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Volume Forty-Four Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 44
Title: Senjutsu denshou...!! ~ The Senjutsu Tradition...!!

Chapter 403: "Tears" - Naruto awakens in his bed thinking over his most recent run in with Itachi. He remembers Itachi asking why he cared for Sasuke so much. Naruto explained that he was more of a brother to Sasuke than Itachi himself was. Naruto then charged for battle and Itachi turned to crows. We then see more of the incident. Itachi asks what if Sasuke doesn't want to return? Naruto says he'll do anything for Sasuke, even use force. Itachi asks but what if Sasuke attacks Konoha? Naruto says he would never do that. Itachi explains that Sasuke could be swayed by most anything, so could Naruto still stop him, even if it meant killing him? Could he weigh Sasuke's existence against Konoha's? Naruto yells that he would find a way to do both, without having to kill Sasuke. Itachi retorts that such words are childish. Naruto remembers Jiraiya telling him something similar after his fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Naruto states he heard that before, but he won't go back on his word, thatís his ninja way. Itachi smiles and suddenly a crow flies into Naruto's mouth. Itachi offers that he just granted Naruto some of his power, and hopefully he'll never have to use it. Naruto asks what this means, but Itachi says he must now take his leave. Elsewhere Sasuke looks at the moon and remembers that fateful night and his newly understood memories. The young Sasuke stands before Itachi and listens to his brother say to come to him when they share the same eyes. Sasuke falls to pass out then rights himself. With determined, one tomoe Sharingan eyes he watches Itachi leave. He takes chase and throws a kunai, knocking of his brotherís forehead protector. Itachi stops and ties the protector back on. He then looks at Sasuke as a tear rolls down his cheek. Sasuke passes out and we return to the present. Sasuke remembers his brother crying and admits he couldn't figure it out. He then states to Madara that his story was true after all. Back in Konoha Naruto wonders what Itachi wanted to tell him, and wonders what Sasuke's doing now. Elsewhere Madara asks Sasuke what he'll do with Itachi's eyes. Transplant them? Sasuke says no, what Itachi saw and what he will see are different. He can't do what Itachi desired, he'll follow his own path and revive the Uchiha his own way.

Chapter 404: "'Hawk' and 'Akatsuki'" - In a tree hut Tobi asks to speak with Kisame. Kisame is surprised to see Tobi still alive and the other man apologizes for revealing this to him last. Tobi removes his mask and Kisame is surprised. He offers that knowing the Mizukage, or rather Madara, is running things is a big relief. In Konoha Naruto relaxes on his bed. He's awakened by Kakashi who says the Hokage wants to see him. Naruto heads to the Hokage building and sees Gamabunta and Gamakichi outside. He asks why they're here but Gamabunta says Tsunade will explain. Inside stand Sakura, Sai, several toads, Pa toad and the key scroll toad. Pa toad offers that this is the apprentice? Tsunade says yes, the probable child of prophecy he mentioned before. Naruto asks what's up. Tsunade explains that the toad before him is Fukasaku, one of the two great sages toads. Fukasaku offers that this is indeed little Jiraiya's apprentice. Naruto is annoyed and asks where he gets off treating pervy-sage like a kid. Tsunade tells him to watch his language and Shizune offers that the toad taught Jiraiya. Naruto is surprised and Fukasaku laughs at Naruto's name for Jiraiya. Naruto asks what he wants and the toad offers that he might as well just get it out. He states that the young 'un Jiraiya died in battle. Naruto stands quiet and asks what he means. Elsewhere Hawk, Madara and Kisame talk. Madara asks how Sasuke plans to destroy Konoha. Sasuke says his beef is only with the Konoha elders. Kisame offers that it won't be easy to get close to them, as Hawk isn't powerful enough. Suigetsu says they shouldn't be underestimated, and if they had finished their game earlier... Juugo tells him to cool it, but in an instant Suigetsu is lunging towards Kisame. Before he can reach him, Madara blocks the sword with just his arm. Madara chastises Sasuke for not instilling discipline in his group. Suigetsu is freaked by Madara's strength and offers that he only joined Sasuke to get to Kisame. Sasuke tells the young man that he can't beat Kisame yet. Kisame offers a wry smile at the "yet". Suigetsu relents and Madara says Akatsuki isn't powerful enough either. He says they should proceed together. Sasuke asks why, so Madara offers him a Bijuu. Sasuke asks why that matters and Madara explains that they're chakra monsters. Shodai Hokage controlled several, and shared them with other countries as a way to broker peace. Sasuke says that's generous, but Madara offers that any betrayal will result in their death. Kisame states that two bijuu remain and Madara says they'll split to go after both. Sasuke asks if that means they haven't caught the Kyuubi yet. Madara says yes, they'll get Naruto while Hawk will get the other. A short time later, Madara goes to speak with Zetsu. He offers that with Itachi now dead, he can go after Konoha. Zetsu tells Madara that he waited a long time. The other replies that everything is proceeding as planned, even if Itachi feared Sasuke would join his side. Zetsu states he never thought so many Akatsuki would die. Madara says they joined knowing there could be problems, and without them they wouldn't have gotten this far. Things went according to plan, and most importantly, Sasuke is now at his side...


Chapter 405: "Those Left Behind" - Fukasaku explains how after Pain crushed Jiraiya's throat, the Sannin wrote the code on his back. Naruto asks if Tsunade sent Jiraiya. She says yes and Naruto demands to know how she could send him alone. Kakashi asks him to stop and reminds him to think of how Tsunade feels. Tsunade remembers Jiraiya stating he would give his life to set an example for the younger generation. Naruto storms off and says if Jiraiya had been the Fifth Hokage instead, this wouldn't have happened. Sakura chides him but Tsunade says to let him go. Kakashi apologizes to the toad sage but the elder says heíll speak with Naruto later. He understands how important Jiraiya was to the boy, and hopes Naruto is the prophesized child after all. Naruto thinks back over the time he spent with Jiraiya and walks to his apartment. Iruka stops him and asks if he wants some ramen. Naruto declines and returns to his apartment unable to eat. Naruto leaves and stops at a shop to buy a popsicle. As it melts uneaten in his hands, the tears begin to fall from his emotionless face. Iruka arrives and Naruto wipes away his tears. Iruka says he heard what happened. Naruto explains how he wanted Jiraiya to see him become Hokage, but in the end all Jiraiya ever saw was him being an idiot. Iruka says that wasn't the case. Jiraiya spoke highly of him, like a grandson. He knew he would become a great Hokage one day. Jiraiya watched him and still does even now. He explains that Jiraiya wouldn't praise him just to cheer him up, so just be the normal Naruto. Iruka takes the popsicle and breaks it in two. After all, he's still the great apprentice of one of the Legendary Sannin. Naruto smiles, takes the popsicle half and thanks Iruka. In Tsunade's office, Shikamaru looks at the code. Tsunade orders him to examine it and not wait on the code breakers. Shikamaru begins to protest, as he had another matter to attend but Tsunade leaves the room. Sakura explains that Tsunade has been busy all day. Shikamaru says he has too, but Sakura asks that he please do it. Shikamaru looks on in confusion and Sakura remains quiet. Outside Tsunade walks in the hall and thinks of Jiraiya at different stages of his life, ending with the time she was first introduced to him. The young Jiraiya offers his hand and states she can send him love letters later. As she remembers his smile, tears fall down her cheek and she curses the idiot.


Chapter 406: "Key to the Future" - Tsunade stands before the interrogation squad and asks they learn all they can from the Rain ninja in the toad before them. Ibiki says that won't be a problem. Tsunade remembers Fukasaku explaining how Jiraiya didn't have to fight Pain. But he knew that unless Konoha knew his powers, no one could beat him. He could have fled, but he gave his life for the information in the code. In the present Tsunade tells the squad to be as rough as the want. At the morgue, Shizune and other medical ninja prepare to autopsy the Fuuma Pain body. At the code office, the technicians inform Shikamaru that the code doesn't correspond to any existing Konoha algorithm. Also because it was a spur decision, it's probably not complicated. The young female technician offers that it's hopeless to decipher without the key. They need the rules to decode it, and the best bet is to find someone familiar with Jiraiya. Shikamaru figures he'll have to talk to Kakashi and Tsunade. He offers his thanks and states he'll return if he has more questions. The female tech, Shiho, blushes and offers to remain behind in case Shikamaru returns. Some time later Kakashi looks at the code and Shikamaru asks if the numbers mean anything. Kakashi mentions "106" and Shikamaru asks what it means. Kakashi remembers a time he and Jiraiya watched Tsunade from a distance, and Jiraiya stated "106". To Kakashi's chagrin Jiraiya was pointing out Tsunade's bust size. In the present Kakashi says his memory probably isn't relevant. Kakashi offers that Shikamaru should try the Hokage or Naruto. Shikamaru says he already spoke with her, so he'll try Naruto. Kakashi states he's worried about Naruto and hopes Shikamaru can check on him. Shikamaru arrives at Naruto's apartment and knocks. The door opens a crack and Naruto asks what he wants from the darkness within. Inside Naruto looks over the code but remains distant. Shikamaru asks him to follow him so the two head to the hospital. Kurenai exits and Naruto asks if she ate too much. Shikamaru explains that she's pregnant. Kurenai chides Shikamaru for coming to see her each time she goes to the hospital but Shikamaru says he can't help it, Asuma told him to watch over them. He says her kid will be his apprentice and Naruto is surprised. Shikamaru explains how he heard about Jiraiya, and with Asuma's death he knows how it feels. He offers that being miserable and reclusive won't get him anywhere. He can't do that because like him, he was entrusted with a lot by his former sensei. And Naruto should understand that's it's time for them to do the entrusting. They can't be kids forever, some day they'll treat others to ramen and be called sensei. Shikamaru says he hopes to one day be as cool as Asuma and Jiraiya were. Naruto remembers Jiraiya's smile and suddenly smiles as well. Shikamaru shows him the code again and says Naruto has work to do.


Chapter 407: "To Naruto" - Shikamaru asks Naruto if he has any ideas. Shiho offers that it doesn't matter how small the idea is, anything would help. Naruto says there is one thing that's been bugging him, the first "ta" character. Shikamaru and Shiho are confused, but Naruto states though the letter looks like a 9, it may not be. He had a lot of experience with Jiraiya's handwriting. Shiho states that Jiraiya must have had a particular writing style. Shiho shows them how the writing difference could change the character interpretation. Shikamaru asks why he didn't mention it before, but Naruto retorts that it doesn't reveal anything anyway. Shikamaru says the books Naruto mentioned might break the code. Shiho agrees, stating that the numbers could correspond to various things like page numbers, lines, etc.. Shikamaru asks if "ta" has any connection to Jiraiya's books. Kakashi pops his head in through the window and says it's probably the one he's holding, Icha Icha Tactics. Naruto states Jiraiya wrote that book while they were out training. Shikamaru says the code was surely meant for him then and Naruto smiles. Shiho states they should probably check the page numbers that match the code numbers. Shiho asks Kakashi to read the first sentence of every page. Kakashi is embarrassed at having to read the risquť writing but Naruto yells to just read it. Kakashi reads the lines, so Shiho lines up the first word of each sentence, which reveals the phrase "the real one isn't with them". Naruto asks what that means and Kakashi says they should speak with Fukasaku since he was there. Shiho asks if she can come along and Shikamaru says that's fine. He offers that they need to talk to Tsunade so she can get Fukasaku. Shiho blushes and Naruto states they should go to her immediately. In the Rain Country Konan, Pain and Madara recline. Madara asks what held up the invincible Pain and Pain offers that he had an unexpected visitor. Madara retorts that the Sannin Jiraiya lived up to his reputation. Pain offers that he's dead now, so the Kyuubi is his new focus. Madara states that Konoha will be hunting Pain now. Konan replies that no one can defeat Pain. Madara says only two Bijuu remain, and he sent Sasuke after the Hachibi. Konan asks if he's up to the challenge. Madara says yes and takes his leave. Pain tells Konan to get ready and five figures join them. The four previous Pain bodies and a new female Pain. Pain then declares that they're going to Konoha...


Chapter 408: "Fukasaku's Proposal" - In the Lightning Country, Suigetsu interrogates a Cloud ninja about the Eight-Tailís location. The ninja says he won't betray his comrades. Sasuke says that fear can be exploited and activates his Mangekyou. The man is shaken and Karin tells Suigetsu to let Sasuke handle it. The ninja reveals the Jinchuuriki's location and appearance, a man who wields eight swords and bears an "iron" and bull horn tattoos. He passes out and Team Hawk, wearing Akatsuki robes, heads out. Suigetsu contemplates that Sasuke will be an even bigger handful with his new eyes. Karin once again blushes at Sasuke's coolness and Juugo thinks the atmosphere of the country could help him relax. The team continues on through the cloud covered peaks of the Lightning Country. In Konoha, Fukasaku reads the code and thinks over the past battle. He states the code is too vague. He knows Pain can revive himself and it's too dangerous to face him now. Kakashi asks if the autopsy would help, but Sakura says that will take time. Naruto demands to know how much but Sakura says the process is intensive, it takes awhile. Tsunade offers a week at the earliest. Naruto states he'll tell them to hurry up but Sakura yells for him to leave Shizune alone. Naruto states he will avenge pervy sage and that he can't sit around. Fukasaku offers that with the code decoded Naruto has nothing left to do. There's no way he can beat Pain so he should come with him to Myouboku Mountain to learn the Senjutsu (sage techniques) like little Jiraiya did. Naruto is taken aback and asks if that will be enough to beat Pain. The toad says he doesn't know, but his current skill level definitely isn't enough. Tsunade says it's okay for him to go and the toad says the training will be tough, so will he do it? Naruto offers that the pervy sage went through it, so he can too. He agrees and the toad contemplates being entrusted with the child of prophecy. In Lightning, multiple tentacles retract into a figure training in a cave. From out of the darkness emerges the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki, cursing the pain of the daylight on his eyes...


Chapter 409: "The Senjutsu Tradition...!!" - Naruto says goodbye to the Hokage, Shikamaru and Sakura. They wish him luck and Fukasaku leaves a frog behind for communication. Naruto rushes to leave but stops when he realizes he doesn't know the way. Fukasaku states it takes a month to get to on foot and the path is hidden. The toad shows him the toad pact scroll and says it's not a problem. Naruto recognizes the scroll and suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke. Tsunade explains that it's reverse Kuchiyose and then toad puffs away as well. Tsunade says they have to focus on decoding the information Jiraiya provided and the others give an affirmative. Elsewhere it begins to rain in the Rain Country industrial city. Pain holds his arms to the sky and states they are to kill anyone who gets in the way of their capturing the Kyuubi. Naruto suddenly pops into existence in an overgrown area filled with giant plants and mushrooms. He's confused but then Gamakichi chimes in to say he summoned him. Naruto finally understands and Fukasaku says they should eat first. In the toadís home Naruto is treated to a soup made of insect and fish parts. Naruto is wary of the meal and is doubled over sick a short time later. Surrounded by meditative toad statues, Fukasaku states he'll explain the differences between normal jutsu and Senjutsu. Normal techniques use body stamina and spirit energy, but Senjutsu adds natural external energy. Naruto is confused so Fukasaku says the energy comes from outside, which combines with one's own energy to form a stronger chakra which greatly increases the power of normal jutsu. Naruto is still confused so Gamakichi offers that itís like adding mint to a chocolate-vanilla ice cream swirl. Fukasaku chides the young toad for making things more difficult but Naruto states he gets it now. Fukasaku is taken aback that it helped Naruto but Gamakichi explains that it's just how Naruto is. Naruto asks what the external energy is and Fukasaku states it comes from the atmosphere and earth. Naruto is confused but Gamakichi clarifies it's the air and ground. Naruto understands and Fukasaku decides to just show him. He moves to a large nearby statue and Gamakichi offers his amazement at all the energy being collected. Naruto offers his confusion at seeing nothing, but then suddenly Fukasaku lifts the huge statue over his head. He puts it back down and Naruto says he didn't see anything outside of a hand seal. Fukasaku explains that Naruto can't yet see the flow of nature yet. Gamakichi chimes in that to do that he's got to die... Elsewhere Sasuke asks the man before him if he's the Eight-Tails. The man is taken aback by Sasuke's informality and retorts that doesn't he mean to say "honorable" Eight-Tails or "powerful" Jinchuuriki? Sasuke looks on and states they mean to capture him...

Naruto, Kakashi, Yondaime, Jiraiya and Sandaime

Chapter 410: "The Battle of Thunder Cloud Gorge" - Sasuke directs his team and Suigetsu charges with his sword. It impacts and dust is thrown up. When it clears, the Jinchuuriki has stopped the sword with his bare hands. He offers rhyming insults at Suigetsu and then throws the sword away. Juugo tells him to retreat. At Myouboku, Fukasaku tells Gamakichi to stop providing stupid examples, as Naruto won't die. One has to become one with nature and allow the current to flow freely in and out of the body. He tells Naruto not to move and explains the young man must stop disrupting the flow of nature. Naruto says not moving should be easy but Gamakichi retorts he doesn't get it. Fukasaku says the training will not happen quickly. Naruto asks if there's a way to do it more quickly since they don't have a lot of time. The toad says there is, in a fashion, using the toad oil pouring as a waterfall nearby. The toad puts some oil on Naruto's hand and explains that it's like a magnet for nature's energy. Over time Naruto will begin to feel the power in his skin, and by focusing he'll learn to draw in that power without the oil. There is a risk though, if you don't learn to control the energy, one will start to turn you into a toad. Naruto looks at his reflection in the water with horror, as his hand and face take on toad features. Fukasaku hits him with a staff and returns him to normal. He explains that Senjutsu is all about keeping spiritual, physical and natural energy in balance. Too much natural energy will turn one into a frog, but as long as you don't go too far you can return to normal. Otherwise one would become a toad forever. Gamakichi explains that he said "die" earlier because doing it alone means certain death. Fukasaku points to the toad statues around them and states they were people who failed the training. It should be okay however, as his staff will knock the natural energy out in case it goes too far. He explains that Jiraiya himself couldn't full master it, as he would take on toad-traits when he used Senjutsu. Fukasaku offers that Naruto doesn't seem intimidated. Naruto says of course, his nindo is the same as pervy-sages. Fukasaku gives an enthusiastic affirmative. At the Cloud gorge, Juugo lays before the Jinchuuriki defeated. The Jinchuuriki offers some rhyming boasts and Karin offers her surprise that the crazy person before them took out Juugo. Suigetsu ponders how well the Jinchuuriki used his sword and Sasuke offers that he'll handle things.

Movie 5 Promotion

Chapter 411: "Eight-Tails VS Sasuke" - The Jinchuuriki repeats his boast that he'll take care of them and rhymes a question as to their identity. Sasuke says it's unimportant. Suigetsu wonders what's with their weird opponent and his rapping. Sasuke offers that he wants to find out the true nature of the Bijuu, and states they're the ones using Akatsuki. The Jinchuuriki recognizes the name and Suigetsu tells Sasuke to hurry so they won't have to listen to his horrible lines anymore. The Jinchuuriki takes offense and Karin offers that it's the worst rap she's ever heard. Sasuke lunges with his sword while the Jinchuuriki uses Suigetsu's head cleaver to parry. A quick flurry of moves leads Sasuke to plant his sword into the ground through the head cleavers hole, and then kick his opponent in the throat. The Jinchuuriki doesn't move but he drops the cleaver. Sasuke is confused as the man merely pulls out a book and begins to write in it. Sasuke throws the cleaver back to Suigetsu. The Jinchuuriki thanks Sasuke for helping him write an awesome new rhyme, so he offers that he'll play with him after all, even if heís an idiot. He pulls out his seven swords and tosses them into the air. The man catches the swords in various body joints, like the inner arms and back of the knee. He then lunges in a quick whirl towards Sasuke. He moves to defend but the man maneuvers a sword into his hand. Sasuke watches on with Sharingan and is forced into retreat. Suigetsu offers that he can't follow the man's moves. Sasuke infuses Chidori into his sword and moves to strike, however he is surprised when his opponent parries easily with his own chakra infused sword. The Jinchuuriki then derisively offers that he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. In an instant he slams most of his swords into Sasuke's chest.

Chapter 412: "Unprecedented Fear" - Sasuke is flung back and the Eight-Tails moves to finish him off. Suddenly Suigetsu is blocking the attack. The Raiton charged sword connects and Suigetsu considers how he's weak against such attacks. The sword begins to cut through the cleaver so Sasuke charges Chidori into the cleaver to strengthen it. Juugo lunges from behind the Eight-Tails and strikes him on his head but the Jinchuuriki does not move. Sasuke retreats further and Suigetsu manages to break his opponent's sword. Juugo charges up an air blast in his arm and manages to knock the Eight-Tails off balance. Karin removes the swords from Sasuke's chest and exposes her arm, revealing numerous bite marks. She tells Sasuke to bite and he does. Suddenly his wounds close. Suigetsu says they should charge at once and come at him seriously. Then they can try and spare him if possible. The Eight-Tails watches from cover and considers his opponent's powers. Elsewhere, Naruto holds water in his hands and begins to take on toad qualities. Fukasaku whacks him and he returns to normal. Naruto says he should use Kage Bunshin and the toad says that will be okay, but be careful, as if they turn into a toad, so will he. Fukasaku offers that three clones will be the max. Gamakichi awakens a short time later to see Fukasaku whacking the clones out of existence. A bruised and puffy Naruto offers that he can't last at this rate and that it's harder than he thought. The toad explains that true strength doesn't come easy. And the training isn't something anyone can do, that's why only Jiraiya and Naruto himself with their high chakra reserves can draw on the natural energy. He then offers that only those who refuse to give up can become sages. Naruto smiles, yells his eagerness to continue and totally jumps into the nearby water pool, much to the toad's shock. Back in Lightning the three men attack simultaneously. The Eight-Tails buries his fist into Suigetsu's chest and the water man holds onto him. Sasuke charges with Chidori and strikes the Jinchuuriki's chest. The man screams out but leaps away when Juugo comes smashing down on top of him. The dust clears and an uninjured Eight-Tails watches from a distance. He offers that they're a pain for being so weak, so it's time to get real. Karin points out the man's location and he recognizes her chakra sensory abilities. Juugo charges up an air burst in his arm and flings Sasuke towards the other man's location. The Eight-Tails raises his hand forming devil horns and yells that it's time for number eight.