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Volume Fifty-Nine Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 59
Title: Gokage Shuuketsu…!! ~ Gathering of the Five Kage...!!

Chapter 556: "Gaara VS Mizukage!!" - Alliance ninja curse Nidaime Mizukage’s persistence, even knowing his weaknesses. Gaara looks on as his sand wall collapses from an oil-like substance. Mizukage yells out annoyed that they went after the old mummy Muu first, thinking he was the stronger opponent. Gaara acknowledges the man's power and the Mizukage again reiterates that the clam they see is an illusion, so they need to take the real one out first, which will in turn let them attack him as well. High above, a sand eye surveys while other sand particles blanket the field to reveal an outline of the hidden clam. Watching from the sky, Tsuchikage prepares a Jinton. Mizukage realizes Gaara's maneuver and encourages the duo to get on with it. Suddenly Tsuchikage's Jinton fails from chakra exhaustion. He decides he'll have to do it directly and plummets towards the clam. Forming a rock covering on his arm, he moves to smash the creature. Mizukage says it’s not enough as the fist smashes into the clam. The creature suddenly becomes visible, revealing the hidden Mizukage as well. Mizukage chides the kid for his lack of power, but the now elder Tsuchikage says he's not the same kid anymore. He activates another Doton, increasing the power in his arm. The clam is utterly crushed as dirt flies, but Tsuchikage's back is thrown out as a result. The Genjutsu fades and Gaara quickly surveys to locate the real Mizukage. As the Mizukage walks towards Tsuchikage from behind, he chastises the man's useless and then yells for the man to flee as he moves to kill him with a Hoozuki Clan water pistol. A bullet of water flies from the man's index finger through the Tsuchikage's neck. As Oonoki collapses his body loses form into sand, which moves to envelop the Mizukage. Beside Gaara, Oonoki stands unharmed and offers apologies to the Mizukage. The man in turn determines the sand eye watched over Oonoki the whole time, allowing him to move to safety when he destroyed the clam. As sand covers him, he emits oil to crumble the sand off. The Mizukage offers sadness that things were just getting fun as even more sand engulfs him. Gaara hardens the sand into a pyramid and the alliance ninja hurl sealing tags onto it. A wincing Oonoki pronounces it a victory but an explosion rocks the battlefield where the pyramid once stood. In the sky above a face forms and the alliance ninja ask if it's another Genjutsu. Oonoki reveals it's no Genjutsu, it's the Ninjutsu even Muu could not face, Mizukage's Jokey Boy, the Steaming Dangerous Tyranny...

Chapter 557: "Jokey Boy!!" - As the water vapor in the sky cools, the outline of a man shrinks into being. Oonoki explains that it is water clone surrounded by oil. When the oil heats up, the water inside evaporates and expands, causing it to change size and eventually explode. As hail begins to fall, Oonoki reveals that the hail will now cool Jokey Boy back to his original state. As Jokey Boy bolts to attack, Gaara moves his sand. Oonoki yells to find the real Mizukage instead since he'll be weak using the jutsu. The hidden Nidaime Mizukage curses Muu's pupil and a sensor ninja identifies his location. Jokey Boy continues cutting down ninja as Gaara moves to confront Nidaime. He drowns the man in sand as Jokey Boy begins to grow in size. Oonoki explains that the clone's fast movement increases the heat inside, and since the hail stopped, it'll keep growing until it explodes. Another sand pyramid takes shape marked with sealing tags, but Jokey Boy rips the seals off, allowing the Mizukage's head to emerge at the pyramid's zenith. Nidaime gloats that he was once one of the Five Kage, and his oil is the perfect counter to the sand, so how will they seal him? Oonoki yells that’s why he wants the man to say how to. The Mizukage mulls for a moment but then says he's not going to, he'll help them, just in a different way, by forcing them to use their real power. If they can't do that against a dead guy, then they'll never have a chance against the head enemy. Jokey Boy jumps into the middle of the gather shinobi to explode and Nidaime mocks that he thought he found a golden egg amongst the Five Kage, but Gaara's just an ordinary egg. As Jokey Boy detonates, Naruto and Temari's team rush to assist. As the dust clears and hail falls, the alliance shinobi stand unharmed, protected by a giant Karura. As a harried Gaara emerges from a protective shield, Jokey Boy shrinks down again. Nidaime complements Gaara's skills at protection but states the clone will keep exploding until it is stopped. Jokey Boy hurtles towards Gaara as he quickly attempts to block. The clone expands, allowing it to strike first. Gaara disperses into sand and Mizukage recognizes he was a clone. Jokey Boy lands, revealing the real Gaara hidden a short distance away. Gaara sends out tendrils of sand to encircle Jokey Boy but Nidaime offers the clone is too fast for them. The clone is swallowed by the sand, leaving Mizukage to wonder how the sand suddenly got faster. He signals to explode the clone but the blast never comes. The small expansion merely causes hard chunks to slough away as gold glitters in the air. Nidaime sees the clone isn't moving and wonders if Yondaime Kazekage's gold dust played some part. Gaara explains that he hid his gold dust in his clone, when Jokey Boy burst through the clone; it melted the gold and entered into its body. The heavier gold slowed down the clone, and coupled with the hail hidden in the sand and gold's conduction of heat it was cooled down. Nidaime congratulates the man on acting like a real Kage. He is suddenly struck by an idea and smiles, joking that Gaara was a golden egg after all...

Sasuke and Naruto

Chapter 558: "Kabuto's Trump Card...!!" - Kabuto contemplates his surprise at being at a disadvantage and at Naruto being able to take out the Edo Tensei ninja. Near the battlefield, a marker stands where Muu was sealed. A short distance away, rubble stirs as a second Rasengan damaged Muu moves it aside. Muu chides his disciple for missing that he split when he was struck by the Rasengan. He attempts to remove the seal on his other half but fails. Controlling the man from a distance, Kabuto ruminates on how Muu can split without hand seals, but unfortunately his power is split too. Enough so that utilizing Kuchiyose may take time. Elsewhere Naruto asks Gaara if he's okay and explains that they sealed the Raikage. Gaara says he'll finish up too as the Mizukage remarks that the young man does have friends. Naruto yells in confusion at the Mizukage's pyramid body until Gaara explains that it’s part is his jutsu. The Mizukage laughs at Naruto's idiocy but then says they make a nice duo. Gaara raises his sand to envelope the Mizukage for good, as the resurrected man silently thanks them for such an entertaining fight. The gathered ninja make preparations to help the wounded, and Gaara suggests Oonoki seek help. He says he's okay but then winces at his back. Gaara asks Naruto where his original body is, as elsewhere Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto races through the trees as Bee rejoins him. Naruto updates him that his clones should arrive soon at the battlefields. On one, alliance shinobi including Team 10 stand individually within circles. Shikamaru warns no one to enter another's circle, as it would mark them an enemy. He stresses that they should wait for Naruto. Naruto soon arrives and Dan looks on surprised from within his sealing box. He marvels that the boy looks exactly like Nawaki as Darui questions how the Raikage could really agree to letting him off the island. Naruto explains that Tsunade helped persuade him, and in any case, he's not going to die before becoming Hokage. Dan questions who the boy is, and Shikamaru explains that he's the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki who dreams of becoming Hokage. Tsunade bet on him and Dan smiles, surprised that there's someone like he and Nawaki still around. Naruto declares he'll smash all the transformed white guys as we cut to the medical pavilion. A desperate kunoichi begs the guard to let the medical ninja look at her comrade, as they could possibly save him. The guard says they can't be trusted but Sakura waves them through, the guard protests as the two ninja smile evilly. They quickly bolt to attack but they are sent crashing into the dirt from a dual Rasengan wielding Naruto. Naruto smiles and asks Sakura is she's okay. Elsewhere, Kiba yells out in worry to Neji, as ninja quickly converge on Hinata to cut her down. A flash of Naruto hits the scene as Hinata is crushed by the attacking Rock ninja. Neji is shocked but stunned again as Hinata reverts to a Zetsu. The Rock ninja asks Naruto who else as he directs them to other hidden perils. Kiba yells out in confusion to Neji, wondering what he's doing as he and Akamaru rush to the nearby real Hinata who is also under attack. As three ninja move to cut her down, Naruto quickly intercedes between them and her. He apologizes for running late as Hinata recognizes him. Kiba remarks that he smells different. Throughout the battlefield, Kyuubi Chakra Mode Narutos begin to cut down the hidden Zetsu. Naruto declares to Hinata that everything will be okay, as elsewhere Muu forms a hand seal to cast Kuchiyose...

Chapter 559: "Reinforcements Arrive" - As the coffin rises from the ground, it explodes violently outwards. Muu is shaken and the unseen figure emerges, offering surprise that the brat Nagato finally grew up. Muu recognizes the man, and compliments the Edo Tensei user for their cleverness. The unseen man looks to his hands and asks that isn't Edo Tensei the horrible jutsu which flies in the face of life and death? Back at the battlefield, Naruto sends the Zetsu flying and asks Hinata if she's okay. Neji asks the Rock ninja why he didn't announce that Naruto was there sooner, but the shinobi says he just got there. Kiba and Neji both remark on Naruto being different, and Neji asks if it's really him. Naruto says it is with a -dattebayo and Hinata says it is, as you can tell by his eyes. Hinata apologizes for everyone's suspicions and Naruto says with him now there, they can go on offense. Hinata looks down, feeling ashamed that she couldn't keep her promise to protect Naruto, as he protected them instead. Sensing Hinata being downtrodden, Naruto tells her not to worry, she's already saved him before anyway, she's strong. Hinata smiles and silently thanks him as he rushes off to find more Zetsu. Elsewhere Kakashi cuts through Fuguki with Zabuza's cleaver. He signals Sai who paints an ink tiger which jumps out to grab the Seven Swordsman and drag him back into the scroll for sealing. Guy jumps in and states there are three left, and Kakashi asks Sai if he's okay. Sai says yes and Lee says he'll protect him as he draws more tigers. Suddenly an army of Zetsu burst from the tree line. Kakashi and Guy prepare to attack as Naruto jumps in to intercede. Lee offers that Naruto can use his Kage Bunshin but Naruto voices that he can't in his current mode. He'll use quality over quantity. As a Rasen Shuriken spins in his hand, he offers it'll be different than last time to Kimimaro, as we see a new battlefield and a different Naruto. Kimimaro offers that seeing Naruto really shows how time passed, and Chiyo agrees, stating his height wasn't the only thing which increased. Naruto charges as we see him trip and crash past Black Zetsu on another battlefield. He offers that he over did it and the Mizukage Mei asks what happened. Raidou and Genma joke it's what always happens, Naruto charged in without thinking. Inoichi relays reports from throughout the battlefields, as Naruto turns the tide of battle against the Zetsu and Edo Tensei ninja. Tsunade and A smile with things turning in their favor and Shikaku states with Madara drawing near the Jinchuuriki, his capture could prove victory. Abruptly Ao yells out in warning, as a new unrecognized enemy chakra has moved to engage Gaara's division. Back at the battle, Gaara and his shinobi look in surprise as Muu moves to look over them from the cliff above. Naruto reacts in confusion, stating they just sealed him didn't they? Oonoki surmises that the man managed to split as another figure walks to Muu's side. Oonoki is floored and Naruto asks who it is. Oonoki offers that he finally came as we see an Uchiha fan revealed on the unseen figure’s back. Overlooking the alliance in his battle armor stands Uchiha Madara. With his hair blowing in the wind, he looks on with Sharingan in his left eye. Gaara questions just how this can be, as the man before them is a product of Edo Tensei, meaning he was dead. Temari questions that they had word Madara was heading toward the Jinchuuriki. Giving voice to the thought they all had, Oonoki asks if this is the real Madara, then who is masked man!?...

Chapter 560: "Uchiha Madara" - Madara remarks that it appears the gathered shinobi are from multiple nations. Temari asks Oonoki if he has any ideas who the masked man is. The elder ninja says he doesn't, and it doesn't change things really in any case. Madara recognizes his return was due to a certain individual, in a time when things don't appear to be going well. He asks who controls the jutsu and suddenly Muu jostles as Kabuto begins to speak through him. Kabuto states that he's acting as an assistant. Madara's Edo Tensei was special, being completed beyond his prime. Madara questions that the man knows his prime but Kabuto shakily says no, insisting the man show him. As a wave of sand closes in, Madara jumps down into the fray and unleashes a giant wall of flame. Alliance shinobi quickly counter with jets of water, and as the two elements clash, Madara launches himself through, knocking shinobi aside while deftly grabbing a sword in turn. He begins cutting through the alliance and Temari pleads for Naruto to return to his Kyuubi mode. He reveals he can't as he used too much chakra. Gaara moves to lock onto Madara's sword with sand as another ninja moves to cut the man with a large cleaver. Madara activates Sharingan freezing the man, then spins and kicks him away. On the rock pillar above, Muu moves to use Jinton but the jutsu fails. Oonoki notices and surmises his mentor can't use Dust while split. He yells for the sensor ninja to keep track of Muu as Naruto falls from above towards Madara with Chou Oodama Rasengan. Oonoki slams the ground to use Doton, causing the ground under Madara to launch itself upwards towards the oncoming Rasengan. The attack connects and debris flies, but as it clears, the dark form of Susanoo shields Madara. It knocks the Narutos away as Madara looks on with his Mangekyou eyes. Gaara grabs the two Naruto clones with sand as the other sits gathering natural chakra. As the Sennin shadows form on Naruto's eyes, Gaara asks his friend if he's ready. The alliance attempt to attack Susanoo but they're easily swatted away. Naruto yells out that he's finished as a Rasen Shuriken flies above his palm. Oonoki casts another Doton on Gaara's gourd, lightening the weight of the sand inside. Naruto charges the spectral knight as Gaara moves to pin it and Madara's arms with his sand. It whips him away from Susanoo as the Rasen Shuriken flies to connect. As the jutsu detonates in a blinding flash, reality comes back into view as Madara looks on with new eyes... Rinnegan eyes. Having absorbed the blast using Gakidou path a shocked Naruto asks how the man has Rinnegan. Madara jumps to rejoin Muu as Susanoo fades. Speaking through Muu, Kabuto offers that it's as he thought, the Rinnegan lies beyond the Sharingan. Madara explains that he attained the eyes shortly before death, and if Kabuto knows the secrets of his body, that means he somehow managed to decipher the knowledge in the secret Uchiha shrine. Kabuto offers that it was based on a hypothesis he and Orochimaru had formed after years of research. Madara stands as proof they were correct, and with him they can utilize some measure of the power once wielded by the Rikudou Sennin. As Madara forms a hand seal, a dual Susanoo takes shape above him. He retorts that Kabuto shouldn't think too highly of himself, he didn't create this power. As the alliance shinobi look to the heavens above in fear, Temari helplessly proclaims that it’s on another level. Gaara questions if it's the power of a god and Oonoki looks on in silence. High above a mountainous meteor plunges down to obliterate the gathered army below...

Chapter 561: "Power in a Name" - Alliance shinobi express fear that there’s no escape. Oonoki tells them not to give up and flies up to meet the meteor. Gaara orders everyone to flee, while Muu questions if Madara plans to wipe them out as well. Madara affirms, stating that Edo Tensei was originally meant to wipe out everyone and then allow the resurrected to regenerate. Madara notices Oonoki flying through the air and offers recognition of the famous Iwa brat. As Naruto's clone and his comrades flee, he questions what the Tsuchikage plans to do. The Rock ninja explains that his Kage will attempt to make the rock lighter and stop it. As Oonoki meets the onrushing rock, he grabs hold. He casts his Doton and Gaara elevates sand to help. Madara compliments the man's usefulness but then asks how he'll deal with a second. Suddenly a twin meteor smashes into the first from above, shaking Oonoki and shocking the gathered alliance ninja. At headquarters, they question why Tobi claimed to be Madara. Tsunade offers that Madara is more than a man; he's an ideal that's feared. His name alone has power, enough to drag them all foolishly into war. The sensor communication sphere is rocked and Shikaku asks what happened. Inoichi explains the meteor's arrival and A asks if there's any word from Division 4. Ao winces at the loss of so many men and Shikaku questions the turning tide. A steely eyed Tsunade grimly states she's heading out. We return to the battlefield as the broken pieces of the two meteors litter the land. The survivors attempt to gather themselves and Temari asks Gaara if he's okay. Naruto questions Dodai why he saved him with his rubber ball, as he's just a clone. Dodai explains that even as a clone, he's desperately needed. Naruto looks out in surprise to see Oonoki laid out on his back wounded as a Rock ninja looks over him. He rushes to help as the ninja explains that his Kage is severely injured. Nearby Madara and Muu begin to regenerate and Kabuto remarks happily about the man's power. Madara asks how much the man knows and Kabuto reveals he knows Madara survived his battle with Shodai at the Valley of the End, even gaining some portion of the man's strength in the process. Madara lifts his collar to look at his chest, offers to Kabuto that he planned well, and asks if he knows their plan? Kabuto says he doesn't know the details, but they are allies. If anything, he doesn't know if the fake Madara can be trusted. Madara is silent and Kabuto identifies survivors below, including the Tsuchi and Kazekage, so what should they do? Madara says he wants to see something and moves to summon. Naruto's clone is shaken and we see inside the Kyuubi prison. Naruto falls over in pain as the Kyuubi yells in surprise, recognizing the chakra. Madara proffers that they don't control the Kyuubi and Kabuto states that's the aim of the war, as the Bijuu is still in its host. He points out Naruto and Madara offers recognition of the Uzumaki name. Kabuto explains that capturing him won't be easy, and anyway, the one below is just a clone. Should they go after the real one? Madara says no, as he wants to try a jutsu. Forming a hand seal, Madara uses Wood Release, sending a huge forest forth towards the alliance. The alliance stand stunned and Naruto questions what he can do, as he's out of chakra. As the trees rush on, the Kyuubi voices that he'll lend Naruto his power. He explains that he despises Madara, and if it's a choice between being controlled by him or Naruto, he chooses Naruto. Naruto is surprised and in his cave, Kabuto ponders happily how he can control the battle with Madara. Back at the battle, Naruto bolts towards the oncoming growth and uses Tajuu Kage Bunshin. His clones generate giant Rasengans as the Kyuubi urges him on. As a weak Oonoki looks on, the mass of Narutos strike the forest, leveling it. Madara agrees that Naruto is indeed impressive as the clones disperse. Naruto realizes he used up all the Kyuubi chakra as the clone fears he'll soon disappear as well. Oonoki says they'll handle it from here and Temari questions his state. Looking on with determination, he explains that it's time he picked himself off the ground, as there is no more worthy an opponent to fight...

Chapter 562: "Find Yourself" - Oonoki declares that he'll fight them but Temari questions his strength. Madara exclaims that he hoped to try out more jutsu, but the man before him is too weak. Oonoki glares but Madara chides the man for not knowing his place. We flashback, a young Oonoki and Muu look up to Madara as he stands over them. Oonoki questions what happened to their alliance with Hashirama, but Madara tells the youth not to mention that man's name, and that there's no more alliance, they have to obey Konoha now. Back in the present, Oonoki explains that shinobi spend their lives in battle, exchanging hatreds which led to three world wars. Madara states that's obviously the cycle of life, but Oonoki quickly retorts that he lived longer than Madara and he learned more too. It allowed him understand suffering, and think there's a better way to create their future. Kabuto through Muu questions that the Fourth World War was the answer? Oonoki explains that they're not fighting selfishly now, they're fighting as one. Looking to Gaara as he supports Naruto, Oonoki states they're building from past mistakes, slowly working towards a true peace. Madara states there's no point, man would be better served sleeping under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Gathering himself, Oonoki states that he lost himself because of their encounter in his youth, this time he'll rediscover who he is and put Madara down. Oonoki begins to falter but Gaara braces him with his sand, adding that it's time they all picked themselves up. Madara glares, stating the Oonoki has life after all. Oonoki declares that he'll defeat him and we cut to headquarters. Tsunade tells Mabui to teleport her, but Mabui worriedly states her jutsu is for objects, living flesh would be torn to shreds. Only Sandaime Raikage could handle it, even Yondaime Raikage can't. Shikaku ponders contacting Genma's squad to utilize Hiraishin with a Katsuyu clone's help, but Tsunade says she'll be fine. Pointing to the mark on her forehead, Shikaku offers she always was a gambler. She counters only so when it comes to money. Mabui asks A to make Tsunade reconsider, but he says he's going along. Tsunade states they'll need to find a way to counter Madara's Katon, so they'll leave Hiraishin for later. Back at the Daimyou fight, Naruto charges with Rasen Shuriken towards Black Zetsu, but a root reaches out to stop him. As he falls, a huge cutting blade arcs above, cutting through Zetsu. Holding Hiramekarei, Choujuurou calmly states that with confidence comes a stronger strike. Mei smiles and Genma marvels at the young man's power. Cut to pieces, Zetsu curses that he can't move. Naruto is impressed while Genma is suddenly contacted by Shikaku. He explains that Madara was revived and begins to lay out what's needed. We return to headquarters as Mabui transports the two Kage away. Back with Genma, he, Raidou and another ninja form a linked triangle with their extended arms around Mei. Mei asks if it's Hiraishin and Genma says yes, they were Yondaime's special guards and were taught the jutsu, but they're only capable of wielding it as a trio together. Choujuurou tells her to knock out Madara, he'll handle things there. She smiles, thinking over how much he had toughened. Genma states they'll transport her as soon as Tsunade arrives with the needed Hiraishin mark. She acknowledges and slyly offers that the only thing she'll do late is marry. Back at the battle, Muu and Madara jump to attack. A sudden flash of light blinds them and they're sent flying back by strikes from Tsunade and A. Dodai sends their location back to headquarters, as Muu flies into the cliff and Madara deftly spins to land on his feet. Tsunade releases the seal on her forehead, healing the torn and sliced flesh on her body. A remains unharmed and Naruto is surprised by Tsunade's arrival. He gets another as Mei and the Hiraishin trio suddenly teleport into existence nearby. She smiles seeing everyone alive and A declares happily that he can finally cut loose. Oonoki brags that being old has its perks, because who would have thought he would see the day the Five Kage would stand side by side and fight as one!...

Chapter 563: "Gathering of the Five Kage...!!" - Madara calls them a suitable challenge and Tsunade moves to heal Gaara and Oonoki. A and Mei move to buy her some time. Mei unleashes a torrent of lava, and as Madara dodges, A strikes him from his blind spot. Madara is sent flying and Mei unleashes more lava to envelope him. The ribs of Susanoo offer protection as Madara attempts to regain his footing. From the air, A smashes with a downwards chop, sending the man and his protective spectral ribs further into the earth. A third torrent of lava washes over the impact crater to bury the man. Nearby alliance ninja begin to contemplate being out of their league. Dodai directs the Hirashin trio that they can help elsewhere as the move to take on Muu. As the men jump away, A asks Tsunade if she's finished. Naruto asks if she's okay, as the last time she did that she turned old and went into a coma. Tsunade explains that it's different this time, she just healed herself and she wasn't that injured. Naruto asks her to heal him then, but Tsunade explains that there's no need. Naruto is confused and Oonoki interjects that the war isn't just to protect him anymore. From the rubble, Madara emerges unscathed as Susanoo takes further shape. He compliments their impressive Youton and Raiton skills. Mei smiles, saying she won't be accepting compliments from him. A concludes that he has to increase his speed for his offense, causing Madara to asks how their defense is? Susanoo generates and hurls giant spinning tama towards the group, which are quickly blocked by a combination of a giant golem and Karura sand shield from Oonoki and Gaara. Oonoki declares that the war is to protect everyone, which causes Naruto to say he'll simply end things now. Madara compliments the shields. Oonoki says he's got a plan of attack, as elsewhere Muu flees as the shinobi go in pursuit. As Oonoki holds on to A's back, Mei blankets the battlefield in a mist to blind Madara's Rinnegan. Muu rejoins Madara as A rushes on. Kabuto through Muu determines that A is increasing Oonoki's speed, but recalling the time Oonoki hit him while at the turtle without much damage, it won't be that ba... Muu is sent flying by a quick upward slice from A. Giving A the opening he needs. As Oonoki casts his power increasing Doton on A, the Raikage delivers a shattering right hand into Susanoo's ribs, crushing them and sending Madara flying. As the Kage gather themselves, Naruto tells Tsunade that now’s the time to heal him, but Oonoki says no. He explains that the alliance was formed because it was the only way to face Akatsuki, but after fighting with him, he wants to be there as Tsuchikage. The alliance provides the first true hope to end the hatred. So let them face Madara, as the first step in ending it. They were once like Madara, and they have to take responsibility for that. Besides, he should handle the other Madara. Tsunade offers that young and old can change things together, them on this battlefield and Naruto against the other Madara. She then offers a directive to the clone from the Five Kage, as they all yell in unison... WIN! As the clone disperses, the real Naruto continues his onwards rush. He's suddenly updated with the directive and confidently declares that he will. Seeing the man called Tobi rushing towards him, the two men fly into each other, butting heads, as Naruto grits his teeth in determination to end things once and for all...

Chapter 564: "No One" - The two men retreat and Bee warns Naruto to calm down. Tobi jokes that Naruto couldn't even scratch his mask, which is sad coming from the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. The deceased Jinchuuriki move to attack, with Roushi unleashing a torrent of Lava fireballs. Bee and Naruto dodge, and then move to strike. As they approach their attackers, Yagura moves up, creating a disk of water which reflects the oncoming duo. Swiping the water disk aside, two mirror Naruto and Bee doppelgangers are left behind which match their originals and block their approach. Bubbles from Utakata quickly engulf the duo and explode. Bee grabs Naruto with a tentacle and lifts him from harm, as the air suddenly begins to sparkle from a jutsu from Fuu. The sparkles become blinding as Han and Yugito move to attack. They're blocked, as Bee says his eyes were saved by his shades and Naruto by sensing Han's malice. Han emits steam to increase the power of his extended arm and Yugito extends the nails on her hands and feet, forcing the duo to retreat. As Naruto and Bee gather themselves, Hachibi points out their opponents must be the other Jinchuuriki and then offers sympathy for Yugito being used in that fashion. He warns Bee to be careful, and Naruto states that Madara's mask now bears two eyeholes, and he shares a Rinnegan now like Nagato and the other Madara. Naruto's usage of "other Madara" hits the masked man. Recalling Kabuto's summoning of Madara's coffin, he curses the man. Bee asks Naruto what he means, and Tobi laughs. The masked man says to call him what they want, Tobi if they prefer. His name doesn't matter; he's just the man who will complete the Moon's Eye plan. The world is worthless and full of misery, they grew up with Bijuu inside, so they should understand. Naruto counters that's it's not all bad. The Kyuubi remains silent and composed in his prison and Bee smiles. Naruto yells that no one believes Tobi's lies, he can change his name all he wants, he's still just one man. And anyway, he's had enough; he's going to tear that mask off the man's face. Reaching up to his face, Tobi warns that they'll have to work for it. As the resurrected Jinchuuriki each enter their one-tailed forms they move up to face their counterparts. Naruto and Bee are briefly shaken by the display of power and Tobi declares that he'll capture the Kyuubi and Hachibi and complete his plans...

Chapter 565: "Jinchuuriki VS Jinchuuriki!!" - Naruto declares that they can't have their Bijuu and Bee questions how the Jinchuuriki are using Bijuu powers. Hachibi surmises they were made back into Jinchuuriki somehow and their Bijuu now seem different. He tells Bee to be careful and the man bolts to attack. Naruto yells out in warning as Bee moves to slice the winged Fuu with Samehada. She deftly moves to avoid the attack but Bee lets go of the sword, allowing it to reach out to bite her. She moves to avoid, allowing Bee to use the distraction to hurl a Raiton charged sword from her blindside. She ducks and turns to look, but Bee has since moved and hurled another sword. She dodges again as the other Jinchuuriki watch on with their Rinnegan eyes. Bee questions how she can dodge what she cannot see and Naruto jumps in to explain how the Rinnegan share vision. Roushi encases himself in Lava armor and jumps to strike. Naruto dodges but is partially burned by the heat. From above Yugito emits a spectral rat hairball, which narrowly misses Naruto as Bee pulls him to safety. As the two men flee, the hairball impacts a tree, splitting into multiple hairs which follow in pursuit. Yugito herself follows, extending her nails again. She exchanges slices with Bee as he moves into hiding with Naruto. He raps in surprise at her newfound speed increase and that she managed to cut off his scarf. In turn, she looks for the duo having her own shirt sliced open by Bee. Hachibi surmises that it is due to the Sharingan allowing her to read their movements and the Rinnegan allowing them to position their attacks. He directs Bee to let him talk to Naruto, so the two men bump fists. Hachibi asks what's the plan and Naruto offers they'll have to stop them one at a time. Moreover, if they're like Nagato, they'll be controlled via black chakra rod receivers from a distance. Hachibi questions how easy it will be to remove them, as they don't know where the rods are. Bee expounds seeing one to his Bijuu's surprise. He raps that upon checking out Yugito’s chest and he saw one above her breast. Hachibi flicks his host in their internal space out of exasperation. As Yugito surveys the forest, we see through the cut opening of her shirt, to the rod implanted above her left breast. Naruto states the others must have them as well and bolts from hiding. Hachibi yells out in warning as Naruto locks up with Roushi. He grabs the man’s arm and winces from the heat. Planning to lock the man up and remove the rod, he extends a Kyuubi arm to strike with Rasengan. It breaks through the armor and clothing to reveal the rod in the man's chest and continues pushing on to destroy it. Naruto is suddenly kicked away by Han and as dust flies, Bee tentacle grabs Naruto to safety once again. Hachibi asks if they're okay and explains that their opponents have an advantage in the forest, as it obscures Bee’s vision. Therefore, Bee knows what he must do. Bee offers a happy acknowledgement as the skin begins to peal from his body. As Tobi jumps to the apex of a tree to survey the valley, the full form of Hachibi takes shape to level the playing field...