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Volume Fifty Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 50
Title: Suirou no shitou!! ~ Water Prison Death Struggle!!

Chapter 464: "The Power of Darkness...!!" - As Sasuke creates an Enton shield of Amaterasu, sand quickly forms between Raikage's leg and the flames below. As Raikage retreats back to his attendants, his arm still burns with flames. Temari and Kankurou quickly move to save the samurai engulfed by Amaterasu. Gaara tells the samurai to stay back, as this is a battle among ninja. Raikage demands an answer and Gaara states he saved the man from further harm. He also wants to talk to Sasuke. Raikage chops off his forearm to keep the flames from spreading and asks Shii to stop his bleeding so he can fight again. Shii begins healing his Kage and marvels at Sasuke's power. As a bloody Sasuke looks on with Mangekyou, Gaara tells Sasuke his eyes are still the same. We flash back to the time Gaara talked to Sasuke before the third Chuunin test about the desire to kill those who caused their loneliness. Sasuke is silent and Gaara says it's not too late for him. Sasuke asks what he has there? Temari and Kankurou tell Gaara to give it up, he can't change Sasuke. Gaara reveals to Sasuke that they are alike, they walked through darkness but had a chance to see the path to the light. Sasuke replies that he closed his eyes long ago and only darkness is before him. Kankurou warns his brother not to make it personal. As Gaara removes sand from his gourd, he states he knows. Karin quickly takes her chance to locate Danzou, which in turn is felt by Root member Fuu. Danzou says they'll remain and escape in the confusion. Ao warns them he felt it too and not to try anything. Elsewhere, Tsuchikage's attendant Kurotsuchi watches as Gaara's sand attack is stopped by Sasuke's Enton. Raikage demands Shii hurry and Darui moves to assist the Sand siblings. All four unleash attacks forcing Sasuke to utilize both eyes. As the dust of the resulting explosion clears, the dark spectral form of Susanoo protects Sasuke. The Uchiha states that his absolute defense is even better than Gaara's. Karin is shocked that Sasuke's chakra is completely different and Gaara ponders if this is the power of darkness? Sasuke replies that only those who can control both Mangekyou eyes can use Susanoo...

Chapter 465: "The Summit Attacked!" - Shii yells for everyone to retreat as the Susanoo specter swipes its sword at the surrounding pillars. With the pillars gone, the room begins to collapse around the ninja and samurai below. Leaving Suigetsu and Juugo behind, Sasuke uses Susanoo to grab Karin and move out of the way. He asks if she found Danzou and demands she guide him there. Karin is surprised by Sasuke's coldness. Down below, Raikage knocks away a chunk of falling rubble, while Gaara protects everyone around him with his sand. Raikage moves in pursuit and Gaara ponders what Naruto would have done. Suigetsu reforms himself from the rubble and a weakened Juugo extends some of his body into a fallen samurai. The samurai's armor falls empty while Juugo's body repairs its damage. Elsewhere Ao announces Sasuke's arrival and the gathered attendees look to see Sasuke standing on the ceiling. Mifune jumps and trades sword strikes with Sasuke, complimenting his skills. In the melee, Danzou and his Root escape. Ao goes in pursuit and the Mizukage tells him not to follow Danzou too far. Tsuchikage states his back hurts and offers he'll sit this one out. Sasuke calls for Karin and as they move to chase Danzou, globules of dissolving liquid fly through the air and cover the exit. A confident Mizukage explains that Akatsuki used Hidden Mist and they will pay for their actions. Choujuurou watches and smiles at the Mizukage's Youton Bloodline ability. Mizukage compliments Sasuke's looks but offer they'll be an unfortunate waste...

Chapter 466: "The Battle Behind Closed Doors!!" - A jealous Karin yells at the Mizukage while Choujuurou considers he must do his part to protect his Kage. The Mizukage asks the Tsuchikage to get out of the way so he and Akatsuchi jump to the ceiling. She unleashes another torrent of dissolving lava towards a partially Susanoo protected Sasuke. Choujuurou unsheathes his sword and activates it, causing a hammer head to form. He smashes the hammer into the Susanoo rib cage, knocking Sasuke through the wall behind him. Mizukage quickly moves to follow. As Sasuke gathers himself, he winces at the extreme pain Susanoo causes. The Mizukage tells Sasuke they're alone and points out how all paths are now blocked. She reveals she can use Earth, Fire and Water and combine them with her bloodline limit abilities. She combines Fire and Water in a jet of boiling vapor which envelops Susanoo and begins to melt it. She offers that it's unfortunate Sasuke has to die and the young man looks at the acidic mist eating his skin away. Mizukage looks down at herself in shock, as others in the conference room do as well. Karin looks to the Zetsu body as organic growths soon emerge from their clothing. Zetsu forms on the Mizukage and chides the Kage's ability to sense his jutsu in action. The Kage feel their chakra draining away and as Zetsu moves to touch Sasuke, the young Uchiha's chakra reserves are replenished. He takes the chance to smash back into the conference room with Susanoo. Tsuchikage offers that it appears it's now up to him to take care of things. Akatsuchi emits an earthen golem to remove the plant material, while the Tsuchikage uses a jutsu to quickly rid himself of Zetsu. He offers his surprise that Sasuke managed to kill Deidara and says he has nothing against the young man, but everyone wants him dead. Creating a Dust element block, he smashes into Sasuke, eliminating the young man's chakra from Karin's senses. Gaara and Raikage arrive and Kankurou moves to remove the Zetsu growths from the conference attendants. Raikage asks where Sasuke is, and when Tsuchikage explains he killed him, the Raikage grows angered. A voice chimes in that he'll still have his chance, as Madara swirls into existence carrying an unconscious Sasuke. Madara introduces himself and offers that he'd like to explain his Eye of the Moon plan...

Chapter 467: "Declaration of War" - Sai asks Kiba to start tracking Naruto as soon as they enter the Iron Country. Kiba says he knows and offers to Lee that Sakura seems prepared for the worst. Lee agrees and their four man cell continues on their journey while trying to avoid Root. At the Iron Country inn, Naruto sits quiet. He ponders Madara's comments and offers that he'll just have to speak with Sasuke directly. At the Summit, the attendees shed themselves of Zetsu. Raikage immediately charges to punch Madara but phases through him. As Raikage turns, Sasuke is sucked away elsewhere through the elder ninja's time-space power. Raikage demands Sasuke be returned and Madara says he might if they listen. Madara quickly sends Karin away as well to heal Sasuke. She soon finds herself in an alternate realm with an unconscious Sasuke. The attendees relent and state they will listen. Madara offers that he wanted Sasuke to improve his skills and hopefully take them hostage so his plan could more easily go forward. Tsuchikage questions why one of his skills isn't doing it by himself? Madara explains that the battle with Shodai Hokage left him a shell of a man. Shii asks if the plan will return him to strength. Madara says in some fashion, but that's not all. Everything will become one through him. Tsuchikage asks what he means and Madara explains that a secret stone marker was left behind in Konoha under the Uchiha Compound. The marker was left by the Rikudou and reveals his secrets. More of the marker can be read based on what eyes one possess; from Sharingan to Mangekyou to Rinnegan. Tsuchikage declares the Rikudou was a myth but Madara says no. Rikudou became a god because he once saved the world from a monster, part of which was once sealed in Gaara. It was a fusion of all the Bijuu, the ten-tailed Juubi. Gaara is surprised and Temari questions if such a beast existed. Madara says it did, the nine Bijuu are nothing more than the Juubi divided. Kankurou states he doesn't like where the conversation is headed asks if that is why Akatsuki has been gathering the Bijuu. Madara explains that to protect the world, the Rikudou developed a jutsu which sealed the Juubi inside him, making him a Jinchuuriki. As his life neared its end, Rikudou split the Juubi's power and dispersed it, then sealed the Juubi's body away in the moon itself. Mifune questions what Madara plans to do with the beast. Madara explains that he'll seal it within himself, then project the most powerful Genjutsu on the moon, the Mugen Tsukuyomi. With that jutsu he'll be able to unite and control everyone on Earth through he himself. The Kage voice their objections stating that won't be real peace, but Madara asks how the world fared under them? There is no such thing as hope and to avoid war, they should give him the Hachibi and Kyuubi. Raikage asks what he means and Madara explains that they failed in capturing the Raikage's brother. Raikage is stunned and Darui offers that he had a feeling. Raikage yells that Killer Bee will feel his wrath whenever he finds him. Gaara declares he won't let Madara have Naruto. Mizukage agrees and Raikage says he won't give up his brother. Madara offers that he doesn't have much power himself, but he does have the captured Bijuu. Gaara affirms that they won't give up on hope. Madara says fine, he officially declares a start to the Fourth Ninja War!...

Chapter 468: "Hachibi and Kyuubi" - Madara offers that they'll meet again on the battlefield and swirls out of existence. Tsuchikage asks what they should do and Gaara says an alliance is needed to oppose the power of the captured Bijuu. Raikage states that he opposed an alliance before, but he's not letting Akatsuki get their way any longer. Tsuchikage asks what they should do about Konoha. Raikage says Danzou showed his true colors, and once Konoha learns of it, they'll not support him. Gaara states he'll tell a Leaf ninja he trusts, Kakashi. Tsuchikage recognizes him as the son of the White Fang. Remembering Kakashi's words when Naruto prostrated himself, Raikage offers that Kakashi appears trustworthy. Shii states they must search for Bee quickly and the Raikage directs him to dispatch a search party. Darui offers they should let Samui's team know as well. The group then discusses whether to put the Hachibi and Kyuubi on the front lines or protect them. Gaara offers that protecting them is the most important thing, and the group decides the war may be a play to try and lure the Jinchuuriki out. Raikage then offers that his brother is too unpredictable on the battlefield anyway. Gaara states that Naruto is the same, leaving Temari and Kankurou to offer exasperated agreements. Raikage states Cloud will provide them with info on his brother, and asks them to inform him if he's found, as his brother will only listen to him. He then reveals to the others that he met Naruto and Kakashi on the way to the Summit, and states they still may be close by. Choujuurou shyly interjects that they should be careful of one of the remaining Akatsuki, Kisame. He reveals that his seniors warned him that with his sword, Kisame wields as much power as a Jinchuuriki. Tsuchikage questions if they shouldn't use the Jinchuuriki onto the battlefield anyway. Mifune chimes in to state the whole alliance is a risk, but Madara appears to be taking one too. He state his forces will also stand along with them. Downstairs Suigetsu and Juugo debate where to go, with Suigetsu saying he has an idea. Elsewhere, in a forest a man stands atop a huge sword by a giant raccoon. Belting out enka he explains that it's an expression of one's heart and soul. Killer Bee attempts an excited rhyming verse and throws up the horns gesture. Sabu offers that Bee lacks the passion to sing enka. The giant badger Ponta is alerted and Sabu asks what it is. Back at the Iron Country inn, Naruto meditates and ponders that he'll never find Sasuke in the current manner, he has to use Sennin Mode and focus on extending his time limit if he's to have any luck. He starts to go into Sennin Mode and Yamato tells him to come in out of the weather. Sakura and her team arrive and she announces she has something to talk about with Naruto. Elsewhere Sabu asks who the man is and Bee explains that he's from Akatsuki. Bee states he'll quickly take care of this. Kisame tells Bee that he wasn't easy to find, and that Samehada is hungry for his chakra. The Akatsuki offers that Bee shouldn't worry though, Kisame won't kill him...

Chapter 469: "Sakura's Confession!!" - As Bee raps about his ability to destroy Kisame, Ponta moves to attack. Elsewhere Ao sheds his Zetsu spore and some distance away so do Danzou and his men. The Root discuss laying a trap for their pursuer. As Ao rushes on, a puppet moves to attack. Ao catches a thrown scythe and launches it back into the puppet. A curse mark on the puppet fades away and Ao suddenly finds himself looking out at his own body from within the puppet. Fuu, now in Ao's body, explains the body-swap jutsu. Elsewhere Torune carries Fuu's body and Danzou states he'll explain their next move when Fuu arrives. At the Summit, Mifune states that he was hasty before in judging Raikage, and he believes that he should lead the alliance. He points out that Raikage is calmer now that his brother is fine and that he's the only one who can control Killer Bee. Gaara and the Mizukage state they are fine with that choice, and Raikage says it all lies on Tsuchikage, who is the only one to have fought Madara before. Tsuchikage accepts, stating that old grudges won't mean much if the world is destroyed. He formerly declares the alliance and states they now have to inform their Daimyous. At the inn, Naruto asks Sakura to repeat herself. Lee and Yamato are shocked while the others watch silently. Sakura declares that she loves Naruto and that she was crazy to every care about Sasuke. Naruto blushes but then composes himself, asking her why now? Sakura explains that she came to her senses; Sasuke is a criminal so Naruto doesn't have to chase him any longer. Naruto asks if something happened, and she states everything is just clear to her now. Thinking back, Naruto recalls all the times Sakura worried and became emotionally wrought over Sasuke. She embraces Naruto and explains that as Sasuke got further away, Naruto always remained by her side encouraging her. Naruto is a hero who everyone loves, including her. She watched him grow from a prankster into something wonderful, while Sasuke’s crimes continued and he became unrecognizable. Naruto remains silent and Sakura explains that he brings her peace, she loves... Naruto quickly breaks the embrace and tells her to stop it. Sakura asks what the problem is, and offers that everyone says a woman's heart is prone to change. Grasping her by the shoulders, Naruto declares that he hates people who lie to themselves...

Chapter 470: "Killer Bee VS Kisame" - Sakura asks if Naruto is saying she's lying. She offers that if Naruto doesn't like her back, he should just say it. Naruto replies that's it's just weird she came all the way for that reason. She yells that of course she'd come, Naruto has been putting himself in danger and she's worried for him. Naruto is silent but then offers that it all sounds like an excuse. Sakura says he doesn't know anything; Sasuke is a criminal so Naruto can forget his promise. Naruto offers he knows why Sasuke is seeking revenge; he loved his family and can't let it go. Kiba asks why Sasuke joined Akatsuki then. Naruto says the truth is... but Kakashi stops Naruto. The other Leaf are confused and we flash back to see Kakashi and Naruto speaking after Madara left. Kakashi suggests they keep the information about the Leaf elders wiping out the Uchiha a secret until they gather more evidence. In the present, Naruto says he's going to continue but not because of the promise he made to Sakura. Kiba quietly asks Sakura if they should tell Naruto the truth. Sakura stomps his foot and announces they're returning home. Sakura's team turns to leave and she silently apologizes to Naruto. Some distance away a second Sai watches the team depart. As they walk Sakura asks a favor of Kiba, she wants to find Sasuke. Elsewhere the Kage travel with their attendants. Kurotsuchi asks why they just don't kill the Hachibi and Kyuubi, as it would ruin Madara's plan and weaken Cloud and Leaf. Kurotsuchi then states that Tsuchikage doesn't sound like himself. Recalling Gaara's words about when he lost his way, Tsuchikage reveals that he finally remembered how he was before he became a hard-headed old man. Elsewhere Ponta is sent onto his back and Kisame calls him weak for such a big bear. Sabu jumps down with his giant axe and states Ponta is a raccoon, now feel his passion! Remembering Sabu's earlier teachings, Bee writes down that now is apparently the time for passion. Kisame charges Sabu but is quickly forced to dodge as a Raiton-charged pencil comes flying at his eye. He turns to attack Bee, who dodges. He quickly deduces that the Raiton greatly increased the penetrating force, more than a Fuuton would. As Sabu attacks from the front, Bee charges from the rear with Raiton infused daggers. One pierces Kisame's shoulder but the other is deflected by Samehada. Both men are confused why the knives didn't pierce well. Bee goes into his tailed form and head-butts Kisame. The Akatsuki member smiles back and Bee asks what he did to his chakra. Sabu yells out that the sword is absorbing it. Samehada tingles with excitement and Kisame states that his sword likes the taste of octopus chakra. Bee retreats and all the bandages fall away from Samehada. Flaring out, the scales expand excitedly. Kisame announces his name and asks them to remember it...

Chapter 471: "Hachibi, Version 2!!" - A mouth emerges at the end of Samehada and chirps in excitement. Bee emits ink from his mouth and jots down Kisame's name. Bee enters his tailed cloak form and asks Kisame if he knows that octopi eat sharks? Bee charges with his sword but is parried by Samehada, forcing him to quickly jump out of the way as it consumes his chakra. Kisame offers that the shark will eat the octopus this time around, and Bee determines that the sword is only able to eat away six of his cloak tails at one time. He considers that if the current cloak doesn't work, he'll have to try the next version. In a snowy forest, Mizukage and Choujuurou track the signs left by Ao. Some distance away, Fuu is unable to remove Ao's eye due to a Mist barrier jutsu. Fuu offers to the nearby puppet contained Ao that if he removes Ao's eye, he'll lose his own eye in his original body as well. Fuu offers that he'll do anything to weaken Kiri. He then states he has another idea to get the eye. He sets up a scythe and states he'll bind Ao's body and then jump towards it. Before he kills himself he'll release the jutsu, resulting in Ao's head being cut off. Ao offers that Fuu should be careful, if Fuu releases control of Ao's body too soon, Ao may avoid the scythe and then come after his head. Ignoring the advice, Ao jumps. Elsewhere Kisame reveals that he's never see Samehada get this size before. Hachibi asks to be let out but Bee says no, it would prove dangerous to Sabu and Ponta and alert everyone to where he is. Hachibi asks if he'll use version 2 then? Bee says yes and thanks Hachibi, as he'll need the Bijuu's chakra. Bee is quickly enveloped by an eight-tailed dark chakra cloak giving him the appearance of the Hachibi itself. Kisame asks if it's Bijuu mode? Looking on, Sabu think that's not the case, it's Hachibi's power in human form. Soon the skeletal outline of Hachibi takes shape around Bee. Bee moves to strike with Rariatto and Kisame muses on how wild his sword is getting. As bee charges Kisame realizes he can't absorb everything and takes the hit from Bee straight on. As he is flung backwards, Samehada absorbs a lot of the chakra, returning Bee to his version 1 multi-tailed form. With his chest crushed, Kisame admits that Bee got him. As he reaches out to Samehada, the sword begins to stretch out in kind. The wound on his chest closes and Kisame reveals that he gets stronger in proportion to how strong his opponent is. Sabu asks then if Kisame uses his opponent's chakra to convert into his own stamina? Kisame says that's why they call him the Bijuu without a tail. He forms a hand seal and emits a huge gush of water from his mouth which quickly drowns Sabu and Bee. Kisame's body begins to contort and change as Samehada continues to merge with his body. He gloats that as his opponents tire, he gets stronger. Sabu yells that Bee has to take the sword away from Kisame. Kisame smiles and in the huge sphere of water the finned shark-form Akatsuki states they'll have to trying removing it from his body...

Chapter 472: "Water Prison Death Struggle!!" - Killer Bee ponders what sort of hybrid Kisame has become and Sabu chides him for wasting time, as he's running out of breath. Bee grabs Sabu and Ponta and begins to swim to freedom. He changes into his Version 2 form but Kisame declares he won't escape. As Bee swims the water bubble moves along the forest with him. Hachibi tells Bee to pay attention, as the water is moving and their foe may have the ability to breath underwater. He suggests they leave Sabu and Ponta behind and draw Kisame away, which should eventually free them of the water as it moves off. Bee lets go of the duo but is surprised to see Kisame move to kill Ponta. Bee offers that he can't allow that and charges to defend the raccoon. As soon as they connect Version 2 drops, Kisame is unable to move though as suckered tentacles extending from Bee now bind him. Bee offers that he won't let Kisame continue to absorb his chakra and his opponent compliments his ability to partially transform. Ponta and Sabu free themselves of the water and Bee pulls his sword. Kisame states that Bee should soon be out of air, and that by just touching him he loses more chakra. He states he can feel Samehada's joy at tasting such chakra. Bee backs away and Hachibi says they should regroup. Kisame offers that no one in Akatsuki is as good as he at capturing people alive, though he sometimes makes mistakes. Bee forms a hand seal and then emits a large plum of ink which quickly darkens the water prison. Kisame says that won't work and goes in pursuit. As he swims and strikes Bee multiple times, he reveals that when fused he can feel people's chakra. As the water prison is cancelled, Sabu moves to assist the unmoving Bee. Kisame loses his shark form as Samehada retakes its sword shape. Kisame offers that he can't have Bee escaping, so he'll just cut off his legs. Inside Bee, Hachibi demands his host move. As Kisame moves to shave off Bee's legs, Samehada bites into the dirt. This confuses Kisame and he's quickly forced to drop Samehada as spikes pop out from the handle. The scales then extend from the blade forcing Kisame to retreat. Kisame asks his sword if he's really grown that attached to the taste of Hachibi. The handles snakes and connects with Bee's arm, transferring chakra. Kisame quickly kicks the sword away and turns to see Bee crawling away. Picking up Bee's sword, Kisame offers that it'll also make a nice clean cut...

Chapter 473: "Brother" - As the sword swipes down, Bee quickly turns and launches his Raiton infused pencil at Kisame's head. The pencil misses the mark but cuts through Kisame's cheek. Kisame moves to strike again and Samehada snakes its handle out towards Bee. Before Kisame's sword can connect, the blade goes flying, having been cut by thrown shuriken. Shii offers his apologies at the lateness of their arrival. Kisame is surprised by the Raikage's arrival and Shii explains how Kisame's reckless absorption and usage of Bee's chakra lead to his location. Samehada's handle coils around Bee's arm to give him chakra and the Jinchuuriki acknowledges that he's been found. The Raikage tells his younger brother to prepare and Bee says he's ready. Kisame quickly makes a hand seal but before any visible technique is activated, he's hit with a Double Rariatto from Bee and Raikage. Kisame offers that their speed was too much for him as his decapitated head flies through the air and lands by Sabu. Raikage chides his brother for going off on his own and Bee offers that his brother's off arm still packs a punch. At the conference, two samurai are confronted by gathered soldiers about the status of the destruction below. The duo offer that everyone down there is dead but the commander says one of Cloud's sensor ninja said otherwise. The commander demands they remove their masks and Juugo and Suigetsu do so, offering that their plan wasn't so great after all. Elsewhere Mizukage asks Ao what happened, having narrowly saved him from harm. Ao explains how he lost control of his body. Choujuurou offers that he bet Ao was worried they wouldn't get there in time and Ao offers his apologies to the young man. Mizukage states the enemy was after the Byakugan and Ao asks that they remove his hand bindings. Mizukage says she'll take care of that and also release the jutsu on his eye. Ao gives his thanks and Choujuurou looks in the distance at the puppet body stuck to a tree. From the body Ao reacts in worry, aware that the man still in control of his body was the sensor ninja from Danzou's entourage. Ao wonders if the man sensed Mizukage's arrival all along and planned for the current course of action. Mizukage asks for Choujuurou's Hiramakerai and reveals that she can't remove the eye jutsu and Ao would never apologize to Choujuurou. Fuu acknowledges that the old lady got him and he's suddenly sent flying with a punch. A battered Ao offers that he wasn't the one who said it and the others welcome him back. Elsewhere Fuu returns to his body and offers his apologies at failing his mission. At the Iron Country Inn, Sai's clone arrives and Naruto asks why he's there. Sai offers that he'll tell Naruto the truth that Sakura couldn't...