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Volume Fourteen Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 14
Title: Hokage VS Hokage!!
By: Nerezza

Chapter 118: "Forced to Stay...!!" – Introduces Shodai and Nidaime Hokage. Orochimaru has summoned the first and second people to bear the Hokage title, emotionally wounding Sarutobi. Pakkun realises that others are following him and the retrieval team. Shikamaru decides to set up an ambush, with at least one member left behind as a decoy sure to die. Shikamaru nominates himself to be the decoy with the highest chance of surviving. As the squad sent to stop his team approaches, Sakura and Naruto go ahead while he remains behind. Following Pakkun’s paw prints, the squad blunder straight into a trap set by Shikamaru and become captured by his Shadow Imitation.

Chapter 119: "My Life...!!" – Shikamaru doesn’t have enough Chakra left to meet his plan and a hidden member of the squad is ready to pounce. Pakkun senses that nobody is following, elevating the spirits of Naruto and Sakura. Behind Shikamaru, another ninja drops down… holding a sound ninja’s corpse. Asuma drops it and proceeds to take out the squad in a flourish, putting out his cigarette in their blood. Back at Konoha, Orochimaru revitalises and brainwashes the summoned Hokage brothers, as an ANBU member discusses the murderous preparations needed for the summoning technique, Edo Tensei. Instead of signing a blood contract, someone is sacrificed and their body is covered in ash and dust, transforming them into the shape of the summoned spirits...

Chapter 120: "Hokage VS Hokage!!" – A battle of Hokage-level techniques ensues, with expert elemental attacks of fire, water, earth and wood. Shodai eventually causes a forest to rise and entangle Sarutobi, who summons the Monkey King, Enma, who scolds him for not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance. Sarutobi vows to correct the mistake and has Enma transform into his diamond staff form. Freed from the vines, Sarutobi prepares for armed combat. Impressed, Orochimaru draws his own weapon, spitting out a weapon of serpentine nature, the mythical Grass-cutter sword Kusanagi. Sarutobi’s age gives him a disadvantage. Even worse, he finds that the summoned Hokage brothers regenerate removed and damaged limbs!

Chapter 121: "Horrible Reality Test...!!" – Sarutobi begins a technique that will affect the very souls of the Hokage brothers. Suddenly, Orochimaru tears off a mask... and a young woman stands in his place. Expecting an impostor, the girl identifies herself as Orochimaru. Enma and Sarutobi realise the truth. A stroll down memory lane reveals that Orochimaru’s inhuman views were why he was not chosen as Yondaime Hokage. Later, he was caught red-handed performing human experiments. Cornered, he confesses to developing an immortality technique so that he could live long enough to master every technique known to mankind. And now, 10 years later, he plans to replace his current female body and inhabit Sasuke’s!

Chapter 122: "Inherited Dying Will!!" – Orochimaru re-masks as his old self to finish Sarutobi off. Compassion for his old pupil prevents him from going too hard, the same reason Orochimaru escaped before. Enma’s eyes open wide as a familiar set of hand seals heralds the summoning of the Shinigami (Death God)! Shodai wraps Sarutobi in complete darkness as the last of Sarutobi’s Chakra is divided through two Shadow Clones. Sarutobi tells Orochimaru that the love he feels for the village he protects as Hokage will never crumble! And even an old dog has new tricks that Orochimaru is unaware of... namely the Sealing Technique: Demonic Soul Imprisonment!

Chapter 123: "The Final Sealing" – Even with the new technique waiting, Sarutobi still takes a beating from his enemies. The technique is slow to work, but Shodai and Nidaime are grabbed by Sarutobi’s clones, dispersing the darkness. The Death God then reaches through the clones and rips the very souls from the brothers, which dissolve to show the corpses of Zaku and Kin!! Enraged by Orochimaru’s attitude to his subordinates, Sarutobi tackles him head-on! The sword is knocked from Orochimaru’s hand and the Death God’s claws plunge into his stomach. But with a simple gesture, the sword stops in mid-air and rushes towards Sarutobi’s unprotected back as the Death God begins to tear Orochimaru’s soul from his body...

Chapter 124: "The Eternal Battle...!!" – Sarutobi takes the sword knowing the Death God will take his soul along with Orochimaru’s anyway, where they will fight forever in the Reaper’s stomach. Close to death, Orochimaru sees the Death God itself eating the souls it ripped out earlier and looking at him with hunger. Panicking, Orochimaru tries to kill Sarutobi and end the technique early to save his soul. The rest of Konoha is almost defeated, until Orochimaru’s giant snake is crushed by a giant toad! Jiraiya arrives with a flashy entrance to save Ibiki. Sasuke catches up to the Sand Siblings, but as Kankurou challenges him, Shino takes Sasuke’s place, demanding he continue to chase Gaara so he can have the match with Kankurou he was denied in the exams.

Chapter 125: "The Moment of Awakening...!!" – Kankurou and Shino prepare to fight, with Kankurou warning the Leaf ninjas that true terror awaits them, not from him and his puppet but in Gaara. Shino takes the threat seriously and assembles his bugs ready to fight. Gaara wakes up and shoves Temari aside as Sasuke arrives. Sasuke flashes back to when Gaara interrupted his training with Kakashi, with Gaara leaving while dubbing Sasuke his prey. Perched high up, Gaara’s mind begins to snap and his body begins to transform into the same inhuman shape that grabbed at Sasuke from the shell of sand in the exam. The right side of his face and right arm become monstrously misshapen and Gaara yells for Sasuke to hurry up and fight!!

Chapter 126: "Unprepared...!!" – Kankurou’s puppet, Karasu, turns out to be a walking arsenal of poisoned weapons. However, Shino already has a plan and sees the method Kankurou uses. However, Shino inhales the poison gas from karasu’s bomb! Back at Konoha, Sarutobi and Orochimaru stand in deadlock as Orochimaru clings to life. Konoha’s evacuees witness the Hokage monument cracking as a bad omen. Shino pulls out another trump card, sending armies of bugs along the Chakra “strings" Kankurou uses to control Karasu. But this is already a dummy move, as bugs are already moving to the puppeteer’s position, faking Kankurou out and allowing the bugs to swarm on the Sand genin. However, the gas is already at work inside Shino’s lungs and the bug-tamer collapses onto the branch he stands on...