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Volume Sixty-Three Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 63
Title: Yume no Sekai ~ The Dream World

Chapter 598: "Into Pieces!!" - Naruto charges and extends a giant Kyuubi chakra hand. As the hand slams down onto Tobi, the man teleports through it. Guy urges Kakashi to move, but then sees his friend deep in thought. Kakashi affirms that he has to be wrong. He's shaken awake by Guy's yelling and declaration that they have act as a diversion. Tobi begins to swirl, alerting Naruto. Guy continues talking to Kakashi, saying he knows what he's thinking, but he has to focus, for Naruto's sake. Tobi calls Naruto a fool for attacking alone, and teleports out multiple giant shuriken. They are launched, but are stopped by Gyuuki's extended tentacles. One continues on, slicing through the outstretched limb. Naruto extends his arm and a large Kyuubi chakra head bites down to stop the spinning weapon. Naruto declares that he's not alone, he fights with Kurama; Bee, Hachibi, Bushy-brow sensei and Kakashi are also there to back him up. Guy continues to pump up Kakashi, wondering if the one leading their personal matches has now become senile. Kakashi concludes that he's glad Naruto is his student, and announces to Guy that he's ready. Guy is enthusiastic, but Kakashi ponders that he can only use Kamui a few more times. Tobi warns that he's not afraid of a borrowed power, so have a full taste of the real thing. Both men activate Kamui, revealing identical Mangekyou Sharingans. Kakashi affirms his timing has to be perfect, as he and Guy bolt to attack. Tobi deduces that he has nothing to fear from his own jutsu, he just has to determine where it will be cast. Bee and Gyuuki determine that if Tobi materializes when teleporting away, he probably also does so when teleporting things to him. Tobi counters that's only good if they can hit him. Large binding pins suddenly teleport into being and fly down to slam into Gyuuki. He warns Naruto that Tobi is attempting to bind his power, so don't touch them. Naruto forms a Kage Bunshin and asks Bee to cover him, and he affirms. The two Narutos rush in different directions, one forming a Bijuu Dama and the other a Rasengan. As the Rasengan wielding Naruto charges Tobi, Kakashi begins to teleport the Rasengan away with Kamui. Tobi identifies the move being used again and decides to just let Naruto pass through him. A giant pin spins out where the Naruto once was, leaving Tobi to conclude it destroyed the clone. Kakashi collapses and Tobi chides the man for acting too quickly. Naruto yells that's he not through yet and launches his gigantic Bijuu Dama. Tobi chastises them again, stating that the attack is too late. As the giant sphere flies in the air through Tobi, the man teleports away to safety. Tobi is shocked, as before him in his alternate dimension is the Rasengan wielding Naruto. Naruto declares that he's Uzumaki Naruto, leaving Tobi to stare in wide-eyed horror at how he was played. He deduces that Kakashi sent the whole clone itself away, not just the Rasengan. Naruto yells that Tobi can't escape and slams the Rasengan home... into Tobi's face!

Chapter 599: "Uchiha Obito" - We return to the past and see the images of a boy's life. Uchiha Obito frantically runs through Konoha to the Academy and arrives to see other kids his age already gathered. Present among the new students are Ebisu, Guy, Aoba, Kakashi, Raidou, Rin, Asuma, Hayate, Kurenai and Genma. Obito exchanges an annoyed glance at the calm Kakashi upon realizing he doesn't have his entrance paperwork. Rin hands him his folder, much to his bashful appreciation. We advance in time to the second stage of the Chuunin Exam to see Anko and her team facing off against the team of Tokara, Hayate and Ibiki. Watching from the monitors are Minato and Sandaime Hokage. The next round features Minato's team against the team of Guy, Ebisu and Genma. Kakashi and Rin look to the clock, wondering where their teammate is. Elsewhere in town, Obito helps an old lady with her bags. She hands his a piece of candy as reward. Chewing on his hard candy, Obito rushes back to the Exam to find an annoyed Kakashi. The two teams square off and the match begins. Looking to Rin, Obito moves to show off. Jumping in front of his team, he moves to unleash a fireball by sucking in air. Unfortunately, he also sucks down the candy and chokes, giving Guy an opening to kick him in the face, which dislodges the candy. Some time passes and Rin tends to the bruise on Obito's face. He points to the Uchiha crest on his back and grins at his sensei's picture on Hokage mountain to reassure her. She smiles at his never say die attitude and we advance in time again, as Obito practices to improve his skills. The Third Stage is set, as Obito once again faces off against Guy. Obito gives him a thumbs down, which just confuses Guy. We jump to the matchís end as Obito's goggles fly and he lays defeated on his back. Time passes and he moves to watch the remaining fights from above. He looks at Rin's happiness watching Kakashi fight Guy and becomes further dejected. Kakashi wins his match and we then see his selection as a Chuunin. He shows off his certification and flak jacket, but Obito continues to train hard through the seasons. He finally succeeds as well and tosses his jacket into the air in happiness. We then see Rin ask to meet him in secret. Obito steels himself and holds a bouquet of flowers. He hides the flowers as Rin runs up and he greets her enthusiastically. Ebisu, Asuma, Guy and Kurenai also arrive and Obito can only look on in dejected sadness as Rin hands out papers asking everyone to prepare a present in secret for Kakashi's promotion to Jounin. Time advances again and we see Minato's Hiraishin kunai present, Rinís medical bag present and Obito's dying gift of his left eye. We return to the present as Kakashi looks on with that same Sharingan eye. Guy looks on stunned while Naruto is confused. As the shattered pieces of Tobi's mask litter the ground below him, the adult, scarred form of Obito looks back at the men standing in his way...

Chapter 600: "Why Until Now..." - Guy questions that he thought Obito was dead. Kakashi stares into Obito's matching Mangekyou and confirms there's no mistake. Obito rebukes the two men, stating they can call him by that name, but it holds no meaning to him now. We return to the past and see Kakashi lose his left eye. We then see Obito obtain Sharingan and protect Kakashi from attack. In the present, Kakashi questions just how this happened after how he was before. We see the past again, as the rocks collapse around Obito, Kakashi and Rin, eventually pinning Obito as he saves Kakashi. Obito tells them not to cry, as his side is completely crushed. He then gifts his left eye to Kakashi and begs Kakashi to take care of Rin. Obito squeezes her hand and then she's pulled away by Kakashi as the rocks collapse down to fully bury their comrade. Back in the present, Kakashi concludes that he survived in some way. Naruto asks just who the man is. Guy explains that he's from their generation, an Uchiha who was thought to have died in the previous war. Kakashi questions if he was alive, why until now has he acted in this manner? Obito explains that whether he survived or not is irrelevant, but if he had to give a reason for his actions, it would be because Kakashi let Rin die. Kakashi looks on, wide-eyed and stunned. Obito warns him to not get too hasty and make that face. Kakashi asks if he's blaming him then? Obito concludes that there is no point cursing reality, as he's no longer interested in this world, as it will soon disappear. Seeing his sensei shaken, Naruto interjects, telling his comrades to not get depressed. He doesn't know their history but he'll learn it later, they need to focus on stopping him now. Guy is enthused and tells Kakashi that the world is in their hands now. Obito forms a hand seal, activates his Mangekyou and announces he has nothing more to say, so they can die chained to this reality! Unleashing a Katon, Obito then manipulates it with Kamui, creating a huge swirling vortex of fire. Naruto moves to defend, sending out giant Kyuubi tails to knock the flames away. As Obito looks on, an unknown object strikes the ground next to him, sending debris flying. He and the other Leaf ninja look on in confusion, as a figure stands from the rubble. As the dust begins to clear, the mark of the Uchiha is revealed on the man's back. Standing beside the man once known as Tobi, Uchiha Madara tells Obito that it looks like he's been having fun...

Chapter 601: "Obito and Madara" - The Leaf are shocked by Madara's arrival. Obito expresses his own surprise at Madara being able to overcome Edo Tensei, but offers he should have expected it. Naruto yells out in confusion, demanding to know why Madara who was fighting the Kage is suddenly before them? Madara looks on, determining that the one before them is a Kage Bunshin, and asks Obito where the real one is. Kakashi is taken aback; while Gyuuki expresses to Naruto that if he's a clone... Naruto continues, questioning what happened to everyone over there? Madara is nonplussed, which infuriates Naruto. A burst of power marks his demand to know what happened to them? Madara looks away and states he wonders as well, he'd guess they're not doing so well... We then see the defeated forms of all Five Kage, bloody and battered. Tsunade stirs and wipes blood to summon Katsuyu. The slug appears and is shocked at her friend's state. The barely conscious Tsunade asks a request... Katsuyu interjects, looking down upon the crushed and bisected form of Tsunade. She states she'll put Tsunade's body back together immediately. Tsunade says no, she can wait, first bring the Kage to her, she can still save them. Back at the battle, Naruto pulls out the stakes binding Gyuuki and hurls them back at Obito. Obito glares at failing to bind the Bijuu, but them moves to detach the giant fan from his chain. He returns it to Madara, stating it was always his anyway. Madara grabs the fan in mid air and charges it with his chakra to form a shield to block the incoming stakes. They are deflected and Gyuuki thanks Naruto for his help, now he'll take his turn. A roar is heard in the distance from within the Uchiha flame shield barrier. Madara is surprised and questions Obito if he began the plan before absorbing the Hachibi and Kyuubi? Kakashi and Guy are surprised that Madara knows of the plan, and Kakashi questions the two men's relationship. Madara chastises Obito for being impatient, and asks if that's also why he was revived in this fashion? As the scars marking Obito's right arm begin to heal, Madara continues, stating that he knows Obito's mind, so he probably has more to the plan. So what happened up until now? Where's Nagato? Naruto is surprised and Madara continues, offering that the plan was for him to be revived with Rinne Tensei at the planned for time. Naruto recalls Nagato's use of the jutsu to revive Konoha, and questions that they tried to use Nagato. Obito recounts that the man betrayed them. Madara surmises that everyone is doing what they want, but it doesn't matter. He'll capture the remaining Bijuu. Naruto has heard enough and charges with a Bijuu Dama. Madara blocks the attack with his fan and in a flash the Bijuu Dama disappears, to Naruto's surprise and confusion. Madara swings the fan away and activates a counter. Bracing the fan with his other hand, a gigantic blast emanates and blows Naruto away, destroying the clone. Madara announces that he'll take on the Bijuu, leaving Guy and Kakashi for Obito. As Obito looks on, Kakashi questions just what happened to Obito, why is he helping Madara? Obito looks on and we see the past. In the darkness, a voice questions if he's dead and an eye opens. As a heavily bandaged Obito looks on, he asks where he is. Looking down upon the young Uchiha, the elderly, grey haired Uchiha Madara reveals to the boy that he is in the space between his world and the next...

Chapter 602: "Alive" - Obito notices the man's eye and asks if he is an Uchiha too. Madara voices that he wonders as well. Obito questions where he is, as it's hard to see in the darkness. He jokingly asks if the man is a Shinigami, then freaks when he sees the man has a large scythe at his side. Obito begs for mercy, as he knows the man is a death god come to reap him. He declares that his motto was always to be kind to old people. He broke some rules also but he has to have broken even, so take pity. Obito winces from the exertion and Madara explains that the pain means he's alive, somehow. It's almost as if the boy slipped through the rock which crushed him. He found both it and the half-crushed Obito in an underground passage. He explains that he did what he could to treat the boy. Obito thanks the man, but Madara says he'll need to pay him back. The ancient man verifies that Obito helps old people. Obito is wary and questions if the man wants him to do something pervy. Madara says no and Obito interjects to say he has to get back to his friends. There's a war on and he's awakened his Sharingan, so he can protect his friends. Madara repeats the line and reveals the boy can no longer be a shinobi, his body is ruined. Obito begs for understanding, as he finally got his Sharingan, so he has to help. Madara tells him to see reason, the world is full of pain and suffering and you don't always get what you wish. Obito eyes the man and the elder Uchiha continues. As long as winners exist, there will be those who lose. The selfish desire to maintain peace causes wars, and hatred is borne out of it. It's a cause and effect which can't be avoided... normally. Obito is unmoved, and questions where he is. Madara does not answer, instead clarifying that some were saved because Obito was wounded, correct? Obito recalls being crushed and angrily demands to know why he can't leave. Madara counters that he can leave when he wishes, if he is able to. Obito winces in pain and then collects himself. Looking to Madara he ponders just why an old man with Sharingan is alone? He knows all the elders in Leaf, so who is this ninja? With a sudden realization, he demands to know if the man is a missing-nin? Madara walks back to a wooden throne, revealing cables running from his spine into the roots beyond. Sitting down, Madara says he's a ghost of the Uchiha. Obito looks on and the man declares that he is Uchiha Madara. Obito questions how his ancestor is still alive? Madara retorts that it was more believable for him to be a Shinigami? Though that occupation fits him just as well, because he's in hell. He explains that he escaped death, and without the chakra from the Mazou root system he'd be dead. Obito flings himself off the bed and attempts to crawl with his one arm and leg. Madara tells the boy to give up as there are no exits, and in their state they couldn't leave anyway. Obito winces again and Madara explains that if the boy continues to struggle, the artificial Hashirama body he grafted onto him will come off, which will kill him. We then see the rest of the Mazou root system, with several Zetsu clone bodies hanging as buds, and the clone flesh form of Hashirama imbedded in the base root. Madara explains that he has things he needs Obito to do, so he can't die. Obito questions just what an old man wants with a boy? Madara chillingly reveals he wants to change the world into a world of winners, peace and love. Obito counters that he doesn't care about that, he just wants to return to his friends. Madara explains it's as he says, things always don't go how one wants. The boy can die if he wishes, but he'll take his Sharingan. Obito questions why he wants his eye, as he already has one. Moving the hair away from his right eye to reveal an empty socket, Madara explains that he left his real eyes with someone else. The one he has is just an implanted one and he's always looking for more. He doesn't have a right eye, and he needs two Sharingan to awaken their full potential. Hearing those words, Obito affirms what he needs to do. Thinking of his left eye in Kakashi, Obito affirms that with his friend, the two together can be strong enough to protect Rin. So please wait for him, he's coming!...

Chapter 603: "Rehabilitation" - Obito questions how long he's been there. Two Zetsu clones look over him, a normal spiked Zetsu and a spiraled one. The spike tells him not to worry, they're not charging rent. The spiral explains that they're made from the Mazou and don't need to eat, they don't even poop! Obito counters that only half his body is like them, so surely he has to eat. Spike says no, the graft ensures he no longer has to eat. He then explains that they're the ones who don't want to be like him, as he's just a modified body. Spiral declares that they're artificial humans with feelings! Though they don't poop, which makes them better, at least in terms of wisdom. Obito glares and tells them to prove it. The duo then simultaneously point out that they're the ones watching him. Obito chides them for pissing him off. Spike explains that they were directed by Madara to help him train and heal, to ensure he's ready when he wakes up. Obito looks to the sleeping man and chastises Madara for running his mouth off, then falling asleep. So he's just going to bust out and find his friends. Spiral waves his hand and says there's no way out. Spike explains that after being brought here, Madara blocked the entrance with that huge boulder. And anyway, when Obito sleeps, all he says is "Rin! Rin! Rin!" like a bell chime. Or "Baka! Baka! Baka!" or "Bakashi" was it? Spiral wonders. Spike affirms he does say that, leaving Spiral to wonder what's a Bakashi. Obito mutters to himself about the weird things he says in his sleep. Spiral asks Obito what it's like to poop? Obito is un-amused and yells, declaring Spiral a Bakashi too, and what's with the obsession with pooping!? Spike questions why he's so agitated, and who are Rin and Bakashi anyway? Obito declares that he especially hates Spiral, and where is the other white guy? Spike explains that Zetsu went to gather information. Obito is surprised, and asks how they can leave. Spike explains that they can move through earth. Obito gathers himself and says he has to leave sooner or later, he can't keep having these conversations. Spiral salutes and apologizes for talking about poops, but Obito explains that's not it, it's the conversations with Madara. Spike offers that Madara isn't the type to talk with kids anyway. Obito says it's all the talk of changing destiny or whatever. Spike explains that the plan is to remove all sadness from the world, leaving only a dream of good things. In that dream everything will go how they want, even the dead can be revived. Obito questions how a dream can do that. Spiral explains that it's like creating a huge Genjutsu and inviting everyone in, or really they'll force everyone in... Obito questions that it sounds meaningless. Spiral counters that with Madara's power it can happen, they just have to make the needed preparations. Obito says he's not interested; rather he just wants to leave. Time passes and Obito attempts to walk along a wall on his graft leg, he recalls being late for his team photo. He begins to collapse and Spiral catches him. Obito recalls looking in happiness at his completed team photo and the other pictures on his wall, including Rin and his parents. He blushes looking at Rin and then sours looking at Kakashi's face. In the cave, the bandages are gone, as the skinny and weak Hashirama plant graft marks his right arm, chest and upper thigh. Obito attempts to stand and clenches his fist in success, the Zetsu clones cheer and Obito recalls looking at his team photo again. Then looking to see the matching, expressionless head of Kakashi looking in his window. Time passes and Obito continues his rehabilitation, strengthening the muscles in his graft. Obito recalls walking through a forest with Rin, as she turns to smile at him. His heart is broken when he turns to see her actually looking at Kakashi spelling out his name in kunai. In the cave, Obito continues exercising his body, jumping all over the Mazou. We see the past again, as Obito and Kakashi deflect incoming shuriken. Obito unsuccessfully so, as one implants in the back of his left hand. He looks in horror and quickly hides the injury. Rin bandages him up and tells him it's not good to hide wounds. But she'll look after him. In the cave, time has passed and Obito's hair has grown out. With his body strong and fit, he smiles as he's finally gotten use to his new body. He affirms that he'll soon leave, so please wait for him! Suddenly Zetsu emerges from the root and offers warning, as Rin and Bakashi are in danger! Obito bolts up and asks what happened. Zetsu explains that they're surrounded by Mist ninja. Obito bolts to the boulder blocking the exit and strikes it. It's barely damaged and Obito's right arm melts and sloughs off. He winces and Spiral warns that the boy can't break boulders just yet. Obito grits his teeth and holds his shoulder, declaring that he has to go and help them. Spiral looks on and unfurls his body. He directs the boy to wear him then as a husk shell. The tendrils recombine around Obito, to give him a familiar spiral mask. Obito questions that weren't they supposed to follow Madara's orders? Zetsu offers that Spiral is a good boy. Spiral then asks Obito that he wants to save his friends, right? Steadying himself in his new shell body, Obito thanks them for their help...

Past and Future: Raidou, Tonbo, Aoba, Ebisu, Ibiki, Guy, Kakashi, Obito, Anko, Asuma, Kurenai, Hayate, Genma, Iruka

Chapter 604: "Reunion, and..." - Obito clenches his fist, as a root cord stretches from his spiral encased body to the Mazou system. He swings and the boulder crumbles under the enhanced power. Zetsu offers surprise at their being able to borrow the Mazou's power. Obito feigns amazement at his own abilities and Spiral unfurls to reveal Obito's face. The boy affirms himself, yanks out the root and Madara wakens. He asks the boy if he plans to go. Obito offers thanks for saving him, but says he has to go. Madara calls the boy impatient and cautions it may be too early for thanks. Obito concludes he doesn't plan to return, so he's thanking him on his way out. Madara glares and declares that the boy will return, and he'll get his gratitude when he does so. Obito glares back, and then turns to direct Zetsu to show him to Rin and Kakashi. Zetsu explains that he's combined with a clone of his, and they can communicate telepathically over shot distances. The other clones are also spread out all over to gather data. Spiral explains that they'll use them to guide Obito. Obito is surprised by Spiral's voice but then gathers himself and heads to the supply room. He grabs a cloak and then heads out. He asks how Rin and Kakashi are and Spiral explains that it's hard to understand; they appear to be surrounded by experimental bodies from Hidden Mist. There are several dozen of them, all ANBU or Jounin level. Obito jumps away in a hurry and asks how his sensei Minato is doing. Spiral doesn't know the name, and Obito clarifies him as the Yellow Flash guy. Spiral guesses he's on a different mission and Obito curses. Obito recalls his direction to Kakashi to protect Rin and reaffirms that Kakashi absolutely must do so at any cost! And please hang on, he'll be there soon! Spiral offers a warning, that since they're approaching the battlefield, he should tell him. He's stronger than Obito due to his injuries, so he should leave him in control of their body. Obito counters, pointing out that Madara said the Sharingan were strongest when together, and with Kakashi they'll be a full pair so their combination will be stronger. And together they'll protect Rin! Spiral voices understanding and offers that with the Senju's powers now combined with his own, he could become stronger like never before. Obito continues racing on, and is then pelted by falling water. He reaches a body of water, offering that he thought it was from rain, but it appears to be jutsu detonations on the water. He heads in the direction of the explosions and suddenly grabs his empty left eye socket in pain. Suddenly the blackness shatters and a vision of Rin, bloody and injured by an arm implanted into her chest comes into being in his phantom eye. He shakes his head, and questions why he's thinking such things. He then hurries off and begs them to hold on. As he reaches the edge of the forest he looks in horror at the clearing beyond, for there stands Kakashi with his outstretched Raikiri charged hand, implanted through Rin's chest. Rin weakly voices Kakashi's name as the Sharingans of the two boy's look on in shock at the torment before them...

Chapter 605: "Hell" - Blood spurts from Rin's mouth and Kakashi removes his hand from within her chest. As she collapses to the ground onto her back, Obito can only look on in stunned shock. In the nearby battlefield, Mist ANBU curse at Rin's death, as they were so close to obtaining "it". Kakashi falls to his knees and mutters Rin's name. In the distance, Spiral Zetsu coils to surround Obito's head once again. As the young man looks on with his two tomoe Sharingan, Kakashi does so as well. Simultaneously the Sharingan pair they wield begin to change, first gaining a third tomoe, then twisting into a Mangekyou Sharingan. As Obito's eye goes wide he lets out a scream, while Kakashi's eye closes and he collapses unconscious. As Obito loses grip on his sanity, he begins to question where he is. The Mist turn to look as the new arrival roars and grows Mokuton branches and black chakra rods from his body. A Mist ninja doubts the sole man's chances against their numbers, and hurls shuriken. Obito hunches over in enraged fury and declares that he can't accept the situation before him. The shuriken pass through him and implant into the trees beyond, confusing the gathered Mist. They question if he dodged it but Obito ignores them, instead yelling that he can't accept the tragedy before him. He howls again and charges, but a large Mist ANBU moves to block his path. The man warns Obito to not look down on the Bloody Mist, but Obito will let nothing stand in his way. As he extends his fist to punch the man, tree limbs burst forth to impale through the giant and into another ninja behind. Blood splatters onto his mask and he throws the giant aside. As an injured Mist begs for mercy, Obito impales him as well. Three others jump from above to attack, but their blades pass through Obito harmlessly into their comrade instead. They question why they can't hit the man, and are soon knocked aside by a spinning attack. Nearby Mist urge their comrades to at least grab the girl, as they can't let the enemy have her corpse. As a ninja makes a break to grab Rin, other Mist moves in between to block Obito's onrushing berserk frenzy. They prove useless as Obito's Kamui allows him to pass through harmlessly. As the abductor ninja nears Rin's body, Obito breaks off a branch and hurls it. As it nears its target, Obito forms a hand seal, causing the wooden spear to grow and impale the man with multiple branches. Spiral offers surprise that Obito can so easily use Mokuton, and concludes that must be why Madara has so much faith in him. Ignoring the Zetsu, Obito finally reaches the injured abductor and begins to mercilessly pummel the man into a bloody mess. As Obito's cries continue to rumble through the air, the Mist question his identity. As Obito finally regains his breath, he looks around in confusion and wonders where he is. Seeing the Mist in the distance, he loses his grip on reality again and lets out a scream. As day turns to night, the nightmare continues, as Mokuton branches grow, twist and turn into towers of savagery, crushing the unfortunate Mist caught within their vile columns. As the blood rains down from above, Obito stands alone on the gathering pool of gore. Spiral unfurls from his head and Obito utters his first coherent thoughts, coming to the realization that he's actually in Hell...

Chapter 606: "The Dream World" - Obito recalls Madara's words that life is nothing but an endless cycle of hatred and pain. He looks down upon the still forms of his teammates, and then walks through Kakashi to Rin's side. He recalls Zetsu's words on the plan to enter a dream world of eternal happiness. He extends his blood soaked hand to touch Rinís face, but it passes through her body. He's momentarily surprised but then focuses to regain solidity. He gently touches her face and grits his teeth in suffering, recalling the promise that in the dream world anything will be possible, even reviving the dead. Madara's words echo that he'll create a world free of hate and Obito lifts Rin's head to his shoulder, promising to create a world where she's alive. He looks to Kakashi and affirms that he'll change the fate of things. Spiral coils back around his head and we cut to Obito standing before Madara once again. Obito explains the reasons for his return and Madara asks if he was seen? Zetsu says no, Obito killed them all and Kakashi saw nothing. When Konoha's reinforcements arrived, Kakashi questioned what had happened. Madara asks if mercy was given because Kakashi was a comrade. Obito says it doesn't matter whether Kakashi lives or dies, because he'll live again in the world they create, alongside Rin. He then asks the elder ninja to show him how the new world will be created. Madara smiles, offering that he won't need Obitoís gratitude after all. He directs the young man to his side and declares that from now on, Obito will be the world's savior. He then activates Sharingan and Obito's world shakes, it resolves and he stands alongside Madara in a blank nothingness. Madara explains that they're in his Genjutsu, a world of nothing which he can freely control. In addition, utilizing the Gedou Mazou's chakra, he can change it as he sees fit. As his form shudders, he suddenly regains his youth. He explains that they'll just create the world they want, then cast the Genjutsu on everyone. To accomplish such a feat, they'll have to use the moon in place of their eyes. To better understand, he'll start at the beginning, with the Rikudou Sennin and the Juubi... Time jumps and we see the Spiral masked Obito alongside Zetsu in the Rain Country. There in an alcove free of the rain stand the early Akatsuki, including Nagato, Yahiko and Konan. Spiral directs Obito's attention to the man with red hair. Obito asks if that's Madara's Rinnegan and Spiral says yes. He implanted his real eyes into the boy without his being aware. Zetsu explains that Nagato is from the Senju line, and the only one other than Madara who can summon Gedou Mazou. Obito recalls Madara's earlier words, that upon transplanting Hashirama's cells in his wounds, nothing happened at first. But then as his life neared its end, he awakened Rinnegan. We return to the nothing world. Madara explains that Rinnegan activation also allowed him to break a certain seal and summon something, the empty shell of the Juubi from its sealing stone. Obito asks what he means and Madara continues. He explains that he calls it the Gedou Mazou, and the sealing stone was the Moon. Afterwards he made the shell into a catalyst to cultivate the cells of Senju Hashirama. Thus, the White Zetsu artificial humanoids are clones of Hashirama, though in a lower quality state. To obtain the Rinnegan one needs both the power of Uchiha and Senju, that same power must also be used to control the Gedou Mazou. He explains that since Obito was reconstructed using Senju tissue, he can at least control the Gedou Mazou, even if he can't awaken the Rinnegan. We advance in time again to the Rain Country as Spiral suggests they befriend Nagato as Madara directed. Zetsu confirms further, reiterating the plan to gather all the Bijuu and revive Madara using Nagato's Rinne Tensei. Obito recalls Madara's words as well, including his promise to teach him the Uchiha Kinjutsu, the Rikudou's jutsu and Yin & Yang jutsu. We return to the elder Madara as he places his hand upon Zetsu's right side. Black tendrils begin to expand out from his palm as a new form takes shape on Zetsu's right side, taking over the white Zetsu sections and growing a right half of the face and arm. Madara explains that he's put his will into the new Black half, though it is much weaker. He then explains that the White Zetsu humanoids created by the Yin & Yang Release can be used as pawns. He forms a hand seal and a branch of dark chakra emerges from the Hashirama clone in the Gedou root system. Madara explains that the black staff is also made from his will, so use it when doing the Rikudou jutsu. The elder ninja then detaches himself from the life support roots and begins to breathe heavily as his life begins to fade. Sitting upon his throne he directs his pupil to begin, for until he's revived, Obito will be... We return to the Rain Country as Nagato asks the masked man's identity. Lowering the hood of his cloak, Obito looks on and announces that he's the man known as Uchiha Madara...

Chapter 607: "I Don't Care" - Yahiko warns that using Madara's name means the man is either a criminal or an idiot. He then asks why he's come to them. Tobi explains that he's there for the Rinnegan, as his people have set out to help put those bearing the eyes on the right path. Nagato is surprised and Tobi continues, explaining that Nagato is the reincarnation of the Rikudou and his wish for peace. While the Great Countries shine brightly, the smaller countries are left in the shadows to die. That's why the eyes were awakened. Echoing Madara's own words, Tobi cautions that where there is light, there is shadow; where there are winners, there are losers. To fight for what one loves, they will in turn be hated. It was impossible to stop this cycle, until now. Creating a world of only light, winners, peace and love is possible if they work together. Moreover, when the full power of the Rinnegan is wielded, that world can come to pass. Nagato remains quiet but Yahiko speaks up, calling the goal impossible. He questions if the man is just trying to use them, as it sounds too good to be true. It'll only be through feeling pain and shedding tears that an understanding can be reached. Tobi asks if the man means revenge then? Yahiko says no, merely to understand each other. Tobi counters that such desires hold no place in reality. Yahiko answers that he's heard enough and encourages his friends to go. He then warns the men not to approach them again. Tobi remains and announces to Nagato that he'll be there at that time every day, and one day the man will come to understand. Tobi then surmises to himself that he doubts the man will ever fully grasp his true plans. Time passes and Tobi looks out over Konoha. Nearby Kakashi stands over Rin's grave, explaining that their sensei's child will soon be born in secret. Hopefully it'll be a generation which doesn't know war. He then explains that he has to tell Obito as well and offers goodbye. Kakashi leaves and Tobi makes his way to her grave. Throwing the flowers on her grave aside, he slams his fist down, summoning the Kyuubi. As his former sensei begins to battle Kurama, Tobi looks on. We return to the past again, as Minato meets the late arriving Obito for the first time. Obito is exhausted, and states he was just in time. Minato counters that he was late, and the others have already introduced themselves. Grabbing his goggles Obito announces his name and that he'll one day be Hokage. He then affirms that when his face is on the mountain, he'll have his goggles on and they'll be able to see his Sharingan. That way all the other villages can see and be frightened so much they won't dare lay a hand on the village. Kakashi retorts that he can boast about that after becoming Hokage and gaining Sharingan. Futhermore, if he has the goggles on, they couldn't carve his Sharingan. Obito explains that they can carve it over them, but Rin counters that it'll make his eyes look like they're bulging. Minato smiles and welcomes the boy to the team. Obito gives a thumbs up and we return to the attack on Konoha. As Tobi forms a hand seal, he offers a silent declaration to his former sensei. "This place... this world... I don't care about it anymore." As Kurama fires a Bijuu Dama at Minato, rock explodes as we finally return to the present day. As the dust clears, Naruto looks on in defiance, challenging that those plans will only see fruition over his dead body, as he's the son of Yondaime Hokage! Madara offers that he was holding back because the young man is a Jinchuuriki, but if that is his mindset, he will fight seriously. He forms a hand seal and a large wooden dragon bursts into being. Madara explains that it is the same dragon that bound the Kyuubi in the past. Nearby, Gyuuki and Guy are bloody and battered. Gyuuki calls the elder Uchiha a hand full. Guy coughs blood and says that's what makes the challenge worth it. Kyuubi Chakra bursts from Naruto again as he yells that he doesn't need to hold back against a zombie. The Wooden Dragon and Kurama form Naruto clash. The beasts become entangled and Kurama bites down onto the dragon's snake like body. As Kakashi and Obito jump out of the way, Obito announces that he has nothing more to say. Forming a hand seal, he declares that the only thing left... is their final fight!...