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Volume Fifty-Six Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 56
Title: Saikai, Asuma-han! ~ Reunion, Team Asuma!

Chapter 525: "Kage, Resurrected!!" - Kabuto notices that Muu, known for his skill at hiding was found. He then ponders letting the men act on their own after summoning. Muu is suddenly alerted and moves to summon three men: Yondaime Kazekage, Sandaime Raikage and Nidaime Mizukage. The Mizukage offers surprise at seeing his bitter enemy Muu, and the man in turn explains how they were resurrected using Nidaime Hokage's jutsu. Mizukage is surprised and annoyed, only being able to recall killing Muu. Muu in turn states the last thing he recalled was killing the other as well. Muu offers that he can't sense Nidaime Hokage, but he can sense a man with the similar chakra as the Kazekage. The Kazekage explains how he heard of the other men from his elder's tales. He goes on to explain that Nidaime Hokage has been dead for awhile, but a man named Orochimaru could also use Edo Tensei. A sand eyeball spies on the men from above, as Gaara is alerted a distance away. He signals his troops and word is soon sent back to the Kage at Kumo head quarters. Upon learning that Sandaime Raikage is among the men, Yondaime Raikage lets out a yell of rage. The sensor ninja adjust their scanning to distinguish the Zetsu from the resurrected and the Raikage curses Akatsuki for bringing back his father. Ao lets out a yell that a multitude of strong ninja are heading for Darui's division. At Darui's position, his soldiers watch on as Zetsu emerge from the water onto the shore before them. Among the group are Kakuzu, Hizashi, Dan and Asuma. Hiashi reacts in surprise at seeing his brother, while another alliance ninja yells in fear at two other men who also emerged: Kinkaku and Ginkaku. At Kumo, Ao offers confusion at how the two powerful men seem to have Kyuubi chakra. Raikage identifies the brothers and states he needs to head to the front. Shikaku states that's unwise, as the head of the alliance he needs to stay behind and give orders. Tsunade remains silent, wondering if Dan is among the resurrected. Ao offers that Darui's division remains overmatched, but Shikaku lays out his strategy for victory. Moving the divisions to both help and assist each other, while closing off the enemy's ability to retreat. Shikaku goes on to clarify the plan for the Raikage, offering the division they plan to split is the long range one, so they can hold off the enemy and stall for time. The Raikage compliments the plan, stating it's no wonder it's been so hard to take down Konoha with men like Shikaku. Raikage signs off on the plan, and the details are also passed along to Mifune and Shizune. Shikaku offers that it's probably time for Ino-Shika-Chou to once again enter the scene, but Tsuchikage interjects with a warning. The strategy is almost perfect but they'll need his help. Shikaku is confused and Tsunade explains that only the Tsuchikage can handle Muu. Shikaku asks why and the Raikage explains because of Kekkei Touta, Bloodline Selection. Shikaku questions that he only thought Sandaime Tsuchikage had that power. Tsuchikage stands and says the man who can combine Earth, Fire and Wind into Dust passed those secrets on to him. At the resurrected Kage, Muu explains that they can act on their own, but are sometimes limited in their actions. The Mizukage says he was hoping to kill Muu, but his body wonít listen. Sandaime Raikage offers that he would have liked to have fought them all, while the Kazekage looks into the distance and gives silent voice to his son Gaara's name. Elsewhere at a safe house, ninja watch on while inside the Daimyou discuss their new surroundings. Outside Black Zetsu emerges from the ground and wonders if he's found the right place...

Chapter 526: "Fierce Battle! Darui's Division!!" - The Frost Daimyou warns that it's the shinobi's job to keep them safe. The Mizukage says yes and the caravan continues on. At the hideout for the Five Great Shinobi Country Daimyou, Zetsu charges triggering an alarm. Ninja jump to defend but he makes it inside. A net emerges from the dummy Daimyou and Zetsu slinks away not finding his true prey. At the alternate hideout, the Daimyou discuss what to name the medal of valor while their guards Raidou and Genma discuss how that topic is fitting for them to debate. At the caravan, the Mizukage explains how they will move the lords between five hideouts and that powerful shinobi will be guarding them. Black Zetsu watches on from a distance, as he merges with a nearby tree, he ponders how he shouldn't be underestimated, as he is the land itself. At the coast, Darui orders his soldiers to follow his lead. Forming hand seals, a gigantic Raiton black panther ignites to strike the Zetsu. The ninja comment that the Black Raiton was passed from Sandaime Raikage to Darui, while Kakuzu and more Zetsu jump onwards. The ninja army launch their own attacks. Dan faces off against Chouza, while Hizashi apologizes, saying he was supposed to protect the main family. This is probably his fate for going against their wishes. Hiashi says no, their children now fight side by side, there is no fate. As Neji and Hinata fight, Hiashi says it's now just comrades protecting each other. Elsewhere Chiyo congratulates Kankurou on defeating Sasori. Deidara yells for help while Hanzou offers that both Akatsuki and the shinobi army are his enemies, but his feelings in the matter are useless. Kankurou directs his team to prepare for retreat, while the ninja transmitters relay orders to Kitsuchi. In the desert, Sandaime Tsuchikage flies in to land beside Gaara. Gaara states there's no reason for him to hurt his back, but the elder ninja retorts that he's there because someone got under his skin. Gaara recalls his words for the elder ninja at the Kage conference, wondering when he threw away his principles. The Tsuchikage offers that he's there to try and regain those principles. At the coast, the two armies engage in all out battle. Darui apologizes to Kinkaku and Ginkaku for being revived, as they were two highly regarded ninja. Kinkaku offers recognition for the tattoo on Darui's shoulder, identifying him as the heir to Raikage's Raiton jutsu. Darui offers that he's sorry he has to tarnish their memory, when he hits them with his slow Ranton...

Chapter 527: "No Good Word" - The brothers offer disapproval of Darui's tone, while Samui and her brother Atsui move to assist. Kinkaku expels a fan and sword from his mouth and states it's time to go on a rampage. The two weapons join a gourd and rope in the brotherís arsenal. Samui explains that the brothers wield four of the Five Legendary Treasures: The Rope of Clarity which binds and pulls out the soul, the Seven Star Sword which cuts free and curses it and the Crimson Gourd which records and seals it. Finally the Banana Fan which can create any of the five elements. White Zetsu jump to attack but Atsui unleashes a Katon and moves to strikes the brothers. He boasts of the soul of his jutsu, stating they're too hot for them. Samui pleads for her brother to stop, while Ginkaku notes the Cloud ninja's constant chatter. At Kumo, Tsunade stresses patience in Raikage, but he warns the Silver and Gold Brothers are viewed as their worst criminals, men who dared attempt a coup d'etat against Nidaime Raikage when he attempted peace with Nidaime Hokage. Tsunade offers that she knew they wielded the Rikudou's weapons, but knew nothing of their ties to the Kyuubi. Raikage reveals that Kumo once attempted to capture the Kyuubi, and the brothers themselves were swallowed whole. They raged inside its stomach until vomited out two weeks later, gaining some measure of the Kyuubi's chakra in the process. Normal humans can't use the Rikudou's treasures, but they did and now do so along with the Kyuubi's chakra. At the coast, the Rope of Clarity strikes Samui and Atsui. Ginkaku activates the rope, causing their sealed souls to emit from their mouths. Darui watches on in confusion as Kinkaku slices the souls free and curses them. "Hot" and "Cool" appear on the blade, which are then recorded and sealed into the gourd. Ginkaku says he's done but Atsui yells no way, this is going to be ho... Samui quickly slams her hand over his mouth, saying that's why she wanted him to stop. A curse seal has been placed on their souls, if they state the word they've said the most in their lives, they'll be sucked into the gourd and sealed away forever. Ginkaku tosses the blade to his brother and Darui states it sounds like a stupid kids game. Kinkaku looks to the list and moves to swing the fan. Atsui grabs his head, wondering what word he's said the most while Samui chides it should be easy. A wave of flame quickly rolls over the trio and Atsui yells a curse at the heat. Triggering "Hot" he swirls away into the gourd. As Samui yells for her brother, Kinkaku rushes to subdue her and warns of the evil power words have on the world. Darui tells the man not to insult the power of words, or Bee will get angry. Kinkaku asks who the hell that is and warns him not to move or the woman dies. Kinkaku moves to cut Darui down with Seven Star Sword and the man offers his apologies to Samui. Instantly Kinkaku's sword arm falls away, having been cut through by Darui. Ginkaku compliments them on being true Kumo ninja. Before Kinkaku can recover, Darui unleashes Ranton beams which blast the man back, while other beams also head toward Ginkaku. They bend around Samui and converge knocking Ginkaku away. Kinkaku kicks the severed arm wrapped in the rope into Darui, causing the man's soul to emerge from his mouth. Kinkaku offers heíll take the woman first, causing Samui to swirl away into the gourd. Darui looks on in confusion, as Samui had been silent. Kinkaku moves to sever Darui's soul, having regenerated his arm. Darui attempts to flee but his soul is cut and recorded into the gourd. Darui surmises that he can guess his secret word as his namesake "Slow" comes into view on the sword...

Chapter 528: "More than 'Slow'" - Darui contemplates how Samui got sucked into the gourd and offers his surmise that he'd just get sucked in if he remained quiet for too long anyway. He then offers exasperation that the brothers tried to trick him earlier by warning of the evil of words. Ginkaku smiles and warns of the silver tongued; explaining that lies and deceit are another of a ninja's tools. Darui retorts that Ginkaku's beliefs are another reason they're looked on with disgrace now. This infuriates Ginkaku, who yells that Darui is also no better than a lowly tool to the Raikage. Darui is struck by the words and recalls the time he spoke with the Raikage after the Kage Summit. He apologizes for not being able to save the Raikage's left hand. The Raikage tells the young man to pay it no more thought; he has no regrets because he still has two right hands. Darui is confused and the Raikage points at the young man, declaring that he is also his right hand. Darui smiles and asks if Shii can act as another right hand. Raikage offers that you can never have enough and we return to the present. Darui declares that he's the Raikage's right hand and not a ninja's lowly tool. Kinkaku tells his brother to get ready and Darui looks on in confusion as he begins to get drawn into the gourd. He then curses himself, realizing he triggered "Slow" through "ninja's lowly". He recalls the Raikage appointing him as general in the shinobi army as his right hand. He apologizes to his leader, saying he thought he was worthy. He recalls Samui and Atsui and apologizes to them as well. Kinkaku tells his brother they should jump into the fray and Ginkaku agrees. Ginkaku is suddenly stunned as Darui kneels before him and swings his sword, separating the gourd from the man. As Ginkaku flies he rams into his brother, simultaneously touching the rope and knocking the sword free. Darui jumps and retrieves the airborne gourd and sword and looks to the blade, now marked with "Sorry". He remarks that he seems to have a tendency to apologize a lot. Ginkaku's sealed soul begins to emerge from his mouth and Kinkaku looks on with incredulity, wondering if Darui's most said word and second most said word were really that closely ranked and easily usurped. Darui hurls his sword at Kinkaku and a burst of chakra quickly emanates from him in defense. Darui uses the distraction to quickly cut Ginkaku's soul free and record it. Darui is suddenly weakened and falls to his knees, remarking that the weapons are indeed horrible chakra hogs. He then looks to the word on the Seven Star Sword and offers that words can lie and deceive, but they're also the only thing to reveal what's in one's heart. Ginkaku pleads for his brother to help him and Darui offers that it's also why Ginkaku is going to be sealed too. Turning the sword to show it marked "Kinkaku", Ginkaku is sucked away into the gourd. Darui promises to Samui and Atsui that he'll find some way to save them and then readies himself for the other brother. Looking on, the water around Kinkaku continues to rise and undulate. Darui is rocked as a dark red form whips out into the nearby coast. He offers disbelief at the form before him. A six-tailed mini-Kyuubi Kinkaku curses Darui for daring to lay a finger on his brother. Darui looks on, reflecting that the man is exactly like the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. In the melee of the battle, Kakuzu engages the army and looks back to Kinkaku, remarking that it's been awhile since he's seen the man change form. As Kinkaku roars, Darui steadies himself for the next stage of battle...

Chapter 529: "Golden Bonds" - In the turtle, Naruto is shaken and Bee warns him to concentrate. Looking away, Naruto wonders what he is sensing. At the coast, Kinkaku whips his tail around, forcing Darui to retreat to safety. The tail continues on, eventually slamming into the side of the giant sized Chouza. An elder Cloud ninja offers that since they're now allied, thereís no use in hiding secrets. He explains that before Madara took control of the Kyuubi, Kinkaku and Ginkaku were swallowed whole by it. Word is quickly passed back to headquarters and the Raikage declares they need to move quickly. Tsunade asks how the two men could transform, and the Raikage explains how they survived by eating the chakra infused meat of the Kyuubi's stomach. A Cloud ninja once tried to replicate that feat by eating the tentacle meat of the Hachibi, but the ninja died. For Kinkaku and Ginkaku to have survived might mean they are distantly related to the Rikudou. Tsunade asks how they can stop him then? Raikage states they'll do it with the treasure the brothers don't have. At the coast Darui determines he'll be unable to free the rope from Kinkaku's arm to use against him. A ninja arrives and reveals that the Amber Purifying Pot is on the way. We return to Kumo and the Raikage explains that the pot was previously used to seal the Hachibi. All the user has to do is call out to the victim, if they reply, they'll be recorded and sealed inside. Shikaku questions if they have time to deliver it, but Mabui the Raikage's secretary forms a hand seal and states she's ready. The Raikage explains that Mabui can transfer objects anywhere at the speed of light, and they made preparations earlier. Tsunade questions if they can get the brothers to fall to the potís power. Shikaku offers that he has an idea, and Raikage compliments their villages for having excellent ninja. Mabui activates her jutsu, and the pot instantly teleports to land in front of Darui. At Kumo, Shikaku kneels before Inoichi as the man relays his thoughts to Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. From a hiding spot, Darui wonders how he's supposed to seal Kinkaku away, as the Kyuubi-form man grasps that the pot is now in play. Darui peers out to look for Kinkaku and notices the man missing. A dark form comes crashing down to strike him, but before Kinkaku can connect, a stone-fist crashes into him, sending the man away. Kitsuchi greets Darui and apologizes for the delay. Shikaku connects to Darui's mind and relays his plan, while elsewhere Kitsuchi's army arrives at the coast to reinforce their allies. Elsewhere Team 10 rushes onwards. Shikamaru ponders the strength of a guy who injured Nidaime Hokage, Chouji calls the situation scary and Ino tells the two men to man up. Shikaku reassures the young trio that legends are often exaggerated, and even then they're eventually surpassed, making new legends. If Kinkaku is powered by the Kyuubi, they're powered by the bonds of Ino-Shika-Chou, so have faith! The trio continues on, passing ninja engaged in battle with Asuma. They stop some distance away from Kinkaku and Darui orders the Allies to shower the man with kunai. A torrent of kunai rain down on the man and he curses their copper-plated nature. As he looks to the sky and moves his tails in defense, he's quickly slammed into by a spinning Nikudan Sensha Chouji. Kinkaku is rocked backwards, eventually gaining leverage to launch Chouji into the air. He is then frozen in place by Kage Mane, but Kinkaku uses his chakra to power out of the bind. As his tail whips to cut down Shikamaru it freezes inches away. Shikamaru complements Ino's timing and she looks on from inside Kinkaku. Darui calls out Kinkaku's name and Ino answers, activating the pot with Kinkaku's voice. Suddenly the man is sucked towards the pot and Shikamaru yells for Ino to end Shintenshin. As her body stirs, Kinkaku demands to know how no name losers could beat him. With Kinkaku successfully sealed away, Darui explains that though gold and silver are more valuable because they shine more brightly, if one collects enough copper they can equal one gold coin. He offers that Kinkaku acted like he was solid gold but it was just an act and they won! He then apologizes to Kinkaku for stripping off that gold plating cred he had made for himself...

Chapter 530: "Chouji's Determination" - Darui slaps the lid on the pot and Ino compliments Chouji. Chouji remarks that he lost weight due to sweating, but Shikamaru reassures him that he's still the same. Their parents offer compliments and Kitsuchi gives directions to his division. The army lets out a cheer and Darui ponders that he lost the rope when it was sealed with Kinkaku. With the treasures now used up, he notes the absence of the Banana Palm Fan. The young Ino-Shika-Chou move out, but then are stopped by Kakuzu, who offers greetings. Shikamaru breaks down the battlefield, telling the elder ninja that the Alliance captured the Akatsuki's "Gold", and they're familiar with how Kakuzu the "Bishop" moves. Kakuzu retorts that if Shikamaru is alive, that must mean Hidan was defeated. But since Hidan was not resurrected, that must mean he has yet to die. Ino yells that they don't care how rotted Hidan currently is. Kakuzu offers that with no "Rook" and with the loss of "Gold" and "Silver", they have to play defense. Removing the heart from an Alliance ninja, he announces he has five. Stating he should probably act like a Bishop, he unleashes his four Jiongu masks. He then reveals that Akatsuki does have the Alliance's "Gold" and "Silver", being Princess Tsunade's lover Katou Dan and their master Sarutobi Asuma. The young trio are shocked and Kakuzu offers that the Alliance isn't the only one taking pieces. A distance away Dan tells Chouza to use Shishienjin as quick as possible, before he can use his Ghost Transformation jutsu. Nearby, four heavily guarded Alliance ninja prepare to cast Shishienjin. As Kakuzu looks on, two blades suddenly slice through him diagonally. Kotetsu offers that he still owes the man for last time, while Izumo asks if Hell really does run on money? Kakuzu offers that he forgets garbage shinobi when he's done with them. Izumo and Kotetsu pull their blades, which tightens a binding chain running between the two. Izumo yells for Ino-Shika-Chou's help and they rush to assist. A voice enters Izumo's mind, telling him that Darui will assist them with his Raiton, while the young team needs to go to Asuma. Izumo questions such a move, as the man was their teacher. Shikaku offers that's why they should, as they know him best. He then relays the orders into their minds and the trio stop in their tracks. Chouji is uneasy, while Shikamaru remembers his father's words in the hospital after the failed Sasuke retrieval mission, that one who cares about their friends doesn't run away. He then recalls Asuma's dying words that he was counting on him. Shikamaru declares that he's going, Chouji is shocked and asks Ino's stance. Chouza yells out to his son to look around, Chouji is rocked, and after looking at the fighting he grows quiet. Ino asks Chouji if he remembers Asuma's last words? Chouji recalls Asuma stating that the young man always thinks of his friends, and that's when he'll become truly strong, so he should have more confidence. Chouji steels himself, while Ino recalls Asuma's directive to keep Shikamaru and Chouji in line. Placing her hands on her teammateís backs, she reassures the two to move out. A distance away, Asuma remains locked in combat, while elsewhere Kankurou's team flees from Chuukichi's pursuing backup squad. Kimimaro readies himself, feeling Orochimaru's curse seal chakra flowing through him. Chiyo jokes that whoever resurrected her will regret it, as she'll just play dead. Hanzou tells the old lady to be quiet, as he needs to concentrate. Forming a hand seal, he moves to the ground and summons his salamander. He directs the lizard to smoke them out, so the beast unleashes a large cloud of poison gas from its mouth. The cloud quickly envelopes the forest, overtaking Kankurou's team. The men fall to their knees, going numb from the gas. Hanzou and the salamander soon arrive, and the former Rain leader moves to cut Kankurou down. A figure quickly moves to block the blade and offers recognition and greetings. Mifune announces his status as the leader of the samurai and the man who will face Hanzou in battle...

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Chapter 531: "Reunion, Team Asuma!" - Shikamaru tells his former sensei that they're ready, how about him? Asuma declares they've grown well and the young trio are hit with emotion. They then charge to attack; we cut to Kankurou's team, as he explains the poison. The samurai offer that their masks will protect them and they move to assist the fallen. Mifune warns everyone to stay back and Hanzou questions why a masterless samurai is now running with ninja. Mifune offers that he's not involved in the ninja business; it's how it's always been. The two men retreat backwards and Mifune explains that he now also seeks peace. Hanzou is confused, while a distance away Kankurou notices Chiyo. The elder kunoichi jokes that she truly was dead before, she wasn't pretending. She then states that she knows how the poison works and can provide an anti-dote ingredient list, as she fought Hanzou before. Hanzou curses Chiyo then directs his salamander Ibuse to hide underground. The beast submerges and Kimimaro lowers his shirt. Emitting bone from his body he charges and locks blades with a samurai. Hanzou hurls the chain from his kusarigama, which wraps around Mifune's blade. He quickly moves to strike with the sickle but Mifune manages to block with his katana hilt. Hanzou challenges that Mifune is running from his principles. He tells the man not to scowl, and reveals he once sought peace as well in uniting the Five Great Shinobi Countries. But it was nothing but war, as peace was a fallacy. Even now many samurai are becoming ninja-like in pursuit of money. The samurai era is at an end. Ninja will take their place and once they're dead, no one will be left. Mifune retorts that it's not about living or dying, it's about faith, which Hanzou does not have. According to samurai a katana is like a person, and people will remain like his sword. Hanzou calls the man foolish but Mifune says he still has his faith. Hanzou moves to form hand seals but he's forced to quickly parry Mifune's blade. Hanzou surmises that Mifune is a master of Iaidou, the art of quick katana draw, which means Ninjutsu if off the table due to the man's speed at disrupting hand seals. Mifune reminisces, revealing that he fought Hanzou once before long ago. Hanzou questions how he's still alive. Mifune reveals his blade broke during the battle and he was struck unconscious and appeared dead. Hanzou remembers the incident and says he'll just end things now then. Mifune offers that he wonít die, as long as his blade is as strong as it was long ago. Hanzou is confused and Mifune questions how a ninja of his level doesn't realize?... Hanzou flashes back to moments before his death, with his residence in ruins and the bodies of his guards dead in piles, he looks while wounded at the six men before him. He questions how Yahiko of the Akatsuki is still alive. Pain offers that Danzou betrayed them, while Hanzou himself only looked out for his own hide. He offers that he once respected the man. Hanzou demands to know who he is and how he wields such power. Tendou Pain chides the man for still not understanding why he lost; raising his arm he tells the man it's time to disappear. We return to the present and Hanzou's mind races to try and grasp what he's missing. He retreats as Ibuse's gaping maw emerges from the group to swallow Mifune. Mifune quickly takes a deep breath as Hanzou yells out for him to die. Ibuse's head is split in two as Mifune quickly emerges from inside having cut through the beast. Hanzou is shocked and Mifune offers that katana that stay sharp ultimately become legendary. He lunges and draws his blade, and we flash back in parallel to see the young Hanzou and Mifune cross blades. In the present the clash is over, with Hanzou's sickle blade severed off and his body cut in two. Mifune offers that those who put their lives on the line to defend their faith live on legend. Hanzou questions how the blade could cut him this time, with it even now bearing no damage. Mifune explains that the man wavered in his faith, he gave up trying to improve things so his blade lacked the sharpness it once did. That's why it's now grown dull. A blunt blade will not last, the same goes for people...

Chapter 532: "Mifune VS Hanzou, Conclusion!!" - Mifune asks if Hanzou forgot what he said afterwards as well. We flash back to the past as Mifune lays defeated. Hanzou explains how his blade is coated in salamander poison that causes paralysis and then death. It was created by a black salamander that died when he was young. He took its venom sac and implanted it in his gut, to give him immunity to the toxin and also exhale it. That power scared everyone around him when he was young, so he had to start wearing a mouth filter. Mifune questions why Hanzou didn't just take his breather off to kill him? Hanzou reveals that should the sac rupture, he wouldn't die but he would still be paralyzed if he inhaled the toxin, giving his enemy an opening. And with someone of Mifune's caliber, he couldn't risk that, even if his blade was too dull. Mifune explains that he was dull as well. Hanzou offers that lives don't end when people die, rather when they lose their faith. And dying doesn't mean you've lost your edge. His comrades who ran were such people, but Mifune stepped forward to protect them. For that the samurai before him will be named "hero" in his tales. Hanzou then states he'll let him live in exchange for his name. Mifune offers a modification, asking for the lives of his comrades in exchange for his own. Hanzou looks down at the man and then sets the antidote down beside him. Mifune is surprised and Hanzou explains that you can't get a man's measure just from looking at him, but you can from fighting him. And he has not faced one like Mifune in a while. It's difficult to test one's faith, and he has faith he'll bring peace to the world. So he'll test it on the unnamed samurai. Mifune is confused and Hanzou walks away, asking rhetorically if his will be an early death for holding onto faith or a long life for renouncing it? We return to the present and Mifune asks the man which it was? Hanzou ponders and says one can't take his measure by just looking at him. He tells the samurai leader that Mifune knows how to stop him. Removing his flak jacket he tells Mifune that even though he is immortal, he will give him a chance to seal him, so do it quickly. The samurai call out for Mifune to watch for the poison, but he directs them to stay back as he built up an immunity to it. Hanzou then picks up the broken blade of his kusarigama and ponders that he knew the unnamed samurai had lived. Calling out Mifune's name he jabs the blade into the salamander sac in his gut and silently states that he has put his faith in the man. As he falls to his knees the poison leaks out, while elsewhere Kabuto is alerted to Hanzou's suicide attempt. Affirming that such actions are not allowed, he moves to completely kill the man's personality. As the poison fumes engulf Hanzou, Mifune offers that Hanzou would never succumb to a coward hiding in the shadows who uses others as his puppets. He then offers that Hanzou risked himself and regained his faith; he wasn't a dull blade after all. The ninja quickly move to seal the man and Kabuto is confused at Hanzou's failure to maneuver. Hanzou is quickly enveloped in the wrapping seal and Mifune offers that when he offers tales of the man, he will be regarded as a hero who never lost his faith. Back at the coast Shikamaru pleads for Chouji to keep his wits, as heís reacting slowly. Asuma charges the trio and yells for Shikamaru to bind him and send him over to Chouji. Shikamaru says he's already on it and moves to bind his former sensei. As the shadows extend to grab ahold, Asuma leaps over to land in front of Chouji. In response Chouji enlarges his arm and punches, but his fist stops inches away from Asuma's face. Asuma demands to know what he's doing and Shikamaru yells to Chouji that he thought he said he was ready for this. Chouji cries, saying he can't beat up sensei. He then gets a quick boot to the stomach from Asuma which sends him flying. Asuma yells out for the trio to flee; forming hand seals, he prepares to unleash his Fuuton...

Chapter 533: "An Oath" - As the Fuuton blasts out, Ino knocks Chouji to safety. The jet of air envelopes Kakuzuís Lightning beast, destroying it. TenTen cheers and then wonders who dropped the awesome fan she now holds. Shikamaru asks his friends if they're okay and then yells at Chouji to follow orders. Asuma cries out for Chouji to get over it, as he's his enemy now and already dead. Chouji offers that he knows, causing Asuma to yell out for Chouji to stop being a crying fatty and fight him. Chouji lets out a scream and charges, but again falters mere inches from Asuma. Shikamaru withdraws one of Asuma's knives and contemplates that Chouji has lost the will to fight. As he launches the shadow infused blade, Asuma launches a kunai in turn, knocking it away. Shikamaru and Asuma both yell for Chouji to flee as Asuma moves to cut him down. Chouji quickly blocks the arm swipe thanks to Inoís Shintenshin. Ino's body begins to collapse as a Zetsu emerges to attack. She quickly drops and kicks the clone backwards, in response to Shikamaru's nearby shadow control. In Chouji's mind, Ino reasons with him, saying neither she nor Shikamaru want to fight Asuma, but it's because they know him best that they must. As Chouji and Asuma begin to exchange blade strikes, Ino asks if Chouji has forgotten what their earrings mean? We flashback to the last day of Team Ten, as Asuma presents his students with earrings for becoming Chuunin and to signify to their clans they are now adults. He offers that they are familiar with the ceremony, and what it means to return their hoop earrings. In the present, Asuma unleashes an ash cloud which scatters over Chouji. Ino and Chouji yell out in pain but they are quickly protected by the giant Chouza who falls down to block the blast. Shikamaru recalls when Asuma lay dying and his reveal that the king is the next generation who will take care of Konoha. One of which is his and Kurenaiís son who Shikamaru will need to protect. Shikamaru yells out for Chouji to get ahold of himself, as they're no longer kids. They're now the protectors, and they can't allow Asuma to go on to kill his own son. That's no kind of mercy. Chouza urges Chouji to not go soft, as he's a sixteenth generation Akimichi. Chouji recalls when he was young, riding on his father's shoulders. Chouza points out the Akimichi, Nara and Yamanaka clan symbols on a nearby building, offering that the three clans have worked together for a long time. He explains that to strengthen their bonds, the Sarutobi clan has given them gifts of special earrings as each generation swears their oaths. Looking to his father's earrings, Chouji asks if getting them hurt. Chouza states the earrings serve as a constant reminder of the oath they take. Chouza reveals that Chouji will wear his earrings after becoming a Genin, allowing for Chouza's oath to be passed on. We skip forward several years to Chouji returning the hoop earrings to his father. Chouza offers that Asuma's gift will one day be given to Chouji's own children, passing his oath on to them. Chouji asks if he'll ever get married and Chouza chides him for what Asuma has also warned about, his lack of confidence. Chouza tells his son to look at him, he got married but Chouji questions that times have changed. Chouza announces that itís time for the oath and in the present Chouji contemplates that he always thought things would just fall into place and that he would get tougher as he got older. Nearby ninja call out for Chouza's help and he moves to assist. Chouji ponders that he thought the oath was just a stupid ceremony, recalling the words that as the sixteenth generation he would protect the previous generation's oath and raise a new generation to protect it. That he would protect the Yamanaka, Nara and Konoha itself. Chouji tells Ino he'll be okay and to return to her body. Recalling the last words that he'll emerge from his cocoon as a full grown butterfly and take flight... a burst of power emits from his body, causing butterfly wings to sprout from his back. Chouji yells that he has to change on his own. Chouza looks on in amazement at Chouji's ability to grow wings without the special clan pills. As Ino awakens, Shikamaru looks on in worry. Asuma smiles and compliments Chouji. Looking on at the stern face of his former student, he offers that's the look he wanted to see!...

Chapter 534: "Farewell Ino-Shika-Chou!!" - Ino and Shikamaru wonder if Chouji will be okay. Chouza reassures them, revealing the pills just make the jutsu easier to use. Asuma asks Chouji if he's ready to fly now and his student clenches his fist. He yells an affirmative and focuses his power to his fist. Chouza apologizes for his son being a problem before, but offers Chouji's now ready to be the next head of the clan. Two nearby sealing ninja yell for the trio to move Asuma toward them and Ino retorts easier said than done. She quickly moves back to back with Shikamaru and takes over the bodies of two fallen Zetsu. The Zetsu attack Asuma and Shikamaru unleashes his Kage Nui under the man, forcing him to jump to safety. Asuma smiles, knowing what follows next. Chouji's huge fist slams into him, and Asuma compliments him, offering that his face shows all he needed to become stronger than anyone, a face full of confidence. Asuma is launched into the cliff beyond, below the feet of the sealing ninja. Shikamaru yells for Chouji and then picks up Asuma's knife with his shadow, imbues it and flings it into the air. Chouji hits the blade into the Asuma's shadow, pinning him in place. Asuma offers that he's moved that he was finished off with his own weapon. The sealing ninja move to seal him but Asuma voices that he wants to say something else. Shikamaru retorts that it'll be a downer if it's his last words again. Asuma offers he'll say something else then, simply that he has nothing else to say, their formation was perfect! He smiles and his emotionally moved team looks on as he's quickly wrapped and sealed away. They offer their silent thanks and the surround battlefield is shaken as they look to the sky. Power flows from Chouji as the size of his wings spreads over the carnage. Chouji declares that he's ending things and asks for the help of Shikamaru and Ino. They smile at the change in their comrade while elsewhere at the turtle training room, Naruto lays on his back. Bee raps about his being lazy but Naruto explains that there's something on his mind. He swears he sensed the Kyuubi chakra earlier. Bee warns that such a thing is impossible, as the room seals off chakra. Hachibi warns Bee that Naruto is catching on, and cautions that the only other ones with Kyuubi chakra were the Gold and Silver brothers, which means they may have been revived. Hachibi then ponders the insanity that Naruto was able to sense them from their current location. He then asks Bee what his plan is and Bee asks what he means. The Bijuu curses to himself and Naruto asks to use the bathroom. Bee directs him to its location and the stupefied Hachibi yells at Bee to not let him leave. Naruto bolts and nearby ninja report his movements to headquarters. The Raikage yells out demanding to know if his brother is actually doing anything and Mabui offers they have other options. Tsunade voices understanding and at the temple several Leaf ninja block Naruto's path. Naruto grasps that he knew something was up. Shino's dad Gen directs Naruto to return and that theyíll talk inside. Naruto asks why they can't just talk now. A voice interjects that he'll handle things and Naruto looks on in surprise as Iruka walks into view...