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Volume Twenty-Two Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 22
Title: Tensei...!! ~ Reincarnation...!!

Chouza and Choji

Chapter 191: "Friends...!!" – Choji unleashes his strike directly into Jiroubou's chest, flattening him into the ground. His opponent loses consciousness and returns to his regular form. With a great strain on his body, Choji walks away towards the direction of his friends. Remembering his dads words about making a true friend someday, Choji sees an arrow the group left, his body giving out, he slumps against the tree and falls motionless. Elsewhere the group rushes on, thinking they're being underestimated because they have not yet run into any traps. Further ahead and the Sound ninja greet the return of Jiroubou, Tayuya curses him out and he merely offers an affirmative in return. Kidoumaru realizes the fake, Shikamaru drops the Henge and the group begins to fight. Shikamaru and Kiba quickly get pinned with sticky spider threads, and Naruto and his clones get stuck in a spider web. As Kidoumaru looks on, Neji jumps in from behind him...

Hizashi and Neji

Chapter 192: "Plan...!!" – Neji narrowly misses Kidoumaru, who then swings to quickly surround and cover the Leaf ninja in a sac of his threads. Naruto tries to cut himself free of the web, but its maker boasts it is very resistant. Inside the thread, Neji begins to break down how it works, with Kidoumaru's chakra giving it strength, even after being expelled from his body. Kidoumaru then begins to expel daggers of hardened thread. Wondering which is the real Naruto, he begins to hurl the daggers. One by one he sticks the clones and they poof away, leaving one final Naruto. Being full of himself, Kidoumaru gloats he has the real one and throws. But when the dagger hits, the last Naruto disappears as well! Jumping from behind Kidoumaru comes Naruto, but the Sound ninja spins around and lassos him with thread, things look grim until Neji comes from nowhere and cuts the unbreakable thread freeing Naruto!

Hatake Kakashi

Chapter 193: "Game Over" – The Leaf regroup and Neji tells them to go on, stating Naruto can rescue Sasuke from the darkness like he did for him. They head out and Kidoumaru sends sticky thread after them. Neji takes the brunt of it and spins, cutting the thread away. Kidoumaru begins to get excited about the chance to fight and defeat his opponent quickly. Neji uses his Byakugan to see how Kidoumaru expels the thread. Just then flowering cobwebs are fired, which Neji tries to cut and avoid, but one catches him and he gets pinned to a tree. Kidoumaru breaks down how Neji emits a needle-like point of chakra from his fingers to cut his threads using the Juuken. With Neji pinned he states he can take him out, leaving Neji to raise a slight grin. Kidoumaru rears back and expels a hard piercing stream of thread, Neji focuses and emits chakra from his body, cutting the threads and avoiding the strike. In an instant he is below Kidoumaru, in the stance of Hakke Rokujuuyonshou!

Shikaku and Shikamaru

Chapter 194: "Probing Each Other" – Neji unloads the strikes on Kidoumaru, sending him crashing to the ground below. When the dust settles, Kidoumaru is revealed standing, covered in hardened spider thread. He gloats he can emit the thread from every pore on his body. The two ninja size each other up, and Kidoumaru jumps away, cutting a thread to send kunai at Neji. It lands harmlessly and daggers come flying in from all over. Neji does Kaiten to knock them away and then hurls a kunai back directly at the hidden Kidoumaru. Surprised, Kidoumaru realizes he can't play around and activates his level one seal. He summons a large spider, who emits many baby spiders to come raining down on Neji. Neji spins to knock them away, and as he slows Kidoumaru throw a kunai to strike his opponent while he's vulnerable.


Chapter 195: "Strategy...!!" – Neji emits chakra to deflect the kunai, and realizes all the thread is slowing his movement. All hail of daggers and spiders begin to come after him. He defeats most but some get through and cut him. Elsewhere the remaining Sound ninja state Kidoumaru likes to play around, and that level two would mean game over. Kidoumaru unleashes more daggers and realizes there must be a weakness. Neji is tiring and Kidoumaru releases the spider to come crashing down onto his opponent. With a Juuken upper thrust, the spider explodes to reveal more daggers raining down onto him. Neji falls to the ground and Kidoumaru goes level two, expelling thread to form a hardened bow and arrow. He pulls back and unleashes it as his weakened opponent.

Naruto and Iruka

Chapter 196: "The Strongest Foe!!" – The arrow hits and when the dust settles, Neji stands away from its impact crater. He realizes his foe has found the Byakugan’s weakness. A surprised Kidoumaru sees his missed a killing blow by mere centimeters, but still managed to pierce Neji's shoulder. He surmises the Leaf ninja emits chakra to detect incoming attacks. Neji realizes this is his toughest opponent yet. Kidoumaru determines there is a small blind spot emanating from Neji's upper back, so he fires another arrow tied to a string to adjust its flight. The arrow flies through everything in its path, missing Neji by inches due to the tree it went through. Kidoumaru creates a new drilling arrow and prepares to fire. Neji realizes how weak he is, wondering what Naruto would do in his situation. Flashbacking to Naruto saying he'd definitely win, Neji grins states he has no chance to avoid it. The arrow fires, tearing through the forest and it pierces Neji through the stomach...

Rock Lee

Chapter 197: "Unyielding Determination!!" – The arrow pins Neji to a tree and Neji quickly grabs the thread and sends his chakra into it, traveling all the way back and into Kidoumaru mouth and gullet. The Sound ninja is damaged, he falls to the earth and Neji thinks over his past with Naruto, and how Naruto said he wasn't a loser. Elsewhere Naruto tells his group that Neji will catch up soon because he's a genius. Emboldened, Neji cuts the thread and rushes to the falling Kidoumaru meeting him head on he strikes a killing blow. Neji states he knew he couldn't block it so he prepared himself to take the strike, and that he knew all his weaknesses better than his opponent did. Kidoumaru returns to his normal form, bloody and weakening. Neji tells him he had to hold up the mantle of "genius", so he could not lose.

Hana and Kiba

Chapter 198: "Reincarnation...!!" – Neji states no one can determine another’s destiny, and Kidoumaru states Neji will die soon as well. Neji thinks back to his father telling him to live on, and states he won't die so easily. Kidoumaru gloats that they can't stop Orochimaru, but Neji states there is someone who can turn Sasuke back, who can return him from the darkness as he once did for him. Kidoumaru continues to gloat but then coughs up more blood, and finally falls lifeless to the ground. Neji looks to the heavens, and then falls to the ground motionless. Elsewhere Shikamaru begins to lay out their strategy and Tayuya and Sakon continue on. Orochimaru screams out in pain at his compound. Realizing he can't wait for Sasuke anymore, Kabuto goes to make preparations for a new body, telling gathered prisoners the last one standing gets their "freedom."

Character Poll

Chapter 199: "Desire...!!" – Kabuto works in a medical area over a covered patient. A former possible host for Orochimaru and leader of the Sound Five, Kimimaro was also granted a curse seal. The young man stirs and asks Kabuto how long he has. Kabuto replies he still can be useful, though not as a container. Kabuto watches the monitor and the prisoner fight finishes. Orochimaru walks in to greet the winner. The prisoner realizes this is his end, and asks that his clansmen be freed. Orochimaru agrees and tells him that he will remain as a small part of his subconscious mind. A scream rattles through the compound, and Kabuto states Orochimaru can't change bodies again for three more years. Kimimaro rises through the pain, stating he will bring the container to show his dedication and repay his uselessness. Elsewhere Tayuya and Sakon stop, sensing the Leaf ninja behind them. Sakon turns to charge them gloating they'll be dead in seconds...