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Volume Forty-Five Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 45
Title: Senjou, Konoha!! ~ Battlefield, Konoha!!

Chapter 413: "Collapse" - As Sasuke approaches his foe, chakra begins to boil around the Jinchuuriki. Suddenly a chakra cloak and eight tails surround him. Sasuke recognizes the cloak from when he fought Naruto. The Jinchuuriki lunges, with two tails acting like horns. Sasuke uses his Sharingan and quickly avoids the attack. The Jinchuuriki considers how only his brother avoided that attack before. He continues to move and heads for the rest of Team Hawk. Juugo grabs the others and jumps to avoid the attack. He drops Suigetsu as the Jinchuuriki comes smashing down. Sasuke considers how much trouble he's having predicting his opponent's movements, so he asks Karin to keep a constant track of him. The Jinchuuriki doesn't plan to give them an opening and moves to attack Sasuke again. Sasuke activates Mangekyou and the Jinchuuriki finds himself in a Genjutsu being stabbed. He collapses but then in an instant he barrels into Sasuke, knocking him backwards. Blood flies from Sasuke's chest and Juugo catches him. Karin offers to heal Sasuke but Juugo says no, he'll fuse his own flesh and chakra with Sasuke since they should be compatible. The Jinchuuriki boasts that Genjutsu won't work if he has a partner to wake him, which he has since he controls his beast. As his skin begins to peel from his body, he rhymes that their destruction awaits. Suddenly a massive ox-headed tentacled Bijuu towers over the shocked Team Hawk...

Chapter 414: "Rampaging Ox" - The group marvels at the monsterís form and chakra. Juugo rushes to finish and finally withdraws his hand from Sasuke's chest. Suddenly Juugo de-ages to a young boy and he offers that Sasuke can't die, as he's his last tie to Kimimaro. The Hachibi charges but is blocked by a mass of uprising water. Suigetsu floats within the water and tells the others to flee. The Hachibi says they won't get the chance and forms a large ball of destructive chakra which he fires into Suigetsu. Suigetsu and portions of the surrounding countryside are blown away. In the distance two Cloud ninja hear the disturbance. Elsewhere at Myouboku Mountain, Naruto continues his training and excitedly yells he can see the natural energy. Fukasaku smiles and they take a break for lunch. After lunch the sage toad directs Naruto to use his own chakra to lift one of the stone frogs. Naruto tries and fails, so the toad suggests he try to draw out his Sennin chakra. Naruto sits and focuses and the energy begins to seep in. Opening his toad-like eyes he moves to one of the stone frogs and lifts. The stone suddenly lifts above him and Fukasaku considers how much more quickly Naruto is learning than Jiraiya once did. Naruto sits the stone down and it topples over. Gamakichi chides him for knocking over their ancestor and Fukasaku considers how Naruto is also more of an idiot than Jiraiya was. Back in Lightning, the two Cloud ninja rush to the scene. They wonder why Killer Bee is in his Bijuu form, even after the Raikage warned him not to transform. Suddenly the duo sees Team Hawk below. Seeing the Akatsuki robes they recognize the group who took Yugito. Down below, Team Hawk looks at the watery unconscious form of Suigetsu. Karin offers that there's no way to run and an exhausted Sasuke looks at his team members. Remembering their various offers of help and sacrifice, Sasuke closes his eyes and sees Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto. As the Hachibi moves to strike again, Sasuke's left eye begins to bleed. It opens to reveal his Mangekyou and the black flames of Amaterasu...

Chapter 415: "The Determined 'Amaterasu'!!!" - Hachibi is quickly engulfed in Amaterasu's black flames. As the Bijuu flails about, Team Hawk dives for cover. As a swinging tentacle falls towards a fallen Karin, Sasuke extends his Chidori sword to sever it. The tentacle misses but black flames spread to Karin's back from the beast. Juugo says she's finished and states they should retreat. Sasuke says no and activates his other Mangekyou. As he focuses on the flames, they die down and are extinguished. Sasuke is shaken and surprised that he was able to stop them. He yells for Juugo to retrieve Karin and she's quickly brought out of harmís way. Juugo asks what happened and Sasuke wonders how he put the flames out, whether that was the power of Mangekyou. He then casts his gaze to the Hachibi and extinguishes those flames as well. Killer Bee drops out of the flames, as the Bijuu was burned away. Seeing the man still alive, Sasuke offers they were able to avoid killing him. From above the two Cloud are shocked that Killer Bee lost, and consider that the Akatsuki were skilled. One of the Cloud notices the Uchiha crest on Sasuke's back and says they have to inform the Raikage that his brother has been defeated. The other offers that the Raikage won't let this stand. Juugo tells Sasuke he looks tired and that the wounds from Itachi's battle still pain him. Sasuke says yes, but now... Elsewhere at Myouboku, Fukasaku tells Naruto he has mastered the oil. He then states that Naruto must begin calling the natural energy without the oil. With his toad-eyes, Naruto jumps to the top of the statuary and says he can feel the power. Fukasaku explains that normal ninjutsu utilize oneís own chakra, so a ninja becomes tired more quickly by using it. However, by using natural energy, one can recover more quickly. Naruto says he understands, and the toad considers how the Kyuubi also helps Naruto recover even faster. Naruto clinches his fists and wonders aloud if he can now do it. The toad asks him do what? Naruto quickly says nothing and tries to drop the matter. The toad relents and states he has something to give Naruto, a book to read. It's Jiraiya's first book, which he put his heart into. Naruto accepts the book and reads the cover: "Utter Gutsiness, A Ninja Tale"

Chapter 416: "Utter Gutsiness, A Ninja Tale" - In a forest, a ninja taunts a hiding Leaf shinobi. The Leaf throws smoke bombs but his opponent moves to subdue him. The Leaf asks if he can say one thing but his opponent strikes to kill. The Leaf offers that he should quit making him try to give up and then poofs away. The opponent realizes it was a Kage Bunshin too late and is struck from behind. The downed man gloats that even if he dies, another assassin will strike; as long as shinobi villages exist, there will be strife. The Leaf states he will break that curse, heíll find the peace no matter what. The assassin asks the man his name and the Leaf says itís... In Myouboku, Naruto cries as he finishes Jiraiya's book about the hero named Naruto, the man he is unknowingly named after. Naruto thinks back to his time training with Jiraiya. He asks why Orochimaru tried to destroy the village if he and Jiraiya were once friends. Jiraiya explains that after Orochimaru's parents died, he turned to Kinjutsu, either to revive his parents or seek revenge against Konoha. Jiraiya explains that he was an orphan like Naruto, so Orochimaru said he wouldn't understand. Jiraiya says maybe he didn't but he still knows hate is spreading. Naruto asks what he means, and Jiraiya explains that he hopes to one day end the hatred and bring an understanding between people. Naruto offers that it sounds difficult. Jiraiya states if he can't do it, it will be up to Naruto. Naruto smiles and says okay. Jiraiya laughs and Naruto asks what's funny. Jiraiya offers that Naruto's smile is his salvation and that he's glad Naruto is his apprentice. Naruto blushes but Jiraiya offers that he hasn't given up yet; he'll change the world through his books. Naruto points out the lack of sales but Jiraiya yells that they'll be best sellers soon enough, and when Naruto begs for an autograph he won't get it. Naruto asks why he wants that, as he has something better. In the present Naruto smiles and we cut to Akatsuki's hidden base. Sasuke throws the bound Killer Bee before Madara. He offers his approval and Sasuke turns to leave. Madara asks where he's going and Sasuke says to heal and then to Konoha. Madara remembers an earlier conversation with Sasuke. Sasuke explains that he plans to wipe out all of Konoha, not just the elders. He can't forgive them. Sasuke was more important than Konoha to Itachi, and Itachi is more precious than Konoha to him. Konoha had the Uchiha destroyed and worship the Senju, so they're worthless. He offers that heís not a kid ruled by his emotions, those that don't know hatred would never understand. If anyone stands in his way he'll kill everyone they ever cared about, then they'll finally understand his hatred. In Cloud, the Raikage receives word of Killer Bee's abduction. The ninja reports that his comrade went in pursuit. The Raikage smashes his desk and yells that Akatsuki will pay. He offers aloud to his abducted brother that help is on the way...


Chapter 417: "The Raikage Moves!!" - Naruto begins to turn into a toad so Fukasaku whacks him again, warning him to remain absolutely still. Naruto asks why he can't just take the oil with him, but the toad explains that it evaporates outside of the Myouboku. He states that Naruto isn't taking the training seriously but Naruto says that's not true, he's much better at concentrating now. The toad tells Naruto to follow him and directs him to place a stone tile on top of a nearby spike. He states Naruto must learn to become still and find the proper balance with nature. Naruto begins to sit but then loses balance and falls. The toad grabs Naruto with his tongue and says that once Naruto learns to stop moving, he'll be successful. Elsewhere Team Hawk recuperates and Suigetsu demands to know why his sword was left behind. Karin says they didn't have time. Juugo says they need each other so they shouldn't fight. Suigetsu asks Sasuke if he'll get the Hachibi's power. Sasuke says he doesn't know but that he has a new power anyway. He reaches for a glass but accidently knocks it over. His vision blurs and Karin is alerted to a presence outside. The Cloud ninja releases a messenger lizard but Sasuke soon kills it. Juugo also arrives to stop the ninja's escape. At the King of Hell statue, Madara arrives with Killer Bee and says they have to wait on Pain. In Hidden Cloud, Raikage is angry about Yugito and Killer Bee's defeat. The secretary explains that they received several communication reports and that one of the ninja appeared to be Uchiha Sasuke, a former ninja from Konoha. The Raikage wonders why Konoha couldn't finish him off, as they had no problems with the Hyuuga. Cloud learns that no more lizards have arrived so the Raikage orders they dispatch a battalion based on the information they do have about their man's last location. He orders Samui's team to prepare and that word be sent to Konoha that they'll deal with Uchiha Sasuke. He then says to prepare a summit of the Five Kages, and that Akatsuki will pay for their actions. Three Cloud ninja prepare to depart, Samui, Omoi and Karui. Omoi ponders what he did to piss of the Raikage. He then begins to insult the two women with Karui kicking him out of anger. Samui tells them to chill and head out.


Chapter 418: "Sennin Naruto!!" - As Naruto balances on a spike, Fukasaku approves of the young man's ability to control the natural energy without the toad oil. With himself centered, Naruto draws in the chakra and then opens his dark rimmed eyes, having mastered the Senjutsu chakra without looking like a toad. The toad asks how Naruto feels and the young man states he feels like he's become one with the environment. A bird swoops down and lands on his shoulder, sending him off balance and crashing down below. As the dust clears, he sees in surprise that he was barely hurt. Fukasaku says that's thanks to Sennin Mode, and now there's one final training area left, to use the sage chakra in the toad fighting style. Outside Team Hawk's compound, Cloud ninja destroy the entrance, rush in and find their comrade unmoving on the ground. Later that night at Myouboku, Naruto finishes a jutsu in secret. He determines he needs more practice and that it will have to proceed in secret. Back in Konoha, Shikamaru, Sakura and Shiho discuss how Pain controlled his bodies, possibly through Genjutsu. Shikamaru offers that the group had immortals with them, so anything is believable at this point. Shiho offers that they just need to gather what they can and go from there. At the interrogation squad headquarters, Inoichi tries to pry the mind of one of the Rain ninja, but a block turns him away. Ibiki tells his comrade to be careful and the men proceed. In the autopsy room, Shizune continues with her study of the Fuuma-Pain body. Outside Konoha, the bodies of ninja dot the ground. Soon seven figures stand before Konoha's outer wall: Pain Rikudou and Konan. Yahiko-Pain then offers that it's time for the world to experience pain...

Chapter 419: "Invasion!!" - Pain has his Asura, Animal and Hungry Ghost realm bodies act as diversions, while Konan, the Deva, Human and Hell realms act as reconnaissance. Pain identifies a barrier around Konoha and says they'll launch Animal over the wall and down through the barrier to hide their numbers. Animal is launched and the barrier squad is alerted to her arrival. She lands and then summons the others. They scatter and begin launching attacks. Asura fires missiles into the surrounding buildings and Animal summons a giant centipede. Two barrier squad members are confused by the enemiesí numbers, so they move to get backup and alert the Hokage. Elsewhere the Human realm grips the head of a Leaf ninja and senses that the man does not know the Kyuubi's location. He pulls out the man's soul and the body collapses. In Cloud, the letter to the Hokage is prepared. Raikage tells Samui's team that he's counting on them. Omoi says he has a bad feeling and Karui says there's no way their sensei Killer Bee could get taken out like that. They begin to argue so Raikage tells them to stop as tears fall from his face. He says they have to save Bee. Karui and Omoi are moved and begin to cry as well. At Akatsuki's base, Killer Bee floats in the air while Hachibi is extracted. Zetsu comments that the extraction takes forever with so few members. Suddenly the group looks in surprise as Bee turns into a tentacle and then falls to the ground. Kisame offers that Sasuke messed up and Madara is speechless. Zetsu laughs and his other half chides him. Back in Lightning at the bottom of the lake rests the tentacle Sasuke severed to save Karin. From within it emerges Killer Bee. He sees the coast is clear and swims to shore. Hachibi says that wasn't a good plan, as he had to lose several limbs for it to work. Bee raps that he has plenty left and his Bijuu tells him to quite the rapping, he's not good at it. Bee says that next time he'll sing enka music instead. Hachibi is speechless and Bee offers that he's now free to finally leave his village, since Akatsuki "captured" him. Hachibi states the Raikage is probably worried. Bee says that's fine, he's been stuck defending the village and it's time for a break. He'll find Sabu, the leader of the enka ninjas. Hachibi offers that Akatsuki won't like this and asks why Bee even bothered to summon him, as he had the upper hand. Bee states that the Sharingan user was strong, and he just got carried away. Hachibi ponders that a new era is coming, and Bee happily asks if it's because of his new music career change?...

The Jinchuuriki

Chapter 420: "Battlefield, Konoha!!" - Naruto jumps through the air as he spars with Fukasaku. The toad tells Naruto he's getting better and the young man offers that he's not finished yet. In Konoha, Iruka helps a fallen comrade. The Deva Pain arrives and asks him where Naruto is. Iruka refuses so Pain moves to impale him. Suddenly the spike stops as a hand grabs it. Kakashi offers his surmise that the attack is a diversion. Kakashi tells Iruka to go, so he picks up the injured ninja and retreats. Pain moves to kick but Kakashi dodges and summons a stone wall. Pain brings down his arm to impale Kakashi's shoulder. Kakashi uses the attack to hold Pain in place while he moves to thrust Raikiri. Suddenly Kakashi gets a sensation of Rinnegan eyes and misses Pain's head. He wonders what it was and Pain says he's honored to meet the legendary copy ninja. He asks Naruto's location and Kakashi calls the question stupid. He moves to attack with Raikiri again but is then sent backwards by an unseen wave which also crushes the wall behind Pain. Back at Myouboku, Fukasaku explains that Sennin Mode is risky, as one can't stay in the mode for extended periods of time. To gather the energy, one can't move and if one can't move, then battle is pointless. It must be done when one has allies or can find a place to retreat and gather energy. Naruto yells in confusion as to why he even bothered learning it. The toad offers that all is okay, that's why he'll have an ally, as they'll fuse their bodies together. Naruto is taken aback at the thought of himself as a giant toad. The toad clarifies that he'll only be sitting on his shoulder and Naruto is reassured. Fukasaku explains that while one is fighting, the other will gather energy. That's how he and his wife did it with Jiraiya. Naruto understands and high fives the toad in confidence. Back in Konoha, Shizune finishes her analysis of Pain's black rods. She explains that they're receivers for high frequency chakra waves. As she states that they must inform Tsunade the building is rocked. At the code breaker head quarters, Shikamaru, Shiho and Sakura are also shaken. They look out the window to see dust and debris rising. At the interrogation building, Inoichi continues searching through the Rain ninja's mind and finds what he's been searching for. Elsewhere the top of Asura Realm's head opens, and he fires a laser into the surrounding buildings. Team 8 and Ino and Chouji hear the disturbance. Ino rushes to tell her father, while in the Hokage building Tsunade looks out her window. She thinks back to Fukasaku's explanation that Jiraiya entrusted everything to Naruto, and how she entrusted him with her necklace. She tells the waiting ninja to put out an emergency alert and call for Naruto.

Chapter 421: "Call Naruto Back!!" - As villagers flee from Pain's giant centipede, a little girl trips. Suddenly Sakura slugs the creature away, killing it. She tends to the girl who gives her thanks. Iruka arrives and explains the situation to Sakura. Sakura states she never thought Akatsuki would attack them directly. An explosion rises nearby and Iruka suggests that Sakura should head to the hospital to help the wounded. At the Hokage building, a toad states he'll retrieve Naruto. Homura and Koharu enter and state Naruto is to be left at Myouboku. Tsunade demands an explanation and the elders explain that the attacker is Pain, and it would be bad if Naruto fell into his hands. Tsunade grabs them by their collars and remembers Naruto's promise to become Hokage and avenge Jiraiya. The elders demand to know the meaning of Tsunade's actions. She yells that Naruto is no longer a child. He inherited the Will of Fire and will surpass Jiraiya. He's not to be kept out of conflict, hidden away. He's one of the ninja who will protect the village. She throws them down and offers that they lack what the Third, Jiraiya and Chiyo had... faith. As we see teams around Konoha moving to act, Tsunade explains that the First entrusted the elders with the village when they were young, and now it's their turn to do the same. They rise and state she can do what she wants. They take their leave and Shizune arrives. Elsewhere Kakashi ponders how he was blown backwards. He sends a lightning wolf to test Pain's defenses and it is repelled as well. As Kakashi wonders how to proceed, the Asura Realm Pain lands behind him. Shizune explains that the piercings receive chakra signals and once they learn what the Interrogation teams find, they should be able to solve the riddle of Pain. Tsunade tells the toad to let Fukasaku know about this as well. She orders teams to protect Shizune and the Interrogation squad and states she'll be helping Katsuyu with the wounded. They leave and the toad prepares to return to Myouboku. Suddenly he's impaled by a sword and Danzou offers that now the Kyuubi is out of reach.


Chapter 422: "Kakashi VS Pain!!" - Konan envelopes a Leaf ninja in paper and inquires about Naruto's location. He happily declines to answer. Elsewhere other ninja are probing the Hungry Ghost Realm's absorption defenses. Hell Realm also interrogates a ninja who refuses to give up Naruto's location. At the admin building Tsunade summons Katsuyu. She tells her summon to break down into smaller clones, and then use her chakra to help heal people. Tsunade then reaffirms that she'll protect the village as Hokage. Elsewhere Chouza, Chouji and other ninja move through the village. A distance away, Kakashi lunges with Raikiri but Asura dodges. Kakashi remembers how the bodies share vision and ponders their strange nature. Asura suddenly forms two more faces on his head and removes his cloak, revealing four more arms and a saw-life blade sprouting from his back. Deva raises his arm and Kakashi is drawn through the air towards him. Kakashi finally grasps Deva's power and throws a chain around a beam to brace himself. He determines he can't win alone. He needs some reinforcements and to let others know what he discovered. He's shaken loose of the chain by Deva's ability and suddenly plunges into Asura's blade. His body disperses as a lightning clone, which electrocutes Asura. Deva suddenly retreats as two giant arms come crashing down. The left arm lifts revealing a crushed Asura. Chouza offers that one of them has been taken out. Chouza and Chouji return to normal size, while Kakashi emerges from nearby rubble. He offers he had a backup plan, but their assistance just saved him a lot of chakra...