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Volume Forty-Eight Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 48
Title: Kanko no sato!! ~ The Jubilant Village!!

Chapter 443: "Meeting!!" - As Deva is sent flying into the rubble below, Naruto falls to the ground. Nagato informs Konan of Deva's defeat. Naruto removes a piercing from Deva and remembers the man's words on attaining justice through pain and that merely understanding one another isn't enough. Naruto stabs his palm with the piercing and thinks over his fallen comrades and Pain's belief in the rule of hatred. Katsuyu suggests Naruto wait for help but he says he'll handle it alone. Elsewhere Hinata thanks Sakura and Katsuyu reveals Naruto defeated the last Pain. The others are surprised and Hinata is relieved. Neji suggests they go to help over Katsuyu's objections. Outside Konoha Naruto rushes through the trees and is joined by Shikamaru's group. They ask Naruto if he defeated Pain but he replies it doesn't matter. He asks that they let him proceed alone, as he wants to talk to Pain by himself. Inoichi yells that talking won't solve anything. Naruto rhetorically asks if they should just kill Pain, his men and any villages that get in their way? Will that resolve the situation? He explains that he doesn't forgive Pain but Inoichi doesn't like it. Shikaku calms his friend and suggests they let Naruto go, he's the one who beat Pain and he has his reasons. Naruto says his thanks and leaves. Shikaku remembers his son's words that Naruto has a way about him, which makes one want to walk at his side. Further ahead, Sennin Mode Naruto stops at a large tree made of paper sheets. Peeling it open reveals Nagato and Konan. The kunoichi moves to defend but Nagato asks her to stand aside. Naruto asks if Nagato is the original and the decrepit figure offers that peace has finally arrived...

Chapter 444: "The Answer" - Naruto looks on and imagines the deaths of Jiraiya and Kakashi. Nagato asks the young man if he hates him and wants his revenge. Konan offers that killing Nagato won't change anything. Naruto contemplates the cycle of hatred and Nagato states that Naruto could give him no answer, his only role now is as a sacrifice to bring peace. He fires a chakra spike from his chair which impales an unfazed Naruto. The man gloats that he can control Naruto easily now but the young man stares back intently with combination of Sennin and Kyuubi eyes. Naruto explains that he came to talk and to see how he would feel when he saw Nagato in person. Removing the spike, he trembles with rage and states he can't forgive the man. Konan is shocked Naruto could resist the chakra and watches as Naruto charges Nagato. She moves to intercept but Naruto stops, and states that Jiraiya had faith that he could change the world, but he just wanted his sensei's approval. In the end, it's not easy to do. Nagato offers that Jiraiya's dreams were idealistic nonsense. Even if Naruto finds his justice in killing him, he's not God, that still won't fix the world's problems. Naruto looks on and offers that he knows Nagato was once Jiraiya's student, and he can't understand how he became the man before him. So he'd like to hear Nagato’s story, in return he’ll give the answer Nagato desires. Wanting to hear it, Nagato accepts. The first source of pain was his parent's death. He reveals how during the war two ninja entered his home looking for food. When his parents tried to sneak everyone out, Nagato accidently alerted the ninja to their presence. Nagato's father tried to stall the men but was quickly killed. His mother then fell trying to defend him. The ninja were shocked to see they weren't enemy ninja, but actually civilians. Seeing the Leaf forehead protectors, the frightened and crying Nagato had his pain grow into rage, which caused the young boy to scream out with Rinnegan eyes...

Yahiko, Nagato and Konan

Chapter 445: "Top of the World" - Nagato awoke to see the Leaf ninja dead. Adult Nagato then explains that his parents died due to Konoha's war, and it's a pain which still hurts. And when that pain turned to hatred, his powers emerged. He continues his story, telling how he buried his parents and ran out of provisions. When he collapsed with hunger a small dog found him. He and the dog Chibi tried to beg for food but had no luck. He eventually collapsed but a young girl offered him a loaf of bread. Nagato shared the bread with Chibi and was brought in by Konan to her dwelling. Yahiko was angry but eventually they became friends. As orphans they stole what they could to survive, and in the end, Yahiko never gave up hope, dreaming of one day taking over the world. From that position he could change things. Young Nagato felt Yahiko would be like a god and wondered if he'd be able to end war. Before Yahiko could respond the three were sent to the ground by an explosion. Chibi no longer moved and the trio warily looked over a ridge to a battle below, where Hanzou and the Sannin fought. Though the dog stopped breathing, Yahiko implored them to make a hasty retreat. Back in their cave hideout, Nagato cried as he held on to Chibi. An angry Yahiko proclaimed that if the world could not end the wars, he'd have to become its God and do it himself. It was then that Yahiko's dream became Nagato's as well.

Chapter 446: "I Just Want to Protect Them" - Yahiko chided Nagato for crying, saying nothing would ever change if he continued. To change things, he needs to be strong and learn ninjutsu. The trio found the Sannin and though Nagato didn't trust the Leaf, he eventually saw Jiraiya was different. Soon after, they were attacked and he killed a ninja when his Rinnegan activated. Jiraiya decided to train them, which Nagato believed was to help him control his Rinnegan. Jiraiya eased his doubts and he grew to accept his new teacher. Jiraiya explained how hate affects us and how knowing others pain allows them to grow. And the answer you find due to that pain is up to you. Nagato explains that like Naruto, Jiraiya also hadn't found an answer. But unlike them, Nagato immediately knew, he would protect his friends no matter what pain he faced. Jiraiya wondered how to find peace, and he felt Nagato's Rinnegan may hold the key. He explained how long ago the world was racked by war, but a lone monk appeared who taught of chakra and the way of ninshuu. This later developed into ninjutsu, but it was meant to be used to bring peace. Rikudou Sennin was hailed as a savior who hoped people could one day understand each other, and Jiraiya felt he might be reborn in Nagato himself. So he entrusted Rikudou Sennin's hopes with the young man who bore his eyes. After Jiraiya left, the trio gathered followers under Yahiko, who sought to gain peace without military action. Hanzou approached the group in the hopes they could broker a peace between the warring nations. They agreed and their naiveté got Yahiko killed. Hanzou was afraid they would gain control of Hidden Rain, so he allied with Danzou of Konoha, who wanted help becoming Hokage. Hanzou captured Konan and threatened to kill her unless Nagato himself killed Yahiko. Konan pleaded for them to just run but Yahiko ignored her. He asked Nagato to kill him but he was horrified. Nagato gathered himself and picked up the kunai Hanzou threw. He then watched in shock as Yahiko grabbed his arm and forced him to drive the kunai into his chest. Stunned, Nagato watched as his dying friend begged him and Konan to live on, as he could change the world. That was his second pain, and though he thought he had grown, nothing had changed from when his parent's died. His answer was worthless.

Chapter 447: "To Believe In" - Hanzou orders his troops to kill Nagato, who remembers Yahiko's dreams of becoming a god. As kunai fly in, Nagato raises his arm and repels them. He jumps towards Hanzou but the Rain leader retreats leaving Konan behind. As Nagato reaches to lift her up, paper bombs raises from the ground to encircle his legs. He retreats with Konan as the bombs activate. As the dust clears, Nagato stands but his legs are wrecked. He tells Konan to stand clear and stares intently at Hanzou. The Rain leader finally notices Nagato's eyes and compliments him as being no ordinary kid. The Leaf Root jump to attack and Nagato summons Gedou Mazou, a huge statue resembling the one he later uses to seal the Bijuu. Konan pleads for him to stop but the statue beast crawls from the earth and extends black chakra rods into Nagato's back, causing his body to wither. A spectral dragon emerges from the statue's mouth and flies through the surrounding ninja, drawing out and capturing their souls. They collapse and Hanzou offers his surprise that Nagato was really the leader and had the Rinnegan. As the dragon flies towards Hanzou, he Shunshins away in full retreat. The rods holding Nagato break away, leaving Nagato the same gaunt man before Naruto now. He finishes his story by explaining how he broke from his village and led their gang from that day on. He explains that he lost many friends, and how the Fire Country is complicit in war for the sake of "peace". War that is built on the sacrifices on the lower shinobi countries. The act of living causes hatred, so there will be no peace. He offers that Jiraiya's hopes were a fantasy and asks Naruto for his answer. Naruto reaches into his jacket and withdraws Jiraiya's Gutsy Ninja book. He states that Nagato is probably right, as he still hates him. However, Jiraiya believed in Naruto. And for that reason he will believe in what Jiraiya believed. That is his answer and the reason he won't kill Nagato...

Chapter 448: "Memento...!!" - Nagato questions what they should do then, sit there and wait for peace to happen? He can't believe in Jiraiya, as there will never be real peace in the cursed world they live in now. Naruto retorts by saying he will break the curse and find the peace. He won't give up. Nagato recognizes the words and Naruto acknowledges their source as the book in his hand. A book written to change the world. Naruto explains how the book is dedicated to a pupil who inspired Jiraiya, the young Nagato. The man wonder if it's a coincidence and Naruto states the main character's name is... We cut to Nagato's memories. Jiraiya is eating ramen and Nagato asks to speak with him. Jiraiya says he has writer's block and can take a break. Nagato asks if he remembers their talk about the world's hatred. He states he doesn't know how to reach it but he will break the curse and he will find the peace. He won't give up. Faith that it can be accomplished is better than any plan. Jiraiya offers that he might be right and is suddenly struck with an idea for a story. Looking at the fish cakes in his ramen, he ponders what to name his character. Time passes, and we see the trio try to cope with Jiraiya's leaving. They return to their house and Nagato finds a finished copy of Jiraiya's book. Reading through the story, Nagato imagines himself in the role of the titular character fighting against the ninja from a foreign village. The main character states the foreign ninja should give up on trying to make him give up and that he'll find peace. He states his name is... Naruto. Nagato is shaken and Naruto explains that Naruto's name was precious to Jiraiya, he can't disrespect it. He'll become Hokage and he'll make the peace, for Hidden Rain too. Believe in him. Nagato considers both Yahiko and Naruto's words and his time together with his parents and Jiraiya. He offers that he was joking earlier when he said they should understand each other because they studied under the same master but Naruto is odd, as he reminds him of a younger version of himself. Nagato couldn't believe in Jiraiya or himself but Naruto chose a different path and he can see a different future through him. Removing his arms from the chair, Nagato declares he will believe in Naruto...

Chapter 449: "Flower of Hope" - Nagato calls out the name of his Tensei jutsu and Konan cries out to him. He silences her and says he now has access to a path he long ago gave up on. Naruto asks what the jutsu is and Konan explains that a Rinnegan user exists outside of life and death, and thus can control it. She watches on and ponders how Naruto was able to change Nagato. In Konoha, Hell Realm's Enma bursts from the ground, releasing the souls of the deceased from its maw which fly through the air into their original bodies. Fukasaku sits up and Shima rushes to his side. Sakura wonders what is happening, as she was confidant that the toad was dead. All around other formerly deceased individuals begin to move. Shizune stirs and Shikaku offers that Naruto apparently took care of things. At Myouboku, Gamabunta recovers and the Toad Elder reveals the prophecy has been fulfilled, surprisingly by both of Jiraiya's pupils. When Jiraiya refused to give up, he ensured his book really would change the world. Elsewhere Kakashi and Sakumo continue their talk. Sakumo offers he was surprised they both died so young, but not as young as Kakashi's mother. Kakashi explains that he understands why his father did what he did, breaking the rules for everyone's sake. For that reason, he's proud. His father gives his thanks and a beam of light suddenly strikes Kakashi. In the paper tree, Naruto demands to know what's happening. Katsuyu reveals the villagers are being revived. Remembering Jiraiya's promise to train the orphaned trio to atone, Nagato explains he can revive those killed when he came to Konoha to atone. At the campfire, Sakumo offers that Kakashi's time isn't done and gives his thanks for his son's forgiveness. He offers that his soul is finally at rest and he can move on to be with Kakashi's mother. Kakashi bolts upright in the ruined village, surprising Chouji. Nagato offers that war brings death and pain, and accepting the death of loved ones is hard, especially for those who haven't lived through war. One tries to find some meaning in the pain that never heals. He states that Naruto will have to face this. The nature of the book makes it seem like someone set it all up, but maybe it's the hand of the real God. He offers that his part is over and that Naruto can really... The paper tree disperses and a short time passes. Konan stands beside a body shrouded in paper, and begins to encase Deva in paper as well. Konan explains that Deva was created from Yahiko's corpse and she'll be taking both of her friends away. Naruto asks what she plans to do and she reveals she's done with Akatsuki. The dreams of her dead friends have been entrusted to Naruto, so she believes in him too. Hidden Rain will do their part as well to make that dream come true. The young man offers that his name, his never give up attitude and the pain of life were given to him by his master and fellow student. Konan draws together a paper bouquet and offers her wish that Naruto be a flower of hope that forever blossoms. Naruto smiles and remembers his promise to Jiraiya that he'll carry out his will if he is unable to. Elsewhere Sasuke tells his team to prepare themselves; they're heading to Konoha...

Chapter 450: "The Jubilant Village!!" - As Naruto journeys back to Konoha he begins to collapse. Kakashi catches him and tells him he did a good job. They return to a large gathering of grateful villagers. Naruto is stunned and Katsuyu explains that she told everyone what happened. Villagers crowd around him and the toads watch from a distance. Hinata is happy that he's okay and Sakura comes to greet him. She slugs him for being rash but then embraces him and offers her thanks. His friends watch on and Iruka remembers Naruto's lonely days at the Academy and the striking difference to the love everyone feels for him now. Some distance away Zetsu watches and leaves to report to Tobi. An ANBU comes to Shikaku and reports his presence is needed. At the Akatsuki hideout, Zetsu reports of Pain's death and Konan's leaving. Tobi ponders that they'll need more pawns in order to properly sync with Gedou Mazou. He directs Kisame to find the Eight-Tails, as he has other pressing matters. Elsewhere in the Fire Country, the Cloud trio continue their journey to Konoha. Karui and Omoi begin to argue over the possibility of finding love in Konoha. Omoi offers his doubts that she would find a hot, rich man who could fall in love with her. She becomes furious and throws a rock which he manages to dodge. He then speculates about what would have happened if the rock she threw caused a chain of events resulting in an avalanche burying Konoha. She yells that no such foolish thing could happen, but then freaks out when they come upon a destroyed Konoha. Samui tells them to cool it and suggests they find someone in charge. In a tent, Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Shizune gather around a bed-ridden Tsunade in her natural form. Sakura states she's been unconscious since protecting the village. At the Fire Daimyou's palace, the Daimyou and his advisors meet with Danzou, Homura, Koharu, Shikaku and an ANBU. Homura states they will continue working with other villages to counter Akatsuki and the advisors say they'll have their support. Danzou offers that the matter of appointing the next Hokage needs to be addressed. The Daimyou asks if they can wait on Tsunade but Koharu offers that they don't know when she'll wake up and that she's partially responsible for Konoha's destruction. The Daimyou states he always liked Jiraiya but since he's dead, who? Danzou begins to speak but Shikaku declares it should be Kakashi. The Daimyou offers his appreciation for the man and his advisors debate Kakashi’s merits and his teaching lineage to the Third Hokage. Danzou angrily declares that the Third is the reason they're in this mess. He and his pupils’ failures led to many of the problems the village has faced. The village needs a strong leader who can resolve their problems and properly enforce their laws. And only he himself is capable of such a feat. The advisors offer it may be best but Shikaku voices his disapproval of Danzou's fanaticism. The Daimyou says he's heard enough, Danzou will be the Sixth Hokage...

Chapter 451: "Disposing of Sasuke!!" - The Leaf dig through the rubble looking for salvage and discuss how the founders left them with more than just a village. Yamato slams his hand to the ground, causing numerous structures to rise and form out of wood. As the villagers cheer at his speed, the weakened man offers that it's not exactly easy. Naruto and Sakura rest on some timber and talk about Tsunade's status. They're greeted by a surprise, Tazuna and Inari who have come to help in the repair efforts. Tazuna offers that the Wave Country is prosperous due to their help, so they're returning the favor. He then asks where Sasuke is, causing Naruto and Sakura to go silent. Naruto offers that he got into a fight with Sasuke so he left, but he plans to get him to come back soon. The two carpenters take their leave and Naruto wonders where his friend now is. Elsewhere Team Hawk moves through a forest. Naruto remembers Sasuke's words that he never had any family connections, so he doesn't know that loss. Naruto remembers Jiraiya and offers that he now understands how Sasuke felt and of wanting revenge. He then remembers Pain's words on how only by sharing pain can you understand it. The young man offers that he never truly understood Sasuke until now. And though it may hurt, he wants to fight him for real, because he wants Team 7 together again. As Sasuke rushes onwards he remembers Itachi's words and his promise to kill the loved ones of anyone who rejects his way of life. Back in Konoha, Samui asks a Leaf ninja what happened, and the man explains how Akatsuki attacked. Karui gives a sigh of relief that she didn't actually cause the destruction. Samui then requests an audience with the Hokage. At the temporary camp for the messenger squad, a scroll requesting a meeting of the Five Kages arrives. Another squad member chimes in that they have a problem. Shizune explains to Samui that Tsunade's unconscious and that she can take the Raikage's letter for her. Samui says she'll need to speak with whoever is most senior then, as it's urgent. A voice then announces that Tsunade is no longer Hokage... he is. Shizune is shocked and Samui hands Danzou the letter. He reads the letter concerning Sasuke and Samui asks his answer. A short time later, Kiba rushes through the village and finds Naruto. He announces that Danzou is now Hokage, and he has given permission for Sasuke's disposal as a missing-nin.


Chapter 452: "Closing in on Danzou!!" - Kakashi states it's not surprising, especially since Sasuke is a missing-nin and they are normally assassinated. Sakura and Naruto both declare they're going to speak with Danzou but Kakashi tells them to hold off, they'll only make things worse and possibly get thrown in jail. He explains to Naruto that since he is the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Danzou could easily restrict him to Konoha, which would prevent him from leaving to look for Sasuke. Elsewhere Danzou orders Sai to watch Naruto. Sai accepts the order and asks what he plans to do with Naruto. Danzou explains that Naruto's a hero to the village now, so he can't act against him with the Jounin approval vote coming soon. He explains that Naruto is a Jinchuuriki and he won't be as weak as Tsunade. A short time passes and Sai meets Naruto and Sakura. They ask Sai to tell them more about Danzou but he says he can't. This angers Naruto and Sakura but Sai says it's not that he's taking his side. He opens his mouth to show his tongue which bears a seal. He explains how Danzou placed the seal on Root members to prevent their revealing of secret information. He explains that this is how Danzou protected Konoha by hiding Root's generally bad actions done for the village. Sakura asks why Danzou went back on Tsunade's promise to not kill Sasuke and Sai is surprised, as he hadn't heard that. Suddenly a voice demands everything they know on Sasuke, it's Karui with her sword extended. Suddenly Naruto grabs Sai's short sword and knocks Karui's katana away. As he moves to strike her with his elbow, Omoi bends over and blocks the strike his sword hilt. Naruto forms Kage Bunshin and Karui flips over Omoi to attack. He warns his teammate not to cut them and she reverses her sword. Naruto's clone easily grabs the blade, surprising Karui. Sakura and Sai then move to strike. Karui dodges Sai's kick and Omoi turns to knock Sakura away. As Naruto moves to catch Sakura, Karui hits and disperses his clone. Naruto yells for them to reveal their intentions and Sakura recognizes their forehead protectors. Omoi demands to know about Sasuke and Sakura asks what it has to do with Cloud. Omoi yells that Sasuke attacked their village. Karui explains that he took their master and they don't know if he's alive any longer. Sakura asks why Sasuke would do that and Omoi asks why he should know Akatsuki's motives? Naruto asks what he means and Karui says that Sasuke is a member of Akatsuki. Naruto and Sakura are surprised and Omoi explains how the Raikage dispatched them to kill Sasuke. They'll get their revenge for their master. Naruto gathers himself and wonders just what happened with his friend...

Omoi, Samui, Karui | Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi

Chapter 453: "The Night Before the Five Kage Summit...!!" - As Team Hawk travels, Tobi swirls into existence before them. Sasuke asks how Madara knew his location and the elder ninja says it's within his powers. Sasuke says they're through with Akatsuki but Tobi says not quite, they failed their mission and he's not happy about it. So they still must work for the group. Sasuke asks what if he says no, to which the man says they’ll have to fight. Sasuke charges Chidori and lunges at Tobi. He phases through the man, who says Sasuke’s current goal is useless anyway, Konoha was destroyed. Zetsu arrives and reveals Danzou is the new Hokage. Tobi says he figured as much. He states that Pain destroyed Konoha, and their actions have caught the attention of the Kage, who plan to meet. In Konoha, Sakura asks how Sasuke could be in Akatsuki. Karui calls her annoying and asks what the man is to her anyway? Sakura becomes emotional and Naruto asks if they're sure it was Sasuke. Karui confirms and demands to know why Sakura is crying, as they're the ones who lost Killer Bee and Yugito. Sai tells them to calm down, because if the kill order is official the village will provide the needed information. The Cloud duo state they simply want all the information they can get, they can't let what happened to their master pass. Naruto remembers his goal to avenge Jiraiya and asks if Killer Bee was a Jinchuuriki? He explains that he's one too and Akatsuki want the hosts alive, so there's still a chance to save him. The Cloud are surprised and Naruto suggests they try to find Bee before going after Sasuke. He says he'll help them and give information on Akatsuki. Sakura looks to Naruto for reassurance and he says to leave things to him. Karui asks Naruto his name. Elsewhere Suigetsu is surprised Naruto took out Pain. Zetsu says he's strong, stronger than Sasuke probably. Sasuke says he doesn't care; their goal is to head to the Kage Summit and take Danzou's head. Zetsu splits in two and states he'll lead them to the meeting place. The group leaves and Juugo asks if they can trust Akatsuki. Sasuke says he'll use Amaterasu if needed. And there's something else he wants to test. Zetsu congratulates Tobi and the elder expresses surprise at Nagato’s betrayal, as the Tensei jutsu was supposed to be reserved for he himself. He reveals that Sasuke may become more powerful than Nagato, but he doesn't plan to sync him with Gedou Mazou. Naruto has delayed their plans and there's no more need for caution, they'll fast track the "Eye of the Moon" plan. Elsewhere a voice calls for Kankurou to hurry and the man explains that he was delayed preparing his puppets. Matsuri tells the Kazekage to be careful and Ebizou tells Temari and Kankurou he's leaving the Kazekage's protection to them. Gaara tells them to move out and Kankurou questions Gaara's need for bodyguards...