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Volume Fifty-Four Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 54
Title: Heiwa e no kakehashi ~ A Bridge to Peace


Chapter 505: "The Kyuubi Chakra, Unleashed!!" - Naruto responds to his now-departed mother, offering that he'll promise to eat more vegetables and that he takes baths and sleeps, but probably too much. He has a lot of friends, but one who has given him grief. He had a hard time in school but didn't let it get him down, he respects his teaches and he learned about the three vices from Jiraiya. He's just as they remembered him, but he was a great man. He affirms that he's Uzumaki Naruto, a Hidden Leaf ninja who dreams of becoming Hokage, a leader to surpass all the previous Hokage. He promises will become a bigger bad ass than his father and a stronger shinobi than his mother. In reality Naruto opens his eyes and lets out an exclamation of victory. Naruto fist bumps Bee who offers congratulations. Yamato tries to get updated on Naruto's status as the two Jinchuuriki exchange knowing words. An annoyed Yamato yells out for them to actually explain what happened and let him in on it too. Elsewhere Guy yells out in encouragement after learning of Naruto's trials from Aoba and Motoi. He asks to be taken to Naruto and Aoba apologizes for his teammate's hot-bloodedness. In the waterfall, Naruto explains how the Kyuubi chakra is actually sectioned off within him, which he can access when needed. Internally we see Naruto standing among gates with a large chakra sphere above him. He lifts his arm as some chakra leaves the ball and enters his body. In reality Naruto takes on the flaming Rikudou form marked with the seal on his chest. Yamato remarks on Naruto being so full of life energy, as his wood beam creations suddenly spark to life and begin growing on their own. Naruto is suddenly struck with a new sense and asks if the person thought he could hide. Yamato and Bee react in confusion, asking if Naruto is sensing a presence they're missing. In Samehada, Kisame is shocked that Naruto could tell the difference between his and Samehada's chakra. Naruto explains that it's not chakra, but an evil presence in the sword. Samehada's spikes extend as the sword leaps from Bee's back and skitters away with Kisame's head poking out. Kisame remarks that Naruto can sense hatred and negative emotions, something even sensor-types cannot do. Emerging from the sword Kisame offers that the Kyuubi has given Naruto interesting new powers. Naruto recognizes Kisame and Bee questions how he's still alive. Kisame offers that he was perfectly cloned but it's not important. In any case two Jinchuuriki and a Mokuton user are two much for him. Bee asks how he got inside and Kisame flees, offering he was spying the whole time. As he approaches the door, he is quickly smashed into the wall by Naruto. Bee raps that Naruto used a teleport jutsu and a smash but all he saw was a yellow flash. As Kisame bleeds from the mouth, he flees. Naruto is unable to follow as his leg is now stuck in the wall. Yamato directs Bee to follow Kisame as he helps Naruto. Outside Guy learns that Naruto used the falls to triumph over his true self. Guy is surprised but offers some hesitance at using the falls for himself. Aoba mocks Guy, asking if he's afraid to see who he really is. Guy jumps before the falls, taking the challenge to heart. Aoba jokes that he was just kidding, Guy's true self probably isn't even human. From within the falls a voice mocks Guy for continuing to talk about youth, as it's not healthy for old men to push themselves. The voice offers that he understands why he talks that way around Lee, but no one else wants to hear it. The words enrage Guy and he demands the shadow figure show himself. The voice says okay and moves to exit the falls. At that same moment, Kisame bursts forth, still using Samehada to maneuver. Guy is shocked, wondering if his true self if some strange bug. Kisame recognizes Guy as the other boasts that he will beat his lost youth back into his true self. Aoba yells out that the creature is not Guy's inner self but the hot-blooded ninja is already on the move, delivering a powerful elbow strike into Samehada. As Kisame and his sword smash into the rock face beyond, a confused Bee emerges from the falls...

Chapter 506: "Guy VS Kisame!!" - Guy finally recognizes the figure he hit, stating it's some kind of large blowfish. Aoba offers that there are a lot of giant animals around, but Motoi yells for them to wise up. Bee raps that it's an Akatsuki spy and Samehada peels off Kisame and bolts for his new owner. Bee offers his understanding that the sword was forced to do it, and as it embraces Bee, Kisame quickly grabs the handle to force it to suck out Bee's chakra. Kisame suddenly strengthens as the chakra pours into him. Bee collapses as Motoi and Aoba rush to assist. Aoba hurls kunai on wire to paralyze Kisame, but Kisame uses the wire to quickly suck out Aoba's own chakra. Guy delivers a powerful kick to Kisame, who responds with a water shark. He flees and Motoi yells that they must stop the man before he leaves the island barrier, as they won't be able to track him. Guy says he'll handle it and opens the Sixth Gate. The animals on the island are rocked and a weakened Bee offers to hurl Guy towards the fleeing Kisame. Guy is launched and Bee offers that he’ll be okay soon. Aoba offers that though they themselves are weak, Naruto and Yamato are still inside the waterfall. Inside Yamato splints Naruto's sprained ankle and warns him to exercise more control next time. On the descent from his launch, Guy quickly summons Nin-Kame mid-air. The turtle chastises Guy for summoning him in such a bad predicament and the man apologizes, saying he just needs his shell. He quickly launches himself off the shell, leaving Nin-Kame to fall into the forest below, bouncing off the shell of another giant turtle. Elsewhere Kisame summons a shark and feeds it a scroll. Kisame compliments Guy's persistence as the man lands nearby onto the surface of the water. Guy says he can't let Kisame get away and Kisame asks if the Leaf ninja realizes they are fighting on his turf. Kisame quickly launches Goshokuzame, which quickly multiplies into numerous other sharks. Knowing he can't tell which specific one has the scroll, Guy uses Asakujaku to wipe them out. As the air clears, some sharks still remain racing through the water. He follows them underwater and Kisame moves to take full advantage. Guy quickly opens the Seventh Gate, which pushes the water back with his emanating power. Kisame compliments the man's strength and hand to hand skill, as it's the third time he's faced the bizarre beast. Guy offers that maybe he is a beast, but it's an amazing azure one. Now he'll show Kisame something special, a one-hit kill jutsu he doesn't show to just anyone. As Guy's blue chakra pours forth, the water continues to be pushed back. Kisame forms hand seals and creates a giant shark missile. In turn Guy unleashes his own attack, Hirutora, the Afternoon Tiger.

Chapter 507: "A Living Lie...!!" - As the tiger and shark head attacks converge, Kisame contemplates how his attack absorbs the chakra of his opponent's jutsu to grow bigger and more powerful. As the two attacks connect, the tiger blast shrinks and passes through the shark's mouth, leaving Kisame confused, as his opponent's jutsu isn't being absorbed at all. He wonders if it's not actually chakra at all as Guy yells out for his jutsu to strike home. A blast erupts, causing a huge explosion which rocks Kisame and his sharks. In the forest, the Leaf and Cloud watch on and Yamato yells them to watch out, as Guy's Hirutora attack has a huge blast range. They buckle down as the shock wave passes over them. As the air clears over the water, Guy stands over the defeated Kisame. Holding the information scroll, he warns his opponent not to move. Kisame questions if that azure chakra wasn't actually chakra at all. Guy offers that Hirutora is a Taijutsu punch, which focuses a massive amount of air pressure into point which then explodes. And the aura wasn't chakra; an azure sweat which pours from every inch of one who opens the Seventh Gate, which then evaporates from their heat energy. Kisame compliments the man on still having a hidden ace, but says he himself is still being underestimated. He begins to move but Guy quickly smashes a fist into his chest, warning him again to not move. A short time later, Kisame remains prone in a stock restraint. Bee and Naruto both offer their respect for Guy and Aoba moves to read the Akatsuki member's mind. We flashback to the past, as Kisame remains distant and guarded from the other members of the secret intelligence squad. An explosive note wired kunai quickly flies in and explodes. Aoba digs further, seeing a large Mist ninja carrying Samehada giving Kisame orders before his mission. The ninja warns Kisame to protect the codes and his comrades, but the codes must be defended to the death. As the dust from the explosion clears, Ibiki orders them to surrender. Kisame offers his recognition of the man and he recalls his own promise to not allow any of the intelligence squad to fall into enemy hands. In an instant he slices them dead, leaving Ibiki to question why he did that. Kisame offers that there are situations where information is more important than a person's life, and this was such an occasion. Time passes and we see Kisame's master lay dead on the floor. With Samehada in his hands, Kisame stands victorious. A voice congratulates Kisame for killing the man, as he was leaking out information. The voice offers that the sword now belongs to Kisame and that he'll now work for him. Yagura the Yondaime Mizukage emerges from the shadows and offers that he can trust Kisame, as he is one of the few willing to do the true dirty work the village needs. Kisame says he knew that this would be his fate as a Mist ninja, but where does he go now? Another figure steps from the shadows before a confused Kisame. The figure offers that he will free Kisame from the falsehoods and give him a true place to belong. Kisame asks who the man is and the figure states Kisame works for him now, and they'll start with the Water Country. Kisame says the man trusts him, but he himself doesn't know who this mysterious figure is. The figure opens his eye, revealing a Sharingan. Kisame offers his understanding, finally realizing that the figure is the real Yondaime Mizukage, having full control of Yagura. Kisame questions though who the man is, being able to control the Sanbi Jinchuuriki with just his eyes. The figure reveals he's Uchiha Madara and Kisame retorts that he doesn't believe him, so he should reveal himself. Madara relents and begins to step from the shadows as we're shocked out of the mind probe by Kisame biting his own tongue. Blood bursts forth and the gathered ninja are shocked. Within Kisame's mind, he continues to recall the meeting. He asks if Madara is insane. Madara says his Moon's Eye plan will happen, and it will create a new world of truth and not lies. Kisame smiles and in the present he violently bursts from his shackles...


Chapter 508: "A Death Befitting a Shinobi" - Broken wood from the restraints flies as Kisame frees himself. Aoba yells to take Kisame alive, as he knows more information. Guy quickly moves to punch Kisame, but the former Mist ninja releases water and enters a water prison. Guy's arm is stopped by the defense and Kisame summons sharks. Kisame flashesback to the time he first met Itachi. They exchange greetings and Kisame offers that he knows Itachi wiped out his comrades, that was why they were made partners. Kisame gloats that there's nothing like the feeling that comes from killing friends. Itachi chides the man for being talkative, and surmises that Kisame himself was lost, just looking for a place himself. Kisame holds Samehada to Itachi's head, and explains how sharks start eating their siblings in the womb after they hatch. Sharks start killing the moment they're born and see everyone as prey, so Itachi should be mindful. Itachi looks on unmoving with Mangekyou eyes and warns Kisame of the same. Kisame withdraws his sword and says in any case he hopes they can work well together. Itachi warns that those who betray their comrades are sure to come to bad ends, and Kisame asks if they're both already marked then. Itachi says no, as they're human not fish, one doesn't know the type of person they are until death comes. And when it comes, you'll know the type of person you are. Back in the present Yamato moves to strike with wood and Kisame contemplates to the absent Itachi that in the end he wasn't so terrible after all. The summoned sharks quickly converge in a frenzy on Kisame, sending blood throughout the prison. The Leaf and Cloud are stunned by the man's self-sacrifice suicide and watch as the bloody water prison explodes, leaving the sharks to fall to the earth and then poof away. Guy offers that Kisame knew he was too weak and stood no chance of escape, so he made his own charks turn against him. Motoi asks if he's really dead and Samehada whimpers. Bee comforts the saddened sword and Naruto ponders how Kisame protected the information> He thinks back to Konan and Nagato and how some Akatsuki act for the sake of their comrades. Guy offers that Hoshigaki Kisame was a worthy opponent and a fine shinobi, and he shall never forget his name for the rest of his life. Guy lifts the scroll and Aoba offers they should inspect it to see what information Akatsuki wanted. As he peels open the scroll, they are all quickly encased in water prisons with sharks. A sphere of water containing a shark quickly grabs the scroll and moves to flee. The Leaf and Cloud attempt to fight back, but they can not escape in time to stop the shark from reaching the sea and safety. Elsewhere in Hidden Rain, Madara offers to Konan that she does not appear to have any interest in revealing where she hid Nagato's body and his Rinnegan. Konan replies that she knew he would come, and it finally gives her a chance to destroy him. As the rain falls, he warns that he won't go easy just because she's a former member...

Chapter 509: "A Bridge to Peace" - Madara questions if Naruto was worth betraying him for. Konan replies that Naruto is light personified, anyone who meets him believes in the flower called "hope." Madara questions why she is still wearing her cloak and she retorts it doesn't belong to him. "Akatsuki" was made by Yahiko, and the blood red cloud over Rain was important to them first. Calling Madara a mere coat-tail rider she unfurls into paper and says the Rinnegan belongs to Nagato and is their treasure too. She hurls paper shuriken which passes through Madara and he offers that she's wrong, Madara himself influenced Yahiko to create the group and it was he himself for gave the Rinnegan to Nagato. Konan is thrown by the words and Madara calls her a confused child, who is only important because she knows where Nagato lies hidden. She forms wings and launches a multitude of paper to prevent his escape, but Madara manages to swirl away. As he does so he notices explosive tags mixed into the paper cloud. We flashback to the past, as Yahiko directs Nagato to rest; he himself will run recon in the troubled sector. A short time later in the rain, Yahiko prepares to leave and asks Konan to look after Nagato, as the he is the one who will truly change the world. Konan offers that they joined to follow Yahiko himself, as they all believe in him. Yahiko answers that Nagato is the true bridge to peace, and he'll be the pillar that supports that bridge. Looking to the rain he offers that Rain is still crying, like he did when he was young, and he needs to save it. He jumps to leave and a short time later Nagato tells Konan that Yahiko is the true bridge, they all believe in him. He yells for the others to move out and the group leaves to assist their leader. Konan considers that she'll support both their bridges and we return to the present. As the burning paper settles, Madara stands wounded, having his right arm and half his mask shorn off. He admits that he took her too lightly and says he knows she tried to self-sacrifice and take them both out, but he managed to teleport most of the explosion away in time. He asks if she's finished and she responds by asking if he truly understands why they betrayed him. Raising her arms she yells out that he is darkness, as he seeks to create a world where flowers would wither and die. Suddenly the sea below Madara splits into a mass of paper, as the true nature of the sea reveals itself...

Chapter 510: "A Surprising Kinjutsu!!" - As Madara makes himself intangible, flying explosive tags begin to detonate. Konan explains that she knows how his power works, as he needs to solidify before he can teleport out. Madara ponders that he needs to take her seriously. Konan offers understanding that he can only remain intangible for five minutes at a time, so that's why she prepared enough tags to explode for over ten minutes. As she moves to detonate all the tags, Madara reaches to remove his mask. As the sea explodes, Konan thinks back over Madara's words and concludes Nagato and Yahiko were not his pawns, they fought for their own ideals. And that has been passed on to Naruto, and she will not let him harm it. As her chakra runs out, her paper manipulations fall away and collapses down to the sea. She considers that he surely must be dead, but in an instant Madara is behind her. Elsewhere at Nagato and Yahiko's tomb, the paper flowers honoring them return to paper sheets. Back at the sea, Madara stands behind Konan as he impales her. She asks how he escaped and he says it was Izanagi, a jutsu that can only be wielded by those having the power of both the Uchiha and Senju. Konan offers than only the Rikudou can do that, and Madara offers he can explain. Izanagi was a creation power used by the Rikudou, and the Senju and Uchiha both have their source in him. He used the mind and spiritual power of Yin to shape reality, and the vitality and physical power of Yang to give it life. He used that same power to create the Bijuu from the Juubi, which allowed him to turn imagination into reality. Konan asks him what he is and Madara explains that history records him losing to Shodai, but in reality he fought him to gain his power. He now holds both bloodlines, the first to do so fully unlike the incomplete form in Danzou. Konan moves to flee and Madara mocks Nagato's foolishness. As she looks to the sea and up to the heavens the ever present downpour over Rain stops. Madara is confused and looks to the sky. Konan reaches to the heavens and declares that Yahiko and Nagato's will still lives on in Naruto. He will be the bridge that leads them to peace and she will be his pillar. As a rainbow forms overhead she thanks Nagato, as his death renewed her hope. As she begins to form a disk of paper, she offers that it doesn't matter if she is scattered to the win, she will stop him... Instantly Madara has her by the throat and says if he is the darkness then he will make her wilt, and cast everything she holds dear into the dark with him. And before his Izanagi illusion ends, so will she, but not before telling him where the Rinnegan is. As her consciousness fades we advance in time. As Madara stands over Nagato's corpse, he identifies him as the third person to attain the Rikudou's power. He then offers that Nagato apparently exerted himself so much that the Uzumaki clan's trademark red hair turned white. Madara then curses the smile on Nagato's face, which mocks him even in death...

Yahiko, Konan & Nagato

Chapter 511: "We'll All Come Home" - Madara closes Nagato's eyes and swirls the man away. He then leaves the tomb as well. Elsewhere Konan lies unconscious in the water as her life fades. A blood soaked paper sheets soon takes flight and we flash back to the past. Jiraiya leads his pupils in security training by having them wear toad costumes. He shows them a warning card marked with each of their names; one side is marked with a toad face and the other solid red. When “in” the hideout, the card should show red. When they leave they should move it to the “out” white toad side. The students question Jiraiya's toad puns and need for such action. He warns them that the area is still dangerous and this will help. Konan offers understanding, if they are missing and their card is red, it means they may have been captured, and if they're present but the toad is showing it will mean someone is impersonating them, as the imposter would be ignorant of the card's purpose and fail to change it. Jiraiya congratulates her perception and shows them an emergency escape door they might need. Jiraiya then voices encouragement for more toad inspired training and leads them outside. An enthused Yahiko follows and Nagato questions if Yahiko really understood everything. Konan and Nagato grin and Yahiko unleashes his own smug smile. Jiraiya yells at the boy for not turning his card like he should and we jump through time as his training with the students advances. Jiraiya bids goodbye to his pupils and his card remains toad side “out” in their house. The trio continues their journey into adulthood, fighting battles and training. Konan shares an intimate moment with Yahiko as she bandages his wounds. Nagato remains just outside having left his card "out" as he smiles knowingly. More time passes and the trio now have followers. They reason they're now too big for their hideout and they bid it goodbye. They mark it as the place they learned to become strong and offer they'll now set out to make their dream come true. Konan turns her card over to toad side "out" and before Nagato and Yahiko can do the same, explosive tagged kunai strike the building. They flee through the escape hatch as enemy ninja enter the building to find it empty. Yahiko marks that as a fitting end to their time there and then tells them to move out. In the present as the bloody paper flies through the air, we see Yahiko saying that they'll return one day when their dream has come true, no matter how much they're separated. The paper continues its journey, entering the ruined and overgrown structure of the trio's former home. The blood red paper lands over Konan's lone toad side "out" card, marking her as now being home with Nagato and Yahiko. Yahiko’s words continue, offering that when that day comes that they return home, they'll celebrate a job well done. And they'll have to tell Jiraiya-sensei as well. As we see Jiraiya's card as having been turned over to red "in" side as well by the weed growth we cut to the current Akatsuki base. Wearing a new concentric circle Rinnegan mask marked by Sharingan tomoe, Madara sits holding his large battle fan. Kabuto offers that it appears he ran into trouble but he got some new eyes out of it. Madara says the eyes were always his and Zetsu reveals they just received Kisame's info scroll. A confident Madara stands and declares it's now time to capture the Kyuubi...


Chapter 512: "The Truth of Zetsu!!" - Bee emerges from the water, rapping that the shark got away. Back on the island, Naruto pokes at a pained Guy. Yamato warns that Guy's body was heavily damaged by opening so many gates. Motoi offers that the water prisons delayed them from contacting the outside world about the spy, and Aoba cautions they should move Bee and Naruto elsewhere to be safe. Motoi summons a messenger owl and states they'll be moved, but not by boat. Bee returns and Motoi dispatches his owl. Aoba questions how they'll do it then? Elsewhere Nin-kame speaks with the giant turtle, stating he's never seen one as big as him before. The turtle offers that he's just a hatchling really. Motoi reveals the island's true nature, a moving fortress all on the shell of an even bigger gigantic sea turtle which Kumo has watched over since ancient times. Motoi offers that they may still be found by the enemy, but it'll be safer to move Naruto and Bee this way. At the Akatsuki base, Kabuto offers to handle the Hachibi and Kyuubi. He explains that he wants to prove his trust and wants access to Yamato, who was infused with Shodai Hokage's DNA. For the time being though, he could settle on a Zetsu, which shouldn't affect Madara’s Juubi plans. Zetsu is silent and Madara offers surprise at how well informed Orochimaru was. Kabuto smiles and explains how Kisame's scroll numbers the joint shinobi force at 80,000, and Zetsu is the key to dealing with that. Zetsu's black half questions how he knows so much. Kabuto ignores the man, but says he can make him stronger; he just has to be taken "there". Zetsu asks Madara whether they can trust Kabuto and the man remains silent. He then declares he'll give the man a Zetsu if he can capture the Kyuubi. He leads them down deeper into the base, revealing the bound body of the Gedou Mazou, which sits atop the petals of a gigantic flower. Extending from its body down into the flower are the black control rods. Madara leads them down far below, to where the stem emerges from a deep pool of water. Kabuto is surprised and Madara offers that his eyes do not fool him, embedded within the stem is Senju Hashirama. Madara reveals that it's not really him, just something grown from tissue he stole during their battle. It has its own mind, but what he wanted to really show Kabuto is in the water below. At Kumo, the joint shinobi forces make preparations. Oonoki the Tsuchikage offers they'll need to adjust their plans again since Akatsuki spied on them. Tsunade questions the safety of the island and the Raikage says they'll be fine, as it can only be seen from the air. Mizukage offers that Akatsuki won't dispatch a large attack force; rather it'll be recon teams. Gaara offers that even if Akatsuki doesn't know the exact location, they'll continue to search. Mifune interjects that they should send a small elite force to assist. Back at the base, Kabuto looks into the water and questions when he did it. Madara says he had to use lot of the Bijuu chakra from the statue to do it, so he wants to keep some in reserve. As the longer it takes for the Juubi to be reformed, the longer his plan will be delayed. Kabuto asks how many there are, to which Madara says 100,000. Deep in the water cavern, below the roots of the flower stand an army of white Zetsu. At Kumo, Oonoki volunteers to go and Tsunade offers that his ability to fly would help him get there fast. Gaara questions his abilities and the elder ninja stands, saying he will not be doubted. His confidence is suddenly shattered as he wrenches his back. Gaara interjects saying he'll ride his sand and go there himself. Oonoki voices discontent but is again shaken by his bad back. At the Akatsuki base, Kabuto stands alongside the Edo Tensei'd Deidara on top of his large clay bird. He directs Madara and Zetsu to relax, as he'll return soon...

Chapter 513: "Kabuto VS Tsuchikage!!" - At the coast, Akatsuchi expresses happiness at getting to fly again as Tsuchikage touches him and grants him flight. Kurotsuchi chides his teammate but then secretly beams at being able to do it too. Elsewhere Kabuto implants a charm into Deidara's head to wake him but offers he won't fully control him like Orochimaru would, as he needs his artistic experience. Deidara offers that only certain people can understand his art, and he's happy to have the chance to shoot for even greater heights after the success of his last master work. Back at the island, the ninja escort the giant animals into the great turtle's shell. As Naruto and Bee direct the caravan as a ”research” mission, Yamato and Motoi discuss how its best Naruto remain in the dark about the upcoming war, as he'd just rush into it head first. Over the ocean, Kabuto searches the water and sees the island missing from its reported location. In an instant Tsuchikage strikes him in the stomach, commenting that the man isn't Madara and isn't even real, being a clone which is now stuck to his arm. He then questions what he's doing with a clay bird and Deidara. Kabuto offers that Deidara's more or less real. Deidara and the bird quickly fly to Tsuchikage and explode, as the original Kabuto and Deidara watch from a distance. At the island, Naruto questions the sex of a rolled up armadillo. Bee raps to just mark it as female and move along. Naruto pushes Bee to ask the animal but the beast refuses to answer, causing Bee to ruminate that it's not always clear, like knowing the difference between the ground and sky. In the sea below, a snake surges through the water which alerts Motoi. Elsewhere, as the rubble falls into the ocean below, Tsuchikage tells Deidara he thought he was dead, but that was his Nendo Bunshin. Deidara then offers recognition of Akatsuchi's faux-Tsuchikage Iwa Bunshin. Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi express amazement that Deidara survived, but Tsuchikage tells them to look closer as he's only some form of clay-reanimation. The elder ninja calls the Rock missing-nin an embarrassing pain that lost to the punk from Konoha. Deidara yells that he won that battle and Tsuchikage offers that Deidara is unaware of what happened; in any case he'll take care of them both. Kabuto states he knows the man is just trying to distract them, but they can afford to wait. At the turtle Motoi yells out that they've been found as the giant snake bites the island turtle's tail, causing it to yell out its location to the distant Kabuto. Kabuto bids farewell and the duo flee. Deidara yells out in confusion at not being able to control his body and the Rock trio go in pursuit. The island turtle shakes, and Kabuto ruminates on how he created Manda version 2 using the original's cells and various drugs; which created a beast stronger and bigger than the original. Looking down on the island, Deidara questions what it is. Kabuto explains its true nature and that it is now home to the Hachibi and Kyuubi. Deidara quickly perks up, realizing Naruto is nearby. Kabuto tells him that he needs Deidara to form a bomb so they can stop the turtle from moving. Manda snakes across the island as a giant clay squid swims below. Deidara then activates the bomb, causing the turtle to flip on its back with the help of Manda. Inside the shell, the ninja are rocked to the ceiling and Naruto questions if it was a quake. He then notices the exposed armadillo and offers that even when the sky and land switch, a male is a male. Yamato yells that it's not the time for research but Aoba quickly chastises and warns him to not alert Naruto, as they should head outside to investigate. Outside on the turtle’s belly, Deidara offers that he wants to handle Naruto and Kabuto acquiesces. Above Tsuchikage quickly floats into view, forms a hand seal and questions Deidara if he has really forgotten how terrifying he can be...

Chapter 514: "Kabuto's Plot!!" - Kabuto and Deidara quickly flee in opposite directions, as Tsuchikage moves to fire off a Jinton attack. Akatsuchi quickly grabs his Kage, warning him that such a powerful jutsu would destroy the turtle. Deidara uses the opening to launch a clay bird close to the duo, as it explodes Akatsuchi unleashes a stone golem to take the brunt of the attack. Elsewhere Kurotsuchi surmises that Manda is being controlled by Kabuto. As Manda searches the turtle, it quickly alerts Kabuto that Naruto is inside. Inside the shell, Aoba and Yamato try to convince Naruto that they just felt an earthquake, but he inquires about checking outside anyway. Yamato warns Naruto that only he can do this special mission and Aoba contemplates that Naruto isn't an idiot, he has to know something’s up. Naruto ponders Yamato's words but then agrees he should stick to the mission. Aoba gives silent thanks for Naruto’s idiocy while outside Kurotsuchi unleashes a Youton down toward Kabuto. Aoba, Motoi and Yamato arrive to assist but Kurotsuchi yells that she'll handle it. Yamato then recognizes her as the Tsuchikage's granddaughter. Kabuto offers that he'll just ask them Naruto's location, and Yamato is surprised to see the new Kabuto. Kurotsuchi emits a Suiton, forcing Kabuto to retreat. Looking like he first escaped, he quickly finds his feet stuck into the ground, as the Youton and Suiton combined to create a binding cement. Kurotsuchi quickly fires more cement onto Kabuto's body as Aoba moves to interrogate him. In the air above, Deidara and Tsuchikage fly as Akatsuchi struggles to keep up. Standing on a beam of wood over the cement, Aoba tells Kabuto he's fallen far. Kabuto retorts that Aoba should be more worried about falling from his precarious position. Aoba reaches out to make contact with Kabuto, but the man quickly bursts forth from his skin knocking Aoba off balance, revealing a snake-like form which quickly coils along the beam and races towards Yamato. Yamato pushes Motoi out of the way with wood as Kabuto's open maw quickly engulfs his body. As Kabuto races away with Yamato trapped inside, high above Tsuchikage prepares to unleash his Jinton. Deidara curses the old man, saying his Bakuton will prove stronger than Jinton. Before they can release their attacks, a coffin quickly appears and restrains Deidara. It disappears as Kurotsuchi looks down upon Manda, who now holds Kabuto in his mouth. The beast quickly poofs away, leaving the battlefield now empty of Akatsuki members. Tsuchikage floats below and asks what happened. Motoi reports that Yamato was kidnapped and Aoba asks for assistance getting free from the cement. Aoba yells that they have to find Yamato but Motoi reveals he cannot sense him. Tsuchikage wonders if they were after Yamato all along and questions if they man will give up any intel. Aoba says not easily as the Kage helps to free him. Tsuchikage says he's worried about Madara using his Doujutsu on Yamato, if he does, it's all over. At the Akatsuki base, Kabuto presents a bound Yamato to Madara. Madara says that man isn't the two Jinchuuriki, but Kabuto reveals Yamato was Naruto's bodyguard and has information. Also he can be used to make more Zetsu. Zetsu watches in silence. Madara orders him to proceed and offers his left eye is itching for war. From the eye slots on his mask look out his Sharingan right eye and new Rinnegan left eye...