sand approaches, Nidaime Mizukage laughs, slyly pondering what village is responsible for it. The Kazekage reasons that Shukaku must be in play as he forms a hand seal. Dark circles shadow his eyes and he places his hands to the ground. Gold dust particles rise to meet and neutralize the lighter sand. The Kazekage explains that he used the same jutsu when facing Shukaku in the past. The Kazekage reacts in surprise as Gaara hovers overhead, realizing Shukaku isn't being used after all. Gaara grabs three of the Kage with arms of sand as Muu retreats. Muu forms Jinton as the hovering Oonoki counters. The two blasts meet and cancel each other out. Oonoki remarks that Muu's Jinton is still the old style and the Kazekage moves to neutralize the sand binding. In the distance, Gaara's division remains hidden. Nidaime Mizukage recognizes Oonoki and is surprised by how long they've been dead, as the former kid is now old. Gaara greets his father and the man asks where Shukaku is. Gaara explains that the Bijuu is gone, and he's not the Jinchuuriki his father created...

Chapter 547: "Objects of Real Value!!" - Gaara explains that he died when Akatsuki removed his Bijuu, but thanks to Chiyo and his friends he was brought back. The Kazekage is surprised Gaara has friends. Gaara offers that though he tried to kill him six times, he understands why his father did it. But he is Kazekage now, and he will eliminate threats to the village. His father is shocked and Oonoki reveals that everyone admires Gaara's power, enough to make him the head general. Muu says an alliance would explain all the varied chakra he senses. Yondaime Kazekage flashes back to Gaara's birth. Chiyo pronounces the small premature baby compatible, unlike the Kazekage's first two children. The weakened Karura asks to see her baby's face and declares the boy small and feeble. The doctor whispers to his leader that his wife's heart is failing and the Kage demands the man do something. We advance in time to see toddler Gaara having killed someone as villagers look on. Chiyo tells Yondaime that the boy is another failure and in a meeting a short time later, the council demands something be done about Shukaku. Since Gaara is a failure, they must currently rely on the Kazekage's jutsu development and gold exports to stay in power. The Kazekage asks to speak to Yashamaru in private. Time passes and the two men meet. The Kage tells his wife's brother that they must determine Gaara's worth and value. He asks the man to corner Gaara and speak poorly of his mother, if Gaara remains calm, then he'll be left alone. Yashamaru is wary, but the Kage explains that Gaara adores his mother, and as a Jinchuuriki he has to be able to bear even that loss. We advance in time as Gaara stands over the gravely injured Yashamaru. His uncle declares his mother never loved him as the traumatized boy looks on. Yondaime secretly watches from a distance away and declares Gaara a failure as Shukaku emerges to rampage. In the present the Kazekage states there was some worth to Edo Tensei after all, as he can determine Gaara's worth once and for all. Muu warns Oonoki that only he can match his Jinton and stop him. He then directs Oonoki to grab what power he can when the alliance eventually falls apart. Oonoki says he's no longer that man and Muu is impressed that he finally got over his hard-headed nature. The Mizukage and Raikage state they'll explain their powers and weak points and asks the two living Kage to stop them however possible. Gaara and his father send forth bursts of sand and gold which clash. Oonoki orders the hidden division to advance and the shinobi charge. As the two Kazekage fight for dominance, Gaara sends a shower of sand hail down. Yondaime Kazekage blocks with a gold wave but a tendril of sand bursts through the gold dust at their feet. Yondaime is amazed that Gaara was already able to overcome the gold. Feminine sand shapes quickly emerge from the ground to grab and hold the resurrected Kage. The Kazekage attempts to send a tendril of gold towards Gaara, but sand comes at his defense. An emotionally moved Kazekage looks on, realizing that his wife still lives on within Gaara. Temari finally sees her father as the man tells Gaara that he's grown. A parent has to believe in their children, and that shows real value. Gaara is confused in silence as his father offers to his dead wife that she knew all along, and he missed it. Gaara asks what he means and the Kazekage explains that the sand will always protect him, because it's not Shukaku's power that he wields, but his mother's. Gaara looks on forlorn as his father recalls his wife's words, that Gaara was small and feeble but that no matter what, she'll always protect him. Looking on at his son, Yondaime reveals to Gaara that his mother always loved him...

Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto

Chapter 548: "Naruto VS Itachi!!" - Gaara is shocked and recalls Yashamaru saying the opposite. The Kazekage explains that he told Yashamaru to say it to determine Gaara's level of control. In reality Yashamaru hated him as Kazekage, because he placed Shukaku in his sister's unborn son. But he was loyal to the village, so he did as he was told. The order was a mistake in a long line of mistakes, as he stole Gaara's love for his mother and connections and just gave him burdens. He would have taken his life too and now all that's left is the wounds in Gaara's heart. Gaara recalls Yashamaru explaining how the only "medicine" that can fix such wounds is love. The young Gaara desperately asks how to get it and Yashamaru explains how Gaara already has it. Because Shukaku was an offense based spirit, the sand that protects Gaara now may come from his mother's love, a will still within the sand. And even if it killed her, she would have protected him. In the present, a large sand figure of Karura shields Gaara with her hands as he begins to cry. The Kazekage offers that even in death she protects him, and that helped make Gaara the man he is. Today he is Kazekage and has friends of his own, things he tried to take from his son. In the end he did nothing for him, he wasn't even a father. Gaara wipes the tears away and says his mother was amazing, and this is the first time his father gave him "medicine". A sealing tag emerges from the sand around the Kazekage's chest and he looks to his son proud, believing that his son has surpassed him and is strong enough to protect the village. The sand completely envelopes and seals him away, as tags emerge to seal Raikage and Mizukage as well. The Raikage and Mizukage use jutsu to break free as the shinobi division charges. Temari directs them to surround the Kage, while Muu chastises Oonoki for growing old. He begins to disappear and encourages his protégé to get Gaara's assistance. The Mizukage warns the alliance shinobi to beware, as he's Yin user and his skill is Genjutsu. Drawing blood he explains that his summon is a giant clan. The clam bursts from the sand, sending shinobi off their feet. Raikage charges his body with Raiton and directs the Doton users to flee. Temari thanks the man and then asks for a chance to know him better. He warns the woman that it's not the time to talk. Above, Oonoki forms clones and Gaara sends more tendrils of sand out. Elsewhere Itachi supports Nagato as the former Akatsuki leader states he is feeling nostalgic. Two men quickly land before them, and Naruto offers recognition of Itachi and Nagato. Bee asks Naruto if he knows them and the young man says yes. Looking on at the two Jinchuuriki, Nagato offers that he never thought he would have to fight Naruto again...

Chapter 549: "Itachi's Question!!" - Nagato offers that it feels like he just saw Naruto not too long ago and the young man looks different. Naruto says he now can control the Kyuubi but Nagato says that's not what he means. Naruto smiles in confidence and Itachi offers surprise at Naruto's development. Nagato says he isn't surprised since they both trained under Jiraiya. Nagato asks Naruto if he conquered hatred, and Naruto proudly states that Nagato helped him understand pain, Bee helped him at the Falls of Truth and his parents offered their faith in him. Itachi interjects that he has a question, and Naruto says he does as well. We cut to Kabuto plotting to quickly make Naruto and Bee his own pawns and use them to control Madara. Back at the forest, Itachi unleashes a huge fireball. Bee cuts it in two with Samehada and apologizes to the sword for the heat. Itachi surmises Kisame was killed and Naruto questions that he thought they were talking. Bee points out that they're not in control as Itachi jumps to attack. He and Naruto lock up, and Itachi asks of Sasuke. Naruto reveals Sasuke learned the truth of the Uchiha and turned against the village. Itachi asks if it was Madara as Bee swipes Samehada to force Itachi to retreat. Nagato is surprised by the revelation and Naruto states that Sasuke knows Itachi's pain, but he took a different path. Itachi silently curses Madara for knowing his true nature and asks who else knows. Naruto says Kakashi and Yamato were there when Madara told him, but they've kept it secret. Itachi asks that it be kept that way as Nagato moves to draw Naruto and a huge boulder together in with Banshou Tenin. Naruto extends Kyuubi arms to stop his forward movement and Nagato compliments his growth. Itachi declares that he's leaving Sasuke in Naruto's hands and that he was right in trusting him. Nagato reveals he can't move on his own but summons his giant bird and dog. Itachi moves to Bee's blind spot but chimes his arrival. Bee swipes, forcing Itachi to retreat and unleash flaming shuriken. Bee forms a Hachibi hand to block the attack and winces from the pain. A hidden tentacle bursts from the ground to grab Itachi but he splits into crows. Itachi warns the Jinchuuriki to not look in his eyes as Bee falls into Genjutsu. Hachibi quickly wakes Bee as shuriken are incoming. Samehada spits out Bee's swords as the Jinchuuriki uses his sword dance to quickly parry the shuriken. Naruto unleashes a giant Rasengan against the dog but Nagato cautions that will only make it multiply. Bee forces Itachi to retreat to the bird as he forms Mangekyou in his right eye. Naruto warns Bee to watch out for Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu as Itachi wonders aloud what will happen. As Naruto looks on, a crow suddenly wells up from his throat...

Chapter 550: "Kotoamatsukami" - Naruto questions why he spit out a crow, but then recalls his earlier meeting with Itachi. Blood begins to flow from Itachi's right eye, causing Nagato to yell out in warning of Amaterasu's usage. Bee throws a sword to distract Itachi, but Nagato's body moves to deflect it. The crow looks on with a Sharingan left eye as Kabuto is alerted elsewhere. Back at the meeting, Naruto, Bee and Nagato look on in confusion as Itachi moves to sit and the crow innocently lands on Naruto's shoulder. Itachi then moves to actually use Amaterasu, turning the black flames loose on Nagato's dog summon. The beast roars as Naruto jumps to safety. Nagato questions what Itachi was doing with the crow as we cut to Kabuto looking over his battle map. He marvels that even Edo Tensei could not hold Itachi. Itachi voices that it worked and then ignites Nagato and the giant bird with Amaterasu as well. Naruto questions just what is going on, as Itachi explains that he layered a new Genjutsu command over the enemy's. The new orders being to "Protect Konoha", which were activated by the crow facing Itachi's Mangekyou. The crow itself is embedded with the left eye of Uchiha Shisui, capable of using his strongest Genjutsu Komoamatsukami. Kabuto realizes Shisui's eye is somehow now in play as the Mangekyou fades to a normal Sharingan in the crow's eye. Itachi explains that Shisui's Genjutsu can control a person without them being aware, and he entrusted the eye and its power to Naruto. Shisui taught him that self-sacrifice was a shinobi's ultimate act. Shisui entrusted him with his left eye in secret, all to protect the power from falling into the wrong hands. To that end he made it look like he destroyed his eyes and took his own life. For that reason he helped Shisui, being given his left eye while the right had already been taken by Danzou. He explains that he then gave the eye to Naruto, one who shared Shisui's outlook. In leaving Sasuke alive he may have broken Shisui’s trust, as Sasuke could possibly turn against the village. The eye would correct that problem, as Naruto looked at Sasuke as brother. And if Sasuke wanted Eternal Mangekyou through Itachi’s eyes, the usage of those same eyes would activate the crow's "Protect Konoha" command and end Sasuke's evil. Bee questions why Itachi simply didn't use the Genjutsu when he first got the eye, but Itachi explains that it normally takes a decade to recharge, unless one had access to Senju Hashirama's chakra. In any case, he wanted to do more for Sasuke in death. Naruto smiles and tells the man he's already done enough, he'll handle things from here. Itachi offers that he's glad Sasuke has a friend like him. Elsewhere Kabuto reacts in glee, happy at his luck at finally having access to Shisui's eye. Back at the meeting, Nagato lays on the earth as the flames engulf him. They're blasted away with Shinra Tensei, allowing his body to reform. The man suddenly disappears as Naruto looks around in confusion. Floating in the air above, Nagato appears from the concealed mouth of his chameleon. He blasts the Jinchuuriki away and then moves to take on Bee. Bee quickly enters his eight-tailed form and lariats Nagato. He counters with his Hungry Ghost Realm power, quickly sucking out the chakra from Bee. As Bee returns to his natural state, Nagato suddenly regains his youthful vigor. His muscles suddenly fill out and his hair returns to its natural shade of red. He knocks Bee aside as Naruto moves to attack. Naruto suddenly stops in midair, having been grabbed by the tongue on the snake tail of the invisible chameleon. As Nagato grabs Naruto by the chest, he activates his Human Realm power. As Naruto realizes what's at stake, Nagato begins to remove Naruto's soul...

Chapter 551: "Stop Nagato!!" - Naruto questions what Nagato is doing, but then grasps he is using different Rikudou powers. He quickly moves to strike with Rasengan, but then curses his stupidly for forgetting Nagato sucks chakra. The attack fizzles and Naruto asks Nagato to teach him how he does those things. Nagato remains silent and uses Jigokudou to call forth his Enma. Naruto asks what he's doing as elsewhere Kabuto calculates that he can kill the Jinchuuriki, then revive them with Enma and keep Madara in the dark. Back at the meeting, Naruto is in a tug of war to keep his soul. Bee plunges from above to cut down Nagato, but the Rinnegan eyes of the chameleon and Enma give away his attack. Nagato grows mechanical arms using Shuradou to grab Bee by the throat. A second arm opens in preparation to fire a blast, as Bee reminds Naruto of his tug of war with the Kyuubi. A giant spectral hand swipes through Nagato, forcing him to retreat. A second hand quickly joins the first, to protect Naruto and Bee. The giant form of Susanoo surrounds Itachi, as kunai wound the vision of the chameleon and Enma. Elsewhere Kabuto smiles that he's got another target to capture, and at the battle Nagato forms Chibaku Tensei. Naruto gives his thanks and warns that Nagato's usage of the Rikudou powers himself is far above those as the split Pain. Nagato hurls the black sphere into the sky as the surrounding countryside begins to be drawn towards it. Naruto warns that he's been hit with the jutsu before, and if one is drawn inside they'll die. Itachi points out the contradiction, and Naruto clarifies he only got out by going on a Kyuubi rampage. Itachi suggests patience, encouraging Naruto to analyze the situation. He points out that everything is drawn to the sphere, so if they use their strongest long range attacks, they may be able to destroy it. Naruto asks how he can aim with all the debris flying around, and Itachi counters that everything is drawn into it anyway. As Bee enters his full Hachibi mode, Naruto forms Rasen Shuriken. He launches the attack alongside Bee's Bijuu Dama and Itachi's Yasaka no Magatama via Susanoo. The three powerful jutsu fly towards the sphere and connect, exploding in a cloud of wreckage. As the dust clears, Nagato watches on but then suddenly shudders. He offers apologies as he begins to fall apart. As Susanoo's Totsuka Sword protrudes through Nagato's chest, Itachi asks the man if he has any final words before being sealed away for good. Nagato smiles and tells Naruto he will watch how his story ends from the other side with Jiraiya. Together they were a three part story; Jiraiya was perfection while he himself was garbage. Naruto can wrap it all up in the third and final part. Nagato encourages Naruto to do his best and the young man gives him a thumbs up in affirmation...

Chapter 552: "To Be Hokage...!!" - Nagato is sealed away as Kabuto curses the man’s worthlessness, as Itachi was able to strike from a blind spot. Kabuto slyly smiles, deciding it might be time to play his trump card. Back at the battle, Susanoo disappears and Naruto voices displeasure of Edo Tensei. Itachi declares he'll handle it and leave Madara to them. Bee offers that Edo Tensei is nearly flawless, as they can only defeat their foes through sealing. Itachi reiterates that every jutsu has a catch which can be exploited. An impatient Naruto forms a hand seal to create clones and declares that he said he would handle it. As the clone poofs into existence, both Naruto and his clone enter his original state. Naruto winces and Bee explains that the young man used his Kyuubi Chakra mode for too long. Itachi tells Naruto not to do everything himself, as he thinks he found a way to stop Edo Tensei. Naruto yells that it's his responsibility to end the war by himself, that's his role. Itachi remains silent as Naruto begins to breathe heavily. Itachi offers to Naruto that he is stronger than before, but he's losing sight of what's important. Naruto was respected by the village because he acknowledged they were there. He made it this far because he had their help, so if he becomes fixated on his own self, he'll become like Madara one day. Bearing the weight alone is destined for failure. He points out that Minato could be Hokage because Kushina and his friends supported him. Both Minato and Naruto shared the same dream, and Minato didn't get acknowledged by becoming Hokage, he became Hokage by being acknowledged. So Naruto cannot forget his friends. Naruto recalls his friends and Bee reveals he promised Iruka to watch out for him. Naruto recalls Iruka declaration to not shoulder the burden alone and says they're right. The crow flies from Naruto to Itachi's shoulder and the bird suddenly ignites with Amaterasu flames. Itachi explains that the eye is useless for a decade anyway, and Naruto doesn't need Shisui's eye to stop Sasuke, as he has Shisui’s heart. Naruto questions if Itachi would confront Sasuke again but the man says no. He failed once so he'll leave it to his comrades. Itachi turns to leave and tells Bee to watch out for Naruto. Bee affirms and Naruto reenters his Kyuubi Chakra mode. Back at the front, Nidaime Mizukage phases through shuriken and yells out that he already told him he's a mirage, they have to take out the clam first. They launch another barrage and the giant clam phases away. This further angers the Mizukage who says he already said it was a mirage as well! It's hiding behind him somewhere, so aim there! Nearby Temari unleashes a cutting net of wind which slices apart the Raikage. She directs the sealing team to move, while above Gaara's sand alerts him. He yells for Oonoki to dodge as Muu becomes visible to strike. The Tsuchikage throws out his back as Muu moves to cast Jinton towards his two living opponents. As Gaara looks on with determination from below, a new figure launches from above to strike Muu's blind side with Rasengan...

Chapter 553: "Arrival at the Main Battlefield!!" - Naruto's new Rasengan variation, with small Rasengan orbiting a larger sphere fails to connect with Muu as he dodges. Oonoki points out that Muu is a sensor ninja as Naruto yells for Gaara's help. Gaara creates a sand shield to block Muu's Jinton blast and Naruto then uses the sand to stop and launch back towards Muu. Muu boasts that he's too fast for that but Naruto's Kyuubi arms suddenly extend with Rasengan to connect. The spirals converge to send him flying into rock pillars below. Oonoki moves to stop Muu and casts a Doton on him to arrest his movement. Muu compliments the man's team work and his protégé offers that times are changing. As Gaara raises sand to seal Muu, the former Tsuchikage offers a warning that is quickly swallowed by sand as he is sealed away. Naruto compliments Gaara and the skills of the little old guy. Oonoki angrily points out that he's the Tsuchikage and Gaara demands to know why Naruto is there. Naruto is sheepish and Shikaku chimes in to offer explanation. A distance away, Nidaime Mizukage stands unharmed as numerous alliance ninja lay dead before him. Oonoki, Gaara and Naruto rush to assist, having been informed of Naruto's intent to sensor scan for enemies. Gaara questions Naruto's heavy usage of the Kyuubi chakra but his friend explains that he doesn't plan on dying before becoming Hokage. Naruto directs the other two to one battle as he goes another way. Temari and her men look on, as Sandaime Raikage stands unphased as he heals from each cutting attack. A ninja moves to the forefront as the Raikage offers recognition. Dodai explains that the Raikage wields immense strength and speed. Even long range Fuuton are not enough, they need a stronger user. Temari offers that she is a highly skilled Fuuton user, but she then questions how the Raikage died. Dodai explains that Raikage stayed behind to protect comrades, fighting off 10,000 men for three days. Elsewhere Kabuto forms a hand seal and ponders his need to stall for time. Temari offers that there is another highly skiled Fuuton user but a voice interjects that it's him. A Kyuubi Chakra mode Naruto lands in front of the surprised Temari and says he'll handle it. Launching himself into the air, he places himself between the Raikage and the blaring sun above. Elsewhere in a dark cave, White Zetsu yells out in confusion and warning as a spectral black blade pierces his chest. Susanoo wielded Amaterasu flames engulf the man as Sasuke removes his bandages and announces a desire to test his new eyes outside, as his eyes see well in the darkness...

Chapter 554: "The Rasen Shuriken's Limit...!!" - Temari looks to the sky and wonders if the attack Naruto wields is a new form of Rasengan. Using the sun to blind the Raikage, Naruto hurls his Rasen Shuriken with his Kyuubi chakra arm. Sandaime uses his Raiton armor to dodge the attack, which reminds Naruto of Yondaime Raikage's speed. Naruto curls the Rasen Shuriken around to force the Raikage to retreat towards Naruto himself. As he jumps to avoid the next strike, Naruto quickly regains control of the Rasen Shuriken and moves to strike the Kage from his blindside. The attack detonates, ripping through the man. Temari orders the sealing team in, but the scrolls are sliced away by the unharmed titan. Dodai compliments the man's power and Naruto questions how his attack could have no effect. Dodai ponders if someone is controlling the man as the Kage raises his Raiton charged opened hand. Knowing the attack, Dodai warns everyone to retreat and alerts the Doton users to create a wall. Multiple ninja expel earth which grows into a long barrier. Dodai grabs Naruto and retreats back over it, as the Raikage charges. Dodai drops Naruto to safety, and then forms Youton to give strength and flexibility to the wall. The wall shutters as Sandaime Raikage breaks through using his strongest Ninjutsu Jigokuzuki, an extended piercing thrust of an arm with Raiton charged fingers. Naruto considers the similarities to Raikiri and Chidori as the Raikage makes it through to the Youton. As the bulge flexes in towards them, Dodai tells everyone to flee. Several ninja fail to listen, voicing a plan to focus their strongest attacks against the man when he bursts through. Temari pleads for everyone to listen to the Kumo ninja, but they fail to heed her advice. As the Raikage bursts through, numerous ninja converge to attack. They're swatted away easily, leaving Dodai to retreat to a rock pillar with Naruto. Dodai remarks that the Raikage now is just using three extended fingers, allowing him to focus his power to different degrees. Dodai reveals that with the Raikage's resilient body, he was said to be the only ninja who could compete face to face with a Bijuu. Naruto marvels at the man's power but then notices a scar on the resurrected ninja's right chest. Naruto asks how that happened, since the Rasen Shuriken didn't do anything. Dodai explains that it occurred when the Raikage fought the Hachibi. The Raikage never spoke of the injury, as it was his life's shame. With the Hachibi in mind, Naruto moves to turn the battle. Putting his hands and Kyuubi chakra arms together, he focuses in determination as he forms a Bijuu Dama...

Chapter 555: "Contradiction" - Dodai recognizes the Bijuu Dama and marvels at Naruto's ability to use it while human. As the Raikage continues cutting through shinobi, the Bijuu Dama explodes in Naruto's hand and he loses his fox shroud. Dodai surmises Naruto was pushing himself too hard, while Temari directs everyone to tend to the wounded and keep their distance. Naruto asks Dodai if he can get in touch with Bee and Hachibi and Dodai says he can help, as he himself is a communications ninja. Temari yells a warning, as Raikage smashes the rock pillar, sending Dodai and Naruto off their feet. Dodai determines the Kage seeks to knock Naruto out, so he emits Youton in the form of a rubber ball which he and Naruto mockingly enter, which is quickly sent flying by the Raikage. Using the rubber ball as a distraction, Dodai then contacts Inoichi and asks to be forwarded to Bee. Naruto uses Dodai to get in touch with Bee, who has remained behind to relieve himself. Naruto speaks with Hachibi, asking the Bijuu of his fight with Sandaime Raikage. Hachibi states the Kage managed to cut all his tails off in one swipe. Naruto asks how the Raikage got the scar and Hachibi attempts to recall, stating the last thing he remembers before they both fell unconscious was firing off a Bijuu Dama as the Raikage wielded his Jigokuzuki. Naruto thinks to himself while the Raikage cuts the rubber Youton ball in two to learn that it was empty. Naruto comes to a conclusion and enters Sennin Mode. He thanks Hachibi, forms a clone and asks Dodai to step away as the Raikage rushes towards them. As the Raikage charges, Naruto forms Rasengan. Temari questions if a normal Rasengan will work as Raikage extends one Jigokuzuki finger to pierce through Naruto. Elsewhere Kabuto determines that he will render Naruto half dead for later usage. Naruto himself surmises he can sense danger better in Sennin Mode and move more deftly using his Kawazu Kumite. As Naruto and Sandaime move to strike, Naruto quickly dodges Sandaime's arm and sends his Rasengan into the man's arm. The blast knocks the man's outstretched left hand, backwards into his right shoulder. Sandaime is rocked, and begins to peal apart. Naruto yells out happy that he was right and Dodai now grasps how Sandaime got his scar. Before the Raikage can reform, the sealing team moves to wrap and seal him away for good. Dodai complements Naruto's eye and the young man explains how Hachibi said he and Raikage fell unconscious, which meant the Raikage fell over onto his own Raiton charged hand. It was a self-inflicted wound and thus humiliating to him. Dodai offers that one can't have both the strongest shield and sword, so the Raikage's sword won out after all. Naruto smiles and offers that Gaara probably has the strongest shield anyway. Some distance away, Gaara attempts to live up to the point. As he breathes heavily from behind a partially destroyed sand shield, Nidaime Mizukage calmly asks the young man if that's all he has?...