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Volume Thirty-Three Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 33
Title: Gokuhi Ninmu ~ Secret Mission


Chapter 290: "The End of Treason" – Orochimaru watches on and Kabuto tells Sasori he wasn't able to get the needed cell specimens from Orochimaru's former host body because of the jutsu used. Naruto and the others talk over whether to take Kabuto now. Kabuto asks for the object quickly so he can get a move on. Yamato senses his ruse is about up so he pulls a kunai. Suddenly Orochimaru is standing beside a shocked Kabuto, who quickly bolts to Sasori's side and thanks him for pulling the kunai as a warning. Orochimaru states Sasori's cloak brings back memories. Yamato asks if Orochimaru followed Kabuto. Orochimaru states he is glad Kabuto was sent to him, because his expertise allowed him to reuse experimental human bodies over and over, where he could only use them once before. Naruto isn't sure what to do, and Yamato debates over whether to assist Kabuto against Orochimaru, and how easily it will reveal him. Kabuto charges his hand with chakra and suddenly swipes at Sasori, cutting off his head! Yamato has to bolt from the body and retreat. Orochimaru sends a torrent of snakes from his sleeve to capture Yamato. Yamato replaces himself with a wooden doll and manages to retreat backwards. Orochimaru is surprised by the wood technique and shows recognition of Yamato's true identity. Standing together, Kabuto asks Orochimaru if this is Sasori's true appearance, Orochimaru says no. Kabuto says he never saw Sasori's true form. Yamato asks how it is possible, and Orochimaru says he removed the memory block long ago. Kabuto states he sympathized with Orochimaru and has been siding with him since. Kabuto asks Yamato who he is but Orochimaru says he will explain later, then asks for the three in hiding to come out. Yamato gives the signal and the three jump to his assistance. Kabuto acts bemused by Naruto showing up again, and Orochimaru gloats it will be interesting to see who between Naruto and Sasuke has become stronger...


Chapter 291: "The Trigger of Anger" – Naruto fills with rage and the Kyuubi chakra forms around him. Sakura tells Kabuto to give Sasuke back and he retorts Sasuke came willingly. Orochimaru gloats if they want to know about Sasuke they'll have to beat it out of him. Naruto charges and slams Orochimaru back into the forest beyond. Everyone watches in wonder. We flashback to Jiraiya showing a scar on his chest, explaining how rage triggered a bloodlust in Naruto and caused him to grow four tails and lose control. He explains how the Kyuubi chakra will destroy Naruto's body and then later heal it. Unfortunately that lessens the cellular life span and will eventually kill him. Tsunade then tells Yamato that is why he is important. Orochimaru reappears with half his face torn off and states Naruto has become more Jinchuuriki-like. He states no wonder his guinea pig Yamato is there. Kabuto is confused and Orochimaru explains how years earlier he infused 60 children with Shodai's gene's, in the hopes of attaining the ability to use Mokuton and Shodai's legendary ability to control the tailed beasts. Sakura finally understands how Yamato uses Mokuton and Orochimaru states he can finally get his hands on an old research sample. He again gloats though he'd like to see who is stronger, Sasuke or Naruto. Naruto yells that Sasuke doesn't belong to Orochimaru, and three Kyuubi tails now swing behind him...

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Chapter 292: "The Third Tail" – The group watches on in fear. The chakra twists and contorts around Naruto's body, with him facing Orochimaru directly in a vision of the demon fox himself. Orochimaru is amused and the demon fox roars sending shockwaves outwards partially destroying the bridge. Orochimaru still stands firms and Sakura marvels at the power of the jinchuuriki. Sai recognizes the power within Naruto. Kabuto charges from behind Naruto with his chakra scalpel and Naruto turns and yells, sending a destructive sphere of chakra outwards to knock him backwards and into Sakura. Kabuto lands in the forest beyond and Sakura is now unconscious. The bridge splits in two and Sakura begins to slide off. Yamato uses Mokuton to brace the bridge. The other half has fallen against the cliff wall; a chakra arm extends swiping at the airborne Orochimaru, sending him into the forest. Sakura falls over the side to the gorge below. Sai states this is where his mission begins; he forms an ink bird and falls towards Sakura, only to take air and then fly away from her. A surprised Yamato has to extend a tree limb far below to grab Sakura. Sai flies on and the forest explodes as Orochimaru emerges on a tree limb, missing an arm. His mouth opens and he emerges from his mouth, peeling his outer skin away and he is whole again. Orochimaru gloats again that even with all that power, Naruto is still nothing next to Sasuke. A fourth tail begins to emerge...

Naruto & Sasuke

Chapter 293: "Running Wildly" – Naruto hunches over as the chakra boils around him. Inside himself he reaches out to a spectral Sasuke and the liquid in the Kyuubi lair fills. Naruto passes through the gate barrier and the Kyuubi encloses his paws around him. In the forest, Naruto’s flesh begins to peel off, revealing skin similar in appearance to his feral whiskers. Orochimaru remarks the chakra feels different this time around. Elsewhere Yamato assists Sakura and she asks where Naruto is. Yamato explains and then sends a wood clone towards the disturbance. Kabuto heals himself and remarks it is no surprise why Akatsuki wants a jinchuuriki's power so bad. Sai watches from above as a sphere of chakra surrounds Naruto. Naruto wails and an explosion rips from his location leveling the surrounding forest. Yamato forms a wood barrier and Sai's bird is destroyed. To Yamato's surprise and Orochimaru's delight, a totally feral Naruto with claws, ears, fur and four-tails crouches ready...


Chapter 294: "The Fourth Tail" – Orochimaru unleashes a torrent of snakes from his mouth. The wave slithers towards Naruto and swords emerge from their mouths. Naruto swipes the snake tidal wave away with a shockwave. Yamato marvels at the power of even one Kyuubi strike, and Sai thinks he can't get close enough with the current state of battle. Naruto sends his Kyuubi arms into the ground. They burst up near Orochimaru and then split off to grab him. Orochimaru sends out a huge snake from his arm, it coils around the Kyuubi arm and the snake begins to burn. Orochimaru sends out a second form of himself from his mouth. It attempts to strike Naruto but the demon form falls away and another emerges from lower on Naruto's body to swat his attacker away. Orochimaru is ripped in two by the attack, but snakes emerge from each torso to connect and reattach his form. At the bridge Yamato is surprised the fourth tail would come out here, and Sakura asks how he knows so much. He tells her not to worry, and that this is why he was assigned to this mission. Kabuto walks up and states that he guesses Sasori won't be coming. That even Akatsuki has trouble with Orochimaru-sama, but for Sasori to choose them to come is a bit surprising. Sasori always stated how he wanted to take down his former partner. For Sasori himself not to do it, means he is captured or dead. Sakura affirms it is the latter, which Kabuto says is not a bad thing. Elsewhere small black orbs of blood and chakra begin to coalesce into a ball above Naruto as he prepares to attack. Orochimaru watches on and surmises this development can't be good...


Chapter 295: "To the Kyuubi..." – The black orb begins to shrink and Orochimaru surmises he will die if it hits him. Yamato watches on and considers how the chakra around Naruto forms a mini-Kyuubi. He states he can sense its evil desires, and it is a wonder Naruto can even move with that chakra around him. Suddenly Naruto swallows the small orb and his chest swells in size. Orochimaru thinks over how the attack will come, and suddenly a huge blast erupts from Naruto's mouth. Orochimaru quickly draws blood and summons three gigantic protective gates. The gate erupts and Yamato marvels at the level of battle. The blast rips through the surrounding area, when the dust settles the gates are gone and Orochimaru is planted upside into the ground. Kabuto remarks the attack was not enough and suddenly a blade extends from the ground through Naruto's chest. Orochimaru's head snakes up, controlling the blade from his mouth. Naruto is thrown into one of the cliffs beside the bridge. Orochimaru smiles and Kabuto remarks that Naruto is more like the Kyuubi than ever. Sakura watches on in worry.


Chapter 296: "A Sorrowful Conclusion" – Kabuto comments this is more a fight between monsters than ninja. Sakura watches on with sorrow, and Orochimaru thinks how even the Kusanagi could not pierce Naruto. Naruto throws the blade aside and the others jump to safety. Kabuto comments on the lengths of Naruto's drive to save Sasuke, and Sakura thinks over Naruto's past promises to her. Kabuto states Naruto is losing himself, a tear wells in Sakura's eyes and she darts towards her friend. Yamato yells to stop and she screams for Naruto to end this, that she can bring Sasuke back. A worried Yamato forms a handseal as a tail whips to strike Sakura. Elsewhere Sai wonders if Naruto died and sees his chance, in the distance Orochimaru's extended head spits out a new body. Both collapse to the ground. A ragged Orochimaru comments that his vessel is nearing its end, but he reassures himself by thinking that he has Sasuke. Back at the bridge, Sakura strikes the ground injured. Wood has enveloped Naruto to contain him. Kabuto walks towards Sakura and wood envelops him too. Kabuto tells Yamato not to get hasty, he has no intentions of hurting anyone. Kabuto extends his chakra from his hand to heal Sakura, and states that they both oppose Akatsuki. If they live they may even be able to take down another one. Naruto rages against the wood and Kabuto states they have their hands full with Naruto, and something should be done about him. He thinks that Orochimaru must be ready and disappears. Yamato forms a complex handseal and slaps Naruto on the chest. Spiked wood pillars rise around him, and the black chakra and blood begin to retreat from his body to the seal on him chest. Elsewhere Sai walks up to a surprised Orochimaru and states he does not mean him harm... he has a message from Danzou.


Chapter 297: "Sai's Mission" – Orochimaru can’t believe Danzou is still alive. Sai says he has a message and Orochimaru interrupts to tell him to speak carefully. Sai states he only speaks how Danzou instructed him to. The two men exchange smiles and Orochimaru quickly spits a sword through Sai's chest. Orochimaru chides Sai for having no manners. Sai falls apart as an ink blob and the sword turns into a snake and returns to its master. Sai emerges from the ground and Orochimaru states he should be polite and show himself when speaking to superiors. At the bridge Sakura heals Naruto, and notes that Kyuubi is healing Naruto even more slowly than before. Sakura winces at her Kyuubi burns and Naruto begins to stir. She asks Yamato if she can be taught the control technique, he states no. He can do it only because he has Shodai's genes, and even then not as well. Naruto wears a special chakra crystal which belonged to Shodai, with that Yamato can control a Jinchuuriki's chakra. Shodai was made Hokage for this ability, and Yamato was chosen for this reason as well. Sakura sadly retorts she can only do little things for Naruto. Yamato states it’s not a matter of big or little, it's the strength of the feelings she has for him. Sakura looks on with a bit of surprise. He begins to state he can tell by looking at her that she... but Naruto awakes and greets Sakura. She begins to cry and Naruto is clueless about what happened. He asks why she is crying and jumps up, theorizing that Sai must has called her a cow or monstrously strong. She punches him in the stomach and states he's the one who always comments about the latter. Sakura asks of Sai's whereabouts and elsewhere Orochimaru asks how he can believe Sai. Sai reaches into his backpack and he is suddenly slammed face first into the ground by Kabuto with kunai in hand. His bag contents spill everywhere, including his ink, brush, picture book and an envelope. Orochimaru tells him to calm down, Sai is now their subordinate. Kabuto wonders if he can be trusted, and Sai tells him to look in the envelope. Orochimaru reads it and tells Kabuto to let him go. The two men rise and then all three disappear. Watching from the woods beyond, Yamato's wood bunshin clone finally understands...


Chapter 298: "Secret Mission" – Yamato's clone surmises this was Sai's mission since at least the hot springs, and he figures pursuit is best. At the bridge Yamato tells Sakura and Naruto that Sai has gone with Orochimaru. Naruto ponders why everything is destroyed. Yamato remembers what Jiraiya said and Naruto asks if he was unconscious. A worried Sakura tells him Orochimaru knocked him out. Sakura picks up Sai's photo book and Yamato tells them he's in wireless contact with his clone. Yamato tells them Sai went willingly. They then discuss Danzou, and Yamato surmises he probably wants to destroy Konoha and assume leadership with Orochimaru's help. Elsewhere Kabuto tells Orochimaru they're either being tailed or Sai is being tracked. Orochimaru says a corpse will be necessary. At the bridge Yamato tells them they're going now, and Naruto collapses. Yamato tells him to go back to Konoha because of his weakened state. Sakura is surprised, stating Kakashi would never do that. Yamato tells her he is not Kakashi, and they are not Genin who need to be coddled. This could be their last chance to take out Orochimaru. Elsewhere the pursuing Yamato clone stops in surprise, hanging from a noose is Sai... dead.


Chapter 299: "The Source of Strength...!!" – The team rushes on, Sakura goes to grab a limb and winces in pain from her Kyuubi wound, causing her to fall. Yamato quickly stops her from hitting the ground. He speculates the Kyuubi chakra has acted like a poison, which her medical jutsu can't heal. He is surprised Naruto can even handle it. Naruto is worried and Sakura tells him Orochimaru did it. Yamato tells them to rest, and that Sakura is vital to the mission. She is annoyed at slowing them down and Yamato tells her to not worry about it. He asks Naruto to help him plan their attack and they walk away. Being a distance from Sakura, he tells Naruto that he hurt her. Naruto is surprised and remembers it was just like the time Jiraiya was injured. He tells Naruto that she didn't want to hurt him. Yamato states he can control the Jinchuuriki power when close. And it's true that power may help Naruto save Sasuke, but it's not his true strength. Using the power hurts both him and those close to him. Yamato states Naruto lost patience, correct? He then says he'll seal off Kyuubi's power completely, but it won't make him weaker. He tells Naruto that he is strong enough in his own right. Naruto isn't so sure, but Yamato says that Naruto is able to stand Kyuubi's chakra because of his own. Naruto is surprised and Yamato tells him if he really wants to help his friends, do it on his own power. Naruto empathically affirms. Elsewhere Orochimaru states their tail has stopped and Kabuto says it's thanks to him that he could create so many corpses. He looks back at Sai and asks Orochimaru if Sai can help in the experiment in his free time. Orochimaru tells him to do whatever he likes. Back at the Sai corpse, the clone Yamato determines it’s a fake body, and realizes they'll need to be more careful now. Elsewhere Sakura looks through Sai's things and sees a surprising picture in his drawing book. She yells for Yamato and Naruto to come have a look...