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Volume Fifty-Five Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 55
Title: Taisen, Kaisen! ~ The Great War, Outbreak!

Sai, Chouji, Shino, Hinata, Sakura, Shikamaru, Madara, Naruto, Neji, Lee, TenTen, Ino, Kiba, Akamaru

Chapter 515: "The Great War, Outbreak!" - Aoba expresses disbelief at the Tsuchikage's ridiculous power as the giant turtle flies through the sky. Holding it aloft as he flies to keep it from Mandaís view, Tsuchikage curses the strain it puts on his back. Inside, Naruto expresses confusion at the world righting itself once again and asks if they should find the absent Yamato. Aoba tells him not to worry and Naruto states that he needs to return to Konoha to await Sasuke. At Akatsuki's base, a bandaged Sasuke asks if its time but Zetsu states no and tells him to be patient. Outside the base, Aburame and Hyuuga clan members use their abilities to spy on the base after following Kabuto. Back at the turtle, Bee begins to lead Naruto through training his Bijuu chakra to manipulate objects. He quickly slices through rock and then stacks it using his tentacles. Naruto is impressed and creates a hand of Kyuubi chakra to grasp a stone. It easily shatters and Bee offers a rap to use a lighter touch. Naruto tries again, gingerly lifting the stone into place. The turtle shakes as Tsuchikage lifts it down into place. He curses his back and the Mizukage asks him the present status. He reveals the Jinchuuriki are safe but that Yamato was taken. At the Akatsuki base, Kabuto offers that he would like Yamato left alive so he could use him. Madara states he could find out what the Leaf know using the Rinnegan, but it would kill Yamato in the process. Madara looks to the bound Yamato, surmising Kabuto developed a poison to neutralize the Mokuton powers. Kabuto tells him not to worry; he wouldn't use it against Zetsu. Madara silently curses Orochimaru, wondering just how much he really knew. Yamato winces and apologizes to everyone for being captured. Kabuto then states with his truth serum and Madara's Sharingan, they can get what they want from Yamato. At Kumo, a messenger bird arrives detailing the planned invasion path for the Akatsuki army. Evacuation orders are given for the villages in the path and the Kage discuss forming five counter divisions to hit Akatsuki first. Gaara hands Tsuchikage a new forehead protector marked "Shinobi" to show their joint alliance. Mifune says the Samurai will fight at their side and says it's time to begin.

Some time later Kankurou greets his squad as the new captain of the Ambush division. Sai asks what kind of nickname he would like and Omoi wonders if they'll be okay with such a young captain. Elsewhere Shizune greets her medical squad and warns them that TonTon is not food. Inoichi meets with his intel squad and tells Aoba he heard he had it rough. Aoba says yes and Tenga offers excitement at meeting Inoichi. Captain of the sensor squad Ao offers words of encouragement to Shii who is experiencing his first war. Standing above the five shinobi armies, Kakashi tells Gaara that he should offer some words as their Commander General. The mid-range Division 1 looks on, with TenTen questioning Chouza as to what kind of general the sluggish looking Darui is. In the close range Division 2, Hinata expresses worry and Karui says the war will be easy. Neji looks on and Kurotsuchi expresses dissatisfaction at working under her father. Kitsuchi watches on, thinking he and his daughter can turn the tide in their favor. In the close-mid range Division 3 under Kakashi, a worried Lee and Sakura look over the unconscious Guy. In the long range Division 4, Chouji quickly eats while he can and Temari warns Shikamaru to be prepared. Since her brother is both general of their division and Commander General over them all, Shikamaru will be expected to act as proxy general for Gaara in their division. In the special-ops Division 5 under Mifune, Kiba expresses hope that he can use his war success to become Hokage. Hana chides his foolishness and Shino states they need to not draw attention to themselves. An amused Ino offers that Shino won't have a problem with that. Inside Akatsuki's base, Kabuto lays out their forces. First up are the resurrected Akatsuki, then the previous Jinchuuriki hosts and the previous Kage consisting of Sandaime Raikage, Yondaime Kazekage and others. Finally are other skilled ninja, which includes Zabuza, Haku, Kimimaro, Chiyo, Hanzou, Asuma, Dan, Hizashi and others. Inside the Gedou flower stem, Yamato remains imprisoned alongside the Hashirama clone. The Zetsu stand ready as Madara orders the army to move out. The march to the start of the Fourth Great Ninja War has begun...


Chapter 516: "Gaara's Speech" - As the resurrected ninja move out, ninja from Leaf spy their movements. Anko orders them to leave as she remains behind to keep an eye on Akatsuki. As the resurrected journey, Haku states that his mind is clear but he can't control his body. A Rock ninja reveals they were revived with Edo Tensei, which Zabuza calls bad news, as he would never willingly fight in such a fashion. At the base, Madara directs Sasori, Deidara, a Root member and Chuukichi from Mist to act as an ambush and distraction squad. Chuukichi recognizes the Akatsuki and attempts to fight back, but Kabuto reasserts control to stop him. Sasori offers that Akatsuki has gone to hell since he died. Deidara calls him arrogant and the two exchange verbal barbs. Kabuto explains that for now he's just controlling the movement of the resurrected and when the fighting starts, he'll turn them into mindless killing machines. In the forest beyond, Asuma asks if the Leaf beside him is Dan. Dan says yes, offering recognition of how they were returned. Hizashi asks why this happened and Asuma says he has a bad feeling about it. At the base, Madara states he'll leave original Zetsu in the base to watch over Sasuke and protect him from Kabuto. Kabuto laughs and Madara states the Zetsu army will move underground. Kabuto says they just have one thing to handle. As Anko's team flees, she herself quickly turns and unleashes snakes to defend against Kabuto's own snake attack. In the sky above, Chuukichi and Deidara locate the Leaf spies. Down below one of the Leaf team remains behind to stall their pursuers. At the shinobi army, ninja from Sand and Rock begin to trade insults about Gaara's abilities and the lack of trust they have in their new compatriots. Hinata asks if this plan can really work as the Rock and Sand ninja begin to throw punches. A burst of sand quickly explodes between the men to separate them. Up above, Gaara watches on and begins his speech. He states that the ninja world has come to war three times, and he was a Jinchuuriki born from that strife. He hated the world and wanted to destroy it like Akatsuki does today. But one man changed him, an enemy who wept for him and called him friend. A fellow Jinchuuriki saved him because they shared the same pain. And in their new army there are no enemies among them, all have suffered at Akatsuki's hands, they're are all shinobi. And if anyone holds a grudge against Sand, they can take his head after the war is over. If Akatsuki takes his friend, the world is over. Yelling out the plea, Gaara states he wants to protect his friend and protect the world, but he can't do it himself, he needs their aid! The gathered troops cheer and say they're with him. Temari smiles at her brother's conviction and Gaara orders them to move out. Inside the turtle, Naruto finally masters stacking the blocks with his chakra arm. Bee raps that there's one part left and not to give up even if he feels helpless. In the countryside, the joint shinobi army divisions move out. In the air Kankurouís squad flies on ink birds, elsewhere Ao's sensor squad begin preparations with their sensor sphere. At Kumo, Raikage declares they will win this war and Tsuchikage and Tsunade offer their agreement...

Chapter 517: "Omoi's 'War'!!" - As Omoi flies on his ink bird, he begins to run through worse case scenarios in the war ahead. Kankurou tells him to pay attention, so Omoi gathers himself asks the other man if he's worried. Kankurou offers that it'll depend on how well they execute their plans, so he should focus on how to protect his friends and family by making it a success. In Hot Springs and Frost, preparations are made to evacuate due to their location in the conflict ahead. Elsewhere Anko's team has become separated. Muta Aburame makes preparations for his bugs to carry his recon info scroll back to the army. As Deidara drops bombs on the hidden ninja below, Chuukichi reveals he's having trouble finding them due to the Aburame bugs disrupting his sensor jutsu. Back at Kankurou's team, he tells each member their jobs: Omoi plants explosives, Sai runs recon in the air, Ittan makes Doton trenches, Tango sets up a chakra antenna, Saji and Hoheto on sensor duty and Kiri helping plan. Saji boasts that they'll be okay with his scanning. Hoheto warns him not to let down his guard. Kankurou explains Edo Tensei and how the resurrected can only be stopped by removing their soul or immobilizing them. They must capture Kabuto and use Genjutsu to make him end the technique. Elsewhere Kabuto holds a defeated Anko in his snakes, while Gaara and Darui's armies split off to search for Akatsuki. At Kankurou's position, his team remains encamped in their trenches having set up their traps. Saji reports being sensor jammed as Muta emerges from the shadows. Saji rushes to his aid and Kankurou yells for him to stop. Hoheto scans the injured Aburame from a distance as Muta pleads for Saji to flee. Hoheto reveals there's something in his gourd as Muta quickly grabs and restrains Saji. Kankurou recognizes the unique movement as Sasori manipulates Muta using his puppet strings. Sasori quickly sends Muta and the restrained Saji towards his companions as Deidara makes ready to explode the clay in the gourd. Ittan quickly uses a Doton as the clay detonates, dropping them into a depression. In the sky above Sai turns towards the activity. Down below Deidara boasts about his art and Chuukichi scans for their enemies. Behind a rock wall, Ittan curses that he couldn't save Muta as Kankurou directs Kiri to heal Saji, who he managed to free with his own puppetry. Omoi ponders that in war there's no time to mourn comrades or think as he quickly moves to combat with his sword the oncoming enemies who sprint down into the depression. The enemies move to safety, who are revealed as fellow allies Tokuma and Ranka under puppet control. As another enemy comes down he's hit in the back by a falling Sai, who sends him crashing into the ground below. Sai rejoins his comrades as Deidara flies in on his bird. He offers that their comrades are still alive, so how will they proceed? Kankurou curses Akatsuki and demands Sasori come out of hiding. He then offers that's it's rare for counter ambush squads to meet on the field of battle. Deidara retorts that whoever wins will set the tone for the war and they won't lose because they're immortal. As the Root member stands and straightens himself out, Sai looks on in horror, finally recognizing his brother Shin. His brother pleads for Sai to run but Omoi cautions they shouldn't be anxious. Drawing his sword he readies himself, offering that he won't let them force friends and family to hurt one another...

Chapter 518: "The Ambush Squads Clash" - As the two sides converge, Kankurou barks out orders. As Sai locks swords with Shin, he pleads for his brother to stop. Deidara boasts that they can't be killed as Omoi spins through the air to strike. Mere feet from Deidara, he quickly turns to instead cut the puppet strings controlling the recon team members. The recon members are taken to safety as Sasori watches from above. Kankurou locates the man and quickly attaches his chakra strings to Sasori's cut strings. He heaves, pulling Sasori down from his hiding spot above. Ittan uses another Doton, bringing the earth back up to its old level. The change quickly knocks Deidara off his bird, as Sasori comes crashing into him as well. Shin comes to protect the duo and Sasori offers approval at Kankurou's skill improvement. Kankurou states he's honored, but his Black Hijutsu is better than Sasori's Red. Withdrawing a scroll, he quickly summons Sasori's puppet body. Sasori acts unimpressed, remarking how useless the puppet was now that he's truly immortal. Sasori attaches strings to Shin and he pleads for them to run away. Kankurou directs the injured be taken to safety. Hoheto uses his Byakugan and sees explosive clay inside Shin. Omoi offers that he's heard Raiton disables Deidara's clay. Sasori sends Shin forward as Kankurou in turn sends his Sasori puppet. The two puppets exchange blade strikes as Omoi comes in to assist. Shin is pulled to safety, right as Kankurou planned. Deidara moves to detonate the clay in Shin as Kankurou initiates Sanshouou, which emerges from the ground to contain Shin. Sai yells out as his brother explodes. In the distance, Chuukichi hears the explosion and turns to return to the battle. As the dust clears, Omoi remains protected behind the Sasori puppet's chakra shield. Sanshouou is utterly destroyed having contained much of the blast. Sai gathers himself, as his sketch book lays on the ground beside him. Deidara surmises how the bomb was contained as Sai questions the usage of "bomb" for his brother. Deidara calls the man a poor replacement for Sasuke as Shin begins to reform. Deidara offers that they can't be killed, which means he can use Shin over and over as a bomb. Shin offers that's dead and been freed from Root. Sasori offers that Root members are trained to be emotionless like he himself. Sai pulls out his ink scroll as Deidara questions if he really thinks he's an artist, art explodes! An enraged Sai demands he try it, as he quickly draws out figures on his scroll his art book flies open. He quickly moves behind the Akatsuki duo on his ink bird as two ink giants charge. Shin looks down onto Sai's book, remembering their time together as children when Sai promised to show him it when he finished. The giants smash into Deidara's bird, sending the duo forward to safety. Kankurou quickly acts, summoning two Kuroari to capture them. Deidara offers that he doesn't have a choice, but he's going to have to suicide bomb again. As Deidara preps his chest mouth as Omoiís blade charged with Raiton enters Kuroari to pierce and neutralize him. The other Kuroari pierces Sasori with blades as Kankurou unleashes the Sasori puppet's wire to bind the Kuroari further. Looking at his resurrected brother, Sai dejectedly says it appears they must fight as they were always destined to. Shin smiles, offering there's no need. Having now seen Sai's completed picture of them holding hands in happiness, his soul has finally found peace and been unbound. Sai begins to cry as his brother offers his thanks and begins to unravel into nothing. Kankurou offers to Sasori that his strength came because of his soul, not in spite of it. Even after becoming a puppet it couldn't be erased. But now even with his original body returned, he has become a puppet to someone else...

Chapter 519: "The Bijuu Ball" - Kankurou continues, stating he's controlling the real Sasori by using his puppet, as it's Sasori's jutsu and creations which inherited his soul. Sasori smiles and laughs, stating that's probably what he always wanted anyway. Deidara yells for Sasori to not buy it but his partner ponders Kankurou's words and agrees with them. As he begins to crumble he asks Kankurou to use his Father and Mother puppets and pass them on to the next generation. Kankurou says he will and a short time passes. The gathered ninja look at the corpse sacrifice which was once Sasori and debate what happened. Deidara continues to yell from his confinement and Kankurou offers that maybe inner feelings are not so easy to contain. He then orders his team to prepare for their ambush. Elsewhere Kabuto holds onto Anko and ponders that he has a good feel for things now. He then tells Madara to head to the front line. The other remains quiet, realizing that Kabuto lead Anko to the base on purpose and probably wants the two armies to destroy each other. Back at the turtle, Bee directs Naruto into a new training room to work on the most powerful Jinchuuriki move. First he needs to enter the full Bijuu beast form, which Bee shows by transforming into the full Hachibi. Naruto states he's a bit scared of that but Bee tells him not to worry, and just pull out the pure chakra and picture the beast. Naruto begins pulling out chakra and transforms, but he remains normal size in a comical quasi-Kyuubi/Naruto form. Naruto reverts to normal and Bee states that it doesn't work since he's not on good terms with the Kyuubi. Hachibi questions Bee on how he'll teach Naruto the Bijuu Ball if he can't transform? Naruto states he's exhausted and Hachibi tells Bee that Naruto needs to know the risks. So he takes over and speaks to Naruto for the first time. He warns that when he uses the Kyuubi chakra, the Kyuubi has access to Naruto's original chakra in return. If it's all syphoned off, he'll die. Naruto questions why Bee doesn't have that problem, and Hachibi say he did early on, but they are now on good terms. And since the Kyuubi still isn't on board, Naruto is vulnerable. He then also tells Naruto to not use Kage Bunshin in that mode, as it'll be even easier for the Kyuubi to syphon chakra. Naruto offers that he's not worried, as he has a lot of chakra. Hachibi tells him not to underestimate the Kyuubi and that if he keeps using the Kyuubi chakra in battle for long periods, he could easily die. So it's probably better to forget the Bijuu Ball and work on his own moves. Naruto asks what kind of move it is and Hachibi explains using shape manipulation to compress chakra into a ball and fire it from the mouth, kind of like throwing up. Naruto recalls the Kyuubi doing the blast when he fought him earlier and states he'll try it. He quickly enters Kyuubi chakra mode and sticks his hand down his throat. He gags and vomits and Hachibi says it only works in full Bijuu form mode. Bee returns to normal and says they'll just work on Naruto's jutsu in this mode. Naruto says he can't, as he needs Kage Bunshin to do Rasengan and thatís dangerous to use while in the mode. Bee raps that the arms and legs are in Naruto's head and he quickly grasps what he needs to do. Forming Kyuubi chakra arms, he attempts Rasengan. Balls of light and dark chakra begin to coalesce in a sphere in his palm which shocks Bee. The jutsu explodes sending Naruto off balance and Bee demands to know where he learned the jutsu, as it looks exactly like the Bijuu Ball. Naruto states he got it from Jiraiya, who was taught by the original developer Yondaime Hokage. Bee raps that whether it's coincidence, fate or a miracle, the jutsu appears to have been modeled after the Bijuu Ball. It's a jutsu which seems like it was made to pass the Bijuu Ball on just to him! Bee offers that the shape manipulation is hard to do in human form, but adding rotation will stabilize things. Naruto offers that it doesn't feel like normal Rasengan, to which Bee explains that Bijuu chakra is made of dark positive chakra and white negative chakra. When compressed with a ratio of 8 black to 2 white, the ball will be stable and form! Bee yells for Naruto to try it again and Naruto eagerly affirms!...

Kabuto, Madara, Zetsu & Naruto

Chapter 520: "The Secret of Edo Tensei" - Naruto stands focused, drawing in positive and negative chakra into a Rasengan. The jutsu fails and Bee tells him his ratio was off. Naruto says he can't handle the ratio thing and instead learns more through experience. So he'll practice until he gets it, he then winces from the burns on his palms. Bee cautions that in human form he'll continue hurting his hands, but Naruto counters that he's not going to worry about trivial things. He re-enters Kyuubi chakra mode and asks Bee to tell him when he gets the correct ratio. Elsewhere Madara questions why Kabuto has yet to kill Anko, as she knows their location. Kabuto explains that he needs to extract Orochimaru's curse seal chakra from her, as it'll increase his own powers. This helps Edo Tensei, which will also help Madara in his goals. Madara retorts that an ally today may be an enemy tomorrow, so he wants to know how Edo Tensei works, mainly why it requires a living sacrifice and how to stop it. He then warns that Kabuto should take the request seriously, or he'll run the risk of losing his life. Kabuto ponders that he doesn't want to face the Rinnegan but there's no need to panic. Kabuto relents but says he has no one to sacrifice for the jutsu. Madara assists, quickly swirling the bound forms of Fuu and Torune back into existence before him. Kabuto recognizes Danzou's guards and Madara quickly grabs Torune and breaks his neck. He then directs Kabuto to sacrifice Fuu to resurrect Torune. Kabuto withdraws a scroll and begins his explanation of the jutsu. Taking some of Torune's blood, he explains how it acts like Kuchiyose, summoning the spirit from the "pure" world of the afterlife to the "impure" world of life. He needs enough of their DNA to retrieve then, if there's no DNA or if the soul is not in the afterlife, it can't be retrieved. That's why Orochimaru's attempt to revive Yondaime Hokage failed, as he was in the Shinigami's stomach, the same as Shodai, Nidaime and Sandaime now. That's why they can't be resurrected, and finding usable DNA for all the other ninjas was difficult as well, as he had a few failures. Drawings out the jutsu ritual signs on the ground, he places Fuu in the center while Madara watches on intently. Ash begins to quickly engulf Fuu as he screams out, soon a confused resurrected Torune takes his place. Kabuto offers that it's the most powerful jutsu in the world, having been created by Nidaime Hokage and perfected by Orochimaru. Inserting a charm into Torune's head, he explains how it kills the personality but still allows them to use all their original jutsu. This thus allows Nagato to still use his Rinnegan and Itachi his Sharingan. Kabuto then offers that he could never find Shisui's body and he couldn't reach Jiraiya's body in the depths of the sea. Though Danzou's right eye he got from Shisui and Rikudou Pain's weapons marked with Jiraiya's blood should still carry usable DNA. Madara warns him to not push his luck. Kabuto smiles and says he has enough pawns in any case. Madara offers that the jutsu is too good to be true, it must have some risk. Kabuto smiles and we cut to the Joint Shinobi Army. Ao yells that Muta's intel has identified the Zetsu army moving underground. The Kage direct them to contact Kintsuchi and use Doton to dig them up. Using special chakra transmitters, they quickly relay the information to the front and to Kintsuchi. Elsewhere Haku, Zabuza and the resurrected continue travelling through the forest. Haku is alerted as ink birds carrying explosive tags fly in. They detonate and above on Sai's ink bird Saji is directed to alert the army. He lights a red flare and Kakashi and Gai spot the signal. He orders them to move out while in the forest Haku maintains a defensive ice shield. Zabuza offers that it wasn't necessary as he sees a comrade reform. He then ponders that Edo Tensei not only brings them back to life, but make them invincible; two things which don't sit well with him. Back at the Akatsuki base, Kabuto craftily answers that the great thing about Edo Tensei is that it proves no risk to the user at all!...


Chapter 521: "The Army's Battle Begins!!" - Kabuto goes on to state that the only risk is that its legendary status could make him even more highly regarded than Madara. Madara warns Kabuto not to press his luck. Kabuto thanks the man for the warning, but says the biggest risk was showing Madara how itís done. Kabuto expresses desire to leave but Madara declares he wants to know how to stop the jutsu. Kabuto explains that the souls can only be stopped by controlling him with Sharingan and making him use specific hand seals, or by sealing the souls away. Madara says that it indeed easy, if he was telling the truth. Kabuto says he wouldn't lie and then takes his leave. As he jumps through the trees he affirms that things will be okay with Edo Tensei and his other jutsu, and with them he'll learn the secrets of the Rikudou. Black Zetsu emerges near Madara and the Uchiha asks for verification that Kabuto has White Zetsu spores on him. Black Zetsu says yes and he is ordered to proceed with his objective. Elsewhere Chuukichi meets up with Chiyo and several other resurrected to request backup. Chiyo ponders the power of someone able to control so many revived bodies. At the Special-Ops command, Mifune is told of the Zetsu army so he directs support to Kitsuchi's location. Back at the front, Haku reveals how the bird in the sky didn't match known behavior for its species. He then moves to take action. Elsewhere Division 2 readies themselves as Kitsuchi and Kurotsuchi use a Doton to purge the Zetsu army from within the earth. As the Zetsu erupt through the air, the gathered Allied forces launch attacks. A distance away the ambush squad flies on Sai's bird, they look to the sky as snow begins to fall. An ice mirror takes shape as Haku throws needles from within. The needles disrupt the ink bird, sending Sai and his team back down to the ground below. Saji identifies the resurrected, including Pakura of Sand and Gari of Rock, as having Bloodlines. Zabuza chimes in to offer everyone but himself. Haku offers apologies as he and the resurrected charge. Their onslaught is stopped by reinforcements. Lee holds Haku while Kakashi locks kunai with Zabuza. Haku greets Kakashi and Zabuza offers that he knew he'd fight someone, but he never expected it to be him. He expected to be sent to hell after dying at the bridge, but the next thing he knew he was revived and standing beside Haku. Kakashi says they are indeed in the real world but they don't belong there. Sakura looks on, recognizing the Mist duo. Zabuza tells Sakura she sure grew up, and asks if Naruto is doing okay. She says yes and Haku recalls Naruto's promise to become the greatest shinobi in the world. Zabuza states Naruto must be famous after defeating them; Kakashi says yes, they even named the bridge after him. Haku smiles and Kakashi says it was thanks to them that Naruto found his ninja way; he swore on their graves that he'd become an admirable shinobi. Haku offers that he's sure Naruto will continue doing so then. Elsewhere Kabuto looks down at a map of the resurrectedís position and ponders if they've had enough time to reminisce. Forming a hand seal, he begins to withdraw Orochimaru's chakra from the unconscious Anko. He declares that the true fight will now begin as a burst of power suddenly flows in Zabuza. As the energy increases his demonic nature, he pleads for Kakashi to somehow stop them...


Chapter 522: "I'm Already Dead" - The Shinobi retreat, identifying Zabuza and Haku of the Yuki Clan. The resurrected wince as power flows in and Kakashi warns his people to be ready. Haku voices again to be stopped, as his dream was die to as Zabuza's tool, and if Zabuza is here, he failed. Kakashi offers that Zabuza died for another reason, and didn't view him as a tool at the end. Haku is surprised and Zabuza tells Kakashi to shut it. Kakashi explains that Naruto made Zabuza understand that shinobi can't become emotionless tools. Elsewhere Kabuto feels Haku and Zabuza resisting, so he increases his control to make them mindless killing machines. At the battle, Zabuza tells Kakashi to not hold back as his humanity is dead. Kakashi reveals his Sharingan and says no problem. A snowflake hits Haku's face and melts as a tear. He wipes it away and silently thanks Zabuza. An allied ninja explains that they also face Gari, a Bakuton user from Rock and Pakura, a Shakuton (Scorch Element) user from Sand. As Zabuza uses Hidden Mist technique, Kakashi directs his people into formation. Lee, Sakura, Guy and Kakashi stand back to back. Lee says he'll protect Sakura, and she warns how Zabuza strikes. The air soon cools and the resurrected begin their attack. Elsewhere Kabuto feels the difference in power with Orochimaru's chakra, allowing him to update his control fuda and kill personalities if needed. At the Iron Country, Suigetsu and Juugo escape from their cells. Suigetsu reports he's unable to find his sword, and compliments Juugo as having a better demeanor than Karin. Back at the battle, Pakura unleashes Shakuton attacks, removing the water from ninja while Gari blows others up with Bakuton strikes. Haku quickly flies in from a mirror but is stopped by a kick from Guy and Lee. Guy warns the allied ninja to always be on guard and expect to see their friends die. Because losing their heads will only cause more to fall. Kakashi locks kunai with Zabuza and offers that he knows their patterns now. Elsewhere Kabuto says it's not going to be so easy and moves more markers to his battle map. Pakura and Gari quickly move to summon and as the dust clears, six new resurrected ninja stand on the battlefield. Now wielding his head cleaver, Zabuza looks on with the six other members of the previous generation Mist Seven Swordsmen...

Zabuza, Kushimaru, Ameyuri, Jinpachi, Mangetsu, Jinin, Fuguki

Chapter 523: "The Legendary Seven Swordsmen" - Kakashi asks if Team Ensui from the Nara Clan and Aki from Sand are ready. They affirm and Kakashi orders everyone to unleash everything. Suddenly the gathered ninja launch and summon bladed weapons which are hurled towards the Swordsmen. At the Iron Country, Suigetsu states he couldn't find the sword and Juugo questions why he cares so much anyway. Suigetsu offers that his dream is to reform the Seven Swordsmen as their leader. Currently only Choujuurou is active with one of the swords passed down through the generations. Kisame left with Samehada and he had found Zabuza's blade. The rest of the group really isn't active. At the battle, the dust begins to settle and the ninja question how they can beat the swordsmen, with one offering thanks that at least only one has his sword. Kakashi considers that he wishes that was so, as Mangetsu opens a scroll bearing the mark of the seven swords. Four are activated, summoning the blades to their master's hands. Guy offers that the fog proves a problem, as the Mist silent killing jutsu makes them hard to locate. Kakashi says they need to take care of the fog and Ensui says his shadow control of Kakashi is in place. Kakashi asks him to loosen it so he can move and orders Yamanaka Santa to take control of his body to locate Zabuza in the fog. Once he finds him, release control back to Kakashi so he can lock shadows with Zabuza. This will allow Ensui to grab onto Zabuza so ninja from Sand immobilize him with their cloth jutsu. Kakashi orders everyone to move and in the Iron Country Suigetsu goes on to explain the swords and their masters. "Kiba" the Fang, the most powerful Raiton sword used by Ringo Ameyuri; "Kabutowari" the Helmsplitter, used by Akebino Jinin; "Nuibari" the Sewing Needle used by Kuriarare Kushimaru and "Shibuki" the Splash, used by Munashi Jinpachi. As Suigetsu describes each blade, we cut to the battle to see them in action. Ameyuri electrocutes with Kiba, Jinin hammers and cuts with Kabutowari, Kushimaru cuts and stitches together with Nuibariís wire and Jinpachi cuts and explodes with Homatsu's explosive tagged blade. Suigetsu then highlights Suikazan Fuguki the original wielder of Samehada and his older brother Mangetsu, the second coming of Zabuza who mastered all the blades. And finally there's him, who will lead the new generation. Juugo retorts that he gets it, but questions why Suigetsu would want Zabuza's blade after it was cut in two by Killer Bee. Suigetsu challenges that the man knows nothing, the Kubikiri Bouchou has a power as well. It can never by chipped or nicked, or rather, it automatically repairs itself using the iron of the blood of people it cuts down. We then cut to the battlefield as Zabuza slices through opponents, giving his blade the iron it needs to reform. Ensui and Santa urge Kakashi on as he charges towards Zabuza's back with Raikiri. In an instant Haku is there block the strike with his body. Kakashi watches on with Sharingan while Kabuto watches the battlefield via his map elsewhere. He ponders that the Hidden Mist jutsu evens the field, and he can use others as shields. It even looks like Haku tried to sacrifice himself to protect Zabuza, even though Haku's still under his control. At the battlefield Zabuza quickly turns, intent to cut through both Haku and Kakashi with his blade...

Chapter 524: "Things I Want to Protect" - Recalling Zabuza's previous attempt to cut through Haku to kill him, Kakashi quickly attempts to maneuver backwards. Zabuza's blade effortlessly slices through Haku and catches Kakashi's stomach to draw blood. Ensui reports he was able to grab onto only one, and Santa wonders if that means Kakashi was taken out. Kakashi recalls back to after the Wave Country mission. Naruto states he wants to go on another A-Rank mission, but Kakashi says he needs to be more skilled. Naruto ponders that he needs to find more things to protect anyway, recalling Haku's words that people can only become strong when they have someone to protect. Kakashi asks if Naruto agrees. He says yes, when he saw Haku and Zabuza he felt the same. And one other thing... We return to the present to see Zabuza's Kubikiri drenched with blood, being too short to cut through Kakashi, it quickly uses the blood it did draw to regain its full form. Kakashi cradles the unconscious Haku in his arms as the dust begins to reform his body. He offers thanks to the two men that they were Naruto's first opponents. Forming hand seals he directs Maki to wait for his signal. He recalls Haku's previous death and offers to Zabuza that when he first tried to cut through Haku, he hesitated, showing that he was emotionally affected. But now, since they're just emotionless killing machines, it's time to end things. As Zabuza charges, Kakashi launches himself with a charged Raikiri. Kakashi continues recalling after the mission, and Naruto asking if it's weird he liked Zabuza and Haku. Kakashi smiles and we return to see Kubikiri Bouchou spin and plant itself into the ground near Haku. As blood flies, Kakashi's arm extends through Zabuza's chest, having also sliced through his arm. Kakashi remembers thinking he liked the two men too. Slamming his foot onto Zabuza's shadow, he signals Ensui to quickly bind the man. Kakashi offers that their deaths and the tears they shed showed their bond, and he himself has things he wants to protect too. Elsewhere Kabuto curses, we return to the battlefield and Kakashi states he wanted to protect their memory and still be the last person they faced. As the spewed blood pools and falls, it mimics tears on Haku's face and Zabuza's reflection in Haku's nearby ice mirror. The mirror shatters and Kakashi signals Maki. She unwraps her material and the fog soon clears. The soldiers look on as the wrapped forms of Zabuza and Haku are sealed away, with Maki offering they can't be summoned again. Holding Kubikiri Bouchou in his hand, Kakashi offers that Edo Tensei can't be forgiven. He tells Sai he'll need his Root Fuuinjutsu but the young man says he doesn't know how. Kakashi offers to Sai that he knows he was one of Danzou's prized soldiers, so now is not the time to hold back. He then calmly states that he's normally low key, but now he's ready to go on a rampage. We cut away to another battle as a White Zetsu ensnarls Neji. He emits chakra to blast it away and Kiba states there's no end to them. Kitsuchi receives word of more Zetsu on the move below. Kurotsuchi calls out for her father and he yells that yes, he knows what to do. Elsewhere an empty desert shows footprints from an invisible walker. As a bandaged man comes into being, he identifies the sensor sand on the ground and offers compliments that it managed to catch him, Muu the Nidaime Tsuchikage. Standing above, Gaara announces to the gathered army hidden by the sands behind him that their targets have arrived...