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Volume Twenty-Eight Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 28
Title: Naruto no Kikyou!! ~ Naruto's Homecoming!!

Character and Jutsu Poll

Chapter 245: "Naruto's Homecoming!!" Starts Part 2 of the Naruto series. Naruto and Jiraiya have returned to Konoha Village after being away for two and half years training. Naruto meets Kakashi and presents him with Jiraiya's new book Icha Icha Tactics. Kakashi remarks that Naruto has grown and as the three ninja walk through town Naruto notices Sakura. Both are surprised at each others development and Kakashi decides to see how much they've grown by having them attempt the bell test again.

Chapter 246: "Growth of the Two!!" The remaining members of Team 7 return to the spot of the first bell test and prepare themselves for battle. Kakashi tells the two ninja they are no longer his students and are his equals. For that reason he will take them seriously and use his Sharingan. Naruto and Sakura go on the attack but both are unable to get the upper hand. When Kakashi hides underground, Sakura uses her new training from Tsunade to strike the ground and reveal the hidden Jounin. Fighting into the night Naruto and Sakura can not get a bell until Naruto decides to play dirty and ruin the ending to Icha Icha Tactics. By forcing Kakashi to cover his ears and close his eyes, Naruto and Sakura finally get their bells.

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 247: "Those Who Invade the Sand" Introduces Sasori and Deidara. Naruto and Sakura walk through Konoha and meet Temari and Shikamaru. Shikamaru tells Naruto all the Rookie 9 and Sand Genin have advanced in rank to at least Chuunin, with Temari, Kankurou and Neji become Jounin and Gaara becoming Kazekage. This shocks Naruto as he is the only Genin left. We then travel to the Wind Country where Hidden Sand prepares their defense against the threat of Akatsuki. Outside the village two members of Akatsuki begin their moves to remove the villages protection.


Chapter 248: "The Ambush on the Sand...!!" As the Akatsuki member begins to hover and run recon over the village, he releases small spider origami-like creatures which take out the Sands' lookouts. Seeing the bird fly through the air, Gaara leaves his office to confront him. Gaara is completely at home in the environment and lives up to the Kazekage name, using all the sand to send tendrils to attack his opponent. The Akatsuki sends another salvo of small explosive birds, but Gaara goes into his protective shell. Launching his signature attacks, Gaara manages to engulf his opponent in sand and then crush his left arm.

Chapter 249: "As the Kazekage...!!" With his left arm crushed, the Akatsuki member creates a bird with his right hand to fly on. He then pulls out his speciality, another bird. Kankurou, Baki and other ninja have arrived to watch the battle above. Kankurou reflects on the years previous, when Gaara stated he wanted to forge a new path and leave his solitude behind; to have his life acknowledged and appreciated by others as Kazekage. A goal inspired by the one who changed him, Uzumaki Naruto. We return to the present and the Akatsuki member has launched the bird, which transforms into a large bomb aimed at the village itself. Using the remainder of his powers, Gaara shields the village from the blast with a massive amount of sand drawn from the desert. This bomb was just a distraction though, because another smaller bomb has snuck up and into Gaara's protective shell. His chakra expended, Gaara has little defense against the bomb. It explodes knocking him unconscious and into the clutches of the Akatsuki member. Being carried away, Gaara has lost the battle but protected his village.

Ebisu, Iruka and Suzume

Chapter 250: "New Team, New Mission!!" With Gaara being carried off Kankurou runs off in pursuit of his brother's abductors. Outside of the village Kankurou faces the two Akatsuki members. He removes the scrolls on his back and summons three puppets: Karasu, Kuroari and his new big puppet Sanshouuo. The newly named Akatsuki member Deidara begins to fly off with Gaara but Karasu is sent to stop him. It is caught in mid-air though by a large tail which has extended from Sasori's cloak. Back in Konoha, Naruto and Sakura learn of their new mission from Kakashi. Elsewhere in the village a messenger bird arrives with news from Hidden Sand. As Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi are before Tsunade to formally hear of their mission, a decoder ninja arrives to tell the Hokage of the events in Hidden Sand. Hearing this new surprising news, she gives the team a new mission: travel to Hidden Sand to get a grasp of the situation, and back them up!...


Chapter 251: "To The Sand...!!" Kankurou lies injured on the ground, his puppets broken into various pieces. Sasori has poisoned Kankurou and he tells him there is a reason why he was so outmatched. Sasori is really Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand), the legendary puppet designer who fled Hidden Sand 20 years earlier. Elsewhere Temari is enjoying a relaxing drink and notices her tea cup has cracked. Back in Konoha, Tsunade and Iruka see Naruto and his team off. Jiraiya appears and tells Naruto not to use "that jutsu." Back in Suna, Baki and the other ninjas tend to Kankurou's wounds, saying that the poison is new and he has only 3 days to live. Their only hope being to consult the retired "siblings." Elsewhere Sasori has met up with Deidara, and Sasori reflects that he too needs to collect a "sacrifical power"...

Haruno Sakura

Chapter 252: "Emotions, Racing...!!" Introduces Chiyo and Ebizou. Naruto and his team have met up with Temari and let her know the bad news about her siblings. They then set off for Hidden Sand. Naruto begins to talk about how Gaara never had anyone precious to him while growing up unlike Naruto. They were both viewed as monsters for having demons inside them. Temari takes heart in Naruto's desire to help her brother. Back in Hidden Sand Baki meets with Sasori's grandmother and her brother, he tells the two they should help their village in this time of need. She declines saynig she would rather just see her grandson. Baki then lets her know that is covenient since he is part of Akatsuki. Back in the forest Sakura tells Naruto she did research on Akatsuki and Itachi. She states if they find Akatsuki they can get information on Orochimaru, and that will bring them closer to Sasuke and to defeating his brother Itachi. Being full of resolve, she states she will save both Sasuke and Naruto from Aaktsuki.

Uzumaki Naruto

Chapter 253: "Reliable Reinforcements...!!" In the Hokage office Tsunade notices that her tea cup has cracked and that she has won money in the lottery, not a good sign for her. In Hidden Sand Baki and Sasori's grandmother begin to argue over relying on outsiders for help, with the older woman saying only Tsunade could help Kankurou now. Baki states Tsunade couldn't leave the village but she sent a team to help. In Hidden Leaf Tsunade tells Shizune they should dispatch another team to lend help. We then see Ebisu, who is now the Jounin sensei for the Genin Konohamaru Corps. Back in Hidden Sand Sakura rushes to lend assistance to Kankurou. When the group enters the room, Sasori's grandmother launches an attack against Kakashi, with Naruto jumping in front to defend him. Sasori's grandmother is then told to look at Kakashi again, he is not the White Fang of Konoha, who was responsible for her son's death. Sakura manages to remove the poison from Kankurou and get him on the path to recovery. In Konoha Tsunade has gathered a new team to help Naruto, Guy and his former students gear up to travel to Suna!...