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Volume Twenty-Seven Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 27
Title: Tabidachi no Hi!! ~ The Day of Setting Off!!

Haruno Sakura

Chapter 236: "The Promise That I Could Not Keep" In Konoha hospital Shikamaru and Tsunade speak of the need for medical-nins on four man mission squads. Outside Sakura hears of the groups return and rushes inside to see them. Stopping outside Naruto's hospital room door, she hears Naruto state he failed her and let Sasuke get away. Feeling inadequate in her own abilities, Sakura decides to get training from Tsunade to help Naruto bring Sasuke back next time.


Chapter 237: "Fool...!!" At the fallen ninja memorial Kakashi chastizes himself for not being able to have seen Sasuke's leaving and helped him better. As we travel back to Naruto's hospital room, Jiraiya appears on a toad outside his window. Jiraiya tells Naruto Akatsuki is still after him but won't appear again for three years. He then tells Naruto that he is now his apprentice and to give up trying to get Sasuke to return. Naruto stubbornly refuses and agrees to train under Jiraiya for the next three years.

Yondaime Hokage

Chapter 238: "The Day of Setting Off!!" At Orochimaru's compound Sasuke has finally arrived and demands Orochimaru train him. Three months later we see Sakura's growth under Tsunade as she is able to revive a dead fish. Throughout the village the Konoha Genin reflect on their desire to train and get stronger. Naruto has one last meal with Iruka and then sets off determined to get stronger. We then travel to a dark cavern where all the members of Akatsuki have gathered. Plotting amongst themselves the members agree that if they capture Kyuubi in three years, the can accomplish their goals. This ends the present plotline of Naruto Part One.


Chapter 239 (Gaiden 1): "Mission Start...!!" Introduces Uchiha Obito, Rin and the Fourth Hokage. This begins the first chapter of the Hatake Kakashi side-story flashback, which takes place approximately 13 years before the start of the Naruto series during a war with Hidden Rock. At a meeting to hear their new mission, Kakashi receives gifts for advancement to Jounin from his teammate Rin and his Jounin sensei, the man who will become the Fourth Hokage. His other teammate Obito has forgotten a gift and becomes annoyed at Kakashi. Kakashi dismisses Obito as useless but Obito says once he awakens his Sharingan he will surpass Kakashi. The Fourth Hokage tells his team their mission so they travel through the Grass Country. Spied on from the Trees beyond by a ninja from Hidden Rock, Kakashi activates his new move the Chidori.

Hatake Kakashi

Chapter 240 (Gaiden 2): "Teamwork!!" Kakashi bolts away to attack their hidden foe. Faced with numerous Kage Bunshin, Kakashi cannot find the original ninja. The Rock-nin uses the mayhem to attack a defenseless Obito. But the quickness of the Fourth Hokage rescues Obito and then he instantly transports in the blink of an eye using his Shunshin Jutsu (Instant Body Technique) to the location of their foe. The Rock-nin is shocked to have faced "Konoha's Yellow Flash" and fallen to him so easily. Kakashi calls Obito a coward and Obito later asks the Fourth why Kakashi acts the way he does. The Fourth Hokage tells him of how Kakashi's legendary father killed himself after the village looked down on him for rescuing his teammates rather than completing his mission.

Uchiha Obito

Chapter 241 (Gaiden 3): "A True Hero" After Rin uses her abilities to heal one of Kakashi's wounds, the Fourth Hokage tells the team they are now splitting up. Kakashi then leads his team further into Rock territory to destroy their objective bridge. Two Rock-nin appear and ambush the trio; they manage to capture Rin and flee. Obito tells Kakashi he is going after Rin but Kakashi says they should complete their mission. Obito yells at Kakashi telling him his father was a true hero when he protected his precious friends. Obito then goes off on his own to save Rin.


Chapter 242 (Gaiden 4): "Crybaby Ninja" The Fourth Hokage arrives to help outnumbered Leaf-nin in battle by using his Shunshin ability to take out their large number of opponents. Elsewhere in the Grass Country, Kakashi reflects on Obito words. Obito himself finds Rin's location but he is snuck up on by an invisible Rock-nin. Kakashi arrives to save Obito but gets his left eye slashed in the process. Obito is scared and begins to cry but he reaffirms himself and finally activates his Sharingan. Using it he sees his invisible attacker and kills him.


Chapter 243 (Gaiden 5): "Present" Kakashi bandages his eye and the two Leaf ninja approach a cave to save the weakening Rin from the remaining Rock ninja. Using their skills they strike the Rock-nin and save Rin. The Rock-nin manages to cause a cave-in though and Obito is crushed under the rubble when he saves Kakashi from being hit. Knowing his life is over he tells Rin to remove his eye and give it to Kakashi to replace his damaged one. Obito tells Kakashi he is a great ninja and that he can become Kakashi's eye and help them all live on. A short time passes and Kakashi emerges from the rubble a holder of the Sharingan.

Hatake Kakashi

Chapter 244 (Gaiden 6): "Heroes of the Sharingan" When Kakashi emerges he strikes out against the Rock-nin and manages to kill him using his fully perfected Chidori. Rock ninjas arrive and cause a further cave-in, forcing Rin and Kakashi to leave Obito behind as the rubble envelops him. Angered, Kakashi goes to fight his opponents but he passes out from a lack of chakra. Rin uses the Fourth Hokage's gift to Kakashi, a special Shunshin kunai, to bring the Hokage to their location to save them. Kakashi awakens to find their enemies defeated. The Fourth Hokage apologizes for not getting there more quickly. The remaining team members cherish their memories of Obito and go on to destroy the bridge.