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Volume Seventy Manga Summary
Naruto: VOLUME 70
Title: Naruto to Rikudou Sennin...!! ~ Naruto and the Rikudou Sennin...!!

Chapter 669 "The Eight Inner Gates Formation!!" - Extending his right fist, Guy strikes with the First Step which impacts Madara in the form of an elephant's foot. As Lee watches with earnest sadness, he yells encouragement to his sensei. Madara is slammed into the earth and Minato questions if that's Guy's?... Lee explains that it's his Sekizou, just as Guy takes the Second Step. With his blood pumping and veins throbbing, Guy readies his left fist but winces in pain. Lee notices the delay and questions what's wrong, as the attack is supposed to be continuous, as it shifts up in speed from one to five times. Guy returns to the ground and marvels at the immense pain he's feeling. He affirms that he can handle it though and concludes he needs to try again without stopping. Lee continues breaking the attack down, understanding that great stress is placed on the body up through Gate Five, and he can only guess what pain the body faces though the Gate of Death. Far below at the bottom of the impact hole of the Sekizou, Madara ruminates on how the bombardment makes a kind of air cannon due to the punched air. As one of the horns breaks from his crown of flesh, he concludes that getting hit by four or five of the strikes would be bad, so he should avoid getting hit by the fists creating them. As he flies from the hole into the sky above, Guy jumps to meet him. Madara eagerly submits to wanting to play with one who uses the rare fighting style. Down below, Kakashi worries because Madara was not stopped. Gaara questions what the man did and Kakashi explains the power of the Eight Gates and how it's the final stage of the jutsu Lee once used on him years before. So while it temporarily grants a power tens of times greater than the Five Kage, afterwards they will inevitably die. As Madara begins to maneuver away, Guy follows by kicking the air. Gaara recalls the love Guy showed for the utterly ruined Lee after their fight and questions Lee if he's okay. Lee declares that he's not sad, for a man who resolved himself in this way, a show of compassion or sorrow would be an insult! Kakashi and Gaara are silent but Minato pauses and then announces they need to help Guy. Lee turns to Minato and Kakashi explains that the black weapons Madara wields are trouble. Minato agrees, explaining that they don't activate from nothing, they're always on standby and ready to change form. Their impact points will disappear, but the sensation is clear when they make contact. They appear to only be able to travel about 70 meters before he loses control of them. Because they physically exist and can be tracked, they should be vulnerable to Kamui. Kakashi offers that he's beginning to go blind in his left eye, so they'll have to be close to target them. Minato asks Gaara if he can prepare some sand? Gaara asks if he needs to transport Kakashi, but questions if that's good since he can't move fast enough to avoid Madara's attacks. Minato explains that where he comes in, as he'll have Kakashi carry one of his kunai. Lee opens the Sixth Gate and explains that's as far as he can go to Minato. Clenching his fist in shame, he curses that he lacks the power to go farther. Minato reassures Lee that it's enough, as he's a new fresh leaf which Guy is risking his life to protect. Darting around Madara in a circle, Guy prepares to strike again. Down below, Minato asks Lee to support and guard Gaara and to take one of his Hiraishin kunai. As Madara watches on, Guy takes the First Step again. Madara acknowledges the man's speed and manipulates his spheres into a shield. As the First foot strikes, the shield holds as the air blasts around him. He turns in alarm as the Second Step hits him from the unguarded opposite side. Madara's form is wrecked as a Third and Fourth step fly in from above to impact. He coughs blood as he realizes he can no longer move. Bursting through the air Guy moves to use the Fifth Step. Minato yells for Guy to keep going as Madara spies the oncoming threat. The spheres morphs again, encasing the man in a protective bubble. Firing the remaining spheres at Guy, the Leaf below finally take action. Lee hurls the kunai in front of Guy as Madara's spheres fly to meet him. Minato compliments Lee's timing and is instantly in the sky where the kunai once flew. Minato and the fives spheres suddenly teleport away as Guy continues racing towards the cloaked Uchiha. As Gaara extends his arm, Kakashi flies in on a sand cloud within feet of Madara. He casts Kamui and a hole on the bubble opens as the black matter is teleported away. Madara turns to spy the weakness, just as Guy and his fist enter the now unprotected zone. The Fifth Step connects and the bubble shatters as Madara flies out through it. More blood flies as Madara's body crashes and skids across the top of the land below. As Guy looks on, he breathes under heavy duress. Gathering himself, Madara wipes the blood away from his mouth with a devilish smile. He compliments Guy on being the first one since Hashirama to get him so excited. He asks if he can still go, or is he out of moves? He still wants to play! Guy's eyes narrow as he learns that the Sekizou did not stop the man. We leave the battlefield to see a drip fall into a pool of liquid. Floating on the surface, Naruto's life returns as his eyes go wide in alarm...

Chapter 670 "He of the Beginning...!!" - Naruto questions if he's dead, but a nearby voice asks why he thinks in that manner. The dignified stranger contemplates how the ones of the current time so easily assume they're dead, leaving little hope to their own abilities. Naruto asks who the man is and the other admits he asks a very precise question, but he doubts Naruto will be able to connect his name to his actions as a herald. Sitting aloft his black spheres, the man explains that he is the one who shall achieve peace and order, the man known as Hagoromo. Naruto looks on with confusion and Hagoromo admits he did foresee that Naruto would react in that way. Naruto offers apologies, as he's having trouble following his extremely formal manner of speech. Naruto finally grasps something familiar upon seeing the man's eyes. Calling out "Rinnegan!", Hagoromo affirms Naruto possesses keen eyes as well, meaning all that remains if for Naruto to comprehend the current circumstances of their meeting. For Naruto hasn't died, this is the inner mind, but haste not, for rushing will accomplish nothing. Naruto narrows his eyes and purses his lips as the man rambles on. He deduces the man is not an enemy and finally yells in annoyance to speak more simply and use normal words. Hagoromo acknowledges that he's an anachronism, over time cultural traditions and ethics have brought about change. Each time he has met a reincarnate, he has come to sense the great differences between himself and the other. He used this to learn new mores and words, but... A cry of "Shaddup!" comes from Naruto, as he declares he doesn't have time to sit around and listen to a weird geezer. Hagoromo is unfazed, concluding that it's not just a matter of searching for the words, he needs to take into account the current idealistic and materialistic thinking. Naruto wilts under the archaic intellectual onslaught and asks the man if he's an alien or what, he seems so dignified but... Hagoromo immediately retorts with slang, saying that's a bit much, ain't it? Laughing off being called an alien, he corrects himself that maybe it ain't too far out. The 180 degree personality shift dumbfounds Naruto and Hagoromo questions if he still fails to understand him, to think conversation would prove such a difficult task... Having finally achieved a middle ground, Naruto quickly interjects to say he finally can understand now. Hagoromo states he'll continue speaking in that manner then. Naruto thanks the man, but concludes his words don't really match up with his regal demeanor. If he could be a bit more formal, he wouldn't look so dumb. Hagoromo rebuffs that "dumb" is a bit much, but I guess considering how he was talking, he can't really blame him. Finally reaching a structured formal style, he asks Naruto how he sounds now. Naruto calls it perfect and the man concludes he thinks he's got it now. Glad that he can finally talk with the man, Naruto asks where he is and how he can get out. Hagoromo cautions the boy to not be hasty, for he is someone from the past who is already dead, a monk who wanders the world as chakra, crossing generations to ascertain the course of the ninja creed. He is Hagoromo, the founder of Ninshuu, the one also known as the Rikudou Sennin. Naruto's mouth gapes in surprise, as he heard about him in the folktales that Ero-Sennin and Nagato told him about. Hagoromo is impressed the young man knows him and Naruto says of course, he's the one who created Ninjutsu too, right? Gripping his monk staff tighter, Hagoromo pointedly corrects that he created Ninshuu, not Ninjutsu. His ninja creed was meant to birth hope, do not confuse it with Ninjutsu which breeds conflict. Naruto says either way, if he's the Rikudou, he has a lot of questions, first off... Hagoromo dips his staff into the liquid pool in answer, as the waves ripple, Naruto's reflection coalesces into that of another. Hagoromo explains that Naruto is his son Ashura's... well... a lot of conditions have lined up, so he has to entrust some things to the boy. "Ashura? Trust?"... Naruto tells the man to stow the nonsense, he just wants out. Hagoromo states he cannot affect that, it will depend on the actions of those outside, he can only relay things. Naruto admits he's starting to get confused again, so Hagoromo explains that rushing won't make any difference, so Naruto should just listen up as he must hear whatís about to be said. First concerning his mother and his sons...

The waves ripple further as Ootsutsuki Kaguya's image resolves itself. Bearing white eyes and long pointed ears on her head, Hagoromo explains that his mother came from a faraway place in order to claim the fruit of the Shinju. The same chakra fruit Naruto has just seen in the war. Kaguya consumed the fruit and gained the power to subdue the land. Naruto asks where she came from and whether she was stronger than him, as moms usually seem scary when they're mad. Hagoromo answers that it matters not from where she came, she was more powerful than any other, some called her the Rabbit Goddess, others a demon. The people both worshipped and feared her. Later she gave birth to two children, of which he was one. To atone for the crimes their mother left behind, he and his brother had to battle the Juubi, the incarnation of the God Tree Shinju, who after being robbed of its chakra, went on a rampage to recover it. Sometime much later, he too sired two sons, the elder named Indra and the young Ashura who both learned his Ninshuu. However there was a huge difference between them, while one possessed his genes and his powerful chakra, the other did not. Naruto asks what he means and Hagoromo explains what resulted was the exceptional older brother Indra and the young dunce Ashura. Naruto is dejected that the Rikudou could have a dunce as well, but Hagoromo states that no matter how exceptional the parents, there's no guarantee their offspring will inherit their abilities, just as it was with Naruto too, right? Naruto exhales, admitting he thinks he already knew that deep down. Hagoromo smiles and points out that Naruto and Ashura are quite alike in their actions as well. Indra and Ashura walked different paths, while the "genius" Indra possessed the strong Sharingan Doujutsu and senses from birth, he always did everything by himself and relied on his own strength. He came to understand how his power was different and special and how he could achieve anything, while on the other hand, nothing went well for Ashura. From the time he was small he could not do anything on his own, in order to attain the same power as his older brother, he needed to cooperate with others in addition to his own effort. While struggling with this training, the power of bodily chakra awakened within him and he attained power rivaling that of his brother. He came to understand he could become strong thanks to those around him, that through love one could achieve everything. Looking to his reflection, Naruto sees Ashura looking back, flanked by an army of like-minded followers. Hagoromo admits that he saw new possibilities within Ashura's way of living, so he partitioned the Juubi that was within him and named each of the pieces. It would be the bond known as cooperation that would grant true power. Naruto smiles as he looks into the reflection, seeing Hagoromo standing among the newborn Bijuu. Hagoromo continues, stating that he appointed Ashura the leader of the Ninshuu, thinking Indra would cooperate with his young brother. However Indra did not accept the decision and from that day an interminable conflict began. In the reflection we see Indra within Susanoo battling Ashura, who faces him from within a figure resembling the full Kyuubi Mode. Hagoromo concludes offering that even after their flesh perished, the chakra the two honed continued to reincarnate over time without vanishing, over and over... Naruto offers a weak smile, asking that it sounds like being haunted by a ghost. So it's still possessing someone even today? Hagoromo answers yes, it's you. As the chakra shadow of Ashura stands at the bewildered Naruto's back, Hagoromo declares that his son has reincarnated within Naruto...

Naruto, Hagoromo & Sasuke

Chapter 671: "Naruto and the Rikudou Sennin...!!" - Hagoromo explains that his eyes allow him to see Ashura's chakra clinging to Naruto. Naruto looks to his back and ponders if that means... Hagoromo notices Naruto's lack of surprise and asks if the boy has sensed the presence within him? Naruto remains silent, leaving Hagoromo to suggest that Naruto should then also know who the reincarnate of Indra is... Naruto remains in thought but then identifies Sasuke by name. We flashback to when Naruto spoke with his friends after returning from the Iron Country. Kiba questions why Naruto just didn't finish off the weakened Sasuke, but Sakura counters that Madara was there too, it wouldn't have been that easy. Kiba challenges that they still let him get away. Naruto took down Pain, so he should have been able to... Naruto offers that it's not just about being strong, he knows now that inside Sasuke is... We return to the present and Hagoromo confirms Naruto's deduction. Naruto asks what happened to the incarnates before them and Hagoromo explains that the two prior to them were Senju Hashirama who was Ashura and Uchiha Madara who was Indra, and Naruto knows what happened there. Importantly, Madara created a problem before he finished being a reincarnate, he stole some of Hashirama's power which merged Ashura's and Indra's chakra. What resulted was a derivation of his chakra power, which awakened the Rinnegan. Hagoromo explains that he always believed one like that would appear among Indra or his reincarnates, which is why he left behind a stone tablet with guidance to reform their thinking, though it appears to have been meaningless. Naruto asks if that means he's been watching his kids quarreling ever since? He answers yes and Naruto becomes thoughtful again. Hagoromo continues, stating that Ninshuu preached that chakra would link individuals, it was supposed to be something that amplifies any single person's strengths. Even after Kaguya ended the turbulent times, she ruled over the world by herself. That power eventually gave rise to hubris, which caused the world to fear its existence. It's also why she went from being the Rabbit Goddess to being feared as a demon. When power is concentrated within one person, it will run wild and they will be possessed by it. Madara is now the same way. No longer Indra's reincarnate, he obtained the Juubi's power and is approaching that of the Rikudou. Soon he may even achieve power rivalling Kaguya's. Infinite Tsukuyomi doesn't just cast a Genjutsu, it keeps one trapped in the dream so that the caster can use your power while still alive. Victims are attached to the roots of the Shinju and are turned into living slaves. Within the reflection we see Kabuto looking on, with a tomoe marked Rinnegan centered in her forehead. Continuing his story, Hagoromo explains that his mother possessed both the power of the Sharingan as well as the Byakugan. She used those ocular powers to cast a ghastly jutsu upon the populace. If all chakra were to be reunited into one again, a new chakra fruit would bud, which must be prevented at all costs, as it would mark the end of the world. For that reason Naruto must stop Madara, as his slightly dumb, maverick nature is unlike the previous incarnates. Naruto thanks the man for still watching over them, even when the world has turned into such a messed up place. The man counters that he has no right to be thanked, if the world desires Indra's or rather Kaguya's way of doing things and if that's the natural flow, then he himself is being selfish for trying to stop it. It's the same as how the Bijuu ended up being used not for peace but as weapons, maybe he was too naive. Naruto counters that he wasnít wrong. A second voice agrees as it begins to rise from the water and take form. Naruto recognizes Shukaku and asks why he's inside him. Another voice interjects explaining that Obito extracted a piece of their chakra from Madara. Gyuuki continues, stating that Obito realized what chakra Naruto lacked. Naruto is surprised that Obito did that, and a third voice explains that he was put inside too, which means he has all nine. Naruto recognizes Yin Kurama, and the Kyuubi suggests to the Rikudou that the promised time has finally come. Hagoromo agrees, just as Gamamaru had prophesized. A blue-eyed youth who can name the nine beasts and frolic among them. Naruto is befuddled, so Hagoromo explains that Naruto has the ability to win over others, he managed to summon his soul and accepted that Ashura was reincarnated within him. Naming each of the Bijuu in turn, all nine beasts take form around the duo. Looking to his creations, Hagoromo announces that it appears the day the child of prophesy will change the world has finally arrived. As Naruto looks on in reverence, Hagoromo questions what Naruto will now do, what is it he honestly seeks in the aftermath of the war? Naruto thinks for a moment and then offers that maybe he is like Ashura, but unlike him, he may be a dumb brat who can't understand a lot of things, but he knows what "comrades" are, and we wants to protect all of them. Looking on with determined eyes, the Rikudou asks if that is truly his answer. As Hagoromo gives voice to the confirmation, we see Sasuke in his own inner mindscape having completed the same conversation with the elder sage. Sasuke affirms that it is indeed his answer. Hagoromo explains to the young Uchiha that long ago he entrusted everything to Ashura and paid no attention to Indra, which proved to be mistake. Directing his young listener to proffer his dominant arm, he explains that this time he shall share his power with both you as Indra's incarnate... as well as Ashura's. Hagoromo concludes his talk with Naruto by explaining that from now on both he and Sasuke will do whatever they wish, whatever happens is now up to them. Naruto smiles and offers that though he and Sasuke aren't true brothers, he believes together they can make peace because they're really good friends. Hagoromo grins in response and the two men each lift their arms. As Naruto extends his right hand and Sasuke his left, Hagoromo moves his palms to touch each. As the power of the Rikudou passes the Sun to Naruto and the Moon to Sasuke, the duo being to fade away. We return to reality as clouds of dirt and debris fly. Bloody and exhausted, Guy braces himself against a rock and contemplates that even the Evening Elephant wasn't enough. Madara too is bloody, but in his bloodlust he encourages his opponent to keep it up, he enjoys the dance. Knowing he's out of options, Guy asserts that all he has left is Yagai, the Night Guy!...

Chapter 672: "Night Guy!!" - As Guy readies to strike, Madara watches on and sees the chakra at Guy's Eighth Gate begin to subside. He offers that given the state of the man's Heart Gate, it'll probably be his last attack. As Naruto and Sasuke both stand, alive once again, they announce it's time to move out. Bearing the power of Hagoromo, Naruto has a sun upon his right palm, while Sasuke has a black crescent moon upon his left. As the red flames blaze upon Guy, shockwaves of power ripple out. Lee notices his sensei's stance differs from Sekizou and Gaara questions if the man has something even more powerful. As Kakashi too braces himself, we flashback as Sakumo greets Dai and asks if his son will also be entering the Academy. Sakumo offers hope that they'll get along, but Dai concludes it will be impossible. Sakumo is taken aback, but the young Kakashi chimes in to point out that's not it, the other boy failed the entrance exam. Sakumo apologizes but Dai says that's okay. Crossing his arms, Kakashi declares it's not funny. Sakumo cautions his son that he's being rude, but Kakashi counters to his father that he was just rude too. Besides, he's trying to get into the Academy without even being able to use Ninjutsu, it's just that... Kakashi stops himself after noticing the time, and tells his father they need to hurry. The Hatake take their leave and Guy smiles as they pass. Looking to the other boy, Guy asks him to confirm his name is Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi turns in confusion as the other extends his thumbís up and thanks him for his support. Dai smiles but Kakashi is only thrown by the response. Sakumo cautions his son not to take it easy just because he made it into the Academy. At the rate Guy is going, he could one day become even stronger than he will. Moreover, the Academy still has yet to announce the alternates and they're not dumb. He suggests Kakashi get the boy's name, as he'll make a great rival. We return the present as Kakashi watches on with his Sharingan. Seeing the display before him, Kakashi concludes his father was right. With his power now at max, Guy unleashes his full torrent of chakra which takes the form of a dragon. Overjoyed by the power he now faces, Madara gleefully acknowledges Guy's chakra, as he's never faced one with Taijutsu of his level. Guy leaps forward in response. As Madara extends his staff, the space it occupies begins to distort and bend. Reality rights itself as Guy plants his right leg into Madara's chest. Blood spurts from Madara's mouth as the dragon head crushes Madara across the surface of the battlefield. The left side of Madara's rib cage is annihilated under Guy's foot. Guy also pays the price, as the tibia, fibula and femur on his right leg shatter. His comrades are flung aside by the power waves as Guy maintains his kick onwards until impacting onto the Shinju trunk. As the earthquakes subside, Kakashi questions what happened. With the left side of his upper chest annihilated, Madara attempts to gather himself with his one remaining arm. Guy remains motionless on his back, as the heat of his body sizzles and his life fades. Flesh and organs begin to reform on Madara as he activates his healing Senju powers. He laughs as his body renews itself, offering that he almost died. Guy's right foot begins to crumble away and the chakra in his heart Gate begins to die out. Madara compliments the man for giving him a good go, vowing to finish the man off before he turns to ash on his own. In response, one of his black chakra spheres fires off towards the unconscious man. As it races across the battlefield, it's kicked right back to Madara by the newly arrived Naruto. Madara dodges the sphere as it plants into the tree behind him, leaving him dismayed that the boy managed to kick away a Gudoudama. Kneeling over Guy's body, Naruto places his Moon palm over the man's heart. Black sealing marks arc outwards from Guy's skin as his Heart chakra flares back to life. As Naruto stands to stare down Madara, the elder Uchiha offers that the boy looks different now. He ponders if Obito... Looking on with his Sennin Mode Kyuubi eyes, Naruto admits that he's still trying to figure it out for himself, but he's confident he'll be able to change everything now!...

Chapter 673: "We Will...!!" - Seeing Guy's heart chakra node flare with life, Madara questions what Naruto has done. As Naruto leaps forward, Madara withdraws the Gudoudama implanted behind him and morphs in into a spike. He braces himself just as Naruto slams into the spike with his fist. Crushed into the wall, he questions if he's weak because he still has yet to heal... but no, Naruto's powers have grown. Not letting up, Naruto soars into the air and asks Son for some chakra. Son gladly responds and an orb of lava begins to spin above Naruto's palm. Calling out Senjutsu: Youton Rasen Shuriken, he moves to hurl the gigantic magma disk towards Madara. Madara attempts to save himself and casts Limbo Hengoku in response. Naruto suddenly moves sidewise, leaving Madara shocked that the boy somehow evaded the attack. With his path clear, Naruto hurls the lava disk into Madara. Caught on the disks spinning edge, he's carried into the trunk of the Shinju. As Naruto braces himself, the jutsu is activated to explode and the lava disk flies out in a halo which completely severs the trunk of the Shinju. Amid the wreckage, Madara remains alive but heavily injured. He's startled as the towering Shinju now leans over to topple onto him. As he looks on, a voice directs Madara to take him within. The elder Uchiha is confused, but the voice continues, telling him to take all of him... the Shinju... within. Kakashi and Gaara marvel at Naruto's power, while Lee worriedly points out that Guy is over there as well. Sprinting atop of the rubble, Naruto carries Guy to safety. As the gigantic tree slowly begins its fall, Madara leaps to brace himself against its bark. Space morphs as the tree begins to disappear from reality. Gaara questions what happened, but before anyone can answer, Naruto arrives with Guy. Naruto explains that Guy will be okay, and Lee asks how he healed him if Guy used the Eight Gates. As Naruto examines the sun on his palm, he confirms he did heal Guy, and he feels like he can do a lot more now. Turning his attention elsewhere, we change venues to see Sasuke remove the Gudoudama spikes from Tobirama. Sasuke asks if he can teleport, but Tobirama is lost in thought, being surprised that Sasuke could touch the rods without being affected. What happened to the boy when he was dying? Tobirama stands and says he can since he linked himself to the Fourth's mark, but at his current strength, he can only teleport one person. Sasuke says that's fine, only he needs to go. We return to the air above the Shinju stump, as Madara hovers newly healed. He marvels that the Shinju itself is... and then laughs as a voice confirms that the time when all shall become one has arrived. Down below, Naruto directs Gaara and Lee to protect Guy. Gaara calls for Naruto's attention and suggests that when he becomes Hokage, they should share a drink. Naruto smiles, agrees and then jumps away. Kakashi questions if that was really Naruto and wonders if Obito... We return to the Kamui plane as Obito exhales in pain. Sakura eyes the man warily and proclaims that the man hurt and killed many of her comrades, but this one time, she'll consider him an ally as thanks for saving Naruto. Obito offers that he has one final favor to ask, and it need not be as an ally. Back in reality amid the rubble, Naruto picks up one of his father's Hiraishin kunai. Biting onto the kunai, he ponders if he feels different because he met the super, old Sennin and got power from him? Even now he can feel the other half of that power. Having attained an even high level of power, Madara proclaims that he cannot be taken down now, he is completely immortal having obtained eternity. Unmoved by the manís proclamations, Naruto tightens his head band and calls Madara an idiot, explaining that he will not take him down... As Madara looks on, the Kyuubi Sennin Mode flames jump to life on Naruto and a second arrival teleports into being beside him. Now marked by Gudoudama and wielding chakra bars of his own, Naruto stands alongside Sasuke and explains that "We will take you down". Marked with a Sharingan-form Rinnegan in his left eye, Sasuke vows to Madara that his time is finally up. Madara looks on, stating that Naruto awakened the power of the Rikudou Senjutsu and Sasuke the one-eyed Rinnegan... however... he alone has both those powers! Yelling that it's the final battle, Madara announces a test of power, so let them settle once and for all who is superior!!

Chapter 674: "Sasuke's Rinnegan" - Drawing his hands together in a seal, Madara casts Senpou: Inton Raiha, the Yin Release Lightning Blast. From out of his palms springs arcs of lightning which cascade towards the duo below. Naruto hurls his Gudoudama bar in response and Sasuke activates his left eye. The bolts from the right hand converge around the bar, while the ones from the left strike the ground where Sasuke once stood. Madara looks around in confusion and then sees the young man a short distance away from where he was before. Grasping the nature of his new power, Sasuke understands what his special eye can apparently do. Madara comes to his own conclusion, deducing that Sasuke didn't move... From his blindside, Naruto moves to unleash a two-handed Gudoudama bar strike against Madara. He casts Limbo in response, causing alarm for Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto's technique is stopped in mid-air against an invisible barrier. As Sasuke questions what the man is doing, Naruto ponders that Madara somehow did it again. Madara casts Senpou: Ranton Kouga, the Storm Release Light Fang, which sends out a beam of light from his mouth which he uses to slice the bar in two. Naruto is thrown off balance but turns back to the man and is alerted that something is coming at him again. Sasuke notices as well and launches his sword. It flies between Naruto and Madara without connecting with his intended target, leaving Sasuke surprised it didn't hit. Naruto is hit however, being suddenly knocked backwards from an unseen force. He quickly regains his feet and yells to Sasuke that it's coming his way, something he can't see is scrambling about. Sasuke offers that he can see it just fine. Madara is surprised they can see his Limbo, as Sasuke looks on in a dark plane of reality where another Madara shadows his original. Madara concludes Sasuke's Rinnegan is granting him the sight, while Naruto can't see it, but he can sense it. Recalling his thrown sword, Sasuke explains that their physical attacks appear to have no effect on the other Madara. Naruto agrees. Shaping a Gudoudama into a spike, Madara ponders that one shouldn't normally be able to see the other version of himself that exists in the invisible realm of Limbo. How'd they both get that power so suddenly? And Sasuke... he awakened the Straight Tomoe Sharingan like his own. Somehow they both may share some relationship beyond mere blood... Flying towards Sasuke, Madara boasts that the boy's left eye will suit him well. Sasuke stares the man down and Madara stops as Sasuke sword pierces his chest. Sasuke himself is again absent as Naruto looks on in confusion. Madara turns as well, concluding he now knows what Sasuke's left eye ability is. Sasuke retorts to Madara that if he wants it, try it out. But that's not enough to kill him, is it? Sasuke maintains his focus on Madara, analyzing all he's seen so far. The Rikudou chakra can affect the Shadow Madara too, the wound on his right arm having come when he blocked Naruto's attack earlier. As the two Madaras draw back together, Sasuke offers that the Shadow must return to the main body after a fixed amount of time. Walking to Naruto's side, Sasuke directs him to take on the Shadow if it emerges again, while he takes on the original. Naruto offers peeved annoyance at being ordered around again and states some things never change. Sasuke quickly interjects to let him finish. It's their chance, Madara and his shadow will likely stay together for a little while, so while he can, prepared a Sage power, something that seals movement. Madara withdraws the sword implanted in his chest and applauds Sasuke's intuition at how to counter the Limbo, with that calm demeanor and a Sharingan just like his own, it's a shame he wasn't born earlier than Obito. Madara quickly stops himself, affirming that there's no use reflecting on what might have been, he just needs to keep in mind they're no ordinary brats. Moreover he needs to get his other eye back soon. Within Naruto, Shukaku chimes in to suggest Naruto use his chakra for sealing. Naruto thanks the beast, but is momentarily lost on recalling his name. Shukaku gives it and Naruto lifts his hand in response. Above his palm a sphere with Shukaku's marks takes form as Naruto casts Senpou: Jiton Rasengan, the Magnet Release Sharingan. Sasuke commences his own Rikudou power as well as he casts Chidori. He directs Naruto to shoot the jutsu right at him, as he'll take care of the rest. Naruto offers that it's annoying to take orders, but there's no time to argue. As Madara looks on, he's suddenly struck on either side by Naruto wielding his Jiton Rasengan and Sasuke his Chidori. As the black lightning arcs over his body, his Rinnegan eye goes wide in answer. Sasuke yells to Naruto to prepare the jutsu the Rikudou gave him. Naruto affirms knowing what he means but before we can act, Madara disappears. As Sasuke looks on, the Shadow Madara bears the brunt of their attack and remains sealed. Sasuke concludes he substituted out and turns to see the real Madara racing away. Naruto yells for Sasuke to pursue, as he'll remain and hold down the Shadow. Sasuke focuses his Rinnegan but Madara continues sprinting onwards. The man turns to look back and concludes Sasuke's Rinnegan apparently can't reach him, and boasts to himself that he's beginning to understand the other's left eye abilities as well. Naruto yells for Sasuke to hurry, as the man is headed towards Kakashi Sensei. As Kakashi turns in alarm, Madara's hand darts towards the man's left eye. Kakashi is twisted aside as Madara succeeds retrieving his goal. As Madara places his palm to his left socket, he withdraws his hand to reveal Obito's Sharingan within. In the Kamui plane, Sakura hovers before Obito's left Rinnegan eye with a kunai. He directs her to hurry and destroy it, as he can't hold off Black Zetsu for much longer. In reality, Madara turns in amazement at Sasuke's speed as the young man slices through him with a sword of Chidori. Madara's top and bottom half split as the man is bisected. Activating Obito's Sharingan, he swirls away into the Kamui plane. There, as Sakura moves to stab Obito, Madara launches his Gudoudama bar to stop her...

Chapter 675: "Your Current Dream" - As the bar flies, Obito casts Kamui. In reality, space swirls as Sakura swirls into existence. As Sakura gathers herself she notices Sasuke. He questions what happened and Kakashi explains that she was taken to another plane. Kakashi then asks her the same and Sakura reacts in surprise at Kakashi's bleeding eye socket. Kakashi offers that Madara snatched his Sharingan in a flash. Sakura moves to offer healing and Kakashi asks what happened with Obito. He questions that surely Madara teleported over. Sakura is surprised, saying she was there, blinked, and was suddenly back in reality. Ruminating over what happened, she recalls her previous talk with Obito. Obito asks her to destroy the Rinnegan, as he can't move. If he lets down his guard, Black Zetsu will take over and use his Doujutsu to return to reality. If that happens, Madara will have the Rinnegan and with both eyes, terrible things will happen. Sakura questions just how much worse it can get. Obito explains that he couldn't implant both Rinnegan, even with just one, the chakra and Doujutsu were so strong he started losing himself. Yet even then, though he was not its original owner, he still could do much with it. If both eyes are restored, no one will be able to stand against Madara. With Doujutsu, only both eyes together can unleash their full power, so quickly, destroy his left eye. We return to the present as Sakura's eyes go wide in horror. Kakashi asks again what happened and Sakura reveals Obito could barely move and Madara is there now. On the Kamui plane, the Gudoudama bar is implanted in a nearby wall, while Madara's right hand clenches the inside of Obito's chest. Madara deduces that the curse seal tag he placed on Obito's heart is gone. How did he remove it? He shouldn't have been able to damage it himself... Obito explains that he had Kakashi stab him with Raikiri to get rid of it, since it was in the way of making himself the Juubi Jinchuuriki. He gambled his life on it, as he didn't want to keep doing as the man said. Madara laughs in response, stating the man acted just as he wanted, exceedingly so. Obito asks why that's funny, and Madara explains that the seal was meant to make him his puppet, to restrict his movements should he attempt to remove it. Looks like he knew about the tags he placed in the two of them... Naturally you two couldn't kill yourself, since you were both his precious pawns. Obito asks what he means by "two". Madara answers that it might be fate or karma, but it's ironic both tags were destroyed through the same method. Realization hits Obito as he questions if he means Rin. Madara acknowledges his guess. The plot to make her the Sanbi Jinchuuriki and have her rampage through Konoha was his own, not Hidden Mistís. She took advantage of Kakashi's attack on the enemy to foil the plan at the cost of her own life. But even that was part of his plan, in order to send Obito into darkness and make him his pawn. Obito's eyes narrow in anger as he deduces Madara wanted him to see her get killed. Madara explains that he targeted a time when Minato was away on a mission and manipulated the Mist to kidnap Rin, leaving Kakashi to come after her. This plan also allowed him to see the extent of his unleashed power. Offering a sly grin, Madara questions Obito if he really thought White Zetsu being able to get him out of the underground at that exact moment was really all a coincidence? Though her dying by Kakashi's hand was too good to be true, either way a puppet shinobi would have killed her. After all, he taught him how to use the darkness in people's hearts to manipulate them, didn't he? And if there isn't any, you create it. Doesn't he think it's presumptuous to consider himself any different? Obito questions why him then. Madara offers to Obito that he was devoted and kind to others and taking care of elders was his specialty, wasn't it? His deep love for Rin, his comrades, for his Hokage and all the other shinobi. Once he fell into darkness it created an equally profound hatred for this world. There's just one more thing he needs from him... that left eye of his. Back in reality, two Narutos implant Gudoudama spikes through the shadow Madara. Affirming that Madara should no longer be able to move, he leaves the clone behind and takes his leave. Sakura finishes explaining what Obito said to Kakashi. Sasuke states they need to be on their guard then. Naruto arrives and Sasuke asks what of Madara's shadow. Naruto explains that he and the clone immobilized it. Naruto greets Sakura and asks her to move aside and let him try. Placing his palm to Kakashi's face, Kakashi is alerted. Sakura asks what he's doing and Naruto tells her to watch. Withdrawing his hand he directs Kakashi to open his eye. Slowly the lid lifts to reveal Kakashi's original eye has regenerated. Sakura is shocked and questions what he did. Naruto narrows his eyes and offers that it's hard to explain really, he took part of Kakashi and then kinda... hmmm. Sasuke reminds them not to let down their guards. Naruto counters that this is the first he heard of that warning. Sakura chastises him for being cheeky, and he still hasn't explained what he did... Sasuke explains that Madara went to Obito to retrieve his eye and Naruto is shocked. As the trio banter, Kakashi recalls the past as he spoke with his team for the first time and asked them their dreams and ambitions. We return to the past as Naruto rejoices in his love of ramen and his dream to one day be Hokage so all the villagers will have to acknowledge him. Kakashi recalls Sasuke's desire to restore his clan and kill one person. Sakura blushes in the past as she has trouble admitting her feelings. Contemplating the state of his team, Kakashi reflects on each. Naruto has already surpassed all the Hokage and been acknowledged by everyone but Hokage is still your dream. Sakura, though your feelings for Sasuke may have changed, you still love him but on a different level. He tried to take your life but you still care for him, you won't cut him off no matter way, you see it as your duty to save him from darkness, that's the gentle young woman you are. And Sasuke, you dream was to kill Itachi. But now that he's gone, what is his dream? Even as his teacher, he still doesn't understand him. Kakashi speaks up, asking Sasuke what his current dream is. The trio turn to him but are silent. Sakura voices concern as well, asking what he meant by wanting to be Hokage. Kakashi offers that maybe it's fate Team 7 has reunited like this. He offers to Sasuke that if he doesn't want to explain, that's fine, but they were part of Team 7, there's no changing that. Suddenly alerted, he asks them if they remember their first mission to steal his bells, they haven't forgotten, have they? Readying themselves, Naruto says of course not. As reality begins to swirl before them, Naruto proclaims that team work is the key!

Chapter 676: "The Infinite Dream" - As Team 7 looks on, reality twists and then rights itself as Madara lands alongside Obito. Madara offers that if Naruto believes that, then dying together could also be considered teamwork. Kakashi points out that man now has both Rinnegan, as well as having regenerated his lower half. Naruto questions Obito but Obito's voice doesn't reply, instead Black Zetsu reveals that Obito is no more, he has fully taken control. He hoped to be redeemed, he prayed like a child that he could just leave them the future. How convenient it would have been to absolve him, just like a spoiled brat. As Madara scans the battlefield, Sakura begins to shudder and shifts her balance. Kakashi muses that he doesn't blame her for faltering against the power of those eyes. As Sakura looks to see Sasuke and Naruto before her, she recalls how she was left behind by them in the past and her recent affirmation that she finally caught up to them. Activating her Byakugou no Jutsu, Sakura immediately sprints forward stating that she'll be the diversion, so follow her. Affirming to herself that she won't retreat she bears down on the stoic Madara. Naruto yells for her to wait but his cry falls on deaf ears, as Madara counters by quickly lifting his Gudoudama bar and impaling her through her chest. Lifting her in the air, Kakashi and Naruto look on in horror. Sasuke ignites his Chidori sword in response. Sakura grits her teeth in answer and lifts her right hand to strike the resurrected man. Madara recalls how the Byakugou works as Sakura's fist flies in to punch him. Sasuke too jumps in, just as the strike impacts a barrier before it can reach the man's face, much to Sakura's surprise. She questions what stopped her as Naruto darts in to assist. As Sasuke moves to slice Madara, Naruto lifts Sakura back to safety. Kakashi's eyes narrow in analysis as he looks to Madara. Pulling the bar from Sakura's chest, the young kunoichi tells Naruto not to worry about her. Looking to Sasuke, Sakura is downcast that he didn't attempt to save her. Sakura offers that she's fine and Sasuke calls for Naruto's attention. Naruto says he knows, there are more of them. Sakura is surprised upon noticing some form of Rinnegan in Sasuke's left eye. Surrounding Madara from every direction are four shadow Madara. The man offers a slight grin and proclaims that he's had enough of the sideshow. Launching himself into the sky the man lifts his palm as multiple Chibaku Tensei spheres grow into being. Kakashi looks on in worry as Madara then activates the jutsu. The earth stirs as the rubble strewn wasteland around them begins to lift into the sky. As the debris flies, Gaara retreats on sand cloud with Lee and Guy in tow. Lee questions what they can do for Naruto and the others. Gaara suggests that Naruto can handle it as they spirit away. High in the atmosphere numerous small moons begin to clump together and hover over the world. Sakura marvels at the power of the Rikudou and Naruto recognizes their size and number increase over that of Nagato. Sasuke warns them not to be distracted, as the man's shadows are still among them. Floating amongst the new satellites, Madara ponders that they're bigger than raindrops but... As the celestial bodies begin their descent Naruto alerts everyone. Sasuke points out the shadows are coming too as Naruto forms clones of his own. The clones spring forward to meet the Madaras and begin to directly engage each one with Taijutsu. Sasukeís attention is turned elsewhere as Black Zetsu gleefully revels in recording everyoneís final moments. As Naruto looks to the sky, he calls upon Kurama. As a Bijuu Dama forms in his hand, Sasuke leaps into the air encased in Susanoo. As the Bijuu Dama Rasen Shuriken detonates on one of the moons, the Susanoo cuts another into pieces. As the fragments crash into the ground, Sasuke continues on to another plummeting moon. He curses the unending barrage, as Sakura remains awestruck. As the Narutos continue battling their invisible foes, they curse the terrorizing madman. High above, Madara grabs the horn of his flesh crown and rips it away from his forehead. Looking to the moon he reasons that according to the stone tablet, when one who possesses the power of the Rinne draws near the moon, the eye that can reflect off the moon and grant them the infinite dream shall open. As Madara's flesh splits he drops his forehead crown and the tomoe laced Rinnegan looks out from within his forehead. Turning his attention to the moon, he commands the Infinite Tsukuyomi to shine upon the world!

Chapter 677: "The Infinite Tsukuyomi" -As the Rinnegan reflects off the moon, the wooden Buddha crashes into the earth. Oonoki questions what's going on and Spiral Zetsu offers that it's finally started, so his job is done. Oonoki looks to the man in confusion, and the masked figure offers that they don't need this anymore either... As the ground quakes, A also looks for answers. A nearby Kumo ninja points out meteorites in the sky, leaving many of the gathered ninja stunned. Darui tells them to brace for impact as the rocks continue their plummet. Chouji also wonders what strange things are occurring. Shikamaru offers that the chakra Naruto gave them disappeared, as well as the giant tree. Something big and bad is definitely happening. Barking out a warning, Akamaru alerts Kiba to danger. Kiba looks around in surprise and Shino asks what it is. Looking up in wide-eyed terror, he yells for his comrade to look at the moon. Tsunade also sees the jutsu and Hiruzen also reacts in surprise. High above, Sasuke looks upon the moon and realizes the danger. Susanoo immediately turns and races back below. Raising his palm in the air, Naruto generates six giant Bijuu Dama Rasen Shuriken. He directs Kakashi and Sakura to stay close, as he'll pulverize the meteorites. Concluding he has to avoid Sasuke, he hurls the attacks. As they fly, Susanoo deftly passes between then on their journey into the sky. The attacks connect with their targets and detonate. As the satellites are destroyed, Susanoo moves to land over the Leaf trio below. Naruto chastises Sasuke, as he could have been hit by his Rasen Shuriken. The Susanoo slams into the ground around the group and Naruto yells that he could have done that more softly. Sasuke tells him to shut up and keep still and we cut to elsewhere as a scroll hits the ground and unwraps. TenTen attempts to gather herself as a scroll holding the Rikudou's Treasured Tools she sealed away unfurls. Looking to the scroll, she concludes they could seal anyone away, but she has to find someone from Hidden Cloud to figure out how to use them. Her consternation is interrupted though, as Madara's flesh crown falls from the sky into the image of the Benihisago. In the sky above, Madara calls for everyone to become one and casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As the Rinnegan on the moon mimics the Rinnegan on the forehead of Kaguya, light flares and the world ends. Looking to the heavens, the concentric circles of the Rinnegan mark Sai's eyes. Elsewhere the same goes for Orochimaru. Looking to the frozen Sound ninja, Tobirama asks them what's going on. He quickly questions if Madara started his jutsu as he looks to the sky. On another part of the battlefield, one of Gyuuki's tentacles remains. Bracing himself against it, an uninjured Bee looks to the heavens as well. At the Daimyou safe house, an attendant rushes to the sleeping lords. As the lords waken, they beg for rest as they were up all night playing games. The attendant warns that something is happening outside, as it's still nighttime but as bright as day. The jutsu soon reaches their location and all stand transfixed as Rinnegan mark their eyes as well. Throughout the world the Tsukuyomi moon shines upon all living creatures, who now bear the circles of Rinnegan within their eyes. Madara boasts of the far reaching power of the jutsu, as no one can hide from its penetrating glare. He forms a new hand seal and casts Shin: Jukai Koutan, which generates gigantic tree limbs which burst from the ground. As the branches emerge, tendrils snake out to rap all the affected ninja. Hiruzen attempts to break Tsunade free and questions what's happening. As Hinata too is enveloped, she pleads in fear that she can't move. Calling out for Naruto as her final thought, we see Naruto suddenly alerted by the danger he senses outside. Sasuke grabs him to prevent him from leaving the shelter formed by the Susanoo above them. Outside, Black Zetsu looks on in confusion. Realizing that the light can't penetrate the Susanoo, he questions if Sasuke's Rinnegan can even do such a thing. Inside, Sasuke tells them not to leave, as they'd be bound in the Genjutsu as well. Plus Madara's shadows are still outside, and if he and Naruto fall, it's all over. So they need to bide their time. As a branch lifts the bound form of Sai in a cocoon, Hashirama remains pinned in place. He deduces how his jutsu is being used to bind people using the Shinju's life energy. Tobirama looks to more bound ninja and questions why he's not affected. As a Rinnegan eye peers out from Spiral Zetsu, he unfurls and spits out the Genjutsu bound form of Yamato. Hiruzen notices the man and we cut to the Hokage Mountain. Laying prone next to his cloak which have multiple Gudoudama on top of it, Minato wakens to see a new horror before him. Snaking throughout Konoha are gigantic branches, each bearing the cocooned form of a hundreds of humans hanging below them...

Chapter 678: "My Will Is..." - Throughout the other ninja villages, the gigantic tendrils of the Shinju bare the cocooned forms of their former inhabitants. Sakura asks what's going on outside the Susanoo but Sasuke offers that it makes no difference, there's nothing she can do about it. Sakura is downtrodden and Naruto is incensed. Kakashi counters that Sasuke is missing the point, as he and Naruto want to know as well in order to figure out what to do next. Sasuke retorts that Kakashi is no better than Sakura, so he should be quiet and listen. Naruto yells that they agreed to be a team. Kakashi admits that he is fairly useless, as only Sasuke and his left eye can analyze what's happening outside. So he should take command for now. Naruto questions that Sasuke is no better at planning than Kakashi himself or Sakura, but he will admit he might be better than himself. Sasuke explains that Madara launched his technique, a powerful Genjutsu which appears to have caught everyone. Indeed they might be the only ones not affected, adding that everyone is trapped inside a dream. Among the battlefield branches hang the forms of Naruto's friends. Within their cocoons they dream of alternate lives: Hinata dreams of sitting on a bench with Naruto while he holds her, while Neji and Hanabi watch on. Kiba dreams of being Hokage and proclaiming a day dedicated to dogs. Shino dreams of riding atop a gigantic new insect he's discovered. Chouji dreams of mountains of delicious food and a young woman who finds his gluttony sexy. Shikamaru dreams of looking at his parents arguing and Asuma and Kurenai holding their child. He proclaims to the agreeable Temari that marriage is too troublesome so he'll pass. Ino dreams of Sasuke and Sai fighting over her while her proud dad watches on. Lee dreams of defeating Naruto and Neji, while Sakura proclaims her love for him. TenTen dreams of a now cool and collected Guy and Lee freeing her from having to butt in, while Neji questions if that's really the case. Mei dreams of marrying a handsome young man while the other Kage attend. Tsunade dreams of walking alongside Dan, who now is Hokage. Nearby Jiraiya offers Nawaki pornography, as Orochimaru looks to Tsunade yell in anger at her teammate. Gaara dreams of his youth among a happy family, including his mother. Yashamaru walks in to announce that Gaara's friend has arrived. Naruto asks if Gaara can come play and Yondaime Kazekage reminds his son not to stay out too late. We return inside the Susanoo as Naruto asks when they can leave. Sasuke explains that the jutsu uses the moon's light, which will gradually wane. It'll be safe then. High above the light reflecting off the moon begins to fade, eventually returning the world to night. Sasuke unfurls the wings of Susanoo, revealing Team 7 to be untouched to the consternation of the Black Zetsu controlled Obito. Naruto looks and sees the same of Black Zetsu. He asks Sasuke how they can free everyone, and Sasuke concludes that Rinnegan Genjutsu would seemingly be vulnerable to the Rinnegan. Kakashi offers that means Sasuke's left eye is decisive then. Black Zetsu proclaims he won't let that happen, as all he has to do is get rid of them. A voice announces that the savior of the world will do it, as Madara lands beside the creature. The others react in surprise to the man and the strange eye on his forehead. Sasuke cautions that they're surrounded by four of the man's shadows, Naruto counters that he knows. Steadying himself, Madara vows that he won't let them do anything else. Regaining his feet he explains that he just severed the karmic cycle of the world and freed humankind from suffering, pain and futility. A furious Naruto counters that it's just a lie. The haggard looking man answers no, it's Naruto himself who's interfering with everyone's happiness. In any case, he's turned hell into heaven. Wake up, it's all over. Naruto's eyes go wide in surprise as Black Zetsu's arm pierces through Madara's chest from behind. The creature offers to Madara that he's wrong; he's not the messiah and it's not the end of all things. Madara's eyes twist as tries to glare at the man, realizing that he can't move. Team 7 looks on in confusion as Black Zetsu asks Madara how he managed to delude himself into thinking he was different than Obito, being able to completely take advantage of others? Isnít it presumptuous to think that he alone was different and above control? Madara snarls, demanding to know what Black Zetsu means, as he is his creator, his very will incarnate! Wrong, answers Black Zetsu, his will is Kaguya's! Naruto questions what's happening, and Kakashi wonders if they're having a falling out. Sasuke says no, the creature just mentioned that it's Kaguya. Sakura asks what that is, but Naruto is surprised by the name. Sasuke explains it's the one the Rikudou Sennin mentioned. We flashback to the Rikudou explaining that Madara was seeking the Juubi's might to attain power near his mother, a dreaded power everyone feared. As Naruto voices disbelief, Madara wails as black tendrils begin to snake through his body...

Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi & Sasuke

Chapter 679: "She of the Beginning" - A Madara cries out, Sasuke scans the battlefield to see the man's shadows disperse. Naruto questions what's happening, as the chakra he's wielding is immense. Sasuke explains that the shadows are now gone, so something is up. Fountains of chakra jet forth from the ground, toppling Team 7 off their feet. As the tendrils of power whip around to fly towards Madara, Kakashi asks if he's absorbing all that erupting chakra. Sakura wonders where all the thick, dark chakra is came from. As Sasuke returns to his feet he surmises it came from the ones trapped in the Genjutsu. As the power in Madara builds and his body bulges, Naruto cautions that this is bad, the chakra is even stronger than the Juubi. Charging his Chidori, Sasuke yells that Naruto has to stop them before they move. Forming one of his Gudoudama into a staff, Naruto asks if he means while the man is still swelling up? As Sakura looks at the duo, in an instant theyíre gone, with Sasuke having sliced towards the man while Naruto moves to strike as well. Tendrils of Madaraís hair whip them aside as Black Zetsu grabs hold. Still bracing himself above the now horrifically bloated Madara, Black Zetsu calls the duo nothing but annoying bugs, whose chakra he can now take. Sakura prepares to assist, but Kakashi intercepts to tell her no, unless she has a plan it'll be wasted. Naruto curses not being able to move, offering to Sasuke if they don't stop the man now, he'll take everyone else's chakra and they'll die. Black Zetsu says that's not the case, he won't kill anyone. Even when Kaguya cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi before she preserved those people alive in order to form them into her soldiers. Sasuke asks what "form" means and Black Zetsu declares the young man denser than Itachi. Can you use ordinary people in combat? Naruto and Sakura are confused but Kakashi immediately understands. As his black mass begins to slough off Obito onto Madara, Black Zetsu explains that the Genjutsu victims will be converted into White Zetsu. Just as how the previous ones were what was left of the people who were under the previous Infinite Tsukuyomi. They slowly become transformed over time. As Naruto is squeezed and locked in place, he questions if that means everyone will turn into those white guys? As the recognizable forms of Madara are, subsumed into the bloated mass, Naruto questions why the man is so big. Sasuke explains that the man's body can't tolerate that amount of chakra; at this rate he'll soon explode. As Madara's Rinnegan eye, nose and mouth disappear, his tomoe-marked Rinnegan remains as his body begins to collapse. Sakura notes the shrinking as Black Zetsu fully removes himself from Obito. As Obito's body is cast aside, Madara's form alters and coalesces into a female form marked by rabbit-like ears jutting from her head and a familiar tomoe-marked Rinnegan eye on the forehead. All at once the form snaps into being and a robed woman now hovers above them. Team 7 are stunned and Naruto remarks that isn't she the one the old man mentioned?... Ootsutsuki Kaguya!? Still wrapped in Kaguya's tangled tendrils of hair, Kaguya sees the sun and moon marks on the two young men. Her eyes narrow in anger as she flings them away. Sakura turns to them in worry but she is suddenly frozen in fear as Kaguya floats past her. Kakashi ponders that they should be okay and silently pleads to Sakura to no do something rash. Vein's bulge around Kaguya's eyes as she looks on with her Byakugan. She concludes the two are Hagoromo and Hamura's... no, rather they're Indira and Ashura. As she examines the chakra pathways of the duo, she sees the bright flares emanating from their respective marked hands. She surmises aloud that Hagoromo gave them the jutsu. Sakura is relieved to see Sasuke and Naruto emerge unharmed and wonders just who she is and why Madara became her. Sasuke marvels at the woman's power, being even greater than Madara's. Kakashi looks to the unconscious Obito and asks the woman her intentions. Kaguya offers that this place, this land is her precious nursery. She cannot let it be damaged further, so let them stop fighting... Naruto is confused and asks if that means... Before he can continue Kaguya finishes her declaration, "here that is". Naruto's eyes go wide in confusion and he looks down as Team 7 has been tossed into a new plane of existence marked by stalagmites and rivers of lava. As they begin to plummet to their deaths, Kaguya proclaims that she will erase them all here!