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Volume Sixty-Nine Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 69
Title: Akaki Haru no Hajimari ~ The Start of the Red Spring

Chapter 658: "Bijuu VS Madara...!!" - Alliance ninja conclude sticking around is a bad idea, further reinforced by C who urges them to flee. As they depart, Gaara hovers before Shukaku and the other Bijuu. Madara launches himself towards the beasts and Gaara raises his hands in turn, announcing to Shukaku that it's time. Balls of sand clump together and then fire at the elder Uchiha. Madara braces himself in turn as the bullets pierce through him. He compliments the jutsu, but cautions it lacks finishing power. Unshaken, he continues pressing forward as his wounds ooze blood. Gaara's gaze remains locked on the man as he maintains his arm in outstretched command. Within Madara, left over particles of sand navigate through his blood stream, eventually arresting the man's movement in midair. He immediately deduces the jutsu's nature as he remains locked in place. Matatabi takes the opening to swipe at Madara. The man is swatted away into the spinning form of Isobuu. The force spins him spiraling backwards into the foot of Son Gokuu, who kicks him into the onrushing head of Kokuou. Launched into the air, the assault is not over for Madara, as Choumei knocks the man down into a morass laid down by Saiken. Gaara calls for Shukaku and the Sanbi extends his arm to raise a sealing, pyramid of sand around the resurrected Uchiha. The binding script of sealing begins to etch itself around the pyramid as Sabaku Soutaisou Fuuin completes. Shukaku gloats that the man will never take another breath thanks to his sand and the curse mark pattern now binding the mausoleum. The boast is immediately nullified as a blade of Susanoo pierces outwards from the marker. The sand splits as the full Susanoo forms claws its way out from the tomb. Madara emerges unscathed from the prison, much to the surprise of his gathered opponents. He calmly announces that he'll be putting collars on them all shortly. The swagger is interrupted though, as Kurama and Naruto appear and smash him into the ground, leaving Kurama to warn that neither he nor the other Bijuu will kneel in obedience to the man. Gyuuki arrives as well, explaining they were assisting moving away the injured. Matatabi affirms, but says there should be fewer casualties since it's finally the endgame. Kurama calls for tails, and each Bijuu whips a tail into the crushed impact crater that is Madara. A glib Kurama needles Shukaku for failing to stop Madara, leaving the tanuki to caution that he's not one to take orders from a dumb fox. From the disturbed rubble of the attack, Madara's right arm flies off detached and bloody. Madara himself darts from the dust to safety and regains his feet. Son Gokuu calls the man a tough bastard as the two sides face off once again. At Madara's feet, White Zetsu emerges from the ground and apologizes for his tardiness. Madara asks the man if he has it and Zetsu extends the clenched fist on his right arm in exchange. Madara swipes at the limb with his remaining arm, bisecting it from Zetsu. Madara grabs the arm out of the air, and slaps it onto the gaping wound on his right bicep as a replacement. As the new arm binds into place, Madara raises the right hand to his empty right eye. Pressing his opened right hand into the socket, he completes the transplant and withdraws his hand to look on with his newly returned Rinnegan eye. Now half complete, he announces things will finally start getting fun...

Chapter 659: "Rinbo Hengoku" - Licking the blood from his wounds, Madara revels that it's indeed his body. A maniacal laugh echoes as he exults that he can finally truly experience battle once again. He regains his composure to lock his lone good eye on the Bijuu and wipes blood across his palm. Kurama is alerted and Naruto asks the fox what's wrong. Kurama explains the blood gives him bad memories, the same blood that summoned him in the past. Shukaku chides Kurama for wallowing in fright, as it's just one man. Kurama counters that Madara shouldn't be underestimated. Shukaku remains unimpressed, stating it's not like Kurama to act in that way. Madara slams his bloody palm to the ground his activates Kuchiyose. Nearby, the Black Zetsu-controlled-Obito begins to shudder as a mass suddenly grows from his body and takes form above. Minato and Kakashi look to the Gedou Mazou and the Fourth questions Kakashi if he's capable to fight. Kakashi voices he is and locks his Mangekyou on the head of the statue. As it begins to twist it vanishes, and Minato asks his former student if he got it. Through labored breath Kakashi offers that he failed. Behind Madara emerges the Gedou, now missing its right arm. Madara notices the missing limb and deduces there is someone with a nice eye still active. He concludes it's no matter though, now that he has a pen for the Bijuu. Gaara and Naruto are alerted and Son questions how he could summon the statue with an Edo Tensei Rinnegan. Matatabi points out that he's apparently alive, as he's dripping blood and retaining wounds, making it a real Rinnegan. Choumei questions how he regained his life and Naruto recalls Nagato and Obito performing the same seals. Naruto is shocked the man used Obito. Obito himself still stands thanks to Black Zetsu, and the dark entity of Madara's will lifts his left arm to withdraw the man's remaining Rinnegan from Obito's head. The arm comes to a stop as the two minds battle for control of the body. Black Zetsu tells Obito to just give up. The eye came from Nagato, but it's time for it to return to the true owner, the only man aside from the Rikudou to awaken it. Obito is unworthy to use its power. Obito explains that he has the right Rinnegan hidden and he'll have Kakashi destroy the left. Kakashi raises his kunai to carry out the request but Black Zetsu only laughs in response. The entity gloats that White Zetsu already found the right eye some time ago and it's already been returned. Obito is surprised and the Zetsu insults the half-dead man, stating he'd be dead if not for him. Obito retorts that he should just detach then and take the Rinnegan from his corpse. The Zetsu rebuffs, stating he knows he'll be killed the instant he does so by the two men before them. However, he was Akatsuki's intel gatherer, he knows their strengths and weaknesses. Madara monitors the ongoing status of his will from afar and reports to White Zetsu that it might take a while to get his left eye. White Zetsu agrees, stating the Bijuu may take some time too. Madara cautions to not compare him to that brat who took years to retrieve those pets. Madara's skin begins to sizzle as his wounds heal. Zetsu questions that he was covered in blood, and Madara explains that due to the healing powers of Hashirama's graft, he might fight with less care. He'll be more careful now with the help of the Rinnegan, it should make for a more refined battle. It'll only take a few seconds... Jumping to the Gedou's head, he focuses his Rinnegan and casts Rinbo Hengoku, the Limbo Border Jail. Matatabi calls out in warning and the attack comes without delay, knocking all the Bijuu aside. Gaara is confused and Naruto attempts to gather himself. Drawing his palms together, Madara boasts that they should now be tamed a bit, so he can put on their collars. The mouth of the Gedou opens and flares with light as chains suddenly fly out and wrap around the necks of all the Bijuu. Grinning, Madara declares he'll first rip the Hachibi and Kyuubi out of their hosts. Naruto calls out in warning to Kurama and Bee is alerted as well as the chains pull taught and begin to draw the Bijuu back towards the waiting maw of the Gedou...

Chapter 660: "One's True Heart" - Kurama and Gyuuki attempt to brace themselves and Naruto moves to end Kurama Mode. Madara calls their attempts useless and states he won't let go. Naruto glares, confused that he can't end the mode. Suddenly he's jerked backwards as Kurama continues to be pulled in. Nearby, White Zetsu reminds Madara that he must pull them in order and the elder Uchiha retorts that he's well aware. Zetsu questions why not just go ahead and leave the Hachibi and Kyuubi for last and pull in the others? Naruto attempts to fight against the tug, declaring he won't let Kurama be taken. Madara relents to Zetsu's suggestion, offering that it's taking longer than expected, so he'll start with the others. As Shukaku is drawn in, Gaara raises sand hands to grab hold of the Sanbi's chain. His former host declares that the man can't have Shukaku as the tanuki looks on. We begin to see the past and hear a warning that should the young Gaara fall asleep, he'll take over and slaughter everyone. Shukaku cautions him to not snooze, leaving the toddler to ask if he hates humans. Shukaku affirms, but Gaara questions that he thought he was meant to protect the village. Shukaku explains that he never protected them because he wanted to, as humans are lesser then those like him. We travel even farther back in time, as two guards leave a meal for Shukaku. An elderly priest bows in thanks. Outside his prison, one guard asks why they have to watch over an old monk, even though they're senior shinobi. The other guard offers it serves as an acknowledgment of their strength, so just deal with it. Inside the monk, Shukaku mocks the elder ninja for not even being called his name any longer. The monk says he doesn't mind, since Shukaku himself knows his true name. The tanuki questions the monk if he ever gets lonely being treated like a Bijuu like him? Caged together with a beast since he was born? The monk admits he'd die if they were separated, but it makes no matter, a friend of the heart provides peace of mind, no matter what species they are. Shukaku admits the man is one of a kind, but the monk says Shukaku is mistaken. Human souls are like reflecting water, people often act the opposite of their true feelings, but fundamentally people's hearts wish to connect with each other, even with beasts. We see "Heart" emblazoned on the monk's right palm reflect in the water and Shukaku cautiously admits the man reminds him of the Rikudou. Tears begin to fall from the monk's eyes and the elder ninja thanks him, offering they're the kindest words he's ever given him in their long time together. Outside the prison, the guards yell for him to hurry and eat. Shukaku harrumphs and questions if there could really be others like him out there. The monk says he's sure of it and one day someone will emerge who will protect and redeem him. Looking to the "Acceptance" mark on his left palm and "Heart" on his right, the monk offers that the moment Shukaku comes to accept that one's true heart, he too will comprehend the meaning of the two words etched onto his palms. Putting his palms together, we see their combined form of "Love" etched onto Gaara's forehead in the present. Gaara attempts to brace Shukaku and Naruto yells encouragement. We flashback again to see Kazekage Gaara speaking with Shukaku within his mind sphere. He admits he always found the beast noxious, but it was because of him he got to meet Naruto, so there's one thing for which he is grateful. Back in present, White Zetsu yells in derision that the Sand brat should just give up, how dare he interfere when he's not even going to die as a Jinchuuriki? Madara makes a move, firing a Susanoo blade towards the Kazekage. As the sword flies, Shukaku raises his hand to block the attack. The Sanbi explains that his motto is "Absolute Defense", so he can't very well let his reputation be tarnished. Gaara agrees but Madara chides the duo, offering they know nothing... Bending to Madara's will, the blade withdraws and hurls back through either side of the held chain, severing it twice. The two broken pieces them recombine above the left over chain still held within Gaara's grasp. The tug is immediate and Shukaku flies towards Madara. The Susanoo blade continues on, knocking aside Gaara just as he raises a sand shield. Shukaku yells for the young man not to overdo it, but Gaara points out he's no longer a Jinchuuriki, so he can finally go all out with him as an equal. Recalling the monk, Shukaku ponders that he reminds him of Bunpuku... As the Bijuu lose the fight for control, they're hurled towards Madara. Gaara attempts to gather himself, and one of Gyuuki's tentacles is severed off. Naruto winces, having reached the internal farthest tip of Kurama's tail. With Naruto losing, Kurama yells to the nearby Gaara that he needs a favor. As Madara looks on in pleased anticipation, Kurama finishes his request as he finally loses the battle against the Uchiha. As all the Bijuu hurl towards Madara, Kurama too falls to his power. After a decade and a half of being one, Naruto looks on in wide eyed horror as the Kyuubi is ripped free...

Chapter 661: "A Failed World" - As Naruto falls through the air, he loses consciousness. Gaara extends his hand to brace his fall with a cushion of sand. As he turns back towards Madara, he calls out Shukaku's name as the tanuki is swallowed by the Gedou. Matatabi, Isobuu and Son fall too, followed by Kokuou, Saiken and Choumei. As they disappear into the statue, Gyuuki offers apologies to Bee and Kurama affirms it's all down to the Kazekage brat. As the final two Bijuu are sealed away, all nine of the Gedou's eyes burst open. Alliance shinobi curse in surprise. As Madara gathers himself, he admits his current level hampered things. Zetsu agrees, though he admits he was faster than Obito. Madara is annoyed by his creation's glib nature, calling them failed inventions who always managed to find some fault with him. White Zetsu jokes that Black Zetsu is called the Wicked Tongue, and the White call themselves the Wagging Tongue, so it's to be expected. As Zetsu laughs in mock joy, Madara looks on and asks if the other battle is going well. White Zetsu affirms, alluding that the other was built off a good base. Madara is suddenly alerted as Tobirama flies in from his blind side. As he swipes at the man with a kunai, Madara turns and deftly deflects the hand and knocks the kunai free. Still in mid-twirl, he opens his right palm to extend a black chakra rod. As the rod reaches Tobirama the man vanishes thanks to a Hiraishin mark on the kunai, reappearing with the weapon in hand he moves to strike Madara from his backside. Elsewhere, Gaara holds Naruto and moves to flee thanks to Tobirama's opening. He affirms he won't let Naruto die and flies on. Back at Madara, the man stands triumphant over the chakra rod impaled Tobirama. The Uchiha explains he is familiar with the man's modus operandi, to strike an opponent when he's sure of victory. He calls the man shrewd, taking advantage of the time he battled the kids to attack. Tobirama counters that he could say the same to Madara, but Madara concludes that the heavens are smiling upon him. Tobirama boasted of being the fastest alive, but look at he and his brother now, they can't even regain their full power. Whether coincidence or not, he's now got the edge. As Tobirama begins to crumble, Madara offers that he even has a new eye ripening as well, though it's unclear which side it will end up on. We see Sasuke's Mangekyou as he flies atop his hawk and we cut to the recent past. Hashirama asks the young man to wait, as he would like to give him a jutsu. Sasuke is confused and Hashirama explains that though his Senjutsu chakra was stolen, he'll give him a jutsu that will react to that chakra and bind Madara. Sasuke questions why he just doesn't use it himself then, all he has to do is remove the chakra rods for him. Hashirama explains that the rods appear to be puncturing pressure points and preventing him from kneading more chakra, so it's a bad idea to touch them. Instead he'll just give him his remaining chakra. Sasuke questions why he would do that for an Uchiha and Hashirama explains that Sasuke is a lot like Madara's little brother Izuna. Sasuke asks what that has to do with it and Shodai explains that Madara is fundamentally a kind man, a devout fellow who deeply cared for his siblings. That's why he gave Sasuke a chance at redemption, it might also give him a chance to stop Madara without using force. Sasuke remains quiet and Hashirama directs him to come before him. We return to the present as Sasuke flies on. Walking toward Tobirama, Madara breaks off a chakra rod and throws it into the man's head. He admits he long wanted to do that, since Tobirama was the one who killed Izuna. Though maiming a moving corpse isn't too fulfilling. Tobirama asks the man why he fights, since their era is now over? Madara explains that he's just finishing Hashirama's nation building, but their current world was a failed one so drastic measures are required. White Zetsu announces he's heading out and moves to leave. Tobirama glares at Madara and questions how his Infinite Tsukuyomi is supposed to be a cure. Madara explains that Hashirama's plan held a paradox, people desire peace but they crave conflict as well. Thus is the duality of man, to only want peace and discard conflict will cause people to stop being people. In actuality those two things always stand together. We flashback to see Madara lose to Hashirama at the Valley of the End, as the First proclaims that he won't let anyone hurt his village, be the friend, brother or his own child. Madara continues, stating that people will always sacrifice something to protect something else... except in a true dream world. Tobirama grins, offering that the man has a point... however it's not a dream for him to meddle with! Pursing his lips, he spits senbon at the man, forcing Madara to raise a Susanoo shield in defense. From above, Sasuke launches himself to attack. Madara's gaze turns and Sasuke suddenly loses grip of his sword as finds himself locked in midair. In his confusion he can only look on as Madara lifts Sasuke's swords and repeats the words which changed him, "In order to protect something, something else must be sacrificed..." As Tobirama yells for him to stop, Madara continues... "be they friend, brother or even his very child." Impaling Sasuke through his chest, Madara warns he gave the boy plenty of time... so how unfortunate.

Gamakichi & Naruto

Chapter 662: "A True Ending" - Gaara continues his escape, while elsewhere Sasuke floats impaled upon his own sword. Tobirama curses Madara and Sasuke coughs blood. Among the Alliance, ninja call out in warning as the rampages through them. Hundreds of fists fly, pounding the shinobi into the ground. A jumps to an arm to sever one of the hands. He does so and then lands off balance. Another hand knocks Mei away, and she winces at being unable to activate her jutsu, as she's all out of chakra. Oonoki questions their luck as well, being stopped by such an individual. Sakura mocks the weirdo standing in their way and Tsunade questions who the Mokuton user even is. The ninja in question reminds them that he said it wouldn't be easy, plus will no one even answer his question?... "What does it feel like to poop?" Spiral Zetsu surmises he guesses it's like the feeling one gets after killing someone. On the crown of the Veritable Thousand Hands, its five heads each open their mouth as the five elemental natures spring into being. Mifune calls out in warning, leaving Sarutobi to interject that he'll handle it. As each mouth sends out a stream of elements, Sarutobi and four Kage Bunshin counter with matching elements of their own to neutralize them. Spiral says he's impressed by Kage's skill and Kiba cautions he shouldn't be underestimated. Shikamaru looks on and concludes if they lose Sandaime they're dead. They can ignore Madara for now, they have to deal with their new opponent first. Sakura ruminates on what to do as well, concluding everyone needs to fight, and if she, Tsunade and Shizune aren't able to use medical Ninjutsu anyway... An exhausted Oonoki ponders that they've used too many big attacks and haven't had a chance to regroup yet. For that reason, Madara will have to be left to Naruto. Behind a rock wall, Suigetsu points out to Orochimaru that he now has his chance. The Sannin says no, looking to Spiral he eyes the man while in thought. Nearby Karin crouches in fear as tears stream down her face. She questions that it can't be and the others ask her what's wrong. She chokes on Sasuke's name and Suigetsu asks what happened. Orochimaru concludes it looks like he'll have to move sooner rather than later. Elsewhere Ino is alerted and Shikamaru asks her what it is. Kiba sniffs the air and voices Narutoís name, making Hinata turn in worry. Gaara arrives with the former Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and Sakura rushes to their side. Gaara asks Tsunade to come with them, as they'll need to heal Naruto en route. Tsunade reveals she doesn't have enough chakra for medical Ninjutsu, so he should take Sakura. Oonoki notices the state of affairs in worry, while Gaara yells to hurry. Hinata asks if Naruto is nearby and Kiba points her in the right direction. She uses her Byakugan and looks in surprise at Naruto's weak heartbeat. She bursts into a run and rushes to help. Her strength falters though and she falls down exhausted. She then gives a silent plea for Neji to look over him. Atop the Veritable Thousand Hands Mokuton, White Zetsu emerges and reckons that Naruto will hang on for a while, being an Uzumaki. Healing him will be useless though, a Jinchuuriki without a Bijuu will die; that's just how it works. Near Madara, the Gedou statue disperses from view and Sasuke collapses to the ground. Madara deduces to Sasuke that the young manís possession of Mangekyou means he continued to seek something, despite taking losses. However that too will end, he'll lose his very self, which is a true ending. Sasuke attempts to rise as blood streams from his mouth and manages to get to his knees. Recalling Itachi's words that perhaps Sasuke could have changed their parents, he promises that he won't die, he can't die yet. His plea falters though as he collapses back to his chest. Madara plants Sasuke's sword in the ground and turns to leave without further word. Sasuke fights to live, grimly declaring that he can't have let Itachi's life be in vain. The strain is too much though and he falls still... thinking it's not over until he builds a true village and becomes a true Kage... he won't go down. Speeding over the battlefield, Gaara flies alongside the sand cushion carrying Naruto and Sakura. Pressing her healing hands to his chest, she commands Naruto not to give up, he's strong and he can pull through! The healing aura begins to fade though and Sakura grits her teeth to draw out her last bit of chakra. As Karin cries out in despair about Sasuke, both she and Sakura conclude at this rate their precious comrades are going to die...

Chapter 663: "No Matter What" - As Sakura attempts to heal Naruto, the Kyuubi chakra cloaking her dissipates. She looks around in alarm and immediately feels for Naruto's pulse and listens for a heartbeat. She exclaims in worry upon finding no sign of life. Gaara yells for Naruto to hang on and Sakura questions why her healing doesn't work. Gaara reveals the Kyuubi was extracted, which alarms Sakura. He further states that Madara got to him, that's why they're in a hurry to Yondaime Hokage. We flashback to see Kurama asking his favor of Gaara. Kurama explains that his other half is sealed away inside Naruto's father Minato, so if they transplant that into Naruto, it should save him. Gaara questions if Yondaime can't just teleport to them, but Kurama says no, the teleportation spell which was tied to Naruto was also tied to the spell sealing him inside, which is now gone. As he pleads for Gaara to flee with Naruto we return to the present as Gaara fills Sakura in. She questions how far away they are and Gaara estimates several more kilometers to go. Seeing no other path, Sakura extends her right index and middle finger and charges them with the little chakra she has left. Swiping them at the edge Naruto's ribs as a scalpel, she opens an entry point which she uses to insert her left hand charged with her remaining healing chakra. Grabbing hold of Naruto's heart, she squeezes and begins to manually stimulate the organ to continue its beating. She yells in defiance that he won't die as long as he's in her care and a tendril of sand extends to brace her as Gaara increases his speed. Elsewhere, Tobirama remains motionless, impaled to the ground. Looking to Sasuke, he wishes that he could save the young man's soul with his Kinjutsu, but he can't sense any chakra in him. Understanding that he can't move or even teleport, he curses Madara. Hovering before the Veritable Thousand Hands, a determined Karin attacks the Mokuton with a barrage of gigantic chains which emerge from her body. Furious and impatient, she yells for the bastard to get out of her way, as she needs to get to Sasuke. Suigetsu marvels at Karin's power and Juugo questions what she's doing. Orochimaru recognizes the newly awakened power as the same wielded by Uzumaki Kushina. Spiral grabs a large splinter of wood and jumps to meet her head on. Karin yells to not be underestimated as Spiral impales her, then spurns the wood to grow more impaling branches through her. Karin bites her forearm in response to heal and Spiral turns to see double finger guns inches from him. Suigetsu fires two water bullets into the man's head and sends him flying. Juugo grabs hold of Karin to brace her and Spiral gathers himself, revealing the dark hair and ear of a human under his cracked mask. He reacts in further surprise as Orochimaru bites into him, having extended his neck. He releases and Spiral collapses to the ground, now unable to move thanks to Orochimaru's curse mark. As the Veritable Thousand Hands moves to assist, the former Sound ninja race past to freedom. Sarutobi sees the group go and Spiral makes it into a hand of the Veritable Thousand Hands. Spiral moves to free himself from his inflicted wounds and surmises it doesn't matter anyway, as they're too late. As the Sound race on, Juugo asks Karin if she's okay. She continues sucking on her healing chakra and cautions they can forget about her, she can't sense Sasuke. Back at the Gedou, Madara maintains his hand seal and begins to seal the statue away into his own body. As the immense chakra of the Bijuu begins to fill himself, he attains the form of the Rikudou. His hair lengths and whitens, nine tomoe mark his body, a new cloak and staff form and the Rikudou's black energy spheres begin to orbit his back. He stands firm and turns his attention to retrieving his left eye. Racing over the battlefield, Sakura continues her manual heart stimulation and begins to give mouth to mouth to Naruto. She recalls Naruto's declaration that he'll become Hokage when they first became Genin, and concludes that those words no longer seem silly. She won't let him die, no matter what! Not when they're so close! As Sasuke too lies near death, an individual arrives with unknown intentions...

Chapter 664: "I'm His Father" - With the newly arrived figure cloaked in smoke, Tobirama questions who it is. As the Sound continue their race towards Sasuke, Juugo contemplates if Orochimaru will attempt to take over the weakened Sasuke. He concludes that Kimimaro wanted that, but he doubts Karin shares that mission. Karin suddenly alerts the others Sasuke is not alone and Orochimaru asks if she recognizes the chakra. She says no, and concludes it has a nasty feel to it. Orochimaru suggests they make haste then, as they don't know the strangerís intent. He ponder if it's the end of the line for Sasuke, while Karin curses their luck. Orochimaru warns that if she continues to push herself, she'll collapse. Elsewhere Guy urges Lee and TenTen to head out with max power... then immediately collapses into Lee's arms. Lee questions Guy's stamina and TenTen warns that his body isn't keeping up with his spirit. Looking to the sky, Lee sees Gaara's sand clouds and notices Sakura as well. Guy asks if Kakashi has overtaken them. TenTen says no and Guy concludes that since the Kyuubi chakra is gone and with Sakura on the move, something is probably going down where Kakashi is. He urges his students on with hot-blooded vigor and Lee asks if it's that bad. TenTen is taken aback in horror and curses Neji for leaving her with such a zealous brain dead duo. As Madara flies through the air to retrieve his left eye, he makes note of a heaviness within him... something in his chestÖ Working his stomach, he coughs up and spits out the Rikudou's Benihisago and Kohaku no Jouhei. He recognizes the legendary tools and declares them meaningless, having now at least been made lighter. Guy orders TenTen to stop grumbling, as he feels in his gut that something horrible is approaching. Lee affirms just as the duo are struck by the plummeting tools. TenTen too is shaken off her feet and asks her teammates if they're okay. Surprise then hits her as she recognizes the legendary items. Near Obito, Minato creates a Rasengan with his one remaining hand and Kakashi generates Raikiri in conjunction. Black Zetsu declares the men persistent and Kakashi surmises that Obito's can no longer maintain consciousness. Minato asks Kakashi to get ready but Yin Kurama interjects and asks him to wait. He then directs Minato to switch into sensory mode. His eyes go wide in shock and Yin confirms that his other half had been removed while they've been distracted. Kakashi looks to his teacher as the Rasengan disperses. Minato quickly turns to see Gaara finally arrive. Sakura greets Kakashi and explains the situation. Minato looks in worry to his son and Gaara reveals Yang Kurama's plan. As Black Zetsu looks on, Minato asks Kakashi to handle things from here and Gaara steps up to assist. With his one remaining hand, Minato weaves signs and places his hand to Naruto's stomach. With a heavy heart, Minato recalls leaving his house and saying goodbye to Kushina. She asks him to be careful and he tells her not to worry, he won't die until he can see their child's face. With her hand on her stomach, Kushina expresses worry that she'll have two things to worry about once the baby is born. Minato smiles and tries to encourage his wife, stating he'll take care of their child, no matter what. Kushina offers a slight smile and immediately reverts to worry that with Minato busy being Hokage, their son will become incorrigible and want to become Hokage too. He'll be dense around girls and defy his teachers, plus... Minato quickly chimes in and states she worries too much and besides, how does she know it will be a boy or that he'll want to become Hokage? She answers matter-of-factly; she knows because she's his mother! Minato offers a bashful smile and attempts to ease her fears. He reminds her that he's Hokage and won't go down that easily. And as Hokage he'll protect his child no matter what! Eyeing her husband, she concludes the man sure is assertive when it comes to their child. Giving her a wink, he says of course, he's his father after all! We return to the present as Minato stares with intent towards his son, affirming that the current him... this time he can for sure... As the light of transfer flares, a black form quickly comes between Minato's hand and Naruto's body. Minato and Sakura are shocked, while Black Zetsu offers greeting as Yin Kurama now graces his mind sphere. He declares the Kyuubi now his as we see a black tendril extend from Obito's body down into the earth and back up between Minato and Naruto. Minato quickly attempts to strike the mass with Rasengan but the tendril quickly retreats back underground and returns to Black Zetsu's main mass. Gaara questions what's happening but before someone can reply, the ground nearby is rocked by a new arrival. As the Leaf ninja and Gaara turn in confusion, Black Zetsu offers greeting to Lord Madara. With his staff in hand, Madara chides Black Zetsu for being so slow. For that reason, he decided to come to him...

Chapter 665 "The Current Me" - Madara questions Zetsu on why he still clings to Obito. Zetsu asks for forgiveness, and explains that it let him steal half the Kyuubi. Madara thanks the man and asks that he bring him his the left eye as well. A shiver runs through Minato upon sensing the Sennin power within Madara, a level even higher than wielded by Obito. Gaara grits his teeth at the confirmation that the Kyuubi was stolen, while Kakashi questions how Madara attained the Rikudou power. As Black Zetsu begins to peel away from Obito, he boasts that they can't stop him now that Madara has arrived. Gaara suggests to Kakashi that they act quickly, but Black Zetsu's movement suddenly stops. The black goo begins to slide back towards Obito and the being curses. As it reforms around the man's left side, Obito glares at Madara. With Zetsu now fully under his will, Obito offers that he has a question for the man. Gaara extends his arm in response, and Kakashi cautions that they must to wait for the right moment, as they need the Kurama inside that thing. As Obito looks on, he asks Madara just what he is to him. Madara laughs and calls the question stupid. The man is one thing, he is Madara. Obito recalls the elder Madara's words that he will act as Madara until he returns and the present Madara explains what that means. "Madara" is one who rejects the world, and anyone who believes that and strives for the Infinite Tsukuyomi is Madara. Recalling Rin, Obito offers that was his path once. Madara affirms that he did leave everything to Obito while he waited to return, that's the path he guided him towards. He was supposed to be Madara, the savior who rescued the world. Looking to Naruto, he offers that the world the Rikudou directed has failed. The chakra he dispersed was meant to be a linking power, something that would connect the mental energies between people so that they could understand each other's hearts without words. He hoped it would lead to peace and prosperity, it was the Ninshuu, or Shinobi Creed. But even as the sect spread, over time people used the chakra not to connect with each other, but to link the mental and physical energies within themselves as a way to increase their chakra and convert it into Ninjutsu for battle. Thereby reverting things back to how the Rikudou's mother Kaguya used chakra. Sakura questions what the hell the man is talking about and Kakashi signals Gaara. Madara continues, explaining how the Rikudou's actions merely furthered the paradox, where even if people shared their hearts, all they learned was that a true understanding wasn't possible. No matter what, chakra gave rise to false hope. So while they both sought peace, they sought war at the same time. And their current reality compels infinite suffering via the power known as chakra. Power leads to a desire for conflict, and a lack of power leads to losing it all. The new world will overcome that as one without chakra and he the one with the strongest chakra will lead it! He again confirms Obito's existence as Madara and explains that Uchiha Obito, with his Uchiha chakra challenged Hatake Kakashi, desired to become Hokage and yearned for Rin. But because his power was a deception, he lost everything. The world is Hell, has he forgotten!? Echoing the words said years before in his underground base, Madara directs Obito to come, as he is still the savior even now! As Obito begins to stride towards the man, Gaara and Kakashi strike. Slapping his palms to the ground, Gaara generates a sand wave to come between the men. Kakashi's Mangekyou activates Kamui as a Hiraishin kunai takes flight. As the reality around Obito begins to swirl away, Minato activates Sennin Mode, disappears and then reappears before Madara thanks to the Hiraishin kunai now planted at his feet. As Minato bears down with Rasengan in his one good hand, Madara reveals his own blinding speed as he swings his Sennin staff and easily severs the arm from Minato's body. He pivots his body in a flash and kicks the arm away, twirls and then kicks the Hokage backwards. Before they can respond, the arm and the Rasengan it wields fly into Kakashi and Minato is launched into Gaara. As the sand wall crumbles, Sakura looks on in despair. Obito returns to his walk and extends his hand to meet Madara's. The two hands miss though as Obito buries his hand into the man's chest. A mixture of surprise and anger graces Madara's face and Black Zetsu questions what the hell Obito is doing. Turning his attention to the dying Naruto, Obito recalls his mindscape talk with him. He recalls his explanation that what he is doing is no different than what a Hokage would, there's no need to walk a difficult path when one will have to step over the corpses of their comrades. We see Madara's own declaration that Obito was following the path he put him on and Naruto's observation that he wants to know how to navigate the rough path. We cut back to Madara's explanation that he left everything in Obito's hands and let him walk in his shoes, and we return to Naruto's confidence that a Hokage is one who walks ahead of everyone else, swallowing his or her own pain. As Madara stares Obito down, the man finally answers. He explains that those who lead never step over their comrade's corpses, even if their own end up being stepped on. As Black Zetsu coalesces on his left hand, a Rikudou sphere begins to generate from the matter above the back of his hand. Standing firm, Madara concludes that if that is what Obito believes, he'll have to become a corpse. Obito retorts that he won't be stepped on by the man anymore. He explains that he knows that just because the man shared his name and let him handle things, it doesn't mean he actually entrusted him with the task. He is not Madara. As a bruised and bloody Gaara and Kakashi attempt to gathered themselves, Obito recalls Rin's words of encouragement to live up to his promise to become Hokage and show her how he'll awesomely save the world. As the Rikudou sphere passes back through Obito's palm, his Rikudou Sennin staff takes shape in his hand. Having come to terms with who he is, Obito affirms that he's the man who wanted to be Hokage, the one known as Uchiha Obito!

Chapter 666 "The Two Mangekyou" - Kakashi rejoices that Obito finally found himself. As chakra flames begin to dance on Obitoís right arm, Madara looks down at the limb buried in his chest. Madara finally acts, sending his hand up to finally rip away his left eye. Obito is ready though, as the arm harmlessly phases through his head. Madara deduces that work of Obitoís Mangekyou power. While still maintaining a grip on Madara's heart, the man extends his White Zetsu grafted arm. As the two men part, we see their new shared mind space. Standing atop a sea of water, we see the shadowed features of the nine Bijuu sunk under Madara's will while Yin Kurama stands beside Obito. Madara questions if he's trying to steal the Bijuu back, does he really think he could win that battle? We see Obito's extended right arm fishing in the depths below as he strains to accomplish his task. Finally reaching his target he withdraws his arm and rips free the chakra of Shukaku and Gyuuki. Madara admonishes the man for being weak, as he only managed to grab a small piece of the Sanbi and Hachibi. In reality we see Obito tear his arm free from Madara, bringing with it the Sanbi and Hachibi chakra. Obito yells for Kakashi to teleport Naruto to their time-space and the man quickly acts. As Naruto and Sakura swirl away, Obito begins to as well. Knowing Obito materializes when he teleports, Madara fires two of his black spheres towards the man. Obito is forced to knock them aside with his staff and remain on the battlefield. He's sent off balance and concludes that his transfer speed is too slow. Madara pronounces that since the man had reached Sennin Mode before, he was able to steal some of his power just then too. In the Kamui time-space, Sakura looks around in confusion. Letting out a long held breath, she attempts to gather herself after being terrified by Madara. In reality, Kakashi moves to Obito's side and asks that all they need to do is send him to join Naruto, correct? Obito affirms and further offers that he'll take point this time. Recalling the time they stood together to free Rin, he directs Kakashi to be his backup this time. Utilizing their first tag team in a while, Kakashi cautions Obito not to stumble. Obito asks Kakashi if he's ready and Kakashi expresses happiness that his final operation will be at Obito's side. Madara is unimpressed and states he'll be taking back everything he gave Obito, especially his left eye. Unmoved, Obito asks if the man is scared? He asks Madara to confirm that he once said that only while both together can the Sharingan's true power be unleashed. Madara says he's mistaken, as those are Rinnegan, not Sharingan. With the two Kamui Mangekyou now working together, Obito declares he's talking about these eyes! As Minato looks on, we flashback to see him watch in exasperation as Kakashi yells at Obito for being late. Obito explains that he got lost, but Kakashi scolds his teammate and states he should have walked in a straight line, not the roundabout one. Obito continues his excuses, leaving Kakashi to explain that a shinobi must follow rules, as their carelessness could put their comrades in danger. Taking that as a challenge, Obito proclaims he'll just protect all of them then, in place of following the rules. The boys continues to bicker and Obito suggest that eyes can be as eloquent as words, and once his Sharingan are awakened, they won't be silent! Kakashi questions if his Sharingan will ever be useful, and Obito retorts that someone who hides behind a mask babbles way too much. Watching the commotion below, Minato questions Rin that they're not falling into line. Rin admits he's right, but... A third figure joins the scrabble as Guy arrives to challenge Kakashi to a match. Kakashi winces at the annoyance of his classmates and Obito yells for the beast-face to take a hike. Back in the present, Madara ruminates that his attacks are faster than Obitoís Kamui transfer speed. So he bets that one of them will try to attack and act as a distraction while the other performs Kamui, either Obito himself will teleport or Kakashi will transfer him away. Whichever way they decide, he can stop Obito, maybe by using Limbo Hengoku again... or maybe not, not while Obito still has his Rinnegan. In that case, he'll just attack both simultaneously. Two black spheres immediately fire as Minato prepares to hurl a Hiraishin kunai with his mouth. His power falters though and as he collapses, we see Rin finish her statement, they may not be able to fall in line, but she'll make them do so! As she runs and grabs their hands to pull them away, Obito and Kakashi's eyes go wide as they cast Kamui in the present. As the sphere bear down on the duo, Obito swirls away to safety. As Kakashi sees his friend go, Madara reacts in surprise as the attacks explode. He reckons that by performing it at the same time, they doubled the teleportation speed. Minato silently asks that Obito do well by his son and... Within the time-space, Obito swirls into being and explains he's there to help. Sakura glares at the man and asks if she can really trust him. He answers that he was never able to walk the straight path, but he finally got to where he needed to go. Placing his palm to Naruto's stomach, the Yin Kurama chakra flares to life. In reality, as the dust begins to clear from Madara's attack, two shadows are seen within the smoke. Kakashi compliments the man for finally having the perfect timing and the still unmoving Minato gives his thanks as well to... Guy! Guy asks Kakashi if he's okay and Madara concludes he's seen the man before. Turning to look in response, Guy cannot say the same...

Chapter 667 "The End to Blue Days" - Karin yells in questioning to the figure hovering over Sasuke. Suigetsu and Orochimaru look on, coming to their own realization. With his stomach protrusion extended onto Sasuke, Kabuto remains focused. He offers that he sensed them coming, and Karin is surprised that it was Kabuto all along, as his chakra is different. Orochimaru explains that Kabuto took in a lot of different chakra in addition to the Senjutsu chakra, so it's no surprise she doesn't recognize him. He ponders aloud if the chakra has a nasty feel because some of his is still left behind, or maybe... Karin yells for Kabuto to step away from Sasuke, but Kabuto ignores the woman, and asks Orochimaru just what exactly his plans are. Orochimaru asks the same of Kabuto. Juugo shares Kabuto's questioning to himself, while Suigetsu asks if Kabuto plans to absorb Sasuke, making him Kabuke, or maybe Sasuto? Kabuto chooses not to reply. Seeing the protrusion attached to Sasuke, Karin accuses Kabuto of being responsible for hurting him and charges. She stops though as Kabuto explains he has no desire to absorb Sasuke, nor is he going to kidnap him. Karin is startled that she can now barely sense Sasuke's chakra. She asks the man if he's actually helping and he affirms, explaining that he's using his medical Ninjutsu along with Hashirama's cells. He's also using someone's suggestion, which has just kept Sasuke from dying. The nearby Tobirama confirms the goal, leaving Orochimaru to offering greeting to the Hokage he respects most. Orochimaru asks then if it means Kabuto escaped from the loop created by Itachi's Izanami? Kabuto states yes, he had stopped acknowledging himself and didn't know who he was, which allowed the snake Sannin to give him the easy answers and use him, resulting in him losing himself even more. But through Itachi's jutsu, he was able to realize he is no one other than Kabuto, and where his true home is. Suigetsu offers surprise that the man changed on the inside as well. Orochimaru offers that Izanami will do that, as itís a jutsu which cannot be undone unless one reexamines themselves and accepts who they truly are. As Karin begins to cry over Sasuke, Kabuto admits that he doesn't want to lose his home, and Itachi who wanted to protect Sasuke even after death has affected him deeply. Suigetsu points an accusing finger at the man and states that's a nice to hear, but he's one of the ring leaders who helped start the war. Kabuto acknowledges that Suigetsu is correct, as both he and Obito thought they'd lost their place in the world and dragged everyone else into it. However, he knows who he is now and knows what he must do. Elsewhere Madara is unimpressed by Guy, stating he won't make any difference. Guy asks if that's Madara and Kakashi affirms. Minato arrives and asks Kakashi if he's okay and he says yes, thanks to Guy. Minato says not that, he meant in regards to the Sennin Rasengan which hit him. Kakashi says yeah he's fine, he was able to teleport it away with his Kamui. Guy asks about the Senjutsu and Minato explains that only it and Taijutsu can harm Madara. Gaara explains that means only Minato's Senjutsu and Guy's Taijutsu can work. Kakashi points out that Senjutsu wasn't his forte though, was it? Minato says yes, it takes forever for him to build up the chakra and he can't maintain it long. He hasn't used it in real combat much either. And with him now missing both arms, he can't weave hand signs or fight effectively. Guy smiles in confidence and jumps to the forefront between the group and Madara. Focusing his power, he lets out a roar unlocking the Seventh Gate. He yells out in declaration that it must be time for the Wild Blue Beast then. Madara braces himself, noticing the blue vapor coming off that man. As the others brace themselves as well, Madara offers that he's insulted the man is not going all out and showing him the red vapor. Bolting forward, Guy moves to strike Madara. Minato yells out in warning to not let the black spheres touch him. As Guy unleashes a series of blinding punches and kicks against their opponent, Madara is forced to constantly move in retreat. Minato offers surprise that Guy mastered the Eight Gates and Gaara questions if those are even human movements. As Guy draws his hands together in a sign, Madara eyes it with his Rinnegan. Guy unleashes Hirudora, the Afternoon Tiger just as Madara strikes back to meet the attack. The connection explodes sending debris flying. Guy is partially sunk in the dirt as the dust clears, while Madara skids backwards on his feet. He immediately slings one of his spheres towards the man. Minato tosses his Hiraishin kunai from his mouth to Kakashi and explains he'll have to use it to throw himself in the path of the black sphere. Kakashi quickly grabs it and hurls it towards the projectile. Before they can meet though, Guy is quickly spirited to safety thanks to a Gate-using Lee. The kunai and sphere fly past each other, as the kunai harmless falls to the ground, the sphere arrests its movement in midair, then returns to Madara. Lee asks his sensei if he's okay and Guy gives his thanks. He asks where TenTen is and Lee explains that she directed him to go without her, as she wanted to check something out. Kakashi asks the man if he's okay and Guy says yes, he only hurt his left arm and some ribs. Kakashi ponders what they can do, since it looks like his Taijutsu is also no good against Madara. As Madara levitates into the air, Guy retorts that it's too soon to count his Taijutsu out. Their youth has not yet faded, so don't abandon hope! Guy offers to Kakashi that it's true that not everything they wish for will happen, but the things they should do always begin with a wish, just like his constant challenges. And he can assure him, this is no bluff. Kakashi's eyes go wide in questioning, having realized what Guy plans to do. Assured of his path, Guy declares that Konoha's Wild Blue Beast is no more, it's time for the Red Beast to emerge!

Chapter 668 "The Start of the Red Spring" - Kakashi questions if he really means the final Gate of Death. Lee's eyes go wide in surprise and Minato pleads for Guy not to do it, as no one wishes for that, not even Guy's own father would... Lee asks his sensei if he really thinks it's time. Guy says itís okay, he wants to do it. Unbuttoning his jacket, he tells Lee not to look at him like that, he should just sit back and enjoy the show. As tears stream down Lee's eyes, he recalls Guy's words of encouragement when he was younger, as he explained how he too was a complete failure, but now, he's nearly on the same level as the elite genius Kakashi. Past Guy recounts Lee's nindo and how it's something worth fighting for. It's the path he chose, so have faith and follow it. Echoing the words he would later say, Guy tells Lee to become such a strong fighter that he can sit back and enjoy the show! In the present, Guy gives Lee and thumbs up and springs forward. As he races towards Madara, he jabs his thumb into his upper left chest. Looking on, Madara determines that Guy's chakra is spreading towards the final Death Gate. As his chakra surges through his body, it leaves Seven and finally connects with Eight as Guy activates the Gate of Death. We flashback to see a man with a thick mustache, chin beard and eyebrows strike down Guy for being a fool. The five year old Guy apologizes to his father as he couldn't complete 500 laps around the schoolyard. With tears pouring down his face, Guy's father tells him not to apologize, and that's not what he's scolding him over. Don't apologize for his effort, as it's disrespectful to all he's accomplishing. Embracing his son, two nearby women quietly mock the duo for being at it again, as isn't it abuse? And what's with those bodysuits? The elder Might thanks the women for their support, leaving Guy to point out that they weren't supporting them. Giving his son a thumbs up, the man explains to his son that his youth has just begun, so follow him and never give up on his youth. The man explains that it actually pleases him since he too can't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Knowing their shortcomings will highlight their strengths and his Taijutsu is already making him proud, as itís allowed him to see his child's strength at such a young age. Guy offers a weak smile and questions his father if he's just blowing hot air. The man affirms that short-comings can become strengths, being repetitious is just being kind and being loud is just being lively. Obstinacy is merely being earnest! Those who are selfish are like cats. Guy asks what about hairy people? Like cats... And long-torsoed folks? Guy's father explains they're like cats too. A nearby ninja asks Dai if he's playing at training with his kid again. The ninja's comrade chimes in, mockingly congratulating the "Eternal Genin". Dai gives them a thumbs up in support, while Guy just glares at them in return. Time passes and as the two men walk down an alley, one reacts in pain after being pelted by a rock. The man questions "Dai's brat" on what he's doing. Guy warns the men not to make fun of his father again and we advance to see Guy in a hospital bed. Dai questions his son on why he did such a thing. Guy questions his father on how he can be so positive and optimistic? When does one's youth end? Dai proclaims that as long as on never turns their back on it, their youth will never end. Guy questions that doesn't it end when one dies? Dai says no, that's when it burns brightest. Furious and confused, Guy calls his father crazy and states that youth doesn't matter when one dies. He can believe that if he wants, but that's no guarantee it will help him defeat someone strong, like what happened to him today. Dai is quiet but looks on in understanding. Placing his hand on the boy's head, he explains that true victory isn't winning against someone strong, it's defending what's important to you. As tears begin to fall, Guy chokes out that he just wanted to defend this "youth" he keeps mentioning. As his own tears begin to fall, Dai embraces his son. Time passes and Guy is now older. Training in the woods with his father, Dai initiates a burst of chakra from his body. Guy asks just what it is and Dai explains that it's the Eight Inner Gates, a Kinjutsu. Guy marvels that his father mastered such a move and Dai explains that as a Genin, he trained day after day and finally grasped the jutsu after 20 years. It's a move he can pass down as his father, and it shall become his own special jutsu. Guy asks what he means and his father acknowledges that his son has become a splendid shinobi, but he will impose one self-rule upon this jutsu... In the present Guy affirms to his father... we return to the past as Guy and his Genin teammates Genma and Ebisu are surrounded by enemies. Guy concludes they can't out run them and Ebisu asks if those are indeed the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist... Looking on at the boys are Fuguki, Jinin, Kushimaru, Raiga and three other men. The man wielding Kubikiri Bouchou surmises that they must be famous if three brats from a foreign village recognize them. Genma asks what they should do since they can't take them on. Before Guy can answer, a figure lands before them. Dai thanks the heavens that he was in time and Guys asks what he can do, since he's a Genin too. He urges the trio to flee, as he'll hold them off to buy them time. Guy worriedly points out the men are powerful Jounin, the Seven Swordsmen! He doesn't stand a chance against them. Dai answers that he's got the Gate of Death, he can open it and use the full power of the Eight Gates. Guy looks on in worry and asks that means then... Dai explains that it's the self-rule, it's time... As Dai smiles to his son, we return to the present as red flames burst forth on Guy as he activates the Eighth Gate to protect something precious enough for which to give his life! With tears streaming down his face, Lee looks on with stern determination. Kakashi is stunned that Guy really meant it and Minato offers surprise as well. An unphased Madara looks on and identifies the red vapor as being the blood vapor which stems from all Eight Gates being opened. To actually see it with his own eyes... itís the color of dead autumn leaves that have fallen off their tree. As the vapor flames trace his body, Guy admits the man is correct, but they're not just falling for no reason or purpose! They're to become the nourishment for the fresh green leaves! They'll be the bridge until the next spring when the new leaves bud. It's the climax when youth burns at its most crimson! Before Madara can react, Guy is upon him and calling out Sekizou, the Evening Elephant!!