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Volume Thirteen Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 13
Title: Chuunin Shiken, Shuuryou...!! ~ Chuunin Test, Conclusion...!!
By: Nerezza

Chapter 109: "Leaf, Dance...!!" – Assessment by several examiners means Shikamaru has excellent leadership candidacy and is probably a better Chuunin possibility than Naruto. With Kankurou and Shino’s fight forfeited, Temari and Shikamaru’s over, only one fight remains. Even Lee and Gai manage to turn up, greeted with the shocking news that even Neji lost. Unrest grows in the stadium, with Gaara becoming uneasier. Suddenly, a whirl of leaves marks the entrance of two figures standing back to back, with Kakashi apologising for being late. His companion is asked his name by the referee – and the reply is “Uchiha Sasuke”. The entrance whips the crowd into a frenzy, but while the crowd express their cheers, Gaara has no actions that can express the anticipation he feels.

Chapter 110: "Finally...!!" – Tension builds among the spectators with all manner of encouragement directed at Sasuke. The only one not cheering is Lee, who feels gravely afraid for Sasuke having faced Gaara first-hand and knows what to expect. Kankurou is about to remind Gaara of the plan, but Temari gags him, afraid for what may happen if the unstable monster were to be distracted. As Gaara makes his way through a tunnel to the field, two Grass ninjas ask Gaara to lose the fight to help their lord win a bet. Naruto and Shikamaru watch the events from a distance. Gaara doesn’t even take notice of what the Grass ninja say and instantly crushes them to death. With the look still on his face, he enters the battleground...

Chapter 111: "Sasuke Vs Gaara!!" – Sakura worries about Sasuke’s curse seal, while Gai notices the alarming number of ANBU members. The fight begins with Gaara acting even more deranged, addressing his sand as “Mother”. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss what they witnessed and realise that Gaara is in a total killing mood. Sasuke’s shuriken tosses are intercepted by a sand clone, while his taijutsu skills are put up against the Sand Shield. Surprisingly, Sasuke can keep up with and surpass the shield’s speed. He uses the same tactics as Lee and just like him, lands a punch, even mimicking Lee’s stance and taunt!

Chapter 112: "Sasuke's Taijutsu...!!" – Like Lee, Sasuke manages to firmly land several hits on Gaara, knocking him back. Lee looks on and remarks that his years of training to attain that speed were surpassed in one month by Sasuke. Kakashi tells him and Gai that Sasuke used the Sharingan to copy Lee’s taijutsu. Gai still has his doubts over it, as Gaara begins to manipulate his sand for something big, erecting a sphere around him that becomes a ball of spikes when Sasuke approaches. Naruto begs for the fight to be stopped to save Sasuke’s life from Gaara. However, Kakashi remains calm and mentions that there is more to be told.

Chapter 113: "Reason for the Lateness...!!" – The Sand Siblings grow worried about Gaara’s choice of move. Sasuke cannot penetrate the defense, but Gaara is also unable to attack. Both prepare their next moves, with Kakashi telling Naruto to stop worrying and learn why they were late. Sasuke backs off and begins to wrap his hand in so much Chakra it becomes visible and audible. Gaara mutters grisly plans to himself and “Mother” inside the shell, as Sasuke rushes at him. Gai recognises the move as Kakashi’s only self-made move. Before it gained the nickname Raikiri (Lightning Blade), it was called: CHIDORI (Thousand Birds)!

Chapter 114: "Attack...!!" – Sasuke’s hand goes straight through the shell. Silence falls on the battlefield, prompting whispers among the crowd until Gaara’s horrified screams fill the air. Temari and Kankurou shriek as something inhuman coming from the shell attacks Sasuke. Gaara emerges and has been seriously wounded for the first time ever since birth! However, the suspicious ANBU member that knocked Kiba out earlier begins to execute a Genjutsu spell, making almost everyone fall asleep. A few manage to protect themselves from it, but the balcony with the two Kage and their personal staff is enshrouded in smoke. The plan Kankurou spoke of commences!

Chapter 115: "Chuunin Test, Conclusion...!!" – On the outskirts of Konoha, sound ninjas summon a gigantic 3-headed snake and begin the assault! More tricks ensue as Kazekage holds Hokage hostage and leaps away. Before he can be followed, four more special sound ninjas erect a barrier that burns all who pursue. Hokage tries to reason with Kazekage, but Kazekage is adamant and mocks him by name as Sarutobi. Meanwhile, Gaara is still unhinged from his battle and needs time to recover. Sasuke chases him as an official order, being told that he is already good enough to be a Chuunin. Kazekage continues to taunt Hokage, then unmasks... as Orochimaru! With a kunai to Hokage’ throat, he declares his teacher to be a dead man walking...

Chapter 116: "The Crumbling Leaf...!!" – Ibiki tells his troops of Orochimaru’s past as Sarutobi’s pupil. He left after a new Hokage was chosen instead of him and inspired fear even in Ibiki. Things get worse as the invading Sand and Sound ninjas combine to launch an invasion. Orochimaru sheds a tear of happiness in anticipation of the approaching war and murder of Sarutobi. But instead of a simple kill, Orochimaru prepares for a duel with his former teacher. Kakashi orders Sakura to wake up Naruto and others in preparation for a mission. He notes that she has talent in Genjutsu and that he is about to send her along with Naruto and Shikamaru on their first A-Rank mission since the Wave Country.

Chapter 117: "The Assigned Mission...!!" – Kakashi briefs Sakura to go and catch up with Gaara and Sasuke. Kakashi adds one more “man” to the team and summons a nin-dog, Pakkun. To Sakura’s surprise, it can talk and has a sharp tongue. Gai smashes a sound ninja through a wall and the newly assembled team escape through it. Shino follows, uninvited... Back on the tower surrounded by the barrier, the Hokage and Sage, Sarutobi and Orochimaru, make their final preparations. As the four barrier ninjas close themselves off from the battle, the two begin. Orochimaru uses the “Edo Tensei” technique to block a shuriken array by summoning coffins, which Sarutobi recognizes! Two emerge but Sarutobi stops the third, but still, he is unnerved by exactly who rests inside the coffins...