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Volume Forty-Six Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 46
Title: Naruto kikan!! ~ Naruto Returns!!

Chapter 423: "Deva Realm's Ability!!" - Both Pain and Chouza compliment Kakashi's tactical skills. Kakashi states he may have figured out Pain's ability. Pain charges and the gathered ninja launch attacks in response. Kakashi throws an exploding charge for retreat. He determines all the attacks were blocked through some form of attraction and repulsion force, and that it appears to take a short interval to recharge. They can use that interval to plan their attack. A short time later Kakashi bursts from the ground below Pain. He's blown back and Pain comes to strike. Kakashi gives the signal and Akimichi roll in from either side. They're blown back but use the force to pull up a chain from the ground which binds Pain in place. Kakashi launches towards Pain's head with Raikiri but is suddenly blocked by a damaged Asura. Kakashi tears through Asura and watches on with Sharingan. At Myouboku, Fukasaku asks Naruto if he's ready to practice fusing. Naruto wonders if Konoha's okay with the threat of Akatsuki. Fukasaku dismisses it, saying the village has excellent ninja and that a frog would alert them if needed. In Konoha, a bloodied Kakashi is pinned in rubble while Pain stands triumphant. Pain offers that this Kakashi is no clone and that he must end things quickly. He picks up a nail and states Kakashi must know pain... Kakashi offers that he can't dodge and the nail is launched into Kakashi's head...

Chapter 424: "Determination!!" - Katsuyu's slugs begin healing the wounded, while an ANBU flanked Tsunade focuses herself to disperse her chakra. Underground, Danzou offers to his gathered Root that the commotion will allow him to act undetected. One of Root asks if they should help, Danzou says no. Some of the village will be saved, but the other's sacrifice will be necessary for him to become Hokage. At the interrogation headquarters, Inoichi and the rest of the team probe the Rain ninja Yuudachi’s mind, pulling out memories. Inoichi finally finds one of Yuudachi helping his partner Ryuusui deliver a corpse. Yuudachi figures it's a girl and wonders about the tower they take the bodies to, thinking it’s a shrine to the dead. Ryuusui offers that he heard a rumor Pain was inside. Yuudachi offers that there's no way that's true. Ryuusui unzips the body bag, revealing the unpierced form of Pain's most recent Animal Realm body. Konan thanks the men, and Ryuusui turns to greet "Angel". She tells them to bring the next one and we cut to the present. A weak Chouji calls out for his dad and Kakashi. At the interrogation, Tonbo offers that Inoichi is awesome at pulling out info. Mozoku tells him to cut the chatter and Shizune suddenly arrives, asking for all their data on Pain. Outside the Animal and Human Realm bodies arrive. Elsewhere Chouji looks over the fallen body of his father. He cries and Kakashi says there is time for tears later; Chouji has to tell Tsunade of Pain's powers. Don't let his father's sacrifice be in vain. A broken Asura offers that they're persistent and fires one remaining missile towards Chouji. Chouji thanks his dad and takes off in a run. Kakashi considers that if he uses it again his chakra will be zero and he'll die. Entrusting everything to Chouji and for the well being of Konoha, he forms Mangekyou and sends the missile away. Asura contemplates that Kakashi used that jutsu on the nail as well. A panting Kakashi considers that for him it's now over Obito and Rin...

Chapter 425: "Hatake Kakashi" - A dying Obito says he'll be Kakashi's eye and asks that he protect Rin. Kakashi asks for forgiveness as he wasn’t able to. He walks in blackness and states he'll be joining them soon. He comes across a fire and recognizes the man sitting by it. The man asks Kakashi to tell him how his life has gone. Kakashi says it will be a long story, but his father Sakumo says that's okay. In reality Kakashi slumps over in the debris while Asura falls apart. At Myouboku, Fukasaku attempts to fuse with Naruto but is sent flying by the Kyuubi. The toad explains how he was rejected, which causes an infuriated Naruto to ask why they even bothered training. Outside the interrogation headquarters, Animal Realm moves to summon. Inside Ino offers that the chakra transmitting sounds like her clan's techniques. Ibiki offers than Rikudou Sennin could supposedly use any jutsu. Suddenly the building is rocked and the gathered ANBU move to take action. Three ANBU utilize Earth, Wind and Lightning jutsu in an attempt to contain the giant dog summon. It bursts out and the ANBU decide to focus on the summoner instead. A giant rhino bursts into the interrogation head quarters, shocking those inside. Riding atop the beast, Animal sees the chakra receiver in Shizune's hand. The building is rocked again and Katsuyu's slugs are thrown clear. From within the slugs emerge those who were in the building. Above them stands the rhino and dog summons. Inoichi offers that he recognizes the woman atop the beast, but she was dead when he saw her last. Shizune considers how each Pain body can only use one type of jutsu and that the summoning body was taken out. Shizune tells Inoichi they should compile their information. Ibiki tells them to go, they'll handle Pain. Elsewhere amongst the rubble of Konoha, Konohamaru emerges from the shadows...

Chapter 426: "Naruto and Konoha!!" - The Hell Realm grabs two Leaf by their throats and demands to know Naruto's location. A spectral face enshrouded in flames forms but the Leaf refuse to answer. Suddenly tongue-like protusions extend from their mouths, while two hands extends from the mouth of Hell's giant spectral head. It grabs onto the two "tongues" causing one of the men to collapse, Hell pronounces the other man truly did not. Konohamaru watches from the shadow, he turns to flee and runs into the wall, drawing Hell's attention. Ebisu lands between them and hopes that Konohamaru escapes. Elsewhere Animal's giant summons stand over the interrogation crew and Shizune. They decide to head for the code breaking office and leave Animal for Ibiki and the ANBU. Inoichi and the others bolt and the Human Realm moves to follow. At Myouboku, Naruto trains in an effort to gather natural energy while moving. Fukasaku says it's impossible but Naruto refuses to give up. Seeing the code on the toad's back, he states it was also meant for him. Jiraiya was his master who never gave up, and he inherited his nindo. Back in Konoha, Konohamaru debates what to do. Ebisu is held by the throat while Hell interrogates him. Ebisu thinks back to how Konoha viewed Naruto. First with distrust, then beginning to respect all his accomplishments as a ninja and finally as a comrade who they would give their life for. Ebisu smiles and says he has no intention of telling Akatsuki anything. Konohamaru hears this and thinks back to a lesson Naruto once taught him. Ebisu hopes to himself that Konohamaru ran away and Hell moves to kill him. Suddenly kunai plant in his arm, freeing Ebisu. Konohamaru then yells out his intent to fight...

Chapter 427: "Reunion" - Ebisu demands to know why Konohamaru didn't run. The young man explains his promise to challenge Naruto for Hokage, so he can't run from his path. Hell Realm charges and Konohamaru forms a hand seal. At Myouboku Naruto turns toad-like and is hit by Fukasaku. The toad says he can't keep up, what Naruto's trying doesn't even make sense, it's like looking left and right at the same time. Suddenly Naruto has a revelation. In Konoha, Tsunade senses the status of the fallen, including Kakashi. She punches down a stone protrusion in frustration. Chouji arrives and explains Deva's powers. She orders the ANBU to have Katsuyu spread the word and tells Chouji to rush Chouza to the hospital, as he still might live. Chouji cries and then asks about Kakashi. Tsunade remains silent and tells him to hurry. At the morgue, Hungry Ghost removes the chakra piercings from the former Animal body. A Gatsuuga attack bursts into the room. As the dust clears, the Animal body falls from the wall, having been used as protection. Kiba then points out Pain's location on the ceiling to his mother. Elsewhere bugs eat through Konan's paper. Before her stand the Aburame, Shibi tells his son Shino to give it his all. Elsewhere in the Fire Country, Team Guy stops to rest. Guy points out the ill omen of birds flying away from Konoha and they leave to rush home. In Konoha, Tsunade continues dispersing her healing chakra to the fallen. The ANBU come to attention as Deva jumps to the roof. Tsunade recognizes the man, who offers a greeting to her as the last of the Sannin...

Chapter 428: "Conversation!!" - Konohamaru moves to retreat but is pinned to the wall by Hell. Ebisu jumps to help but is kicked away. Hell asks Naruto's location but the Genin says he doesn't know. Konohamaru then sees the arms which extend from the spectral face mouth grab his spirit. He remembers back to Naruto training him about rotation and power and misinterpreting it as an expansion of the Sexy Jutsu. In the present, the Genin poofs away, causing Hell to turn in surprise to receive a Rasengan to the chest from the original Konohamaru. He's sent flying into the wall and Ebisu wonders when Konohamaru learned the jutsu. The young man yells confidently that he's a proud member of the Sarutobi clan and named after the village, so Pain shouldn't forget it. On the Hokage building roof, Tsunade recognizes Deva as Yahiko. He asks Naruto's location and warns that war and strife are on the horizon. Tsunade says they're trying to destabilize the world. Deva warns her to stop being high and mighty, that as god he demands to know. Tsunade offers that he's wrong about one thing; he'll never get what he wants. Deva retorts that Konoha can't protect Naruto forever, but Tsunade replies he doesn't understand, Naruto is no pushover. Elsewhere Shizune, Inoichi and Ino determine that the piercings act as chakra receivers, giving life to corpses. And to transmit the chakra, the real Pain must not be that far away. Suddenly Human lands among the group and a bomb drops, causing everyone to scatter. As the dust clears Human holds Shizune by the head. He warns them not to move or he'll kill her. As he probes her mind he finds his target, stating Myouboku. On the Hokage roof Deva closes his eyes and then announces the same revelation, stunning Tsunade...

Chapter 429: "Know Pain" - Pain offers he has no reason to stay. The ANBU suggest they let him go so they can regroup and help the village. Pain turns and identifies the chakra at his opponent's feet, saying they know his power, but it's still meaningless, war brings death to everyone. He states once they know true pain, then they can understand peace. He then launches himself into the air. Elsewhere Human holds Shizune's spirit and Sakura heals the wounded. At Myouboku the toads notice that the name of Kousuke, the toad Danzou killed, disappeared from their scrolls. Fukasaku wonders if Konoha is under attack. In Konoha, Animal terminates her summons and flees the village. High above Konoha, Deva raises his arms. Outside the village, Animal summons the others. Konan asks what's happening and Pain explains that he is going to use his jutsu. At Myouboku, Fukasaku wishes luck to a toad travelling to Konoha to find Shima. The ninja in the village begin to regroup and the toad arrives through a water basin portal. Fukasaku says that Shima is near Konoha and that they along with Naruto will summon something powerful. The toad finds Shima and moves to summon while she offers that she understands her part. Konan tells Nagato not to do it, as it will shorten his life. The Pain bodies collapse leaving Deva alone above the village. Shima jumps to summon while Tsunade and the ANBU rush onwards. Suddenly a massive gravity wave is unleashed at the center of Konoha, sending rubble and debris up as it expands outwards to Hokage Mountain and the outer wall. From within the rubble emerges a slug, which expels Sakura. She looks at the destruction in shock and yells for Naruto to quickly return. As the dust clears, a scroll and cloth can be seen. High above, Deva looks to the barren waste below at a puff of smoke at the center of Konoha...

Chapter 430: "Naruto Returns!!" - As the dust clears, Naruto stands atop Gamakichi who is atop his father. A Sennin mode Naruto wears a red jacket with black flames and the toad contract scroll. Flanking Gamabunta are Gamaken and the stand destroyer toad. Pain plummets to land on the ground. Naruto asks where they are and Shima arrives, revealing they're in Konoha. The others can't believe it until they see Hokage Mountain. She explains that she feels the same presence as when she fought with Jiraiya. A shocked Naruto focuses his mind in determination. In the rubble, Katsuyu clones emit more ninja, including Iruka, Shiho, Shikamaru and Shikaku. Elsewhere Chouji, Chouza and Kakashi emerge. A Hyuuga asks Hinata if she's okay and states he can't let anything happen to her while Hiashi and Hanabi are away. Tsume tends to Kiba and Tsunade also emerges from the rubble. She sees the destruction and promises Pain will pay. A nearby ANBU notices Tsunade's Souzou Saisei mark missing, having been used to disperse her remaining chakra to the fallen. Pain sees Naruto and offers that the young man just saved him a trip. Sakura watches from a distance and a nearby Hyuuga reveals the figure beyond is Naruto. Outside Konoha, Hell Realm calls upon his spectral head, which consumes the destroyed Asura Realm body. Its mouth opens to emit a revived Asura. Konan asks why Pain is taking such foolhardy steps. Animal answers that it's his justice and is then flung back into Konoha by Asura. Konan ponders that focusing his chakra to Deva increased the jutsu's power, but now the others revived slower than before. She says she's returning to check on him and disperses. Animal arrives and summons the other Realms to stand with Deva. Tsunade yells out that Pain trampled on their ancestors treasure and dreams, and he'll pay for this. He retorts that she somewhat understands pain now but she is no longer needed. Asura quickly moves to strike her down but it is sent crashing into the earth in pieces by a Rasengan wielding Naruto. Tsunade sees Minato and Jiraiya in Naruto and the young man offers that she can rest, no need to sully her hands with this ilk. Sakura asks what happened and the Hyuuga reveals Naruto took out a Realm with a single blow, which surprises her. Gamabunta asks Fukasaku if he saw those familiar forms and the elder toad says he did, Naruto has surpassed the previous generation. Naruto grits his teeth and yells that he will wipe out Pain once and for all...

Chapter 431: "Naruto's Great Eruption!!" - Pain considers how Deva will take awhile to regain power, so he moves three Realms to the front and one to his rear. Naruto calls for Gamakichi to take Tsunade to safety. Naruto asks for no interference and she gives Naruto a Katsuyu slug to relay information. The toad elders jump to land on Naruto's scroll and the young man asks Tsunade about Kakashi's whereabouts, as he can't sense him through natural energy. Tsunade remains silent and Naruto understands. Animal summons her giant rhino which charges at a determined Naruto. Gamakichi brings Tsunade to Sakura, and the young woman lets her master know she's done well. As the dust of the rhino impact clears, Naruto remains in place holding its horn, unfazed by the beast's power. He hurls the beast over his shoulder into the air. Animal summons her bull and dog beasts which also charge. The toad elders jump and unleash a paralyzing song blast. Naruto forms two clones and two gigantic Rasengan's in their palms. Each impacts a beast and sends it flying. Fukasaku calls to the toad giants and they hurl into the air to cut and beat down Pain's summons. Naruto charges Hungry Ghost and Katsuyu states he absorbs jutsu. Hungry Ghost moves to impale Naruto as the young man in turn moves to strike him. They both dodge but Naruto's natural energy extends from his body to send the Realm flying. The three giant toads finish off the summons and Hungry Ghost flies into the ground unconscious. Deva watches on in confusion, as he thought Hungry Ghost had avoided the attack. Fukasaku watches on in appraisal, as Naruto is using natural energy to extend his reach and power. Naruto stands and draw in energy, forming a hand seal he states he'll end it with his next move...

Chapter 432: "Rasen Shuriken Once Again!!" - Naruto forms Kage Bunshin and Pain offers that the young man became a sage like their sensei Jiraiya. And because they shared a sensei they should understand each other, Jiraiya wanted peace as well. Naruto yells for him to get real and holds aloft Rasen Shuriken. He states the destruction around him isn't peace. Pain offers that Naruto simply doesn't understand, his death will bring peace. Naruto yells again for Pain to stop the idiocy and hurls the Rasen Shuriken towards the Realms, revealing its new freedom of movement. As it flies through the air, Human throws Animal out of the way and is cut through as the disk expands in size. Animal quickly summons the giant bird which impacts the ground near Naruto. A short distance away Shikamaru asks what the commotion is. His father states that Naruto knows Senjutsu now and they best stay out of his way. Beneath Gamabunta the dog summon splits and attacks the two other giant toads. The toad elders state they have to cut the Rinnegan connection and Pain determines Naruto is running out of his sage chakra. Fukasaku tells Gamabunta his plan and Shima expels a dust cloud to engulf the Deva and Hell Realms. Animal suddenly finds herself in blackness and Gamabunta moves to stab the other two Realms. They retreat and Deva tries to determine Animal and Naruto's location. In the blackness, Naruto strikes Animal with double Rasengans. Gamabunta suddenly expels air and spits out Naruto and a defeated Animal. The giant summons disperse, leaving Deva, Hell and a tired non-Sennin mode Naruto...