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Volume Sixty Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 60
Title: Kurama!! ~ Kurama!!

Chapter 566: "Eyes and Beasts" - Hachibi surrounds Naruto for protection and then spins into a massive whirlwind, leveling the nearby trees. As Tobi watches on, the resurrected Jinchuuriki are sent flying. At headquarters, Ao reports Bee's transformation and the duo's need for assistance. Inoichi, Shikaku and the others also learn the Kage are still dealing with Madara, while Divisions 1 and 2 are almost finished with their opponents, Division 3 has one more Seven Swordsman to seal and Division 5 has gotten tied up but has things in hand. Shikaku directs 1, 2, 3 and 5 to head to Bee and Naruto when they're finished. Back at the forest, Hachibi has come to a stop and Naruto looks on in amazement. The Jinchuuriki lay stunned on the ground and Naruto asks Bee if he knows any Fuuinjutsu. Hachibi surmises he knows just the thing, generating six ink Bunshin of Bee which quickly race across the now bare earth. Each Bee grabs hold of a dead Jinchuuriki and Hachibi explains that after three seconds the hold will bind them, then they have to remove the chakra rods. As he begins to count, a gloved hand phases up from the earth. As Hachibi reaches three, a burst of power emanates, revealing each Jinchuuriki now in their version 2 state. Naruto is amazed Hachibi sealed them all at once but then stops as he realizes it didn't actually work. Hachibi explains that they just powered up, as Tobi further emerges and orders the resurrected to attack. The six Jinchuuriki launch an assault, attacking Hachibi and Naruto from several directions. Naruto is hit several times and Hachibi attempts to grab one, but is burned by Utakata’s alkaline skin and forced to let go. Naruto is struck from behind by a jutsu strike from Yagura, which causes coral to sprout on his back. Hachibi catches Naruto and suggests they retreat but is rocked off balance as the full form of Gobi rams and stabs him with his antlers. Hachibi is sent flying and lands weak. As Hachibi's hand opens, Naruto attempts to move but is pinned in place by the coral. He looks up in fear as Tobi jumps to land above him, gloating that as soon as his hand touches Naruto, he's finished. Naruto yells out as silent "No!" as Tobi's palm makes contact with his forehead... and passes on through! Forced to phase out due to the outstretched leg kick from an opened gated Might Guy, Tobi can only look on in frustration as Hatake Kakashi grabs Naruto and retreats with him to freedom below. Tobi compliments their strategy, using Naruto as bait to free him only when he moved to touch him. He boasts that their arrival will change nothing though, not against his tailed beasts and eye power. Naruto greets the two sensei with happiness and the Jounin duo offer a retort to the masked man, saying they also have a Sharingan eye and a green beast!

The Jinchuuriki

Chapter 567: "The Jinchuuriki of Konoha" - With two swipes of his katana, Sasuke destroys the underground lair and emerges into the world. Elsewhere Suigetsu and Juugo discuss how Sasuke and Karin are, with Suigetsu explaining how fun it is to get in the other pair's way. The two then continue their journey to an Orochimaru hideout. Back at the Jinchuuriki battle, Naruto frantically explains Tobi's eye power usage. Guy tells him to slow down but Kakashi offers understanding. Guy compliments Kakashi's knowledge as his friend suddenly yells out in fear as Gobi comes barreling towards them. Guy breaks the coral binding Naruto, while Hachibi and Bee check on each other. As Gobi rushes on, he moves towards Hachibi, but suddenly a binding chain going from his neck to Tobi's hand pulls him to the ground. Telepathically Gobi questions how he could get controlled like this as the tomoe of Sharingan shines in his eyes. Kakashi ponders why the beast tried to attack Tobi, as Hachibi suddenly closes his hand on the masked man, forcing him to phase out and move to safety. Tobi continues utilizing the chain, causing Gobi to disperse down into the Version 2 Han. Guy questions why Tobi stopped the beast, with Kakashi surmising the man doesn't have full control. The other dead Jinchuuriki jump to Tobi and Han's side, as Bee questions Naruto if he heard the voice. Hachibi explains that it was Gobi, and that they all have thoughts and emotions of their own, and seeing one abused like that makes him mad. Still sitting in his prison, the Kyuubi coos, telling Hachibi that they were always treated like pets, only Hachibi and Bee were different. Hachibi is non-committal, while Naruto is surprised the two Bijuu can talk to each other telepathically. Hachibi states that he knows what's going on, but the imprisoned beast tells him to shut up and then feigns sleep. The Kyuubi then questions that based on tail number Hachibi should be second strongest, so why hasn't he won yet? Hachibi counters that strength isn't based on tail number, that's why Ichibi hates him. Naruto holds his stomach, wincing out loud that the two Bijuu are fighting. Bee raps in surprise that the two Bijuu are talking telepathically, while Kakashi questions what Naruto is babbling about. As the dead Jinchuuriki charge, Kakashi states they'll need to find out which ones use what power. Guy apologizes for not grasping faces well, as the Leaf duo take on three of the Jinchuuriki, leaving Roushi, Yagura and Yugito to charge Naruto. As Kakashi fights Utakata, he realizes that none of the dead Jinchuuriki are using Realm powers. Guy realizes the same and Kakashi guesses that they can't for some reason. Guy wonders if Tobi is holding back to not waste chakra, since they know how to counter the Realms. Kakashi adds that using the eyes to control the Jinchuuriki is probably using a lot of chakra anyway. Tobi compliments Kakashi's mind but then apologizes for having to go big. With a cry, power erupts from Roushi and Utakata, as their Bijuu suddenly rampage in their place. Naruto is rocked out of Kyuubi Chakra Mode, and Kakashi and Guy jump to safety. Naruto ponders using clones as a diversion but Bee warns that using more Kyuubi chakra could kill him. Hachibi interjects that hasn't Bee noticed? Bee is confused, leaving his Bijuu to explain that Naruto should already be nearly dead from exchanging the Kyuubi's chakra for his own. Since Naruto is fine, that means the supposedly untamed Kyuubi stopped taking Naruto's chakra. Hachibi calls out to the Kyuubi to ask what happened between he and Naruto as his tailed brother remains silent in his prison. We see Kyuubi recall Naruto promising to get rid of his hate and his declaration that having a Bijuu inside him wasn't so bad. The Kyuubi remains silent, while outside Rokubi emits a deadly gas. Kakashi warns Guy to avoid it, as Yonbi suddenly picks up Hachibi by a tentacle and hurls him through the air. Having been on Hachibi, Naruto too is tossed airborne. As he plummets to the earth the yawning maw of Yonbi moves to eat him. As the teeth crash together a burst of power comes from Naruto, as he re-enters Kyuubi Chakra Mode to brace himself between the two rows of Yonbi's teeth. Within Naruto the Kyuubi has opened an eye having come to a decision...

Chapter 568: "Yonbi • King of the Sage Monkeys" - Guy and Kakashi retreat from the gas, discussing the urgent need to assist Naruto. Chakra arms rise from the ground behind them while the gas in front dissolves plant matter. Kakashi weighs utilizing his chakra, forms a Kage Bunshin and moves to fight back to back with Guy. The two Kakashi form a Raiton chain to slice through the chakra arms, while Guy unleashes Asakujaku to blow away the gas. Their Jinchuuriki opponents prepare to strike again, as the two Jounin move to respond. Nearby, Hachibi wraps Yonbi in his tentacles in an attempt to free Naruto. Hachibi asks Kyuubi to lend Naruto his power again but the fox remains silent. The fox offers that he's not like Hachibi; he doesn't meekly obey his master. Hachibi questions if the fox doesn't care for Naruto at all then? The Kyuubi recalls Madara identifying the fox as nothing but coalesced energy; once part of something greater, an unstable force without intelligence, with only the Uchiha and their blessed eyes able to give him direction. The Kyuubi also recalls other such declarations. A wounded Hashirama calling the Kyuubi's power too great, so he must be controlled. Mito stating only hatred would come from the Kyuubi's power, so he should stay buried inside her. And finally Kushina cursing their luck, where the Kyuubi keeps the world at bay, she'll now keep him at bay. He surmises that in the end humans always have the same thoughts, even the new brat. But then he recalls Naruto's promise to take away his hate, leaving him to ponder more. Outside Yonbi opens his mouth, sending Naruto airborne. The beast then chomps down. Naruto flinches but then opens his eyes. Standing on a new plane, he looks around in confusion, seeing the bound form of Yonbi before him. Yonbi questions if Naruto plans to steal his power as well, and curses that the brat dare show his face there. Naruto is confused, asking if he's the Yonbi. The Bijuu curses that moniker, saying he has a proper honorable name. He is Son, the Handsome King of the Sage Monkeys of Suiren, a name bestowed upon him by the Rikudou Sennin. He's the Great Sage Son Gokuu! Naruto questions which part is actually his name, which annoys the Bijuu. Son Gokuu declares that humans are dumber than monkeys, and he won't lend them his power. Naruto ignores him, instead asking just where he is, as it reminds him of the Kyuubi prison. Son Gokuu angrily asks if Naruto is even paying attention to what he's saying, leaving Naruto to apologize embarrassed. Son Gokuu is taken aback, stating Naruto is honest at least, and he's never had someone apologize to him before. So Naruto isn't there to steal his power, he’s there instead because he's a Jinchuuriki. He offers that Kurama must train his hosts well. Naruto doesn't recognize the name, leaving Son Gokuu to question that Naruto doesn't even know the Kyuubi's true name? Naruto is shocked by the revelation, as the Kyuubi offers a low chirp. Naruto laughs and smiles, having finally learned the Kyuubi's name. Son Gokuu chastises the humans for only viewing them as sources of power to be sealed away, seeing no reason to learn their names. Naruto recalls being treated poorly in his youth and offers that he knows what he means, he use to act out just to get recognized. He has a name as well, left to him by his parent's and master, it's Naruto. Son Gokuu looks on silently, while Naruto recalls Tobi's declaration that he was no one, simply one who wants to complete the Eye of the Moon plan. Naruto then offers that he can't stand the Bijuu being controlled by someone like Tobi, who doesn't even care who he is. Son Gokuu questions what Naruto would do with them then? Naruto explains that he wants to be like Bee and Hachibi, friends who might fight but who always help and encourage each other. Son Gokuu bursts out a loud laugh, saying it's funny he thinks a human and Bijuu could be friends. Naruto looks on, unsmiling and resolute. Son Gokuu's laugh trails off, as he sees the determination and truth in Naruto's eyes. Naruto offers that's why he wants to help him as well, now what was his name again? The monkey sighs, saying that Naruto can call him Son. Son explains that he ate Naruto in the real world, so what will he do? Naruto yells out in worry that he forgot, as Son ponders how Naruto is a better bet than the masked man. Son then explains that there's a way to stop him, Naruto just has to get these chains off him first...

Chapter 569: "Prove Your Will!!" - Naruto asks Son to explain how, but the Bijuu first offers a word of warning. Even if Naruto removes the chains, they won't be allies unless he trusts him. Naruto says that's okay and states he just needs to be told what to do. He smiles, leaving Kurama to think to himself. The Kyuubi muses that he watched everything Naruto has done, so he should know that no matter what he says to him or the other Bijuu, his true intent won't reach them. In Son's mouth, Naruto suddenly awakens. Tobi remarks happily at capturing the Kyuubi, deciding he can contain it along with the Yonbi. From the black chakra rod implanted in Son's skin, binding chains take shape to restrain the beast. Hachibi yells for Son to spit out Naruto, while inside Naruto uselessly tries to open Son's clamped mouth. Naruto stops to think, finally deciding that barfing might work. As a shout of Kage Bunshin is heard, Son suddenly swells in size, forced to regurgitate the multitude of Narutos. Hachibi is impressed with Naruto's cleverness, as the clones disperse. Back in reality, Naruto looks up at the bound Son and recalls the monkey's advice. Son revealed that the chains are held in place by a rod in his neck, made by the Gedou or Outer Path of Rinnegan. Naruto questions that he saw the rods in the Jinchuuriki's chests, but Son explains that after transforming to his full form, the spot moved and will be harder to find. With it removed, the chains will disappear. In the present, Tobi warns Naruto to give up but the young man ignores him and looks for the rod. Finally spotting it, he yells in success. Naruto recalls Son's further advice, that with the rod in place, he's not in control. Naruto says he knows, and apologizes that he might have to get a little rough. Son retorts to Naruto to not get too crazy and kill him. Back in the now, Naruto leaps onto Son as the monkey's hand moves to crush him. Naruto re-enters Kyuubi Chakra Mode and extends Kyuubi arms to stop the hand. Naruto ponders that he doesn't have much time, but he'll stay in that form as long as he can. He extends his arm, sending a Kyuubi chakra arm outwards to grab the rod. He then reels himself in to grasp the spike directly. As Naruto puts all his effort into withdrawing it, Tobi curses him from below. Suddenly chains extend from the rod to wrap up Naruto, leaving Tobi to state it won't be so easy. The chains can bind whomever touches the spikes, being much more powerful than Pain's Gedou. Hachibi yells out in warning, while inside his prison, Kurama contemplates that Naruto hasn't changed. As a witness to Naruto's life, he recalls Naruto's promise to Iruka to become the strongest Hokage, learning of Kage Bunshin and becoming a Genin. His swearing to Inari that heroes exist and his subsequent saving of the young boy. His promise to Neji that he would win their bout in the Chuunin Exam and his eventual victory. Tsunade and Kabuto questioning how Naruto's foolish drive would get him killed and his defeat of Kabuto with Rasengan. His declaration to Pain to give up on trying to make him give up and Konoha responding happily to Naruto's victory. Kurama closes his eyes, as he attempts to process Naruto's further promise to help him and Son with their issues. The fox finally concludes, offering silent advice to Naruto that if he wants to help them, then do what he has always done... We cut to the inside of Son's mouth, as a second hidden Sennin Mode Naruto is revealed. Naruto jumps down Son's throat, briefly gagging the beast. As Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto desperately pulls at the rod, his counterpart senses where the spike is from Son's esophagus. Naruto pleads for Son to recall his warning that he might have to get rough as he cocks back his arm. Kurama concludes his thoughts by declaring that Naruto just has to prove it with his actions! As Sennin Naruto slams into Son's inner throat with his Frog jutsu, Kurama boldly declares that's just who Naruto is!...

Chapter 570: "Kurama!!" - The palms' impact reverberates; the waves hit the rod, allowing Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto to withdraw it. Kurama confirms that is the Naruto he knows. Naruto lets go of the rod, while his Sennin Mode counterpart clone disperses. Unshaken, Tobi forms a hand seal, causing Gedou Mazou's head to be summoned. Naruto quickly uses Rasengan to destroy the control rod, and as he falls out of Kyuubi Chakra Mode, Son catches him. The Yonbi congratulates him, while Naruto asks why the chains haven't disappeared yet. Son explains that the rod just bound him to his former Jinchuuriki, his soul still remains chained to the statue. Naruto angrily yells out, questioning that he didn't save him after all, so why did he lie? Son is surprised Naruto was serious, leaving the young man to state that of course he was. Son is still unsure of Naruto, offering that he explained how to stop him anyway, not save him. Naruto retorts that he should have been told everything, including how to save him. Son interjects that he wants to do something first, and asks Naruto to stick out his hand. Naruto asks why, as Son say it'll help him. As Son extends his hand for a fist bump, Naruto smiles and bumps it in turn. Instantly the chains pull at Son, sending him flying away to be sealed within Gedou's mouth. In his place on the ground before Naruto rests the corpse of Roushi. The haggard Naruto looks on, as Tobi points out that after just stopping one Bijuu, Naruto already looks nearly dead. Moreover, he's not going to let them get away. As Kakashi and Guy continue their battle, they brace as their Jinchuuriki foes change again, as the full forms of Gobi, Nibi, Shichibi, Rokubi and Sanbi soon tower over them. Inside Naruto, Kurama warns his host that he's about ready to keel over. The weary Naruto declares that the fox should just watch him. Kurama explains that if Naruto wants, he could lend him his power. Naruto grimly smiles, stating the fox is a lot more talkative now. He's happy for the offer, but there's something else which he wants to talk about first. He wants to thank him for helping him against Madara. This annoys the fox, who yells that thanking him is weird; he just helped because he doesn't want to be controlled by Madara. In addition, because of his prison, he could only give Naruto a little bit of power anyway... and he was bored, he just wanted to see Naruto fight more... Naruto bellows in turn, questioning why he's being yelled at, telling Kurama he really needs to work on his attitude. Naruto sudden stops talking, as he looks in surprise at the fox's outstretched fist. Kurama tells Naruto to meld his chakra with his own. Naruto asks if they are going to play tug of war again, but Kurama says it's not like that, he's just bored, so if Naruto wants to work together with him, he's fine with that. Naruto smiles and bumps fists in return. As he laughs, the fox smiles and chuckles, having finally been won over by his host. Naruto closes his eyes and reopens them to survey the battlefield. He asks Bee to prepare himself, but the Hachibi Jinchuuriki states that he should take point. If Naruto can't transform, he's better in support against five fully transformed Bijuu. Naruto states that Bee and Hachibi are hurt too, so it's not a matter of who takes charge, they're going to all work together now. Besides, they're a pair of duos now, right? Bee questions if Naruto means what he thinks he means, as Naruto confidently declares he still has a lot of power left. As Naruto stands before the Kyuubi prison, he reaches down to his stomach, recalling being called the monster fox in his youth and Iruka's words that Naruto seeks acknowledgement because he knows true pain. As we see the seal lock on the prison begin to unlock, Iruka's words echo that the boy is Konoha's Uzumaki Naruto. Inspired by those words from his youth, Naruto offers to the Kyuubi that he's not that monster fox any longer either, he's his team mate, his comrade from Konoha... Kurama! As the lock releases and the bars swing open for good, Kurama looks on ready for battle as Naruto calls to move out!...

Chapter 571: "Bijuu Mode!!" - A burst of new power surges through Naruto as his Kyuubi Chakra Mode advances. Hachibi expresses disbelief at Naruto and then surprise as the five enemy Bijuu move to unleash point blank Bijuu Dama upon Kakashi and Guy. Kakashi proposes using Kamui, but Guy questions that his friend doesn't have the power for that, leaving him with no choice but to open the Eighth Gate. Kakashi tells Guy he'll die but the other offers that it's hopeless otherwise. Hachibi yells out in warning and the confident Naruto acknowledges as the attacks fire. In a flash, a bolt moves through the battlefield and sends the Bijuu Dama ricocheting away to detonate safely nearby miles away. Kakashi stares in surprise wondering if his sensei has returned, as Guy questions if it's Naruto. Tobi curses Naruto and sends the Bijuu on the offensive. As they rush to attack, Naruto tells Kurama it's time. A sudden burst of chakra erupts and the full form of the Kyuubi swats away the onrushing Bijuu. Showing the close connection to Naruto, black lines mark the Kurama fox, causing it to resemble Naruto's own Kyuubi Chakra Mode form. Naruto himself stands atop Kurama's head, sporting a new open and flickering jacket of chakra flames and a dark shirt. As the enemy Bijuu land, Bee and Hachibi wonder about Naruto and Kurama's new alliance. Meanwhile Guy and Kakashi look around in confusion to find themselves protected within the fox's spectral form. Naruto forms a clone to locate the chakra rods, and Kurama warns them to be speedy about it, as their connection isn't perfect yet, so they can only stay in the mode for five minutes. Naruto says that's plenty of time. It will be tougher than fighting Son, but they can handle it. As the Naruto fox launches himself into the sky to grab the Shichibi, he turns to bring it crashing down onto the Sanbi. The turtle spins away to safety as the bug is planted into the ground. The fox lifts his arm to strike but the Rokubi launches himself onto it to lock it in place. As the Sanbi spins back around to barrel into them, Hachibi extends his tentacles to arrest its movement mere meters from impacting Naruto and Kurama. Gobi charges Hachibi again, but the ox is ready and swats it away. Nibi launches itself to attack Kurama, but the fox uses its extended reach from the clamping Rokubi to knock it away and also free itself of the slug. As the Sennin Mode Naruto clone announces locating the chakra rods, Guy marvels at the rampaging behemoths waging war around him. Still in control of his Bijuu, Tobi ponders how easier it would be to kill them. Hachibi throws the Sanbi away and then moves to stand beside the Naruto-Kurama fox. The five Bijuu move their heads together as a massive Bijuu Dama begins to spiral from their mouths. Guy and Kakashi express worry at the attack's size and ask Naruto what he will do. Floating within the head of the Kurama form, Naruto raises his arms, causing his own Bijuu Dama to spin into being in the fox's mouth. Hachibi wonders if Naruto plans to negate the attack. Bee offers that Naruto was able to make a Bijuu Dama during training, but can he do it for real? As the massive enemy Bijuu Dama is fired, Naruto and Kurama counter with his own...

Chapter 572: "Nine Names" - The two attacks collide and redirect high into the air to detonate safely. The tails of the Kurama form suddenly lunge out as arms to grab the enemy Bijuu. Kyuubi Mode clones in each tail hand grasp to withdraw the rods. Naruto declares he will remove them to release and save the Bijuu. He closes his eyes and the clones remove the rods. He then reopens them to see himself on a new plane. He looks in surprise to see the enemy controlled Bijuu before him, with their Jinchuuriki hosts resting on their heads. Sanbi states they've been waiting as Naruto remarks it is like what happened with Son. Yugito offers that he's even deeper now, just as the Yonbi told them. Another voice explains that it isn't the same place he saw Yonbi. Naruto turns to see Kurama standing behind him, who explains that they're linked now, and able to go further and even see the other Jinchuuriki. Naruto says he doesn't really understand, but now that the rods are gone they can relax. Yagura offers welcome as representative of the Jinchuuriki. Seeing Yagura, Naruto bursts into tears, remarking that the short Jinchuuriki must have had it tough being a kid who died so young, probably never having kissed a girl or had good ramen. Kurama interjects that Naruto never kissed a girl either, though he did kiss Sasuke. Yagura annoyingly yells that he was the respected Yondaime Mizukage and he's an adult! Naruto begins to dry heave upon remembering having kissed Sasuke, leaving Yagura to question just what the guy tasted like. Catching himself from going off on a tangent, Yagura says it's as Yonbi warned, Naruto doesn't listen. Naruto composes himself and asks if Son was there too? Yagura says yes, causing Naruto to realize who Roushi was. We flashback to see Son telling them to teach Naruto and that he gave Naruto some chakra. Roushi remains sitting on Son's head silent, as Son explains to the others that it's like what Rikudou Sennin said, this kid could be the one he was talking about. Naruto will probably talk to them, so look after him. He explains that he's being pulled in by the Mazou, and offers his goodbye. Roushi finally speaks, offering that they might have been able to follow the same path as Naruto. Son is silent, but then offers that Roushi is as stubborn as the Tsuchikage, but maybe if he had remembered his name when he became his Jinchuuriki it would have been different. As the duo fade away, Roushi offers that he didn't become soft after forty years, but he remembers it. The Bijuu asks him to say it. As Roushi smiles and asks if "Son" is okay, they vanish for good. In the present, Utakata explains that Yonbi asked them to meet Naruto to explain some things. Naruto is surprised Son did all that and expresses happiness that they're all hanging out. Han expounds that it's all thanks to Naruto. Nibi asks Naruto to extend his hand, as he plans to keep his promise to Son Gokuu. The Nibi reveals its name is Matatabi, while Yugito offers her name. The Sanbi says its name is Isobuu, as Yagura offers his name. Gobi is Kokuou, with Han. Rokubi is Saiken, with Utakata. Finally, Shichibi is Choumei with Fuu. As Naruto extends his hand into the air, the Bijuu put their hands together on top of his. Kurama looks on and remembers his past as a young fox. A voice explains that he won't be around much longer, as the huge forms of the adolescent Bijuu sit around him. Naming the Bijuu in order, Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobuu, Son Gokuu, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuuki and Kurama, the Rikudou explains that they'll always be together, even if separated. There will come a day when they'll all become one again in different names and forms. However, unlike when they were with him, they'll be lead down a better path, one which will allow them to see what true power is. As a tear forms in the young Kurama's eye, we return to the present as he grins at Naruto, remarking to himself that it's been awhile to the old man who created him. Back in the real world, Naruto and Kurama unleash a yell having removed the rods. Kurama asks his siblings if they're thinking what he is, that the old man was talking about Naruto. Each agrees and Naruto leaves his Kurama form. Tobi remarks in surprise at Naruto controlling the Kyuubi briefly, but states it changes nothing. As Naruto returns to his normal form, he, Kakashi and Guy land back onto the ground. Chains suddenly withdraw the enemy Bijuu back into the Mazou. Gyuuki tells Naruto good job, as Naruto makes his own declaration. Reaching his hand down to the seal on his stomach, he confidently announces that things have changed, because he's just learned a whole bunch of difficult names all at once!...

Chapter 573: "Path Towards Radiance" - Tobi questions what Naruto means, which amuses Naruto. He retorts that he won't tell, as Gyuuki moves to rear of the Leaf ninja. Guy offers that he feels old seeing Naruto grow up so much, but Kakashi states they're not out of their springtimes quite yet. As Naruto looks on with a wry grin, Tobi moves to withdraw his fan. Seeing Naruto's determined face, Tobi begins to question himself. Feeling damp he wonders if he's shaken enough to sweat, but reaffirms himself as he sees rain begin to fall. He questions why he would be afraid, he knows the boy’s power, he's just a pawn to test Sasuke's limits. He tries to fathom what changed, but quickly affirms that it doesn't matter. He then coldly declares that the war will make it all irrelevant. At headquarters, the sensor ninja marvel at the Kyuubi's power. Ao ponders that it feels different though. He reports to Shikaku that Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy are pushing the masked man back. Shikaku directs Inoichi to report Naruto's success to everyone on the front lines, but a transmission ninja questions the stress would be too great. Inoichi says he can do it and relays the update. As shinobi fight on the battlefield, Inoichi's voice booms in their heads, reporting that the four men are fighting their hearts out and holding the line. Therefore, everyone needs to do the same and share their feelings, which will help ensure their victory. As blood begins to pour from Inoichi's nose, he completes the message. He apologizes for taking too long, as his body begins to falter. Shikaku looks on grimly at the physical lengths his friend went to, affirming it shows the man's own feelings. As rain falls on the battlefield, Naruto's friends begin to consider their own feelings for the young man. Hinata resolves to stop chasing Naruto and instead walk by his side holding his hand, so wait for her. Kiba warns Naruto that he is his rival, so handle Madara until he gets there. Shino offers determination to help, without the need for a reason. Shikamaru submits that Naruto is probably overdoing it. Chouji responds that he and Naruto are more than the names they are mocked as, but joking encourages the slightly dumb Naruto to wait on his slim self. Shikamaru warns that Naruto isn't the type to plan ahead, and silently pleas for Naruto to wait, as he's on his way to help with that. Ino thanks her father for making Naruto's feelings known, so she has to do all she can to make it happen. TenTen wonders if Guy is able to protect Naruto, further hoping Kakashi can help protect them as well. Sai curses the rain, as it prevents him from sending his ink animals to help. Lee tells him to stop complaining and run faster, as it's now up to them to live up to Naruto and Guy's heroic efforts. Sai gathers himself, and smiles, offering to Naruto that this must be what it means to have friends. Sakura ruminates that Naruto saved Konoha and now tries to save the world, the impossible tasks always left to him. However, this time it's different, she and everyone else are all in it together. We move elsewhere, as the muddy, onrushing footprints of the alliance shinobi mark the land. As the rain pours, another set of footprints make their way towards their goal. As the lightning crashes, Sasuke looks on with his determined Sharingan eyes...

Chapter 574: "The Eyes That Look Into Darkness" - In her cell, Karin goes through wild mood swings, cursing a picture of Sasuke one moment, then fawning over him the next. A Leaf interrogator asks his comrade what the young woman is doing. The other explains that handmade portrait is the only thing keeping her somewhat sane and quiet. The duo decides to play cards, while Karin secretly composes herself. Withdrawing her glasses, she removes a hidden saw and cuts into Sasuke's picture to reveal a lock pick set. Elsewhere Juugo tells Suigetsu the birds are seeing war. Suigetsu says they should find Sasuke before getting involved. Juugo winces to himself as they move through one of Orochimaru's hideouts. Suigetsu ponders how he seems to be the only somewhat sane person in their group. Juugo gathers himself and asks that he's there because of Kimimaro. However, is Suigetsu there just to come between Karin and Sasuke? Suigetsu maniacally laughs, saying he likes to split things in two, even relationships. Juugo retorts that Suigetsu isn't normal. Suigetsu warns the man to not call Sasuke better than him, and in any case he hates them all. Juugo suddenly unleashes a roar as his power get the better of him. Charging, he moves to strike Suigetsu. Suigetsu bursts apart as water as the man continues into the nearby wall. Suigetsu reforms and offers that he hates Juugo most of all, then stops as the wall crumbles and reveals a previously unknown, hidden room. He enters and reads some of stashed scrolls, marveling that the secrets within could allow one to control the tide of the war. Suigetsu says he'll forgive Juugo, then offers that the scroll will make a good present for Sasuke. Somewhere else in the rain, Sasuke is stopped by numerous White Zetsu. They question why he is there but the young man says he has no reason. He then asks why two nearby cities were empty. The Zetsu yell that they're the ones asking questions, and ask why he left. Sasuke retorts that if they don't like it, they can try and stop him. They even have more on their side this time. The Zetsu question if he somehow managed to kill their original and then charge. Sasuke forms Mangekyou and determines they should provide good feedback. Susanoo takes shape and unleashes Amaterasu which ignite the charging plant men. Sasuke stops the fire on one clone and then hypnotizes it with Sharingan. The clone admits there's a war and his orders to seize Killer Bee and Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke looks on, and recalls Naruto's promise to fight him if he returns to Konoha and his own promise to make him the first he kills. The Zetsu concludes that Naruto's comrades are heading towards him to help. Sasuke smiles and recalls his promise to cut all his bonds at the Valley of the End. Sasuke asks the absent Naruto if he forgot what true strength is. Withdrawing his sword, he recalls telling Naruto his plans to wipe out Konoha the way they wiped out the Uchiha. Cutting off the clones head, Sasuke declares he will go there as well, to kill Naruto. Another Zetsu clone bolts to flee but Sasuke hurls another Amaterasu to kill it. As an insane feeling of mirth wells, he offers to his brother that he's getting more accustomed to his eyes. As his eyes revert to normal Sharingan, he recalls Itachi's directive after the massacre to come to him when they shared the same eyes. Sasuke contemplates, thinking over all the things burned into his brother's eyes, all the sad, horrible things. As we cut in on Sasuke's implanted eyes, we pull back from their counterpart to see the resurrected Itachi continue on his way...

Chapter 575: "Stone Will" - As Oonoki's giant stone golem moves to crush Madara, the elder Uchiha forms Mokuton to overwhelm and turn it back. Tsunade recognizes the jutsu of her grandfather, and then calls for the Kazekage to act as the roots and vines rush towards them. Gaara reacts and the Kage are soon hovering over the battlefield on clouds of sand. Below a flowery forest has erupted and Mei warns the group to not inhale its pollen. Kabuto marvels at the power of Senju Hashirama, a legendary figure fabled to be on par with the Rikudou Sennin. Now he'll make that fable true. As the Kabuto controlled Muu rushes on, the Leaf and Cloud ninja continue in pursuit. The form of Susanoo soon bursts into being through the pollen to tower over the Kage. Madara chastises them for worrying too much about the flowers, and then uses Susanoo to swat them back to the ground below. The five leaders crash back to the earth, through the vine covered plain below. Through Susanoo, Madara moves to attack again, unleashing a huge Katon down upon them. Mei turns to release a Suiton to counter, but she and the others fall unconscious. Oonoki asks if this is his end, as we flashback to the past. As the young Oonoki stands polishing a rock, the First Tsuchikage chastises him for not polishing the precious stone correctly. Oonoki questions the worthiness of the rock, wondering why they can't have something grand like Konoha's Kage Mountain. The Tsuchikage tells the young ninja that being able to see the value in any stone shows their strong will. A bemused Oonoki warns the man to not use words to hide the fact the old man is simply too cheap. Tossing the stone aside into a pool filled with other stones, the Tsuchikage says it is indeed just a rock. Oonoki yells that he can't tell which one is the real stone now, leaving his leader to replace it with another stone. The First offers that no one will be able to tell the difference, leaving Oonoki confused. The First explains that what is important is the will inside. In addition, he sees in the boy a hidden strength that can change the world. However, if he doesn't pay attention, he'll lose that in the end if he ever hits a wall. He will forsake his will and make excuses, gaining hatred instead of determination. We then advance in time as an injured, young Oonoki lies before the victorious Uchiha Madara. We hear the echoing words of the First continue, that Oonoki must step forward without abandoning his will. Oonoki moves to his feet, grabbing a rock as a weapon. Madara looks on, understanding the man still wants to fight, but offering he does not have the power to do so. Oonoki looks on in silence and begins to shake. With his will faltering, he drops the rock. As we return to the present, Oonoki's eye open bursts open. The elder ninja quickly moves, countering the fire with a Jinton, which levels the growth on its way towards Madara. He offers that he was making excuses about his age, but he's done with that. The other Kage regain consciousness and Oonoki says they should now counter, as A points out Madara. Tsunade is shocked to see a portion of Madara's armor blown away, to reveal the face of her grandfather on Madara's chest. Madara offers approval of Oonoki's ability, but says it's still not enough. Tsunade explains that it explains how the man can use Mokuton. Elsewhere Kabuto gloats over his trump card, as Orochimaru's Hashirama implantation went beyond Danzou's prototype. Moreover, with Hashirama and Madara's power now combined, no one can stop him. We move elsewhere, as Sasuke begins his journey again. As he rushes through the forest he's suddenly shocked to see his brother Itachi travelling in the opposite direction...