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Volume Fifty-Seven Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 57
Title: Naruto senjou e...!! ~ Naruto Goes to the Battlefield...!!

Chapter 535: "Iruka's Persuasion" - Iruka reveals that they've been given a second mission to locate a new species. Naruto asks if it's related to the Kyuubi he felt earlier. Iruka explains that it is, it's a mysterious new creature which also shares the Kyuubi chakra. So he should remain inside, for if it senses him, it'll go crazy. And because of the Bijuu connection, Yamato was needed to control it. Recalling Motoi's declaration that Bee had already tamed all the island's beasts, the now suspicious Naruto retorts that he wants to try and handle it. Entering Sennin Mode, he lunges forward, knocking the Leaf squads backwards. As Naruto bursts from the waterfall cave to the outside, his forehead protector flies off. A Nara clan member quickly grabs him with his shadow, but the still Naruto is shaken by what he suddenly senses. As rush of sensations through the natural chakra reveals the numerous battles currently raging. A stupefied Naruto demands to know just what the heck is going on. Iruka calmly announces that Madara is making his move and they're at war. Gen chides Iruka but Iruka offers that Naruto is no fool; he'll know what's going on. An angered Naruto questions why he's sitting around then while his comrades die. Iruka offers that it's for his and Bee's sake, for if Madara captures them, his jutsu will be complete and the world will be doomed. Iruka submits that Naruto's battle this time is with himself to find patience. Naruto recalls Nagato's final statement that war involves hatred and pain, and that things are now left to Naruto to face it all and handle things. Iruka asks Naruto to return inside but the young man declares he will not. He'll end the war himself and endure the hatred and pain on his own, that's his role to play. Iruka argues that Naruto isn't the only one affected but Naruto questions if Iruka actually trusts him? Iruka yells for him to stop acting like a child, but then offers that Naruto is precious to him, like a young brother. Madara is coming after him, so how could he let him do it alone? Naruto declares that he's not a kid any more, and Iruka gave him that forehead protector as a sign of that. Iruka reaches down and picks up Naruto's head band and returns it to him. Naruto smiles but Iruka announces that he won't let him leave. Forming a hand seal a barrier activates below Naruto. Naruto enters full Kyuubi mode and explains that the barrier won't stop him. Easily breaking from the shadow bind he begins to retreat. Gen yells to stop him and launches his bugs. In an instant Naruto is gone. Gen orders the barrier team alerted and directs everyone else in pursuit. As Naruto rushes onwards he questions why Iruka acted the way he did. Moving to place his band back around his head, he notices a piece of paper sticking out from behind the forehead protector. As he unfolds the paper he notices a note from Iruka. It states that he knows Naruto will rush to the battlefield and reading the note means he couldn't stop him. Tsunade directed them to the secret island to protect him, and this letter is if things don't work out how they should. He doesn't know if it'll reach him but there's something he needs to say; only one thing... come back alive! With courage and determination welling inside, Naruto finishes tying his head band and rushes onwards towards war!

Chapter 536: "Naruto Goes to the Battlefield...!!" - Iruka offers a silent apology to Naruto that he couldn't protect him. Bee emerges from the falls and senses a familiarity. Iruka bows and asks Bee to protect Naruto. Bee tells him not to bow, directing him to bump fists instead. They do so and Bee voices recognition of Iruka. Hachibi questions if it's wise to agree to such a promise but Bee points out that Iruka couldn't stop Naruto either, the very man who's in Naruto's heart. Iruka is surprised and Bee explains that Naruto thinks highly of him. Elsewhere Naruto journeys on, swallowing Iruka's letter. Bee offers that Iruka's teachings are still inside Naruto, protecting him. Bee leaves in pursuit and Iruka bows. Hachibi warns that the Raikage will not be happy if he helps Naruto escape, but Bee answers that real world experience is better than training anyway. At the Daimyou safe house, the lords express boredom. Outside Black Zetsu jumps to attack, but he's immediately knocked backwards by a kick from Mizukage. Zetsu offers understanding he'll have to defeat her first. As more ninja gather behind her, Mizukage corrects that he'll need to defeat “them”. At the Kage headquarters, Raikage expresses anger that Tsunade's forces could not stop Naruto. Tsunade asks if the barrier team is ready. Mabui answers that they have prepared a multi-layered barrier that no Jinchuuriki can get through. At the barrier a Hyuuga clan members announces Naruto's arrival. The barrier team leader offers words of encouragement, stating headquarters will only hear "Mission Accomplished" from them. Naruto suddenly runs into the barrier but nearby a Bijuudama smashes into it, shattering through several layers. Naruto looks back in surprise at Hachibi and Bee raps that they'll smash through! As Naruto enters full Kyuubi mode, Bee directs Naruto to push the Bijuudama through the barrier. Naruto moves to force the sphere through more layers as the barrier team frantically tries to repair it. The team lead admits defeat as the Bijuudama crashes through, offering Bee and Naruto freedom. At the Daimyou safe house, the Fire Lord questions if the two sides can't simply talk things out. Outside Zetsu suddenly senses the chakra of the Jinchuuriki and moves to send word through the root system to his White half. Elsewhere White Zetsu alerts Madara and asks what to do about the Daimyou. Madara says they're worthless, originally only needed to draw out the Jinchuuriki. In any case, once the Moon's Eye plan goes into effect, they win. Zetsu expresses sadness as his Black half was just about to fight. Madara directs him to continue anyway, as it'll lock Mizukage and her forces in place. Zetsu questions what Madara himself will do. Standing before the Gedou Mazou, Madara reveals it's time to enter the fray, but first he'll need to steal a "substitute". Back at the coast the battle begins to wrap up. Dan is contained within Shishi Enjin, while TenTen pleads for help from a medical ninja as she lies dying from over-using the Banana Palm Fan. Kitsuchi stands on a pile of White Zetsu, while Chouji grasps Hizashi in his fist. Hiashi looks on at his twin while below Kakuzu and all his heart entities lay crushed. Kakuzu voices that they're just getting started and Darui questions his words seeing as how the allies just won. A voice utters Kuchiyose as the allies turn in surprise. The battlefield is shaken as a huge new force enters the stage. Letting out a load roar, Gedou Mazou breaks the chains binding his arms and begins to stand as Uchiha Madara watches on...

Chapter 537: "Night Comes...!!" - The alliance ninja marvel at the size of the giant. Chouji directs his friends to finish off Kakuzu and Hizashi, as he'll take on the new arrival. Madara directs Gedou Mazou to attack and then turns away his focus. Chouza locks up with the statue and Chouji moves to pummel it. His fist slams into the giant but it doesn't flinch. A sudden burst of power emanates forth, sending Chouji, his father and the surrounding ninja flying. Elsewhere Naruto and Bee continue their journey. Bee cautions that Naruto should exit full Kyuubi mode to save power but Naruto counters that there's no time to waste. At Kumo, word is relayed of Gedou Mazou's arrival under the control of Madara. Shikaku warns that they need to alter their strategy as word arrives that Naruto and Bee escaped. An infuriated Raikage announces that he'll stop the Jinchuuriki and asks Tsunade to assist. He then directs Shikaku to command the troops. At the coast, the ninja begin to gather themselves and the resurrected begin to reform. Akatsuchi slams his hands to the ground to cause two huge stone hills to rise up and sandwich Gedou Mazou. The giant quickly reaches out to brace and hold back the attack. A burst of power from the giant begins to crumble the stone and the alliance seeks shelter. A now normal size Chouji and his father question what it is. Shikamaru comments that based on the intel received from Suna it might be... we cut away as Madara swirls into existence before the Amber Purifying Pot and the Crimson Gourd. Ninja guarding the legendary items move to attack but they are sent flying by Madara. Darui spies Madara’s arrival and recalls an earlier briefing from the Raikage; that Akatsuki sealed the Bijuu into a large statue and then did the same with one of Bee's tentacles. Akatsuchi looks on in surprise that his most powerful attack was so easily pushed aside. Realizing what Madara plans to do, Darui quickly moves to stop the mad man and directs him to leave the treasures alone. Madara retorts that Darui can have them back when he's done with them; he just wants what's inside. As Madara reaches for the treasures, a shadow sneaks out to bind him. Madara compliments their teamwork as he sees Shikamaru looking down from above. Shikamaru surmises that Madara wanted to use Kinkaku and Ginkaku for as long as he could before taking them back, then planned to seal their Kyuubi chakra away. As Madara compliments the young man on being a worthy opponent a shadow suddenly casts itself over the trio. Shikamaru and Darui look up in horror as Gedou Mazou's foot slams into their position. As the dust clears, Shikamaru and Darui offer thanks to Chouji and Akatsuchi for the quick rescue. Akatsuchi warns that with nightfall, they'll have to go on defense against sneak attacks and readjust their strategies. Darui affirms and the duo notice Madara and the treasure's absence. Gedou Mazou lets out a roar and then vanishes away as well. Some distance away Kabuto looks to his battle map and questions Madara's intelligence and haste, as he's moving ahead with just a small sliver of the Hachibi's chakra sealed away. With the moon overhead, Madara stands among mountains with Gedou Mazou. Stressing that loss isn't an option, he ponders that he has to do what he can so that the Moon's Eye Plan will come to fruition by the next day. Throughout the alliance battlefields, the shinobi forces dig in and prepare themselves. Through the first part of the battle, half of the alliance's 80,000 ninja we killed, while half of the 100,000 Zetsu were lost. As Naruto continues onwards towards his destiny, the night marks the beginning of the next phase of the Fourth Great Shinobi War...

Chapter 538: "Cross-Examination" - As Naruto lights the way, Hachibi questions whether that's the best use of his power and warns Bee to not fall behind. A voice warns Naruto that he's wasting his chakra. Inside the Kyuubi prison, the Bijuu reveals that he's watched Naruto every day of his life. And through it all the boy was always naive. Naruto offers mock surprise that the Kyuubi has finally calmed down enough to talk, but states if he's lonely it'll have to wait. The Kyuubi challenges that Naruto lacks the power to stop the war, but his chakra could help. Naruto states he's no fool and the beast compliments him on wising up. The Kyuubi asks Naruto if he's willing to bear the hate that comes from the war on both sides, because in the end that hate will consume him as it did Nagato. Naruto narrows his eyes and tells the beast to stop underestimating him. Kyuubi clinches his paws and yells that Naruto doesn't understand anything. Sasuke himself has been trapped in hate since the day they met, and was he ever able to help him? He asks Naruto to recall that day and we flashback to the Academy. Iruka leads Chouji and Shikamaru to spar in a circle while the rest of the class watches. Chouji declares that he doesn't want to fight his friend but Iruka explains that the traditional shinobi spar was even used by the Hokage to train. Shikamaru leaves the ring and withdraws, leaving Kiba and Shino to debate his future as a ninja. Ino curses both Shikamaru and Chouji and Sakura asks Ino how she knows them. Iruka tells the two boys to form the symbol of harmony by locking their two hands together and let the next two up. Iruka directs Sasuke and Naruto to the ring as the girls cheer the Uchiha on. Naruto wonders who the kid is but figures that since he's popular, defeating him will make his own popularity rise. Naruto announces that he won't lose, and the girls all yell for Sasuke, save for a quiet Hinata voicing support for Naruto. Naruto declares that he's ready but Iruka directs him to make the single handed two finger combat symbol first, as it traditionally represents half of a hand seal used for Ninjutsu. Using it means you have come to face the other in battle. Afterwards when you locking each other’s fingers together in harmony you acknowledge you are still comrades. Iruka asks Naruto if he's paying attention but the young boy offers a bored affirmative. The two boys form the combat symbol and then charge to fight. Naruto is quickly on his back with Sasuke hovering above with his fist inches from Naruto's face. As Naruto looks up he's shaken by Sasuke's cold eyes, which are even more intense than the hateful eyes of the other villagers. As Naruto concludes that Sasuke isn't even looking at him, Iruka declares Sasuke the winner. Iruka directs them to form harmony but Naruto yells out that Sasuke is a piece of crap for blowing him off. Iruka grabs Naruto by the head to force him to shake hands. As Naruto and Sasuke reach their hands out they quickly grab each other by the shirts instead. Iruka breaks them apart and Naruto turns to flee. As his classmates jeer him he gives them a raspberry and jumps the fence to leave. In the present the Kyuubi asks Naruto if he cleared the hate from Sasuke's heart. Of course he didn't, it's gotten worse, which shows that Naruto is powerless. Naruto remains silent but then asks if the beast is done talking. Walking through the prison bars he asks if he should just be paralyzed with fear? He directs the Kyuubi to come closer and the beast looks on quizzically. A control gate suddenly slams down over the Kyuubi's neck, pinning his head to the ground. Naruto declares that the Kyuubi himself is the gullible one, which causes the Kyuubi to question how he can be so confident? Standing inches from the Kyuubi's eye, Naruto assuredly states that the moment he loses faith in himself, is the moment it's all over. He's going to do something about Sasuke and the war!...

Chapter 539: "A Bloody Night...!!" - The Kyuubi compliments Naruto for finally growing up. Naruto smiles and offers that he hopes he can one day help Kyuubi get past all his hate. This angers the Kyuubi, who declares that a baby like Naruto has no chance of influencing him. Naruto counters that he's not a baby, and he'll try anyway. He takes his leave and continues on his way with Bee. As the full moon hovers over the alliance base camp, Neji and Kiba stand on watch. Suddenly Neji collapses and Kiba tells the man to head to the medical tent to get looked over. Elsewhere Itachi supports the weak Nagato and offers that he probably knew more about Akatsuki than Nagato did. Nagato announces that they're both being used for their Doujutsu, all to be exploited by the Edo Tensei user's will. Itachi agrees, offering that the Rikudou’s Rinnegan and his Mangekyou powered Genjutsu will be used at the most critical moment. Nagato then remarks that being in Akatsuki, Itachi was indeed wrapped in darkness. At the base camp, the medical ninja rush to help the injured. Two guardian ninja stop Neji from proceeding further, subjecting him to a sensor scan first. As Sakura finishes up with a patient, Neji enters the tent. Outside, a bandaged ninja watches from the shadows. Sakura finishes working on Neji and directs him to rest. A short time passes and in another tent, an alliance medical ninja is cut down by an unknown attacker. News of the assault quickly spreads, revealing two dead medical ninja. The ninja question how two of their Jounin technicians were killed, surmising a spy must have infiltrated the camp. An alliance ninja asks how they managed to bypass the sensor squad, leaving Sakura to guess that someone must be under enemy control due to a powerful jutsu. Neji soon arrives and learns of the attack. He submits that if there are no enemy ninja present, then an allied shinobi must be a spy. And that will sow chaos and doubt. As the bandaged mystery person watches from the shadows, Neji declares that he will locate the spy. The ninja decide to proceed with treatments as normal, but they will continue to watch out for each other. As Sakura works alone in her tent, the bandaged man walks towards it. Elsewhere two medical ninja nervously discuss whether to trust each other as Neji enters. They're momentarily startled but Neji asks Sakura's location, as he thought he saw someone suspicious nearby. They tell him Sakura's whereabouts and then ask who was suspicious?... Two kunai quickly fly to his hands as he lunges to impale both men. With an evil smile Neji declares that it was himself. At Sakura's tent she greets the bandaged man and asks how he is doing. With embarrassment he explains that he can't stop thinking about her and wrote her a love letter. Professing that he doesn't know if they'll survive, he wrote it to explain his feelings. Sakura takes the letter but she reveals she already has someone. The bandaged man apologizes, stating he figured as much. Outside, the murderous Neji approaches Sakura's tent...

Chapter 540: "Madara's Strategy!!" - The bandaged man offers that the man must be special if he's in her heart. Sakura remains silent thinking of the sullen Sasuke. The man leaves while another creeps up from behind. Neji puts a reassuring hand on Sakura's shoulder and she stresses they need to be vigilant. Elsewhere Nagato questions why they're being kept out of battle. Itachi surmises Madara must have his reasons. Nagato offers that Madara's ally is controlling the Edo Tensei, and yet Madara also had a plan in place before they allied. Back at the camp, Kiba and Akamaru look over the weak and resting Neji. Kiba chastises the man for over-exerting himself. Looking at Akamaru, Neji tells Kiba to mind his own business. A flabbergasted Kiba yells that Neji isn't even looking at the right person, showing the poor status of one known for his eyesight. A distance away, Hinata has stepped in for Neji. She affirms to Shino that she'll do her best for Naruto's sake. Back at the medical tent, the second Neji asks where Shizune is, as he needs to keep her apprised of his search. Sakura reveals her location and explains that Shizune is fixing Tonton's hurt leg. Neji offers that a leg injury is better than a hand injury at least. Sakura is silent but then smiles, offering that Tonton can at least still do hand seals. Neji agrees and then asks Sakura to look at his arm again. Sakura directs him to have a seat beside her and turns away. As a wicked smile graces Neji's face, he moves to pull a kunai. In an instant his head is smashed to the ground by Sakura's fist. Neji is crushed and questions how she knew. As Sakura declares that pigs don't have hands, Neji begins to change, revealing a White Zetsu in his place. Zetsu realizes he was fooled as Sakura punches him again. As Sakura grips his throat, she demands to know how he mimicked Neji so well. Zetsu boasts that his transformation is perfect and he might not be the only spy. Sakura recalls Yamato's report on the death of the fake Kisame to Bee and the Raikage and Zetsu's chakra absorption at the Kage conference. She deduces to the man that he can drain chakra from a person and then form a perfect copy of them. Zetsu is impressed by her intelligence but offers a non-committal agreement. Sakura asserts that even if the copy is perfect, he's still a bad liar. As two ninja arrive to help, Sakura directs them to handle Zetsu while she reports to headquarters. At a river near camp, two ninja relieve themselves. As a third arrives, he pulls a kunai surprising his friends. Nearby in the woods, an evil smile graces the form of a ninja who cut down a comrade. At headquarters, reports pour in of mysterious assassinations from physical attacks. Shikaku wonders if they're being controlled by Itachi's Genjutsu but Ao questions if Itachi could really control that many over such a distance. Sakura's report soon arrives and they learn that the chakra the Zetsu syphoned earlier in the day is being used to create perfect clones. A frantic Ao asks just how they can prepare for tomorrow's battle with such tactics. Mabui speculates that this was Akatsuki's plan all along. Shikaku closes his eyes and tries to calm himself, affirming that he needs to keep a cool head and consider everything he has learned to form a counter strategy. Katsuyu's small division watches on while elsewhere Naruto senses confusion and panic everywhere. A sudden blast to the ground before them causes Bee and Naruto to immediately stop in their tracks. Before them stand Raikage and Tsunade. Bee remarks on Tsunade's chest and his brother curses his rudeness. Bee attempts to cover his faux pas, but then asks why they're here. A furious Raikage declares that they're here to stop them, no matter what!...

Ino, Hinata, TenTen, Sakura
Chouji, Shino, Shikamaru, Kiba, Naruto, Neji, Lee, Akamaru

Chapter 541: "Raikage VS Naruto!?" - Tsunade and Katsuyu marvel at Naruto's transformation. Bee pleads to be let through but the Raikage yells that the war is to protect them. Naruto offers that he learned the enemy plans to end the world, which Raikage points out is their justification to stop them. Sensing his comrades throughout the battlefield, Naruto yells that if the war is won but their lives are all lost, then it's essentially meaningless. The Raikage counters that's better than the whole world ending but Naruto yells that he can't let them die for him while he hides, he couldn't live with himself. The Raikage declares that there's to be no more complaining. Naruto charges to bypass the man, but Raikage launches himself to block Naruto's way. Naruto is amazed at the man's speed as the Raikage knocks him back to the earth below. Naruto blocks the punch and is shocked at the punches power, realizing he will die if he doesn't protect himself from such an attack. Naruto pleads to Tsunade to let him through, but the Hokage explains that the alliance believes he needs to be protected, and she can't act on her own now. Naruto sighs and says he understands but then declares he'll just have to force his way through. Naruto bolts but the Raikage again moves to block his way. Naruto compliments the man's speed but Tsunade ponders the real marvel is that Naruto can keep up in his Kyuubi mode. The Raikage explains that he's the fastest ninja alive now that Yondaime Hokage is dead. Naruto voices surprise that the man knew his dad. The Raikage says they butted heads, and he thought he'd never be surpassed. Jiraiya called him the destined child, but they're in this mess because of him, because he couldn't stop the Kyuubi before. And now the man's son hasn't learned anything either, they're both idiots who run their mouths. Naruto seethes, telling the man to not speak of his father like he knows him. Thinking back over the sacrifice his father made and his mother's belief that Minato had faith in him, Naruto asserts that Yondaime Hokage didn't fail at all. Bee watches on in silence while his brother yells that he'll just have to kill Naruto then. Tsunade is shocked but the Raikage explains that it will take the Kyuubi awhile to reform after Naruto's death, enough to delay the enemy's plan. As Naruto forms a hand seal and the Raikage moves to strike him down, the man's fist is suddenly blocked by Bee's own outstretched arm. Bee offers that if that's the plan, then he might as well kill him instead and let Naruto go. Tsunade yells to the Raikage that even if he's the head general, he can't make such a decision by himself. He counters that he'll do whatever it takes, but Tsunade then says why not go after Bee? Raikage says he will if needed, but right now Bee has more control and can use the Bijuu Dama. The man then orders Bee to move, and chastises the Jinchuuriki for only thinking of themselves. Bee voices that he may be right, but he's still an individual and not just a weapon. As the brothers continue being locked fist to fist, Raikage asks his brother why he defends Naruto. Bee asks his brother if he can still read his mind when they bump fists. Raikage is taken aback and we flash back over thirty years ago. Seven young ninja are arrayed in line as a man declares that one might be worthy of becoming "B", the tag team partner of the next Raikage "A". B will bring out the Raikage's full power and defend him. To test who is worthy, each will perform a Double Lariat with A, only one who can precisely match his power and speed will perform the attack perfectly. First they'll bump fists to balance power and then attack. Each ninja takes their turn and the Sandaime Raikage voices concern that this wouldn't be an issue if A had an actual brother. As each ninja fails, one finally succeeds, to the approval of the Raikage. The young Bee yells out in happiness as A walks over. A says the kid is funny and asks to bump fists again. Bumping fists, A declares that "B" and he are now brothers!...

Chapter 542: "The Secret Story of the Strongest Tag-Team!!" - Raikage recalls his missions with the young, enthusiastic Bee. On one mission, Bee sleeps while A speaks with the current Hachibi Jinchuuriki. The Jinchuuriki compliments Bee's ninja skills, but says his rap skills are lacking. A smiles and the Jinchuuriki asks if Bee will indeed be the next. A says he doesn't know, and the Jinchuuriki sadly states that his father and brother couldn't do it and neither could he. So maybe his cousin Bee will finally succeed. The man offers that a Jinchuuriki's life is one of darkness and loneliness, and the Bijuu prey on that weakness to run wild. He faced a fear like never before. A questions that the man was highly skilled and had a good lineage. The Jinchuuriki counters that such things do not matter, what they need is something to fill that hole in their heart. A looks to the sleeping Bee and the Jinchuuriki pleads for A to help Bee find that strength. A short time passes and a funeral is held for the Jinchuuriki after the Hachibi was removed. Some attendants question if the Hachibi can even be controlled as A watches on in silence. Standing before the Jinchuuriki's altar, Bee lets out a loud rap to let his fallen family member know he's thinking of him. The years pass and A and Bee continue to develop their joint lariat attack. A alerts Bee that he has had to lower his power to match his Bee's, so he needs to get stronger. Bee brushes him off with a rude rap which infuriates A. Bee smiles and declares he'll just get stronger than his brother and make him play catch up instead. A encourages him to accomplish that goal and we advance in time to see Sandaime Raikage and A discuss the imminent imbuing of the Hachibi into Bee. A recalls the previous Jinchuuriki's advice and we advance in time again to see A explain to Bee that he will be the next Jinchuuriki. Bee raps that he knows and that he plans on challenging the octopus to try and beat his rhymes. As the two stand before the Falls of Truth, A holds out his fist and Bee bumps his fist in return. A explains that Bee can tell him anything, he doesn't have to hide his feelings because Bee is special to him, and they're the strongest tag team! Bee smiles and we advance in years to a teenage Bee in the Bijuu training cavern. Two nearby guards discuss how past Jinchuuriki's often lost control around this time. However, Bee confidently announces that he and the Hachibi are one. Time passes and a force of A, Bee and other Cloud ninja face off against the arrival of Minato and Leaf ninja. A identifies Minato as the man who stopped their plan to capture the Kyuubi. Minato offers recognition in turn of A's heritage and reputed fast speed. Minato launches dozens of his marked kunai and directs his team to stay back. As he looks on at A, the man covers himself in Raiton and launches himself towards Minato. As A's fist comes within millimeters of slamming into Minato's face, the skilled Leaf ninja instantly teleports to a nearby kunai. A is amazed that the man avoided his full speed attack as a kunai flies in from his blind side. Minato is at the blade in a blink to cut A down but a tentacle quickly flies in to knock A to safety. Minato continues the movement, slicing through the tentacle as A apologizes to his brother. The Leaf recognize Bee as a call rings out through the forest. The Leaf move to retreat and Minato turns to leave. Bee raps that he hasn't even started yet and Minato compliments the man's bravery. He then offers surprise that Bee isn't even like a Jinchuuriki, but a true ninja who possesses something special. A boasts that Bee has even more talent than himself but Minato says he meant something more important than that. A has a good family and followers as he himself does, and the next time they meet they'll put the Kage title on the line. Minato concludes by cryptically asking what Bee holds most important, that'll be the key to his status as a Jinchuuriki or as a man.

Chapter 543: "Unforgettable Words" - A challenges that the man can't simply walk away. He bolts towards Minato, planning to use his speed to reach him after he teleports to one of the nearby kunai. Minato offers that he's responsible for a lot too. As A again comes within millimeters, he quickly looks to see where Minato will go. He turns in surprise as Minato holds a kunai over Bee's head. Minato states he can't fail either, and a nearby Cloud ninja sees that Minato had marked Bee's tentacle with a Hiraishin mark. Minato looks down to see a blade in Bee's hand pointed at his own stomach. Bee offers that if it comes to it, they'll take each other out. Minato says he likes the man style. In the present Naruto again tries to bolt past the Raikage, but the man blocks his escape path. As Raikage knocks him back again, Bee launches to lariat his brother. Raikage challenges that Bee’s not strong enough and elbows the man away. However a tentacle quickly snakes out to grab him. The Kage is angered by the act, questioning why Bee is against him. Bee says he should know why, but his brother uses the tentacle to swing the man into Naruto. Raikage asks for Tsunade's help, and the woman thinks over her past with Naruto. She walks over and puts herself between the Jinchuuriki and the Raikage. Tsunade challenges that even if Naruto is killed, there's no certainty the next Jinchuuriki could control the Kyuubi as well. And the war's outcome isn't set either, so they should fight with full strength. For that reason she'll let Naruto through. Naruto offers his thanks, and the Raikage questions her belief that Naruto will succeed. Bee launches another lariat and connects with his brother's neck. The Raikage remains standing and goes to punch his brother. Bee counters, the two lock fists and Bee declares that the man has misjudged his strength ever since becoming Raikage. We flashback to the funeral for Sandaime Raikage. One wall is smashed down and Bee asks where his brother went. Following the trail of destruction, he finds the man sulking. Bee raps to tell his brother to cheer up, but A offers that he'll become Raikage the next day, and since they're at war, he'll protect everyone. The Raikage orders Bee to stay behind and work on his Bijuu Dama. Bee questions what of his lariat then? A states that the Bijuu Dama is more important, it can protect the village. Crying, he questions Bee if he understands ? It means he can never leave the village again. We return to the present as the two retreat. Raikage tells Bee he's important and Akatsuki have already captured all the others. Bee launches himself again, yelling that he and Naruto are strong, they won't lose to them. The Raikage charges himself up, and tells Bee to bring it on; they'll just see whose lariat wins. The two men charge with their arms out. Bee recalls his promise to get stronger than his brother and the two men connect. Power surges as each vies to knock the other away. The Raikage falters and Bee's strength knocks the man backwards into the earth. Naruto is amazed and Bee confidently explains that their power doesn't come from their Bijuu, it comes from somewhere else. He rhymes that A once told him something which he's never forgotten, and those words mean battle isn't something to fear. The Raikage recalls the previous Hachibi Jinchuuriki's plea and his own declaration to the young Bee that he was special to him. The Raikage finally understands, remarking that day in front of the Falls of Truth? Bee smiles, rhyming that now he's the one looking down, having gotten stronger because of his brother's faith in him!...

Chapter 544: "Two Suns!!" - At headquarters, Shikaku desperately tries to form a counter strategy. Katsuyu's small division watches on from both locations as elsewhere Raikage questions if his words truly gave Bee strength. Bee says yes, rapping that Raikage's faith helped keep him on the right path. And what filled their hearts before the Bijuu gives the Jinchuuriki their true strength. He has a sun inside, and Naruto does as well, two in fact. Raikage and Tsunade are confused, but Naruto smiles and says "suns" is about right, being his mother and father. The Raikage questions how that's possible since Minato and Kushina died when he was a baby. Tsunade recalls Minato appearing to Naruto when he fought Pain and Naruto explains that his parents ensured he could see them at certain points in his training to help him. Raikage ponders that such a thing could be possible and Tsunade smiles after seeing she was right. Naruto explains that he was told Minato fought the masked man and that Naruto alone could face him by using the Kyuubi's power. The two Kage use the information to fill in the blanks and Tsunade concludes Minato put his faith in Naruto. Raikage asks if that means that Minato felt he wasn't the world's savior? Naruto offers that he doesn't know if Minato believed it, but Jiraiya said as much. Raikage questions if that means the savior failed then. Naruto asserts that his parents may have died, but they put their faith in him, faith that he could finish what they started as "savior". Tsunade affirms her faith in Naruto as well, stating that Naruto could control the Kyuubi because of who he is. Bee says both he and Naruto are both fools, but you have to be to have the confidence to do what needs to be done. Raikage knocks Bee away and charges full power. He bolts for Naruto as the young man speeds away to keep Tsunade out of harm's way. Naruto explains that he's been given a lot of responsibility and as Raikage's fist comes within millimeters of striking Naruto's face, he flashes away to dodge the attack. Tsunade and Bee are stunned as Naruto avows that he won't fail. If he does the world loses a savior, but he'll do it right, just as his dad did. With his back to Naruto, the Raikage explains that he came at Naruto with intent to kill and Naruto was only the second man to ever dodge that attack, so it appears their savior is alive inside Naruto after all. He directs Naruto to continue on and Naruto gives an affirmative. Tsunade smiles and back at headquarters, Shikaku determines Naruto's sensory powers would detect the evil inside the hidden Zetsu. And by using his Kage Bunshin on the battlefield, they could pick them out. But they are running out of time and Raikage won't allow it. Katsuyu interjects that's not the case having received knowledge from her division with Tsunade. As the sun rises over the Akatsuki base, the six resurrected Jinchuuriki stand together as Madara says they're about ready to use their new eyes as the new Rikudou Pain. Matching Madara's Rinnegan left eye / Sharingan right eye combination with their new Doujutsu gifts, the six Jinchuuriki prepare to head out...