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Volume Twenty Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 20
Title: Naruto VS Sasuke!!
By: Nerezza

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto

Chapter 172: "Returning Home" – Tsunade is to be officially announced Hokage, but Naruto diverts her priority to the hospital. Shikamaru and his father greet Jiraiya and Tsunade, with Naruto gossiping to Shikamaru about her. Shikamaru and his father have a little talk about women, which leaves Shikamaru even more averted to them. Neji and Tenten discuss the news, with Neji distracted by his training. Chouji and Ino celebrate Shikamaru’s new position of Chuunin with Asuma treating them to a meal. Tsunade heals Sasuke and Kakashi, to Sakura’s great relief. However, when she examines Lee, she becomes highly anxious.

Guy and Lee

Chapter 173: "Affliction" – Lee’s using the Reverse Lotus and taking Gaara’s attacks gave him injuries so serious that surgery performed even by Tsunade’s hands may kill him. With a 50% success rate and torturous rehabilitation ahead of him, Tsunade advises him quitting as a ninja. Naruto tells Iruka of his latest adventure over a bowl of ramen before running off to check on Sasuke’s condition. Sakura, who had been at his bedside since Itachi hospitalised him, brings Sasuke some sliced apples. To her shock, Sasuke swats them aside in rage. Meanwhile, back at his base, Orochimaru commands his four bodyguards to return to the village.

Choji and Shikamaru

Chapter 174: "Each and Their Path...!" – With forces still strained from the attack, almost every Chuunin and Jounin is assigned to a mission. Ino gives Chouji a little advice on girls, before Shikamaru mentions she could take some of it herself. They boys have a little talk about comparing their abilities briefly. Naruto walks in on the scene between Sakura and Sasuke, who delivers him a murderous look. Sounding disgusted at Naruto and Tsunade, Sasuke activates his Sharingan and demands a fight with Naruto – right here, right now! Even more shocking is the fact that Naruto accepts gladly!!


Chapter 175: "Naruto Vs Sasuke!!" – The team makes their way to the hospital roof to stage their duel, with Sakura watching nervously. Both participants exchange some very bitter words before the fight. Naruto produces a load of copies, but none match Sasuke’s taijutsu skills. Naruto tries to hit a Naruto Combo, but Sasuke uses the final part of his hand sealing to block it and take out the clones with Goukakyuu! On his way down, Sasuke sees one final clone preparing a Rasengan, prompting him to fire up his own Chidori. Overwhelmed, Sakura rushes in between them before they kill each other.

Hatake Kakashi

Chapter 176: "Bitter Rivalry..." – Neither Naruto nor Sasuke can stop themselves in time and a violent crash happens… as Kakashi appears from nowhere and slings them both away to save Sakura’s life. Their hands both puncture water tanks and Sasuke smirks over the bigger hole he made. Kakashi talks him down and Sasuke ignores him, wandering off angry and annoyed after seeing the exit wound in the tank Naruto made being far larger. Kakashi confronts Jiraiya about a few things, notably the way Sasuke is developing. Sakura is reassured that things will be okay by Kakashi afterwards, but Sasuke’s expression says otherwise, unaware that he is being watched.

Uchiha Sasuke

Chapter 177: "The Four Sounds" – Introduces Kidoumaru, Jiroubou, Sakon and Tayuya. Sasuke is tied to the tree… and Kakashi delivers a stern lecture to him. Sasuke asks Kakashi to step into his shoes, but Kakashi tells him that everyone close to him had already been killed and that Chidori is a power to protect the people Sasuke is lucky to have, then releases and leaves him. As night falls, Orochimaru’s bodyguards leap into action. Elsewhere, Orochimaru comments that Sasuke is not powerful enough to deal with them. A theory to test as Sasuke is introduced to them by name and easily defeats their decoy attack...

Yondaime Hokage

Chapter 178: "The Temptation of the Sound...!!" – Sasuke fights Sakon. Despite an excellent attack that occupies all of Sakon’s limbs, an attack from nowhere sends him reeling. Kidoumaru and Jiroubou join in, but Sasuke still gains the upper hand on Sakon and lands a Lion Combo directly. Elsewhere, Sakura invites Naruto on a date as cover to fill him in on the truth of Sasuke’s situation during the Chuunin exam. Sasuke, meanwhile, is beaten around some more by the Sound Four then given an offer – the same power they display in return for his allegiance. Sasuke hesitates in his reply...

Rock Lee

Chapter 179: "Don't Forget...!!" – Sasuke is beaten against a wall and re-asked the question. He responds with his trump card, the Curse Seal… and gets beaten down again as Sakon displays a Curse Seal of his very own. He is also warned of his carelessness, as excess use the seal will eventually strip him of his free will. Orochimaru holds the answer to obtaining the true power, Tayuya tells him, reminding him of Itachi. With that, they depart, leaving Sasuke with a leaf in his hand that he crushes. Elsewhere, Lee reflects on his status, thinking back to his academy days, Guy’s encouragement and the bizarre rivalry Guy and Kakashi have. He feels a hand on his shoulder and Guy comforts his student.

Rock Lee

Chapter 180: "It's a Promise!!" – Lee reflects on his past and segregation in the academy for his inability to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu and mild skill in Taijutsu. Guy spurs him on and reminds him that to give up on his dreams would mean his life so far would be for nothing. Thinking back to his rivalry with Kakashi, Guy remembers the risks and goals he set himself, creating the ideal to push his limits further and further in order to strengthen himself. With supreme confidence, he tells Lee the life-or-death surgery is just another challenge to overcome. If it should fail, Guy would end his life too. With a gigantic hug, Lee reaffirms his way of the Shinobi and faith in Guy.