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Volume Fifty-Three Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 53
Title: Naruto no shusshou ~ The Birth of Naruto

Naruto & Killer Bee

Chapter 495: "Crushing Dark Naruto!!" - Naruto thanks Bee as they walk through the jungle and Motoi discusses with Yamato how similar Naruto's personality is to Bee's. Naruto attempts another rap but Bee replies he still needs to work on it. He fist bumps Naruto, who offers a successfully rap ending with "-dattebayo". Bee mocks the saying but then uses a variation of it in telling him to drop it. He soon directs Naruto to return to the falls. A short time later Naruto sits before the falls and the dark figure returns. The figure offers that Naruto can't stop him but Naruto says he knows that, but then the dark figure should also know what he's planning to do. The figure reacts in confusion and Naruto states that what he focuses on should be reflected back, right? He focuses and his autograph appears above him. The dark Naruto reacts in anger, challenging that no one cares about the autograph, they treat him as a hero now, but they're the ones who tortured him in the past. He yells that they can't be trusted but Naruto retorts that there's someone else he needs to believe in first. He needs to have faith himself, to understand he's worthy of such regard. The dark figure is silent and falls to his knees. He asks wearily why, after all they did? Naruto states it's like Bee, he's proud of himself and not ashamed. The dark figure becomes enraged and charges, demanding to know what he's supposed to do now? Naruto offers that he may only be as strong as he is today because of his darker side. As the dark figure moves to clothesline Naruto, the original embraces the dark one, offering that he should be like Naruto, because he IS Naruto. Naruto thanks him and the dark figure disperses into nothing. Naruto wakens in reality and the others are happy at his success. Bee cautions that it's not over yet, and raps that it's now time to learn to control the Kyuubi. He directs Naruto to head through the waterfall and Yamato asks to come along too. Bee says that's fine and Motoi takes his leave to report to Kumo. The trio head through the falls, which conceal a gigantic cavern chamber, adorned with a huge mural of the Hachibi and stone buildings. Naruto is amazed and Bee offers that this will be the site where Naruto fights the Kyuubi...

Chapter 496: "Meeting the Kyuubi Once Again!!" - Bee leads the others through a passage way flanked by headless statues, which Yamato remarks must be ancient and priceless. Naruto asks how he's supposed to fight the Kyuubi, which Yamato remarks is foolish. Bee offers that you can't control a Bijuu without a little craziness. He explains how the room beyond is one of purification which will let him speak to the Kyuubi. To enter, a Jinchuuriki has to stick their head into the gaping mouth of the animal on the wall, should any evil remain in his heart, the jaws will snap shut, removing his head as happened to the other Jinchuuriki they saw on the way in. Yamato offers such a thing is too dangerous and directs Naruto to use a clone, but Bee yells that the temple is sacred and won't be fooled by such tricks. Naruto affirms he has to believe in himself and sticks his head in. Quickly he yells out in alarm and Yamato rushes to his aid to pull him out. Yamato looks on in horror as Naruto's body stands decapitated. Suddenly Naruto pulls down his shirt, revealing his head was okay. He explains that there was only a switch inside and that he knew Yamato would fall for his joke. Bee bursts out in laughter, offering he did the exact same thing when he did it. A door opens, revealing a chamber of white light. Bee explains that Naruto should go inside and focus like at the falls to commune with the Kyuubi. He asks Naruto what kind of seal he has and Naruto explains it's Four Element. Bee calls the seal impressive, being better than his Iron Armor seal. He then asks Naruto if he has the key, which he affirms he does. Yamato questions the sanity of such action, asking what will they do if they can't stop the Kyuubi? Bee states they'll seal it inside, as the chamber was made for precisely that purpose. Bee questions if they'll bail if things go bad, but Naruto says they won't. He has to learn to control the Kyuubi. The door closes and Naruto and Bee soon sit and join fist to fist. He directs Naruto to remove the seal and Naruto soon stands before the Kyuubi's prison in his soul. Naruto compliments the beast on looking as evil as ever and the Kyuubi reacts in surprise, questioning that he can't sense Naruto's real self any longer. Naruto offers that the real him is standing before the prison. He tears away the seal on the door, revealing another lock underneath. The Kyuubi asks what he's doing and Naruto directs him to just watch. Lifting his shirt, Naruto extends his arm which soon displays a key mark. He grabs the seal on his stomach and it begins to swirl and unlock as the lock on the cage does the same. With the seal unlocked the Kyuubi swipes out, knocking the doors open. Naruto is thrown backwards and the Kyuubi roars. Bee directs Naruto to trap the Kyuubi's chakra with his own and then rip it out. Tentacles soon wrap the Kyuubi to pin it in place. Bee directs Naruto to pull out the Kyuubi chakra and take it into his own. The Kyuubi severs the tentacles and Bee offers his apologies that he can't use his full power in Naruto's soul. Bee offers that while Naruto tries to pull out the Kyuubi chakra, the beast will try to pull out Naruto's. Should Naruto go to zero chakra, he'll die. The Kyuubi is amused, recognizing that Naruto is finally trying to take control of his powers. Naruto yells out that he's ready for the challenge...

Chapter 497: "Kyuubi VS Naruto!!" - The Kyuubi chides Naruto for using Hachibi's help but Bee encourages Naruto, directing him to remove the beast's chakra from its mind and use his own willpower to block its hatred. The Kyuubi creates a compressed chakra sphere and fires it. Quickly a Hachibi arm takes shape to catch and smother the blast, which weakens Bee and prevents him from further helping . Naruto thanks the man and contemplates that he was able to read the Kyuubi's moves. He forms clones and unleashes a gigantic Rasengan against the Kyuubi. Tails move in to block the attack and the Kyuubi forces Naruto into retreat. The Bijuu questions if Naruto thinks he can actually win? Naruto answers that he wouldn't have taken the seal off otherwise. Another Sennin Mode Naruto grabs Kyuubi by the tail and flips him over, while two other Narutos unleash a Rasen Shuriken into the Bijuuís unprotected chest. The jutsu expands and Naruto moves to withdraw the Kyuubi's chakra while it's being hammered. The jutsu ends as Naruto continues to pull out the chakra. The Kyuubi emits an essence of hatred into his chakra which is soon pulled in by Naruto. Dark thoughts begin to cloud his mind and he quickly grabs his head in confusion. Bee voices encouragement but the Kyuubi begins to draw Naruto's chakra into his own. The beast boasts that Naruto is nothing and the dark thoughts continue to plague the young manís mind. His left eye soon turns dark as he remembers the past. Bee yells that the Kyuubi was stronger than he thought and that Naruto needs help. Yamato attempts to hold it back while a dark voice tells Naruto he's where he belongs. As he tries to make sense of the feelings overtaking him, a female voice greets him. A confused Naruto looks on towards the face of his newly arrived mother Kushina...

Chapter 498: "Mom's Red Hair" - Naruto demands to know who the woman is and she laughs, asking him to guess. He accuses her of being the Kyuubi's true form and she laughs loudly. He then offers that no woman laughs like that. She lets out an angry negative "-ttebane!" and punches him. Naruto is confused and the woman apologizes, offering that she's always been hot-blooded, and prone to much such nonsense exclamations when excited. She asks if he's the same and Naruto eeks out in realization. She curses Minato for not telling him anything and offers that she is indeed... Naruto quickly embraces his mother. As tears well in his eyes, he closes them, sending the darkness out of his body. He uses -ttebayo and explains that he always wanted to meet her. She responds with -ttebane and says he is indeed her son. In reality, Bee and Yamato ponder why Naruto's transformation stopped. Back inside, Kushina says they can talk, but first she needs to take care of the fox. Chains emerge from Naruto, encircle and pin the beast down. The Kyuubi rages, recognizing Kushina's chakra. Kushina and Naruto sit, and she explains how her chakra was also used to make the Kyuubi seal, in the hopes she and Minato could aid Naruto in the future. Naruto laughs and explains that he's just glad she's so pretty. She thanks him and states that though he looks like her, she's glad he's got his father's hair. Naruto offers that he'd look good with her red hair color too. She reveals that Naruto is only the second to compliment her hair, his father being the first. Naruto smiles and suddenly asks how she and Minato fell in love. Kushina blushes and offers a "-ttebane" that it's embarrassing. She explains how she came to Konoha when she was young, and thought Minato was a flake when she first saw him. Wanting to make a strong first impression with the other students, she gave an impassioned declaration that she would be the first female Hokage. The other children didn't like such presumption and infuriatingly called her tomato because of her round face and red hair. Naruto asks if Minato stood up for her but she says no, she beat up the boys in a fury, giving rise to her new nickname of the "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero". Naruto is suddenly quiet, remembering how Kiba and Shikamaru commented on their scary mothers. He then asks what dad's dream was, and she reveals he wanted to be acknowledged by everyone in the village and be Hokage. Naruto smiles, thinking over how similar their goals were and Kushina says she didn't believe in Minato. Naruto asks why but she says that all changed, she used to hate her hair but because of Minato that ended. She was kidnapped by Kumo because of her special chakra. But as she was led away by the Cloud, she pulled out her long red hair, leaving a trail. No one from Konoha could find her except for one person, his father. After Minato rescued her, he offered that he saw her beautiful hair right away. On that day, her red hair became a thread of fate, she would like her hair and love Minato. Naruto grins and blushes and Kushina offers that there's one thing she says to the men who compliment her hair... "I love you." Naruto is bashful and Kushina asks him what's the product of the "Yellow Flash" and "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero"? Naruto stands, pulls out his jacket and announces that it's "Konoha's Orange Hokage!"

Chapter 499: "A New Seal!" - With his mother's words of encouragement echoing through his mind, Naruto lets out a roar. The Kyuubi condemns Kushina as Naruto begins to reassert control. In reality he loses his chakra cloak and Yamato questions the nature of his returning to normal. Bee advises patience and inside Kushina tells Naruto nowís the time, as her chakra won't hold the Kyuubi long. Naruto affirms and creates a large number of clones. The Kyuubi begins to rip off his chains as the Narutos all launch with Rasengans. The Kyuubi swats them aside and warns Naruto not to get full of himself. Kushina concentrates, using the remaining chain to pull Kyuubi's legs out from under him. The Narutos change into Sennin Mode and increase the size of their Rasengans. They're delivered into the prone Kyuubi as a concussive blast. The beast remains shaken as Naruto launches a Rasen Shuriken into it full force. The Kyuubi is shocked by Naruto's strength as he successfully overcomes the beast's will and separates its chakra from its body. The clones disappear as the Kyuubi chakra disperses and is absorbed into Naruto's body. A full seal pattern emerges on Naruto, giving him a partial resemblance to the Rikudou Sennin. The Kyuubi tells him to stop and beings to create a large compressed chakra blast. Naruto is surprised that the beast is still so powerful and twists the seal shut on his stomach. Gates come crashing down to pin the Kyuubi in place and the beast remarks it's similarity to the Rikudou. The gates quickly interlock and combine to form a new prison. The Kyuubi challenges that he won't forget what just happened and Naruto offers his apologies, stating he won't hurt the beast. Kushina congratulates her son and offers that she can follow Minato now. Naruto is saddened by the news but his mother offers that she has more to tell him before she goes; the truth about the incident 16 years ago. Naruto asks what it is and she offers that it all goes back to her time as the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki...

Minato & Kushina

Chapter 500: "The Birth of Naruto" - Naruto is surprised and Kushina explains that she was the second Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. She herself was brought to Konoha to become the next vessel from the Whirlpool Country. The Senju and Uzumaki were distant relatives, so their ties were strong. The citizens of Hidden Whirling Tide were known for their long lives and high level of sealing abilities. She herself taught Minato many seals, including the seal on Narutoís stomach. She then explains how the whirlpool mark on Naruto's jacket and Leaf flak jacket is Whirling Tides mark, used as a sign of goodwill towards their home village. In time the village was destroyed by those who feared their sealing jutsu, and the survivors fled throughout the world. Naruto demands to know why she was made into a Jinchuuriki then, and Kushina explains how her chakra was suited for it, being similar to the predecessor kunoichi Jinchuuriki. She laughs, offering that the woman's name was Uzumaki Mito, who married Shodai Hokage, like she herself married a Hokage too. She asks Naruto if he knows of the battle between Shodai and Madara and he affirms. She explains how during the battle Shodai gained control of the Kyuubi, and Mito sealed it within herself to assist her husband. From then on Konoha possessed the Kyuubi and as Mito's life neared its end, she was brought to the village to be the next vessel. Naruto angrily declares that they used her and Kushina offers that she had no idea why she had to move. Only the Hokage and advisors knew the truth and she felt the loneliness of such a burden begin to overtake her. That changed when she spoke to Mito, who offered that before the Kyuubi can be sealed away, the host must first fill the vessel with love. If that happens, even the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki can have a happy life. Naruto asks his mom if she was happy and thinking back with her time with Minato she says yes. Naruto wipes tears away and Kushina tells him he doesn't need to cry anymore. Naruto steadies himself and then asks how the masked guy attacked 16 years ago if she had the Kyuubi? Kushina offers that yes he did control it, but just moments before it was in her. The masked man somehow knew that the seal was weakest during childbirth. A full pregnancy term for a Jinchuuriki mother is about 10 months, and as energy goes to developing the child, the seal weakens in direct proportion.

     We flashback to 16 years ago and Minato offers that he'll be there with Kushina, strengthening the seal. Hiruzen and his wife Biwako are also present and the former Hokage explains they will have the birth outside the village behind a barrier in secret, as Mito's seal almost failed when she gave birth before. A short time later, Kushina and Biwako walk through the village and meet Uchiha Mikoto, holding her new baby. Kushina asks if they had a girl but Mikoto says no, itís a baby boy they've named Sasuke, after Hiruzen's father. Mikoto asks if they've picked out a name for theirs, and Kushina says Naruto. Kushina then offers that he and Sasuke will be in school together, so she hopes they become friends. But more importantly, does giving birth hurt? This amuses Mikoto, who offers that Kushina is afraid of something after all. Biwako pulls Kushina away, reminding her that the birth is classified, even to her friends. A short time later, the birthing starts inside a cave guarded by ANBU. Kushina yells out and Minato offers he's never heard her in such pain before. Biwako tells him to just focus on the seal, chiding the Yondaime Hokage for panicking. Minato holds his hands over the seal on her stomach, stating he can feel the beast trying to escape. He pleads for her to hang on, while outside a cloaked figure finishes killing off the guards. The figure phases through the rock wall while inside Kushina gives a final push. Minato pushes back against the Kyuubi to keep it sealed and with a final yell the baby is out. The newborn Naruto cries out and Biwako congratulates them. Both parents cry out of happiness and Kushina offers that she finally gets to meet her son. Minato tells her they've got to focus now on solidifying the seal and she agrees. As they began strengthening the seal, Biwako and the ANBU inside fall to the floor dead. Holding baby Naruto, the masked man tells Minato to back away from the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, or his son dies...

Sasuke & Naruto

Chapter 501: "The Kyuubi Strikes!" - As Minato wonders how the man bypassed the barrier, Kushina winces as the seal begins to fail. The intruder asks Minato if he cares for his son and the Hokage tells the man to calm down. He offers that he is calm and launches Naruto into the air. Minato flickers to Naruto as the masked man moves to swipe his kunai. As Minato cradles his son, explosive tags concealed in the blanket activate. He moves to throw it off as he teleports away. A building explodes and Minato hurtles to safety, shielding his son from the debris. He gives thanks that Naruto was not hurt and removes a splinter of wood from his own leg. He determines the man wanted him split from Kushina and that he has to hurry back. He uses Hiraishin again to teleport Naruto to a secure location. A short time later Kushina is held down in a ceremonial altar. She demands to know what the man is after and he explains that he's going to rip the Kyuubi out of her to destroy Konoha. She's shocked and the man notes that he sees Minato's Hiraishin teleport mark in her Kyuubi seal. However with Minato out of the way and the seal weak... his time has finally arrived. Elsewhere Minato tucks Naruto in and asks his son to wait while he saves his mom. Back at the altar, the Kyuubi locks eyes with the masked man's Sharingan and is suddenly freed from his bindings. He roars and the man commands him to come forth. Kushina remains helpless as the seal fails, allowing the Kyuubi to emerge from her body and take form above her. It roars again, finally free and the man directs the beast to head for Konoha. A weakened Kushina begs them to stop and the man remarks in surprise at the Uzumaki Clan's vitality and ability to not immediately die from Bijuu removal. He then offers that it's fitting for the beast to kill its former host anyway. The Kyuubi swipes, destroying the area where Kushina lay prone. It looks up to see Kushina safely in the hands of Minato and the masked man offers that it's too late anyway. Kushina asks if Naruto is okay and Minato says yes, she then reveals that the man and Kyuubi are headed for Konoha. He teleports away with his wife and the masked man moves to continue on. Minato delivers Kushina to safety and she asks why he's doing this. He tells her not to think about it and to stay with Naruto. Fighting exhaustion she lays beside her son, cradles him and cries. Minato clenches his fist and his wife thanks him and wishes him luck. Putting on his Yondaime Hokage flame jacket, he offers he'll be back soon. Elsewhere at the Uchiha compound a young Itachi holds his younger brother in his arms and looks to the night sky, wondering why he's getting such an awful feeling...

Namikaze Minato

Chapter 502: "Yondaime's Struggle to the Death!!" - Itachi comforts his brother and questions why his parents had to leave now of all times. Elsewhere Guy pleads for a more hot-blooded contest with Kakashi. Kakashi ignores his rival and questions the odd feeling in the air. At the Hokage Administration building Sandaime is suddenly shaken from his work and looks outside. In the village the masked man strikes the ground to summon, unleashing the Kyuubi in the middle of the village. The beast roars, causing massive devastation. ANBU immediately move to alert Sandaime. He says he knows and straps tight his battle gear. He questions if Kushina's seal failed and states he'll handle the Kyuubi while everyone else tries to save the villagers. The Kyuubi notices Yondaime standing on Hokage mountain and unleashes a concentrated chakra blast. Yondaime offers that he won't let this happen and holds one of his Hiraishin tagged kunai in front of him. The attack is suddenly absorbed and teleported miles outside the village for detonation. The ninja of the village recognize Yondaime in action and Sandaime tells the ANBU to move out. Minato affirms that he has to tell Sandaime what's going on as the masked man reaches out to him from behind. He quickly turns to stab the man but his arm phases through. The masked man re-solidifies to grab onto Minato's arm and then begins to warp them both away. As they spin away, Minato disappears leaving the masked man to compliment Minato's speed at doing his own teleportation. He offers though that the next time they touch he'll warp him. Minato lands outside the village near one of his marked kunai and tries to figure out the man's identity. The man swirls into existence before him and Minato quickly considers everything the man has done, from knowing about Kushina's seal, to defeating the ANBU, to being able to bypass the barrier. He asks the man if he's Uchiha Madara, but says that can't be, as Madara is dead. The man lowers his hood and says maybe not? Minato concludes it doesn't matter in any case, why attack Konoha? Tobi offers that his plan is to start war to bring peace. Minato firms up, and considers that the man excels at space-time manipulation and can control the Kyuubi, which makes him even more dangerous than the fox. He affirms he has to kill the man and thinks that the Kyuubi can't be controlled for too long. So while Sandaime handles the Kyuubi, he'll have to take out the masked man. Tobi charges and offers there's no hope. As he phases through Minato, a chain attached to his arms remains solid. It wraps around Minato but he teleports a short distance away. Minato realizes that the only time he can strikes is when the man remains solid, so it'll come down to a battle of speed to see who inflicts damage first. They charge each other and Minato launches one of his marked kunai. It phases through Tobi's head as he reaches for Minato. Time crawls still as the skilled ninja make their moves. As the kunai passes through Tobi, Minato raises his arm with a Rasengan. Tobi's hand makes contact with Minato to warp him away but in an instant Minato teleports to the kunai to unleash the Rasengan into Tobi's back. The speed duel ends as Minato closes his hand, effortlessly catching the kunai that he threw just moments before. He then offers to the masked man the jutsu he used was Hiraishin level two...

Naruto, Minato and Kushina

Chapter 503: "Minato's Shiki Fuujin!!" - Tobi is slammed into the earth but then quickly retreats, holding his bloody arm. The arm begins to melt off and in an instant Minato holds one of his marked kunai to Tobi's chest. The masked man theorizes he was marked by one of Minato's teleport seals while Minato touches Tobi's chest with his free hand, causing a new seal to appear. Tobi asks if Minato's trying to free the Kyuubi from his control, to which the Hokage says he already has. Elsewhere the Kyuubi roars as the Sharingan mind control fades. A gathering of ninja try to combat the beast, including two wounded parents begging their son to flee. Iruka pleas to stay and help but his father tells him to escape while he can. A group ninja lead by Sandaime manage to force the Kyuubi outside of the village, and he directs them to keep fighting. Elsewhere Tobi stands above Minato and compliments him on both wounding and ending his control of the Kyuubi in one move. He then offers that the Kyuubi will be his again someday and the world will bow to his will. The man swirls from existence as Minato looks on, confident the man was not lying. At the Kyuubi the Leaf continue to battle, with Iruka being quickly spirited away. Amongst trees marked with barrier seals, a ninja directs the young ninja before him to remain. He offers it's an internal matter which they should avoid. Kurenai yells out that such talk is foolish, as they can help. Her father offers that shinobi may not have long lives, but they must protect their young to insure another generation will come about so they can pass on the will of fire. The Kyuubi once again compresses chakra for a blast, as the Hokage watch in worry. The Kyuubi is quickly squashed into the ground by Gamabunta, as the gathering ninja rejoice at Yondaime's arrival. The Kyuubi continues compressing chakra and Minato directs Gamabunta to hold the beast while he can, as he needs to gather enough chakra to teleport them out of there. Sandaime watches on as both Minato and the Kyuubi suddenly vanish, reappearing on the horizon. Minato holds a weakened Kushina who is bleeding from her mouth and directs her to erect a barrier. She states her chakra's almost gone but manages to release binding chains which briefly subdue the beast. Naruto cries in Minato's arms and Kushina apologizes to her son for waking him. She tells her husband that she'll drag the Kyuubi back inside her and die, which will prevent the Kyuubi from reconstituting itself for some period of time. She smiles and thanks her husband for everything. A stunned Minato states she made him into a worthy husband, Hokage and father. She tells her husband to not look sad, as she is happy, because he loved her and itís her sonís birthday. She offers that the thought of the three of them living together makes her happy. Minato begins to cry and Kushina says her one regret will be in not seeing Naruto grow up. Minato is silent, but then states they can use their chakra to see Naruto one more time. He states they'll seal a portion of her chakra into Naruto using the Uzumaki Clan Hakke no Fuuin Shiki and heíll then lead the Kyuubi away and use the Shiki Fuujin. Kushina realizes the result of such a jutsu and cries out, but Minato states he will be unable to seal the whole thing away for good, at best he can get half of it. Allowing the Kyuubi to reappear and roam free would upset the balance of power among the villages, but the Shiki Fuujin will permanently end half of the Kyuubi's power. Minato thinks back to a conversation with Jiraiya, where the Sannin tells his young pupil that he may be the child of destiny who will be the world's savior. Minato was confused but in the present he considers its new meaning, stating he'll seal the other half of the Kyuubi's power using the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki. Kushina is stunned but Minato says he knows what's on her mind. He offers that Jiraiya spoke of a world in danger, and the masked man they saw tonight was the harbinger of these events. He states that Naruto will be the one to stop this man, a Jinchuuriki who will blaze a trail to a new future. Sandaime appears nearby as Kushina begins to try and change her husband's mind. Minato lays Naruto on the ground and begins to form the needed hand seals, quickly calling forth the Shinigami which takes form behind him. He asks his wife to have faith, as Naruto is their son after all...

Chapter 504: "Thank You" - Minato states he'll use Kushina's remaining chakra to seal the Kyuubi, which will also allow her to visit Naruto later in life and help him control the Kyuubi. Kushina states she doesn't want him to bear such a burden alone. Minato is silent, and Kushina screams out, demanding to know why he has to sacrifice himself, just so she can see Naruto briefly later in life. Minato offers that turning ones back on country and village is as bad as abandoning ones child. But they are a family of shinobi. And he isn't a good substitute for Kushina anyway, even if she can only see Naruto briefly. So it just isn't for her, it's for Naruto as well. Dying to make a better life for one's son is a father's duty. A distance away, Sandaime watches on as the Shiki Fuujin markings appear on Minato's body. He recognizes the jutsu and is unable to penetrate the barrier to assist further. The Shinigami reaches through Minato to withdraw a portion of the Kyuubi's power and the beast curses the Hokage. The chakra is ripped out and sealed into Minato, leaving him weakened. The shinobi watching with Sandaime note the Kyuubi shrank in size, having been substantially de-powered. Minato summons the ceremonial throne and lifts Naruto. The Kyuubi understands Minato's plan and attempts to break free from Kushina's chains. Minato calls out for her to stay with him as the Kyuubi swipes a death blow towards Naruto. Before his nail can pierce Naruto, both parents throw themselves between the claw and Naruto, stopping its nail as it pierces their bodies. Kushina smiles, offering that if the father can sacrifice himself, a mother can do it better. Sandaime wonders if the child they saved was theirs and the Kyuubi cries out again. Kushina offers though that Minato won the argument, and he thanks her. Wiping blood he summons Gerotora, and states he's leaving the key to the seal with him. He directs him to go to Jiraiya and the toad takes his leave. Sandaime recognizes that Naruto is to be the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and the Shinigami completes his preparations. Minato offers that he'll now perform the seal, and that he'll leave some of his chakra to help Naruto as well. He then offers that they don't have much time, so if she has anything to say... Kushina greets her son, and directs him to eat well and grow into a strong boy. To make a lot of real friends and study his Ninjutsu. Don't feel bad if you fail at anything, and make sure to listen to your teachers. Avoid the three shinobi vices: Don't borrow money, don't drink until you're 20, and try not to pick up a weird girlfriend, find someone like mom. And watch out for Jiraiya! Minato smiles and Kushina tells her son that he'll experience a lot of suffering, but he needs to remember who he is and find a goal in life. Now crying, she offers that she has so much more she wants to say to him but she loves him. She then apologizes to Minato for using all their time but he says that's okay. He greets Naruto and tells him to listen to his motor-mouth mother and then performs the seal. We fade away on baby Naruto and return to the present, as Kushina apologizes to Naruto. She states she left him with such a heavy burden and wasn't there to help him. Naruto tells her not to apologize, times were hard but he never blamed them for it. He never knew a parent's love but he managed, but he understands now. He lives today because of they gave their lives for him. Kushina begins to cry and Naruto offers that they filled his vessel with love before they put the Kyuubi in him, so he's happy and healthy today because of that. And for that reason he's glad he's their son. Kushina reaches out to embrace her son and asks Minato if he heard that their love reached Naruto. As she begins to fade away she thanks Naruto for letting her be his mom, and for letting Minato be his dad. And thanks for being their son... As she fades away for good, tears begin to flow from Naruto's eyes...