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Volume Ten Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 10
By: Nerezza

Chapter 82: "Lee’s Secret!!" – Lee has difficulty trying to penetrate Gaara’s shield of sand. Guy admits to Sakura that Lee isn’t using Taijutsu only through choice, because he is unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Guy advises Lee to take his leg weights off, which enables Lee to move at superhuman speed. Gaara is shocked, as Lee becomes the first human able to physically put a scratch on him.

Chapter 83: "Absolute Defense Crumbles!?" – A small portion of Gaara’s last line of defence, the sand armour, is cracked to reveal his true face. Lee pulls out his strongest move so far again, the Omote Rene (Front Lotus). Gaara lays motionless and the crowd cheers… only for Gaara’s decoy to dissolve into sand while the real Gaara rises from behind Lee!.

Chapter 84: "The Genius of Hard Work" – Gaara becomes more vicious, taking advantage of Lee’s wasted effort. Guy recalls Lee’s unending determination as he once again stands up. Sakura grows concerned despite Lee being in a terrible condition, but Guy assures her that “The lotus of the Konoha blooms twice!”

Chapter 85: "Now..." – Kakashi recognises Guy’s handiwork, realising Lee is about to use a virtual suicide attack that will ruin his body, losing his respect for Guy. Lee removes the limits on his body and brain, allowing him to recover and access insane dormant power. Lee shreds Gaara’s defences like paper and then prepares to use his final attack the Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus)!

Chapter 86: "A Great Ninja...!!" – Pouring all his power into a single blow, Lee sends Gaara hurtling from the ceiling to the floor. Gaara barely survives with a last-second trick, but panics and tries to kill Lee. He manages to completely crush his arm and leg before Guy intervenes and stops the fight. Lee rises once more even though he is unconscious, and Guy forces him back before he kills himself. Seeing Lee protected, Gaara’s mind begins to unravel.

Chapter 87: "Prelims Conclude...!!" – The doctors agree that Lee’s body is too badly injured to allow him to continue as a ninja. Kakashi realizes that he would have done the same in Guy’s shoes and apologises. Dosu beats Chouji with ease, but plots revenge on Orochimaru. With the final match over, the third exam will now begin.

Chapter 88: "Where’s Sasuke...!?" – Sakura worries about Sasuke’s condition. Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss their plans and decide Naruto will get in the way of acquiring Sasuke, with Kabuto taking action. Hokage informs the participants they have one more thing to do to prepare for the final exam. Kakashi stops Kabuto before he reaches the unconscious Sasuke, and the two prepare to fight.

Chapter 89: "Naruto’s Request...!!" – Kakashi tries to force answers from Kabuto, but he escapes using his prowess as a medical genius, by disguising his true self as a murdered ANBU corpse. Hokage, Anko and Ibiki help to draw up the next exam’s brackets. The participants have one month to do what they will before the exam, which will be a tournament designed not to determine a winner, but to show off abilities during the matches, which will be judged by high-ranking VIPs. Naruto goes to ask Kakashi to help train him but Kakashi says he has someone else in mind to teach Naruto... Ebisu!

Chapter 90: "What About the Training!?" – Naruto is displeased at Ebisu teaching him, but Kakashi convinces him to do it anyway. Ebisu teaches Naruto the basics of Chakra control again by asking him to walk on water. Naruto learns quickly and secretly, Ebisu acknowledges him. Just then, the two catch a peeping tom spying on the women’s bath in the hot spring they’re training in. Ebisu is about to punish him, but the pervert summons a toad and defeats Ebisu in a single move!